2 Brothers on the 4th Floor - 2

2 Fabiola - Tyfoon

4R - Mood

Ace Troubleshooter - Back in the Shootin' Match

Altemar Dutra - Sentimenta

Buddy Guy - Live: The Real Deal

Edwin Starr - Early Classics

Krusty - Sticky the Cat

Lisa Del Bo - Lisa Del Bo

Raymond Lefevre - Greatest Hits 4 - French Chanson Best

Ska-P - El Vals Del Obrero

Stereolab - Emperor Tomato Ketchup

The Divine Comedy - A Short Album About Love

The Divine Comedy - Casanova

Underworld - Second Toughest in the Infants

Way of the Samurai - Ghost Dog (O.S.T.)

William Clarke - The Hard Way

Wohlstandskinder - Für Recht und Ordnung

ZZ Top - Rhythmeen


538 Dance Smash Hits 1996 volume 1

538 Dance Smash Hits 1996 volume 2

538 Dance Smash Hits 1996 volume 3 (Summer)

538 Dance Smash Hits 1996 volume 4

Atmoz I - Ibiza Dreamhouse Summer of '96

Atmoz Trax E.P.

The Big Wheels of Azuli (1991 - 1995)

Bravo Hits 12

Bravo Hits 13

Bravo Hits 14

Bravo Hits 15

Bravo Hits 96

Bravo Hits Best of '96

Cherry Moon - The 5th Compilation

Cherry Moon 06 - The Machine Is Ready Again

Club System 2

Club System 3

Club System

Dance Hits RTL Top 100

Dance Train 1996 Vol. 2 (Club Edition)

Dance Train 96 - 2

Dance Train '96 Vol. 4 (Club Edition)

De Afrekening 12

Dream Injection 2

Dream Injection 3 (Trance & Ambience)

Gabber Nation 3 - Bleeding Ears

House Blend Volume 2

House Blend

Kiwi Hit Disc 20

Kiwi Hit Disc 21

Kiwi Hit Disc 23

Kiwi Nostalgia Hits of The 50's

Mega Dance 96 Vol. 2

Mixmag Live! Volume 6

Now That's What I Call Music! (UK) 33

Now That's What I Call Music! (UK) 34

Now That's What I Call Music! (UK) 35

Nu Dance Traxx Volume 1

Nu Dance Traxx Volume 2

Nu Dance Traxx Volume 3

Nu Dance Traxx Volume 4

Rave Parade 5 - Summer Rave Edition (Hotter, Better, Faster)

RaveBase Phase 5

RaveBase Phase 6

RaveBase Phase 7

Serious Beats 19

Serious Beats 20

Serious Beats 21

Solid Sounds (Format 1)

Solid Sounds (Format 2)

Sonic Dance Power VII

Studio Brussel - 't Gaat Vooruit '96

Super Dance 11

Super Dance 2

Terrordrome VII (Badcore Massacre)

The Gabberbox - 50 Fuckin' Crazy Hardcore Traxx!!!

The Gabberbox 2 - 54 Fuckin' Crazy Hardcore Traxx!!!

The Gabberbox 3 - 50 Fuckin' Crazy Hardcore Traxx!!!

Thunderdome XII - Caught in the Web of Death

Thunderdome XII - The Megamixes

Thunderdome XIII - The Joke's on You

Thunderdome XIV - Death Becomes You

Thunderdome XIV - The Megamixes

Thunderdome XV - The Megamixes

Top Hits Top 100 Vol. 1

700% Dance Hits

Dance Hits for Kids

Folksongs (Old Time Country Music - USA - 1926-1944)

Jazz in Deutschland 1947-1965

Love Classics 100 Greatest Hits

Rhythm & Blues Classics

Sat 1 Glücksrad-Hits 2

Selection of Tangos 1


The Ladies Sing Jazz

Wasteland...Fetish, Extreme, Undergruond and very Exciting. ((Mixed by DJ Dirty David and DJ Crazy Shaun)


Wickee - Aha


2Pac - How Do U Want It

3T feat. Michael Jackson - Why


Bahamadia - Intro


2 Brothers on the 4th Floor - There's a Key

2 Fabiola - I'm on Fire

2 Unlimited - Jump for Joy


2 Fabiola - Lift U Up

2 Unlimited - Spread Your Love

3T feat. Michael Jackson - Why

Maxine & Franklin Brown - Maxine & Franklin Brown


101 Strings - Le Cid

101 Strings Orchestra - Always

101 Strings Orchestra - Cielito Lindo

10cc - Good News

112 - Can I Touch You

112 - Come See Me

112 - Cupid

112 - Now That We're Done

112 - Pleasure & Pain

112 feat. The Notorious B.I.G. & Mase - Only You

16 Horsepower - American Wheeze

16 Horsepower - Black Soul Choir

16Volt - A Cloth Like Gauze

16Volt - Crush

16Volt - Swarm

16Volt - The Cut Collector

16Volt - Two Wires Thin

2 Brothers on the 4th Floor - All I Wanna Do

2 Brothers on the 4th Floor - Christmas Time

2 Brothers on the 4th Floor - Fairytales

2 Brothers on the 4th Floor - Happy Hardcore Megamix

2 Brothers on the 4th Floor - Mirror of Love

2 Brothers on the 4th Floor - One Day

2 Brothers on the 4th Floor - Real-X

2 Brothers on the 4th Floor - There's a Key

2 Fabiola - A World for U and Me

2 Fabiola - Bang to the Rhythm

2 Fabiola - Fireside

2 Fabiola - Freak Out

2 Fabiola - I See the Light

2 Fabiola - I'm on Fire

2 Fabiola - Lift U Up

2 Fabiola - My Attitude

2 Fabiola - Play This Song

2 Fabiola - Raise Your Hands

2 Fabiola - Show Me the Way

2 Fabiola - Universal Love

2 Live Crew - Shake a Lil' Somethin'

2 Skinnee J's - Mindtrick

2 Skinnee J's - The Best

2 Unlimited - Jump for Joy

2 Unlimited - Spread Your Love

220 Volt - Disappointed

24-7 Spyz - 7 and 7 is

24-7 Spyz - Along Comes Mary

24-7 Spyz - Burned

24-7 Spyz - Clique

24-7 Spyz - Crushonya

24-7 Spyz - Earth & Sky

24-7 Spyz - El Lame

24-7 Spyz - Eyes Don't Lie

24-7 Spyz - Free To Be

24-7 Spyz - If I Could

24-7 Spyz - Interlude

24-7 Spyz - Let Your Fancy Flow

24-7 Spyz - Love and Peace

24-7 Spyz - Love For Sale

24-7 Spyz - No Hope For Niggaz

24-7 Spyz - Save the World

24-7 Spyz - Simple-Minded Simon

24-7 Spyz - Spyz in Da House

24-7 Spyz - Yeah X 3

2Pac - Ambitionz Az a Ridah

2Pac - California Love

2Pac - Can't C Me

2Pac - Check Out Time

2Pac - Heartz of Men

2Pac - Heaven Ain't Hard 2 Find

2Pac - Holla at Me

2Pac - How Do U Want It

2Pac - Life Goes On

2Pac - No More Pain

2Pac - Shorty Wanna Be a Thug

2Pac & Big Syke - All Eyez On Me (ft. Big Syke)

2Pac & Danny Boy - I Ain't Mad at Cha

2Pac & Danny Boy - Whatz Ya Phone #

2Pac & Dr. Dre - California Love

2Pac & Nate Dogg - Skandalouz

2Pac & Snoop Dogg - 2 Of Amerikaz Most Wanted

2Pac & Storm & C-Bo & Outlawz & C-PO - Tradin War Stories (ft. C-BO, CPO, Outlawz, The Storm)

2Pac & Yani Hadati & Snoop Dogg & Nate Dogg & Fatal - All About U (ft. Nate Dogg, Snoop Dogg, Fatal, Yani Hadati)

2Pac feat. Big Syke, C-PO & Danny Boy - Picture Me Rollin'

2Pac feat. Dat Nigga Daz, Kurupt, Method Man & Redman - Got My Mind Made Up

2Pac feat. Dr. Dre & Roger Troutman - California Love

2Pac feat. E-40, Richie Rich, B-Legit & C-Bo - Ain't Hard 2 Find

2Pac feat. Jewell, Storm & Outlawz - Thug Passion

2Pac feat. Jojo & KC - How Do You Want It

2Pac feat. Outlaw Immortals - When We Ride

2Pac feat. Rappin' 4-Tay - Only God Can Judge Me

2Pac feat. Richie Rich - Ratha Be Ya N____

2Pac feat. Storm, Mutah & Michel'le - Run Tha Streetz

3 Colours Red - Pure

3 Colours Red - This Is My Hollywood

3 Dubbs in a Sleeve - Can't Stop Da Feeling

3 Dubbs in a Sleeve - Dialogue

3 Dubbs in a Sleeve - Movin'

3 Steps Ahead - Crazy

3 Steps Ahead - Gabbers Unite

3 Steps Ahead - In the Name of Love

311 - Firewater

311 - Gap

311 - Let the Cards Fall

311 - Tribute

3rd Force - We Should Be Together

3T (Featuring Prince Markie Dee) - Brotherhood

3T feat. Michael Jackson - Tease Me

3T feat. Michael Jackson - Why

4 Tune Fairytales - Take Me to Wonderland

4Him - A Lot Like You

4Him - Center of the Mark

4Him - Land of Mercy

4Him - Lay It All On the Line

4Him - Lay It On the Line

4Him - Measure of A Man

4Him - Sacred Hideaway

4Him - The King And I

4Him - The Message

5 Blind Boys of Alabama - Brokenhearted Mother

5 Blind Boys of Alabama - Everybody's Going Somewhere

5 Blind Boys of Alabama - If You Don't Pray For Me's, The - It's Rainy

5UU'S - Acknowledgements

5UU'S - Ancient Internationalism

5UU'S - Carousel of Progress

5UU'S - Cause of Merit

5UU'S - Compromisation

5UU'S - Hot & Cold Frog

5UU'S - Ignominies

5UU'S - Imperfections

5UU'S - Loyalty To Creation

5UU'S - Magic, Dogma and Faith

5UU'S - Misery Loves Company

5UU'S - Resentments

5UU'S - Sporting

5UU'S - The Artist

5UU'S - The Fear of Life (After Death)

5UU'S - The Futility of Oneness

5UU'S - The Scale of Life

5UU'S - Theme From Marduk & Tiamat

6 by 6 - Into Your Heart

7 Notas 7 Colores - Con Esos Ojitos

7 Notas 7 Colores - Puercos

7 Year Bitch - 29_000 Miles Per Hour

7 Year Bitch - 2nd Hand

7 Year Bitch - Crying Shame

7 Year Bitch - Deep in the Heart

7 Year Bitch - Disillusion

7 Year Bitch - Jack

7 Year Bitch - Miss Understood

7 Year Bitch - Rest My Head

7 Year Bitch - Sore Subject

7 Year Bitch - The History of My Future

7 Year Bitch - The Midst

7 Year Bitch - Whoopie Cat

702 - All I Want

702 - Finding My Way

702 - Get Down Like Dat

702 - No Doubt

702 - Not Gonna

702 - Round & Round

702 - Show You My Love

702 - Steelo

702 - Word Iz Bond

740 Boyz - Bump Bump (Booty Shake)

740 Boyz - Bump Bump (was the follow up to Shimmy Shake)

740 Boyz - Clap Your Hands

740 Boyz - Con Gana (featuring Fulano De Tal)

740 Boyz - Devilicious (Interlude)

740 Boyz - Elvis Lives (Interlude)

740 Boyz - Get Busy

740 Boyz - Hop On It

740 Boyz - Hot in Here

740 Boyz - Jack Yo Body (Get Movin')

740 Boyz - Latin Lovers (Interlude)

740 Boyz - Let's Get Wet (featuring Floodlight)

740 Boyz - Live At the Gargoyle (Introlude)

740 Boyz - Live At the Gargoyle Revisited (Interlude)

740 Boyz - Party Over Here

740 Boyz - Shimmy Shake (Shimmy Shake went Gold in France and was a HIT Single in Germany, Italy, Russia and Africa)

740 Boyz - Shimmy Shake

740 Boyz - Two Pigs in A Room (Epilogue)

740 Boyz - Von Scrudle (Interlude)

808 State - Azura

808 State - Balboa

808 State - Banacheq

808 State - Bird

808 State - Bond

808 State - Bonded

808 State - Joyrider

808 State - Lopez

808 State - Mooz

808 State - Relay

808 State - Spanish Marching

88 Fingers Louie - Unfocused

9 Lazy 9 - Journeyman's Electric Lazyman

911 - Don't Make Me Wait

98 Mute - Another Boring Day

98 Mute - Answers

98 Mute - Beauty Queen

98 Mute - Better Days Ahead

98 Mute - Don't

98 Mute - Dreams

98 Mute - Fair Game

98 Mute - Ground Zero

98 Mute - Last Laugh

98 Mute - Painkiller

98 Mute - Them

A Flock of Seagulls - Burning Up

A Flock of Seagulls - Hearts on Fire

A Flock of Seagulls - Life is Easy

A Flock of Seagulls - Magic

A Flock of Seagulls - Ordinary Man

A Flock of Seagulls - Rainfall

A Flock of Seagulls - Say You Love Me

A Flock of Seagulls - Setting Sun

A Flock of Seagulls - Seven Seas

A Flock of Seagulls - The Light at the End of the World

A Flock of Seagulls - Walking in the Garden

A Flock of Seagulls - You're Mine

A Forest Mighty Black - Tides

A Tribe Called Quest - Baby Phife's Return

A Tribe Called Quest - Crew

A Tribe Called Quest - Get a Hold

A Tribe Called Quest - Keeping It Moving

A Tribe Called Quest - Mind Power

A Tribe Called Quest - Motivators

A Tribe Called Quest - Phony Rappers

A Tribe Called Quest - Separate/Together

A Tribe Called Quest - The Hop

A Tribe Called Quest - The Jam

A Tribe Called Quest - The Pressure

A Tribe Called Quest - What Really Goes On

A Tribe Called Quest - Word Play

A Tribe Called Quest & Tammy Lucas - 1nce Again

A Tribe Called Quest feat. Faith Evans - Stressed Out

A Tribe Called Quest feat. Tammy Lucas - 1nce Again

Aaliyah - I Gotcha' Back

Aaliyah - One in A Million

Aaron Copland & Los Angeles Philharmonic & Zubin Mehta - Appalachian Spring - 1945 Suite: 1. Very slowly

Aaron Copland & Los Angeles Philharmonic & Zubin Mehta - Fanfare for the Common Man

Aaron Y Su Grupo Ilusion - No Voy A Llorar

ABBAcadabra - Mamma Mia

ABBAcadabra - The Name of the Game

ABBAcadabra - S.O.S.

Abbey Lincoln - My Man

Abbey Lincoln - Porgy

Abbey Lincoln - Tender As A Rose

Abbey Lincoln - That's Him

Abbey Lincoln - When A Woman Loves A Man

Abdel Ali Slimani - Alger

Abdel Ali Slimani - Ana Guellile Dub

Abdel Ali Slimani - Ana Guellile

Abdel Ali Slimani - Habibti

Abdel Ali Slimani - Hadi

Abdel Ali Slimani - Laziza

Abdel Ali Slimani - Mraya

Abdel Ali Slimani - Yasmin

Abdel Ali Slimani - Zeyna

Aberdeen - Marine Parade (For Keith Blueboy)

Absoluuttinen nollapiste - Tekijän kuvittama

Abstract Tune - Shoots

Abuela Coca - Nega

Ace of Base - Everytime It Rains

Acid Bath - 13 Fingers

Acid Bath - Bleed Me an Ocean

Acid Bath - Bonus Poem

Acid Bath - Dead Girl

Acid Bath - Diäb Soulé

Acid Bath - Graveflower

Acid Bath - Locust Spawning

Acid Bath - New Corpse

Acid Bath - New Death Sensation

Acid Bath - Old Skin

Acid Bath - Paegen Love Song

Acid Bath - Venus Blue

Acker Bilk - Just When I Needed You Most

Acker Bilk - Three Times a Lady

Adam Clayton & Larry Mullen - Theme from 'Mission Impossible'

Adam F - Aromatherapy

Adam F - Metropolis

Adam F - Mother Earth

Adam Sandler - Chanukah Song - The

Adam Sandler - Crazy Love

Adam Sandler - Dip Doodle

Adam Sandler - Do It For Your Mama

Adam Sandler - Joining the Cult

Adam Sandler - Memory Lane

Adam Sandler - Mr. Bake-O

Adam Sandler - Ode to My Car

Adam Sandler - Respect

Adam Sandler - Sex Or Weight Lifting

Adam Sandler - Steve Polychronopolous

Adam Sandler - The Adventures of the Cow

Adam Sandler - The Chanukah Song

Adam Sandler - The Excited Southerner At A Job Interview

Adam Sandler - The Excited Southerner Gets Pulled Over

Adam Sandler - The Excited Southerner Meets Mel Gibson

Adam Sandler - The Excited Southerner Orders A Meal

Adam Sandler - The Excited Southerner Proposes To A Woman

Adam Sandler - The Goat

Adam Sandler - The Hypnotist

Adam Sandler - What the Hell Happened To Me?

Adliim - Sky's the Limit

Adolescent's Orquesta - Me Tengo Que Ir

Adorned Brood - Adora

Adorned Brood - Die Rede des Erhabenen

Adorned Brood - Donerhamer

Adorned Brood - Furor Teutonicus

Adorned Brood - Hiltia

Adorned Brood - Intro

Adorned Brood - Kissing the Heathen Amulet

Adorned Brood - Outro

Adorned Brood - Undisclosed Treasures of the Mortal

Adorned Brood - Unehrenhaftes Feindesblut

Adrenalin O.D. - Clean and Jerk

Adrenalin O.D. - Going To A Funeral

Adrenalin O.D. - Infiltrate the State

Adrenalin O.D. - Small Talk

Adrenalin O.D. - White Hassle

Adrenalin O.D. - World War 4

Adriana Caselotti - Some Day My Prince Will Come

AFI - He Who Laughs Last...

Africando - Apolo

Africando - Colombia, mi corazon

Africando - Dagamasi

Africando - Diaraf

Africando - Gombo

Africando - Grog Moin

Africando - Maral

Africando - Mborin

Africando - Musica en vérité

Africando - Paquita

Africando - Sakhar

Africando - Walo

Afro Celt Sound System - House of the Ancestors

Afro Celt Sound System - Nil Cead Againn Dul Abhaile/We Cannot Go Home

Afro Celt Sound System - Saor (Free)/News From Nowhere

Afro Celt Sound System - Sure-As-Not/Sure-As-Knot (Jungle Segue)

Afro Celt Sound System - Whirl-Y-Reel 1

Afro Celt Sound System - Whirl-Y-Reel 2

Afterlife - Blue Bar

Against All Authority - Above the Law

Against All Authority - ALBA

Against All Authority - Another Fuck You Song

Against All Authority - Centerfold

Against All Authority - Court 22

Against All Authority - Destroy What Destroys You

Against All Authority - It Really Sucks

Against All Authority - Sacco & Vanzetti

Against All Authority - Threat

Against All Authority - Under Your Authority

Against All Authority - Walking

Against All Authority - We Won't Submit

Aikakone - Aarresaari

Aikakone - Ensisuudelma

Aikakone - Ihan hiljaa

Aikakone - Jos tahdot

Aikakone - Keltainen

Aikakone - Kristallipallo

Aikakone - Opettelen salaa

Aikakone - Toiseen maailmaan

Aimee Mann - Wise Up

Air Supply - All Out of Love

Air Supply - Always

Air Supply - Chances

Air Supply - Goodbye

Air Supply - Lost in Love

Air Supply - Making Love Out of Nothing at All

Air Supply - Now and Forever

Air Supply - Sweet Dreams

Air Supply - The Way I Feel

Air Supply - Unchained Melody

Akinyele & Kia Jeffries - Put It in Your Mouth

Al Di Meola - Cafe 1930

Al Di Meola - Last Tango For Astor

Al Di Meola - Miloga del Angel

Al Di Meola - Night Club 1960

Al Di Meola - Oblivion

Al Hirt - Tuxedo Junction

Al Jarreau - Same Love That Made Me Laugh

Ala Dos Namorados - De Tudo E De Nada

Ala Dos Namorados - Há Dias Em Que Mais Vale...

Ala Dos Namorados - Já Sou Grande

Ala Dos Namorados - Lua Dos Imortais

Ala Dos Namorados - Manto Negro

Ala Dos Namorados - O Frio Da Navalha

Ala Dos Namorados - Partiram De Madrugada

Ala Dos Namorados - Pode Ser Que Seja A Saudade

Alabina & Los Niños De Sara - Alabina - Original 1996

Alan Hawkshaw - Beat Me Till I'm Blue

Alan Hawkshaw - Rocky Mountain Runabout

Alan Hawkshaw - Tap Footer

Alan Jackson - A House with No Curtains

Alan Jackson - Between the Devil and Me

Alan Jackson - Everything I Love

Alan Jackson - Little Bitty

Alan Jackson - There Goes

Alan Jackson - Who's Cheatin' Who

Alan Menken - The Bell Tower

Alan Parsons - Apollo

Alan Parsons - Blown By the Wind

Alan Parsons - Blue Blue Sky

Alan Parsons - Brother Up in Heaven

Alan Parsons - Cloudbreak

Alan Parsons - Fall Free

Alan Parsons - One Day To Fly

Alan Parsons - So Far Away

Alanis Morissette - Hand In My Pocket

Alanis Morissette - Ironic

Alanis Morissette - You Learn

Alaska Y Dinarama - Quiero Ser Santa

Alaska Y Los Pegamoides - Caras pintadas

Alaska Y Los Pegamoides - Cristal blindado

Alaska Y Los Pegamoides - Dan las doce

Alaska Y Los Pegamoides - Recuerda

Alcatraz - Giv Me Luv

Alcohol Funnycar - Napoleon

Alcohol Funnycar - Overtaken

Alec Empire - 3 Bullets in the Back

Alec Empire - Bass Terror

Alec Empire - Chilling Through the Lives

Alec Empire - Down With the Shit

Alec Empire - Hard Like It's A Pose

Alec Empire - Just Make It Fast

Alec Empire - Le Mur Noir

Alec Empire - Les Yeux Electroniques

Alec Empire - Many Bars And No Money

Alec Empire - The Drum And the Bass

Alec Empire - The Peak

Alejandro Escovedo - Put You Down

Alejandro Fernández - Abrázame

Alejandro Fernandez - Como Puede Ser

Alejandro Fernández - Es la Mujer

Alejandro Fernandez - Me Llevaras En Ti

Alejandro Fernandez - Moño Negro

Alejandro Fernández - Nube Viajera

Alejandro Fernandez - Ya Se Que Dices

Alejandro Santiago - alguien metió las manos

Alejandro Santiago - cuando dije amor

Alejandro Santiago - debiéndole al cielo

Alejandro Santiago - en pie de guerra

Alejandro Santiago - es un mundo

Alejandro Santiago - incierto

Alejandro Santiago - libertad condicional

Alejandro Santiago - malos consejos

Alejandro Santiago - que pase el huracán

Alejandro Santiago - sólo la verdad

Alejandro Santiago - tu vida

Alex Bueno - Agua Dulce, Agua Sala

Alex Bueno - Irresistible

Alex Bueno - Mujer Buena

Alex de Grassi - Deep At Night

Alex Reece - Acid Lab

Alex Reece - Candles

Alex Reece - Ibiza

Alex Reece - Intro One

Alex Reece - Intro Two

Alex Reece - Jazz Master

Alex Reece - Out of Time

Alex Reece - Pulp Friction

Alex Reece - U R

Alexia - Number One

Alexia Phillips - All Broken Hearted

Ali Akbar Khan - Dhrupad in Sankara Bharan

Ali Akbar Khan - Guru Bandana (Prayer)

Ali Akbar Khan - Hori in Bhairavi

Ali Akbar Khan - Hori in Kukubh Bilawal

Ali Akbar Khan - Kheyal in Gour Sarang

Ali Akbar Khan - Prayer in Bhairavi

Ali Akbar Khan - Raga Marwa

Ali Akbar Khan - Raga Puriya Kalyan, Gat in Tin

Ali Akbar Khan - Sadra in Sankara Karan

Ali Akbar Khan - Tarana in Adana

Ali Akbar Khan - Tarana in Bhimpalasri (Sat Sangat Style)

Ali Akbar Khan - Tarana in Bhimpalasri

Ali Akbar Khan - Tarana in Bhupali

Ali Akbar Khan - Tarana in Mian Ki Malhar

Alice - Il Senso Dei Desideri

Alice Coltrane - Mantra

Alice Coltrane - Turiya & Ramakrishna

Alice in Chains - Angry CHair - Live at the Majestic Theatre, Brooklyn, NY - April 1996

Alice in Chains - Brother - Live at the Majestic Theatre, Brooklyn, NY - April 1996

Alice in Chains - Frogs - Live at the Majestic Theatre, Brooklyn, NY - April 1996

Alice in Chains - Got Me Wrong - Live at the Majestic Theatre, Brooklyn, NY - April 1996

Alice in Chains - Heaven Beside You

Alice in Chains - No Excuses

Alice in Chains - Nutshell

Alice in Chains - Over Now

Alice in Chains - Rooster

Alice in Chains - Sludge Factory

Alice in Chains - The Killer Is Me - Live at the Majestic Theatre, Brooklyn, NY - April 1996

Alisha's Attic - Adore U

Alisha's Attic - Air We Breathe

Alisha's Attic - Alisha Rules the World

Alisha's Attic - I Won't Miss You

Alisha's Attic - Intense

Alisha's Attic - Just the Way You Like It

Alisha's Attic - Personality Lines

Alisha's Attic - Stone in My Shoe

Alisha's Attic - The Golden Rule

Alisha's Attic - White Room

Alison Krauss - Baby Mine

Alison Limerick - Come Back For Real Love

Alison Limerick - Gettin' It Right

Alison Limerick - Time of Our Lives

Alizee - Broken Hearts

Alizee - Fantasy Love

Alka Yagnik & Hariharan - Bahon Ke Darmiyan - Khamoshi - The Musical / Soundtrack Version

All About Chad - Japanese Couple in Reverse

All Natural Lemon & Lime Flavors - All the Time

All Natural Lemon & Lime Flavors - Blue Balloons

All Natural Lemon & Lime Flavors - How Come?

All Natural Lemon & Lime Flavors - Jayne Baby

All Natural Lemon & Lime Flavors - Muffin 57

All Natural Lemon & Lime Flavors - Salad Forest

All Natural Lemon & Lime Flavors - Saturn Jig

All Natural Lemon & Lime Flavors - Wondered Why

All Natural Lemon And Lime Flavors - I Am Where You Were

All-4-One - I Turn to You

All-4-One - Someday - From 'The Hunchback of Notre Dame'/Soundtrack Version

Allan Holdsworth - Countdown

Allan Holdsworth - Isotope

Allan Holdsworth - None Too Soon Pt. I / Interlude / None Too Soon Pt. II

Allan Holdsworth - Norvegian Wood

Allan Holdsworth - San Marcos

Allan Holdsworth - Very Early

Almanac Singers - Billy Boy

Almanac Singers - Blow the Man Down

Almanac Singers - House of the Rising Sun

Almanac Singers - I Ride An Old Paint

Almanac Singers - State of Arkansas

Almanac Singers - The Golden Vanity

Altan - A Tune For Frankie

Altan - An Gasur Mor/Bunker Hill/Dogs Among the Bushes (Medley)

Altan - Blackwaterside

Altan - Ta Me 'Mo Shui

Altan - The Dance of the Honeybees

Alternative TV - Release the Natives

Alternative TV - You Never Know

Alvaro Torres - Mi Angel De Amor

Alvin Cash - Keep On Dancing

Alvin Cash - Twine Time

Amanda Miguel - Amame Una Vez Más

Amber - This Is Your Night

America - Daisy Jane

America - Horse With No Name

America - Ventura Highway

Amii Stewart - Friends

Amistades Peligrosas - Ángelus

Amistades Peligrosas - Bendita Seas

Amistades Peligrosas - El Príncipe Valiente

Amistades Peligrosas - Eloi Eloi

Amistades Peligrosas - Estrella

Amistades Peligrosas - Hermanos De Sangre

Amistades Peligrosas - Me quedare solo

Amistades Peligrosas - Me Quedaré Solo

Amistades Peligrosas - Pasos En El Túnel

Amistades Peligrosas - Sacrifícate

Amistades Peligrosas - Será

Ammer Einheit - Adolf Hitler Enterprise, Vorspiel, Der Fuenfte

Ammer Einheit - I. Akt, 30.01.1933, Radio

Ammer Einheit - I. Akt, Sprechmaschine

Ammer Einheit - II. Akt, 01.08.1914, Koenigsschloss

Ammer Einheit - II. Akt, 14.05.1970

Ammer Einheit - II. Akt, Sender 1212

Ammer Einheit - III. Akt, 08.05.1976

Ammer Einheit - III. Akt, 24.12.1941

Ammer Einheit - IV. Akt, 08.05.1945, Bunker

Ammer Einheit - IV. Akt, 09.11.1918

Ammer Einheit - IV. Akt, 18.10.1977, Requiem

Ammer Einheit - Kaiser Wilhelm Overdrive, Vorspiel, Das Fuenfte

Ammer Einheit - Ulrike Meinhof Paradise, Vorspiel, Die Fuenfte

Ammer, Einheit - Kaiser Wilhelm Overdrive: III. Akt, Schlachtfeld

Ammer, Einheit - Ulrike Meinhof Paradise: I. Akt, 02.07.1967, Fernsehen

Amon Amarth - Sorrow Throughout the Nine Worlds

Amon Amarth - The Mighty Doors of the Speargod's Hall

Amon Tobin - Creatures

Amon Tobin - Defocus

Amon Tobin - Shiny Things

Amorphis - Against Widows

Amorphis - Better Unborn

Amorphis - Black Winter's Day

Amorphis - Cares

Amorphis - My Kantele (Acoustic Reprise)

Amorphis - My Kantele

Amorphis - On Rich and Poor

Amorphis - Relief

Amorphis - Song of the Troubled One

Amorphis - The Orphan

Amorphis - Weeper on the Shore

Amy Lou Barnes & Sally Mueller & Mary Moder & Alice Sixer & Betty Bayne & Disney Studio Chorus - Little April Shower - From 'Bambi'/Soundtrack Version

Ana Bàrbara - No Llorare

Ana Belén - Lía

Ana Belén - Qué Será (O Qué Será)

Ana Belén - Victor Manuel

Ana Cirré - Casi Perfecto

Ana Gabriel - Eres Todo en Mí (You're My Everything)

Ana Gabriel - Es Tarde Ya

Ana Gabriel - Fue En Un Cafe

Ana Gabriel - Miedo

Ana Gabriel - No Sabes

Ana Gabriel - No Te Hago Falta

Ana Gabriel - Que Hare Sin Ti

Ana Gabriel - Solo Fantasia

Ana Gabriel - Tu No Te Imaginas

And Also the Trees - 6th Floor Elevator Blues

And Also the Trees - Brother Fear

And Also the Trees - Fighting in a Lighthouse

And Also the Trees - Missing

And Also the Trees - Paradiso

And Also the Trees - Roulette

And Also the Trees - Sea Change

And Also the Trees - The Butcher's Daughter

And Also the Trees - The Lights of Phoenix

And Also the Trees - The Next Flight to Rome

And Also the Trees - Tremaine

André Hazes - Hij Zoekt Zijn Eigen Vader

André Rieu - Barcarole

Andreas Dorau - Es ist nur der Rauch

Andreas Dorau - Girls in Love

Andres Calamaro - Buena Suerte Y Hasta Luego

Andres Calamaro - Canning

Andres Calamaro - El 606 De Palermo

Andres Calamaro - Requiem

Andres Calamaro - Sin Trabajar

Andrew Gold - Spooky, Scary Skeletons

Andrew Vasquez - Eagle's Journey

Andrew Vasquez - Memory of Earth Mother

Andrew Vasquez - Tomorrow's Dream

Andy Irvine - Creggan White Hare

Andy Irvine - Never Tire of the Road

Angel Corpse - Burning in Hell

Angel Moraes - Welcome To the Factory

Angela Bofill - All She Wants (Is Love)

Angela Bofill - Love in Slow Motion

Angelique Kidjo - Bitchifi

Angelique Kidjo - Fifa

Angelique Kidjo - Goddess of the Sea

Angelique Kidjo - The Sound of the Drums

Angelique Kidjo - Wombo Lombo

Ani DiFranco - Untouchable Face

Anima Sound System - Bob

Anima Sound System - Hideg

Anima Sound System - Hungarian Astronaut

Anima Sound System - Isten Dob Basszus

Anima Sound System - Ket Ut Von Elottem

ANJA GARBAREK - Balloon Mood

ANJA GARBAREK - Beyond my control


ANJA GARBAREK - Just One of Those Days

ANJA GARBAREK - Picking Up Pieces

ANJA GARBAREK - She Collects (Stuff Like That)

ANJA GARBAREK - Something Written

ANJA GARBAREK - Strange Noises


ANJA GARBAREK - The Telescope Man Says

Ann Peebles - 99 Lbs

Ann Peebles - Fill This World With Love

Annihilator - Bastiage

Annihilator - City of ice

Annihilator - Dead wrong

Annihilator - Hunger

Annihilator - Reaction

Annihilator - Refresh the Demon

Annihilator - Riff raff

Annihilator - Sexecution

Annihilator - Syn. Kill 1

Annihilator - The box

Annihilator - The pastor of disaster

Annihilator - Ultraparanoia

Anointed - Answer To My Prayer

Anointed - Come Unto Me

Anointed - Under the Influence

Anointed - Us

Anointed - Waiting in the Wings

Anointed - Walking in the Light

Anonymous 4 - Benedicamus domino

Anonymous 4 - Invitatory: Regem regum dominum

Anonymous 4 - Prosa: Portum in ultimo

Another Fine Day - Scarborough Fair

Anthony B - Fire Pon Rome

Anti-Flag - Die for the Government

Anti-Flag - Drink Drank Punk

Anti-Flag - F**k Police Brutality

Anti-Flag - Punk by the Book

Anti-Heros - Carte Blanche For Chaos

Anti-Heros - Jennifer

Anti-Heros - On the Streets Again

Anti-Heros - Rock And Roll Fantasy

Anti-Heros - The Tradition

Antiloop - Purpose in Life

Anti-Nowhere League - League

Anti-Nowhere League - Runaway

Antiseen - Billy the Kid

Antiseen - People Like You

Antiseen - Radio Ruined Groove

Antiseen - Sick Things

Antonio Aguilar - Triste Recuerdo

Antonio Carlos Jobim - Angela

Antonio Carlos Jobim - Bonita

Antonio Carlos Jobim - Don't Ever Go Away (Por Causa De Voce)

Antonio Carlos Jobim - Double Rainbow

Antonio Carlos Jobim - Ela E Carioca

Antonio Carlos Jobim - Ligia

Antonio Carlos Jobim - O Homem (Man)

Antonio Carlos Jobim - Off-Key (Desafinado)

Antonio Carlos Jobim - Photograph

Antonio Carlos Jobim - Samba de Aviao

Antonio Carlos Jobim - So' Tinha De Ser Com Voce

Antonio Carlos Jobim - Valse

Antonio Carlos Jobim - Zingaro

Antonio Rios - Nunca me Faltes

Antonis Remos - Ti Imouna Gia Sena

Anuna - Suantrai

Aphex Twin - 4

Aphex Twin - Beetles

Aphex Twin - Carn Marth

Aphex Twin - Cornish Acid

Aphex Twin - Fingerbib

Aphex Twin - Girl/Boy Song

Aphex Twin - Girl Boy

Aphex Twin - Girl/Boy Song

Aphex Twin - Inkey$

Aphex Twin - Logan Rock Witch

Aphex Twin - Milk Man

Aphex Twin - Peek 82454201

Aphex Twin - Yellow Calx

Aphrodite's Child - The Other People

Apocalyptica - Creeping Death

Apocalyptica - Enter Sandman

Apocalyptica - Harvester of Sorrow

Apocalyptica - Master of Puppets

Apocalyptica - Sad But True

Apocalyptica - The Unforgiven

Apocalyptica - Welcome Home (Sanitarium)

Apocalyptica - Wherever I May Roam

Apollo 440 - Krupa

Apoptygma Berzerk - Electricity

Apoptygma Berzerk - Mourn

Aqua - Barbie Girl

Arab Strap - Blood

Arab Strap - I Work in A Saloon

Arab Strap - The Clearing

Arab Strap - The First Big Weekend

Arcady - John O' Dreams

Arch Enemy - Bury Me An Angel

Arch Enemy - Cosmic Retribution

Arch Enemy - Dark Insanity

Arch Enemy - Eureka

Arch Enemy - Fields of Desolation

Arch Enemy - Idolatress

Arch Enemy - Losing Faith

Arch Enemy - The Ides of March

Arch Enemy - Time Capsule

Arch Enemy - Transmigration Macabre

Archers of Loaf - Bacteria

Archers of Loaf - Bathroom

Archers of Loaf - Form and File

Archers of Loaf - Funnelhead

Archers of Loaf - Mutes in the Steeple

Archers of Loaf - Powerwalker

Archers of Loaf - Quinn Beast

Archers of Loaf - Scenic Pastures

Archers of Loaf - Smokin' Pot in the Hot City

Archers of Loaf - Tatyana

Archie Bleyer - Hernando's Hideaway

Archive - All Time

Archive - Last Five

Archive - Londinium

Archive - Man-Made

Archive - Nothing Else

Archive - Old Artist

Archive - Parvaneh (Butterfly)

Archive - Skyscraper

Archive - So Few Words

Aretha Franklin - One Step Ahead - Mono Mix

Aretha Franklin - One Step Ahead

Armand Van Helden & Old Skool Junkies - The Funk Phenomena

Armik - Rubia

Armitage Shanks - Another Beer

Armitage Shanks - Carry On Up Your Khyber

Armitage Shanks - Dagger Attack

Armitage Shanks - Easy For You

Armitage Shanks - Fanny Man

Armitage Shanks - Far From Boring

Armitage Shanks - Grow Up (She Said)

Armitage Shanks - Minta

Armitage Shanks - The Grass Is Always Greener

Armored Saint - Creepy Feelings

Army of Lovers - Judgment Day

Army of Lovers - King Midas


Art Garfunkel - The 59th Street Bridge Song (Feelin' Groovy)

Art Pepper - Birk's Works

Art Pepper - Imagination

Art Pepper - Jazz Me Blues

Art Pepper - Red Pepper Blues

Art Pepper - Star Eyes

Art Pepper - The Man I Love

Art Pepper - Waltz Me Blues

Art Pepper - You'd Be So Nice to Come Home To

Arthur H - J'Ai Un Revolver

Arthur H - La Télé

Arthur H - Le Baron Noir

Arthur Lyman - Blue Hawaii

Arthur Lyman - Cubana Chant

Arthur Lyman - Legend of the Rain

Arthur Lyman - Tropical

Arthur Montana Taylor - Detroit Rocks

Arthur Tracy - Let's Fall in Love

Articolo 31 - 2030

Articolo 31 - Con Le Buone

Articolo 31 - Da Un Nastro

Articolo 31 - Domani

Articolo 31 - Latin Lover

Ash - Girl From Mars

Asha Puthli - Right Down Here

Ashley MacIsaac - Allowa Kirk / Traditional Strathspey / Princess Royal / Douglas' Favourite

Ashley MacIsaac - Athole Cummers / Flora MacDonald / Prince Charlie

Ashley MacIsaac - Jerry's Beaver Hat / Catherine MacIsaac Wedding Day / Long Point

Ashley MacIsaac - Tam Bain's Lum / the Ladie's Hornpipe

Ashley MacIsaac - Traditional Jig / Traditional Reel

Ashley MacIsaac - Traditional Strathspey / New Bedford Reel / Pretty Peggy

Ashley MacIsaac - Wilfred's Fiddle / the Harbourview

Asia 2001 - Dawn to Dusk

Asia 2001 - Epilogue

Asia 2001 - Lunar Attraction

Asia 2001 - Ra

Asia 2001 - Strange World

Åsne Valland Nordli - Deilig Er Jorden

Åsne Valland Nordli - Den Fagraste Rosa

Åsne Valland Nordli - Det Kimer Nå Til Julefest

Åsne Valland Nordli - Det Lyser I Stille Grender

Åsne Valland Nordli - Din Herlegdom, Frelsar

Åsne Valland Nordli - Eg Er Så Glad Kvar Julekveld

Åsne Valland Nordli - Eg Synger Julekvad

Åsne Valland Nordli - Guds Son Er Komen Til Oss Ned

Åsne Valland Nordli - Her Er Det Ny, Som På Jorderik Skjedde

Åsne Valland Nordli - I Denne Søte Juletid

Åsne Valland Nordli - Kling No Klokka

Åsne Valland Nordli - Mitt Hjerte Alltid Vanker

Åsne Valland Nordli - Stille Natt

Asphyx - Circle of the Secluded

Asphyx - Denying the Goat

Asphyx - Embrace the Death

Asphyx - Eternity's Depth

Asphyx - Eternity's Depths

Asphyx - God Cries

Asphyx - Intro

Asphyx - Outro

Asphyx - The Blood I Spilled

Asphyx - The Sickened Dwell

Asphyx - Thought of An Atheist

Asphyx - To Succubus A Whore

Asphyx - Vault of the Vailing Souls

Assorted Jelly Beans - 8th Grade Nerd

Assorted Jelly Beans - Another Way

Assorted Jelly Beans - Assorted Jelly Beans

Assorted Jelly Beans - Braindead

Assorted Jelly Beans - Don't Ask Me

Assorted Jelly Beans - Doobage

Assorted Jelly Beans - in Our Eyes

Assorted Jelly Beans - Mr. Bill

Assorted Jelly Beans - Newska One

Assorted Jelly Beans - No Time

Assorted Jelly Beans - Plain Life

Assorted Jelly Beans - Punk Rock Jock

Assorted Jelly Beans - You'll Never Know

Astor Piazzolla - Retrato De Alfredo Gobbi

Astral Projection - Enlightened Evolution remix

Astral Projection - Free Tibet

Astral Projection - Ionized

Astral Projection - Kabalah

Astral Projection - People Can Fly

Astral Projection - Radial Blur

Astream - Alone

Astrud Gilberto - Who Can I Turn To?

Aswad - Flikaflame

Asylum Street Spankers - Black Eyed Blues

Asylum Street Spankers - Funny Cigarette

Asylum Street Spankers - Hesitation Blues

Asylum Street Spankers - I'll See You in My Dreams

Asylum Street Spankers - Introduction

Asylum Street Spankers - Lee Harvey

Asylum Street Spankers - Song With No Words

Asylum Street Spankers - Superchief

At The Drive In - Starslight

At the Drive-In - Blue Tag

At the Drive-In - Coating of Arms

At the Drive-In - Communication Drive-in

At the Drive-In - Ebroglio

At the Drive-In - Initiation

At the Drive-In - Paid Vacation Time

At the Drive-In - Porfirio Diaz

At the Drive-In - Schaffino

At the Drive-In - Skips on the Record

At the Drive-In - Starslight

At the Drive-In - Ticklish

Athenaeum - Comfort

Ativin - Modern Gang Reader

Atomic 61 - All in This

Atomic 61 - Claymore

Atomic 61 - Crash Outfit

Atomic 61 - Fifth Night

Atomic 61 - Inertia No. 3

Atomic 61 - Ray Slater's Meteoric Rise

Atomic 61 - Sugar Candy

Atomic 61 - Technicolor Wonderland

Atomic 61 - Union

Atomic Junkies - One Way Out

Audio Adrenaline - Bag Lady

Audio Adrenaline - Free Ride

Audio Adrenaline - Gloryland

Audio Adrenaline - Good People

Audio Adrenaline - I Hear Jesus Calling

Audio Adrenaline - I'm Not the King

Audio Adrenaline - Jazz Odyssey

Audio Adrenaline - Never Gonna Be As Big As Jesus

Audio Adrenaline - Secret

Audio Adrenaline - See Through

Audio Adrenaline - Walk On Water

Aurlus Mabélé - Na la vie

Avail - (Ben)

Avail - 92

Avail - F.C.A

Avail - Fix

Avail - Governor

Avail - Hang

Avail - Simple Song

Avail - Soundbound 95

Avail - Swing Low

Avail - Tuesday

Avail feat. (Young) Pioneers - Lombardy St.

Ayla - Ayla

Ayreon - The Dawn of Man

Az Yet - Care for Me

Az Yet - Every Little Bit of My Heart

Az Yet - I Don't Want to Be Lonely

Az Yet - Inseparable Lovers

Az Yet - Last Night

Az Yet - Sadder Than Blue

Az Yet - Secrets

Az Yet - That's All I Want

Az Yet - Through My Heart

Az Yet - Time to End the Story

Az Yet feat. Peter Cetera - Hard to Say I'm Sorry

Azalia Snail - Circumspection

Azalia Snail - Headstart

Azalia Snail - Key Witness

Azalia Snail - Stoked Like A Furnace

Azalia Snail - Untitled

Azid Force - Brainkiller

Azid Force - Break Attack

Azucar Moreno - Sólo Se Vive una Vez

Azul Violeta - Tu Luz

B.B. King - Christmas Celebration

B.B. Seaton - Thin Line Between Love And Hate

B.B.E - Seven Days And One Week

B.B.E. - Seven Days and One Week

B.G. the Prince of Rap - Crazy

B.G. the Prince of Rap - Disco Fever

B.G. the Prince of Rap - Don't Stop - Keep Movin'

B.G. the Prince of Rap - I Gave You All My Money

B.G. the Prince of Rap - I Got What What You Want

B.G. the Prince of Rap - Jump To This (Allnight!)

