Ultimate party songs (2018 Belgian Edition)


On a party there has to be good ambiance music to dance on. But what are the best ambiance songs. 3 Belgian radio DJ's searched it out for us. This is the Belgian top 15 of the best party songs by 3 Belgian radio DJ's: Sam De Bruyn, Sven Ornelis and Jullie Van den Steen.

Top 5 by Sam de Bruyn
1. Electricity
2. High Hopes
3. Promises
4. In My Mind
5. 1999 nostalgie

Top 5 by Sven Ornelis
1. I Got a Feeling
2. Pump Up the Jam
3. Show Me Love
4. Billy Jean
5. Laat de zon in je hart

Top 5 by Jullie Van den Steen
1. Electricity
2. Finesse
3. All I Want for Christmas
4. Love on Top
5. One More Time