Country: US
Labels: Maverick, Sire Records, Interscope Records, Warner Bros, Warner Music Group, Live Nation
Real name: Madonna Louise Veronica Ciccone
Genre: Pop, Dance, R&B, Disco
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Info and biography of Madonna
Madonna, born the 16th of August in 1958, is also called 'The Queen of Pop' because of her extensive career as singer songwriter and she's the best selling female music artist in history and Madonna songs are always in the genre of Pop. Beside singing and making music she's also an actress, a dancer, an author, entertainer and a business woman. Madonna has also become a symbol of feminism and supports the women's rights. Together with Everybody'. Due to MTV she was able to make herself an image, with success. In 1983 her first album named 'Madonna' was released with the mega hit 'Holiday' on it. In 1984 the world was ready for a second album release, 'Like a Virgin' and instant hit. Madonna songs are always popular and very commercial.

Carreer beginnings and paparazzi
In 1985 she made her debut in the film industry and made 2 songs 'Crazy for You' and 'Gambler' for the movie 'Vision Quest'. She also played a role in the film 'Desperately Seeking Susan', for this film she made the song 'Into the Groove'.
In 1985 some naked photo's where drained and published from the time she had an extra income by posing for students at the academic for art in New York.
On 16 August 1985, on her 27th birthday, she married with Sean Penn. She received a negative reputation because of their attitude against the media, mostly because of Penns' aggression against paparazzi.

Period of rest
After these vicissitudes she took a period of rest. Some months later, in 1986, she released the album 'True Blue' together with a new look: short blond hear and no lingerie or bracelets anymore. This new images has been seen for the first time in the video-clip of 'Papa Don't Preach'.
In 1987 Madonna started her first world-tour called 'Who's That Girl World Tour'.
After releasing the 'You Can Dance' album that didn't sell very well in 1998, she took a short pause to play a drama on Broadway.
In 1989 Madonna changed her looks again. Now she's got her original dark hair again. And with that new look a new album 'Like a Prayer' was released. The video-clip for the lead single on that album caused a lot of lifting. In the video you can see how Madonna accidentally is a witnesses of a rape and murder for which another passerby wrongly is accused and arrested. Madonna visits a church, where a statue of St. Martin de Porres comes to life and kiss her passionated. Than Madonna indicate the real perpetrator, after the wrongly accused man (who is represented by the statue of Martin de Porres) is released. The Vatican called it a blasphemous video because of the mixture of eroticism and Catholic symbols. Pepsi Cola pledged a million contract with Madonna because of that video-clip. Despite (or because of) this controversy, the single was a worldwide number one hit.

Vogue, movies and plagiarism
In 1990 she had a role as Breathless Mahoney in the film 'Dick Tracy' and scored with a new hit called 'Vogue'. The song came from the album 'I'm Breathless' and refers to the movie. The song 'Vogue' wasn't intended to be released as a single and was first made for the B-side of the 'Keep It Together' single. But when she let this song hear to the music executives they anonymous agree that 'Vogue' was to good for a B-side, so they decided to release a Single for that song. For this pop song, Madonna was acquitted of plagiarism. In th song 'Vogue' there's a moment that you could hear the sound of horns that in the early eighties was used for 'Love Break'. Shep Pettibone was as a producer involved in both recordings. He wasn't aware of any harm.
According to of Pettibone, Madonna and the record label are innocent. Two of the three judges found the fragment so short, 0.23 seconds, that it can never have noticed an ordinary listener that it is not original.

The Blond Ambition Tour and sexual content
In 1990, she started her 2nd world-tour 'The Blond Ambition Tour', a perfect directed show. But the tour had a side effect. Many people complained of the many sexual behavior on the scene mostly in the performance of the song 'Like a Virgin'. Madonna groped her (covered) breasts during the songs, grabs her crotch and at the end of the song she simulates an orgasm by violent pounding on the bed while she gets groped by two background dancers. Madonna refuses to modify or delete the song from her show and performed the number anyway. The show was controversial because there where Catholic symbols used like a cross, priest and nun cloths while the show counts many cursing and sexuality. For that reason Pope Johannes Paulus II called the people in Rome to boycott the show. And he succeeded, the show had been canceled. Madonna was furious that someone could judge that way without having seen the show. Therefore, she invited the pope, to attend one of her shows in Rome. As expected, he refused the offer. Her next album is apparently dedicated to him. Since then, relations have not improved between Madonna and the Vatican.
In 1990 she released her first 'Greatest Hits' album: 'The Immaculate Collection' dedicated to the Pope. This is the very first album that is mixed in Q-sound, so listeners can hear the music in 3 dimensional style. All the tracks were remixed by Shep Pettibone together with 2 new tracks 'Rescue Me' and 'Justify My Love' in co-operation with Rescue Me' was boycott by MTV because of the explicit character. Because of that Madonna released the videocassette, the first video single ever. 400.000 copies where sold of this video clip. The clip also shows her boyfriend, from that moment, Tony Ward that she got as a birthday present. He is primarily known as a nude model for gay magazines and movies.