B.G. the Prince of Rap - Jump

B.G. the Prince of Rap - Love Is...

B.G. the Prince of Rap - Love Will Always Find You

B.G. the Prince of Rap - Move It

B.G. the Prince of Rap - Stomp

B.G. the Prince of Rap - Stronger Love

B.G. the Prince of Rap - Take Me Through the Night

B.G. the Prince of Rap - What You Feel Like

B12 - Cymetry

B12 - Epilion

B12 - Infinite Lites

B12 - Practopia

B12 - Radiophonic Workshop

Baader Meinhof - Back On the Farm

Baader Meinhof - Gsg 29

Baader Meinhof - It's A Moral Issue

Baader Meinhof - Kill Ramirez

Baader Meinhof - Mogadishu

Baader Meinhof - Theme From Burn Warehouse Burn

Baader Meinhof - There's Gonna Be An Accident

Babasonicos - Su Ciervo

Baby Doc - La Batteria (The Drum Track) (Dub)

Baby Doc - La Batteria (The Drum Track) (Loco Mix)

Baby Mammoth - Dima

Baby Mammoth - Mysterious Muses

Baby Mammoth - Past Lives

Baby Mammoth - The Devil Lies

Baby Mammoth - Thin Air

Baby Mammoth - Van

Baby Mammoth - Whiskey Soul

Baby Rasta & Gringo - Tengo Una Punto 40

Babybird - Candy Girl

Babyface - Every Time I Close My Eyes

Babyface - Every Time I Feel the Groove Remix

Babyface - I Said I Love You

Babyface - If

Babyface - Mariah Carey

Babyface - Seven Seas

Babyface - Simple Days

Babyface - Talk To Me

Babyface - The Day (That You Gave Me A Son)

Babyface - This Is For the Lover in You

Babyface - When Your Body Gets Weak

Babyface & Mariah Carey & Kenny G & Sheila E. - Every Time I Close My Eyes (with Mariah Carey, Kenny G & Sheila E.)

Babyface feat. LL Cool J, Howard Hewett, Jody Watley & Jeffrey Daniels - This Is For the Lover in You

Babyface LL Cool J Howard Hewett Jody Watley Jeffrey Daniels feat. LL Cool J, Howard Hewett, Jody Watley & Jeffrey Daniels - This Is for the Lover In You

Babyface Stevie Wonder feat. Stevie Wonder - How Come, How Long

Babylon Zoo - Spaceman

Backstreet Boys - All I Have to Give

Backstreet Boys - Anywhere for You

Backstreet Boys - As Long as You Love Me

Backstreet Boys - Boys Will Be Boys

Backstreet Boys - Christmas Time

Backstreet Boys - Darlin'

Backstreet Boys - Every Time I Close My Eyes

Backstreet Boys - Everybody (Backstreet's Back) - Extended Version

Backstreet Boys - Get Down (You're the One for Me) - LP Edit No Rap

Backstreet Boys - Hey Mr. DJ (Keep Playin' This Song)

Backstreet Boys - I Wanna Be With You

Backstreet Boys - If You Want to Be a Good Girl (Get Yourself a Bad Boy)

Backstreet Boys - I'll Never Break Your Heart

Backstreet Boys - Just To Be Close To You

Backstreet Boys - Let's Have A Party

Backstreet Boys - Nobody But You

Backstreet Boys - Quit Playing Games (With My Heart)

Backstreet Boys - Set Adrift on Memory Bliss

Backstreet Boys - We've Got It Goin' On - Radio Edit

Backstreet Boys - We've Got It Goin' On

Bad Brains - At the Atlantis

Bad Brains - Black Dots

Bad Brains - Just Another Damn Song

Bad Brains - Redbone in the City

Bad Brains - Send You No Flowers

Bad Brains - Supertouch-Shitfit

Bad Brains - The Man Won't Annoy You

Bad Brains - Why'd You Have To Go?Bad

Bad Religion - Nobody Listens

Bad Religion - Punk Rock Song

Bah Samba - Carnival

Bahamadia - 3 Tha Hard Way

Bahamadia - Biggest Part of Me

Bahamadia - Da Jawn

Bahamadia - Global

Bahamadia - I Confess

Bahamadia - Innovation

Bahamadia - Interlude

Bahamadia - Path to Rhythm

Bahamadia - Rugged Ruff

Bahamadia - Spontaneity

Bahamadia - Total Wreck

Bahamadia - Uknowhowwedu

Bakermät - Baby

Banda Cuisillos - Batelo Morena

Banda Cuisillos - Cómo Sufro

Banda Cuisillos - La Nena

Banda Cuisillos - Mi Mejor Amiga

Banda Cuisillos - Pequeña Orgullosa

Banda Cuisillos - Por Que No Me Escuchas

Banda Eva - Chorando Saudade

Banda Eva - É Agora

Banda Eva - Idioma Da Paixão

Banda Eva - Levada Louca

Banda Eva - Onda De Desejo

Banda Eva feat. Netinho - Química Perfeita (Quimica Perfecta)

Banda Machos - Chiquita bonita

Banda Machos - Se lo dejo a Dios

Banda Maguey - Tú Eterno Enamorado

Banda Maguey - Tumbando Cana

Banda Zarape - Caliente Caliente

Bandabardò - B.B.

Bandabardò - Cafè D'Hiver

Bandabardò - En Cherchant Loulou

Bandabardò - Finta Bionda

Bandabardò - Greta - Scandalo

Bandabardò - Heros

Bandabardò - Ho La Testa

Bandabardò - L'Inquilina Del 4° Piano

Bandabardò - Poesie D'Un Jour

Bandabardò - Sogni Grandiosi

Bandabardò - Succederà

Bandabardò - W Fernandez

Bap - Amerika

Bap - Amok

Bap - Do Jeht Ming Frau

Bap - Saach, Wat Ess Bloss Passiert?

Barbara Dickson - Answer Me, My love

Barbara Dickson - Can't Get By Without You

Barbara Dickson - Caravan Song

Barbara Dickson - January February

Barbara Dickson - Tonight

Barbara Higbie - Asleep in My Arms

Barbara Kessler - Notion

Barbara Lea - Baltimore Oriole

Barbara Lea - Blue Skies

Barbara Lea - Honey in the Honeycomb

Barbara Lea - I Feel At Home With You

Barbara Lea - I Had Myself A True Love

Barbara Lea - I'm Coming Virginia

Barbara Lea - My Honey's Lovin' Arms

Barbara Lea - Nobody Else But Me

Barbara Lea - Where Have You Been?

Barbara Tucker - I Get Lifted (Duck Beats)

Barbra Streisand Bryan Adams feat. Bryan Adams - I Finally Found Someone

Bardo Pond - Be A Fish

Bardo Pond - Limerick

Bardo Pond - RM

Bardo Pond - Rumination

Bardo Pond - Sentence

Bardo Pond - Tantric Porno

Bardo Pond - The High Frequency

Bardo Pond - Wank

Bardo Pond - Yellow Turban

Bare Egil Band - Aksepterad

Bare Egil Band - Alle Dyr

Bare Egil Band - Arne

Bare Egil Band - Asfalt

Bare Egil Band - Brigg

Bare Egil Band - Det Vanlige

Bare Egil Band - Hæh!?

Bare Egil Band - Intro

Bare Egil Band - Kawasaki 500

Bare Egil Band - Kjærlighet Mellom Muslinger

Bare Egil Band - Selvportrett Etter Eliminasjonsmetoden

Bare Egil Band - Sko

Bare Egil Band - Tagging

Bare Egil Band - Ti Lagate

Barenaked Ladies - Break Your Heart

Barenaked Ladies - Brian Wilson

Barenaked Ladies - The Old Apartment

Barenaked Ladies - This Is Where It Ends

Barenaked Ladies - When I Fall

Barenaked Ladies & Ben Grosse - The Old Apartment

Barkmarket - Bootless

Barkmarket - Drain

Barkmarket - Falling

Barkmarket - Feed Me

Barkmarket - Fresh Kills

Barkmarket - How Are You ?

Barkmarket - I Don't Like You

Barkmarket - Into the Fear

Barkmarket - Is It Nice ?

Barkmarket - Lay Down

Barkmarket - Let It Soak

Barkmarket - Shiner

Barkmarket - Undone

Barkmarket - Visible Cow

Barney Kessel - Midnight Sun

Barney Kessel - Moten Swing

Barney Kessel - Tenderly

Barney Kessel - Vicky's Dream

Barry Adamson - Dirty Barry

Barry Adamson - in A Moment of Clarity

Barry Adamson - It's Business As Usual

Barry Adamson - Miles

Barry Adamson - Set the Controls Again

Barry Adamson - Set the Controls For the Heart of the Pelvis

Barry Adamson - State of Contraction

Barry Adamson - The Sweetest Embrace

Barry Adamson - Vermillion Kisses

Barry Manilow - I'd Really Love To See You Tonight

Barry Manilow - Never My Love

Barry Manilow - Reminiscing

Barry White - You're the One I Need

Basement Jaxx - Daluma

Basement Jaxx - Eu Nao

Basement Jaxx - Fly Life

Basement Jaxx - Get Down Get Horny

Basic Element - Boys

Basic Element - If I Had Wings

Basic Element - Night Eyes

Basic Element - Rule Your World

Basic Element - Take Me Up

Basic Element - Talk To Me

Bass Automator - Diode Isolation

Bass Mekanik - Night Bass

Bass Tech DXJ - Bass And Treble

Bass Tech DXJ - Bass Bumschludged

Bass Tech DXJ - Bass Es Is Gut!

Bass Tech DXJ - Bass Is Not A Pretty Little Business

Bass Tech DXJ - Bass Moor

Bass Tech DXJ - Bass Partei People

Bass Tech DXJ - Bass Soldaten

Bass Tech DXJ - Dear Katherine

Bass Tech DXJ - Fraulein Werning

Bass Tech DXJ - Külminator

Bass Tech DXJ - Langsam (Nicht Zu Schnell)

Bass Tech DXJ - Sprechen Sie Bass?

Bass Tech DXJ - Verstehen Sie Bass Units?

Bass Trip - Bass Kinetix

Bass Trip - Break It Down

Bass Trip - Crunchie F#@!

Bass Trip - Fuzzbuster

Bass Trip - Hypnotize

Bass Trip - Rave Alert

Bass Trip - Retro Electro

Bass Trip - Roll the Nitemare

Bass Trip - Space Funk

Bass Trip - Tripnotic

Bass Trip - X-tasy

Bassi Maestro - Ad occhi aperti

Bassi Maestro - Bella Bassi

Bassi Maestro - Gli estimatori

Bassi Maestro - It's like that y'all...

Bassi Maestro - La spremuta col caffe'

Bassi Maestro - Meglio riconoscere

Bassi Maestro - Mettiti a sedere

Bassi Maestro - Niente amore

Bassi Maestro - Piccolo Bassi

Bassi Maestro - Puoi sentirlo

Bassi Maestro - Rappresento per il fine settimana

Bassi Maestro - Sagittario 2

Bassi Maestro - Tempo di cazzeggio

Bassman & DJ Lace - Russian Roulette

bathory - One Eyed Old Man

BBE - Seven Days And One Week

Beanfield - Breeze

Beanfield - Charles

Beanfield - Keep On Believing

Beastie Boys - Groove Holmes

Beastie Boys - Namaste - Alternate Mix / No Vocals

Beat Dominator - Jungle Tekno

Bebo Norman - The Hammer Holds

Beck - Burro

Beck - Clock

Beck - Devil Got My Woman

Beck - Devils Haircut

Beck - Diskobox

Beck - Hotwax

Beck - Jack-Ass

Beck - Lord Only Knows

Beck - Ramshackle

Beck - The New Pollution

Beck - Thunderpeel

Beck - Where It's At

Bedhead - Beheaded

Bedhead - Burned Out

Bedhead - Felo de Se

Bedhead - Lares and Penates

Bedhead - Left Behind

Bedhead - Losing Memories

Bedhead - Roman Candle

Bedhead - Smoke

Bedhead - What's Missing

Bedhead - Withdraw

Bedrock - Set in Stone

Beenie Man - Girls Dem Sugar

Beenie Man - Nuff Gal

Beenie Man (feat. Da Bush Babees) - in the Ghetto

bel canto - Big Belly Butterflies

bel canto - Bombay

bel canto - Didn't You Know It

bel canto - Freelunch in the Jungle

bel canto - in Zenith

bel canto - Kiss of Spring

bel canto - Paradise

bel canto - Rumour

bel canto - Sleepwalker

bel canto - The Magic Box I

bel canto - The Magic Box II

Béla Fleck & the Flecktones - Intro

Béla Fleck and the Flecktones - Intro

Belinda Carlisle - A Woman And A Man

Belinda Carlisle - He Goes On

Belinda Carlisle - Kneel At Your Feet

Belinda Carlisle - Listen To Love

Belinda Carlisle - Love in the Key of C

Belinda Carlisle - My Heart Goes Out To You

Bellamy Brothers - Let's Fall in Love Again

Belle & Sebastian - Expectations

Belle & Sebastian - Get Me Away From Here, I'm Dying

Belle & Sebastian - If You're Feeling Sinister

Belle & Sebastian - Judy and the Dream of Horses

Belle & Sebastian - Like Dylan In The Movies

Belle & Sebastian - Mayfly

Belle & Sebastian - Seeing Other People

Belle & Sebastian - The Boy Done Wrong Again

Belle & Sebastian - The Fox in the Snow

Belle & Sebastian - The Stars of Track and Field

Belle & Sebastian - The State I Am In

Belle and Sebastian - Expectations

Belle and Sebastian - I Could Be Dreaming

Belle and Sebastian - Judy and the Dream of Horses

Belle and Sebastian - Like Dylan in the Movies

Belle and Sebastian - Me and the Major

Belle and Sebastian - My Wandering Days Are Over

Belle and Sebastian - The Stars of Track and Field

Belle and Sebastian - The State I Am In

Ben Colder - Don't Go Near the Eskimos

Ben E. King - I Count the Tears

Ben Folds Five - Emaline

Ben Folds Five - Jackson Cannery

Ben Folds Five - Satan Is My Master

Ben Folds Five - Song for the Dumped

Ben Folds Five - Tom & Mary

Ben Folds Five - Underground

Ben Folds Five - Video

Ben Sidran - Lover man

Benny Neyman - Waarom Fluister Ik Je Naam Nog

Bentley Rhythm Ace - Bentley's Gonna Sort You Out

Bentley Rhythm Ace - This Is Carbootechnodiscotechnobooto

Beny Moré - Dolor Y Perdon

Beres Hammond - Tempted to Touch

Bernadette Peters - Blackbird

Bernadette Peters - Cupid

Bernadette Peters - Hills of Shiloh/Faithless Love

Bernadette Peters - I Feel Like I'm Not Out of Bed Yet

Bernadette Peters - I Make Him Feel Good

Bernadette Peters - I'll Be Your Baby Tonight

Bernadette Peters - No One Is Alone

Bernadette Peters - Running On Faith

Bernadette Peters - Some Other Time

Bernadette Peters - Woman Be Wise

Berroguetto - O Sacauntos

Bersuit Vergarabat - Abundancia

Bersuit Vergarabat - Al Fondo De La Red

Bersuit Vergarabat - Bolero Militar

Bersuit Vergarabat - Bolivian Surf

Bersuit Vergarabat - Cajón Cinco Estrellas

Bersuit Vergarabat - Cielo Trucho

Bersuit Vergarabat - En Trance

Bersuit Vergarabat - Espiritu De Esta Selva

Bersuit Vergarabat - La Mujer Perfecta

Bersuit Vergarabat - Madrugón

Bersuit Vergarabat - Mi Caramelo

Bersuit Vergarabat - Ojo Por Ojo

Bersuit Vergarabat - Piel De Gallina

Bersuit Vergarabat - Querubín

Bersuit Vergarabat - Ruego

Bersuit Vergarabat - Yo No Fui

Bert Kaempfert - Besame Mucho

Bert Kaempfert - Don't Go

Bert Kaempfert - For Bert

Bert Kaempfert - Friends

Bert Kaempfert - The First Waltz

Bert Kaempfert And His Orchestra - Grey Eyes Make Me Blue

Bert Kaempfert And His Orchestra - Kiss Her Once With Feeling

Bert Kaempfert And His Orchestra - Living Easy

Bert Kaempfert feat. Bert Kaempfert And His Orchestra - Flight To Mecca

Bertha Tillman - Oh My Angel

Bessie Smith - It Won't Be You

Bessie Smith - Yes Indeed He Do!

Bessie Tucker - Key To the Bushes Blues

Beth Orton - Don't Need A Reason

Beth Orton - Galaxy of Emptiness

Beth Orton - It's This I am, I Find

Beth Orton - Live As You Dream

Beth Orton - Safety

Beth Orton - Someone's Daughter

Beth Orton - Sugar Boy

Beth Orton - Touch Me With Your Love

Bette Davis - Turn Me Loose On Broadway

Bette Midler - God Help The Outcasts

Better Than Ezra - Desperately Wanting

Better Than Ezra - King of New Orleans

Betty Hutton - It's a Man

Biagio Antonacci - Non Parli Mai

Bic Runga - Bursting Through

Bic Runga with the Christchurch Symphony - Bursting Through

Big Bad Voodoo Daddy - I Wanna Be Like You

Big Bad Voodoo Daddy - You & Me & The Bottle Makes 3 Tonight (Baby)

Big Bill Broonzy - Cotton Choppin' Blues

Big Bill Broonzy - I Know She Will

Big Bill Broonzy - My Last Goodbye To You

Big Bud - Millennium

Big Electric Cat - Twisting Man

Big Heavy Stuff - White Flag

Big Maceo - Ramblin' Mind Blues

Big Maybelle - Gabbin' Blues

Bikini Kill - Bloody Ice Cream

Bikini Kill - Capri pants

Bikini Kill - Distinct Complicity

Bikini Kill - False Start

Bikini Kill - Finale

Bikini Kill - For Only

Bikini Kill - Jet Ski

Bikini Kill - No Backrub

Bikini Kill - R.I.P.

Bikini Kill - Reject All American

Bikini Kill - Statement of Vindication

Bikini Kill - Tony Randall

Bill Anderson - Bright Lights And Country Music - Re-Recorded In Stereo

Bill Douglas - Irish Lullaby

Bill Engvall - Baby Barf and the Turkey Hunt

Bill Engvall - Caught Big Time

Bill Engvall - Going To the Fair

Bill Engvall - I Love Golf

Bill Engvall - I.G. Joe

Bill Engvall - Introduction

Bill Engvall - Love Magic

Bill Engvall - We've Got a Full House

Bill Evans Trio - Days of Wine And Roses

Bill Evans Trio - Emily

Bill Evans Trio - Tiffany

Bill Evans Trio - Who Can I Turn To (When Nobody Needs Me)

Bill Evans Trio - Your Story

Bill Frisell - Egg Radio

Bill Jazz Gillum - Good Old 51 Highway

Bill Laswell - Digitaria

Bill Laswell - Dislocation

Bill Laswell - Extinguisher

Bill Laswell - Faktura

Bill Perry - 80 West

Bill Perry - Boogie Blues

Bill Perry - Darkness of Your Love

Bill Perry - Down

Bill Perry - Fade To Blue (Reprise)

Bill Perry - Fade To Blue

Bill Perry - I'm Leaving You

Bill Perry - in My Lonely Room

Bill Perry - Lost in the Blues

Bill Perry - Love Scars

Bill Perry - Settle Down, Fred

Bill Perry - Smokey Joe

Bill Whelan - Bridge Attack

Bill Whelan - The Seabird

Billie Holiday - Easy Living

Billie Holiday - I Can't Believe That You're In Love With Me

Billie Holiday - My Man

Billie Holiday - The Very Thought of You

Billie Holiday - You Go to My Head - Take 1

Billie Holiday & Her Orchestra - Did I Remember?

Billie Jo Spears - Look What They've Done To My Song Ma

Billy Bragg - AS LONG AS YOU HOLD ME (Demo)

Billy Bragg - BRICKBAT

Billy Bragg - FROM RED TO BLUE


Billy Bragg - Rule Nor Reason


Billy Bragg - The SPACE RACE IS OVER

Billy Bragg - Upfield


Billy 'Crash' Craddock - Rub It In

Billy Dean - Don't Threaten Me With A Good Time

Billy Dean - Down To Your Last One More

Billy Dean - I Wouldn't Be A Man

Billy Dean - in the Name of Love

Billy Dean - It's What I Do

Billy Dean - Leavin' Line

Billy Dean - Play Something We Can Dance To

Billy Dean - That Girl's Been Spyin' On Me

Billy Dean - The Mountain Moved

Billy Dean - When Our Backs Are Against the Wall

Billy Eckstine - I Want to Talk About You

Billy Eckstine - I'm Falling For You

Billy Eckstine - That Old Black Magic

Billy Eckstine feat. Four Tops - I'm Falling For You

Billy Faer - Goodman Coonhound

Billy Idol - Don't Need A Gun

Billy Joe Shaver - Black Rose

Billy Porter - Love Is On the Way

Billy Walker - Honky Tonkitis

Bing Crosby - My Melancholy Baby

Bing Crosby & the Andrews Sisters - Ac-cent-tchu-ate the Positive

Bing Crosby & the Andrews Sisters - The Twelve Days of Christmas

Bing Crosby feat. the Andrews Sisters - Ac-Cent-Tchu-Ate the Positive

Bing Crosby feat. the Andrews Sisters - Quicksilver

Bing Crosby feat. the Andrews Sisters - South Rampart Street Parade

Bing Crosby, the Andrews Sisters - Ac-cent-tchu-ate the Positive

Bing Crosby, the Andrews Sisters - Along the Navajo trail

Bing Crosby, the Andrews Sisters - Black Ball Ferry Line

Bing Crosby, the Andrews Sisters - Cool Water

Bing Crosby, the Andrews Sisters - Forsaking all Others

Bing Crosby, the Andrews Sisters - I'll Si-Si Ya in Bahia

Bing Crosby, the Andrews Sisters - Poppa Santa Claus

Bing Crosby, the Andrews Sisters - The Live Oak Tree

Bing Crosby, the Andrews Sisters - The three caballeros

Bing Crosby, the Andrews Sisters - You Don't Have To Know the Language

Bing Crosby_Andrews Sisters - Poppa Santa Claus

Binomio de Oro de América - Bañarte En Mis Sueños

Binomio de Oro de América - Como Te Olvido

Binomio de Oro de América - Te Eche De Menos

Binomio de Oro de América - Volvio El Dolor

Biosphere & Higher Intelligence Agency - Cimmerian Shaft

Biosphere & Higher Intelligence Agency - Corona

Biosphere & Higher Intelligence Agency - Countdown To Darkness

Biosphere & Higher Intelligence Agency - Meltwater

Biosphere & Higher Intelligence Agency - Snapshot Survey

Biosphere & Higher Intelligence Agency - White Lightning

Birth Control - Jungle City

Birth Control - Preacherman

Bis - Cliquesuck

Bis - Starbright Boy

Bis - Wee Love

Bizarre Inc - Breakaway

Bizarre Inc - Get Up (Sunshine Street)

Bizarre Inc - I'm Gonna Get You - Original Remix Version

Bizarre Inc - Keep the Music Strong

Bizarre Inc - Love Groove

Bizarre Inc - Miracle

Bizarre Inc - Never Give You Up

Bizarre Inc - Porcelain Cafe

Bizarre Inc - Soul Fire

Bizarre Inc - Surprise

Bizarre Inc - Take A Look

Bizarre Inc - The Feel Is Real

Björk - Hyperballad (Robin Hood Ridind Through the Glen Mix) (Howie B)

Björk - Hyperballad (The Stomp Mix) (LFO)

Björk & Dobie - I Miss You (Dobie Rub Part One) - Sunshine Mix

Bjørn Eidsvåg - Halleluja

Black Crowes - (Only) Halfway To Everywhere

Black Crowes - Let Me Share the Ride

Black Moon - I Got Cha Opin - ' Remix

Black Moon - MURDER MC's

Black Oak Arkansas - No One And the Sun

Black Star Liner - Harmon Session Special

BlackHawk - We Three Kings (Star of Wonder)

Blackstreet - (Money Can't) Buy Me Love

Blackstreet - Black & Street Intro

Blackstreet - Coming Home To You

Blackstreet - Deja's Poem

Blackstreet - Fix

Blackstreet - Good Lovin'

Blackstreet - Happy Song (Tonite)

Blackstreet - I Can't Get You (Out of My Mind)

Blackstreet - I Wanna Be Your Man

Blackstreet - I'll Give It To You

Blackstreet - Let's Stay In Love

Blackstreet - Motherlude

Blackstreet - My Paradise (Interlude)

Blackstreet - Never Gonna Let You Go

Blackstreet - No Diggity

Blackstreet - Taja's Lude (Interlude)

Blackstreet - The Lord Is Real (Time Will Reveal)

Blackstreet - This Is How We Roll

Blackstreet - We Gonna Take U Back (Lude)/ Don't Leave Me

Blackstreet - We Gonna Take U Back (Lude)/ Don't Leave Me

BLACKstreet & Dr Dre - No Diggity

Blackstreet & Dr. Dre & Queen Pen - No Diggity

Blackstreet feat. Morris Baxter - Blackstreet (On the Radio)

Blackstreet feat. Ol' Dirty Bastard - Fix

Blahzay Blahzay - Danger - Original Mix

Blahzay Blahzay - Pain I Feel

B-Legit - Can My Nine Get Ate

B-Legit - City 2 City

B-Legit - G-Note

B-Legit - Intro

B-Legit - My Flow of Cash

B-Legit - Neva Bite

B-Legit - The Hemp Museum

B-Legit & Daryl Hall - Ghetto Smile

B-Legit & E-40 & Kurupt - Check It Out

B-Legit & Little Bruce & C-Bo - Gotta Buy Your Dope From Us

B-Legit feat. Daryl Hall - Ghetto Smile

B-Legit feat. E-40 and Kurupt - Check It Out

B-Legit feat. Harm - Rollin' Wit Hustlers

Bleyer, Archie - Hernando's Hideaway

Blind Boy Fuller - My Brown Skin Sugar Plum

Blind Boy Fuller - Thousand Woman Blues

Blind Joe Taggart - Been Listening All the Day

Blind Melon - All That I Need

Blind Melon - Glitch

Blind Melon - Hell

Blind Melon - John Sinclair

Blind Melon - Letters From A Porcupine

Blind Melon - Life Ain't So Shitty

Blind Melon - Pull

Blind Melon - Soul One

Blind Melon - Soup

Blind Melon - St. Andrew's Hall

Blind Melon - Swallowed

Blind Melon - The Pusher

Blind Melon - Three Is A Magic Number

Blind Willie Johnson - If I Had My Way I'd Tear This Building Down

Blink-182 - Lemmings

Blonde On Blonde - I Don't Care

Bloodhound Gang - Asleep At the Wheel

Bloodhound Gang - Boom

Bloodhound Gang - Fire Water Burn

Bloodhound Gang - Going Nowhere Slow

Bloodhound Gang - I Wish I Was Queer So I Could Get Chicks

Bloodhound Gang - It's Tricky

Bloodhound Gang - Kiss Me Where It Smells Funny

Bloodhound Gang - Lift Your Head Up High (And Blow Your Brains Out)

Bloodhound Gang - Reflections of Remoh

Bloodhound Gang - Shut Up

Bloodhound Gang - Why's Everybody Always Pickin' on Me?

Bloodhound Gang - Why's Everybody Always Pickin' On Me?

Bloodhound Gang - Your Only Friends Are Make Believe

Blossom Dearie - Down With Love

Blossom Dearie - Figure Eight

Blossom Dearie - Little Jazz Bird

Blossom Dearie - Rhode Island Is Famous For You

Blossom Dearie - The Surrey With the Fringe On Top

Blossom Dearie - They Say It's Spring

Blue Magic - Sideshow

Blue Magic - Spell

Blue Magic - What's Come over Me

Blue Planet Corporation - Antidote

Blues Company - Cold Rain

Blues Traveler - Love And Greed

Blulight - Sex Is on My Mind

Bo Diddley - A Man Amongst Men

Bo Diddley - He's Got A Key

Bo Diddley - Oops! Bo Diddley

Bo Diddley - That Mule

Bo Donaldson & the Heywoods - Billy, Don't Be a Hero

Bo Kaspers Orkester - Amerika

Bo Kaspers Orkester - Är Det Där Vi Är Nu

Bo Kaspers Orkester - En Ny Skön Värld

Bo Kaspers Orkester - En Världsomsegling Under Havet

Bo Kaspers Orkester - Gott Nytt Är

Bo Kaspers Orkester - Kvarter

Bo Kaspers Orkester - Lika Rädd Som Du

Bo Kaspers Orkester - Vi kommer aldrig att dö

Boards of Canada - Everything You Do Is A Balloon

Boards of Canada - Happy Cycling

Boards of Canada - Hi Scores

Boards of Canada - June 9th

Boards of Canada - Nlogax

Boards of Canada - One Very Important Thought

Boards of Canada - Roygbiv

Boards of Canada - Turquoise Hexagon Sun

Boards of Canada - Wildlife Analysis

Bob Crosby - Gin Mill Blues

Bob Crosby - Summertime

Bob Dorough - Three Is A Magic Number

Bob Marley - Chances Are

Bob Marley - Corner Stone

Bob Marley - Dont Rock My Boat

Bob Marley - No Water

Bob Marley - Rainbow Country

Bob Marley - Trench Town Rock

Bob Marley - Try Me

Bob Marley & Lee 'Scratch' Perry - Sun is Shining

Bob Marley & the Wailers - Chances Are

Bob Marley & The Wailers - Sun Is Shining


Bobbi Humphrey - New York Times

Bobby Bare - Tequila Sheila

Bobby Helms - Christmas Time in My Home Town

Bobby Helms - Christmas Time in My Hometown

Bobby Helms - Here Comes Santa Claus

Bobby Helms - I Saw Mommie Kissing Santa Claus

Bobby Helms - I Wanna Go To Santa Claus Land

Bobby Helms - Jingle Bells

Bobby Helms - Santa Claus Is Coming To Town

Bobby Helms - Silver Bells

Bobby Helms - The Old Year Is Gone

Bobby Helms - Winter Wonderland

Bobby McFerrin - Don't Worry Be Happy

Bobby McFerrin - Freedom Is A Voice

Bobby McFerrin - Kid's Toys

Bobby McFerrin - Mere Words

Bobby McFerrin - My Better Half

Bobby McFerrin - Rememberance

Bobby McFerrin - Selim

Bobby Pulido - Enséñame

Bobby Pulido - For Keeps

Bobby Pulido - La Plancha

Bobby Pulido - La Rosa

Bobby Pulido - Margarita

Bobby Pulido - Mi Alma Esta Enamorada

Bobby Pulido - Olvidate De Mi

Bobby Pulido - Se Murió de Amor

Bobby Pulido - Un Golpe De Suerte

Bobby Womack - I Wish He Didn't Trust Me So Much

BoDeans - Hey Pretty Girl

Bodyjar - 5000 G

Bodyjar - Adnam the One Armed Bricklayer

Bodyjar - Land On Me

Bodyjar - Next To You

Bodyjar - The One We Forgot

Bodyjar - Todays Ways

Bodyjar - Washed Away

Bodyjar - Windsok

Bodyjar - Your Way of Thinking

Bodylotion - Happy is voor Hobo's

Böhse Onkelz - Danket dem Herrn

Böhse Onkelz - Enie Tfahcstob rüf Ediona-Rap

Böhse Onkelz - Koma - Eine Nacht, die niemals endet

Böhse Onkelz - Regen

Bolland, C.J. - Kung Kung Ka

Bolland, C.J. - On Line

Bolland, C.J. - People of the Universe

Bolland, C.J. - Pesticide

Bolland, C.J. - The Analogue Theatre

Bone Thugs-N-Harmony - Days of Our Livez - Soundtrack

Bone Thugs-n-Harmony - Tha Crossroads

Boswell Sisters - I Can't Write the Words

Boswell Sisters - I Found A Million Dollar Baby

Bouncing Souls - Argyle

Bouncing Souls - Lamar Vannoy

Bouncing Souls, The - All of This And Nothing

Bouncing Souls, The - Argyle

Bouncing Souls, The - Born to Lose

Bouncing Souls, The - Lamar Vannoy

Bouncing Souls, The - Moon Over Asbury

Bouncing Souls, The - No Rules

Bouncing Souls, The - Quick Chek Girl

Bouncing Souls, The - The BMX Song

Bounty Killer - Change Like the Weather (Explicit)

Bounty Killer - Fed Up (Explicit)

Bounty Killer - Fed Up

Bounty Killer - Gun Down (Explicit)

Bounty Killer - Guns And Roses (Explicit)

Bounty Killer - Hip-hopera (Mr Punk) (Explicit)

Bounty Killer - Mama (Scare Dem Version) (Explicit)

Bounty Killer - Maniac (Explicit)

Bounty Killer - Marathon (To Chicago) (Explicit)

Bounty Killer - My Experience (Explicit)

Bounty Killer - My Experience

Bounty Killer - Seek God (Remix) (Explicit)

Bounty Killer - Suicide Or Murder (Explicit)

Bounty Killer - The Lord Is My Light And Salvation (Explicit)

Bounty Killer - Virgin Islands (Explicit)

Bounty Killer - War Beyond the Stars (Explicit)

Bounty Killer - War Face (Ask Fi War) (Remix) (Explicit)

Bounty Killer - Who Send Dem (Explicit)

Bow Wow Wow - I Want Candy

Bow Wow Wow - The Joy of Eating Raw Flesh

Bow Wow Wow - W.O.R.K. (N.O. Nah No No My Daddy Don't)

Bow Wow Wow - Where's My Snake

Bowery Electric - Beat

Bowery Electric - Empty Words

Boymerang - Still

Boyzone - A Different Beat

Boyzone - Ben

Boyzone - Crying in the Night

Boyzone - Don't Stop Looking For Love

Boyzone - Games of Love

Boyzone - Give A Little

Boyzone - Heaven Knows

Boyzone - Isn't It A Wonder

Boyzone - It's Time

Boyzone - Melting Pot

Boyzone - Paradise

Boyzone - She Moves Through the Fair

Boyzone - Strong Enough

Boyzone - Words

BR549 - Cherokee Boogie

Bracket - 2rak005

Bracket - Eating Pie

Bracket - Flea Market

Bracket - Hermit

Bracket - My Stepson

Bracket - Speed Bump

Brad Kane feat. Lea Salonga - A Whole New World

Braid - I'm Afraid of Everything

Braid - Jimmy Go Swimmer

Brainbug - Nightmare

Brandy - Sittin' Up in My Room

Brandy & Tamia & Gladys Knight & Chaka Khan - Missing You

Branford Marsalis Trio - A Thousand Autumns

Bratsch - Johnny

Brenda Russell - in the Thick of It

Brendan Benson - Bird's Eye View

Brendan Benson - Cherries

Brendan Benson - Crosseyed

Brendan Benson - Emma J

Brendan Benson - Got No Secrets

Brendan Benson - House in Virginia

Brendan Benson - How 'Bout You

Brendan Benson - I'm Blessed

Brendan Benson - Insects Rule

Brendan Benson - Maginary Girl

Brendan Benson - Me Just Purely

Brendan Benson - Sittin' Pretty

Brendan Benson - Tea

Brian Culbertson - After Hours

Brian Culbertson - And the Night Comes

Brian Culbertson - Close To You

Brian Culbertson - Daybreak

Brian Culbertson - Going Home

Brian Culbertson - Inside Pocket

Brian Culbertson - Intro To Inside Pocket

Brian Culbertson - Prelude To You're Not Alone

Brian Culbertson - Shadow's Dance

Brian Culbertson - Sonic Dreams

Brian Culbertson - Take Your Time

Brian Culbertson - You're Not Alone

Brian Jonestown Massacre - It Girl

Brian Keane - Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas

Brian May - FBI

Brian Setzer Orchestra - My Baby Only Cares For Me

Brigitte Fontaine - Je suis décadente (La concierge gamberge)

Broder Daniel - Confusion

Broder Daniel - Go My Own Way

Broder Daniel - Life Is A Bubble

Broder Daniel - Sorrow

Broder Daniel - The Young And the Old

Broder Daniel - Underground

Broder Daniel - Upside Down And Inside Out

Brooks & Dunn - A Man This Lonely

Brooks & Dunn - I Am That Man

Brooks & Dunn - Mama Don't Get Dressed up for Nothing

Brooks & Dunn - More Than A Margarita

Brooks & Dunn - My Love Will Follow You

Brooks & Dunn - My Maria

Brooks & Dunn - Redneck Rhythm & Blues

Brooks & Dunn - Tequila Town

Brooks & Dunn - White Line Casanova

Brooks & Dunn - Why Would I Say Goodbye

Brownstone - Game of Love

Bruce BecVar - The Gift of Life

Bruce Broughton - In the Park - Score Version

Bruce Springsteen - Blood Brothers

Bruce Springsteen - Dead Man Walkin'

Bruce Springsteen - Missing

Bruce Springsteen - Secret Garden

Brutal Truth - Blind Leading the Blind

Brutal Truth - Everflow

Brutal Truth - Foolish Bastard

Brutal Truth - Homesick

Brutal Truth - Humanity's Folly

Brutal Truth - Hypocrite Invasion

Brutal Truth - I Killed My Family

Brutal Truth - Let's Go To War

Brutal Truth - Pass Some Down

Brutal Truth - Pork Farm

Brutal Truth - Zombie

Bryan Adams - (I Wanna Be) Your Underwear

Bryan Adams - 18 Til I Die

Bryan Adams - Black Pearl

Bryan Adams - Do To You

Bryan Adams - I Think About You

Bryan Adams - I'll Always Be Right There

Bryan Adams - It Ain't A Party - If You Can't Come 'Round

Bryan Adams - Let's Make a Night to Remember

Bryan Adams - The Only Thing That Looks Good on Me is You

Bryan Adams - We're Gonna Win

Bryan Adams - You're Still Beautiful To Me

Bryan Adams feat. Sting feat. Rod Stewart - All For Love

Bryan Savage - Caribbean Dream

Bryan White - A Hundred And One

Bryan White - Between Now And Forever

Bryan White - Blindhearted

Bryan White - I'm Not Supposed to Love You Anymore

Bryan White - Nickel in the Well

Bryan White - On Any Given Night

Bryan White - So Much for Pretending

Bryan White - Still Life

Bryan White - That's Another Song

Bubble Solution - Disco Dasco

Buck 65 - 10

Buck 65 - 13

Buck 65 - 15

Buck 65 - 16

Buck 65 - 17

Buck 65 - 18

Buck 65 - 21

Buck 65 - 4

Buck 65 - 5

Buck 65 - 55

Buck 65 - 7

Buck 65 - 8

Buck 65 - 9

Buck 65 - Bush Pilot

Buck 65 - Frame and Fork

Buck 65 - Obstacle Course

Buck 65 - Seventeen

Buck 65 - You Know the Science

Buck-O-Nine - Dr. Kitch

Buck-O-Nine - Milk ?

Buck-O-Nine - Miserlou

Buck-O-Nine - Positively Shelby

Buddy Guy - Damn Right I've Got the Blues

Buddy Guy - Sweet Black Angel (Black Angel Blues)

Buddy Rich - Giant Steps

Buddy Rich - Latin Silk

Buell Kazee - John Hardy

Buffy - Give Me...A Reason - Radio version

Buffy Sainte-Marie - Universal Soldier

Bug Mafia - Intro

Bugskull - Lost And Found

Built To Spill - Car

Bull Moose Jackson - Big Ten Inch Record

Bullet Boys - Diss

Bullet Boys - Toy

Bulletboys - Diss

Bullmoose Jackson - Big Ten Inch Record

Bunnygrunt - Inanimate Objects

Burl Ives - The Blue Tail Fly

Burning Spear - Civilize Reggae

Burning Spear - Cultivation

Burning Spear - Mek We Dweet

Burning Spear - One People

Burzum - Dunkelheit

Burzum - Erblicket Die Tochter Des Firmaments

Burzum - Gebrechlichkeit I

Burzum - Jesus' Tod

Bush Babees - 3 MC's

Bush Babees - God Complex

Bush Babees - Gravity

Bush Babees - in Meh Dreams feat. Muntcho Leo

Bush Babees - Intro

Bush Babees - Maybe

Bush Babees - Melting Plastic

Bush Babees - Rock Roots

Bush Babees - S.O.S. feat. Mos Def

Bush Babees - The Beat Down

Bush Babees - The Love Song feat. Mos Def

Bush Babees - The Ninth Presentation

Bush Babees - Wax

Bush Tetras - Punch Drunk

Busta Rhymes - Do My Thing

Busta Rhymes - End of the World (Outro) (Explicit LP Version)

Busta Rhymes - Everything Remains Raw

Busta Rhymes - Hot Fudge

Busta Rhymes - Still Shining

Busta Rhymes - The Coming (Intro)/ A Black Child Was Born/ the 8th Wonder/ Keep Falling (Explicit LP Version)

Busta Rhymes - The Finish Line

Busta Rhymes - Woo Hah!! Got You All in Check

Busta Rhymes feat. Q-Tip - Ill Vibe

Busta Rhymes feat. Rampage the Last Boy Scout, Dinco, Milo and Charlie Brown of Leaders of the New School - Keep It Movin'

Busta Rhymes Jamal Keith Murray Lord Have Mercy Rampage The Last Boy Scout Redman feat. Jamal, Redman, Keith Murray, Rampage the Last Boy Scout, Lord Have Mercy - Flipmode Squad Meets Def Squad

Busta Rhymes Q-Tip feat. Q-Tip - Ill Vibe

Busta Rhymes Zhane feat. Zhane - It's a Party

Butthole Surfers - Ah Ha

Butthole Surfers - Birds

Butthole Surfers - Cough Syrup

Butthole Surfers - Jingle Of A Dog's Collar

Butthole Surfers - L.A.

