MC Hammer - U Can't Touch This

MC Hammer - U Can't Touch ThisYear: 1990
Country: US
Real name: Stanley Kirk Burrel
Label: Capitol
Genre: Pop, Rap, R&B
Info: U Can't Touch This was written and produced by MC Hammer. When it was released in 1990 it became a world famous number one hit. In the video-clip he showed the world some unique dance moves that could be imitated by everyone. The lyrics of this song keept hanging in the heads of every listner and it's easy to sing this song, even without playing the song. Say the title of this song and everybody know immediately about what song it goes.

Awards and prices
Grammy Award for Best R&B Song in 1991.
MTV Video Music Award for best Rap Video en Best Dance Video in 1990.

Appeared on
Future Trance - Return to the 90's