The Documentary and the birth of her first child in the early 90's
In 1991 Madonna played the main-role in a documentary named 'Truth or Dare' about her life during the 'Blond Ambition Tour' in 1990. In this documentary you can see her ambitions and soft side of her character. The docu-film became a world wide success and sits in the top 5 of highest grossing documentaries of all time with a yield of more than 29 million dollar.
1992, a new album 'Erotica' released by her own new label 'Maverick'. The producer, Shep Pettibone, and Madonna go a little bit in the direction of techno, new-wave and house with the songs: Erotica, Deeper and Deeper, Fever, Bye, Bye Baby, Bad Girl and Rain. Madonna wanted to how totally naked for the cover of the album but Warner Music did not agree with this. Instead a detail of one of the pictures from the book 'Sex' was chosen for the cover. This book was released shortly after she released the album. The book counts many of her erotic fantasy's clarified with pictures and text. The title of the book had to be 'X' but because a movie of the live of Malcolm X that would soon be released, she decided to give her book another name.
Her third tour in 1993, titled 'The Girlie Show', counts many circus elements and a topless pole dancer who opens the show. Because of the sexual tinted elements Madonna decided to do no European city's accept London and Paris.
In 1994, the song 'Human Nature' together with the album 'Bedtime Stories' was released. With this song she attacks all her critics who criticized that she could not talk about sex. She responded with the words at the end of the video-clip of 'Human Nature' with: 'Absolutely No Regrets' this phrase must assume that she just continues doing like she does.
1995: a new compilation CD called 'Something To Remember' was released with her favorite ballads and 3 new songs 'You'll See', 'One More Chance' and 'I Want You'.
In 1996, Madonna give birth to her first child 'Lourdes Maria Ciccone Leon'. This while the recordings of the film 'Evita' where held where she played the main-role.
Ray of Light, the title of a new album, together with the new single 'Frozen' released in March 1998 was a time for change. A new style with more electronic sounds combined with an other style of lyrics. This was mainly by the influence of her producer Mother and Father' she sings about her loss of her mother. The song 'Intervention' was dedicated to her son Rocco.

MTV Awards of 2003 and the Re-Invention Tour
At the MTV Awards in September 2003, Madonna, Like A Virgin' and 'Hollywood'. This 'cooperation' seems to work great, because for Me Against The Music.
In 2004 the 'Re-Invention Tour' took place. The tour was mainly in the US and some great European city's like Arnhem, Lissabon, Paris and London.
On the 2nth of July in 2005, Madonna performed in the London Hyde Park during the biggest pop-concert ever, Live 8, for more than 200.000 people and 3 milliard viewers on TV and Internet.
A new album, Hung Up', she used a sample from an ABBA-song called 'Gimme! Gimme! Gimme! (A Man After Midnight)'.

On 18 November 2005, Madonna was convicted of plagiarism in Belgium for the first 4 bars of music of her song ''Frozen' from 1998. Because it was the same as that of the song 'Ma vie fout le camp' by the Belgian componist Salvatore Acquaviva. With as result that all the CD's and DVD's that counts the song 'Frozen' where removed from the racks and it may not be played on radio and television anymore in Belgium.
In 2006, Madonna did a new world tour called 'Confessions Tour'. The performance was again very controversial because she ride here dancers like horses and did simulate a crucifixion. This tour was made to promote here hit album Beautiful Game' was released the 7th of May 2018. This will be the lead song of her 14th studio album that is in the making.

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I Deserve 97
I Deserve It
I F Ked Up
I Know It
I Love New York
I Want You
I Want Your Vogue
I'd Rather Be Your Lover
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I'm Addicted
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I'm Going Bananas
I'm So Stupid
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Oh Father
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Paradise (Not for Me)
Partido Feminista
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Power of Good-Bye
Promise to Try
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Richard Ashcroft
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