Butthole Surfers - Let's Talk About Cars

Butthole Surfers - My Brother's Wife

Butthole Surfers - Pepper

Butthole Surfers - Space

Butthole Surfers - The Lord Is A Monkey

Butthole Surfers - TV Star

Butthole Surfers - Ulcer Breakout

Buzzcocks - Kiss 'N' Tell

Buzzcocks - Point of No Return

Buzzcocks - Some Kinda Wonderful

By the Grace of God - Fissures

By the Grace of God - Goliath

By the Grace of God - Ipecac

By the Grace of God - Navigator

By the Grace of God - November's Lie

By the Grace of God - Pallbearer's Hymn

By the Grace of God - Remora

By the Grace of God - Plastic Bomb

Byther Smith - Don't Hurt Me No More

Byther Smith - Mississippi Kid

Byther Smith - Tell Me How You Like It

Byther Smith - Your Daughter Don't Want Me No More

C.J. Bolland - Sugar Is Sweeter

C.J. Bolland - The Prophet

C.V. Jørgensen - Florafobi

C.V. Jørgensen - Spildte bedrifter

C.V. Jørgensen - Verden Fra Mit Vindue

Cab Calloway - A Ghost of A Chance

Cab Calloway - Hot Toddy

Cab Calloway - Kicking the Gong Around

Cab Calloway - Moon Glow

Cab Calloway - The Lady With the Fan

Cab Calloway - The Scat Song

Cab Calloway And His Orchestra - (Just An) Error in the News

Cab Calloway And His Orchestra - Azure

Cab Calloway And His Orchestra - Doing the Reactionary

Cab Calloway And His Orchestra - Every Day's A Holiday

Cab Calloway And His Orchestra - Hi-De-Ho Romeo

Cab Calloway And His Orchestra - Savage Rhythm

Cactus & Gene Paul & Jackson Howe - Evil - Single Version

Cæcilie Norby - A Song For You

Cæcilie Norby - African Fairytale

Cæcilie Nørby - Calling You

Cæcilie Norby - Just One of Those Things

Cæcilie Norby - Life On Mars

Cæcilie Norby - Snow

Cæcilie Norby - Spinning Wheel

Cæcilie Norby - Suppertime

Cæcilie Norby - The Look of Love

Cæcilie Norby - The Right To Love

Cæcilie Norby - What Do You See in Her

Café Tacvba - Alarmala de tos

Cafe Tacvba - Chilanga banda

Café Tacvba - Chilanga banda

Cafe Tacvba - Como te extraño mi amor

Café Tacvba - Metamorfosis

Café Tacvba - No controles

Café Tacvba - No me comprendes

Café Tacvba - Ojalá que llueva café

Cafe Tacvba - Ojalá que llueva cafe

Cafe Tacvba - Una mañana - Unplugged

Cake - Daria

Cake - Frank Sinatra

Cake - Friend Is a Four Letter Word

Cake - I Will Survive

Cake - Italian Leather Sofa

Cake - It's Coming Down

Cake - Nugget

Cake - Open Book

Cake - Perhaps, Perhaps, Perhaps

Cake - Race Car Ya-Yas

Cake - Sad Songs and Waltzes

Cake - She'll Come Back to Me

Cake - Stickshifts and Safetybelts

Cake - The Distance

Cal Tjader - Soul Burst (Guajera)

Cal Tjader feat. Anita O'Day - The Party's Over

Calexico - Smash

Cali Life Style - Coastin' (Feat. Raylene)

Cali Life Style - Down For My Crown

Cali Life Style - Down From the Get Go

Cali Life Style - Float On (Feat. Buddy Luv)

Cali Life Style - Freakin'

Cali Life Style - Lost

Cali Life Style - Ordinary Day

Cali Life Style - Sucka Free (Feat. Raylene)

Cali Life Style - Time To Glide

Cali Life Style - Very Next Day

Callenish Circle - Disguised Ignorance

Callenish Circle - Inner Sense

Callenish Circle - Last Words

Callenish Circle - Mental Affection

Callenish Circle - Scars

Callenish Circle - Slough of Despond

Callenish Circle - Solitude

Callenish Circle - The Dreamers Path

Callenish Circle - Where the Moon Meets the Sea

Camaron De La Isla - Viviré (Bulerías)

Cameo - Back & Forth

Cameo - Candy

Cameo - I Just Want To Be

Cameo - Intro

Cameo - Keep It Hot

Cameo - Mega Mix

Cameo - Nasty

Cameo - Shake Your Pants

Cameo - She's Strange

Cameo - Skin I'm in

Cameo - Sparkle

Cameo - Why Have I Lost You

Cameo - Word Up

Camille Saint-Saëns & Dong-Suk Kang & Polish National Radio Symphony Orchestra & Antoni Wit - Introduction and Rondo capriccioso in A Minor, Op. 28

Camille Saint-Saëns & Slovak Radio Symphony Orchestra & Keith Clark - Danse macabre in G Minor, Op. 40

Camp Lo - Coolie High

Canned Heat - 24 Hours

Canned Heat - It's Hot

Canned Heat - Looking For the Party

Canned Heat - Nothing At All

Canned Heat - Take Me to the River

Canned Heat - The Heat in Me Is Up

Canned Heat - Vision of You

Cannibal Corpse - Devoured by Vermin

Cannibal Corpse - Eaten from Inside

Cannibal Corpse - Monolith

Cannibal Corpse - Orgasm Through Torture

Cannibal Corpse - Perverse Suffering

Cannibal Corpse - Puncture Wound Massacre

Cannibal Corpse - Relentless Beating

Captain Jack - Another One Bites the Dust

Captain Jack - Drill Instructor

Captain Jack - Jack in da House

Captain Jack - Little Boy

Captain Jack - Soldier Soldier

Captain Jack - The Final Countdown

Carbon Leaf - Clockwork

Carbon Leaf - Country Monkee

Carbon Leaf - Directional

Carbon Leaf - Kettle

Carbon Leaf - Live Like You

Carbon Leaf - One Day

Carbon Leaf - Paper Thin

Carbon Leaf - Shellfish

Carbon Leaf - Skeleton Man Dance

Carbon Leaf - Strain

Carbon Leaf - Weirdguyhaus

Carbon Leaf - Winter's Dream

Carcass - Black Star

Carcass - Blood Spattered Banner

Carcass - Childs Play

Carcass - Cross My Heart

Carcass - Dont Believe A Word

Carcass - Edge of Darkness

Carcass - Emotional Flatline

Carcass - Ever Increasing Circles

Carcass - Firm Hand

Carcass - Generation Hexed

Carcass - Go To Hell

Carcass - Keep On Rotting in the Free World

Carcass - Polarized

Carcass - Rock the Vote

Carcass - Room 101

Carcass - Tomorrow Belongs To Nobody

Cardenales De Nuevo León - Y Como Es El

Carey Bell, Lurrie Bell - 0,85

Carey Bell, Lurrie Bell - Blues With A Feeling

Carey Bell, Lurrie Bell - Last Night

Carey Bell, Lurrie Bell - What My Mama Told Me

Carleen Anderson - Let It Last

Carlene Carter - Cry

Carlene Carter - I Love You 'Cause I Want To

Carlene Carter - I'm So Cool

Carlene Carter - It's No Wonder (Why I Love Hime)

Carlene Carter - Never Together But Close Sometimes

Carlene Carter - One Tender Night

Carlene Carter - Trust Yourself

Carlos Nuñez - Amanecer

Carmen Consoli - L'Animale

Carmen Consoli - Lingua A Sonagli

Carmen Consoli - Quello Che Sento

Carnival of Souls - Rehanimator

Carol Sloane - in the Wee Small Hours of the Morning

Carol Sloane feat. Bill Charlap - You Make Me Feel So Young

Carole King & James Taylor - Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow

Carrie Newcomer - My Father's Only Son

Case & Foxy Brown & Mary J. Blige - Touch Me Tease Me

Cassandra Wilson - 32-20

Cassandra Wilson - A Little Warm Death

Cassandra Wilson - Harvest Moon

Cassandra Wilson - Memphis

Cassandra Wilson - Strange Fruit

Cassandra Wilson - Until

Cássia Eller - Nós

Cássia Eller feat. João Barone feat. Bi Ribeiro feat. Frejat feat. Nando Reis - Nenhum Roberto

Cat Power - Bathysphere

Cat Power - Enough

Cat Power - Faces

Cat Power - Fate of the Human Carbine

Cat Power - Fiance

Cat Power - Good Clean Fun

Cat Power - Ice Water

Cat Power - in This Hole

Cat Power - King Rides By

Cat Power - Now What You Want

Cat Power - Nude As the News

Cat Power - Still in Love

Cat Power - Taking People

Cat Power - The Coat Is Always On

Cat Power - They Tell Me

Cat Power - Top Expert

Cat Power - Water & Air

Cat Power - We All Die

Cat Power - Wealthy Man

Cat Power - What Would the Community Think

Catatonia - All Girls Are Fly

Catatonia - Dimbran

Catatonia - For Tinkerbell

Catatonia - Lost Cat

Catatonia - Sweet Catatonia

Catatonia - You've Got A Lot To Answer For

Caterina Valente - Bambino

Cathedral - Birth Machine 2000

Cathedral - Copper Sunset

Cathedral - Cybertron 71 - Eternal Countdown (Intro)

Cathedral - Cyclops Revolution

Cathedral - Fire

Cathedral - Nightmare Castle

Cathedral - Phaser Quest

Cathedral - Purple Wonderland

Cathedral - Stained Glass Horizon

Cathedral - Suicide Asteroid

Cathedral - The Devils Summit

Catherine Wheel - Backwards Guitar

Catherine Wheel - Harder Than I Am

Catherine Wheel - Heal 2

Catherine Wheel - High Heels

Catherine Wheel - La La La La La

Catherine Wheel - Mouthful of Air

Catherine Wheel - Wish You Were Here

Cattivi Pensieri - Dai E Vai

Cattivi Pensieri - Emozione

Cattivi Pensieri - Le Tre B

Cattivi Pensieri - Mi Ami O No

Cattivi Pensieri - Micky

Cattivi Pensieri - Nella Testa

Cattivi Pensieri - Prendi Le Mani

Cattivi Pensieri - Tutto Da Rifare

Cattivi Pensieri - Un'Incredibile Storia

Cattivi Pensieri - Zitto

CCCP - Fedeli Alla Linea - La Madonna Appare

CCCP - Fedeli Alla Linea - Spot (Medley)

CCCP - Fedeli Alla Linea - Tien An Men

CCCP - Fedeli Alla Linea - U.N.

Ceca Raznatovic - 01.Ceca-Kad_Bi_Bio_Ranjen

Ceca Raznatovic - 02.Ceca-Roden_Sa_Greskom

Ceca Raznatovic - 03.Ceca-Zabranjeno_Pusenje

Ceca Raznatovic - 04.Ceca-Mrtvo_More

Ceca Raznatovic - 05.Ceca-Neodoljiv_Neomoljiv

Ceca Raznatovic - 06.Ceca-Licis_Na_Moga_Oca

Ceca Raznatovic - 07.Ceca-Doktor

Ceca Raznatovic - 08.Ceca-Usnule_Lepotice

Ceca Raznatovic - 09.Ceca-Isuse

Cece Winans - Every Time

Cecil Grant - I Wonder

Cecilia & Julio Iglesias - Un Ramito de Violetas (with Julio Iglesias)

Celelalte Cuvinte - Acum (Now)

Celelalte Cuvinte - Cinema

Celelalte Cuvinte - Homepage

Celelalte Cuvinte - Iarba Prin Par (Grass Through Her Hair)

Celelalte Cuvinte - Masini (Cars)

Celelalte Cuvinte - Turbo

Celelalte Cuvinte - Tv

Celelalte Cuvinte - Www

Celelalte Cuvinte - Zodia (Astrological Sign)

Céline Dion - (You Make Me Feel Like) A Natural Woman

Céline Dion - All by Myself

Céline Dion - Because You Loved Me (Theme from 'Up Close and Personal')

Céline Dion - Because You Loved Me

Céline Dion - Brahms' Lullaby

Céline Dion - Declaration of Love

Céline Dion - Falling Into You

Céline Dion - Fly

Céline Dion - I Love You

Céline Dion - If That's What It Takes

Céline Dion - It's All Coming Back to Me Now

Céline Dion - Priere paienne

Céline Dion - River Deep, Mountain High

Céline Dion - Un Garcon Pas Comme Les Autres (Ziggy)

Cella Dwellas - Advance To Boardwalk

Cella Dwellas - Cella Dwellas

Cella Dwellas - Hold U Down

Cella Dwellas - Land of the Lost

Cella Dwellas - Line 4 Line

Cella Dwellas - Medina Style

Cella Dwellas - Mystic Freestyle

Cella Dwellas - Outro

Cella Dwellas - Perfect Match

Cella Dwellas - Realm 3

Cella Dwellas - Recognize N Realize

Cella Dwellas - Worries

Cella Dwellas - Wussdaplan

Celtas Cortos - El Emigrante

Celtas Cortos - No Nos Podrán Parar

Celtas Cortos - Siempre Tarde

Cephalic Carnage - Analytical

Cephalic Carnage - Hybrid

Cevin Fisher - The Way We Used To

Chagall Guevara - Treasure of the Broken Land

Chaka Demus & Pliers - War A Gwaan

Chaka Khan - Ain't Nobody

Chaka Khan - I'm Every Woman

Chaka Khan - Love Me Still

Chaka Khan - Through the Fire

Chalino Sanchez & Cornelio Reyna - Corrido De Olegario

Chalk Farm - Don't Believe

Chalk Farm - Hey

Chalk Farm - I'm Awake

Chalk Farm - It's Up To You

Chalk Farm - Lesson

Chalk Farm - Lie On Lie

Chalk Farm - Lillie Anne

Chalk Farm - Live Tomorrow

Chalk Farm - Lose You Now

Chalk Farm - Much

Chalk Farm - The Girl Is Crying (From the Columbia Album 'Notwithstanding' 6713)

Chalk Farm - When Something Becomes Nothing

Chalk Farm - Wonder

Chamberlain - Drums and Shotguns

Chamberlain - Her Side of Sundown

Chamberlain - Street Singer

Chamberlain - Surrendering the Ghost

Chamberlain - The Simple Life

Chamberlain - Uniontown

Chamberlain - Yellow Like Gold

Chantay Savage - I Will Survive

Chapterhouse - Ecstasy II

Charles Aznavour - Je Veux Te Dire Adieu

Charles Aznavour - Mes emmerdes

Charles Aznavour - Yesterday When I Was Young

Charles Aznavour & Richard Galliano & Eddie Louiss - She - Tous les visages de l'amour

Charles Earland - Black Talk

Charles Kimbrough & Mary Wickes & Jason Alexander & Mary Stout - A Guy Like You

Charley Pride - Just Between You and Me

Charlie Byrd - Chega de Saudade

Charlie Byrd - Insensatez

Charlie Byrd - Limehouse Blues

Charlie Byrd - Outra Vez

Charlie Byrd - Samba Da Minha Terra

Charlie Byrd feat. Herb Ellis feat. Mundell Lowe - A Smooth One

Charlie Byrd feat. Herb Ellis feat. Mundell Lowe - On the Trail

Charlie Byrd feat. Herb Ellis feat. Mundell Lowe - Soft Winds

Charlie Byrd feat. Herb Ellis feat. Mundell Lowe feat. Larry Coryell - Bernie's Tune

Charlie Byrd feat. Herb Ellis feat. Mundell Lowe feat. Larry Coryell - Billy Bean!

Charlie Byrd feat. Herb Ellis feat. Mundell Lowe feat. Larry Coryell - Seven Come Eleven

Charlie Byrd feat. Herb Ellis feat. Mundell Lowe feat. Larry Coryell - Waltz For Wes

Charlie Haden Quartet West - All Through the Night

Charlie Haden Quartet West - Back Home Blues

Charlie Haden Quartet West - Blue Pearl

Charlie Haden Quartet West - Detour Ahead

Charlie Haden Quartet West - Here's Looking At You

Charlie Haden Quartet West - Marables's Parable

Charlie Haden Quartet West - Now Is the Hour

Charlie Haden Quartet West - Palo Alto

Charlie Haden Quartet West - Requiem

Charlie Haden Quartet West - The Left Hand of God

Charlie Haden Quartet West - There in A Dream

Charlie Haden Quartet West - When Tomorrow Comes

Charlie Hunter - Ashby Man

Charlie Musselwhite - Cat's Squirrel

Charlie Parker - Diggin' Diz

Charlie Peacock - Lady Soul (Aretha in the A.M.)

Charlie Peacock - Rocket

Charlie Peacock - Strangelanguage

Charlie Peacock - Struck Blind

Charlie Rich - Donna Lee

Charlie Rich - Who Will the Next Fool Be

Charlie Spand - Soon This Morning Blues

Charlie Spand - Soon This Morning No. 2

Charly García - A1

Charly García - Alguien En El Mundo Piensa En Mi

Charly García - Canciones De Jirafas

Charly García - Constant Concept

Charly García - Estaba En Llamas Cuando Me Acoste

Charly García - Intuicion

Charly García - La Vanguardia Es Asi

Charly García - Necesito Un Gol

Charly García - Plan 9

Charly García - Podrias Entender

Charly García - Say No More

Chaser - Sides of Iron

Chavez - Cold Joys

Chavez - Ever Overpsyched

Chavez - Lions

Chavez - Memorize This Face

Chavez - New Room

Chavez - Our Boys Will Shine Tonight

Chavez - The Guard Attacks

Chavez - Tight Around the Jaws

Chavez - Top Pocket Man

Chavez - Unreal Is Here

Chavez - You Must Be Stopped

Chayanne - Entre Mis Recuerdos

Chayanne - Guajira

Chayanne - Solamente Tu Amor

Chayanne - Sólo Pienso En Ti

Cheap Trick - Baby Loves To Rock

Cheap Trick - Born To Raise Hell

Cheap Trick - Come On Christmas

Cheap Trick - I Need Love

Cheap Trick - Just Got Back

Cheap Trick - Lookin' Out For Number One

Cheap Trick - Stop That Thief

Cheap Trick - Twisted Heart

Cheap Trick - World's Greatest Lover

Cheb Mami - Alaoui

Cheb Mami - Dertfik Confiance

Cheb Mami - Ghebnouha

Cheb Mami - Idha Enti Bikit

Cheb Mami - Sehrane Ouahdi

Cheikh Lô - Bamba Sunu Goorgui

Cheikh Lô - Boul di Tagale

Cheikh Lô - Cheikh Ibra Fall

Cheikh Lô - Doxandeme

Cheikh Lô - Guiss Guiss

Cheikh Lô - Ndogal

Cheikh Lô - Né La Thiass

Cheikh Lô - Sant Maam

Cheikh Lô - Set

Chely Wright - Alligator Purse

Chely Wright - Listenin' To the Radio

Chely Wright - The Love That We Lost

Chemlab - Pyromance

Chemlab - Vera Blue (96/69)

Cher - A Dream Is A Wish Your Heart Makes

Cherry Poppin' Daddies - Don Quixote

Cherry Poppin' Daddies - Irish Whiskey

Cherry Poppin' Daddies - Say it to My Face

Cheryl Lynn - Believe in Me

Cheryl Lynn - Day After Day

Cheryl Lynn - Encore - Single Version

Cheryl Lynn - Got To Be Real - Single Version

Cheryl Lynn - It's Gonna Be Right

Cheryl Lynn - I've Got Faith in You

Cheryl Lynn - I've Got Just What You Need

Cheryl Lynn - Keep It Hot

Cheryl Lynn - Sleep Walkin'

Chet Atkins - Get On With It

Chet Atkins - Mister Sandman

Chet Atkins - Mr. Bo Jangles

Chet Baker - Bobby Jaspar

Chet Baker - Carpsie's Groove

Chet Baker - Chabootie

Chet Baker - Fine And Dandy

Chet Baker - Lament

Chet Baker - Portrait in black and white

Chicho Severino - Millonario y Que ?

Chick Corea - Bobby McFerrin

Chick Corea - Round Midnight

Chick Corea - The Yellow Nimbus

Chick Webb & His Orchestra - Liza

Chick Webb & His Orchestra - What A Shuffle

Chico Hamilton - For Mods Only

Chicos de Barrio - Te lo pido por favor

Children On Stun - Beginning of the End

China Drum - (Had A Good Idea On) Monday

China Drum - Better Than Me

China Drum - Can't Stop These Things

China Drum - Find the Time

China Drum - God Bets

China Drum - Last Chance

China Drum - Pictures

China Drum - Take It Back

Chip Taylor - Wild Thing

Chiqui Pineda - How Did You Know

Chisel - (Interlude)

Chisel - 8 A.M. All Day

Chisel - Breaking Up With Myself

Chisel - Citizen of Venus

Chisel - Hip Straights

Chisel - Je M'appelle Zero

Chisel - Looking Down At the Great Wall of China

Chisel - Morley Timmons

Chisel - Overture

Chisel - Red Haired Mary

Chisel - The Dog in Me

Chisel - Theme For A Pharmacist

Chisel - What About Blighty?

Chixdiggit! - 323

Chixdiggit! - Dolphins Love Kids

Chixdiggit! - Great Legs

Chixdiggit! - Hemp Hemp Hooray

Chixdiggit! - Henry Rollins Is No Fun

Chixdiggit! - I Wanna Hump You

Chixdiggit! - Shadowy Bangers From A Shadowy Duplex

Chixdiggit! - Stacked Like That

Chixdiggit! - Van Horne

Chokebore - A Taste For Bitters

Chokebore - City Rings

Chokebore - Days of Nothing

Chokebore - Ghosts, And the Swing of Things

Chokebore - It Could Ruin Your Day

Chokebore - One Easy Pieces

Chokebore - Pacific Sleep Patterns

Chokebore - Popular Modern Themes

Chokebore - Sleep With Me

Chokebore - Smaller Steps

Chokebore - The Rest of Your Evening

Chokebore - Your Let Down

Choking Victim - Born to Die

Choking Victim - Infested: Lindane Conspiracy Pt. 1

Chorus - Aladdin And The King Of Thieves - Welcome To The Forty Thieves - Soundtrack

Chorus - Sleeping Beauty - Finale - From 'Sleeping Beauty'/Soundtrack Version

Chorus - Sleeping Beauty - Hail to the Princess Aurora - From 'Sleeping Beauty'/Soundtrack Version

Chorus - Sleeping Beauty - Main Title / Once Upon A Dream / Prologue - From 'Sleeping Beauty'/Soundtrack Version

Chris Bailey - Ain't Nobody's Business

Chris Bailey - Amsterdam

Chris Bailey - Careless Love

Chris Bailey - Do They Come From You

Chris Bailey - I Hear You Knocking

Chris Bailey - I'm Drinking

Chris Bailey - in the Midnight Hour

Chris Bailey - Just Like Fire Would

Chris Bailey - Mists of Time

Chris Bailey - Road To Oblivion

Chris Bailey - Savage entertainment

Chris Bailey - Suspicious Mind

Chris Bailey - Swing For the Crime

Chris Bailey - The Prisoner

Chris Bailey And the General Dog - Just Like Fire Would

Chris Camozzi - The Dreamers

Chris Connelly - A Mutual Friend

Chris Connor - Everything I Love

Chris Connor - Lush Life

Chris Isaak - Back On Your Side

Chris Isaak - Dancin'

Chris Isaak - I Wonder

Chris Isaak - Pretty Girls Don't Cry

Chris Isaak - Return To Me

Chris Isaak - Think of Tomorrow

Chris Isaak - Two Hearts

Chris Isaak - Waiting For My Lucky Day

Chris Isaak - Wrong to Love You

Chris Isaak - Yellow Bird

Chris Kenner - Sick And Tired

Chris Murray - All-Nite Dinah

Chris Murray - Bring Your Love To Me

Chris Murray - Confidante

Chris Murray - Cooper Station Blues

Chris Murray - Ex-Darling

Chris Murray - Rock Steady

Chris Murray - Sammy Come A Jail

Chris Murray - Solomon

Chris Phillips - I Wanna Love You Forever

Chris Rea - Le Mans

Chris Rea - When the Grey Sky Turns To Blue

Christian Anders - Ich Lass Dich Nicht Gehen

Christian Death - Without

Christian McBride - Double Decker (Deck the Halls)

Christoph De Babalon - Residuum

Christopher Franke - A Radiant Band of Light

Christopher Franke - Confrontation

Christopher Franke - Guided Dream To the Manuscript

Christopher Franke - Illumination

Christopher Franke - Mystical Experience On the Mountain

Christopher Franke - Scene At the Crossroads

Christopher Franke - The Celestine Theme

Christopher Franke - The Mission of Father Sanchez

Christopher Franke - The Quest For Unity

Christopher Franke - Viciente

Christy Moore - On the Mainland

Christy Moore - Riding the High Stool

Christy Moore - Rory Is Gone

Chuck Berry - Sweet Little Rock 'N' Roller

Cibo Matto - Apple

Cibo Matto - Artichoke

Cibo Matto - Beef Jerky

Cibo Matto - Birthday Cake

Cibo Matto - Jive (Hidden Track )

Cibo Matto - Know Your Chicken

Cibo Matto - Le Pain Perdu

Cibo Matto - Sugar Water

Cibo Matto - The Candy Man

Cibo Matto - Theme

Cibo Matto - White Pepper Ice Cream

Cirque du Soleil - Carrousel

Cirque du Soleil - Incantation

Cirque du Soleil - Reveil

Cirque du Soleil - Réveil

Cirque du Soleil - Seisouso

Cirque du Soleil - Steel Dream

Cirque du Soleil - Taiko

Cirrus - Break In

Clan of Xymox - Going Round

Clannad - A Bridge (That Carries Us Over)

Clannad - A Dream in the Night

Clannad - Broken Pieces

Clannad - Croi Croga

Clannad - Crói Cróga

Clannad - Farewell Love

Clannad - Fonn Mharta

Clannad - From Your Heart

Clannad - Seanchas

Clannad - Trail of Tears

Clannad - Tráthnóna Beag Areir

Clarence 'Gatemouth' Brown - Long Way Home

Clã - Azar

Clã - Concurso Do Método

Clã - Do Mesmo Clã (2ª Versão)

Clã - Do Mesmo Clã

Clã - Donna Lee

Clã - Give Peace A Chance

Clã - Mora

Clã - Não Vás

Clã - Novas Babilónias

Clã - Para Sempre

Clã - Ser (Português)

Clã - Ver Uma Mulher

Clatterbox - Alphabeti

Clatterbox - Boogie Baby

Clatterbox - Breakbox

Clatterbox - Can I Get Down

Clatterbox - Chorus (Des Femmes)

Clatterbox - Drop It

Clatterbox - Dunk

Clatterbox - Eazy Does It

Clatterbox - Hop To This

Clatterbox - Matterrox

Clatterbox - Metre

Clatterbox - Robotic Funk Attack

Clatterbox - Sidge

Clatterbox - Spatz

Clatterbox - Sub Soul

Clatterbox - Trump It

Clatterbox - UR Flava

Claude Debussy & Jean-Yves Thibaudet - Rêverie, L. 68: Rêverie

Claude François - Je Tiens Un Tigre Par La Queue

Claude François - Le Temps Des Pleurs

Claude François - Les Choses De La Maison

Claw Boys Claw - Everyday

Clifford Brown - Come Rain or Come Shine

Clifford Brown - Philly J J

Clifford Brown - Stockholm Sweetnin'

Climax Golden Twins - Across the Courtyard From the Palace Window

Climax Golden Twins - All This Juice

Climax Golden Twins - Ambient Interlude

Climax Golden Twins - Bird Sounds

Climax Golden Twins - Cactus Zither Dub

Climax Golden Twins - Divine Horse Chocolate

Climax Golden Twins - Frolic Stupor

Climax Golden Twins - I Heard You Cry

Climax Golden Twins - Loons

Climax Golden Twins - One Million Sinks

Climax Golden Twins - Pure Nonsense Intermission

Climax Golden Twins - Sex

Climax Golden Twins - Simon Poole Climax

Climax Golden Twins - Suite For Imperial Household Orchestra

Climax Golden Twins - The End

Climax Golden Twins - The Introduction of Unknown Items

Climax Golden Twins - Truncated Holyland Courtyard Piece

Climax Golden Twins - Vibraphonation

Climax Golden Twins - Vocal Interruption

Climax Golden Twins - Wake Up

Clint Black - A Better Man

Clint Black - Burn One Down - 1992 Version

Clint Black - Cadillac Jack Favor

Clint Black - Desperado -

Clint Black - Half Way Up

Clint Black - Like the Rain

Clint Black - Put Yourself In My Shoes

CLOCK - Whoomph! (There It Is)

Clouseau - Je Bent Niets

Clouseau - Nobelprijs

CMX - Arcana

Coal Chamber - Amir of the Desert

Coal Chamber - Big Truck

Coal Chamber - Bradley

Coal Chamber - Clock

Coal Chamber - Dreamtime

Coal Chamber - First

Coal Chamber - I

Coal Chamber - Loco

Coal Chamber - Maricon Puto

Coal Chamber - Pig (w/ hidden message + silence)

Coal Chamber - Sway

Coca Carola - Bussresan

Coca Carola - Dansa med mej

Coca Carola - Fel

Coca Carola - Fyra år

Coca Carola - Hör vår bön

Coca Carola - Hyndan

Coca Carola - Ifrån inget

Coca Carola - Kom och slå mig igen

Coca Carola - Sug & ljug

Coca Carola - Svagfelighet

Coca Carola - Tyrolershorts

Coca Carola - Vem är jag

Cocteau Twins - Calfskin Smack

Cocteau Twins - Cherry Coloured Funk

Cocteau Twins - Eperdu

Cocteau Twins - Serpentskirt

Cocteau Twins - Tishbite

Cocteau Twins - Treasure Hiding

Cocteau Twins - Ups

Code of Ethics - Brightside

Code of Ethics - Good Things

Code of Ethics - Echo

Code of Ethics - Free

Code of Ethics - Glory

Code of Ethics - Love

Code of Ethics - Me, Myself & I

Code of Ethics - Soulbait

Code of Ethics - Shake Me

Code of Ethics - Soulbait - Superfly Remix

Code of Ethics - Soulbait

Code of Ethics - That Was Then

Code of Ethics - Without Reason

Coldcut - Atomic Moog 2000

Coleman Hawkins - Body and Soul

Coleman Hawkins - Bouncing With Bean

Coleman Hawkins - Bugle Call Rag

Coleman Hawkins - Consolation

Coleman Hawkins - Dedication

Coleman Hawkins - Fine Dinner

Coleman Hawkins - Happy Feet

Coleman Hawkins - Heartbreak Blues

Coleman Hawkins - Hello Lola

Coleman Hawkins - I Know That You Know

Coleman Hawkins - Red Beans

Coleman Hawkins - Serenade To A Sleeping Beauty

Coleman Hawkins - Smiles

Coleman Hawkins - Swinging in the Groove

Colin Newman - Spaced In

Collin Raye - It Could Happen Again

Collin Raye - O Holy Night

Collin Raye - The Christmas Song

Colonel Abrams - 99,5

Colonel Abrams - Music Is the Answer

Color Me Badd & David 'Frazeman' Frazer - The Earth, the Sun, the Rain

Combustible Edison - 52

Combustible Edison - Alright, Already

Combustible Edison - Bluebeard

Combustible Edison - Les Yeux Sans Visage

Combustible Edison - Lonelyville

Combustible Edison - Morticia

Combustible Edison - Mudhead

Combustible Edison - Objet D'amour

Combustible Edison - One Eyed Monkey

Combustible Edison - Short Double Latte

Combustible Edison - Solid State

Combustible Edison - The Checkered Flag

Combustible Edison - The Corner Table

Commander Tom - Eternity (To Yazzy)

Commander Tom - The Vulcan

Compay Segundo - Chan chan

Compay Segundo - Hey Caramba

Compay Segundo - Macusa

Compay Segundo - Orgullecida

Gin Blossoms - Competition Smile / Barking Dog

Compulsion - All We Heard Was a Dull Thud

Compulsion - Belly Laugh

Compulsion - Burst

Compulsion - Down the Edifice

Compulsion - Fast Songs

Compulsion - Happy Ending

Compulsion - Happy Monsters

Compulsion - Is This Efficient Living?

Compulsion - Juvenile Scene Detective (Howie B's 7' Flesh Wound)

Compulsion - Juvenile Scene Detective (Howie B's Tribute To Mr. Laudanum)

Compulsion - Juvenile Scene Detective (Massey)

Compulsion - Juvenile Scene Detective (Scanner Flat Bed)

Compulsion - Juvenile Scene Detective (Static)

Compulsion - Juvenile Scene Detective

Compulsion - Lost On Abbey Road

Compulsion - Me

Compulsion - Question Time for the Proles

Compulsion - Spotlight Into Space

Compulsion - They're Breeding the Grey Things Again

Concept 2 - Cause n' Effect

Confederate Railroad - Queen of Memphis

Confederate Railroad - Trashy Women

Conjunto Primavera - Es Muy Tu Vida

Conjunto Primavera - Mala Mujer

Conjunto Primavera - Me Nació Del Alma

Conjunto Primavera - Quiero Estar Loco

Connie Francis - Roundabout

Conscious Daughters - She's So Tight

Constance Demby - Rites of Passage

Controlled Bleeding - Feast of Fire

Controlled Fusion - Anxious

Controlled Fusion - Civilized Inventions

Controlled Fusion - Disregards

Controlled Fusion - Gemetrical Symbol

Controlled Fusion - Geometrical Symbol

Controlled Fusion - Hidden Thoughts

Controlled Fusion - Poison Feelings

Controlled Fusion - Random

Controlled Fusion - Reflecting Water

Controlled Fusion - Stories of America

Conway Twitty - Maybe Baby

Coolio - 1, 2, 3, 4 (Sumpin' New)

Cornelio Reyna - Barrio Pobre

Cornelius Brothers & Sister Rose - Too Late To Turn Back Now

Cornelius Brothers & Sister Rose - Treat Her Like A Lady

Corona - Megamix

Corrosion of Conformity - Bottom Feeder(El Que Come Abajo)

Corrosion of Conformity - Long Whip/ Big America

Corrosion of Conformity - Man or Ash

Corrosion of Conformity - Wiseblood

Cosmic Tramp - Arpora

Cosmic Tramp - Hello Jupiter

Cosmic Tramp - Micro Groove

Cosmic Tramp - People Are Like Mirrors

Cosmic Tramp - Shortcut To Paradise

Cosmic Tramp - Tripol

Cosmosis - Psychofunk

Cosmosis - Telekinetic

Count Basic - Got To Do

Count Basic - Joy And Pain

Count Basic - Love Your Life

Count Basic - Moving in the Right Direction

Count Basic - So Far Away

Count Basic - Speechless

Count Basic - Sweet Luis

Count Basic - Where Did Our Love Go




COUNT BASIE & SARAH VAUGHAN - Little Man You've Had A Busy Day



COUNT BASIE & SARAH VAUGHAN - The Gentleman Is A Dope (Allegro) (Remix)


COUNT BASIE & SARAH VAUGHAN - Until I Met You (Alternative Version) (Remix)


COUNT BASIE & SARAH VAUGHAN - You Turned the Tables On Me

Counting Crows - A Long December

Counting Crows - Angels Of The Silences

Counting Crows - Catapult

Counting Crows - Daylight Fading

Counting Crows - Goodnight Elisabeth

Counting Crows - Have You Seen Me Lately?

Counting Crows - I'm Not Sleeping

Counting Crows - Monkey

Counting Crows - Recovering The Satellites

Counting Crows - Walkaways

Country Teasers - Some Hole

Cowboy Junkies - A Common Disaster

Cowboy Junkies - Bea's Song (River Song Trilogy

Cowboy Junkies - Come Calling (Her Song)

Cowboy Junkies - Hold On To Me

Cowboy Junkies - Just Want To See

Cowboy Junkies - Lay It Down

Cowboy Junkies - Musical Key

Cowboy Junkies - Now I Know

Cowboy Junkies - Something More Besides You

Cowboy Junkies - Speaking Confidentially

Cowboy Mouth - Jenny Says

Cows - A Gift Called Life

Cows - A Oven

Cows - Divorcee' Moore

Cows - Four Things

Cows - Jikan

Cows - Mas-No Mas

Cows - Massa Peel

Cows - Organized Meat

Cows - The New Girl

Cows - The Warden

Cows - Tropic of Cancelled

Cracker - 100 Flower Power Maximum

Cracker - Bicycle Spaniard

Cracker - Big Dipper

Cracker - Dixie Babylon

Cracker - I Can't Forget You

Cracker - I Hate My Generation

Cracker - I'm A Little Rocket Ship

Cracker - Nothing To Believe In

Cracker - Sweet Thistle Pie

Cracker - Useless Stuff

Cradle of Filth - Beauty Slept in Sodom

Cradle of Filth - Carmilla's Masque

Cradle of Filth - Dusk And Her Embrace

Cradle of Filth - Ebony Dressed For Sunset

Cradle of Filth - Funeral in Carpathia

Cradle of Filth - Haunted Shores

Cradle of Filth - Hell Awaits

Cradle of Filth - Nocturnal Supremacy

Craig Chaquico - Acoustic Traveler

Craig Chaquico - Autumn Blue

Craig Chaquico - Just Friends

Craig Chaquico - Kyle's World

Craig Chaquico - Navajo Stars

Craig Chaquico - Streetwise

Craig Chaquico - Sweet Talk

Craig Chaquico - We Rode the Wind

Craig Chaquico - Why the Dolphin Smiles

Crash Test Dummies - A Worm's Life

Crash Test Dummies - All of This Ugly

Crash Test Dummies - An Old Scab

Crash Test Dummies - He Liked To Feel It

Crash Test Dummies - I'm A Dog

Crash Test Dummies - I'm Outlived by 'That' Thing?

Crash Test Dummies - My Enemies

Crash Test Dummies - Our Driver Gestures

Crash Test Dummies - Overachievers

Crash Test Dummies - Swatting Flies

Crash Test Dummies - There Are Many Dangers

Cri-Cri - Raton Vaquero

Crowded House - Fingers of Love

Crucial Conflict - Hay

Cryptopsy - Crown of Horns

Cryptopsy - Graves of the Fathers

Cryptopsy - Phobophile

Cryptopsy - Slit Your Guts

Crystal Lewis - People Get Ready, Jesus Is Comin'

Crystal Waters - The Boy From Ipanema

Cub - Howard

Culture - One Stone

Culture - Satan Company

Culture - Tribal War

Cultured Pearls - Baby Let Me Tell Ya'

Cultured Pearls - Don't Stop the Music

Cultured Pearls - Dynamite

Cultured Pearls - Hey Come To Yourself - Reprise

Cultured Pearls - Hey Come To Yourself

Cultured Pearls - I Don't Love You Like I Used To - Album Version

Cultured Pearls - Ladies Man

Cultured Pearls - Mama

Cultured Pearls - Sing Dela Sing

Cultured Pearls - Sister Take A Stand

Cultured Pearls - Swing Dela Swing

Cultured Pearls - Tomorrow's Another Day

Cultured Pearls - Under Arrest

Curandero - Embrujada

Curandero - Man of the Shadows

Curandero - Once Upon a Time

Curandero - River

Curandero - Segue

Current 93 - All the Pretty Little Horsies

Current 93 - Calling For Vanished Faces I

Current 93 - Calling For Vanished Faces II

Current 93 - The Inmost Light Itself

Current 93 - The Inmost Night

Curtis Mayfield - Back To Living Again

Curtis Mayfield - I Believe in You

Curtis Mayfield - Just A Little Bit of Love

Curtis Mayfield - Let's Not Forget

Curtis Mayfield - Ms. Martha

Curtis Mayfield - No One Knows About A Good Thing (You Don't Have To Cry)

Curtis Mayfield - Oh So Beautiful

Curtis Mayfield - The Girl I Find Stays On My Mind

Curtis Mayfield - The Got Dang Song

Curtis Mayfield - We People Who Are Darker Than Blue

Curve - Recovery

Cut La Roc - Hip Hop Bibbedy Bop Bop

Cut 'N' Move - I'm Alive

Cut 'N' Move - Spread Love

Cutty Ranks - A Who Seh Ne Dun (Wake De Man)

Cutty Ranks - Bush Tonic

Cutty Ranks - Ganja Pipe

Cutty Ranks - Guiltiness

Cutty Ranks - Hitman

Cutty Ranks - My Woman

Cutty Ranks - One Gun Two Gun

Cutty Ranks - One Lick

Cutty Ranks - Push Out Oonuh Head (DJ Line Up)

Cutty Ranks - Rude Bwoy Game

Cutty Ranks - The Return

Cutty Ranks - Time To Die

Cutty Ranks - Undertaker

Cutty Ranks - Waste A Time

Cutty Ranks - Who Seh Me Dun (Dynamik Duo Remix) ()

Cyndi Lauper - Brimstone and Fire

Cyndi Lauper - Early Christmas Morning

Cyndi Lauper - Fall Into Your Dreams

Cyndi Lauper - Fearless

Cyndi Lauper - Hot Gets A Little Cold

Cyndi Lauper - Love To Hate

Cyndi Lauper - Say A Prayer

Cyndi Lauper - Sisters of Avalon

Cyndi Lauper - Unhook the Stars

Cyndi Lauper - You Don't Know

Cyndi Lauper with Ani DiFranco & Vivian Green - Sisters of Avalon

Cypress Hill - Whatta You Know

Cyril Pahinui - Mele Kalikimaka (Vocal)

D*Note - Waiting Hopefully (Faze Action Dub)

D.J. Fr@nk Tr@x - Alchemy

D.J. Fr@nk Tr@x - Arena

D.J. Fr@nk Tr@x - You Got the Chance

Da Brat - Just A Little Bit More

Da Brat - Mind Blowin'

Da Brat - Sittin' On Top of the World

Da Brat feat. Krayzie Bone - Let's All Get High

Da Brat feat. T-Boz - Ghetto Love

Da Brat Krayzie Bone feat. Krayzie Bone - Let's All Get High

Da Brat The Notorious B.I.G. feat. The Notorious B.I.G. - Da B Side

Da Lata - Ponteio

Daddy Nuttea - Agitateur

Daddy Nuttea - Alerte

Daddy Nuttea - Donne Toi La Peine

Daddy Nuttea - I Don't Want to See You Cry

Daddy Nuttea - Interlude

Daddy Nuttea - Intro

Daddy Nuttea - Les Dix Commandements

Daddy Nuttea - Natural Mystic

Daddy Nuttea - Retour Aux Sources

Daddy Nuttea - Who Dem a Try Fi Test

Daft Punk - Around the World

Daft Punk - Fresh

Daft Punk - Indo Silver Club

Daft Punk - Musique

Daft Punk - Revolution 909

Daft Punk - Rock'n Roll

Daft Punk - Wdpk 837 Fm

Dakota Staton - Between 18th & 19th on Chestnut Street

Dakota Staton - He Will Call Again

Dakota Staton - I'd Go Back Home

Dakota Staton - Little Man, You've Had a Busy Day

Dakota Staton - Losin' Battle

Dakota Staton - Moonglow

Dakota Staton - Play Your Hands Girls

Dakota Staton - Why Don't You Think Things Over

Dallas Holm - I Saw the Lord

Dallas Holm - I've Never Been Out of His Care

Dallas Holm - Worth the Waiting

Damian 'Jr. Gong' Marley - 10_000 Chariots

Damian 'Jr. Gong' Marley - Julie

Damian 'Jr. Gong' Marley - Keep On Groving

Damian 'Jr. Gong' Marley - Kingston 12

Damian 'Jr. Gong' Marley - Me Name Jr. Gong

Damian 'Jr. Gong' Marley - Mr. Marley

Damian 'Jr. Gong' Marley - Old War Chant

Damian 'Jr. Gong' Marley - One More Cup of Coffe

Damian 'Jr. Gong' Marley - Party Time

Damian 'Jr. Gong' Marley - Searching (So Much Bubble)

Damian 'Jr. Gong' Marley - Trouble

Damian Marley - Kingston 12

Damian Marley - Love and Inity

Damian Marley - Me Name Jr. Gong

Damian Marley - Mr. Marley

Damian Marley - Trouble

Dance Hall Crashers - All Mine

D'Angelo - Girl You Need A Change of Mind

D'Angelo - I Found My Smile Again

Daniel Landa - Sen

Daniel Melingo feat. Andrés Calamaro - Lejos

Daniel Santos & La Sonora Matancera - Dos Gardenias

Daniel Wang - in A Golden Haze

Daniel Wang - Seven Shadows

Daniel Wang - Shadows

Daniele Sepe - Tarantella Calabrese

Daniele Silvestri - Banalità

Daniele Silvestri - Cohiba

Daniele Silvestri - Hold Me

Daniele Silvestri - Il Dado

Daniele Silvestri - Me Fece Mele A Chepa

Daniele Silvestri - Sogno-B

Daniele Silvestri - Strade Di Francia

Danilo Mole - Home

Danilo Perez - September in Rio

Danny Berrios - El Shaddai

Danny Elfman - Main Title Theme

Danny Rivera - Madrigal

Danny Rivera & Eydie Gorme - Para Decir Adiós

Dany Brillant - Les Parfums De L'Orient

Dany Brillant - Pourtant

Dany Brillant - Quand Je Vois Tes Yeux

Dany Brillant - Ronsard 96

Dar Williams - As Cool as I Am

Dar Williams - Family

Dar Williams - February

Dar Williams - Iowa (Traveling, Pt. 3)

Dar Williams - Mortal City

Dar Williams - Southern California Wants To Be Western New York

Dar Williams - The Christians And the Pagans

Dar Williams - The Ocean

Dar Williams - The Pointless, Yet Poignant, Crisis of A Co-Ed

Dark Funeral - Bloodfrozen

Dark Funeral - Bonus Cd: Bloodfrozen

Dark Funeral - Bonus Cd: Dark Are the Part To Eternity (A Summoning Nocturnal)

Dark Funeral - Bonus Cd: My Dark Desires

Dark Funeral - Bonus Cd: Satans Mayhem

Dark Funeral - Bonus Cd: Shadows Over Transylvania

Dark Funeral - Bonus Cd: the Dawn No More Rises

Dark Funeral - Bonus Cd: the Fire Eternal

Dark Funeral - Bonus Cd: the Secrets of the Black Arts

Dark Funeral - Dark Are the Part To Eternity (A Summoning Nocturnal)

Dark Funeral - Satanic Blood

Dark Funeral - The Dark Age Has Arrived

Dark Funeral - The Dawn No More Rises

Dark Funeral - The Fire Eternal

Dark Funeral - The Secrets of the Black Arts

Dark Tranquillity - Insanity's Crescendo

Darkseed - Like To A Silver Bow

Darkseed - Self pity sick

Daryl Coley - Beyond The Veil - Beyond The Veil Album Version

Daryl Hall And John Oates - Had I Known You Better Then

Daryl Hall And John Oates - Lady Rain

Daryle Singletary - Amen Kind of Love

Daryll-Ann - 2nd Degree Felony

Daryll-Ann - A Proper Line

Daryll-Ann - Always Share

Daryll-Ann - My Only World

Daryll-Ann - Ocean Drive

Daryll-Ann - Rollercoaster

Daryll-Ann - Safe Beef

Daryll-Ann - Sheeszalitch

Daryll-Ann - Springfever

Daryll-Ann - Tremble Forte

Darzamat - Storm

Dave Angel - Down Deep

Dave Angel - Endless Emotions

Dave Angel - Fallen Destiny

Dave Angel - Free Flow

Dave Angel - Lust

Dave Bartholomew - Who Drank My Beer While I was in the Rear

Dave Brubeck - All the Things You Are

Dave Clarke - No One's Driving

Dave Clarke - Southside

Dave Dudley - The Pool Shark

Dave Dudley - There Ain't No Easy Run

Dave Graney 'N' the Coral Snakes - A Million Dollars in a Red Velvet Suit


Dave Matthews Band - #41

Dave Matthews Band - Crash into Me

Dave Matthews Band - Cry Freedom

Dave Matthews Band - Drive in Drive Out

Dave Matthews Band - Let You Down

Dave Matthews Band - Lie in Our Graves

Dave Matthews Band - Proudest Monkey

Dave Matthews Band - Say Goodbye

Dave Matthews Band - So Much to Say

Dave Matthews Band - Too Much

Dave Matthews Band - Tripping Billies

Dave Matthews Band - Two Step

Dave Specter - Get Back Home

Dave Specter - Killer Jack

Dave Specter - Left Turn On Blue

Dave Specter - Till the End of Time

Dave Specter - Unleavened Soul

Dave Specter - When Will the Blues Leave?

