Harry Styles - Sign of the Times

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Year: 2017

Genre: Rock

Style: Classic Rock

Label(s): Erskine Records Limited

Harry Styles known from the British 'X Factor' in 2010 and the boys-band One Direction started his solo career at the age of 23 after he broke up with the boys-band. His first solo-single 'Sign of the Times' received a lot of positive criticism. Beside producing music he's also an actor he made his debut in a war-movie titled 'Dunkirk'

Harry had a widely discussed relation with pop-star Taylor Swift that ended in 2013. Very important for the female fans is that he is still single after the relationship with Taylor ended.

Harry Styles is born February the 1st in 1994 at Redditch, UK
His parents are Anne Twist and Desmond Styles.

Appeared on:

Now That's What I Call Music! (UK) 97