Michael Jackson - Thriller

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Year: 1982

Year: 1982

Genre: Pop

Info: The famous Sanders House was the decor for the video-clip of Michael Jackson's song Thriller from 1982. The, in the meantime, ramshakled Sanders House is more than 130 years old and is now a classified building in a charming neighborhood. The neighborhood is used in many movies. During Halloween this part of Carroll Avenue is the place to be. In that period of time you can find long rows with children standing at the old Victorian houses.

Appeared on:

1000 Klassiekers - De Absolute Top Vol. 3

Joe Top 2000 volume 12

Michael Jackson - King of pop

Remixes and versions:

Michael Jackson - Thriller (2003 Edit)

Michael Jackson - Thriller (Instrumental)

Michael Jackson - Thriller (Single Version)