David & Steve Gordon - Calling the Sacred Beat

David & Steve Gordon - Gift of the Eagle

David & Steve Gordon - Mother Earth, Father Sky

David & Steve Gordon - Path With A Heart

David & Steve Gordon - Rainbow Hoop

David & Steve Gordon - Sunrise Ritual

David Arkenstone - Border Journey

David Arkenstone - The Forgotten Lands

David Arkenstone - Two Hearts

David Arkenstone - Winds of Change

David Ball - Bad Day For the Blues

David Ball - I Never Did Know

David Ball - If You'd Like Some Lovin'

David Ball - I've Got My Baby On My Mind

David Ball - No More Lonely

David Ball - The Bottle That Pours the Wine

David Benoit - Christmas Is Coming

David Benoit - Christmas Time Is Here

David Bowie - Hallo Spaceboy

David Bowie - Moonage Daydream

David Essex - Rock On

David Holmes - My Mate Paul

David Houston - I Fall To Pieces

David Kersh - Goodnight Sweetheart

David Lanz - A Path With Heart

David Lanz - Dreamer's Waltz

David Lanz - Where the Tall Tree Grows

David Lee Murphy - The Road You Leave Behind

David Lindley - Clinch Mountain Backstep

David Lindley - The Johnson Boys

David Ogden Stiers & Tony Jay & Paul Kandel & Chorus - The Hunchback Of Notre Dame - The Bells of Notre Dame

David Sanborn - Rikke

David Toop - Almost Transparent Blue

David Toop - Mamba Point

David Toop - Mixed Blood

David Toop - Pink Noir

David Toop - Spore Divination

David Toop - Sugar Frosted Charcoal Scene

David Toop - Ultra-Paste

David Toop & Jon Hassell - Slow Loris Versus Poison Snail

David Torn - Spell Breaks With the Weather

David Wilcox - Alleywalking

David Wilcox - House By the River

David Wilcox - Rainy Night Saloon

David Wilcox - Shotgun City

David Wilcox - Walking Through Walls

Davy Graham - Angi

Daweh Congo - No peace

Dayll-Ann - Tools R Us

Dazz Band - Let It Whip

Dazzling Killmen - ······

Dazzling Killmen - Bottom Feeder (Reprise)

Dazzling Killmen - Bottom Feeder

Dazzling Killmen - Code Blue

Dazzling Killmen - Dig Out the Hole

Dazzling Killmen - Ghost Limb

Dazzling Killmen - Here Comes Mr. Big Face

Dazzling Killmen - Killing Fever

Dazzling Killmen - Medicine Me

Dazzling Killmen - No

Dazzling Killmen - Numb

Dazzling Killmen - Poptones

Dazzling Killmen - Premonition

Dazzling Killmen - Secret Track

Dazzling Killmen - Serpentarium

Dazzling Killmen - Spiral Mirror

Dazzling Killmen - Torture

DC Talk - In The Light

De Eerste Keer - De Eerste Keer

De Palmas - A Peine De La Peine

De/Vision - I regret

Dead Or Alive - Sex Drive

Dead Voices On Air - Aetsomne

Dead Voices On Air - Ant-Point

Dead Voices On Air - Eadiglice

Dead Voices On Air - From the Intelligence of Swans

Dead Voices On Air - Geosceaft

Dead Voices On Air - Geseah

Dead Voices On Air - Godesandah

Dead Voices On Air - Hafted Maul

Dead Voices On Air - Heaoo-Grim

Dead Voices On Air - Mer-Faran

Dead Voices On Air - Mer-Nord

Dead Voices On Air - Paet Flag

Dead Voices On Air - Papa Papa Paet Flag

Dead Voices On Air - Papa Papa Repe Wax

Dead Voices On Air - Reference

Dead Voices On Air - Scan Reflex

Dead Voices On Air - Sha Bu Yah

Dead Voices On Air - Sibes Werig

Dead Voices On Air - Swan Reflex

Dead Voices On Air - Wael-Fagne Winter

Dead Voices On Air - Western-Wardoe

Deadsy - Cruella

Deadsy - Flowing Glower

Deadsy - Future Years

Deadsy - Lake Waramaug

Deadsy - The Elements

Deaf Shepherd - Double Pipe Set

Deaf Shepherd - Logan Braes

Deaf Shepherd - Lost For Words At Sea

Deaf Shepherd - Peggy Gordon

Dean Elliott And His Big Band - You're the Top

Dean Evenson - Sunrise

Dean Martin & Ron Furmanek & Sweet - You Belong To Me

Deana Carter - Before We Ever Heard Goodbye

Deana Carter - Count Me In

Deana Carter - Did I Shave My Legs for This

Deana Carter - Did I Shave My Legs For This?

Deana Carter - How Do I Get There

Deana Carter - If This Is Love

Deana Carter - I've Loved Enough To Know

Deana Carter - Love Ain't Worth Making

Deana Carter - Strawberry Wine

Deana Carter - That's How You Know It's Love

Deana Carter - To the Other Side

Deana Carter - We Danced Anyway

Death in Vegas - Dirt

Death in Vegas - GBH (Dub)

Declan Masterson - Fairy Child

Decry - Falling

Dee Dee Sharp - Do The Bird

Deep Blue Something - Breakfast At Tiffany's

Deep Purple - Hey Cisco

Deep Purple - Sometimes I Feel Like Screaming

Def Con Dos - Mensaje I

Def Con Dos - Promiscuidad

Def Con Dos - Que No Te Cojan

Def Con Dos - Señores

Delirious? - Taking It Wherever It Goes

Delirious? - What A Friend I've Found

Delroy Wilson - Riding for a Fall

Delroy Wilson - Sun is shining

Dem-Rat's! - Like a Donkey

Dem-Rat's! - Now This

Den Gale Pose - 5 Svin

Den Gale Pose - Boom Ping Ping

Den Gale Pose - Den Danske Skole

Den Gale Pose - Det Sidste Ord

Den Gale Pose - DGP - Hvad Betyder Det?

Den Gale Pose - Ej Blot Til Øst (feat. Blæs, Skadefro og Tue Track)

Den Gale Pose - Fest I Min Egen (feat. Blæs og Skadefro)

Den Gale Pose - Flere Ho's

Den Gale Pose - På Stranden

Den Gale Pose - Ud & Se

Den Gale Pose - Vi Nævner Ingen Navne

Den Harrow - Take Me

Deniece Williams - Cause You Love Me, Baby

Deniece Williams - Do What You Feel

Deniece Williams - I Found Love

Deniece Williams - It's Gonna Take a Miracle

Deniece Williams - Silly

Denim - Best Song in the World

Denim - Brumburger

Denim - Council House

Denim - Demin On Ice

Denim - Don't Bite Too Much Out of the Apple

Denim - Glue And Smack

Denim - Grandad's False Teeth

Denim - Jane Suck Died in 77

Denim - Job Centre

Denim - Mrs Mills

Denim - Myriad of Hoops

Denim - Romeo Jones Is in Love Again

Denim - Shut Up Sidney

Denim - Silly Rabbit

Denim - Synthesisers in the Rain

Denim - The Great Pup Rock Festival

Denim - The Supermodels

Denise LaSalle - Your Husband Is Cheatin' On Us

Dennis Alcapone - Guns Don't Argue

Dennis DeYoung - Alms For the Beggarman

Dennis DeYoung - Ave Maria

Dennis DeYoung - Bless Me Father

Dennis DeYoung - By the Grace of God

Dennis DeYoung - Esmerelda

Dennis DeYoung - King of Fools

Dennis DeYoung - Paradise

Dennis DeYoung - Sanctuary

Dennis DeYoung - The Confrontation

Dennis DeYoung - This I Pray

Dennis DeYoung - When I Dance For You

Dennis DeYoung - While There's Still Time

Dennis DeYoung - Who Will Love This Child

Dennis DeYoung - With Every Heartbeat (Reprise)

Dennis DeYoung - With Every Heartbeat

Dennis Kamakahi - Wahine 'Ilikea

Der Tobi & Das Bo - Der Racka (Im Nachmittagsprogramm)

Der Tobi & Das Bo - Es Ist Zeit Sich Zu Wundern

Der Tobi & Das Bo - Horst Ackerpella

Der Tobi & Das Bo - New York Ich

DERYL DODD - She'll Have You Back

DERYL DODD - That's How I Got To Memphis

Descendents - Caught

Descendents - Coffee Mug

Descendents - Doghouse

Descendents - Eunuch Boy

Descendents - Everything Sux

Descendents - Hateful Notebook

Descendents - I Won't Let Me

Descendents - I'm The One

Descendents - Rotting Out

Descendents - She Loves Me

Descendents - Sick-O-Me

Descendents - Thank You

Descendents - This Place

Descendents - We

Descendents - When I Get Old

Desmond Dekker - Young Generation

Determine - Live wire

Detroit Escalator Co. - Force

Detroit Escalator Co. - Gratiot

Detroit Escalator Co. - Shifting Gears

dEUS - A Shocking Lack Thereof

dEUS - Disappointed in the Sun

dEUS - I Don't Mind What Ever Happens

dEUS - Little Arithmetics

dEUS - Memory of A Festival

dEUS - Nine Threads

dEUS - Opening Night

dEUS - Theme From Turnpike

Deville & Willy - Angels Don't Lie

Deville & Willy - Asi Te Amo

Deville & Willy - Ballad of the Hoodlum Priest

Deville & Willy - Heart of a Fool

Deville & Willy - Lilly's Daddy's Cadillac

Deville & Willy - Loup Garou

Deville & Willy - Maybe Tomorrow

Deville & Willy - No Such Pain As Love

Deville & Willy - Stand By Me

Deville & Willy - Time Has Come Today

Deville & Willy - White Trash Girl

Deville & Willy - You'll Never Know

Devin Townsend - Man

Devin Townsend - Natural Science

De/Vision - Like the sun

Dexter Gordon - Blue Monk

Dexter Gordon - Dexter's Minor Mad

Dexter Gordon - Long Tall Dexter

Dexter Gordon - The End of a Love Affair

Dexy's Midnight Runners - I Couldn't Help It If I Tried

Dexy's Midnight Runners - Keep It Part 2 (Inferiority Part 1)

Dexy's Midnight Runners - Love Part 1 (Poem)

Dexy's Midnight Runners - Respect

Diabolical Masquerade - Beyond the Spiritual Moon

Diabolical Masquerade - Blackheim's Forest Kept the Seasons Forever

Diabolical Masquerade - Blackheim's Hunt For Nocturnal Grace

Diabolical Masquerade - Blackheim's Quest To Bring Back the Stolen Autumn

Diabolical Masquerade - Ravendusk in My Heart

Diabolical Masquerade - The Castle of Blackheim

Diabolical Masquerade - The Darkblue Seajourneys of the Sentinel

Diabolical Masquerade - The Sphere in Blackheim's Shrine

Diabolical Masquerade - Under the Banner of the Sentinel

Diamanda Galas - Abasement

Diamanda Galas - Coitum

Diamanda Galas - Cunt

Diamanda Galas - Do Room

Diamanda Galas - Headbox

Diamanda Galas - Hee Shock Die

Diamanda Galas - Hepar

Diamanda Galas - I - I Am - Dreams

Diamanda Galas - I I

Diamanda Galas - M Dis I

Diamanda Galas - M Dis II

Diamanda Galas - OPM

Diamanda Galas - Smell

Diamanda Galas - Vein

Diamond Rio - She Misses Him On Sunday the Most

Diamond Rio - That's What I Get for Loving You

Diana Dors feat. Wally Stott Orchestra - Come By Sunday

Diana Dors feat. Wally Stott Orchestra - Roller Coaster Blues

Diana Krall - A Blossom Fell

Diana Krall - Boulevard of Broken Dreams

Diana Krall - Deed I Do

Diana Krall - I'm An Errand Girl For Rhythm

Diana Krall - I'm Thru With Love

Diana Krall - When I Grow Too Old To Dream

Diana Krall - You Call It Madness

Diana Krall - You're Looking At Me

Dianne Reeves - Better Days (Palo Alto Session)

Dianne Reeves - Hesitations

Dianne Reeves - My Funny Valentine

Dianne Reeves - Siren Serenade

Dianne Reeves - Sitting in Limbo

Diary of Dreams - A fool to blame

Diary of Dreams - Deviation

Diary of Dreams - Oblivion

Diary of Dreams - Scars of Greed

Diary of Dreams - Tears of Laughter

Diary of Dreams - Willow

Dick Dale - Bandito

Dick Dale - Calling Up Spirits

Dick Dale - Catamount

Dick Dale - Doom Box

Dick Dale - Fever

Dick Dale - Gypsy Fire

Dick Dale - Nitrus

Dick Dale - Peppermint Man

Dick Dale - Temple of Gizeh

Dick Dale - The Pit

Dick Dale - The Wedge Paradisio

Dick Dale - Third Stone From the Sun

Dick Dale - Window

Dick Hyman - On the Bumpy Road To Love

Dick Hyman - Taps Miller

Dick Hyman - With Plenty of Money And You

Dick Hyman & Chris Hopkins - I'll Get By

Dick Rosmini - Red Apple Juice

Didier Lockwood - En quittant Kidonk

Didier Lockwood - Mathilde

Didier Lockwood - Tableau d'une exposition

Die Apokalyptischen Reiter - Downfall

Die Apokalyptischen Reiter - Execute

Die Apokalyptischen Reiter - To Live Is To Die

Die Fantastischen Vier - Der Picknicker

Die Fantastischen Vier - Intro

Die Fantastischen Vier - Raus

Die Laughing - Nemesis

Die Prinzen - Keine Tränen mehr

Die Prinzen - Uns sind die Sterne egal

Die Sterne - Themenläden

Die Toten Hosen - Ein Witz

Die Toten Hosen - Er denkt, sie denkt

Diego Torres - Penelope

Diego Torres - Se Que Ya No Volveras

Diesel Boy - 3's & 4's

Diesel Boy - Andy Stern

Diesel Boy - Bossa Nova

Diesel Boy - Damaged

Diesel Boy - Fooligan

Diesel Boy - Happy Street

Diesel Boy - Lime Green

Diesel Boy - Punk Rock 101

Diesel Boy - Saving the World

Diesel Boy - Titty Twister

Diesel Boy - True Drew

Dimension Latina - Llorarás

Dimension Latina - Sigue Tu Camino

Dimitris Mitropanos - Roza

Dimmu Borgir - Alt Lys Er Svunnet Hen

Dimmu Borgir - Antikrist

Dimmu Borgir - Broderskapets ring

Dimmu Borgir - Devil's path

Dimmu Borgir - Master of Disharmony

Dimmu Borgir - Nocturnal Fear (Celtically Processed)

Dimmu Borgir - Nocturnal Fear

Dimmu Borgir - Sorgens Kammer

Dimmu Borgir - Vinder Fra En Ensom Grav

Dina Carroll - Escaping

Dina Carroll - Only Human

Dina Carroll - Run To You

Dinah Shore - I Hear A Rhapsody

Dinah Shore - Yes My Darling Daughter

Dio - Black

Dio - Don't tell the kids

Dio - Double monday

Dio - Dying in America

Dio - Hunter of the heart

Dio - Institutional Man

Dio - This is your life

Diomedes Diaz & El Cocha Molina - Sin Medir Distancias

Dirty Beatniks - A Word From Our Sponsors

Dirty Beatniks - Beatnik Bounce

Dirty Beatniks - Cpsmic Rodeo

Dirty Beatniks - Don't Stop

Dirty Beatniks - Enough Already

Dirty Beatniks - Hypnotisin'

Dirty Beatniks - More Danger

Dirty Beatniks - Music To Make You Stagger

Dirty Beatniks - Perfect Rhyme

Dirty Beatniks - Roger 'N' Andre

Dirty Beatniks - So Vou De Mulher

Dirty Dozen Brass Band - My Feet Can't Fail Me Now

Dirty Three - 1000 Miles

Dirty Three - At the Bar

Dirty Three - Hope

Dirty Three - Horse

Dirty Three - I Knew It Would Come To This

Dirty Three - I Remember A Time When Once You Used To Love Me

Dirty Three - Red

Dirty Three - Sue's Last Ride

Dirty Three - Warren's Lament

Disco Inferno - Can't See Through It

Disco Inferno - Don't You Know

Disco Inferno - Over and Over

Disco Inferno - Sleight of Hand

Disco Inferno - Technicolour

Disco Inferno - Things Move Fast

Disco Inferno - When the Story Breaks

Discount - Everybody Everybody

Discount - Half the Time

Discount - Her Last Day

Discount - It's the End of the World

Discount - K.V. T-shirt

Discount - Lights Out

Discount - Malarie's Mission

Discount - Milly

Discount - No Surprise

Discount - Streets

Discount - The Sun Comes Up

Discount - Tomorrow Will Be

Discount - Waiting by the Wayside

Dispatch - Elias

Dispatch - Flying Horses

Dispatch - Hey, Hey

Dispatch - Steeples

Dissonance - Unwhole

Dixieland Jug Blowers - When I Stopped Running I Was At Home

Dizzy Gillespie - I'm Be Boppin' Too

Dizzy Gillespie - My Old Flame

DJ Bobo - Don't Stop the Music

DJ Bobo - Pray

DJ Bobo - Respect Yourself

DJ Bobo - Tell Me When

DJ Bobo - World in Motion (Gira El Mundo)

DJ Bobo - World in Motion

Dj Cam - Angel Dust

Dj Cam - Essence Part Four

Dj Cam - Essence Part Two

Dj Cam - Friends And Ennemies

Dj Cam - Hip Hop Pionners

Dj Cam - Innervisions

Dj Cam - Intro

Dj Cam - Meera (feat. Kakoli Sengupta)

Dj Cam - Romantic Love

Dj Cam - The Return of the Jedi

DJ Deeon - Milkshake

DJ Donovan - Freon

DJ Donovan - Passion

DJ Food - Stop Phink

DJ Godfather - The Number Is ...

DJ King Assassin & 2Pac & Dee Tha Mad Bitch - Real Bad Boyz

DJ Kool - Let Me Clear My Throat - Old School Reunion Remix '96

DJ Kool - Let Me Clear My Throat

DJ Laz - Bass So Clear

DJ Laz - Crook Vibrations

DJ Laz - Esa Morena (High As A F*** Instrumental)

Dj Laz - Esa Morena

DJ Laz - Intro

DJ Laz - Mega Mix

DJ Laz - Reckless

DJ Laz - Work It Baby

DJ Screw & Big Moe - Sippin Codine

DJ Screw & E.S.G. - Sailin Da South

DJ Screw & Lil Keke - Pimp Tha Pen

DJ Shadow - Best Foot Forward

DJ Shadow - Building Steam With A Grain Of Salt

DJ Shadow - Changeling

DJ Shadow - Midnight In A Perfect World

DJ Shadow - Mutual Slump

DJ Shadow - Napalm Brain / Scatter Brain - Medley

DJ Shadow - Napalm Brain/Scatter Brain

DJ Shadow - Organ Donor

DJ Shadow - Red Bus Needs To Leave!

DJ Shadow - Soup

DJ Shadow - Stem / Long Stem - Medley

DJ Shadow - The Number Song

DJ Shadow - Transmission 1

DJ Shadow - Transmission 2

DJ Shadow - Untitled

DJ Shadow - What Does Your Soul Look Like - Pt. 1 / Blue Sky Revisit

DJ Shadow - What Does Your Soul Look Like - Pt. 4

DJ Sneak - Compute

DJ Sneak - Dancin

DJ Sneak - Feels Good

DJ Sneak - Keep On Groovin' (Fat Bottom Mix!)

DJ Sneak - Keep On Groovin'

DJ Sneak - Mind Destruction

DJ Sneak - Throw Your Hands

DJ Sneak & Armand Van Helden - Psychic Bounty Killaz

Dj Spooky - Anansi's Gambit

Dj Spooky - Soon Forward

Dj Spooky - Why Patterns

DJ Vadim - Abstractions

DJ Vadim - Aural Prostitution

DJ Vadim - Headz Still aIn't Ready

DJ Vadim - Lounge Shiznitz

DJ Vadim - Suckas Wearing Tainted Sunglasses

DJ Vadim - The Nuisance Caller

DJ Vadim - The Schematics

DJ Vadim - Times Are Hard

DJ Vadim - Who the Hell Am I?

DJ Vadim feat. DJ Ollie Teeba - Aural Prostitution

DJ Wally - Mustard Plaster

Django Reinhardt - Impromptu

Django Reinhardt - Le Soir

DLG - Acuyuye

DLG - Juliana

DLG - La Quiero A Morir

DLG - Me Va Extrañar (Unchained My Heart)

DLG - No Morirá - No Matter What

DLG - Volvere

Do Or Die - 6 Million

Do Or Die - Alpha and Omega

Do Or Die - Money Flow

Do Or Die - Paper Chase

Do Or Die - Playa Like Me and You

Do Or Die - Po Pimp

Doc Scott - Street Knowledge

Doc Watson - Matty Groves

Doctor Explosion - A greedy girl like you

Doctor Explosion - A travesty of 60's girl

Doctor Explosion - Complicated

Doctor Explosion - Drag queen

Doctor Explosion - El calcetín

Doctor Explosion - Let's go in 69

Doctor Explosion - Mata a la Tuna

Doctor Explosion - Mint club

Doctor Explosion - Mongol

Doctor Explosion - Nº fourteen

Doctor Explosion - Out of fun

Doctor Explosion - Thunderpussy girl

Doctor Rockit - Tape Measure

Dodgy - (Your Love Keeps Lifting Me) Higher And Higher

Dodgy - Ain't No Longer Asking

Dodgy - Found You

Dodgy - Good Enough

Dodgy - Homegrown

Dodgy - If You're Thinking of Me

Dodgy - in A Room

Dodgy - Jack the Lad

Dodgy - Long Life

Dodgy - The Snake

Dodgy - Trust in Time

Dodgy - U.K. R.I.P.

Dodgy - You've Gotta Look Up

Dogs of Peace - Dogs of Peace

Dogs of Peace - I Wanna Know

Dogs of Peace - in the Event

Dogs of Peace - Pray To God

Dogs of Peace - The Burning Bush

Dogs of Peace - Thrown Away

Dogs of Peace - When I Believe It

Dolly Parton - For the Good Times

Dolly Parton - Satin Sheets

Dolly Parton - Slow Dancing With the Moon

Dolly Parton feat. John Popper - Today I Started Loving You Again

Dolly Parton feat. Raul Malo - Don't Let Me Cross Over

Dom Dummaste - Död

Dom Dummaste - E De Du?

Dom Dummaste - Evangelium

Dom Dummaste - Henning

Dom Dummaste - Keep Smiling

Dom Dummaste - Park

Dom Dummaste - Patrik

Dom Dummaste - Solsken

Domingo Quiñones - Tu Como Estas

Don Carlos - Alone

Don Davis - Main Title

Don Drummond - Garden of Love

Don Moen - Give Thanks

Don Moen - Here We Are

Don Moen - Praise Looks Good On You

Don Williams and Pozo Seco Singers - On Her Way To Being A Woman

Donell Jones - All About You

Donell Jones - Knocks Me Off My Feet

Donell Jones - No Interruptions

Donell Jones & Mookie - In the Hood - Remix Version w/ Rap

Donna Lewis - Agenais ( LP Version )

Donna Lewis - Fools Paradise ( LP Version )

Donna Lewis - I Love You Always Forever ( LP Version )

Donna Lewis - I Love You Always Forever ( Philly Remix )

Donna Lewis - I Love You Always Forever

Donna Lewis - Lights of Life ( LP Version )

Donna Lewis - Love & Affection ( LP Version )

Donna Lewis - Mother ( LP Version )

Donna Lewis - Nothing Ever Changes ( LP Version )

Donna Lewis - Silent World ( LP Version )

Donna Lewis - Simone ( LP Version )

Donna Lewis - Without Love ( LP Version )

Donna Summer - Romeo

Donnie McClurkin - Speak to My Heart

Donnie McClurkin - Stand

Donny Osmond - The Twelfth of Never

Donny Osmond - Too Young

Donny Osmond - When I Fall in Love

Donny Osmond - Why

Donny Osmond - Young Love

Doof - Destination Bom

Doof - Sunshrine

Doof - Youth of the Galaxy

Doop - Ridin'

Doris Day - My Blue Heaven

Dottie West - Country Sunshine

Dottie West - Here Comes My Baby

Double You - And You Know

Double You - Because I'm Loving You

Double You - Because Loving You

Double You - Give Me All Your Love

Double You - Gonna Be My Baby

Double You - If You Say Goodbye

Double You - La Di Da

Double You - Loving You

Double You - Only in A Dream

Double You - Send Away the Rain

Double You - Stay With Me

Double You - Stay

Double You - That's the Way

Double You - The Alien Song

Douglas Spotted Eagle - House Made of Dawn Light

Down By Law - Gruesome Gary

Down By Law - Independence Day

Down By Law - No Has Beens

Down By Law - Radio Ragga

Down By Law - True Believers

Down Low - Murder

Down Low - Vision of Life

Down To the Bone - 17 Mile Drive

Down To the Bone - 3 Days in Manhattan

Down To the Bone - Brooklyn Heights

Down To the Bone - Carlito's Way

Down To the Bone - Muesli Brown

Down To the Bone - On the Corner of Darcy Street

Down To the Bone - Savour the Flavour

Down To the Bone - Staten Island Groove

Down To the Bone - Touch of Voodoo

Down To the Bone - Yo Mama's So Phat

Downset - Against the Spirits

Downset - Ashes in Hand

Downset - Empower

Downset - Eyes Shut Tight

Downset - Fire

Downset - Horrifying

Downset - Hurl A Stone

Downset - Intro (Downset/Do We Speak A Dead Language)

Downset - Keep On Breathing

Downset - Permanent Days Unmoving

Downset - Pocket Full of Fatcaps

Downset - Sangre De Mis Manos

Downset - Sickness

Downset - Touch

Dr. Alban - Born in Africa

Dr. Alban - Hallelujah Day

Dr. Calypso - Gordo

Dr. Calypso - Kaspa

Dr. Calypso - Neon Lights

Dr. Calypso - Not Understanding

Dr. Calypso - Plan 10

Dr. Calypso - Reggae Lovers

Dr. Calypso - Sense Sostre

Dr. Calypso - The Power of the Latin Soul

Dr. Calypso - Try Me (One More Time)

Dr. Dre - Been There Done That

Dr. Hook - Carry Me Carrie

Dr. Hook - I Don't Feel Much Like Smilin'

Dr. Hook - I'm A Lamb

Dr. Hook - Let the Loose End Drag

Dr. Hook - Love Monster

Dr. Hook - Sylvia's Mother

Dr. Octagon - Blue Flowers

Dr. Octagon - Earth People

Dracma - Arenys

Dracma - Beating Life

Dracma - Hope

Dracma - Inner Castle

Dracma - Inside Out (Part One)

Dracma - Inside Out (Part Two)

Dracma - Portrait of Falgars

Dracma - The Mask

Dread Zeppelin - Baba O'Riley

Dread Zeppelin - Feel Like Makin' Love

Dread Zeppelin - Freebird

Dread Zeppelin - Heartbreaker

Dread Zeppelin - Intro - American Trilogy

Dread Zeppelin - My Way

Dread Zeppelin - Q N' A

Dread Zeppelin - Smoke On the Water

Dreadful Shadows - Chains

Dream Warriors - Dem No Ready

Dream Warriors - Fear None (Interlude) (featuring Madd Anju)

Dream Warriors - First Ya Live (featuring Riddler)

Dream Warriors - Float On

Dream Warriors - From the Beginning

Dream Warriors - Here Today Gone Tomorrow

Dream Warriors - Sound Clash (featuring Beenie Man) - FattaSly Extended Mix

Dream Warriors - Sound Clash

Dream Warriors - Test of Purity

Dream Warriors - The Era of 'Stay Real

Dream Warriors - The Master Plan (featuring Kandu)

Dream Warriors - Times Are Changing (featuring Wriggz)

Dream Warriors - What Do You Want 'Ladies

Dream Warriors - Who's the Crook

Dream Your Dream - Belgium Rave

Dritte Wahl - 2/9/2/2/0/2/1f/a

Dritte Wahl - Auge um Auge

Dritte Wahl - Greif Ein

Dritte Wahl - Hash

Dritte Wahl - Kein Wort

Dritte Wahl - Lust

Dritte Wahl - Manchmal

Dritte Wahl - Nichts Geschafft

Dritte Wahl - Rausch

Dritte Wahl - Resolution Der Kommunarden

Dritte Wahl - So Wie Ihr Seid!

Dritte Wahl - Zu Klein

Driver Eight - Carousel

Driver Eight - Strange

Dru Down - Can You Feel Me

Dru Down - Freaks Come Out

Dru Hill - 5 Steps

Dru Hill - All Alone

Dru Hill - Anthem

Dru Hill - April Showers

Dru Hill - Do U Believe?

Dru Hill - In My Bed

Dru Hill - Love's Train

Dru Hill - Never Make A Promise

Dru Hill - Satisfied

Dru Hill - Share My World

Dru Hill - So Special

Dru Hill - Tell Me

Dru Hill - Whatever U Want

Drum Komputer - Nano

D-Shake - Yaaah

Dub Syndicate - Hey Ho

Dub War - Armchair Thriller

Dub War - BassBallBat

Dub War - Cant Stop

Dub War - Control

Dub War - Cry Dignity (Acoustic)

Dub War - Cry Dignity

Dub War - Cry Dubnatty

Dub War - Greedee

Dub War - Love Is

Dub War - Million Dollar Love

Dub War - Mission

Dub War - Prisoner

Dub War - Problem

Dub War - Silencer

Dub War - The Show

Dub War - Universal Jam

Dub War - Word Association

Duke Ellington - Take the A Train

Duke Ellington & His Orchestra - Salome

Duke Ellington & His Orchestra - The Tattooed Bride

Dumdum Boys - Møkkamann

Duncan Sheik - Barely Breathing - 45 Version

Duncan Sheik - Barely Breathing


DUNCAN SHEIK - in the Absence of Sun

DUNCAN SHEIK - Out of Order


DUNCAN SHEIK - The End of the Outside

Dune - Rainbow to the Stars

Duran Duran - Planet Earth

Dusty Springfield - Haunted

E-40 2Pac B-Legit feat. 2Pac & B-Legit - Million Dollar Spot

E-40 feat. Suga-T - I Wanna Thank You

E-40 Too $hort K-Ci feat. Too $hort & K-Ci - Rapper's Ball

Eagle-Eye Cherry - Save Tonight

Earl Brutus - 99p

Earl Brutus - Come Taste My Mind

Earl Brutus - Don't Die Jim

Earl Brutus - East

Earl Brutus - God, Let Me Be Kind

Earl Brutus - Male Wife

Earl Brutus - Midland Red

Earl Brutus - Second Class War

Earl Brutus - Universal Plan

Earl Brutus - Your Majesty We Are Here

Earl Klugh - Alicia

Earl Klugh - Balladina

Earl Klugh - By the Sea

Earl Klugh - Heart String

Earl Klugh - I'll Be Waiting (Reprise)

Earl Klugh - I'll Be Waiting

Earl Klugh - Night Song

Earl Klugh - Only You

Earl Klugh - Slow Boat To Rio

Earl Klugh - Sunset Island

Earl Klugh - The Wiggle

Earl Robinson - Kevin Barry

Earl Robinson - The House I Live In

Earl Sixteen - Freedom

Earth Crisis - Cease To Exist

Earth Crisis - Cling To the Edge

Earth Crisis - Constrict

Earth Crisis - Forgiveness Denied

Earth Crisis - Names Carved Into Granite

Earth Nation - Lay In

Earth Nation - Liquid Desert

East 17 - Hey Child

East 17 - Someone To Love

Eazy-E - Creep n Crawl

Eazy-E - Just Tah Let U Know

Eazy-E - Nutz on Ya Chin

Eazy-E - Sorry Louie

Eazy-E Dirty Red feat. Dirty Red - Wut Would You Do

Eazy-E Gangsta Dresta B.G. Knocc Out feat. Gangsta Dresta & B.G. Knocc Out - Sippin on a 40

Eazy-E Gangsta Dresta B.G. Knocc Out Sylk feat. Gangsta Dresta, B.G. Knocc Out & Sylk - Ole School Shit

Eazy-E MC Ren feat. MC Ren - Tha Muthaphukkin Real

Ec8or - Gangster

Ec8or - I Don't Wanna Be A Part of This

Ec8or - Need

Ec8or - One Track-Minded Fuckheads

Echolyn - One Brown Mouse

Ed Bruce - Texas When I Die

Ed Gerhard - Wild Mountain Thyme

Ed McCurdy - The Playhouse Saint

Ed McCurdy - Tottingham Frolic

Ed Rush - Density

Ed Rush - The Raven

Eddi Reader - Butterfly Jar

Eddi Reader - Candyfloss

Eddi Reader - Have You Got a Minute, Baby

Eddi Reader - I Loved A Lad

Eddi Reader - Semi-Precious

Eddi Reader - Town Without Pity

Eddie & the Hot Rods - At Night

Eddie & the Hot Rods - I See the Light

Eddie & the Hot Rods - Red Light Blue Light

Eddie Calvert - Cherry Pink And Apple Blossom White

Eddie Daniels - Emily

Eddie Izzard - Being Cool

Eddie Izzard - Being European

Eddie Izzard - Einstein / Science

Eddie Izzard - France / Exchange Trip

Eddie Izzard - Hannibal

Eddie Izzard - Pavlov's Dog / Cats

Eddie Izzard - Supermarkets / Vegetables

Eddie Izzard - Supermarkets

Eddie Izzard - The Romans

Eddie Izzard - The Shaftesbury Theatre

Eddie Jefferson - Filthy McNasty

Eddie Santiago - Lluvia

Eddie Santiago - Mia

Eddie Santiago - Tú Me Haces Falta

Eddie Santiago - Tú Me Quemas

Eddie Santiago - Todo Empezo

Eddie Van Halen & Alex Van Halen - Respect the Wind

Eddy Arnold - Cattle Call

Eddy Arnold - It's a Sin

Eddy Grant - Boys in the Street

Eddy Grant - Hello Africa

Eddy Grant - My Turn To Love You

Eddy Grant - Neighbour Neighbour

Edgar Meyer & Mike Marshall & Béla Fleck - Sliding Down

Edgar Winter - Give Me the Will

Edgar Winter - Good Ol Rock N Roll

Edgar Winter - Hoochie Coo

Edgar Winter - Hot, Passionate Love

Edgar Winter - Nitty Gritty

Edgar Winter - Sanctuary

Edgar Winter - The Music Is You

Edgar Winter - The Real Deal

Edgar Winter - We Can Win

Edith Lefel - Jean-Luc Alger

Edith Lefel - Pa Fè Lèkètè

Edith Lefel - Sanglots

Edith Lefel - Sans Escale

Edith Lefel - Somnifère

Edith Lefel - ZoukEdith (Medley)

Edith Piaf - Tu es partout

Edoardo Vianello - O mio signore

Eek-A-Mouse - Dancehall Nice

Eek-A-Mouse - Dip Em

Eek-A-Mouse - Don't Cry

Eek-A-Mouse - Don't Treat Her Bad

Eek-A-Mouse - God Bless

Eek-A-Mouse - Good To Me

Eek-A-Mouse - Jay

Eek-A-Mouse - Local Fisherman

Eek-A-Mouse - Who Loves Me

Eels - Beautiful Freak

Eels - Flower

Eels - Guest List

Eels - Mental

Eels - My Beloved Monster

Eels - Not Ready Yet

Eels - Novocaine For The Soul

Eels - Spunky

Eels - Susan's House

Eels - Your Lucky Day in Hell

Egberto Gismonti - Agua E Vinho

Eimear Quinn - The Voice

Eisregen - Eispalast

Eisregen - Herzblut

Ekhymosis - Ciudad Pacifico

Ekhymosis - Ciudad Pacífico

Ekhymosis - De Madrugada

Ekhymosis - Entre Martes Y Viernes

Ekhymosis - Parte De Mi

Ekhymosis - Parte De Mí

Ekhymosis - Sin Rencores

Ekhymosis - Solo

Ekhymosis - Una Flor En El Desierto

Ekin Cheng - 甘心替代ä½

El As De La Sierra - Mi linda Guerita

El As De La Sierra - Recordando A Maria

El Barrio - A mi guitarra

El Barrio - Cuanto Daria

El Barrio - Flor de Canela

El Barrio - La vida

El Barrio - Y no lo puedo soportar

El Barrio - Yo sueno flamenco

El Niño Gusano - Baby Snakes

El Niño Gusano - Caliño

El Niño Gusano - Mme. Dos Rombos

El Niño Gusano - Mr. Camping

El Niño Gusano - Pelícano

El Niño Gusano - Sobrinito

El Niño Gusano - Y Lo Que Digo 5 Veces Es Verdad

El Tri - Ruta 100

Elakelaiset - Humppa

Elakelaiset - Panojenkka

Elakelaiset - Pottajenkka

Elastica - Love Like Ours

Eleanor McEvoy - A Glass Unkissed

Eleanor McEvoy - All That Surrounds Me

Eleanor McEvoy - Biochemistry

Eleanor McEvoy - Don't Ask Me Why

Eleanor McEvoy - My Own Sweet Bed Tonight

Eleanor McEvoy - Precious Little

Eleanor McEvoy - Sleepless

Eleanor McEvoy - The Fire Overhead

Eleanor McEvoy - The Weatherman (Twelve Days)

Eleanor McEvoy - Trapped Inside

Eleanor McEvoy - Where Is the Healing?

Eleanor McEvoy - Whisper A Prayer To the Moon

Electric Frankenstein - Action High

Electronic - How Long

Electronic - Interlude

Electronic - Visit Me

Element of Crime - Abendrot

Elend - Dancing Under the Closed Eyes of Paradise

Elevator To Hell - 100 Miles (Album)

Elevator To Hell - Analysis 1313 (Album)

Elevator To Hell - A-Void the Out-Side (Album)

Elevator To Hell - Boots (Album)

Elevator To Hell - Clearly, See Me (Album)

Elevator To Hell - Each Day For A Week (Album)

Elevator To Hell - Elevator To Hell (Album)

Elevator To Hell - Everything Made More Sense (Album)

Elevator To Hell - Forever (Album)

Elevator To Hell - Killing Myself (Album)

Elevator To Hell - Let Yourself Glide And Emptily Dia (Album)

Elevator To Hell - Made For You (Album)

Elevator To Hell - Mercyful Fate (Album)

Elevator To Hell - Morning Clouds (Album)

Elevator To Hell - My Head (Album)

Elevator To Hell - Not the Least Surprised (Album)

Elevator To Hell - Physically Unaddictive Mind Change (Album)

Elevator To Hell - Rather Be (Album)

Elevator To Hell - Roger And the Hair (Album)

Elevator To Hell - Sink Into the Sea (Album)

Elevator To Hell - Sixteen Hours (Album)

Elevator To Hell - Speeding Down A Dirt Road (Album)

Elevator To Hell - The Climb (Album)

Elevator To Hell - Three More Weeks (Album)

Elevator To Hell - Train From You (Album)

Elevator To Hell - Typical, Boy Loses Girl (Album)

Elevator To Hell - Why I Didn't Like August 93 (Album)

Elf Power - Spectators

Elio E Le Storie Tese - La Terra Dei Cachi

Ella Baila Sola - Amores De Barra

Ella Baila Sola - Besos De Hielo

Ella Baila Sola - Cuando Los Sapos Bailen Flamenco

Ella Baila Sola - Disimulando

Ella Baila Sola - Entra

Ella Baila Sola - Lo Echamos A Suertes

Ella Baila Sola - Mejor Sin Ti

Ella Baila Sola - Muere El Silencio

Ella Baila Sola - Mujer Florero

Ella Baila Sola - No Lo Vuelvas A Hacer

Ella Baila Sola - Por Ti (Contains Hidden Tracks 'Fantasy' And 'Tear

Ella Baila Sola - Que Se Te Escapa El Negro

Ella Baila Sola - Victoria

Ella Fitzgerald - Isn't This A Lovely Day?

Ellen Foley - Stupid Girl

Elsa Garcia - Aventura De Mi Vida

Elsa Garcia - Buscando Tus Huellas

Elsa Garcia - Como Tu Y Yo

Elsa Garcia - Don't Pull Your Love

Elsa Garcia - El Rodeo

Elsa Garcia - Las Coplar

Elsa Garcia - Llevas Mi Nombre

Elsa Garcia - Me Duele

Elsa Garcia - Oh No

Elsa Garcia - Pos Cui Cui Ri

Elsa Garcia - Tanto Desprecio

Elton John - You Can Make History (Young Again)

Elvis Presley - It's Impossible

Elvis Presley - Life

Elvis Presley - Spanish Eyes

Emilio Navaira - Hubo Un Tiempo

Emilio Navaira - Mi Desgracia

Emilio Navaira - Mundo Perfecto

Emilio Navaira - Que Puedo Hacer

Emilio Navaira - Recuerdos De Amor

Eminem - Infinite

Emmanuel - Vamos A Amarnos Despacio

Emmylou Harris - Casey's Last Ride

Emmylou Harris - Dimming of the Day

Emmylou Harris - Sweet Sorrow in the Wind

Emmylou Harris - You're Still On My Mind

Empirion - Narcotic Influence

En Vogue - Don't Let Go (Love)

Enchant - Armour

Enchant - Below Zero

Enchant - Broken

Enchant - Distractions

Enchant - Fade 2 Grey

Enchant - Hostile World

Enchant - Look Away

Enchant - Man of Our Times

Enchant - Missing

Enchant - Pure

End of Green - Infinity

Enigma - Almost Full Moon

Enigma - Beyond the Invisible

Enigma - Morphing Thru Time

Enigma - Odyssey of the Mind

Enigma - Prism of Life

Enigma - Shadows In Silence

Enigma - T.N.T. For the Brain

Enigma - The Child In Us

Enigma - The Roundabout

Enigma - Third of Its Kind

Enigma - Why!...

Enrico Macias - Adieu Mon Pays

Epic Soundtracks - Landslide

Epileptics - Alive All Your Life

Epileptics - Anarcheest (69)

Epileptics - Andy Pandy

Epileptics - Can't Stand Sitting Down

Epileptics - Cheap

Epileptics - I Am Mentle

Epileptics - I've Got A Target On My Back

Epileptics - Submission

Epileptics - System Rejects

Epileptics - What Have You Got To Smile About?


ERA - Ameno

Eraserheads - Christmas Morning

Eraserheads - Fruit Fairy

Eraserheads - Fruitcake

Eraserheads - Lightyears

Eraserheads - Lord of the Rhum

Eraserheads - Mono Virus

Eraserheads - Rise And Shine

Eraserheads - Shadow Boxes Accountants

Eraserheads - Shadow Reads the News Today, Oh Boy

Eraserheads - Shadow

Eraserheads - Styrosnow

Eraserheads - The Fabulous Baker Boy

Eraserheads - Trip To Jerusalem

Eric B. & Rakim - Know The Ledge

Eric Benét - All in the Game

Eric Benét - Chains

Eric Benét - Femininity

Eric Benet - If You Want Me to Stay

Eric Benét - If You Want Me To Stay

Eric Benét - I'll Be There

Eric Benét - Just Friends

Eric Benet - Let's Stay Together - Midnight Mix

Eric Benét - Let's Stay Together

Eric Benet - Spiritual Thang

Eric Benét - True To Myself

Eric Benét - What If We Was Cool

Eric Benét - While You Were Here

Eric Benet & Kevin Davis - Femininity

Eric Burdon - San Francisco Nights

Eric Champion - Dress Me Up

Eric Champion - Droppin' Nova

Eric Champion - Every Heartbeat

Eric Champion - Falling

Eric Champion - Higher

Eric Champion - Life Form

Eric Champion - Sparkle in Your Beat

Eric Champion - Temptannie

Eric Champion - Transformation

Eric Champion - Until I Get My Way

Eric Champion - What's in A Name

Eric Clapton - Change the World

Eric Clapton - Driftin' Blues / Rambling On My Mind

Eric Clapton - Kind Hearted Woman

Eric Clapton - Rambling On My Mind / Have You Ever Loved A Woman

Eric Clapton - Water On the Ground

Eric Dolphy - G.W.

Eric Johnson - Manhattan

Eric Johnson - S.R.V.

Eric Von Schmidt - Fair And Tender Ladies

Ernest Ranglin - 54-46 (Was My Number)

Ernest Ranglin - Below The Bassline

Ernest Ranglin - Surfin'

Ernest Tubb - A Hundred And Sixty Acres

Ernest Tubb - Are You Waiting Just For Me

Ernest Tubb - Drivin' Nails in My Coffin

Ernest Tubb - Tomorrow Never Comes

Ernest Tubb - You Nearly Lose Your Mind

Ernest Tubb - You're Breaking My Heart

Ernest Tubb & His Texas Troubadors - Mean Mama Blues

Ernie K Doe - I Cried My Last Tear

Ernie K. Doe - Hello My Lover

Ernie K-Doe - Hello My Lover

Eros Ramazzotti - La Aurora

Eros Ramazzotti - La Cosa Mas Bella

Eros Ramazzotti - L'Uragano Meri

Eros Ramazzotti - Piu Bella Cosa

Eros Ramazzotti - Stella Gemella

Eros Ramazzotti & Luca Bignardi - Più bella cosa



ERSKINE HAWKINS - Lucky Seven (Bill's Tune)


Erskine Hawkins & His Orchestra - Bear Mash Blues

Erskine Hawkins & His Orchestra - Caldonia

Erskine Hawkins & His Orchestra - Don't Cry Baby

Erskine Hawkins and His Orchestra - Bicycle Bounce

Erskine Hawkins and His Orchestra - Don't Cry Baby

Erskine Hawkins and His Orchestra - Good Dip

Escuela de Odio - La sociedad del bienestar

Escuela de Odio - Libertad

Escuela de Odio - No me juzgues

Escuela de Odio - Nuevas oraciones

Esquivel - Dancing in the Dark

Estatic Fear - As Autumn Calls

Estatic Fear - Des Nachtens Suss Gedone

Estatic Fear - Ode To Solitude

Chemlab - Exiled

Etnica - Deep East

Etta James - 842-3089 (Call My Name)

Etta James - W.O.M.A.N.

E-Type - Back in the Loop

E-Type - Calling Your Name

E-Type - Free Like A Flying Demon

E-Type - I'm Not Alone

E-Type - The Explorer

Eugenio Finardi - Con questi occhi

Eugenio Finardi - Dal Blu

Eugenio Finardi - Dopo l'amore

Eugenio Finardi - Shamandura

Eugenio Finardi - Sveglia ragazzi

Eugenio Finardi - Un uomo

Eugenio Finardi - Uno Di Noi (One of Us)

Everclear - Santa Monica

Evereve - Autumn Leaves

Evereve - The Bride Wears Black

Everything But The Girl - Before Today - 2015 Remaster

Everything But the Girl - Before Today

Everything But the Girl - Flipside

Everything But the Girl - Mirrorball

Everything But the Girl - Missing

Everything But the Girl - The Heart Remains A Child

Everything But the Girl - Walking Wounded

Everything But The Girl - Wrong - 2015 Remaster

Everything But the Girl - Wrong

E'voke - Arms of Loren

Exploited - Belsen Was A Gas

Extrabreit - Kalter Fisch

Extremoduro - Correcaminos ¡Estate Al Loro!

Extremoduro - La Carrera

Extremoduro - Me Estoy Quitando

Extremoduro - Que Sonrisa Tan Rara!

Extremoduro - Todos Me Dicen

Eyehategod - Anxiety Hangover

Eyehategod - Broken Down But Not Locked Up

Eyehategod - Dogs Holy Life

Eyehategod - Lack of Almost Everything

Eyehategod - Masters of Legalized Confusion

Eyehategod - Methamphetamine

Eyehategod - My Name Is God (i Hate You)

Eyehategod - Non Conductive Negative Reasoning

Eyehategod - Peace Thru War

Eyehategod - Ruptured Heart Theory

Eyehategod - Zero Nowhere

Ezequiel Peña - Cuatro Velas

Ezequiel Peña - Ebrio De Amor

Ezequiel Peña - Que Te Quieran Más Que Yo

Ezequiel Peña - Dos Traiciones

Fabio Concato - Bell'Italia

Fabio Concato - O Bella Bionda

Fabrizio De Andrè - Anime Salve

Fabrizio De Andrè - Disamistade

Face To Face - Blind

Face To Face - I Won't Lie Down

Face To Face - Ordinary

Face To Face - Walk the Walk

Failure - Another Space Song

Failure - Blank

Failure - Dirty Blue Balloons

Failure - Heliotropic

Failure - Leo

Failure - Pillowhead

Failure - Pitiful

Failure - Saturday Saviour

Failure - Segue 1

Failure - Segue 2

Failure - Segue 3

Failure - Sergeant Politeness

Failure - Smoking Umbrellas

Failure - Solaris

Failure - Stuck on You

Failure - The Nurse Who Loved Me

Fairport Convention - Woodworm Swing

Faith Evans - Kissing You

Faithless - Angeline

Faithless - Baseball Cap

Faithless - Baseball Dub

Faithless - Don't Leave

Faithless - Drifting Away

Faithless - Flowerstand Man

Faithless - If Lovin' You Is Wrong

Faithless - Insomnia

Faithless - Reverence

Faithless - Soundcheck Jam

Faithless & Rollo Armstrong & Sister Bliss - Insomnia

Falling Sickness - Ain't No Fun

Falling Sickness - Drinking in the Streets

Falling Sickness - Dwindle

Falling Sickness - Ease Up

Falling Sickness - Face the Clock

Falling Sickness - Fuk the Vote

Falling Sickness - Hard Enough

Falling Sickness - Holding Cell

Falling Sickness - I Like Drugs

Falling Sickness - Lurker

Falling Sickness - Mixed Up

Falling Sickness - Never Was

Falling Sickness - Ripperside

Falling Sickness - Runaway

Falling Sickness - Start Over

Falling Sickness - The Sickness

Falling Sickness - Too P.C.

Farida Khanum - Jis Tarah Chahen Karam Farmaiyeh

Farida Khanum - Na Ganwao Nawuk-e-Neem Kash

Farida Khanum - Tum Aur Fareb Khao

Fatal Blast Whip - Surveillance

Fatboy Slim - Big Beat Souffle

Fatboy Slim - Everybody needs a 303

Fatboy Slim - Going Out of My Head

Fatboy Slim - Knuf of Knup

Fates Warning - Closer To the Heart

Fats Navarro - Lady Bird

Fausto - Atrás Dos Tempos

Fausto - Eu Casei Com A Bonita

Fausto - Judite

Fausto - Os Mandamentos Do Vinho

Fausto - Um Outro Olhar Sobre Caxias

Fausto Papetti - A Whiter Shade of Pale

Fausto Papetti - Blade Runner Blues

Fausto Papetti - Love Me Tender

Faxed Head - The Four Freshmen

Faye Adams - Keeper of My Heart

Faze Action - in the Trees

Feeder - Descend

Feeder - Shade

Feeder - Stereo World

Feeder - W.I.T.

Felius Andromeda - Meditations

Ferrick, Melissa - Alone

Ferrick, Melissa - Asking For Love

Ferrick, Melissa - Frog Named Freddy

Ferrick, Melissa - Somebody Help Me

Fettes Brot - Jein

Fettes Brot - Nordisch By Nature (Teil 3)

Fey - Azúcar Amargo

Fey - Azúcar Amargo

Fey - Bajo El Arcoiris

Fey - Te Pertenezco

Fiddler's Green - Into the Darkness

Fifteen - Ain't Life A Drag

Fifteen - Food Not Bombs

Fifteen - Helter Smelter

Fifteen - Land Mine

Fifteen - Parking Lots

Filter - Jurassitol

Filter - Thanks Bro

Final - 1

Final - 2

Final - 3

Final - 4

Final - 5

Final - 6

Final - 7

Final - 8

Final - 9

Final - Arise

Final - Light

Final - Solaris

Fiona Apple - Carrion

Fiona Apple - Criminal

Fiona Apple - Never Is a Promise

Fiona Apple - Pale September

Fiona Apple - Shadowboxer

Fiona Apple - Sleep to Dream

Fiona Apple - Slow Like Honey

Fiona Apple - Sullen Girl

Fiona Apple - The Child Is Gone

Fiona Apple - The First Taste

Firehouse - Her For You

Firehouse - I Live My Life For You

Firehouse - in Your Perfect World

Firehouse - Love Son't Care

Firehouse - Seven Bridges Road

Firehouse - You Are My Religion

First Choice - Love Freeze

Fishbone - Alcoholic

Fishbone - Fishbone (Is Red Hot)

Fishbone - Monkey Dick

Fishmans - ãƒsイトクルージング

Fishmans - BABY BLUE

Fishmans - LONG SEASON

Fito Paez - A rodar mi vida

Five Horse Johnson - Odella

Five Horse Johnson - Sermons in the Yard

Five Iron Frenzy - Combat Chuck

Five Iron Frenzy - Everywhere I Go

Five Iron Frenzy - Faking Life

Fjk - Enkelt ursprung

Flaming Stars - Who's Out There?

Flash Cadillac, the Continental Kids - Did You Boogie (With Your Baby)

Flav-O-Pac - Byzar

Flaw - Amendment

Flaw - Inner Strength

Flaw - Reliance

Flesh 'n' Bone - Coming 2 Serve You

Flesh 'n' Bone - Crazy By the Flesh

Flesh 'n' Bone - Empty the Clip

Flesh 'n' Bone - Live Soil

Flesh 'n' Bone - Mystic Spirits

Flesh 'n' Bone - No Mercy

Flesh 'n' Bone - Northcoast

Flesh 'n' Bone - Nothin But Da Bone in Me

Flesh 'n' Bone - Playa Hater

Flesh 'n' Bone - Reverend Run Sermon

Flesh 'n' Bone - Sticks And Stones

Flesh 'n' Bone - T.H.U.G.S.

Flesh 'n' Bone - The Silence Isn't Over

Flesh 'n' Bone - World So Cruel

Fleshtones feat. Alan Vega - Rocket U.S.A.

Flock of Seagulls - Rainfall

Flowchart - Ageism

Flowchart - Drunken Mini-Musik

Flowchart - Glorious and Prosperous

Flowchart - Lovefingers

Flowchart - No Microchips

Flowchart - Sole Qualm

Flowchart - The Spirit of Kenny G

Floyd Cramer - Annie's Song

Floyd Cramer - Could I Have This Dance

Floyd Cramer - Don't Know Much

Floyd Cramer - Forever in Love

Floyd Cramer - Have I Told You Lately

Floyd Cramer - I Can't Make You Love Me

Floyd Cramer - I Swear

Floyd Cramer - If

Floyd Cramer - I'll Be Home For Christmas

Floyd Cramer - Jingle Bell Rock

Floyd Cramer - Longer

Floyd Cramer - Love Me

Floyd Cramer - Save the Best For Last

Floyd Cramer - Sometimes When We Touch

Floyd Cramer - Somewhere in My Broken Heart

Floyd Cramer - The Dance

Floyd Cramer - To All the Girls I've Loved Before

Floyd Cramer - When A Man Loves A Woman

Floyd Cramer - You Are So Beautiful

Floyd Dixon - Hey Bartender

Fluke - Atom Bomb (Atomix 1)

Fluke - Atom Bomb (Atomix 2)

Fluke - Atom Bomb (Atomix 3)

Fluke - Atom Bomb (Atomix 4)

Fluke - Atom Bomb (Atomix 5)

Fluke - Atom Bomb (Atomix 6)

FM Einheit - .6/.4

FM Einheit - Death Row (Reprise (1))

FM Einheit - Defending Phrase

FM Einheit - Duell

FM Einheit - Fersehballett

FM Einheit - Kompositionsspiel

FM Einheit - Requiem für eine Todgeweihte

FM Einheit - Russisches Roulett

FM Einheit - The Hektik

FM Einheit - The Race

FM Einheit - The Switch

FM Einheit - Theme From Death Row

Fobia - Ai Kan Bugui

Fobia - Casi Amor

Fobia - Descontrol

Fobia - Hipnotízame

Fobia - Revolución Sin Manos

Fobia - Sin Querer

Fobia - Veneno Vil

Fobia - Vestida Para Matar

Fobia - Vivo

Focal Point - Sycamore Sid

Foetus - Hot Horse

Foetus - Incesticide

Fool's Garden - Lemon Tree

For Real - For All of My Life

For Real - Free

For Real - Good Morning Sunshine

For Real - Hold Me

For Real - How Can I Get Close To You

For Real - Intro

For Real - Like I Do

For Real - Nothing Without You

For Real - Remember

For Real - So in Love

For Real - The Saddest Song I Ever Heard

For Real - Will You Love Me

Force & Styles - Heart of Gold

Fountains of Wayne - Barbara H

Fountains of Wayne - Everything's Ruined

Fountains of Wayne - I've Got A Flair

Fountains of Wayne - Joe Rey

Fountains of Wayne - Leave the Biker

Fountains of Wayne - Please Don't Rock Me Tonight

Fountains Of Wayne - Radiation Vibe

Fountains of Wayne - She's Got A Problem

Fountains of Wayne - Sick Day

Fountains Of Wayne - Sink to the Bottom

Fountains of Wayne - Survival Car

Fountains of Wayne - You Curse At Girls

FourPlay String Quartet - Corrosion

Foxy Brown - (Holy Matrimony) Letter To The Firm

Foxy Brown & Blackstreet - Get Me Home

Foxy Brown & Jay-Z - I'll Be

Foxy Brown & Method Man - Ill Na Na

Francis Lai - 13 jours en France

Francis Lai - La Course du lièvre à travers les champs

Francis Lai - Les étoiles du cinéma

Francis Lai - Les ripoux

Francis Lai - Les uns et les autres

Franco Battiato - La Cura

François Feldman - Comme Un Film

François Feldman - Compte Sur Moi

François Feldman - Exit De La Nuit

François Feldman - Le P'tit Cireur

François Feldman - Slave

Françoise Hardy - Autumn Rendez-vous

Françoise Hardy - La Beauté Du Diable

Françoise Hardy - L'obscur Objet

Françoise Hardy - Zéro Partout

Frank Black - Dance War

Frank Black - I Don't Want To Hurt You (Every Single Time)

Frank Black - Jesus Was Right

Frank Black - Kicked in the Taco

Frank Black - Mosh, Dont Pass the Guy

Frank Black - Punk Rock City

Frank Black - The Adventure and the Resolution

Frank Black - The Creature Crawling

Frank Black - The Cult of Ray

Frank Black - The Last Stand of Shazeb Andleeb

Frank Black - The Marsist

Frank Black - You Aint Me

Frank Hutchison - Back in My Home Town

Frank Klepacki - Act On Instinct

Frank Klepacki - Airstrike

Frank Klepacki - Creeping Upon

Frank Klepacki - Dense

Frank Klepacki - Depth Charge

Frank Klepacki - Drill

Frank Klepacki - Full Stop

Frank Klepacki - in the Line of Fire

Frank Klepacki - Prepare for Battle

Frank Klepacki - Radio

Frank Klepacki - Rain in the Night

Frank Klepacki - Roll Out

Frank Klepacki - Run

Frank Klepacki - Smash

Frank Klepacki - Target

Frank Klepacki - Vector

Frank Klepacki - We Will Stop Them

Frank Sinatra - (Love Is) The Tender Trap

Frank Sinatra - Flowers Mean Forgiveness

Frank Sinatra - I'm Gonna Live Till I Die

Frank Sinatra - Learnin' the Blues

Frank Sinatra - Witchcraft

Frank Stokes - Chicken You Can Roost Behind the Moon

FRANK T - El Buen Estratega

FRANK T - El Cubo De Variante Dimensional


FRANK T - Friestail

FRANK T - Introdukcion

FRANK T - Palke-lo Intente

FRANK T - Sabio Joven Negro Estudiante

FRANK T - Soy Un Poeta

FRANK T - The Trompetas Revueltas (Alta Tension)

FRANK T - Top No Esta Muerto

FRANK T - X No Concebido (El Libro Era El)

FRANK T - Ya Ke'sto No Es Pop, Es Hip Hop

Frankie Ruiz - Cómo Lo Hacen

Frankie Ruiz - Deseándote

Frankie Ruiz - En Emilepoca De Celo

Frankie Ruiz - Ironía

Frankie Ruiz - La Rueda

Frankie Ruiz - Mi Libertad

Frankie Ruiz - Quiero Llenarte

Frankie Ruiz - Tú Me Vuelves Loco

Frankie Valli & the 4 Seasons - Dawn (Go Away)

Frans Bauer - Jouw Tranen Zal Ik Nooit Vergeten

Frans Bauer - Mañana

Frans Bauer - Op Rode Rozen Vallen Tranen

Frans Bauer - Op Weg Naar Al Mijn Dromen

Frans Bauer - Teenager Melodie

Frans Bauer - Viva Holiday

Frans Bauer - Weine Nicht Corinna

Frans Bauer - Wenn ein Stern am Himmel steht

Frans Bauer - Zoveel Dagen, Zoveel Nachten

Franz Josef Degenhardt - Eigentlich Unglaublich

Franz Schubert & Mischa Maisky & Daria Hovora - Schwanengesang, D.957: Ständchen 'Leise flehen meine Lieder'

Frau Doktor - Schuld ist sie

Freak Nasty - Bump That Rump

Freak Nasty - Commercial

Freak Nasty - Cut Up

Freak Nasty - Da' Dip

Freak Nasty - Have This Ever Happened 2-U

Freak Nasty - Intro

Freak Nasty - Rumors Pt. 2

Freak Nasty AKA Big Easy - Intro

Freak Power - Can You Feel It

Freak Power - Freedom Child

Freak Power - Ghettos of the Mind

Freak Power - Giving Up Government Drugs

Freak Power - K.K. Nuns

Freak Power - Let It Go

Freak Power - New Direction

Freak Power - One Nation One Ride

Freak Power - Road Thang

Freak Power - Song #6

Freak Power - Trip Through Your Mind

Fred Fortin - ... Que je t'étranglerai

Fred Fortin - Charlie & Remerciements

Fred Fortin - Embarque dans mon char

Fred Fortin - Gros Bill

Fred Fortin - La loi du chocolat

Fred Fortin - La Marmotte

Fred Fortin - La paix dans le monde

Fred Fortin - Les Divorcés du Lac Saint-Jean

Fred Fortin - Moisi Moé'ssi

Fred Fortin - Portrait D'un Ovni

Fred Fortin - T'es grosse pis t'es belle

Fred Fortin - Testament

Fred Fortin - Wéginald

Fred Gianelli - 2nd Premonition

Fred Gianelli - Delta of Venus

Fred Gianelli - G.L.U.M.

Fred Gianelli - Halcyon

Fred Gianelli - Indian Giver

Fred Gianelli - Management

Fred Gianelli - Marketing

Fred Gianelli - Sales

Fred Gianelli - Telepathic Space Grass

Fred Gianelli - The Willows

Fred McDowell - Write Me A Few of Your Lines

Freddie King - Ain't Nobody's Business

Freddie King - Introduction

Freddy Fresh - Portion

Freeman Stowers - Medley of Blues

Fresh Moods - Rhythmbreeze

Fritz Kreisler & Joshua Bell & Paul Coker - Liebesleid

Fröbelin Palikat - Autopesula

Fröbelin Palikat - Hippulat Vinkumaan

Fröbelin Palikat - Kapteeni Käskee

Fröbelin Palikat - Peukku Tahtoo Tanssia

Fröbelin Palikat - Viisi Ilmapalloa

Frost - East Side Rendezvous

Fugees - Cowboys

Fugees - Don't Cry Dry Your Eyes

Fugees - Family Business

Fugees - Fu-Gee-La - Refugee Camp Global Mix

Fugees - Fu-Gee-La - Refugee Camp Remix

Fugees - Fu-Gee-La - Sly & Robbie Mix

Fugees - Fu-Gee-La

Fugees - How Many Mics

Fugees - Killing Me Softly With His Song

Fugees - Manifest/Outro

Fugees - Manifest/Outro

Fugees - Mista Mista

Fugees - No Woman, No Cry

Fugees - Ready or Not

Fugees - Red Intro

Fugees - The Beast

Fugees - The Mask

Fugees - The Score

Fugees - Zealots

Fun Lovin' Criminals - Bear Hug

Fun Lovin' Criminals - Come Find Yourself

Fun Lovin' Criminals - Crime And Punishment

Fun Lovin' Criminals - King of New York

Fun Lovin' Criminals - Methadonia

Fun Lovin' Criminals - Scooby Snacks (Explicit)

Fun Lovin' Criminals - Scooby Snacks

Fun Lovin' Criminals - Smoke 'Em

Fun Lovin' Criminals - The Fun Lovin' Criminal

Fun Lovin' Criminals - The Grave And the Constant

Fun Lovin' Criminals - We Have All the Time in the World

Funkadelic & Digital Underground - Knee Deep - Deep As A Mutha Funker Remix

Funker Vogt - Black Hole

Funker Vogt - Thanks For Nothing

Funki Porcini - 12 Points Off Your Licence

Funki Porcini - Carwreck

Funki Porcini - Going Down

Funki Porcini - Groover

Funki Porcini - I'm Such A Small Thing

Funki Porcini - Purrfect

Funki Porcini - Snip & Lick

Funki Porcini - The Afterlife

Funki Porcini - The Fly

Funki Porcini - The Last Song

Funki Porcini - Theme Music For Nothing

Funki Porcini - Venus

Funky Green Dogs - Fired Up!

Funny Van Dannen - Guten Abend

FU-Schnickens - Bring It Back

FU-Schnickens - Original Rude Boy

FU-Schnickens - Voice of Da Ghetto

Future Loop Foundation - Bad Joss

Future Loop Foundation - Carla's Dream

Future Loop Foundation - I Want To Believe

Future Loop Foundation - Spirit Catcher

Future Loop Foundation - The Journey

Gabor Szabo - The Beat Goes On

Gabrielle - Forget About the World

Gabrielle - If I Could

Gabrielle - Our Love Is Over

Gabrielle - People May Come

Gaiteiros de Lisboa - Chula Gaiteira

Gala - Freed From Desire

Galactic - Church

Galactic - Go Go

Galactic - Triple Threat DJ's

Galactic - Welcome To New Orleans

galactic cowboys - Arrow

galactic cowboys - Easy To Love

galactic cowboys - Fear Not

galactic cowboys - Feel the Rage

galactic cowboys - Gramma's

galactic cowboys - I Want You

galactic cowboys - Idle Minds

galactic cowboys - in A Lonely Room

galactic cowboys - Junior's Farm

galactic cowboys - Paradigm Shift

galactic cowboys - The Lens

Galliano - Ease Your Mind

Galliano - Funny How

Galliano - Roofing Tiles

Galliano - Slack Hands

Galliano - Slightly Frayed

Galliano - Some Came

Galliano - Thunderhead

Galliano - Western Front

Gallon Drunk - Some Cast Fire

Galy Galiano - Me Bebí Tu Recuerdo

Garageland - Fingerpops

Garageland - Fire Away

Garageland - I'M Looking For What I Can'T Get

Garageland - Jesus I'M Freezing

Garageland - Never Gonna Come Round Here Again

Garageland - Nude Star

Garageland - Return To You

Garageland - Something'S Got A Hold

Garageland - Underground Nonsense

Garden of Delight - Empire of the Sun

Garden of Delight - Exodus (reveiled)

Garden of Delight - Oversoul

Garden of Delight - Paradise Will Be There

Garden of Delight - Scheoul II

Garden of Delight - The Colour Out of Space

Garmarna - Herr Mannelig

Göran Söllscher - 4 Estaciones Portenas (pour guitare): N°.1 Primavera Porteña

Gary Allan - Her Man

Gary Barlow - Forever Love

Gary Chang - Aissa's Death

Gary Chang - Dr. Moreau

Gary Chang - Moreau's Demise

Gary Chang - The Button

Gary Chang - The Colony

Gary Chang - The Funeral

Gary Chang - The Island

Gary Chang - The Serum

Gary Chang - The Stranded

Gary Chapman - Anything's Possible

Gary Chapman - Back Where I Started

Gary Chapman - Chains of Clay

Gary Chapman - Don't Be A Stranger

Gary Chapman - Gospel Ship

Gary Chapman - Great Is Thy Faithfulness

Gary Chapman - If You Ever Need Me

Gary Chapman - Nothing Wrong With You

Gary Chapman - One of Two

Gary Chapman - Soldiers of the Soul

Gary Chapman - Written in the Scars

Gary D. - Kinetic Pressure

Gary D. - Overload

Gary Hobbs - Buscando Un Amor

Gary Hobbs - Comprendeme

Gary Hobbs - Desde La Raiz

Gary Hobbs - Donde Hay Fe

Gary Hobbs - Eres Mia

Gary Hobbs - Fidelita

Gary Hobbs - Otra Vez Me Toco Perder

Gary Hobbs - Por Su Propia Luz

Gary Hobbs - Promesa

Gary Hoey - Bug Alley

Gary Hoey - Coasting

Gary Hoey - Desire

Gary Hoey - Peace Pipe

Gary Moore feat. Phil Lynott - Parisienne Walkways

Gas Huffer - Carolina Hot Foot

Gas Huffer - Discovery Park

Gas Huffer - Double-O-Bum

Gas Huffer - Fall of the Kingfish

Gas Huffer - Matt's Mood

Gas Huffer - Mosquito Stomp

Gas Huffer - Numbnuts Cold

Gas Huffer - Plant You Now

Gas Huffer - Sixty Three Hours

Gas Huffer - Smile No More

Gas Huffer - The Sin of Sloth

Gas Huffer - Tiny Life

Gas Huffer - You Are Not Your Job

Gato Barbieri - Eclipse

Gato Barbieri - I Want You

Gay Woods & Steeleye Span - The Water is Wide

GBH - Civilized

GBH - Cryin' (On the Hard Shoulder)

GBH - Don't Drag Me Back

GBH - Enzo

GBH - Harmony

GBH - Hole

GBH - Junkies

GBH - Lowering the Standard

GBH - Outro

GBH - Shakin' Hands With the Machine

GBH - Stormchaser

GBH - Tokyo After Dark

Geggy Tah - Century Plant 2000

Geggy Tah - Don't Close the Door

Geggy Tah - Gina

Geggy Tah - Granddad's Opening Address

Geggy Tah - House of Usher (Inside)

Geggy Tah - Las Vegas With the Lights Out

Geggy Tah - Lotta Stuff

Geggy Tah - Mem

Geggy Tah - Sacred Cow

Geggy Tah - She Withers

Geggy Tah - Shed

Geggy Tah - Such a Beautiful Night

Geggy Tah - Whoever You Are

Geggy Tah & King Chango - Whoever You Are

Ge'La - No Estoy Sola

Gene - Drawn to the Deep End

Gene - Fighting Fit

Gene Ammons - The Twister

Gene Autry - Bear Cat Papa Blues

Gene Autry - Do Right Daddy Blues

Gene Autry - Frankie And Johnny

Gene Autry - Jail-House Blues

Gene Farris - Visions of the Future

Gene Harris & The Three Sounds - Sittin' Duck

Gene Kelly - Almost Like Being in Love (In the Good Old Summertime)

Gene Kelly - Be A Clown

Gene Kelly - Nina

Gene Kelly - S Wonderful

Gene Kelly - You Wonderful You

Gene Watson - Got No Reason Now For Goin' Home

GENESIS P-ORRIDGE and PSYCHIC TV - Firewoman (Exhuma Exhortation)

Geneva - No One Speaks

Geoff Moore And the Distance - Heart And Soul

Geoff Moore And the Distance - One Brand of Truth

Geoff Moore And the Distance - Over Emotional

Geoff Moore And the Distance - Rescue Me

Georg Friedrich Händel - Allegro

George Acosta - A DJ From Mars

George Acosta - Da Phunky Filler

George Acosta - Galactic Groove

George Acosta - Make the Muzik

George Acosta - True Lies

George Benson - Johnnie Lee

George Benson - That's Right

George Benson - Where Are You Now

George 'Bullet' Williams - Touch Me Light Mama

George Clinton - Atomic Dog

George Clinton - Booty Body Ready for the Plush Funk

George Clinton - Do Fries Go With That Shake (Know What I'm Sayin' Remix) (Explicit)

George Clinton - Hey Good Lookin'

George Clinton - Mothership Connection Starchild (The Second Coming) (Explicit)

George Clinton - Mothership Connection Starchild

George Clinton feat. Coolio - Atomic Dog (Dogs of the World Unite Remix) (Explicit) (Feat. Coolio)

George Clinton feat. Digital Underground - Knee Deep (Deep As A Mutha Funker Remix) (Explicit) (Feat. Digital Underground)

George Clinton feat. Digital Underground - Knee Deep (Midnight Mix) (Explicit) (Feat. Digital Underground)

George Clinton feat. Q-Tip, Busta Rhymes, Ol' Dirty Bastard And P-Funk - Flashlight (The GrooveMasters' Mix) (Explicit) (Feat. Q-Tip, Busta Rhymes, Ol' Dirty Bastard And P-Funk)

George Duke - Drum Solo

George Duke - Percussion Solo

George Duke - Phase 6 (Love Theme)

George Duke - Phase 7

George Duke - Sweet Baby

George Faith - Bring Your Sweet Love To Me

George Faith - Have I Told You Lately That I Love You

George Faith - I Won't Cry

George Faith - If Loving You Is Wrong I Don't Wanna Be Right

George Faith - Love And Affection (Disco Style)

George Faith - Once Upon A Time

George Faith - Please Stay (Disco Style)

George Harrison - Between the Devil And the Deep Blue Sea

George Harrison - Flying Hour

George Lewis And His New Orleans Stompers - Burgundy Street Blues

George Michael - Fast Love

George Michael - Fastlove, Pt. 1

George Michael - Fastlove

George Michael - I Can't Make You Love Me

George Michael - Jesus To A Child

George Michael - Older

George Michael - Spinning the Wheel

George Michael - You Have Been Loved

George Morgan - I Love Everything About You

George Morgan - Rainbow in My Heart

George Morgan - There Goes My Love

George Strait - Blue Clear Sky

George Strait - Carried Away

George Strait - I Can Still Make Cheyenne

George Winston - A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving

George Winston - Bon Voyage

George Winston - Cast Your Fate To the Wind

George Winston - Charlie Brown And His All-Stars

George Winston - Christmas Time Is Here

George Winston - Eight Five Five

George Winston - Linus & Lucy

George Winston - Skating

George Winston - The Great Pumpkin Waltz

George Winston - The Masked Marvel

George Winston - Treat Street

Georgia Gibbs - Kiss of fire

Georgia Gibbs - Tweedle Dee

Georgia White - Alley Boogie

Gerald Jay Markoe - Twilight in the Magic Forest

Gerald Veasley - A Lasting Moment

Gerald Veasley - Exit To the Street

Gerald Veasley - Highway Home

Gerald Veasley - Imani (Faith)

Gerald Veasley - Marvin's Mood

Gerald Veasley - Salamanca

Gerald Veasley - Signs

Gerald Veasley - Tranquillity Bass

Gerald Veasley - Walking Through Walls

Gerald Veasley - What Are You Doing the Rest of Your Life?

Gerard Van Maasakkers - Dag Jozefien

Gerard Van Maasakkers - Ergens a/d Maas

Gerard Van Maasakkers - Griep

Gerard Van Maasakkers - Jopie Jansen

Gerard Van Maasakkers - Salve Regina

Gerard Van Maasakkers - Vaas Op Tafel

Gerard Van Maasakkers - Zomer in Mij

Gescom - Key nell 1

Gescom - Key nell 2

Gescom - Key nell 3

Gescom - Key nell 4

Geto Boys - First Light of the Day

Geto Boys - Still

Geto Boys - The World Is a Ghetto

GG Allin - Carmelita

Ghetto Mafia - Straight From The DEC

Ghost Face Killah - 260

Ghost Face Killah feat. Raekwon - Motherless Child

Ghost Town DJs - My Boo - Hitman's Club Mix

Ghostface Killah - After the Smoke Is Clear

Ghostface Killah - Assassination Day

Ghostface Killah - Box in Hand

Ghostface Killah - Fasta Blade

Ghostface Killah - One

Ghostface Killah - Poisonous Darts

Ghostface Killah - Wildflower

Ghostface Killah & Masta Killa & Reakwon & Cappadonna & U-God - Winter Warz

Ghostface Killah & Raekwon & Cappadonna - Iron Maiden

Ghostface Killah & U-God - Cherchez LaGhost

Ghostface Killah feat. Cappadonna feat. U-God feat. Masta Killah - Winter Warz

Ghostface Killah feat. Raekwon - 260

Ghostface Killah Mary J. Blige feat. Mary J. Blige - All That I Got Is You

Ghostface Killah Method Man Street feat. Method Man & Street - Box In Hand

Ghostface Killah Raekwon Cappadonna feat. Raekwon & Cappadonna - Camay

Ghostface Killah Raekwon Cappadonna feat. Raekwon & Cappadonna - Daytona 500

Ghostface Killah Raekwon Cappadonna feat. Raekwon & Cappadonna - Fish

Ghostface Killah Raekwon feat. Raekwon - 260

Ghostface Killah Raekwon feat. Raekwon - Motherless Child

Ghostface Killah Raekwon feat. Raekwon - The Faster Blade

Ghostface Killah Raekwon RZA Inspektah Deck feat. Raekwon, RZA & Inspektah Deck - Assassination Day

Ghoti Hook - Body Juggler

Ghoti Hook - Dry Run

Ghoti Hook - Tract Boy

GIA Singers - Make Me a Channel of Your Peace (Prayer of Saint Francis)

Gianluca Grignani - La Fabbrica Di Plastica

Gianluca Grignani - L'Allucinazione

Gianluca Grignani - Solo Cielo

Gianmaria Testa - Canto

Gianmaria Testa - Cavalli di frisia

Gianmaria Testa - Come un'america

Gianmaria Testa - Il viaggio

Gianmaria Testa - Joking lady

Gianmaria Testa - Un' altra città

Gianmaria Testa - Un po' di là del mare

Gianmaria Testa - Via da quest' avventura

Gianni Togni - Cari Amori Miei

Gianni Togni - C'è Una Verità

Gianni Togni - E Qualcosa C'è

Gianni Togni - Giulia

Gianni Togni - Il Volo Delle Piume

Gianni Togni - La Nube Tossica

Gianni Togni - Luna ( Remix )

Gianni Togni - Mi Salvo Con Te

Gianni Togni - Non Devi Dire Mai Più

Gianni Togni - Per Noi Innamorati

Gianni Togni - Segui Il Tuo Cuore

Gianni Togni - Semplice ( Remix )

Gianni Togni - Ti Voglio Dire

Gigi d'Agostino - Gigi's Violin

Gigi d'Agostino - Happily

Gigi d'Agostino - Harmonic

Gigi d'Agostino - Sweetly

Gigi d'Agostino - This Song Tears Easily

Gilbert Bécaud - Mustapha Dupont

Gilberto Santa Rosa - ...Y Eso Duele

Gilberto Santa Rosa - Amandote

Gilberto Santa Rosa - Dolia Menos

Gilberto Santa Rosa - Me Falto

Gilberto Santa Rosa - No Ha Pasado Nada

Gilberto Santa Rosa - Para Vivir

Gilberto Santa Rosa - Siempre Acabo Igual

Gilberto Santa Rosa - Yo No Te Pido

Gillian Welch - Acony Bell

Gillian Welch - Annabelle

Gillian Welch - Barroom Girls

Gillian Welch - By the Mark

Gillian Welch - One More Dollar

Gillian Welch - Only One And Only

Gillian Welch - Orphan Girl

Gillian Welch - Paper Wings

Gillian Welch - Pass You By

Gillian Welch - Tear My Stillhouse Down

Gin Blossoms - As Long As It Matters

Gin Blossoms - Day Job

Gin Blossoms - Follow You Down - Edit

Gin Blossoms - Follow You Down

Gin Blossoms - Highwire

Gin Blossoms - I Can't Figure You Out

Gin Blossoms - Memphis Time

Gin Blossoms - My Car

Gin Blossoms - Not Only Numb

Gin Blossoms - Perfectly Still

Gin Blossoms - Til I Hear It From You

Gin Blossoms - Virginia

Gin Blossoms - Whitewash

Gina Foster + Chris Ballin - He Said She Said

Gina G - Ooh Aah... Just a Little Bit

Gina G. - I Belong to You

Gina G. - Ooh Aah... Just a Little Bit

Gina Thompson - The Things That You Do - Bad Boy Remix

Ginuwine - 550 What?

Ginuwine - G Thang

Ginuwine - Ginuwine 4 ur Mind

Ginuwine - Hello

Ginuwine - Holler

Ginuwine - I'll Do Anything/I'm Sorry

Ginuwine - I'll Do Anything/I'm Sorry

Ginuwine - Intro

Ginuwine - Lonely Daze

Ginuwine - Only When ur Lonely

Ginuwine - Pony

Ginuwine - Tell Me Do U Wanna

Ginuwine - When Doves Cry

Ginuwine - World Is So Cold

Giora Feidman - Wedding Dance

Giorgia - Strano Il Mio Destino

Giorgio Moroder - The Chase

Giorgio Moroder vs. Jam & Spoon - The Chase

Gipsy Kings - Campesino

Gipsy Kings - Estrellas

Gipsy Kings - Mi Corazon

Gipsy Kings - Pajarito

Gipsy Kings - Siempre Acaba Tu Vida

Glen Brown feat. King Tubby - Version 78 Style

Glenn Branca - Fuck Yourself

Glenn Branca - Glazened Idols

Glenn Branca - Jill

Glenn Branca - My Relationship

Glenn Branca - TV Song

Glenn Branca - You Got Me

Glenn Branca - You

Glenn Miller - A String of Pearls

Glenn Miller - in the Mood

Glenn Miller - Song of the Volga Boatman

Glenn Miller - Summertime

Glenn Miller & His Orchestra - King Porter Stomp

Glenn Miller & His Orchestra - My Love For You

Glenn Miller & His Orchestra - Solo Hop

Gloria Estefan - I'm Not Giving You Up

Gloria Estefan - Reach

Gloria Estefan - The Heart Never Learns

Gloria Estefan - You'll Be Mine (Party Time)

Gloria Gaynor - Goin Out of My Head

Gloria Lasso - La Chanson De Prévert

Gloria Trevi - Ella Que Nunca Fue Ella

Gloria Trevi - Si Me Llevas Contigo

GNR - Corpos

GNR - Sê Um Gnr

Gob - Bad Day

Gob - Censorshit

Gob - Centipede

Gob - Custer's Last 1 Nite Stand

Gob - Extra, Extra

Gob - Fido Dildo

Gob - Hey Stephanie

Gob - I Want You Back Baby

Gob - Leave Me Alone

Gob - Marching Song

Gob - Marlena

Gob - Open Your Eyes

Gob - Soda

Gob - You're Too Cool

God Is My Co-Pilot - Behave Remix

God Is My Co-Pilot - Behave

God Is My Co-Pilot - Björkfruits

God Is My Co-Pilot - Butch Flip

God Is My Co-Pilot - Caught Looking

God Is My Co-Pilot - Childhood D

God Is My Co-Pilot - Fl. Word

God Is My Co-Pilot - Girl-Crazy Girl

God Is My Co-Pilot - Hutzulka

God Is My Co-Pilot - I. Cream

God Is My Co-Pilot - Kendine Gel

God Is My Co-Pilot - Kiss & Tell

God Is My Co-Pilot - Laulu X

God Is My Co-Pilot - Mezinke Skip

God Is My Co-Pilot - Pillu Laulu

God Is My Co-Pilot - QDA (Anthem)

God Is My Co-Pilot - QDA (Queer)

God Is My Co-Pilot - Rubber or

God Is My Co-Pilot - Steal Yr GF

God Is My Co-Pilot - Thank You

God Is My Co-Pilot - Totally Wired

Godflesh - Almost Heaven

Godflesh - Angel Domain

Godflesh - Circle of Shit

Godflesh - Frail

Godflesh - Gift From Heaven

Godflesh - Hunter

Godflesh - Kingdom Come

Godflesh - Sterile Prophet

Godflesh - Time Death And Wastefulness

Godflesh - Wake

GODGORY - Sea of dreams

Godheadsilo - Booby Trap

Godheadsilo - Buttress of Solitude

Godheadsilo - Chuckanut Overdrive

Godheadsilo - Dan Vs. Time

Godheadsilo - Echo Challenge

Godheadsilo - French Loan

Godheadsilo - Guardians of the Threshold

Godheadsilo - Just Friends

Godheadsilo - Skyward in Triumph

Godsmack - Whatever

Goldfinger - Answers

Goldfinger - Here In Your Bedroom

Goldfinger - King For A Day

Goldfinger - Mable

Goober Patrol - 1000 Ways

Goober Patrol - Crammin'

Goober Patrol - Duvet Rising

Goober Patrol - Easy Life

Goober Patrol - Empty

Goober Patrol - Happy Tunes

Goober Patrol - I'll Do Without

Goober Patrol - I'm Not Home

Goober Patrol - One More Time

Goober Patrol - Painless Way

Goober Patrol - Piss Off

Goober Patrol - The Biggest Joke

Good Riddance - A Credit To His Gender

Good Riddance - Bittersweet

Good Riddance - Favorite Son

Good Riddance - The Sky is Falling

Good Riddance - Think of Me

Good Riddance - Token Idiot

Good Riddance - Up & Away

Good Riddance - West End Memorial

Gorefest - Blood Is Thick

Gorefest - Demon Seed

Gorefest - Dog Day

Gorefest - Dragon Man

Gorefest - Electric Poet

Gorefest - River

Gorefest - Soul Survivor

Gorefest - Tired Moon

Gorki - Dat Vind Ik Lekker

Gorky's Zygotic Mynci - Patio Song

Gotthard - Father Is That Enough?

Gotthard - Hole in One

Gotthard - Let It Be

Gotthard - Sister Moon

Gotthard - Sweet Little Rock N' Roller

Graham Parker - (Let Me Get) Sweet On You

Graham Parker - Back Door Love

Graham Parker - Impenetrable

Graham Parker - Local Girls

Graham Parker - Soul Shoes

GRANDADDY - Pre-Merced

Grandmaster Flash - The Adventures of Grandmaster Flash On the Wheels of Steel

Grandmaster Flash - U Know What Time It Is

Gravity Kills - Blame

Gravity Kills - Down

Gravity Kills - Enough

Gravity Kills - Forward

Gravity Kills - Goodbye

Gravity Kills - Guilty

Gravity Kills - Here

Gravity Kills - Hold

Gravity Kills - Inside

Gravity Kills - Last

Gravity Kills - Never

Greg Brown - Hey Baby Hey

Greg Osby - 2nd Born To Freedom

Greg Osby - Don't Explain

Greg Osby - Miss D'Meena

Greg Osby - Mood For Thought

Greg Osby - Perpetuity

Gregoor van der Loo - Freewill

Gregory Isaacs - Conversation

Gregory Isaacs - Hold Tight Dub

Gregory Isaacs - Sweeter the Victory

Gregory Isaacs - Try Me Dub

Gregory Isaacs - Try Me

Groove Collective - I Want You (She's So Heavy) (Eric Kupper Mix)

Grooveyard - Mary Go W!ld!




Grupo Bryndis - Mi Verdadero Amor

Grupo Bryndis - Por Estar Pensando En Ti

Grupo Exterminador - El Perro Negro

Grupo Exterminador - Las Monjitas

Grupo Exterminador - Los Dos Rivales

Grupo Gale - Las colas

Grupo Gale - Mi Novia Y Yo

Grupo Korajje - Confundido

Grupo Laberinto - Arbol De La Horca

Grupo Laberinto - Carga Ladeada

Grupo Laberinto - Clave 7

Grupo Laberinto - Corrido De Los Perez

Grupo Laberinto - La Rubia Del Moño Negro

Grupo Laberinto - La Yegua Cebruna

Grupo Laberinto - Pescadores De Ensenada

Grupo Laberinto - Zenobio Montero (Sucedió En El Aguaje)

Grupo Libra - Chiquilla

Grupo Libra - Con Las Alas Rotas

Grupo Libra - El Mismo Dolor

Grupo Libra - Llevatela

Grupo Libra - Porque No Fui Tu Amigo

Grupo Limite - El Principe

Grupo Limite - Juguete

Grupo Limite - Solo Contigo

Grupo Magico - Demasiado Romantica

Grupo Mania - Como Baila

Grupo Mania - Linda Eh

Grupo Mania - Me Miras Y Te Miro

Grupo Mania - Que Loco

Grupo Mojado - Caldo De Pollo

Grupo Mojado - El Amor Más Fiel

Grupo Mojado - He Perdido Un Amor

Grupo Mojado - Llorar Quedito

Grupo Mojado - Motivos

Grupo Mojado - Pedazos De Crystal

Grupo Mojado - Piensa En Mí

Grupo Niche - La Canoa Ranchaa

Guided By Voices - Burning Flag Birthday Suit

Guided By Voices - Dont Stop Now

Guided By Voices - If We Wait

Guided By Voices - Lord of Overstock

Guided By Voices - Man Called Aerodynamics

Guided By Voices - No Sky

Guided By Voices - Rhine Jive Click

Guided By Voices - To Remake the Young Flyer

Guitar Shorty - How Blue Can You Get

Guitar Shorty - The Thrill Is Gone

Guttermouth - 1-2-3 Slam

Guus Meeuwis - Het Is Een Nacht

Guy Lombardo - Anniversary Song

Guy Lombardo - Bell Bottom Trousers

Guy Lombardo - Enjoy Yourself (It's Later Than You Think)

Guy Lombardo - Managua, Nicaragua

Guy Lombardo - The Band Played On

Guy Lombardo - Third Man Theme

Guy Lombardo - What's the Reason (I'm Not Pleasin' You)

Gwen McCrae - All This Love That I'm Giving


H2O - 5 Yr. Plan

Haemorrhage - Cartilageous Pulped Offals

Haemorrhage - Decom-Posers (Demo)

Haemorrhage - Dissect, Exhume, Devour... (Demo)

Haemorrhage - Dissect, Exhume, Devour...

Haemorrhage - Exquisite Eschatology

Haemorrhage - Extopic Eye

Haemorrhage - Far Beyond the Forensic Pathology

Haemorrhage - Formaldehyde

Haemorrhage - Fragments (Anatomical Relics) (Demo)

Haemorrhage - in Nephritic Blue

Haemorrhage - Incinerator of Cadaveric Leftovers

Haemorrhage - Intravenous Molestation of Obstructionist Arteries (Demo)

Haemorrhage - Intravenous Molestation of Obstructionist Arteries

Haemorrhage - Putrescent Necromorphism

Haemorrhage - Rectovaginal Fistula

Haemorrhage - Torrentlike Eventeration (Demo)

Haemorrhage - Torrentlike Eventeration

Hagalaz' Runedance - When the Trees Were Silenced

Half Man Half Biscuit - C.A.M.R.A. Man

Hall of Fame - 78 Expansion

Hall of Fame - All Fall Down

Hall of Fame - And Now An Etiquette Supervisor

Hall of Fame - Blonde Haired Girls

Hall of Fame - Feedback Rising

Hall of Fame - I Woke Up Today

Hall of Fame - Nevada II

Hall of Fame - One Little Too Little

Hall of Fame - Rubber Balls And Liquor

Hall of Fame - Sunset Spiral

Hall of Fame - The Chase

Hall of Fame - Things That Go Jingle in the Night

Hallucinogen - Deranger

Hallucinogen - Gamma Goblins

Hallucinogen - Trancespotter

Halvdan Sivertsen - 100.000 Tommeltotta

Halvdan Sivertsen - Aldri Så Nær Som Da

Halvdan Sivertsen - Hvis Du Går

Halvdan Sivertsen - Messias Mot Messias

Halvdan Sivertsen - Ny & Naken

Halvdan Sivertsen - Pus Har Løpeti'

Halvdan Sivertsen - Savna Dæ

Halvdan Sivertsen - Ugress

Hammerhead - Earth (I Won't Miss)

Hammerhead - Meandrethal

Hammerhead - Mission: Illogical

Hammerhead - Monkey Mountain

Hammerhead - Mr. Bizmuth

Hammerhead - Victoria

Hampton Hawes - Coolin' the Blues

Hampton Hawes - I Remember You

Hampton Hawes - Section Blues

Hanin Elias - Show

Hanin Elias - Tie Me To the Wall

Hanin Elias - Under Pressure

Hanin Elias - You Will Never Get Me

Hank Marvin - The Rise & Fall of Flingel Bunt

Hank Thompson And His Brazos Valley Boys - (I've Got A) Humpty Dumpty Heart

Hank Thompson And His Brazos Valley Boys - Honky Tonk Girl

Hank Thompson And His Brazos Valley Boys - The New Green Light

Hank Williams - (I Heard That) Lonesome Whistle - Single Version

Hank Williams - I'd Still Want You

Hank Williams - I'll Never Get Out Of This World Alive - Single Version

Hank Williams - Long Gone Lonesome Blues - Single Version

Hank Williams - Moanin' The Blues - Single Version

Hank Williams - My Bucket's Got A Hole In It - Single Version

Hank Williams - Ramblin' Man - Single Version

Hans Zimmer - Mine

Hanson - MMMBOP

Hardfloor - Beavis At Bat

Harold Budd - A Sidelong Glance From My Round Nefertiti

Harold Budd - Agnes Martin

Harold Budd - Anish Kapoor

Harold Budd - Bismillahi 'Rrahmani 'Rrahim

Harold Budd - Chet

Harold Budd - Djinn

Harold Budd - Feral

Harold Budd - Grace

Harold Budd - How Dark the Response To Our Slipping Away

Harold Budd - Mandan

Harold Budd - Marion Brown

Harold Budd - Niki D

Harold Budd - Nove Alberi

Harold Budd - Paul Mccarthy

Harold Budd - Porphyry

Harold Budd - Serge Poliakoff

Harold Budd - Steven Brown (pleasure)

Harrie Jekkers - De Koffietent 3

Harrie Jekkers - De Tweeverdieners 1

Harrie Jekkers - De Tweeverdieners 2

Harrie Jekkers - De Tweeverdieners 3

Harrie Jekkers - Het Kloosterwiedekruidgorsje

Harrie Jekkers - Over Nuances En Eerlijkheid

Harrie Jekkers - Over Tweeverdieners En Werksters

Harry Connick, Jr. - Boozehound

Harry Connick, Jr. - How Do Ya'll Know

Harry Connick, Jr. - Just Like Me

Harry Connick, Jr. - Little Farley

Harry James And His Orchestra - Life Goes To A Party

Harry Pussy - Hp Superstar

Harry Pussy - Please Don't Come Back From the Moon

Harry Pussy - The White Improviser

Harry Pussy - Untitled

Harry Pussy - Where's the DJ. ?

Harry Pussy - Zero For Conduct

Harvey Milk - A Small Turn of Human Kindness

Harvey Milk - All the Live Long Day

Harvey Milk - F.S.T.P

Harvey Milk - Jim's Polish

Harvey Milk - Merlin Is Magic

Harvey Milk - My Father's Life's Work

Harvey Milk - The Anvil Will Fall

Harvey Milk - Where the Bee Sucks, There Suck I

Harvey Milk - Women Dig It

Haujobb - Manifestation

Havalina Rail Company - Ballad of A Spy

Havalina Rail Company - Banditos

Havalina Rail Company - Dominiques Library

Havalina Rail Company - Emmanuel

Havalina Rail Company - Hot Pants

Havalina Rail Company - If I Did Not Love You

Havalina Rail Company - No Brainer

Havalina Rail Company - Paper Moon

Havalina Rail Company - Prelude and Blues

Havalina Rail Company - Ron

Havalina Rail Company - The Diamond in the Fish

Havalina Rail Company - The Theme From the Diamond in the Fish

Hawkwind - Elfin

Hazel Dickens & Alice Gerrard - Train on the Island

Hazell Dean - Evergreen

Hazell Dean - It's All Over

Hazell Dean - Jealous Love

Hazell Dean - Love Moves in Mysterious Ways

Hazell Dean - No Fool (For Love)

Hazell Dean - Searchin'

Hazell Dean - Turn Into Love

Hazell Dean - Whatever I Do (Wherever I Go) (Extended Version)

H-Blockx - Discover My Soul

H-Blockx - Duality of Mind

H-Blockx - GHOST TRACK: Prelude

H-Blockx - Gimme More

H-Blockx - Gotta Find A Way

H-Blockx - Heaven

H-Blockx - How Do You Feel ?

H-Blockx - I Can't Rely On You

H-Blockx - I Heard Him Cry

H-Blockx - Life Is Feeling Dizzy

H-Blockx - Rainman

H-Blockx - Step Back

H-Blockx - This Is Not America

H-Blockx - Try Me One More Time

Heather Alexander - Life's Flame

Heatmiser - Blue Highway

Heatmiser - Cruel Reminder

Heatmiser - Eagle Eye

Heatmiser - Get Lucky

Heatmiser - Half Right

Heatmiser - Low-Flying Jets

Heatmiser - Plainclothes Man

Heatmiser - Pop in G

Heatmiser - Rest My Head Against the Wall

Heatmiser - See You Later

Heatmiser - The Fix Is In

Heatmiser - You Gotta Move

Heaven 17 - An Electronic Prayer

Heaven 17 - Another Big Idea

Heaven 17 - Bigger Than America

Heaven 17 - Freak!

Heaven 17 - Resurrection Man

Heaven 17 - The Big Dipper

Heaven 17 - We Blame Love

Heideroosjes - Sjonnie & Anita

Heideroosjes - Who's There For Me

Heidi Berry - Darkness, Darkness

Heidi Berry - Holy Grail

Heidi Berry - Miracle

Heidi Berry - Northern Country

Heidi Berry - Only Human

Heidi Berry - Queen

Heidi Berry - The Californian

Heidi Berry - Time

Heidi Mollenhauer & Chorus - The Hunchback Of Notre Dame - God Help the Outcasts

Heinz Rudolf Kunze - Autos in Den Bäumen

Heinz Rudolf Kunze - Seekranke Matrosen

Helen Hobson - And I Am Telling You

Helen Hobson - Anything But Lonely

Helen Hobson - Don't Rain On My Parade

Helen Hobson - If I've Let You Down

Helen Hobson - Is It Really Me?

Helen Hobson - Merry-Go-Round

Helen Hobson - On My Way To You

Helen Hobson - Show Me

Helen Hobson - The Day I Stop Loving You

Helen Hobson - The Girls of Summer

Helen Hobson - The Minute Waltz

Helen Hobson - What's New?/Since You Stayed Here

Helen Hobson - With Every Breath I Take

Helen Hobson - You've Got To Give Me Room

Helen Hobson and Cliff Richard - If Ever I Would Leave You

Helen Humes - Be-Baba-Leba

Helen Humes - Every Now And Then

Helen Humes - He May Be Your Man

Helen Humes - Jet Propelled Papa

Helen Humes - Unlucky Woman

Helen Merrill - Born To Be Blue

Hellbillies - Bondeblå

Hellbillies - Dårleg Tid

Hellbillies - DRAG

Hellbillies - Jimmy Embrik

Hellbillies - Må Eg

Hellbillies - Plenklyppar'n

Hellbillies - Tvil På Travbanen

Helmet - Disagreeable

Heltah Skeltah - Clan's, Posse's, Crew's & Clik's (Explicit)

Heltah Skeltah - Da Wiggy (Explicit)

Heltah Skeltah - Gettin Ass Gettin Ass (Explicit)

Heltah Skeltah - Grate Unknown (Explicit)

Heltah Skeltah - Intro: Here We Come (Explicit)

Heltah Skeltah - Leflaur Leflah Eshkoshka (Explicit)

Heltah Skeltah - Leflaur Leflah Eshkoshka

Heltah Skeltah - Letha Brainz Blo (Explicit)

Heltah Skeltah - Operation Lock Down (Explicit)

Heltah Skeltah - Place To Be (Explicit)

Heltah Skeltah - Prowl (Explicit)

Heltah Skeltah - Sean Price (Explicit)

Heltah Skeltah - Soldiers Gone Psyco (Explicit)

Heltah Skeltah - The Square (Triple R) (Explicit)

Heltah Skeltah - Therapy (Explicit)

Heltah Skeltah - Undastand (Explicit)

Heltah Skeltah - Who Dat ? (Explicit)

Henry Mancini & His Orchestra - Free And Easy

Hepcat - Anita Hill

Hepcat - Black Sky

Hepcat - Bobby & Joe

Hepcat - Clarence

Hepcat - Come Out

Hepcat - Country Time

Hepcat - Dollar Dance

Hepcat - Home

Hepcat - Keep On

Hepcat - Positive

Hepcat - Relation (In Your Bedroom Again)

Hepcat - Solo

Hepcat - The Fool

Hepcat - Yoko Zuna

Herbert - 100lbs

Herbert - Desire

Herbert - Friday They Dance

Herbert - Housewife

Herbert - Resident

Herbert - Take Me Back

Herbie Hancock - Curiosity

Herbie Hancock - Three Bags Full (Alternate Take)

Herbie Hancock - Watermelon Man (Alternate Take)

Herbie Hancock - Your Gold Teeth II

Herbie Mann - Caravan

Herbie Mann - Cuban Patato Chip

Herbie Mann - Todos Locos

Herman Brood - Cocaine

Herman Brood - Jungle

Herman Brood - My Funny Valentine

Héroes del Silencio - Avalancha (Directo)

Héroes del Silencio - Decadencia (Medley, Live)

Héroes del Silencio - Deshacer El Mundo (Directo)

Héroes del Silencio - Días De Borrasca (Víspera De Resplandores) (Direct

Héroes del Silencio - El Camino Del Exceso

Héroes del Silencio - Flor Venenosa (Directo)

Héroes del Silencio - Hechizo (Directo)

Héroes del Silencio - La Chispa Adecuada (Bendecida 3) (Directo)

Héroes del Silencio - Mar Adentro (Directo)

Hi Lo's - Birth of the Blues

Hi Lo's - Long Ago And Far Away

Hi Lo's - Shadow Waltz

Hi Lo's - Too Young For the Blues

Hi Lo's - You Must Have Been A Beautiful Baby

Hi Lo's - You Took Advantage of Me

Hildemaro - Desde El Fondo De Mi Corazón

Hillsong Worship', 'Integrity's Hosanna! Music', 'Darlene Zschech - Jesus Lover of My Soul

Hillsong Worship', 'Integrity's Hosanna! Music', 'Darlene Zschech - Shout to the Lord

Hillsong Worship', 'Integrity's Hosanna! Music', 'Darlene Zschech - The Power of Your Love

His Name Is Alive - Legs (Up Your Legs Forever)

His Name Is Alive - Summer of E.S.P.

His Name Is Alive - Your Word Against Mine

Hi-Standard - Growing Up

Hi-Standard - I'm Walkin'

Hi-Standard - in the Brightly Moonlight

Hi-Standard - Kiss Me Again

Hi-Standard - Lonely

Hi-Standard - Maximum Overdrive

Hi-Standard - My Heart Feels So Free

Hi-Standard - New Life

Hi-Standard - Summer of Love

Hi-Standard - Tell Me Something, Happy News

Hi-Standard - The Kids Are Alright

Hi-Standard - Wait for the Sun

Hi-Standard - Who'll Be Next

Hixxy & Sharkey - Toytown

Hocico - ...Su Miedo

Hocico - Depression

Hocico - Intoxicados

Hocico - ociCoh

Hocico - Rasgos De Insania

Hocico - Secluded Memory

Holger Biege - Deine Liebe und mein Lied

Holiday Flyer - Every Once And A While

Holiday Symphony & Choir - It Came Upon a Midnight Clear

Holiday Symphony & Choir - Silent Night

Holly Golightly - An Eye For An Empty Heart

Holly Golightly - Fallapart

Holly Golightly - Gullible's Travels

Holly Golightly - The Sign

Holly Palmer - Come Lie With Me

Holly Palmer - Different Languages

Holly Palmer - Five Little Birds

Holly Palmer - Fourteen Year Old Moment

Holly Palmer - Lickerish Man

Holly Palmer - Oxblood 2x4s

Holly Palmer - Safety Belt

Holly Palmer - Sal the Gardener

Holly Palmer - Scandinavian Ladies

Holly Palmer - The Three of Us

Holograf - Balada Controlorului

Holograf - Banii Vorbesc

Holograf - Mafia

Holograf - M-Am Saturat

Holograf - O Sa Fie Bine

Holograf - Ochii Tai

Holograf - Singur Pe Drum

Holograf - Spune Pe Bune

Holograf - Te Voi Iubi

Holograf - Umbre Pe Cer

Holograf - Visul Meu Din Zori

Holograf - Vreau Sa Te Vad Zambind

Holy Barbarians - Brother Fights

Holy Barbarians - Space Junkie

Home Run - Beavis At Bat

Home Run - Strikeout

Hood - Being Beaten Up

Hood - Delusions of Worthlessness

Hood - Deny Deny Deny

Hood - Documenting Crop Rotations

Hood - Hood Northern

Hood - I Hate You Now

Hood - Outro

Hood - Silent '88

Hood - The Fields Are Divided

Hood - The Silent Years

Hood - Trust Me, I'm A Stomach

Hootie & The Blowfish - Let It Breathe

Hootie & the Blowfish - Old Man & Me (When I Get To Heaven)

Hootie & The Blowfish - Old Man & Me

Hootie & The Blowfish - Sad Caper

Hootie & The Blowfish - She Crawls Away

Hootie & The Blowfish - Tucker's Town

Hootie & The Blowfish - When I'm Lonely

Hootie And the Blowfish - Before the Heartache Rolls In

Hootie And the Blowfish - Fairweather Johnson

Hootie And the Blowfish - Fool

Hootie And the Blowfish - Honeyscrew

Hootie And the Blowfish - Sad Caper

Hootie And the Blowfish - She Crawls Away

Hootie And the Blowfish - Silly Little Pop Song

Hootie And the Blowfish - So Strange

Hootie And the Blowfish - When I'm Lonely

Hooverphonic - 2 Wicky

Horace Andy - Don't Let Problems Get You Down

Horace Andy - Rock To Sleep

Horace Brown - One For The Money

Horace Brown - Things We Do For Love

Horace Silver & Easy Mo Bee - The Sophisticated Hippie - Easy Mo Bee Remix

Horst Jankowski - A Walk in the Black Forest

Hot Boogie Chillun - Dinosaur

Hot Boogie Chillun - Dirty Old Man

Hot Boogie Chillun - Dirty Robber

Hot Boogie Chillun - Fucking Sweet

Hot Boogie Chillun - Have Love Will Travel

Hot Boogie Chillun - He's Waitin'

Hot Boogie Chillun - I'm Coming Home

Hot Boogie Chillun - Leave Me Alone

Hot Boogie Chillun - She's Gone

Hot Boogie Chillun - Shot of Love

Hot Boogie Chillun - Talkin'bout You

Hot Boogie Chillun - Yes Or No

Hot Boogie Chillun - You Better

Hot Chocolate - Never Pretend

Hot Tuna - Candyman

House of Pain - Earthquake

House of Pain - Fed Up

House of Pain - Killa Rhyme Klik

House of Pain - No Doubt

House of Pain - Shut the Door

House of Pain - The Have Nots

House of Pain - What's That Smell

House of Pain - While I'm Here

House of Pain - X-Files

Howard Carpendale - Es ist mir egal

Howard Carpendale - Lauf Jamie lauf

Howie B. - Allergy

Howie B. - Away Again

Howie B. - Here Comes the Tooth

Howie B. - How To Suckie

Howie B. - Music For Babies

Howie B. - Shag

Howlin' Wolf - Worried All the Time

H-Town Shirley Murdock feat. Shirley Murdock - A Thin Line Between Love & Hate

Hubert Félix Thiéfaine - La Nostalgie De Dieu

Hubert Félix Thiéfaine - La Philosophie Du Chaos

Hubert Kah - Edelstein

Hubert Kah - Suzanne

Huey Dunbar Eddie Santiago feat. Eddie Santiago - Que Locura Enamorarme De Ti

Huey 'Piano' Smith - Don't You Just Know It

Huey 'Piano' Smith & His Clowns - Don't You Just Know It?

Hugh Masekela - Run No More (A Vuo Mo)

Hugh Masekela - The Joke of Life (Brinca De Vivre)

Human Feel - Cat Teachers

Human Feel - Darker Joys

Human Feel - Eno Eva Yood Nodi

Human Feel - Hey, Roma Ain't Vein

Human Feel - Left Alone

Human Feel - Nimble Domains

Human Feel - Not About You

Human Feel - Spaze

Human Feel - Tic, Tics

Human Resource - Dominator '96

Humate - 3,3

Humate - Sound

Hyper Go Go - High


HYPOCRISY - The gathering

HYPOCRISY - When the candle fades

I Corvi - Amica Mia

I Corvi - Bambolina

I Corvi - Bang Bang

I Corvi - Luce

I Corvi - Sospesa Ad Un Filo

I Mother Earth - One More Astronaut

Iced Earth - I Died For You

I:Cube - Ding Ding Ding

I:Cube - Disco Cubizm

I:Cube - Listen 2 the Bass

I:Cube - Metamorphik

Iggy & the Stooges - Cock in My Pocket

Iggy & the Stooges - Rubber Legs

Iggy And the Stooges - Open Up and Bleed

Iggy And the Stooges - Raw Power

Iggy Pop - Heart Is Saved

Iggy Pop - Innocent World

Iggy Pop - Pussy Walk

Iggy Pop - To Belong

Iggy Pop & the Stooges - Gimme danger

Iggy Pop & the Stooges - I need somebody

Ike & Tina Turner - I Can't Stop Loving You

Ike & Tina Turner - River Deep, Mountain High - Rerecorded

Ike & Tina Turner - Somebody somewhere needs you

Ike & Tina Turner - Tell the Truth

Ike & Tina Turner - You Got What You Wanted

Ike And Tina Turner - All I Can Do Is Cry

Ike, Tina Turner - I Can't Stop Loving You

Ike, Tina Turner - You Got What You Wanted

Illinois Jacquet - Big Foot

Illinois Jacquet - Bottoms Up

Illinois Jacquet - Don't Blame Me

Illinois Jacquet - Illinois Goes to Chicago

Illinois Jacquet - It's Wild

Illinois Jacquet - Jacquet Bounce

Illinois Jacquet - Stay away

Illinois Jacquet - You Gotta Change

Illuminate - Intro

Illuminate - Leidenschaft

Illuminate - Todesengel

Illya Kuryaki And the Valderramas - Ninja Mental

Immersion - Envelope

Immolation - Burn With Jesus

Immolation - Here in After

Immolation - I Feel Nothing

Immolation - Nailed to Gold

Immolation - Under the Supreme

Impaled Nazarene - 1999 Karmakeddon warriors

Impaled Nazarene - 66.6 S of foreplay

Impaled Nazarene - Alien militant

Impaled Nazarene - Bashing in heads

Impaled Nazarene - Delirium tremens

Impaled Nazarene - Goat war

Impaled Nazarene - Masterbator

Impaled Nazarene - Motorpenis

Impaled Nazarene - Punishment is absolute

Impaled Nazarene - The burning of provinciestraat

Impaled Nazarene - Violence I grave

Impaled Nazarene - When all golden turned to shit

Impaled Nazarene - Zum kotzen

Imperial Drag - Overnight Sensation

Imperial Teen - Balloon

Imperial Teen - Butch

Imperial Teen - You're One

In Flames - Artifacts of the black rain

In Flames - Dead god in me

In Flames - December flow

In Flames - Episode 666

In Flames - Graveland

In Flames - Moonshield

In Flames - The Jester Race

In Flames - The jester's dance

In Flames - Wayfearer

In Slaughter Natives - 13th Order

In Slaughter Natives - Among the Lost And Wordless

In Slaughter Natives - Burn My Rest

In Slaughter Natives - Clean Cathedral

In Slaughter Natives - Pure ...The Suffering

In Slaughter Natives - Purgate My Stain

In Slaughter Natives - The Silence Shed A Tear

In Slaughter Natives - Truth Awakening

In Strict Confidence - Become An Angel

In Strict Confidence - Dementia

In Strict Confidence - Falling Down

In Strict Confidence - Inside

In Strict Confidence - Sinner

In Strict Confidence - Sudorific

In the Nursery - Miracle Road

INADE - Breaking the Walls

INADE - Signals From 68 Dimensions (I)

INADE - Signals From 68 Dimensions (II)

INADE - The Conquest of Being Separated (I)

INADE - The Conquest of Being Separated (II)

INADE - The Crushing of Earthly Foundations (I)

INADE - The Crushing of Earthly Foundations (II)

INADE - The End of the Beginning (I)

INADE - The End of the Beginning (II)

Incognito - A Shade of Blue

Incognito - Dark Side of the Cog

Incognito - Fountain of Life

Incognito - Roots

Incognito - She Wears Black

Indochine - Drugstar

Indochine - Hors La Loi

Indochine - Kissing My Song

Indochine - La Buddha Affaire

Indochine - Les Silences De Juliette

Ini Kamoze - Watch no face

Inkubus Sukkubus - Burning Times (Original Recording 1990/91)

Inkubus Sukkubus - Goblin Jig (Original Recording 1990/91)

Inkubus Sukkubus - Pagan Born (Original Recording 1990/91)

Inkubus Sukkubus - Wytches (Chant) (Original Recording 1990/91)

Inner City - Your Love

Insane Clown Posse - Esham's Message

Insane Clown Posse - Southwest Strangle

Insane Clown Posse - Superballs

Insane Clown Posse - Telephone Skit 1

Insane Clown Posse - Telephone Skit 2

Insane Clown Posse - Telephone Skit 3

Insane Clown Posse - Telephone Skit 4

Insane Clown Posse - Telephone Skit 5

Insane Clown Posse - Telephone Skit 6

Insane Clown Posse - The Neden Game

Insane Clown Posse - Wizard of the Ghetto

Instant Zen - Synthetic

Integrity - Drowning in Envy

Integrity - Vocal Test

International Artists - Splash 1

Interpreti dello spettacolo 'Bella Ciao' - Bella ciao

Inti Illimani - Canto de las estrellas

Intocable - Déjame Partir

Intocable - El Corazón De Domina

Intocable - En Las Garras De Tu Corazón

Intocable - En Mil Pedasos

Intocable - La Dejé Que Se Marchara

Intocable - Llevame Contigo

Intocable - Llévame Contigo

Intocable - Miedo

Intocable - No Te Vayas

Intocable - Por Un Beso

Intocable - ¿Y Todo Para Que?

IQ - The Last Human Gateway (middle section)

Irene Cara - What A Feeling

Iris Dement - I'll Take My Sorrow Straight

Iris Dement - Keep Me God

Iris Dement - Letter To Mom

Iris Dement - Quality Time

Iris Dement - The Way I Should

Iris Dement - There's A Wall in Washington

Iris Dement - This Kind of Happy

Iris Dement - Walkin' Home

Iris DeMent - Wasteland of the Free

Iris Dement - When My Morning Comes Around

Irma Thomas - Baby Don't Look Down

Irma Thomas - Cry On

Irma Thomas - It's Starting To Get To Me Now

Irma Thomas - Some Things You Never Get Used To

Irma Thomas - Take A Look

Irma Thomas - What Are You Trying To Do

Iron Lung Corp - (Pretty) Like a Porn Star

Iron Lung Corp - Chemikaze

Iron Lung Corp - Crobar America

Iron Lung Corp - Don't Touch Me

Iron Lung Corp - Frozen Shallow

Iron Lung Corp - Iron Lung

Iron Lung Corp - Join the Chant

Iron Lung Corp - Sick

Iron Lung Corp - Skirt

Iron Lung Corp - The Great Nothing

Iron Lung Corp - Witchita

Isabel Pantoja - El Amor

Isabel Pantoja - Francisco Alegre

Isabel Pantoja - Quien Diria

Isabel Pantoja - Una Lagrima En La Garganta

Ismaël Lô - Alal

Ismaël Lô - Ataya

Ismaël Lô - Djola Kele

Ismaël Lô - Lote Lo

Ismaël Lô - Mougneul

Ismaël Lô - Natt

Ismaël Lô - Tadieu Bone

Ismaël Lô - Xiif

Ismo Alanko - Aika kuolla

Ismo Alanko - Elämä on hauras

Ismo Alanko - Häpeä ja kateus

Ismo Alanko - Kriisistä kriisiin

Ismo Alanko - Lasten laulu

Ismo Alanko - Lokki

Ismo Alanko - Miespaholainen

Ismo Alanko - Mitä se mulle kuuluu mitä mä teen

Ismo Alanko - Piste

Ismo Alanko - Rakkauden tila

Ismo Alanko - Rokin kreivi

Israel Kamakawiwo'ole - Hi'ilawe

Itzhak Perlman feat. Bernard Haitink - Concerto for Violin and Orchestra No. 1 in G minor Op. 26: I. Vorspiel (Allegro moderato) -

Itzhak Perlman feat. New Philharmonia Orchestra feat. Jésus López-Cobos - Violin Concerto No.2 in D Minor, Op.44: 2nd Movement - Allegro moderato

Ivory Joe Hunter - JEALOUS HEART

J Church - Misery

J Church - Rockville

J Church - Sound of Mariachi Bands

J. B. Lenoir - Alabama Blues

J. Karjalainen Electric Sauna - Alla kiireisten tähtien

J. Karjalainen Electric Sauna - Do the Kaivinkone

J. Karjalainen Electric Sauna - Hallapojat

J. Karjalainen Electric Sauna - Hullun laulu

J. Karjalainen Electric Sauna - Humanoidien järvi

J. Karjalainen Electric Sauna - Jitterbug

J. Karjalainen Electric Sauna - Keihäänkärki

J. Karjalainen Electric Sauna - Mä olen sinun

J. Karjalainen Electric Sauna - Mä voin

J. Karjalainen Electric Sauna - Missä se Väinö on?

J. Karjalainen Electric Sauna - Pieni yllätys

J. Karjalainen Electric Sauna - Rockin' Kyöstin rokkibändi

J. Karjalainen Electric Sauna - Tyttöni mun

J.B. Lenoir - Alabama Blues

J.B. Lenoir - Shot On Meredith

J.B. Lenoir - The Mojo Boogie

J.J. Cale - Guitar Man

J.J. Cale - If I Had A Rocket

J.J. Cale - Miss Ol' St Louie

J.J. Cale - Nobody Knows

J.J. Cale - Old Blue

J.J. Cale - This Town

Jaci Velasquez - Baptize Me

Jaci Velasquez - Flower in the Rain - Album Version

Jaci Velasquez - I Promise - Album Version

Jaci Velasquez - On My Knees

Jaci Velasquez - Shelter

Jaci Velasquez - Thief of Always

Jack McDuff feat. John Hart - Winter Wonderland

Jack Radics - Wild kayoti

Jack Russell - Analog Kid

Jackie Brenston & His Delta Cats - Rocket '88'

Jackie DeShannon - Put A Little Love in Your Heart

Jackie Gleason - But Not For Me

Jackie Gleason - Take the 'A' Train

Jackie Leven - Farm Boy

Jackie Martling - Boats & Bowels

Jackie Martling - Bushes & Brides

Jackie Martling - Digits & Dweebs

Jackie Martling - Habits & Heroes

Jackie Martling - Mismatches & Memories

Jackie Martling - Stoppers & Stingers

Jackie Martling - Trips & Traps

Jackie McLean - Abstraction

Jackie McLean - Gone With the Wind

Jackie McLean - Jackie's Ghost

Jackie McLean - Mirage

Jackson 5 - It's Your Thing

Jackson Browne - Alive in the World

Jackson Browne - Culver Moon

Jackson Browne - It Is One

Jackson Browne - The Barricades of Heaven

Jacob's Optical Stairway - The Fusion Formula (The Metamorphosis)

Jaguares - Adonde Vamos A Ir

Jaguares - Clavame Mejor Los Dientes

Jaguares - Dejate Ver

Jaguares - Detras De Los Cerros

Jaguares - Dime Jaguar

Jaguares - El Equilibrio (Parte Dos)

Jaguares - El Equilibrio (Parte Uno)

Jaguares - El Milagro

Jaguares - En La Habitacion De Tu Mente

Jaguares - Huracan

Jaguares - Imaginame

Jaguares - Las Ratas No Tienen Alas

Jaguares - Nunca Te Doslaras

Jaguares - Solo Somos Suenos

Jaguares - Voy A Volar

Jah Free - Rydim

Jah Shaka & Mad Professor - New Decade Dub

Jah Shaka & Mad Professor - One Million Man Dub

Jah Stitch - African Queen

Jah Stitch - Cool Down Youthman

Jah Stitch - Crazy Joe

Jah Stitch - Give Jah the Glory

Jah Stitch - Judgement

Jah Stitch - King of the Arena

Jah Stitch - Militant Man

Jah Stitch - No Dread Can't Dead

Jah Stitch - Real Born African

Jah Stitch - Sinners Repent Your Soul

Jah Stitch - Watch Your Step Youthman

Jah Stitch feat. Horace Andy - Zion Gate / Every Wicked Have To Crawl

Jah Thomas - Friday Night Jamboree

Jah Wobble - Auguries of Innocence

Jah Wobble - Bananas

Jah Wobble - Breathing Out the World

Jah Wobble - Dying Over Europe

Jah Wobble - Hit Me

Jah Wobble - Swallow in the World

Jah Wobble - The Kings of Asia

Jahn Teigen - Ave Maria

Jahn Teigen - Det Hev Ei Rose Sprunge

Jahn Teigen - Glade Jul

Jahn Teigen - Lys

Jake Slazenger - Choin

Jake Slazenger - Come On You Slaz

Jake Slazenger - Gratuit

Jake Slazenger - Hot Fumes

Jake Slazenger - Hung Like A Bull

Jake Slazenger - King of the Beats

Jake Slazenger - Lumpback Raider

Jake Slazenger - Nautilus

Jake Slazenger - Sabbaf

Jake Slazenger - Slowdance

Jake Slazenger - The Big Easy

Jaki Graham - Heaven Knows (Feels So Good)

Jaki Graham - I Fell For You

Jaki Graham - Stay the Way You Are

Jale - Ali

Jale - All Ready

Jale - Back On Track

Jale - Blue

Jale - Despite

Jale - Drag

Jale - Hey Hey

Jale - Mosquito

Jale - Over You

Jale - Sign of Life

Jale - Storm

Jale - Superstar

Jale - Tumble

James Brown - Hot Pants, Parts 1 & 2

James Brown - I Got Ants In My Pants (And I Want To Dance)

James Carter - Atitled Valse

James Carter - Blue Creek

James Carter - Centerpiece

James Carter - Composition #40Q

James Carter - FreeReggaeHiBop

James Carter - Lester Leaps in

James Carter - Moten Swing

James Carter - Naimi

James Carter - Parker's Mood

James Chance & the Contortions - (I'm Not A) Bedroom Athlete

James Chance & the Contortions - Cold Sweat

James Chance & the Contortions - Don't Take Your Love From Me

James Chance & the Contortions - Hyp No Tease

James Chance & the Contortions - Love, Life and Money

James Chance & the Contortions - The Splurge

James Chance & the Contortions - Treat Her Right

James Chance & the Contortions - Why Try To Change Me Now

James Chance & the Contortions - Wiskey and Gin

James Galway - Natalie Cenovia Cummins

James Galway - The Fields of Athenry

James Horner - A New Life For Gilead

James Horner - Hannah's Fall

James Horner - Open For Business

James Horner - Reading the Letters

James Horner - The Mystery of the Night

James Horner - Wrongful Blame

James Kochalka Superstar - Bad Astronaut

James Kochalka Superstar - Ballbuster

James LaBrie - Red Barchetta

James Newton Howard - A Night with Lulu

James Newton Howard - Arrival in Bidnold

James Newton Howard - Courtroom Montage

James Newton Howard - Doctor Merivel

James Newton Howard - Katharine's Death

James Newton Howard - Merivel Woos Celia

James Newton Howard - Taking Bidnold Back

Jamiroquai - Alright

Jamiroquai - Cosmic Girl

Jamiroquai - Didjital Vibrations

Jamiroquai - Drifting Along

Jamiroquai - Everyday

Jamiroquai - Funktion

Jamiroquai - High Times

Jamiroquai - Travelling Without Moving

Jamiroquai - Use the Force

Jamiroquai - Virtual Insanity

Jan & Dean - Fun Fun Fun

Jan & Dean - Pocket Full of Rainbows

Jan & Dean - Surfin' Safari

Jan Garbarek - The Scythe

Jan Garbarek, Eberhard Weber, Marilyn Mazur - The Healing Smoke

Jan Garbarek, Rainer Brüninghaus, Eberhard Weber, Marilyn Mazur, Manu Katché - Pygmy Lullaby

Jane Russell - Bye Bye Baby

Jane Siberry - Shir Amami

Jann Arden - Insensitive

Jarabe De Palo - El Bosque De Palo

Jarabe De Palo - El lado oscuro

Jarabe De Palo - Grita

Jarabe De Palo - La flaca

Jarabe De Palo - No Suelo Compararme

Jarabe De Palo - Quiero Ser Poeta

Jaromir Nohavica - Danse macabre

Jaromir Nohavica - Sarajevo

Jars of Clay - God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen

Jason Falkner - ...Nobody Knows

Jason Falkner - Afraid Himself To Be

Jason Falkner - Before My Heart Attacks

Jason Falkner - Don't Show Me Heaven

Jason Falkner - Follow Me

Jason Falkner - Hectified

Jason Falkner - I Go Astray

Jason Falkner - Miracle Medicine

Jason Falkner - Untitled

Javier Solis - Lloraremos Los Dos

Javier Solis - Me Recordarás

Javon Jackson - Angola

Jawbox - Desert Sea

Jawbox - Empire of One

Jawbox - Excandescent

Jawbox - His Only Trade

Jawbox - Iodine

Jawbox - Livid

Jawbox - Mirrorful

Jawbox - Nickel Nickel Millionaire

Jawbox - Won't Come Off

Jaya - Dahil Tanging Ikaw

Jay-Jay Johanson - Extended Beats

Jay-Jay Johanson - I fantasize of you

Jay-Jay Johanson - I'm Older now

Jay-Jay Johanson - Skeletal

Jay-Jay Johanson - So tell the girl that I'm back in town

Jay-Jay Johanson - Tell Me Like It Is

Jay-Jay Johanson - The girl I love is gone

Jay-Z - 22 Two's

Jay-Z - Can I Live

Jay-Z - Cashmere Thoughts

Jay-Z - Dead Presidents II

Jay-Z - D'Evils

Jay-Z - Friend Or Foe

Jay-Z - Politics As Usual

Jay-Z - Regrets

Jay-Z & Big Jaz & Sauce Money - Bring It On

Jay-Z & Foxy Brown - Ain't No Nigga

Jay-Z & Mary J. Blige - Can't Knock The Hustle

Jay-Z & Mecca - Feelin' It

Jay-Z & Memphis Bleek - Can I Live II

Jay-Z & Memphis Bleek - Coming Of Age

Jay-Z & The Notorious B.I.G. - Brooklyn's Finest

Jazz Gillum - Good Old 51 Highway

Jean Shepard - A Passing Love Affair

Jean Shepard - Act Like A Married Man

Jean Shepard - Beautiful Lies

Jean Shepard - Crying Steel Guitar Waltz

Jean Shepard - Did I Turn Down A Better Deal

Jean Shepard - Girls in Disgrace

Jean Shepard - Hello Old Broken Heart

Jean Shepard - I Married You For Love

Jean Shepard - I'll Thank You All My Life

Jean Shepard - It Scares Me Half To Death

Jean Shepard - It's Hard to Tell the Married From the Free

Jean Shepard - Over And Over

Jean Shepard - Sad Singin' And Slow Ridin'

Jean Shepard - Shadows On the Wall

Jean Shepard - Take Possession

Jean Shepard - Tell Me What I Want To Hear

Jean Shepard - Tomorrow I'll Be Gone

Jean Shepard - Under Suspicion

Jean-Claude Pascal - Douze Belles Dans La Peau

Jean-Claude Pascal - La Recette De L'amour Fou

Jean-Claude Pascal - Nous Les Amoureux

Jeanie Lambe & the Danny Moss Quartet - All of You

Jeanie Lambe & the Danny Moss Quartet - Any Place I Hang My Hat Is Home

Jeanie Lambe & the Danny Moss Quartet - Aunt Hagar's Blues

Jeanie Lambe & the Danny Moss Quartet - Blue Prelude

Jeanie Lambe & the Danny Moss Quartet - Bye Bye Blackbird

Jeanie Lambe & the Danny Moss Quartet - Candy

Jeanie Lambe & the Danny Moss Quartet - I Can't Give You Anything But Love

Jeanie Lambe & the Danny Moss Quartet - I'm Glad There Is You

Jeanie Lambe & the Danny Moss Quartet - Little Girl Blue

Jeanie Lambe & the Danny Moss Quartet - My Funny Valentine

Jeanie Lambe & the Danny Moss Quartet - St. Louis Blues

Jeanie Lambe & the Danny Moss Quartet - Stompin' At the Savoy

Jeanie Lambe & the Danny Moss Quartet - Stormy Weather

Jeanie Lambe & the Danny Moss Quartet - Teach Me Tonight

Jeanie Lambe & the Danny Moss Quartet - You Came A Long Way From St. Louis

Jeanie Tracy - If This Is Love

Jean-Louis Murat - Perce Neige

Jean-Louis Murat - Réversibilité

Jedi Mind Tricks - Neva Antiquated

Jeff Beck feat. Rod Stewart - You Shook Me

Jeff Healey - Angel Eyes

Jeff Linsky - Little Drummer Boy

Jeff Lorber & Dave Koz - State Of Grace

Jeff Mills - The Bells

Jega - Bluette

Jega - Evil Lee Kirtcele

Jega - in With the In

Jega - Ionic

Jega - Norton Midgate

Jega - Phlax

Jega - Steel Drum

Jelly Roll Morton - Blue Blood Blues

Jelly Roll Morton - Burnin' the Iceberg

Jennifer Holliday - And I Am Telling You I'm Not Going

Jennifer Holliday - Come Sunday

Jennifer Holliday - Hard Times For Lovers

Jennifer Holliday - I Am Changing

Jennifer Holliday - No Frills Love

Jennifer Love Hewitt - (Our Love) Don't Throw It All Away

Jennifer Love Hewitt - Cool with You

Jennifer Love Hewitt - Don't Push the River

Jennifer Love Hewitt - I Always Was Your Girl

Jennifer Love Hewitt - I Believe in

Jennifer Love Hewitt - I Want A Love I Can See

Jennifer Love Hewitt - It's Good To Know I'm Alive

Jennifer Love Hewitt - Last Night

Jennifer Love Hewitt - Never A Day Goes By

Jennifer Love Hewitt - No Ordinary Love

Jennifer Love Hewitt - The Greatest Word

Jeremy Enigk - Abegail Anne

Jeremy Enigk - Call Me Steam

Jeremy Enigk - Carnival

Jeremy Enigk - Explain

Jeremy Enigk - Fallen Heart

Jeremy Enigk - Lewis Hollow

Jeremy Enigk - Lizard

Jeremy Enigk - Return of the Frog Queen

Jeremy Enigk - Shade And the Black Hat

Jerry Garcia & David Grisman - Shady Grove

Jerry Garcia & David Grisman - Whiskey In The Jar

Jerry Goldsmith - All Aboard

Jerry Goldsmith - Drill Team

Jerry Orbach & Chorus - Aladdin And The King Of Thieves - Are You In Or Out? - Soundtrack

Jerry Reed - Mule Skinner Blues

Jeru the Damaja - Black Cowboy

Jeru the Damaja - How I'm Living

Jeru the Damaja - Invasion

Jeru the Damaja - Me Or the Papes

Jeru the Damaja - Not Tha Average

Jeru the Damaja - One Day

Jeru the Damaja - Physical Stamina

Jeru the Damaja - Revenge of the Prophet (Part 5)

Jeru the Damaja - Tha Bullshit

Jeru the Damaja - Whatever

Jeru the Damaja - Wrath of the Math

Jeru the Damaja - Ya Playin' Yaself

Jesse Colin Young - Sugar Babe

Jesse Cook - Azul

Jesse Cook - Brio

Jesse Cook - Closer To Madness

Jesse Cook - Falling From Grace

Jesse Cook - Gipsy

Jesse Cook - Gravity

Jesse Cook - Into the Dark

Jesse Cook - Luna Llena (Contains Hidden Track 'Hidden Gravity')

Jesse Cook - Mario Takes A Walk

Jesse Cook - Olodum

Jesse Cook - Rapture

Jesse Powell & Gerald Albright - You

Jessi Colter - If She's Where You Like Livin' (You Won't Feel At Home With Me)

Jessi Colter - It's Not Easy

Jessi Colter - Why You Been Gone So Long

Jessie Hill - Ooh Poo Pah Doo

Jhelisa - Friendly Pressure

Jil Caplan - Blanc

Jil Caplan - Encore

Jil Caplan - L'âge de raison

Jil Caplan - L'âge des jardins

Jil Caplan - Lumière

Jim Brickman - Picture This

Jim Brickman feat. Anne Cochran and Tracy Silverman - Do You Hear What I Hear?

Jim Reeves - How's the World Treating You

Jim Reeves - Making Believe

Jim Stafford - Spiders & Snakes

Jimmie Dale Gilmore - Because of the Wind

Jimmie Dale Gilmore - Borderland

Jimmie Dale Gilmore - Come Fly Away

Jimmie Dale Gilmore - Headed for a Fall

Jimmie Dale Gilmore - Long, Long Time

Jimmie Dale Gilmore - Outside the Lines

Jimmie Dale Gilmore - Sally

Jimmie Dale Gilmore - There She Goes

Jimmie Dale Gilmore - Where Is Love Now

Jimmie Davis - She's A Hum Dum Dinger

Jimmie Lunceford - Swingin' Uptown

Jimmie Lunceford - Uptown Blues

Jimmy Barnes - Lover Lover

Jimmy Buffett - Banana Wind - Instrumental

Jimmy Buffett - Desdemona's Building A Rocket Ship

Jimmy Buffett - False Echoes (Havana 1921)

Jimmy Buffett - Jamaica Mistaica

Jimmy Buffett - Only Time Will Tell

Jimmy Buffett - School Boy Heart

Jimmy Dawkins - Feel So Bad

Jimmy Eat World - Anderson Mesa

Jimmy Eat World - Call It in the Air

Jimmy Eat World - Caveman

Jimmy Eat World - Christmas Card

Jimmy Eat World - Claire

Jimmy Eat World - Digits

Jimmy Eat World - Episode IV

Jimmy Eat World - in the Same Room

Jimmy Eat World - Robot Factory

Jimmy Eat World - Rockstar

Jimmy Eat World - Seventeen

Jimmy Eat World - Thinking, That's All

Jimmy Eat World - World Is Static

Jimmy McCracklin - I'll Take the Blame

Jimmy McCracklin - One Track Love

Jimmy McCracklin - Think

Jimmy Nail - Blue Roses

Jimmy Nail - Country Boy

Jimmy Nail - Gentle's Lament

Jimmy Nail - I'm A Troubled Man

Jimmy Nail - Just Can't Win

Jimmy Nail - My Buddy

Jimmy Nail - Running Man

Jimmy Nail - Still I Dream of It

Jimmy Nail - Until the Day I Die

Jimmy Reed - Cry Before I Go

Jimmy Rogers - Kisses Sweeter Than Wine

Jimmy Smith - Ode To Billie Joe

Jimmy Thackery And the Drivers - Burford's Bop

Jimmy Thackery And the Drivers - Cool Guitars

Jimmy Thackery And the Drivers - Long, Lean & Lanky

Jimmy Thackery And the Drivers - Rub On Up

Jimmy Thackery And the Drivers - Slow Down Baby

Jimmy Thackery And the Drivers - That's How I Feel

Jimmy Webb - All I Know

Jimmy Webb - By the Time I Get To Phoenix

Jimmy Webb - If These Walls Could Speak

Jimmy Webb - MacArthur Park

Jimmy Webb - The Worst That Could Happen

Jimmy Webb - Wichita Lineman

Jimmy Witherspoon - Bar Fly Blues

Jimpster - Bad Hair Blues

Jimpster - Martian Arts

Jimpster - Playtime

Jimpster - Quartalist

Jimpster - Stateside On Monday

Jimpster - Wild Light

JK - My Radio

JK - You & I

J-Live - Longevity

Jo Dee Messina - Heads Carolina, Tails California

Joan Manuel Serrat - L'Home Del Carrer

Joan Manuel Serrat - Susanna

Joan of Arc - Please Sleep

Joan Osborne - One of Us

Joan Osborne - Saint Teresa

Joan Sebastian - El Muchacho Triste

Joan Sebastian - El Perdedor

Joan Sebastian - Experto En Fracasos (Contando Penas)

Joan Sebastian - Me Enamore De Ti

Joan Sebastian - Pirata

Joan Sebastian - Tatuajes

Joan Sebastian & Marisela - Que No Te Asombre

Joaquín Sabina - Contigo

Joaquin Sabina - Contigo

Joaquin Sabina - Postal De La Habana

Joaquin Sabina - Tan Joven Y Tan Viejo

Joe - All the Things (Your Man Won't Do)

Joe Arroyo - Falta la Plata

Joe Arroyo - Mara Paola

Joe Arroyo - Tal Para Cual

Joe Christmas - I'll Bet You Do

Joe 'Guitar' Hughes - Bad Dreams

Joe 'Guitar' Hughes - My Baby Told Me

Joe Hisaishi - Princess Mononoke

Joe Hisaishi - The Legend of Ashitaka

Joe Lovano - All the Way

Joe Lovano - I'll Never Smile Again

Joe Lovano - I've Got the World On A String

Joe Lovano - One For My Baby (And One More For the Road)

Joe Lovano - South of the Border

Joe Maphis - Banjo Workout

Joe Nichols - I Hate the Way I Love You

Joe Nichols - I'm Not That Kind of Guy

Joe Nichols - in Spite of Myself

Joe Nichols - Independent Girl

Joe Nichols - Leave the Past Behind

Joe Nichols - Old Cheyenne

Joe Nichols - She Could Care Less

Joe Nichols - Wal-mart Parking Lot

Jo-El Sonnier - Evangeline Special

Joey Beltram - Groove Attack

Joey Beltram - Mentasm

Joey Beltram - The Trance

Johan - Brown Mice

Johan - Easy (It's)

Johan - Everybody Knows

Johan - He's Not There

Johan - Life On Mars

Johan - O'Clock (It's)

Johan - Payment

Johan - Porneaux

Johan - Suffer Baby

Johann Sebastian Bach & Petri Alanko & Jukka Rautasalo - Flute Sonata in C Major, BWV 1033: II. Allegro

John Anderson - I Wish I Could Have Been There

John Anderson - Seminole Wind

John Anderson - Straight Tequila Night

John Anderson - Swingin'

John Barry - Mood One

John Cale - Dirty Ass Rock 'N' Roll

John Cale - You & Me

John Carpenter - Showdown

John Carpenter - Snake's Uniform

John Cooper Clarke - Psycle Sluts

John Cruz - Island Style

John Cruz - Shine On

John Denver - Take Me Home, Country Roads

John Denver - You're So Beautiful

John Fahey - John Henry

John Fahey - Sligo River Blues - Original Recording

John Fahey - Sligo River Blues

John Fahey - Uncloudy Day

John Fogerty - Born On the Bayou

John Fogerty - Fortunate Son

John Frizzell - Aunque La Mona

John Frizzell - Buttkong

John Frizzell - Dallas and Muddy

John Frizzell - DEFCON 4

John Frizzell - Dying in the Desert

John Frizzell - Judgorian Chant

John Frizzell - Searching for the T.V.

John Frizzell - The ATF

John Frizzell - The Flood

John Frizzell - The Freeway Incident

John Frizzell - The Standoff

John Frizzell - The Unit in Beavis' Pants

John Frizzell - The Walk Into the Sunset

John Gary - My Foolish Heart

John Gorka - Airstream Bohemians

John Gorka - Blue Chalk

John Gorka - Campaign Trail

John Gorka - Can't Make Up My Mind

John Gorka - Edgar the Party Man

John Gorka - Lightning's Blues

John Gorka - My Invisible Gun

John Gorka - Paradise, Once

John Gorka - Part of Your Own

John Gorka - Scraping Dixie

John Gorka - The Mortal Groove

John Gorka - Two Good Reasons

John Kay - I'm Movin' On

John Lee Hooker - Lucille

John Lee Hooker - What's the Matter Baby

John Martyn - Sunshine's Better

John McLaughlin - Are You the One? Are You the One?

John McLaughlin - Do You Hear the Voices You Left Behind?

John McLaughlin - The Wish

John Mellencamp - Key West Intermezzo (I Saw You First)

John Mellencamp - The Full Catastrophe

John Michael Montgomery - What I Do the Best

John Otway - Too Much Air Not Enough Oxygen

John Otway - Turn Off Your Dream (Don't Watch the Nightmare)

John Philip Sousa - Stars and Stripes Forever

John Strohm - Backseat Driver

John Strohm - Extra

John Strohm - Fool

John Strohm - Freightliner

John Strohm - Geronimo's Cadillac

John Strohm - Jennifer and Jean

John Strohm - Kill the Lights

John Strohm - Love Theme

John Strohm - See You Around

John Strohm - Slip Away

John Strohm - Tangelo

John Strohm - Thelma

John Travolta - A Girl Like You

John Travolta - All Strung Out On You

John Travolta - Back Doors Crying

John Travolta - Easy Evil

John Travolta - It Had To Be You

John Travolta - Moonlight Lady

John Travolta - Never Gonna Fall in Love Again

John Travolta - Right Time of the Night

John Travolta - Settle Down

John Travolta - What Would They Say

John Travolta - Whenever I'm Away From You

John Travolta - You Set My Dreams To Music

John Waite - How Did I Get By Without You

John Wetton - Nothing is Easy

Johnny - Ihana aamu

Johnny Adams - Angel Eyes

Johnny Adams - Cookin' in Style

Johnny Adams - Ill Wind

Johnny Adams - Silver Bells

Johnny Cash - I've Been Everywhere

Johnny Cash - Rowboat

Johnny Cash - Rusty Cage

Johnny Cash - Sea Of Heartbreak

Johnny Cash - The One Rose (That's Left in My Heart)

Johnny Gill - 4 U Alone

Johnny Gill - All He's Supposed To Be

Johnny Gill - Bring It On

Johnny Gill - Having Illusions

Johnny Gill - I Know You Want Me

Johnny Gill - Let's Get the Mood Right

Johnny Gill - Love in An Elevator

Johnny Gill - Love U Right

Johnny Gill - Maybe

Johnny Gill - So Gentle

Johnny Gill - Someone To Love

Johnny Gill - Take Me (I'm Yours)

Johnny Gill - Touch

Johnny Gill feat. Roger Troutman - It's Your Body

Johnny Gill feat. Stevie Wonder feat. Stevie Wonder - Simply Say I Love U

Johnny 'Hammond' Smith - Tell Me What To Do

Johnny Hanson - Mr Fantasy - Safe Sex Mix

Johnny Horton - All Grown Up

Johnny Horton - Cherokee Boogie

Johnny Horton - Got the Bull By the Horns

Johnny Horton - Lost Highway

Johnny Horton - Ole Slew Foot

Johnny Horton - Sam Magee

Johnny Horton - The Electrified Donkey

Johnny Horton - The Golden Rocket

Johnny Horton - Words

Johnny Lee - Ramblin' Rose

Johnny Logan - Helpless Heart

Johnny Logan - I'm Not in Love

Johnny Logan - Living A Lie

Johnny Logan - Love Hurts

Johnny Logan - Lovin' You

Johnny Logan - Stay

Johnny Logan - When You Walk in the Room

Johnny Mathis - Every Beat of My Heart

Johnny Mathis - Like No One in the World

Johnny Mathis - Welcome Home

Johnny Mathis - Why Goodbye

Johnny Nash - I Can See Clearly Now

Johnny Paycheck - (Pardon Me) I've Got Someone To Kill

Johnny Paycheck - Jukebox Charlie

Johnny Paycheck - Motel Time Again

Johnny Paycheck - The Girl They Talk About

Johnny Pearson - Come Here Calcutta

Johnny Pearson - Delhi Discotheque

Johnny Pearson - Sleepy Shores

Johnny Thunders - Can't Put Your Arms Round a Memory

Johnny Thunders - Eve of Destruction

Johnny Thunders - I Was Born to Cry

Johnny Thunders - in Cold Blood

Johnny Thunders - Look in My Eyes

Johnny Thunders - Too Much Monkey Business

Johnny Thunders - Too Much Too Soon

Johnny Winter - Dirty

Johnny Winter - Raining Teardrops

Jolene - Alongside

Jolene - Birdland

Jolene - China Card

Jolene - Esseola 181

Jolene - Floatplane Notebooks

Jolene - Garden Days

Jolene - I Read What You Wrote Today

Jolene - in My House

Jolene - Isadora Duncan

Jolene - Job

Jolene - Mercy

Jolene - New Canaan Intro

Jolene - Skyliners

Jonathan Freeman - You're Only Second Rate - From 'The Return of Jafar' / Soundtrack Version

Joni Mitchell - Big Yellow Taxi (Original A Cappella With Guitar)

Joni Mitchell - Big Yellow Taxi (Tribal Dub)

Joni Mitchell - Big Yellow Taxi

Joni Mitchell - California

Joni Mitchell - Carey

Joni Mitchell - Free Man in Paris

Joni Mitchell - Raised on Robbery

Joni Mitchell - Urge for Going

Joni Mitchell - Woodstock

Joni Mitchell - You Turn Me On I'm A Radio

Jonny Polonsky - Down Low

Jonny Polonsky - Evil Scurvy Love

Jonny Polonsky - Gone Away

Jonny Polonsky - Half Mind

Jonny Polonsky - I Don't Know What To Dream At Night

Jonny Polonsky - in My Mind

Jonny Polonsky - It's Good To Sleep

Jonny Polonsky - Love Lovely Love

Jonny Polonsky - Truly Ugly And Dead Too

Jonny Polonsky - Uh-Oh

Jope Ruonansuu - Enkeleitä toisillemme

Jordan Hill - Remember Me This Way

Jorge Dominguez y su Grupo Super Class - Amor, amor

Jorge Dominguez y su Grupo Super Class - El cariño es como una flor

Jorge Dominguez y su Grupo Super Class - Hotel California

Jorge Dominguez y su Grupo Super Class - Llorando, llorando

Jorge Dominguez y su Grupo Super Class - Niña mágica

Jorge Dominguez y su Grupo Super Class - Por ella

Jorge Drexler - 730 Días

Jorge Drexler - Ana

Jorge Drexler - Cerca del mar

Jorge Drexler - Era de amar

Jorge Drexler - Ganas De Ti

Jorge Drexler - La Luna De Espejos

Jorge Drexler - Tú

Jorge Drexler - Tu voyeur

Jorge Drexler - Vaivén

Jorma Kaukonen - Baby Boy

Jorma Kaukonen - Christmas Blues

Jorma Kaukonen - Christmas Rule

Jorma Kaukonen - Holiday Marmalade

Jorma Kaukonen - Holiday Segue

Jorma Kaukonen - Journey of the Three Wise Men

Jorma Kaukonen - Silent Night

Jorma Kaukonen - What Child Is This?

Jorma Kaukonen - You're Still Standing

Jose Luis Perales - Qué Pasará Mañana

José Padilla - Sabor De Verano

Joseph Fire Crow - Creator's Prayer

Joseph Fire Crow - Round Dance Song

Joseph Fire Crow - Woman Comes First

Josh White - Beloved Comrade

Josh White - Chain Gang Boun'

Josh White - Friendless City Blues

Josh White - Goin' Home Boys

Josh White - Hard Time Blues

Josh White - Howling Wolf Blues

Josh White - Jerry

Josh White - Milk Cow Blues

Josh White - My Father Is A Husbandman

Josh White - Nine Foot Shovel

Josh White - Silicosis Is Killin' Me

Josh White - Trouble

Josh White - Welfare Blues

Joshua Redman - Can't Dance

Joshua Redman - Cat Battles

Joshua Redman - Dare I Ask?

Joshua Redman - Home Fries

Joshua Redman - Invocation

Joshua Redman - One Shining Soul

Joshua Redman - Pantomime

Joshua Redman - Streams of Consciousness

Joshua Redman - When the Sun Comes Down

Jota Quest - As Dores Do Mundo

Jota Quest - Encontrar Alguém

Jota Quest - Vou Pra Aí

Journey - Can't Tame the Lion

Journey - Castles Burning

Journey - Colors of the Spirit

Journey - Forever in Blue

Journey - If He Should Break Your Heart

Journey - It's Just the Rain

Journey - One More

Journey - Still She Cries

Journey - When I Think of You

Journey - When You Love A Woman

Joy Askew - A World So Rare

Joy Askew - Big Sky

Joy Askew - Cool Water

Joy Askew - Corrine

Joy Askew - From the Lips of the One I Love

Joy Askew - Hands Tied Tongue Tied

Joy Askew - I Could Be Dancing

Joy Askew - I'm Still Looking For A Home

Joy Askew - Little Darling

Joy Askew - Strangebird

Joy Askew - Tender City

Joy Askew - This Ring

Joy Electric - The Cobbler

Joyce Cooling - Another Time

Joyce Cooling - On the Run

Joyce Cooling - Savannah

Joyce Cooling - Say You Will

Joyce Cooling - Sleight of Hand

JT Tha Bigga Figga - Intro

JT Tha Bigga Figga - Nuthin But a Hustla

Juan Carlos Alvarado - El Poderoso De Israel

Juan Carlos Alvarado - No Basta

Juan Carlos Baglietto - Basura En Colores

Juan Carlos Baglietto - Como La Lluvia En Buenos Aires

Juan Carlos Baglietto - Cuando

Juan Carlos Baglietto - Deseo

Juan Carlos Baglietto - Hechos De Gente

Juan Carlos Baglietto - Por tu Amor

Juan Carlos Baglietto - Te Hablo

Juan Carlos Baglietto - Yo Era El Capitan

Juan Gabriel - Gitomino Qireina Anoco (Me He Quedado Solo) - Versión en Japones

Juan Gabriel - Pero Que Necesidad

Juan Gabriel - Se Me Olvidó Otra Vez

Juanita Hall - A Good Man (Is Hard To Find)

Juanita Hall - A Good Man is Hard to Find

Juanita Hall - After You've Gone

Juanita Hall - Baby Won't You Please Come Home

Juanita Hall - Bali Ha'i

Juanita Hall - Downhearted Blues

Juanita Hall - Gimme A Pigfoot And A Bottle of Beer

Juanita Hall - Gulf Coast Blues

Juanita Hall - Hold That Train

Juanita Hall - I Don't Want It Second Hand

Juanita Hall - Lovin Sam, the Sheik From Alabam'

Juanita Hall - Nobody Knows You When You're Down And Out

Juanita Hall - Second Fiddle

Juanita Hall - Second Hand

Juanita Hall - You've Been a Good Old Wagon

Judas Iscariot - The Black Clouds Roll Under the Parapet of the Sky

Judas Iscariot - The Wind Stands Silent

Judie Tzuke - Life in A Bottle

Judy Cheeks - Reach

Judy Garland - Puttin' On The Ritz - 1992 Digital Remaster

Judy Kuhn - Just Around the Riverbend

Juice Leskinen - En oo käyny Irlannissa

Juice Leskinen - Oulunkylä / Åggelby

Julian Cope - Maid of Constant Sorrow

Julian Cope - Since I Last My Head It's Awlright

Julian Cope - Spacerock With Me

Julian Cope - Torch

Juliet Jonesin Sydän - Anne

Juliet Jonesin Sydän - Kaunotar

Juliet Jonesin Sydän - Renault 4

Juliet Jonesin Sydän - X-Mies

Juliet Turner - Beyond the Backyard

Juliet Turner - Dr Fell

Julio Iglesias - El Dia Que Me Quieras

June Christy - A Sleepin' Bee

June Christy - As Long As I Live

June Christy - Beware My Heart

June Christy - I Remember You

June Christy - I Want To Be Happy

June Christy - Interlude

June Christy - It's Always You

June Christy - Let There Be Love

June Christy - Night Time Was My Mother

June Christy - No More

June Christy - Nobody's Heart

June Christy - Off Beat

June Christy - Out of the Shadows

June Christy - Out of This World

June Christy - Remind Me

June Christy - Saturday's Children

June Christy - Somewhere If Not in Heaven

June Christy - Spring Can Really Hang You Up the Most

June Christy - The One I Love (Belongs To Somebody Else)

June Christy - The Song Is You

June Christy - When Sunny Gets Blue

June Christy - Who Cares About April

June Christy - You Say You Care

Jungle Rot - Decapitated

Jungle Rot - Killing Spree

Junior Brown - Surf Medley

Junior Mance feat. Keter Betts feat. Jackie Williams - Blues Alley

Junior Mance feat. Keter Betts feat. Jackie Williams - Jumping the Blues

Junior Mance feat. Keter Betts feat. Jackie Williams - Keter'S Bullfight

Junior Walker - Cleo's Mood

Junior Walker - Come See About Me

Junior Walker - Hip City

Junior Walker - Homecookin'

Junior Walker - How Sweet It Is

Junior Walker - Pucker Up Buttercup

Junior Walker - Shake And fingerpop

Junior Walker - Shoot Your Shot

Junior Walker - What Does It Take

Junior Wells - Ships On the Ocean

Junk Project - Volume 3

Junmai - Reggie

Juno Reactor - Conga Fury

Juno Reactor - Labyrinth

Justin Hayward - Learning the Game

Justin Hayward - Marie

Justyna Steczkowska - Boskie Buenos (Buenos Aires)

Justyna Steczkowska - Czy To Mi...

Justyna Steczkowska - Dziewczyna Szamana (Wersja Domowa)

Justyna Steczkowska - Dziewczyna Szamana

Justyna Steczkowska - Grawitacja

Justyna Steczkowska - Karuzela Z Madonnami

Justyna Steczkowska - Myte Dusze

Justyna Steczkowska - Nie Kochani

Justyna Steczkowska - Oko Za Oko, Slowo Za Slowo

Justyna Steczkowska - Tatuuj Mnie

Justyna Steczkowska - Ukolysze Nas Sitowie

Justyna Steczkowska - W Kazimierzu Dolnym

Justyna Steczkowska - Wrogu Mój

JX - There's Nothing I Won't Do

k.d. lang - Lock Stock and Teardrops

Kabah - La Calle De Las Sirenas

Kabah - Vive

Kadoc - The Nighttrain

Kadoc - You Got to Be There

Kajagoogoo - Lies & Promises

Kajagoogoo - Monochromatic

Kamelot - Hardegg

Kansas City Kitty & Georgia Tom - How Can You Have the Blues?

Karen Matheson - An Fhideag Airgrid

Karen Matheson - At the End of the Night

Karen Matheson - Calbharaigh

Karen Matheson - Early Morning Grey

Karen Matheson - Evangeline

Karen Matheson - Fac thu Na Feidh

Karen Matheson - ic iain 'ic sheumai

Karen Matheson - Mi le M' uilinn

Karen Matheson - Mi Le M'uillen

Karen Matheson - Move On

Karen Matheson - One More Chance

Karen Matheson - Rithill Aill

Karen Matheson - The Dreaming Sea

Karen Matheson - There's Always Sunday

Karol Szymanowski & Martin Roscoe - Variations on a Polish Theme, Op. 10: No. 5 Andantino

Karrin Allyson - All of You

Karrin Allyson - And So It Goes

Karrin Allyson - Ask Me Now

Karrin Allyson - Autumn Leaves (Les Fueilles Mortes)

Karrin Allyson - Autumn Leaves

Karrin Allyson - Faltando Um Pedaco

Karrin Allyson - Give It Up Or Let Me Go

Karrin Allyson - Here, There And Everywhere

Karrin Allyson - It Could Happen to You/Fried Bananas

Kashmir - Bag of Flash & Thyme

Kashmir - Beamed

Kashmir - Bring Back Superman

Kashmir - Could We Kill Fred

Kashmir - Dring

Kashmir - Gloom

Kashmir - Prawn's Blues

Kashmir - Stand

Kashmir - Star in My Movie

Kashmir - Victoria

Kashmir - Vote 4 Dick Taid

KATAKLYSM - Beckoning of the Xul

KATAKLYSM - Exode of Evils

KATAKLYSM - in Parallel Horizons

KATAKLYSM - L'odyssee

KATAKLYSM - Maelstrom 2010

KATAKLYSM - Rays of Ra

KATAKLYSM - The Awakener

Katatonia - 12

Katatonia - Brave

Katatonia - Day

Katatonia - Rainroom

Katatonia - Scarlet Heavens

Kate Ceberano - Change

Kate Smith - Joy To the World

Kathy Kallick & the Little Big Band - Ring the Bells At Midnight

Kay Starr - I've Got My Love To Keep Me Warm

Kay Starr - Them There Eyes

K-Ci & JoJo - How Could You

KDD - Intro

Keb' Mo' - Dangerous Mood

Keb' Mo' - Hand It Over

Keb' Mo' - I'm On Your Side

Keb' Mo' - Just Like You

Keb' Mo' - Last Fair Deal Gone Down

Keb' Mo' - Lullaby Baby Blues

Keb' Mo' - Momma, Where's My Daddy

Keb' Mo' - More Than One Way Home

Keb' Mo' - Standin' At the Station

Keb' Mo' - That's Not Love

Keb' Mo' - The Action

Keb' Mo' - You Can Love Yourself

Keiko Matsui - Bridge Over the Stars

Keith Emerson - Living in the Past

Keith Mansfield - Exclusive Blend

Keith Mansfield - Powerhouse Pop

Keith Murray - The Rhyme

Keith Sweat - Chocolate Girl

Keith Sweat - in the Mood

Keith Sweat - Just a Touch

Keith Sweat - Nature's Rising (Interlude)

Keith Sweat - Nobody (feat. Athena Cage)

Keith Sweat - Show Me the Way (Interlude)

Keith Sweat - Twisted

Keith Sweat - Whatever You Want

Keith Sweat - Yumi

Keith Sweat (Featuring Gerald Levert, Aaron Hall and Buddy Banks) - Funky Dope Lovin' (Featuring Gerald Levert, Aaron Hall and Buddy Banks)

Keith Sweat (Featuring Ronald Isley) - Come With Me (Featuring Ronald Isley)

Keith Sweat Athena Cage feat. Athena Cage - Nobody

Keith Sweat feat. Athena Cage - Nobody (Featuring Athena Cage)

Keith Sweat feat. Gerald Levert, Aaron Hall & Buddy Banks - Funky Dope Lovin'

Keith Sweat Ronald Isley feat. Ronald Isley - Come with Me

keller williams - Best Feeling

keller williams - Fuel for the Road

keller williams - Inhale to the Chief

keller williams - Killer Waves

keller williams - Relaxation Station

keller williams - Sally Sullivan

keller williams - Same Ol'

keller williams - Sunny Rain

keller williams - Yoni

Kemper Crabb - What Child Is This

Ken Doh - Nakasaki (I Need A Lover Tonight)

Kenickie - How I Was Made

Kenickie - in Your Car

Kenickie - Millionaire Sweeper

Kenickie - Punka

Kenny Barron - Autumn in New York

Kenny Barron - Bemsha Swing

Kenny Barron - Embraceable You (Take 1)

Kenny Barron - Embraceable You (Take 2)

Kenny Barron - Joanne Julia

Kenny Barron - Lemuria

Kenny Burrell - Take the 'A' Train

Kenny Chesney - Back Where I Come From

Kenny Chesney - Me And You

Kenny Chesney - When I Close My Eyes

Kenny Dorham - Osmosis

Kenny Dorham - Ruby, My Dear

Kenny G - Always

Kenny G - Eastside Jam

Kenny G - Gettin' On the Step

Kenny G - Havana

Kenny G - Innocence

Kenny G - Moonlight

Kenny G - Northern Lights

Kenny G - Passages

Kenny G - The Champion's Theme

Kenny G - The Moment

Kenny G & Babyface - Everytime I Close My Eyes (with Babyface)

Kenny G & Toni Braxton - How Could an Angel Break My Heart (with Toni Braxton)

Kenny G & Toni Braxton - That Somebody Was You (with Toni Braxton)

Kenny G with Toni Braxton - How Could An Angel Break My Heart

Kenny Lattimore - Always Remember

Kenny Lattimore - Climb the Mountain

Kenny Lattimore - Days Like This

Kenny Lattimore - For You

Kenny Lattimore - Forgiveness

Kenny Lattimore - I Won't Forget (Whose I Am)

Kenny Lattimore - I Won't Let You Down

Kenny Lattimore - Joy

Kenny Lattimore - Just What I t Takes

Kenny Lattimore - Never Too Busy

Kenny Loggins - For the First Time

Kenny Rogers - Shine On Ruby Mountain

Keoki - Caterpillar

Kerbdog - Sally

Kerri Chandler - Hallelujah

Kevin Eubanks - Alter Ego

Kevin Eubanks - June in January

Kevin Eubanks - Mercy, Mercy, Mercy

Kevin Eubanks - Red Top

Kevin Eubanks - Sometimes I Feel Like A Motherless Child

Kevin Eubanks - Speak Low

Kevin Hewick - Drowned Dream Wreckage

Kevin Kern - Sundial Dreams

Kevin Kern - The Enchanted Garden

Kevin Kern - Through the Arbor

Kevin Mahogany - Dark End of the Street

Kevin Mahogany - I Can't Make You Love Me

Kevin Mahogany - I Love You More Than You'll Ever Know

Kevin Mahogany - I Never Dreamed You'd Leave in Summer

Kevin Mahogany - I'm Walkin'

Kevin Mahogany - Little Black Samba

Kevin Mahogany - Oh! Gee!

Kevin Mahogany - Still Swingin'

Kevin Mahogany - When October Goes

Kevin Mahogany - Yesterday I Had the Blues

Kevin Sharp - Nobody Knows

Kid Abelha - Te Amo Pra Sempre

Kimera - The Lost Opera

Kimera and the London philarmonic orchestra - The Lost Opera

Kinderzimmer Productions - Intro

King Changó - African Fever

King Changó - Confesión

King Changó - Don't Drop Your Pants

King Changó - Empty Hands Are My Weapon (Wicked Dub)

King Changó - French Lady

King Changó - God Damn Killers

King Changó - Melting Pot Intro

King Changó - Melting Pot

King Changó - Pisando La Serpiente

King Changó - Revolution/Cumbia Reggae

King Changó - So Sweet

King Changó - Torero

King Curtis - Hide Away

King Curtis - Honky Tonk (Parts 1&2)

King Curtis - More Soul

King Curtis - Shake

King Curtis - Slow Drag

King Curtis - Strollin' Home

King Curtis - Tanya

King Tubby feat. Prince Jammy - A Living Version

King Tubby feat. Prince Jammy - Breaking Up Dubwise

King Tubby feat. Prince Jammy - Channel Get Knockout

King Tubby feat. Prince Jammy - Channel Is A Joker

King Tubby feat. Prince Jammy - Channel One Under Heavy Manners

King Tubby feat. Prince Jammy - The Poor Barber

Kingpin Skinny Pimp - All About Them Prophets

Kingpin Skinny Pimp - Don't Test Me

Kingpin Skinny Pimp - Hear My Dear / Anger

Kingpin Skinny Pimp - I Don't Love'em

Kingpin Skinny Pimp - Intro

Kingpin Skinny Pimp - Let's Start A Riot

Kingpin Skinny Pimp - Lookin' For Da Chewin'

Kingpin Skinny Pimp - Midnight Hoes

Kingpin Skinny Pimp - One Life 2 Live

Kingpin Skinny Pimp - Pimpin' And Hoin'

King's X - 67

King's X - American Cheese (Jerry's Pianto)

King's X - Fathers

King's X - Lies in the Sand (The Ballad Of..)

King's X - Sometime

King's X - The Train

Kirk Franklin & the Family - Now Behold the Lamb

KISS - Rock 'N' Roll All Nite

Kit Chan - 喜欢ä½

Kitaro - O Holy Night

KJ-52 - They Know Not

Klasse Kriminale - Mangia I Ricchi

Klaus Schulze - Are We Getting Lost?

Klaus Schulze - Valle De La Luna

Klaus Schulze - Vidanya

Klaus Schulze - Vocs in the Dark II

Kleenex Girl Wonder - Mercy

Klingonz - Cabbages

Klingonz - Fritenite

Klingonz - How Long Do You Want To Live

Klingonz - I Am Blurb

Klingonz - Kling Stomp

Klingonz - Madness Is A State of Mind

Klingonz - Oompa Loompa

Klingonz - Pick Pick Yum Yum

Klingonz - Too Drunk To Fuck

Klingonz - Too Sentimental

Klubbheads - Klubbhopping

Klubbheads - Klubhopping

KMFDM - Dogma

Kool G Rap - Fast Life

Kool Keith - Wanna Be A Star

Korn - A.D.I.D.A.S.

Korn - Ass Itch

Korn - Chi

Korn - Good God

Korn - K@#*%!

Korn - Kill You

Korn - Lost

Korn - Lowrider

Korn - Mr. Rogers

Korn - No Place To Hide

Korn - Porno Creep

Korn - Proud

Korn - Swallow

Korn - Twist

Korn - Wicked

Kostia - American Fields

Kostia - For You

Kostia - Home Sweet Home

Kostia - Interlude

Kostia - Invitation

Kostia - It's Going To Rain

Kostia - Loneliness

Kostia - Russian Song

Kostia - Snowy River

Kostia - We

Kostia - Yarmarka

Kraftwelt - 1187

Kraftwelt - Adventures in Orienta

Kraftwelt - Bon Voyage

Kraftwelt - Clockworked

Kraftwelt - Confusion

Kraftwelt - Deranged

Kraftwelt - Electric Dimension

Kraftwelt - in the Rubbertree Forest

Kraftwelt - Interference

Kraftwelt - Into the Cabinet

Kraftwelt - Neocafé

Kraftwelt - Sci-fi Memento

Kraftwelt - Sonar Blow Job

Kraftwelt - Suspected Subcity Substances

Kraftwelt - The Fiery Angels of Orc

Kraftwelt - The Path

Kraftwelt - Voltage

Kraftwelt - Vox Box

Kraftwelt - Wind Blues

Kreator - Some Pain Will Last

Kreator - Tormentor

Kreidler - Desto

Kreidler - Hillwood

Kreidler - If

Kreidler - La Capital

Kreidler - La Fille En Beige

Kreidler - Lio

Kreidler - Polaroid

Kreidler - Reflections

Kreidler - Sand Colour Classic

Kreidler - Shaun

Kreidler - Spat

Kreidler - Telefon

Kreidler - Traffic Way

Kris Kross - Da Streets Ain't Right

Kris Kross - Hey Sexy

Kris Kross - Interview

Kris Kross - It's a Group Thang

Kris Kross - Live and Die for Hip Hop

Kris Kross - Mackin' Ain't Easy

Kris Kross - Some Cut Up

Kris Kross - When the Homies Show Up

Kris Kross & Aaliyah - Live and Die for Hip Hop

Krishna Das - Brindavan Hare Ram

Krishna Das - Devi Puja

Krishna Das - Forgiveness

Krishna Das - Hanuman Chaleesa

Krishna Das - Hara Hara Mahaadeva

Krishna Das - Prayer To Hanuman

Krishna Das - Shri Ram Jai Ram

Krishna Das - The Krishna Waltz

Kristine W - Don't Wanna Think

Kristine W - Jazzin'

Kristine W - Land of the Living (Lisa Marie Vocal Experience)

Kristine W - Land of the Living (Maddladds Dub)

Kristine W - Land of the Living

Kristine W - Let Me In

Kristine W - Love Song

Kristine W - One More Try

Kristine W - Sweet Mercy Me

Kroke - 5757

Kroke - Ajde Jano (Balkan Piece in Klezmer Style)

Kroke - Bessarabian Hora / Di Sapozhkelekh

Kroke - From Doina To Hava Naguila

Kroke - Jerusalem (Part 1)

Kroke - Jerusalem (Part 2)

Kroke - Kazimierz Impressions: Nigun Atik / Sherele / Impressions / Nigun Atik (Reprise)

Kroke - Returns - Kazimierz 1995

Kroke - Rumenisher Tants

Kroke - Spiel Klezmer - Yiddish Freylekhs

Kruder & Dorfmeister - Black Baby (DJ-KiCKS)

Kula Shaker - 303

Kula Shaker - Dance in Your Shadow

Kula Shaker - Drop in the Sea

Kula Shaker - Govinda

Kula Shaker - Grateful When You're Dead / Jerry Was There

Kula Shaker - Hey Dude

Kula Shaker - Hollow Man

Kula Shaker - Hush

Kula Shaker - Into the Deep

Kula Shaker - Knight On the Town

Kula Shaker - Magic Theatre

Kula Shaker - Sleeping Jiva

Kula Shaker - Smart Dogs

Kula Shaker - Tattva

Kula Shaker - Temple of Everlasting Light

Kylie Minogue - Where Is the Feeling

Kymani Marley - Nice Time

L.S.G. - Fragile

L.S.G. - Netherworld

L.S.G. - Transmutation 3

L7 - Bitter Wine

La Bouche - I Love to Love

La Bouche - Sweet Dreams - Radio Version

La Bouche - Tonight Is The Night - Le Click - Dance Mix -

La Frontera - El Fantasma Del Desvan

La Frontera - La Posada Del Dragon

La Frontera - Pedro El Gitano

La Frontera - Rio Profundo

La Frontera - Tu Vida En Un Papel

La Lupita - Muerte Blanca

La Mafia - Amame

La Mafia - Como Pude Estar Tan Ciego

La Mafia - Para No Volver

La Mafia - Te Deseo Lo Mejor

La Mafia - Vente

La Perla Colombiana - Melina

La Puta Opepé - Atake Fiero

La Puta Opepé - Desafio Total

La Puta Opepé - Don Simon

La Puta Opepé - Efecto Especial Verbal

La Puta Opepé - El Unico Rey Magnetiko Original

La Puta Opepé - Escupe La Flema (con Daka)

La Puta Opepé - Estilo Pancho Villa

La Puta Opepé - La Escuela

La Puta Opepé - Mallorca Es Fonki

La Puta Opepé - Raggafla Sistema

La Puta Opepé - Resaka

La Puta Opepé - Vacaciones En El Mar

La Puta Opepé - Zafarrancho

La Renga - Balada Del Diablo y La Muerte

La Renga - Desnudo Para Siempre (O Despedazado)

La Renga - El Final Es En Donde Partí

La Renga - Hablando De La Libertad

La Renga - Lo Frágil De La Locura

La Renga - Paja Brava

La Renga - Psilosibe Mexicana

La Sonora Altepexana - Gracias Amor

La Sonora Dinamita - Carola

La Sonora Dinamita - Grito Vagabundo

La Sonora Dinamita - Ron De Vinola

La Tropa F - Amores Ajenos

La Tropa F - Juan Sabor

La Tropa F - Las Plumas Del Pavo Real

La Tropa Vallenata - Cumbia De Los Pobres

La Tropa Vallenata - Cumbia Sampuesana

La Unión - 1,996

La Unión - A Tumba Abierta

La Unión - Ande Yo Caliente

La Unión - Black Is Black

La Unión - El Fuego Y El Amor

La Unión - Tú Y Yo

La Unión - Vida En Marte

Ladron - Vengo A Pedir Tu Mano

Lady Saw - Ain't No Meaning

Lady Saw - Condom

Lady Saw - Gook Wuk

Lady Saw - Husband A Mine

Lady Saw - Life Without Dick

Lady Saw - Lonely Without You

Lady Saw - Love & Understanding

Lady Saw - Name Nuh Stand Fi Sex

Lady Saw - Over & Over

Lady Saw - Saturday Night At the Movies

Lady Saw - What Is Slackness

Lamb - Gorecki

Lambchop - Blame It On the Brunettes

Lambchop - Life's Little Tragedy

Lambchop - Randi

Lambchop - Smuckers

Lambchop - The Man Who Loved Beer

Lambchop - The Scary Caroler

Lambchop - Theöne

Lambchop - Your Life As A Sequel

Lambda - Hold On Tight

Lara & Reyes - Despertar

Larry Carlton - Buddy

Larry Carlton - Goin' Nowhere

Larry Carlton - Mourning Dove

Larry Carlton - My Old Town

Larry Carlton - Pammie Dear

Larry Carlton feat. Kirk Whalum - Osaka Cool

Larry Carlton feat. Kirk Whalum - Ridin' the Treasure

Larry Carlton feat. Kirk Whalum - The Gift

Larry Carlton feat. Michele Pillar Carlton - Things We Said Today

Larry Donn - All Night Stomp (Studio)

Larry Donn - Baby Let's Play House (Studio)

Larry Donn - Blue Moon of Kentucky (Studio)

Larry Donn - Down the Line (Studio)

Larry Donn - End of the Road (Studio)

Larry Donn - Girl Next Door (Studio)

Larry Donn - Good Golly Miss Molly (Studio)

Larry Donn - Great Balls of Fire (Studio)

Larry Donn - Heartbeat (Studio)

Larry Donn - Honey Bun

Larry Donn - I'll Never Forget You (Studio)

Larry Donn - I'm Left, You're Right, She's Gone (Studio)

Larry Donn - Lonely Avenue (Studio)

Larry Donn - Milcow Blues Boogie (Studio)

Larry Donn - Mona Lisa (Studio)

Larry Donn - Mystery Train (Studio)

Larry Donn - One Broken Heart (Studio)

Larry Donn - One More Time (Studio)

Larry Donn - Rock And Rhythm (Studio)

Larry Donn - Rockin' Love (Studio)

Larry Donn - Shake Rattle And Roll (Studio)

Larry Donn - She's Mine (Studio)

Larry Donn - Sunshine Rock (Studio)

Larry Donn - Surf Twist (Studio)

Larry Donn - Swinging (Studio)

Larry Donn - That's What I Call A Ball

Larry Donn - The Twist (Studio)

Larry Donn - Trouble Bound (Studio)

Larry Donn - Wayward Wind (Studio)

Lars Lillo-Stenberg - Aftensang Om Våren

Lars Lillo-Stenberg - Alle Fugler

Lars Lillo-Stenberg - Det Lå En Pjokk Og Lukte

Lars Lillo-Stenberg - En Villand Svømmer Stille

Lars Lillo-Stenberg - Jeg Aldri Mer Vil Hunden Slå

Lars Lillo-Stenberg - Jeg Gikk En Tur På Stien

Lars Lillo-Stenberg - Jeg Plukker Fløylsgræs

Lars Lillo-Stenberg - Kvelden Lister Seg På Tå

Lars Lillo-Stenberg - Løft Ditt Hode

Lars Lillo-Stenberg - Mors Lille Ole

Lars Lillo-Stenberg - Mot I Brystet

Lars Lillo-Stenberg - Og Reven Lå Under Birkerot

Lars Lillo-Stenberg - Sønner Av Norge

Lars Lillo-Stenberg - Vi Ere En Nasjon

Lars Lillo-Stenberg - Vi Vandrer Med Freidig Mot

Latex Empire - The Trip

Latin Fresh - Ella Se Arrebata

Laura Cantrell - Cellar Door

Laura Cantrell - Lee Harvey was a Friend of Mine

Laura Cantrell - No Place for Me

Laura Cantrell - Roll Truck Roll

Laura Cantrell - The Curse of Hook Mountain

Laura Pausini - 16/5/74

Laura Pausini - Cuando Se Ama

Laura Voutilainen - Ei sydäntäni voida ostaa

Laura Voutilainen - Hotelli rannalla

Laura Voutilainen - Itkien me naurettiin

Laura Voutilainen - Niin hyvää

Laura Voutilainen - Nuorallatanssi

Laura Voutilainen - Prinsessa

Laura Voutilainen - Silti uskon huomiseen

Laura Voutilainen - Sinä saat mut itkemään

Laura Voutilainen - Surun suuri meri

Laura Voutilainen - Teethän sen

Laurent Garnier - Astral Dreams

Laurent Garnier - Crispy Bacon

Lavay Smith & Her Red Hot Skillet Lickers - And Her Tears Flowed Like Wine

Lavay Smith & Her Red Hot Skillet Lickers - Between the Devil And the Deep Blue Sea

Lavay Smith & Her Red Hot Skillet Lickers - Blue Skies

Lavay Smith & Her Red Hot Skillet Lickers - Downhearted Blues

Lavay Smith & Her Red Hot Skillet Lickers - Going To Chicago Blues

Lavay Smith & Her Red Hot Skillet Lickers - New Blowtop Blues

Lavay Smith & Her Red Hot Skillet Lickers - One Hour Mama

Lavay Smith & Her Red Hot Skillet Lickers - Oo Poppa Do

Lavay Smith & Her Red Hot Skillet Lickers - Squeeze Me

Lavay Smith & Her Red Hot Skillet Lickers - Walk Right In, Walk Right Out

Lavay Smith & Her Red Hot Skillet Lickers - What's the Matter With You

Lawrence Welk - Sentimental Journey

Le Click - Tonight Is the Night

Le Mans - Ama Hil Zaigu

Le Mans - Canción De Puede Ser

Le Mans - Desacierto

Le Mans - Dry Martini

Le Mans - Jonathan Jeremiah

Le Mans - Orlando

Le Mans - Paramour

Le Mans - Saudade

Le Mans - Travesía

Le Orme - Chiesa D' Asfalto

Le Orme - Madre Mia

Le Orme - Prima Acqua

LeAnn Rimes - Blue

LeAnn Rimes - One Way Ticket (Because I Can)

Lee Andrews, the Hearts - Island of Love

Lee Greenwood - Dixie Road - Re-Recorded In Stereo

Lee Greenwood - God Bless The U.S.A. - Re-Recorded In Stereo

Lee Morgan - Soulita

Lee Morgan - Suicide City

Lee 'Scratch' Perry - Disco Devil

Leevi and the leavings - Hubaa habaa

Leevi and the leavings - Lähtölaskenta pieneen sydämeen

Leevi and the leavings - Syntisen kaunis mies

Leevi and the leavings - Tulikuumat pakoputket

Leevi and the leavings - Usvan keskellä

Left Hand Solution - Thorns

Legend B - Lost in Love

Legião Urbana - Leila

Legião Urbana - Soul Parsifal / Musica Incidental:''Strawberry Fields Forever''

Leila Pinheiro - A Primeira Vez

Lemon D - Break It Up

Lemon D - Change

Lemon D - I Can't Stop

Lemonator - Playing With Dinosaur

Lemonator - Tourist

Lena Horne - Like Someone in Love

Leningrad Cowboys - Brave new world

Leningrad Cowboys - Galina

Leningrad Cowboys - Jupiter calling

Leningrad Cowboys - L.A. Doga beach

Leningrad Cowboys - Little green men

Leningrad Cowboys - Nadja

Leningrad Cowboys - Space tractor

Leningrad Cowboys - Ulan Bator Girls

Leningrad Cowboys - Universal fields

Leningrad Cowboys - Where's the moon

Leningrad Cowboys - Zastarovje

Léo Ferré - Graine d'ananar

Léo Ferré - Le Pont Mirabeau

Léo Ferré - Les Indifférentes

Léo Ferré - Paris Canaille

Léo Ferré - Vitrines

Leo Sayer - Another Time

Leo Sayer - Fool For Your Love

Leo Sayer - La Booga Rooga

Leo Sayer - More Than I Can Say

Leo Sayer - No Looking Back

Leo Sayer - Unlucky in Love

Leo Sayer - We Can Start All Over Again

Leo Sayer - When I Came Home This Morning

Leo Sayer - When I Need You

Leo Sayer - You Make Me Feel Like Dancing

Les Baxter - Simba - 1996 Digital Remaster

Les Claypool And The Holy Mackerel - Highball With The Devil

Les Claypool And The Holy Mackerel - The Awakening

Les Miserables - 10th Anniversary Concert Cast - Building the Barricade / On My Own

Les Miserables - 10th Anniversary Concert Cast - Do You Hear the People Sing?

Les Miserables - 10th Anniversary Concert Cast - One Day More!

Les Miserables - 10th Anniversary Concert Cast - Stars

Les Rita Mitsouko - Ailleurs (Avec Princess Erika)

Les Valentins - Fuera De Aqui

Les Valentins - On Le Sait

Les Wampas - C'Est Juste Une Petite Voix

Les Wampas - L' Eternel

Les Wampas - Les Iles Au Soleil (Los)

Les Wampas - Paolo

Les Wampas - Quelle Joie Le Rock N' Roll

Les Wampas - Trop Précieux

Leslie Cheung - 有心人

Less Than Jake - 107

Less Than Jake - 9th At Pine

Less Than Jake - Ask the Magic 8 Ball (Explicit)

Less Than Jake - Automatic

Less Than Jake - Dopeman

Less Than Jake - Happyman

Less Than Jake - How's My Driving, Doug Hastings? (Explicit)

Less Than Jake - Johnny Quest Thinks We're Sellouts

Less Than Jake - Just Like Frank

Less Than Jake - Lockdown

Less Than Jake - Mixology of Tom Collins

Less Than Jake - Never Going Back To New Jersey (Explicit)

Less Than Jake - Rock-N-Roll Pizzeria (Explicit)

Less Than Jake - Shindo

Less Than Jake - Sugar in Your Gas Tank

Lester Flatt & Earl Scruggs And the Stanley Brothers - We'll Be Sweethearts in Heaven

Lester Quitzau - A Big Love - Reprise

Lester Quitzau - A Big Love

Lester Quitzau - Bliss

Lester Quitzau - Expectations

Lester Quitzau - Falling

Lester Quitzau - Feel the Way I Do

Lester Quitzau - Going Downtown

Lester Quitzau - Joe Six Pack

Lester Quitzau - Joe's Song

Lester Quitzau - These Days

Let's Go Bowling - Mr. Twist

Let's Go Bowling - Spy Market

Let's Go Bowling - You Take Me

Letta Mbulu - What's Wrong With Groovin'

Level 42 - Can't Walk You Home

Level 42 - Two Solitudes (Everyone's Love in the Air)

Lewis Taylor - Betterlove

Lewis Taylor - Bittersweet

Lewis Taylor - Damn

Lewis Taylor - How

Lewis Taylor - Lucky

Lewis Taylor - Right

Lewis Taylor - Song

Lewis Taylor - Spirit

Lewis Taylor - Track

Lewis Taylor - Whoever

LFO - Advance

LFO - Forever

LFO - Goodnight Vienna

LFO - Kombat Drinking


LFO - Loch ness

LFO - Psycodelik

LFO - Shut Down

LFO - Them

LFO - Ultra Schall

Lida Husik - The Bird

Lighthouse Family - Beautiful Night

Lighthouse Family - Goodbye Heartbreak

Lighthouse Family - Heavenly

Lighthouse Family - Keep Remembering

Lighthouse Family - Loving Every Minute

Lighthouse Family - Sweetest Operator

Lighthouse Family - The Way You Are

Lighthouse Family - What Could Be Better

Lightnin' Hopkins - Ain't It A Shame

Lightnin' Hopkins - She's Almost Dead

Lightning Seeds - Fingers And Thumbs

Lightning Seeds - Imaginary Friends

Lightning Seeds - Ready or Not

Lightning Seeds - Sugar Coated Iceberg

Lightning Seeds - Waiting For Today To Happen

Lightning Seeds - What If...

Lightning Seeds - You Bet Your Life

Lightning Seeds - You Showed Me

Lights of Euphoria - Lost Gravitation (Outro)

Lights of Euphoria - Our Darkness

Lights of Euphoria - Sleepwalking

Lil' Kim - Big Momma Thang

Lil' Kim - Crush on You

Lil' Kim - Drugs

Lil' Kim - No Time

Lil' Kim - Not Tonight

Lil' Kim - Queen Bitch

Lil' Kim - Spend a Little Doe

Lil' Louis', 'The World - French Kiss - The Original Underground Mix

Lil' Suzy - Now And Forever

Lillebjørn Nilsen - 1000 Søte Damer

Lillebjørn Nilsen - Blues Når Du Var 15

Lillebjørn Nilsen - Gul Og Vissen

Lillebjørn Nilsen - Gutten Med Lutten

Lillebjørn Nilsen - Hav Og Himmel

Lillebjørn Nilsen - Hei New York

Lillebjørn Nilsen - Sangen Om Danmark

Lillebjørn Nilsen - Valle Auto & Bensin

Lillebjørn Nilsen - Victor Jara

Limelife - Baby Can You Reach

Linda Arnold - Gartan Mother's Lullaby

Linda Martin - Why Me?

Linda Ronstadt - Devoted To You (Instumental)

Linda Ronstadt - Good Night

Link 80 - Burning Down

Link 80 - Verbal Kint

Lionel Hampton - How High the Moon

Lionel Hampton - Rag Mop

Lionel Hampton & Oscar Peterson - Love For Sale

Lionel Richie - Can't Get Over You

Lionel Richie - Climbing

Lionel Richie - Don't Wanna Lose You

Lionel Richie - I Wanna Take You Down

Lionel Richie - Ordinary Girl

Lionel Richie - Paradise

Lionel Richie - Piece of Love

Lionel Richie feat. Toots Thielemans - Nothing Else Matters

Lipps Inc. - Funkytown

Liquid Soul - Afro Loop

Liquid Soul - Black Earth

Liquid Soul - Blue Groove Freestyle

Liquid Soul - Equinox

Liquid Soul - Footprints

Liquid Soul - Freddie the Freeloader

Liquid Soul - Java Junkie

Liquid Soul - Jazz Machine

Liquid Soul - New E

Liquid Soul - Preview

Liquid Soul - Righteous

Liquid Soul - Schitzophrenia

Liquid Soul - The Good One

Liquid Soul - What a story

Liquid Soul - Worlds' on a leash

Lisa Brokop - She Can't Save Him

Lisa Germano - Baby On the Plane

Lisa Germano - Bruises

Lisa Germano - Fun Fun Fun For Everyone (Acoustic)

Lisa Germano - Messages From Sophia Theres More Kitties in the World Than Miamo-tutti' By Lisa And Dorothy

Lisa Germano - Messages From Sophia

Lisa Germano - Singing To the Birds

Lisa Germano - Small Heads

Lisa Germano - Tom, Dick and Harry

Lisa Germano - Victorias Secret Just A Bad Dream' By Miamo-tutti

Lisa Germano - We Suck

Lisa Stansfield - Never, Never Gonna Give You Up

Lisa Stansfield - The Real Thing

Little Anthony & the Imperials - Goin' Out of My Head

Little Anthony & The Imperials - I'm On The Outside (Looking In)

Little Tony - Cuore Matto

Little Walter - Mean Old Frisco

Livin' Joy - Don't Stop Movin'

Liz Callaway & Brad Kane - Out Of Thin Air - From 'Aladdin and the King of Thieves' / Soundtrack Version

Liz Callaway & Gilbert Gottfried & Brad Kane - Forget About Love (The Return Of Jafar) - From 'The Return of Jafar'/Soundtrack Version

Liz Phair - Six Dick Pimp

Liz Story - Elm

Liz Story - I Can't Get Started

Liz Story - Mack the Knife

Liz Story - Someone To Watch Over Me

LL Cool J - Doin' It

LL Cool J - Going Back To Cali

LL Cool J - Hey Lover

LL Cool J - I Need Love

LL Cool J - I'm Bad

LL Cool J - Jingling Baby

LL Cool J - Loungin (Who Do Ya Luv)

LL Cool J - Mama Said Knock You Out

Lloyd's All Stars - Dread Dub

Llwybr Llaethog - Atha Cliath Dub

Llwybr Llaethog - Cariad Dub (Love Dub)

Llwybr Llaethog - Comiwnydd Yn Fyw

Llwybr Llaethog - Dim Dat Dub Yn Fyw / Live

Llwybr Llaethog - Electro-Sian

Llwybr Llaethog - Ffanny

Llwybr Llaethog - Llandub

Llwybr Llaethog - Magnetig

Llwybr Llaethog - McKeowne Dub

Llwybr Llaethog - Peckham Dub Yn Fyw / Live

Llwybr Llaethog - Soccer M.C.

Lobo - Me and You and a Dog Named Boo

Lobo - Where Were You When I Was Falling In Love

Local H - Back in the Day

Local H - Bound For the Floor

Local H - Eddie Vedder

Local H - Freeze-Dried (F) Lies

Local H - Fritz's Corner

Local H - High-Fiving Mf

Local H - Lovey Dovey

Local H - Manifest Density

Local H - No Problem

Local H - Nothing Special

Local H - O.K.

LOFOFORA - Envie De Tuer

LOFOFORA - Intox Populi

LOFOFORA - Jazz Trash Assassin



LOFOFORA - Macho Blues

LOFOFORA - Mental Urbain

LOFOFORA - Shiva Skunk Special Ekova Flavour

LOFOFORA - Vive Le Feu

Logical Nonsense - Red Knuckles

Loikaemie - Als ich vierzehn war

Loikaemie - Das Hippieteil

Loikaemie - Ede aus dem Knast

Loikaemie - Ein Skinhead ohne Stiefel

Loikaemie - Es gibt beim Fernsehn Leute...

Loikaemie - Falsche Freunde

Loikaemie - Remember

Loikaemie - So sehen wir Euch

Loikaemie - Sonntag

Lola Beltrán & Amalia Mendoza & Lucha Villa & Juan Gabriel & Vicente Fernández & Las Hermanas Padilla & Las Jilguerillas & El Piporro & La Prieta Linda - Le Pido al Tempo Que Vuelva

Lola Beltrán & Amalia Mendoza & Lucha Villa & Juan Gabriel & Vicente Fernández & Las Hermanas Padilla & Las Jilguerillas & El Piporro & La Prieta Linda - Dejame Verte a los Ojos

Lola Beltrán & Amalia Mendoza & Lucha Villa & Juan Gabriel & Vicente Fernández & Las Hermanas Padilla & Las Jilguerillas & El Piporro & La Prieta Linda - Hoy Que Pienso Tanto en Ti

Lola Beltrán & Amalia Mendoza & Lucha Villa & Juan Gabriel & Vicente Fernández & Las Hermanas Padilla & Las Jilguerillas & El Piporro & La Prieta Linda - Las Mil Amores

Lola Beltrán & Amalia Mendoza & Lucha Villa & Juan Gabriel & Vicente Fernández & Las Hermanas Padilla & Las Jilguerillas & El Piporro & La Prieta Linda - Obertura Mexicana

Lola Beltrán & Amalia Mendoza & Lucha Villa & Juan Gabriel & Vicente Fernández & Las Hermanas Padilla & Las Jilguerillas & El Piporro & La Prieta Linda - Ojos Mexicanos

London After Midnight - Carry On Screaming

London After Midnight - HATE!

London After Midnight - Letter To God

London After Midnight - Psycho Magnet

London After Midnight - Untitled

London After Midnight - Where Good Girls Go To Die

London Funk Allstars - Allstars Theme

London Funk Allstars - Flesh Eating Disco Zombies versus the Bionic Hookers From Mars

London Funk Allstars - Give It To Me Raw

London Funk Allstars - How To Be A Ninja in One Easy Lesson

London Funk Allstars - Introduction

London Funk Allstars - Junkies Bad Trip

London Funk Allstars - Mad Love

London Funk Allstars - Never Can Get Enough

London Funk Allstars - Old Skool Reunion

London Funk Allstars - The Chase

London Funk Allstars - There's Only One F in Funk

London Funk Allstars - U. J.

London Funk Allstars - Way Out

Lonesome River Band - All I Want is Mary for Christmas

Longpigs - Dozen Wicked Words

Longpigs - Far

Longpigs - Happy Again

Longpigs - On & On

Longpigs - Sally Dances

Longpigs - Sleep

Longpigs feat. Hugh Jones - Elvis

Longpigs feat. Hugh Jones - Lost Myself

Longpigs feat. Hugh Jones - Over Our Bodies

Lonnie Johnson - Falling Rain Blues

Lonnie Johnson - Friendless Blues

Lonnie Johnson - Nothing But Trouble

Lonnie Johnson - Seven Long Days

Lonnie Johnson - Sundown Blues

Lonnie Johnson - When You Fall For Someone That's Not Your Own

Lonnie Liston Smith - in the Park

Loop Guru - Shrine Kaya Dub

Loosegoats - Broken Babe

Loosegoats - Country Crock

Loosegoats - Suburban Slut

Lord Finesse - Hip 2 Da Game

Lorrie Morgan - Don't Stop in My World (If You Don't Mean To Stay)

Lorrie Morgan - Good As I Was To You

Lorrie Morgan - Greater Need

Lorrie Morgan - I Just Might Be

Lorrie Morgan - Reading My Heart

Lorrie Morgan - She Walked Beside the Wagon

Lorrie Morgan - Soldier of Love

Lorrie Morgan feat. Vince Gill and Travis Tritt - Steppin' Stones

Los Acosta - Enojados

Los Angeles Azules - A La Cumbiamba

Los Angeles Azules - Cómo Te Voy A Olvidar

Los Angeles Azules - Mi Cantar

Los Angeles Azules - Mi Niña Mujer

Los Chiches Vallenatos - Como Mañana Me Voy

Los Del Rio - Macarena - Bayside Boys Remix

Los Del Rio - Macarena - River Re-Mix

Los Del Rio - Macarena

Los Enanitos Verdes - Dale Pascual

Los Enanitos Verdes - El Delfin

Los Enanitos Verdes - El Dia Es Claro

Los Enanitos Verdes - El Pais Del No Dormir

Los Enanitos Verdes - Ella

Los Enanitos Verdes - Estoy En El Infierno

Los Enanitos Verdes - Eterna Soledad

Los Enemigos - Dentro

Los Enemigos - Disfuncion

Los Enemigos - Estas (Cuando Te Vas)

Los Enemigos - Madrileko Negua

Los Enemigos - Mejor

Los Enemigos - No Me Caigo Bien (Me Caigo Mal)

Los Enemigos - Piel De Pollo

Los Enemigos - Sr. Correcto

Los Inquietos - No le temas al amor

Los Inquietos - Quiero saber de ti

Los inquietos del vallenato - Quiero Saber de Ti

Los Iracundos - Las Puertas Del Olvido

Los Iracundos - Puerto Montt

Los Iracundos - Tu Con Emilel

Los Iracundos - Va Cayendo una Lágrima

Los Limones - Cuando Aparezca El Sol

Los Limones - Dame Tu Amor

Los Limones - El Canto De La Sirena

Los Limones - El Escenario De Un Club

Los Limones - El Tiempo Pasara

Los Limones - Es Mejor

Los Limones - Ferrol

Los Limones - Horizontes

Los Limones - Inocentes

Los Limones - No Esta Mal La Soledad

Los Limones - No Le Digas

Los Limones - Por Toda La Tierra

Los Limones - Te Voy Siguiendo

Los Limones - Trenes Sin Destino

Los Lobos - Can't Stop the Rain

Los Lobos - Colossal Head

Los Lobos - Everybody Loves A Train

Los Lobos - Life Is Good

Los Lobos - Little Japan

Los Lobos - Manny's Bones

Los Lobos - Mas Y Mas

Los Lobos - Revolution

Los Mismos - Me Está Doliendo Dejarte

Los Mismos - Se Fue Mi Paloma

Los Pajaritos De Tacupa - La Siembro, Cosechó Y Vendo

Los Palominos - Duele El Amor

Los Palominos - Dulce Para Amar

Los Palominos - En Un Bouquet De Rosas

Los Palominos - La Chapucera

Los Palominos - Para Siempre

Los Palominos - Ya No Existe

Los Panchos - Recuerdos de Ti

Los Panchos - Sin Ti

Los Panchos - Sin Un Amor

Los Pericos - Amor Que Desapareces

Los Pericos - Besame

Los Pericos - Boulevard

Los Pericos - Caliente

Los Pericos - Estatuitas De Sal

Los Pericos - Fiesta En Las Calles

Los Pericos - in My Room

Los Pericos - No Le Pidas Mas Al Diablo

Los Pericos - No Me Pares (Demo)

Los Pericos - Recuerdame

Los Pericos - Salmo A Bob Marley

Los Pericos - Surf-Ska

Los Pericos - Why Baby Why

Los Planetas - Aeropuerto

Los Planetas - Ciudad Azul

Los Planetas - David Y Claudia

Los Planetas - Jose Y Yo

Los Planetas - La Maquina de Escribir

Los Planetas - Ondas Del Espacio Exterior

Los Prisioneros - De La Cultura De La Basura

Los Prisioneros - We Are Sudamerican Rockers

Los Rehenes - Cosas Buenas Que Parecen Malas

Los Rehenes - Todo Me Recuerda A Ti

Los Relampagos Del Norte - Baraja de Oro

Los Rieleros Del Norte - Ayúdame A Olvidarte

Los Rieleros Del Norte - El Columpio

Los Rieleros Del Norte - El Invencible

Los Rieleros Del Norte - Golondrina Viajera

Los Rieleros Del Norte - Mi Amor No Lo Mereces

Los Rieleros Del Norte - Ya Para Que

Los Rodriguez - Dulce Condena

Los Rodriguez - Para No Olvidar

Los Rodriguez - Sin Documentos

Los Ronaldos - Adiós Papá

Los Ronaldos - Saca la lengua

Los Secretos - Enganchado A Una Señal De Bus

Los Socios Del Ritmo - Chilito Piquín

Los Socios Del Ritmo - El Bodeguero

Los Socios Del Ritmo - Vamos A Platicar

Los Straitjackets - Outta Gear

Los Straitjackets - Pacifica

Los Temerarios - Acepta Mi Error

Los Temerarios - Ahora Pienso Más en Ti

Los Temerarios - Al Otro Lado del Sol

Los Temerarios - Corazón de Otro

Los Temerarios - Cuando Quieras Verme

Los Temerarios - Enamorado de Ti

Los Temerarios - Eres un Sueño

Los Temerarios - Faltas Tú

Los Temerarios - Fueron Tus Palabras

Los Temerarios - La Mujer Que Soñe

Los Temerarios - La Traicionera

Los Temerarios - Me Empiezo a Enamorar

Los Temerarios - Mi Secreto

Los Temerarios - No Dejo De Amarte

Los Temerarios - Pequeña

Los Temerarios - Primer Amor

Los Temerarios - Sí Quiero Volver

Los Temerarios - Tu Ãsltima Canción

Los Temerarios - Una Lágrima Más

Los Temerarios - Una Tarde Fue

Los Temerarios - Voy a Quererte Más

Los Tigres Del Norte - A Manos Llenas

Los Tigres Del Norte - Amores Que Van Y Vienen

Los Tigres Del Norte - Cuestion Olvidada

Los Tigres Del Norte - El Circo

Los Tigres Del Norte - Los Tres De Zacatecas

Los Tigres Del Norte - Mi Sangre Prisionera

Los Tigres Del Norte - No Pude Enamorarme Mas

Los Tigres Del Norte - Si Me Vas A Dejar

Los Tigres Del Norte - Unidos Para Siempre

Los Tres - La negrita

Los Vallenatos De La Cumbia - Muchacha Encantadora

Los Vegetales - 17 años

Los Vegetales - 2 amores

Los Vegetales - Chico sencillo

Los Vegetales - El sol no es para tanto

Los Vegetales - El verdugo de rocafort

Los Vegetales - Estela plateada

Los Vegetales - Gallinas gigantes con metralletas

Los Vegetales - Hasta que la muerte nos separe

Los Vegetales - La ciencia avanza

Los Vegetales - La pastilla roja

Los Vegetales - Lo prometido es deuda

Los Vegetales - Marte exige carne

Los Vegetales - Me voy de aquí

Los Vegetales - Mi novia es una zombi

Los Vegetales - Odio el verano

Los Vegetales - Reloj de cuco

Los Vegetales - Sol de california

Los Vegetales - Soy una bomba

Los Vegetales - Tiburón XIII

Los Vegetales - Vampirela

Los Vegetales - Zona negativa

Lost Boyz - Jeeps, Lex Coups, Bimaz & Benz

Lost Boyz - Lifestyles of the Rich And Shameless

Lost Boyz - Music Makes Me High

Lost Boyz - Renee

Lou Rawls - For What It's Worth

Lou Reed - Egg Cream

Lou Reed - NYC Man

Lou Reed - Riptide

Lou Reed - Trade in

Louie Culture - Rise And Shine Again

Louis Armstrong - Gone Fishin'

Louis Armstrong - My One and Only Love

Louis Armstrong - Someday (You'll be sorry)

Louis Armstrong - West End Blues

Louis Armstrong And Bing Crosby - Gone Fishin'

Louis Jordan & His Tympany Five - Somebody Done Changed the Lock On My Door

Louis Philippe - Guess I'm Dumb

Louis Prima - (I'll be glad When You're Death) You Rascal You

Louis Prima - (Nothing's Too Good) For My Baby

Louis Prima - 5 Months, 2 Weeks , 2 Days

Louis Prima - Autumn Leaves

Louis Prima - Buona Sera

Louis Prima - Fever

Louis Prima - Hey, Boy ! Hey, Girl !

Louis Prima - I Wan'na Be Like You

Louis Prima - I've Got You Under My Skin

Louis Prima - Jump, Jive An' Wail

Louis Prima - Just One Of Those Things

Louis Prima - Medley: Angelina - Zooma Zooma

Louis Prima - Medley: Just A Gigolo - I Ain't Got Nobody

Louis Prima - Medley: When You're Smiling - The Sheik Of Araby

Louis Prima - Pennies From Heaven

Louis Prima - Sing, Sing, Sing

Louis Prima - St. Louis Blues

Louis Prima - That Old Black Magic

Louis Prima - The Love Bug Will Get You

Louis Prima - Twist All Night

Louis Prima - When The Saints Go Marching In

Louise Hoffsten - Det Sorgsna Hjärtat

Louise Hoffsten - Här Är Gudagott Att Vara

Louise Hoffsten - Jag Unnar Dig Ändå Allt Gott

Louise Hoffsten - Mig Lyster I Lunden Att Vara

Louise Hoffsten - Om Dagen Vid Mitt Arbete

Louise Hoffsten - Så Ödsligt Molnen På Himlen

Louise Johnson - On the Wall

Louisiana Red - Vivienne

Love Affair - 60 Minutes (Of Your Love)

Love Affair - Build On Love

Love Affair - Could I Be Dreaming

Love Affair - Hush

Love Affair - Once Upon A Season

Love Affair - Please Stay

Love Affair - So Sorry

Love Affair - Tale of Two Bitters

Love Affair - The First Cut Is the Deepest

Love Affair - The Tree

Love Affair - Tobacco Road

Love and Rockets - Clean

Love and Rockets - Fever

Love and Rockets - Here Comes the Comedown

Love and Rockets - Judgement Day

Love and Rockets - Natacha

Love and Rockets - Pearl

Love and Rockets - Sad And Beautiful World

Love and Rockets - Shelf Life

Love and Rockets - Spiked

Love and Rockets - Sweet F.A.

Love and Rockets - Sweet Lover Hangover

Love and Rockets - Trip & Glide

Love and Rockets - Use Me

Love Unlimited - I Can't Let Him Down

Loves Ugly Children - Personal World

Lowell Fulson - Every Day I Have the Blues

Lucero - A Dangerous Thing

Lucero - All Sewn Up

Lucero - All These Love Songs

Lucero - Better Than This

Lucero - Hold Fast

Lucero - It Gets the Worst at Night

Lucero - Little Silver Heart

Lucero - My Best Girl

Lucero - No Roses No More

Lucero - Wandering Star

Lucinda Williams, Various Artists - Positively 4th Street

Lucio Dalla - Ayrton

Lucio Dalla - Canzone

Lucio Dalla - Tu Non Mi Basti Mai

Lucky Ali - O Sanam

Lucky Bishops - Ashtralia

Lucky Peterson - Bad Condition

Lucky Peterson - Blue Interlude

Lucky Peterson - Change Is Gonna Come

Lucky Peterson - Ham-Buger

Lucky Peterson - Hide Away

Lucky Peterson - Lifetime

Lucky Peterson - Next in Line

Lucky Peterson - Time Will

Lucky Peterson - Time

Lucky Peterson - Wash My Back

Lucky Peterson - We'll Be Together

Lucybell - Carnaval

Lucybell - Electrico Cariño

Lucybell - Mataz

Lucybell - Me Dejo Tentar

Lucybell - Si No Se Abrir Mis Manos

Lucybell - Tu Honor

Lucybell - Ver

Lucybell - Viajar

Ludovico Einaudi - Canzone Popolare (Francia 1500 ca.)

Ludovico Einaudi - Dietro L'Incanto

Ludovico Einaudi - La Linea Scura

Ludovico Einaudi - La Linea Sicura

Ludovico Einaudi - La Profondità Del Buio

Ludovico Einaudi - Le Onde

Ludovico Einaudi - Lontano

Ludovico Einaudi - L'Ultima Volta

Ludovico Einaudi - Ombre

Ludovico Einaudi - Onde Corte

Ludovico Einaudi - Passaggio

Ludovico Einaudi - Questa Notte

Ludovico Einaudi - Tracce

Ludwig van Beethoven & Nicolaus Esterhazy Sinfonia & Bela Drahos - Symphony No. 3 in E-Flat Major, Op. 55 'Eroica': III. Scherzo: Allegro vivace

Luigi Boccherini & Berliner Philharmoniker & Herbert von Karajan - Quintettino Op.30 No.6, G.324: 4. Passacalle

Luis Miguel - Como Es Posible Que A Mi Lado

Luis Miguel - Cómo Es Posible Que a Mi Lado

Luis Miguel - Dame

Luis Miguel - Nada Es Igual

Luis Miguel - Sueña

Luis Miguel - Suena ('Some Day' end title song 'The Hunchback of Notre Dame')

Luis Miguel - Todo Por Su Amor

Luke Vibert - Controlling transmission

Luke Vibert - Get Your Head Down

Lula Reed - Rock Love

Lunar Aurora - Conqueror of the ember Moon

Lunar Aurora - Flammende Male

Lunar Aurora - Grabgesänge

Lunar Aurora - Into the Secrets of the Moon

Lunar Aurora - Rebirth of an ancient Empire

Lunar Aurora - Schwarze Rosen

Luniz - I Got 5 on It

Luscious Jackson - Don't Look Back

Luscious Jackson - Door

Luscious Jackson - Electric

Luscious Jackson - Mood Swing

Luscious Jackson - Naked Eye

Luscious Jackson - One Thing

Luscious Jackson - Soothe Yourself

Luscious Jackson - Stardust

Luscious Jackson - Take A Ride

Luscious Jackson - Under Your Skin

Luscious Jackson - Water Your Garden

Luscious Jackson - Why Do I Lie?

Lush - Ladykillers

Luther Allison - Driving Wheel

Luther Allison - Easy Baby

Luther Allison - Into My Life

Luther Allison - K.T.

Luther Allison - Little Red Rooster

Luther Allison - Luther's Blues

Luther Allison - Now You Got It

Luther Allison - Someday Pretty Baby

Luther Vandross - I Can Make It Better

Luther Vandross - If I Had A Hammer

Luther Vandross - Love Don't Love You Anymore

Luther Vandross - Too Proud To Beg

Luther Vandross - Your Secret Love

Luther Vandross feat. Deidre 'Spin' Roper of Salt-n-Pepa - I Can't Wait No Longer (Let's Do This)

Luz Casal - No Me Importa Nada

Lydia Lunch - in My Time of Dying

Lyle Lovett - Christmas Morning

Lyle Lovett - Fiona

Lyle Lovett - Her First Mistake

Lyle Lovett - I Can't Love You Anymore

Lyle Lovett - It Ought To Be Easier

Lyle Lovett - Private Conversation

Lyle Lovett - Promises

Lyle Lovett - The Road To Ensenada

Lyle Lovett - The Road To Ensenada/The Girl in the Corner

Lynn Anderson - Love of the Common People

Lynn Anderson - Sing Me A Sad Song

Lynyrd Skynyrd - White Knuckle Ride

Mac Dre Da Looie Crew feat. Da Looie Crew - Uninvited

Mac Mall - Crestside

Mac Mall - DopeFiends Lullaby

Mac Mall - Ghetto Stardom

Mac Mall - Intro

Mac Mall - Lets Get A Telly

Mac Mall - Opening Doors

Mac Mall - Pimp Or Die

Mac Mall - Playa Tip

Mac Mall - Playas Wit Da Choppas

Mac Mall - Servin Game

Mac Mall - Untouchable

Mac Mall - Young Nigga

Macka B - Baby I Love You

Macka B - Plastic Bullets

Macka B - Serve You Right

Macka B - Wet Look Crazy

Mad Dog Loose - Devil Waltz

Mad Dog Loose - Versa

Mad Heads - Cheap Chick Baby

Mad Heads - Elephants' Run

Mad Heads - Ghost

Mad Heads - I Wait

Mad Heads - Mad heads boogie

Mad Heads - NDE

Mad Heads - Never Die

Mad Heads - Rockin' Brain

Mad Heads - The Nails

Mad Heads - Through the Night

Mad Heads - Timid Guy

Mad Heads - Welcome

Mad Professor - Cultural Explosion

Mad Professor - Gringo Dread

Mad Professor - Harder Than Babylon

Mad Professor - Kathmandu Dub

Mad Professor - Kunte 96

Mad Professor - No Man's Land

Madeleine Peyroux - (Getting Some) Fun out of Life

Madeleine Peyroux - A Prayer

Madeleine Peyroux - Always A Use

Madeleine Peyroux - Dreamland

Madeleine Peyroux - I'm Gonna Sit Right Down And Write Myself A Letter

Madeleine Peyroux - La Vie En Rose

Madeleine Peyroux - Lovesick Blues

Madeleine Peyroux - Reckless Blues

Madeleine Peyroux - Walkin' After Midnight

Madeleine Peyroux - Was I?

Madonna - Don't Cry for Me Argentina

Madonna - You Must Love Me

Mae West - Frankie And Johnny

Mae West - I Found A New Way To Go To Town

Mae West - I Like A Guy What Takes His Time

Mae West - I Want You, I Need You

Mae West - I Was Saying to the Moon

Mae West - I Wonder Where My Easy Rider's Gone?

Mae West - I'm An Occidental Woman in An Oriental Mood

Mae West - I'm No Angel

Mae West - Little Bar Butterfly

Mae West - Mister Deep Blue Sea

Mae West - My Old Flame

Mae West - Now I'm A Lady

Mae West - On A Typical Tropical Night

Mae West - SlowDown

Mae West - That's All, Brother, That's All

Mae West - The Memphis Blues

Mae West - They Call Me Sister Honky Tonk

Mae West - Troubled Waters

Mae West - When A St Louis Woman Comes Down To New Orleans

Mae West - Willie of the Valley

Maggie Reilly - As Darkness Falls

Maggie Reilly - Brought Up To Believe

Maggie Reilly - Elena

Maggie Reilly - He Moved Through the Fair

Maggie Reilly - in the Heat of the Night

Maggie Reilly - Listen To Your Heart

Maggie Reilly - Little Boy's Eyes

Maggie Reilly - Syonia

Maggie Reilly - To France

Maggie Reilly - Torn Between Lovers

Maggie Reilly - Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star

Maggie Reilly - Walk On By

Maggie Reilly - You Brightened Up the Darkness

Maggotron - Bass Booty Pirates

Maggotron - Bass Crusades

Maggotron - Bass the Joint

Maggotron - Bass Vibrations

Maggotron - Cap'n Himbad

Maggotron - Drop the Bass

Maggotron - I'm Looking For A Queen

Maggotron - Presents For the Future

Maggotron - Temple of Boom

Magic Affair - Break These Chains

Magic Affair - Control Magic

Magic Affair - Energy of Light

Magic Affair - Love Will Find A Way

Magic Affair - Magical Love Affair

Magic Affair - Miracle

Magic Affair - Passion And Desire

Magic Affair - Stream of Life

Magic Affair - Take Me Away (To Paradise)

Magic Affair - World of Freedom

Magic Dirt - Befriended Fallen Angel

Magic Dirt - Bodysnatcher

Magic Dirt - Dylans Lullaby

Magic Dirt - Fear

Magic Dirt - Friends in Danger

Magic Dirt - Heavy Business

Magic Dirt - I Was Cruel

Magic Dirt - Pristine Christine

Magic Dirt - Shovel

Magic Dirt - Sparrow

Magic Slim - Rough Dried Woman

Magic Slim - Ship Made of Paper

Magical Power Mako - Blue Dot

Magnapop - An Apology

Magnapop - Cherry Bomb

Magnapop - Come On Inside

Magnapop - Down On Me

Magnapop - Firebrand

Magnapop - Hold You Down

Magnapop - I Don't Care

Magnapop - Juicy Fruit

Magnapop - My Best Friend

Magnapop - Open the Door

Magnapop - Radio Waves

Magnapop - This Family

Magnapop - Voice Without A Sound

Mahlathini and the Mahotella Queens - Ilamba Lidlile

Mahlathini and the Mahotella Queens - Masibambaneni

Mahlathini and the Mahotella Queens - Ntate Le Mme

Mahlathini and the Mahotella Queens - Nyamphemphe

Mahlathini and the Mahotella Queens - Sibali

Mahlathini and the Mahotella Queens - Sihambile

Mahlathini and the Mahotella Queens - Somebody

Mahlathini and the Mahotella Queens - Stoki Stoki

Mahlathini and the Mahotella Queens - Umgqashiyo

Main - Xi

Main - Xii

Main - Xiii

Main - Xv

Mainliner - Black Sky

Mainliner - Cockamamie

Mainliner - M

Maireid Sullivan - Connamara Cradle Song

Major Accident - Breakaway

Major Accident - Brides of the Beast

Major Accident - Clockwork Toys

Major Accident - Cue the Dead

Major Accident - Dayo

Major Accident - Freeman

Major Accident - Man On the Wall

Major Accident - Schizophrenic

Major Accident - Terrorist Gang

Major Accident - Warboots

Major Lance - You Don't Want Me No More

Makyo - Devabandha

Malcolm McLaren - The Bootzilla Orchestra

Maldita Vecindad Y Los Hijos Del 5to. Patio - Don Palabras

Maldita Vecindad Y Los Hijos Del Quinto Patio - Cenizas

Maldita Vecindad Y Los Hijos Del Quinto Patio - El Chulo

Maldita Vecindad Y Los Hijos Del Quinto Patio - El Dedo

Maldita Vecindad Y Los Hijos Del Quinto Patio - Ojos Negros

Maldita Vecindad Y Los Hijos Del Quinto Patio - Por Ahí

Malevolent Creation - Blood Brothers

Malevolent Creation - Enslaved

Malevolent Creation - No Salvation

Malevolent Creation - Raining Blood

Malevolent Creation - Tasteful Agony

Malevolent Creation - To Kill

Malevolent Creation - Unearthly

Mama Ladilla - Aparta, Papa

Mama Ladilla - Ataca

Mama Ladilla - Catequista Parroquial (In Ros We Cachis)

Mama Ladilla - Chanquete Ha Muerto

Mama Ladilla - Chorizo 2.000

Mama Ladilla - Cita Con La Viuda

Mama Ladilla - Dulce Compañia

Mama Ladilla - Flipalo

Mama Ladilla - Gebimentalpagñer

Mama Ladilla - Generacion Espontanea

Mama Ladilla - Introduccion

Mama Ladilla - Niño, Ten Cuidado

Mama Ladilla - Tu Fiesta

Mama Ladilla - Ven

Mama Ladilla - Viene La Navidad

Man With No Name - Bony Incus

Man With No Name - Jack in the Box

Man With No Name - Jack-In-The-Box

Mance Lipscomb - Ain't You Sorry

Mance Lipscomb - Baby Don't You Lay It On Me

Mance Lipscomb - I Want To Do Something For You

Mance Lipscomb - Texas Blues

Mandy Barnett - A Simple I Love You

Mandy Barnett - Baby Don't You Know

Mandy Barnett - I'll Just Pretend

Mandy Barnett - Maybe

Mandy Barnett - Now That's All Right With Me

Mandy Barnett - Planet of Love

Mandy Barnett - Rainy Days

Mandy Barnett - Three Days

Mandy Barnett - Wayfaring Stranger

Mandy Barnett - What's Good For You

Manfred Mann's Earth Band - Circles

Manfred Mann's Earth Band - Don't Kill It, Carol

Manfred Mann's Earth Band - Hollywood Town

Manfred Mann's Earth Band - Mighty Quinn (Quinn the Eskimo)

Manfred Mann's Earth Band - On the Run

Manfred Mann's Earth Band - Questions

Manfred Mann's Earth Band - Quit Your Lowdown Ways

Manfred Mann's Earth Band - Spirits In The Night

Manfred Mann's Earth Band - You Angel You

Manic Street Preachers - A Design For Life

Manic Street Preachers - Australia

Manic Street Preachers - Black Garden

Manic Street Preachers - Can't Take My Eyes Off You

Manic Street Preachers - Elvis Impersonator: Blackpool Pier

Manic Street Preachers - Everything Must Go

Manic Street Preachers - Further Away

Manic Street Preachers - Horses Under Starlight

Manic Street Preachers - Kevin Carter

Manic Street Preachers - No Surface All Feeling

Manic Street Preachers - Removables

Manic Street Preachers - Sepia

Manic Street Preachers - Small Black Flowers That Grow in the Sky

Manowar - Brothers of Metal (Part 1)

Manowar - Courage

Manowar - King

Manowar - My Spirit Lives On

Manowar - Number 1

Manowar - Outlaw

Manowar - Return of the Warlord

Manowar - The Gods Made Heavy Metal

Manowar - The Power

Manowar - Today Is A Good Day To Die

Mansun - Egg Shaped Fred

Mansun - Stripper Vicar

Mansun - Wide Open Space

Mantovani - Deck the Halls

Mantovani - Good King Wenceslas

Mantovani - It Came Upon A Midnight Clear

Mantovani - Malaguena

Mantovani - Stardust

Marc Almond - Baby Night Eyes

Marc Almond - Betrayed

Marc Almond - Come in Sweet Assassin

Marc Almond - Looking For Love (In All the Wrong Places)

Marc Almond - Love To Die For

Marc Almond - Out There

Marc Almond - Shining Brightly

Marc Almond - The Idol (Parts 1 & 2 All Gods Fall)

Marc Almond - We Need Jealousy

Marc Anthony - Asi Como Hoy

Marc Lavoine - Dancing Populo Blues

Marc Lavoine - Les Amours du Dimanche

Marc Lavoine - Les Embouteillages

Marc Lavoine - Petit à Petit Feu

Marcel Et Son Orchestre - Afanana

Marcel Et Son Orchestre - Politiquement X

Marcel Et Son Orchestre - Welcome in Night Box

Marcel Mouloudji - Comme Un Petit Coquelicot

Marcia Griffiths - The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face

Marco Antonio Solís - Para Que Seas Feliz

Marco Antonio Solís - Recuerdos, Tristeza Y Soledad

Marco Antonio Solís - Asi Como Te Conoci

Marco Masini - Bella Stronza

Marco Masini - Meglio Solo

Marco Masini - Principessa

Marcos Vidal - Cara A Cara

Marcos Vidal - El Milagro

Marduk - Black Tormentor

Marduk - Dracul Va Domni Din Nou in Transilvania

Marduk - Infernal Eternal

Marduk - Legion

Marduk - Total Desaster

Maria Dolores Pradera - Ausencia

Maria Dolores Pradera - Limeña

Maria Dolores Pradera - Nube Gris

Maria McKee - Absolutely Barking Stars

Maria McKee - I'm Awake

Maria McKee - Life Is Sweet

Maria McKee - Scarlover

Maria McKee - This Perfect Dress

Maria Muldaur - Brotherly Love

Maria Muldaur - Can't Pin Yo' Spin On Me

Maria Muldaur - Fanning the Flames

Maria Muldaur - Heaven On Earth

Maria Muldaur - Home of the Blues

Maria Muldaur - Somebody Was Watching Over Me

Maria Muldaur - Stand By Me

Maria Muldaur - Stop Runnin' From Your Own Shadow

Maria Muldaur - Strange And Foreign Land

Maria Muldaur - Talk Real Slow

Maria Muldaur - Trust in My Love

Maria Muldaur - Well, Well, Well

Marie Fredriksson - Aldrig Tillbaka Mer

Marie Fredriksson - Drömmen

Marie Fredriksson - I En Tid Som Vår

Marie Fredriksson - Mild Varm Vår

Marilyn Manson - 1996

Marilyn Manson - Angel With The Scabbed Wings

Marilyn Manson - Antichrist Superstar

Marilyn Manson - Cryptorchid

Marilyn Manson - Deformography

Marilyn Manson - Dried Up, Tied And Dead To The World

Marilyn Manson - Irresponsible Hate Anthem

Marilyn Manson - Kinderfeld

Marilyn Manson - Little Horn

Marilyn Manson - Man That You Fear

Marilyn Manson - Minute Of Decay

Marilyn Manson - Mister Superstar

Marilyn Manson - The Beautiful People

Marilyn Manson - The Reflecting God

Marilyn Manson - Tourniquet

Marilyn Manson - Wormboy

Marilyn Scott - Bird of Beauty

Marilyn Scott - Close Enough

Marilyn Scott - I'm Calling You

Marilyn Scott - I'm in Love Once Again

Marilyn Scott - Just To See You Again

Marilyn Scott - Let Me Be the One

Marilyn Scott - Modern Man

Marilyn Scott - That's the Way It Should Be

Marilyn Scott - The Summer Knows

Marina Lima - Para Um Amor No Recife

Marina Lima - Tempestade

Marina Rei - Al Di Là Di Questi Anni

Mario Lanza - Ave Maria

Marion Meadows - We Three Kings

Marisa Monte - Blanco

Marisa Monte - Chuva No Brejo

Marisa Monte - O Ceu

Mark Chesnutt - Almost Goodbye

Mark Chesnutt - Blame It On Texas

Mark Chesnutt - Brother Jukebox

Mark Chesnutt - Goin' Through The Big D

Mark Chesnutt - It Sure Is Monday

Mark Chesnutt - It's A Little Too Late - 1996 Greatest Hits Version

Mark Chesnutt - Too Cold At Home

Mark Eitzel - Always Turn Away

Mark Eitzel - Cleopatra Jones

Mark Eitzel - Everything Is Beautiful

Mark Eitzel - Mission Rock Resort

Mark Eitzel - No Easy Way Down

Mark Eitzel - Saved

Mark Eitzel - Some Bartenders Have the Gift of Pardon

Mark Eitzel - Southend On Sea

Mark Eitzel - When My Plane Finally Goes Down

Mark Eitzel - Wild Sea

Mark Knopfler - A Night in Summer Long Ago

Mark Knopfler - Are We in Trouble Now

Mark Knopfler - Atlantis

Mark Knopfler - Brothers in Arms

Mark Knopfler - Cannibals

Mark Knopfler - Darling Pretty

Mark Knopfler - Golden Heart

Mark Knopfler - Imelda

Mark Knopfler - Je Suis Desole

Mark Knopfler - No Can Do

Mark Knopfler - Nobody's Got the Gun

Mark Knopfler - Rudiger

Mark Knopfler - Vic And Ray

Mark Morrison - Return of the Mack

Mark Morrison feat. Mica Paris - Tears For You

Mark Slaughter - Anthem

Mark Whitfield - Those Soulful Jingle Bells

Mark Wills - High Low And in Between

Mark Wills - Jacob's Ladder

Mark Wills - Places I've Never Been

Marlene Dietrich - Es liegt in der Luft

Marlene Kuntz - 3 Di 3

Marlene Kuntz - L'Agguato

Marlene Kuntz - Ti Giro Intorno

Marmion - Schöneberg

Mägo de Oz - El Cantar de la Luna Oscura

Martin Carthy - Cold Haily Windy Night

Martin Carthy - Cruel Mother

Martin Carthy - Dust To Dust

Martin Carthy - Here's Adieu To All Judges And Juries

Martin Carthy - His Name Is Andrew

Martin Carthy - January Man

Martin Carthy - O'er the Hills

Martin Carthy - The Bold Poachers

Martin Denny - Bacoa

Martin Denny - Bamboo Lullaby

Martin Denny - Ebb Tide

Martin Denny - Forbidden Island

Martin Denny - Goony Birds

Martin Denny - Japanese Farewell Song

Martin Denny - Llama Serenade

Martin Denny - Manila

Martin Denny - Narcissus Queen

Martin Denny - Port Au Prince

Martin Denny - Primitiva

Martin Denny - Rush Hour in Hong Kong

Martin Denny - Sim Sim

Martin Denny - Singing Bamboos

Martin Denny - Soshu Night Serenade

Martin Denny - The Left Arm of Buddah

Martin Sexton - America the Beautiful

Martin Sexton - Black Sheep

Martin Sexton - Candy

Martin Sexton - Caught in the Rain

Martin Sexton - Diner

Martin Sexton - Freedom of the Road

Martin Sexton - Glory Bound

Martin Sexton - Gypsy Woman

Martin Sexton - Love Keep Us Together

Martin Sexton - Over My Head

Martin Simpson - Betsy the Serving Maid

Martin Simpson - Pretty Saro / Long Steel Rail

Martine Girault - Been Thinking About You












Marty Robbins - Cottonwood Tree

Marty Robbins - Cry Stampede

Marty Robbins - Devil Woman

Marty Robbins - Don't Worry

Marty Robbins - Faleena (from El Paso)

Marty Robbins - Meet Me Tonight In Laredo

Marty Robbins - Mr. Shorty

Marty Robbins - The Cowboy In The Continental Suit - Single Version

Marty Robbins - The Cowboy in the Continental Suit

Marty Robbins - The Fastest Gun Around

Marty Robbins - The Story of My Life

Marty Robbins & Ray Conniff - A White Sport Coat (And a Pink Carnation) (with Ray Conniff)

Martyn Bates - Bat

Martyn Bates - His Companion

Martyn Bates - On the Drappled Grass

Martyn Bates - Unquiet

Marvin Sease - Please Take Me

Mary Black - A Stone's Throw From the Soul

Mary Black - All That Hammering

Mary Black - Donegal Breeze

Mary Black - Free As Stone

Mary Black - Gabriel

Mary Black - in A Dream

Mary Black - Into the Blue

Mary Black - Raven in the Storm

Mary Black - Róisín

Mary Black - The Circus

Mary Chapin Carpenter - I Can See It Now

Mary Chapin Carpenter - That's Real

Mary Costa - Do You Hear That? / I Wonder - From 'Sleeping Beauty'/Soundtrack Version

Mary Costa & Bill Shirley & Chorus - Sleeping Beauty - An Unusual Prince / Once Upon A Dream - From 'Sleeping Beauty'/Soundtrack Version

Mary Stallings - Santa Claus Is Coming To Town

Mary Stallings feat. Harry 'Sweets' Edison - Black Coffee

Mason Williams - Whistle While You Work

Mass Production - Firecracker

Massimo Di Cataldo - Se Adesso Te Ne Vai

Master P - Break 'Em Off Somethin'

Master P & Mia X - Bout It, Bout It II

Master P & Silkk The Shocker - Mr. Ice Cream Man

Masterboy - Just For You

Matchbox Twenty - 3AM

Matchbox Twenty - Argue

matchbox twenty - Back 2 Good

Matchbox Twenty - Busted

Matchbox Twenty - Damn

Matchbox Twenty - Girl Like That

Matchbox Twenty - Hang

Matchbox Twenty - Kody

Matchbox Twenty - Long Day

matchbox twenty - Push

matchbox twenty - Real World

Matchbox Twenty - Shame

Mau Mau - Campeador De Vigna

Mau Mau - Come

Mau Mau - Corto Maltese

Mau Mau - Dammi Un Bacio

Mau Mau - Doramantrica

Mau Mau - Ellis Island

Mau Mau - Fiore

Mau Mau - Il Mambo Del Mamba

Mau Mau - La Ola

Mau Mau - Laserta

Mau Mau - Mamanera

Mau Mau - Mezzaluna

Mau Mau - Union Pacific

Mau Mau - Venite

Mau Mau - Zeppelindia

Maurice Chevalier - The Aristocats

Maurice Wilcher - Please

Mavis Hee - åŸz裡çs„月光

Max Gazzè - Atmos 1

Max Gazzè - Atmos 2

Max Gazzè - Atmos 3 (Come Fosse Ieri)

Max Gazzè - Il Viaggio Di Luna

Max Gazzè - Karbogha

Max Gazzè - L'Eremita

Max Gazzè - Quel Che Fa Paura

Max Gazzè - Quel Che Fa Paura

Max Gazzè - Sono Pazzo Di Te

Max Gazzè - Sue Filo

Max Gazzè - Terra

Max Steiner - The Searchers

Maxi Priest - Ain't It Enough

Maxi Priest - All Kinds of People

Maxi Priest - Are You Ready For Me

Maxi Priest - Golden Teardrops

Maxi Priest - Human Cry

Maxi Priest - Love Will Cross Over

Maxi Priest - Man With the Fun

Maxi Priest - Message in A Bottle

Maxi Priest - Won't Let It Slip Away

Maxi Priest & Shaggy - That Girl

Maxi Priest feat. Chaka Demus and Pliers - Happy Days

Maxi Priest feat. Shaggy - That Girl (Urban Mix) (Feat. Shaggy)

Maxi Priest feat. Shaggy - That Girl

Maxime Le Forestier - La File Indienne

Maxime Le Forestier - L'Antéchrist

Maxwell - ...Til the Cops Come Knockin'

Maxwell - Ascension (Don't Ever Wonder)

Maxwell - Dancewitme

Maxwell - Lonely'S the Only Company (i&i