1994 Songs

101 Strings - Malaguena

101 Strings Orchestra - Hey Jude

101 Strings Orchestra - I Don't Know How To Love Him

101 Strings Orchestra - Malaguena

16 Horsepower - Shametown

16Volt - Perfectly Fake

16Volt - Skin

16Volt - Slow Wreck

16Volt - Stitched

16Volt - Uplift

1910 Fruitgum Company - May I Take a Giant Step (Into Your Heart)

1910 Fruitgum Company - The Train

2 Brothers on the 4th Floor - Can't Help Myself

2 Brothers on the 4th Floor - Dance with Me

2 Brothers on the 4th Floor - I Can't Believe It

2 Brothers on the 4th Floor - Let Me Be Free

2 Brothers on the 4th Floor - Never Alone

2 Brothers on the 4th Floor - Smile

2 Brothers on the 4th Floor feat. Des'Ray & D-Rock - Dreams (Will Come Alive)

2 Cowboys - Everybody Gonfigon

2 DIRECT - Get Down

2 in a Room - El Trago 'The Drink'

2 in a Room - Wiggle It

2 Men Will Move You - The Goodbye Thing

2 Minutos - 14 Botellas

2 Minutos - Amor Suicida

2 Minutos - Arrebato

2 Minutos - Barricada

2 Minutos - Como Caramelo de Limón

2 Minutos - Demasiado Tarde (La Marcha)

2 Minutos - Novedades

2 Minutos - Odio Laburar

2 Minutos - Otra Mujer

2 Minutos - Pelea Callejera

2 Minutos - Vos No Confiaste

2 Minutos - Ya No Sos Igual

2 Unlimited - Let the Beat Control Your Body

2 Unlimited - Maximum Overdrive

2 Unlimited - The Real Thing

20 Fingers - Short Dick Man

20 Fingers feat. Gillette - Short Dick Man

2Pac - Str8 Ballin'

311 - 1, 2, 3

311 - 8:16 A.M.

311 - Applied Science

311 - Grassroots

311 - Homebrew

311 - Lucky

311 - Offbeat Bare Ass

311 - Omaha Stylee

311 - Salsa

311 - Silver

35007 - Basiculo Ad Cunnum

35007 - Cosmic Messanger

35007 - Slide

35007 - Suave

35007 - The Elephant Song

35007 - U:MU:M'NU

35007 - Water

35007 - Zandbank

3rd Matinee - All the Way Home

3rd Matinee - Echo Hill

3rd Matinee - Family Tree

3rd Matinee - Freedom Road

3rd Matinee - Holiday for Sweet Louise

3rd Matinee - I Don't Care

3rd Matinee - Meanwhile

3rd Matinee - Ordinary Day

3rd Matinee - She Dreams

3rd Matinee - Silver Cage

3rd Matinee - Trust Somebody

43962 - Garcia Vegas

49ers - Everything

4hero - Mr Kirk's Nightmare

4Him - As Long As My Heart Knows It's You

4Him - For Future Generations

4Him - Real Thing

4Him - Ride of Life

4Him - The Nature of Love

4Him - Through His Eyes

4Him - What Do I Know

4Him - Wings

4th Measure Men - 4 You

5th Ward Boyz - Funk Outro (Chopped&Screwed)

5th Ward Boyz - Gangsta Funk

5th Ward Boyz - Ghetto Curse Words (Chopped&Screwed)

5th Ward Boyz - Lo Life in the Street (Chopped&Screwed)

5th Ward Boyz - Lo Life in the Street

5th Ward Boyz - Once Again It's On (Chopped&Screwed)

5th Ward Boyz - Once Again It's On

5th Ward Boyz - Reason (Chopped&Screwed)

5th Ward Boyz - Same Ol' (Chopped&Screwed)

5th Ward Boyz - Same Ol'

5th Ward Boyz - Skit (Chopped&Screwed)

5th Ward Boyz - Underground G's (Chopped&Screwed)

5th Ward Boyz - Underground G's

69 Boyz - Kitty-Kitty

69 Boyz - Tootsee Roll

7 Seconds - Here's Your Warning

7 Seconds - Not Just Boys Fun

7 Seconds - Young 'til I Die

7 Year Bitch - Cats Meow

7 Year Bitch - Damn Good And Well

7 Year Bitch - Derailed

7 Year Bitch - Get Lit

7 Year Bitch - Hip Like Junk

7 Year Bitch - Icy Blue

7 Year Bitch - It's Too Late

7 Year Bitch - Kiss My Ass Goodbye

7 Year Bitch - The Scratch

702 - All I Want

702 - Get It Together

70's - Hard Rock Essentials The 70's

808 State - Bombadin

808 State - La Luz

808 State - Marathon

883 - Come Mai

883 - Nord Sud Ovest Est

883 - S'inkazza

9 Lazy 9 - 5AM

9 Lazy 9 - All Aboard

9 Lazy 9 - B Hip & Shop

9 Lazy 9 - Bad Boy

9 Lazy 9 - Black Jesus

9 Lazy 9 - Brothers of the Red

9 Lazy 9 - Checkin On You

9 Lazy 9 - Edit

9 Lazy 9 - Electric Lazyland

9 Lazy 9 - Golden Oldie

9 Lazy 9 - Gossip/Bad Boy

9 Lazy 9 - High Fashion

9 Lazy 9 - Interleud

9 Lazy 9 - It's Late

9 Lazy 9 - Life Goes On & On

9 Lazy 9 - Lotto Jisco

9 Lazy 9 - Meet the Voda

9 Lazy 9 - Monk's Dream

9 Lazy 9 - No. 2

9 Lazy 9 - No. 9

9 Lazy 9 - Not Nice

9 Lazy 9 - Roughport Convention

9 Lazy 9 - Shak

9 Lazy 9 - Skarakesh

9 Lazy 9 - Special 8

9 Lazy 9 - Spoonful of Slow

9 Lazy 9 - Summer

9 Lazy 9 - Swingpool

9 Lazy 9 - Train

9 Lazy 9 - Turn Me Loose

9 Lazy 9 - Very Gently

9 Lazy 9 - What's New

A Forest Mighty Black - Fresh in My Mind

A II Z - Treason

A La Carte Brass & Percussion - After the Rain

A La Carte Brass & Percussion - Blues A La Carte

A La Carte Brass & Percussion - Calcutta Cutie

A La Carte Brass & Percussion - Canteloupe Island

A La Carte Brass & Percussion - Canto Por Elegua

A La Carte Brass & Percussion - Papa Was a Rolling Stone

A La Carte Brass & Percussion - Sidewinder

A La Carte Brass & Percussion - Theme from 'I Love Lucy'

A La Carte Brass & Percussion - Tipitina

A Man Called Adam - Estelle

A Small Good Thing - Drowning Light

A Small Good Thing - Flamenco 1

A Small Good Thing - Flamenco 2

A Small Good Thing - Godforsaken

A Small Good Thing - Gulch

A Small Good Thing - Gunsmoke

A Small Good Thing - Heathaze

A Small Good Thing - Hole in the Heart

A Small Good Thing - Jane Russell

A Small Good Thing - Saguaro

A Small Good Thing - Scorched Earth

A Small Good Thing - Someplace South of Here

A Small Good Thing - Twice As Evil As You

A Tribe Called Quest - If the Papes Come

A.P.E. - Cities

Aaliyah - Age Ain't Nothing But a Number

Aaliyah - At Your Best (You Are Love)

Aaliyah - Back & Forth

Aaliyah - Down with the Clique

Aaliyah - I'm Down

Aaliyah - I'm So into You

Aaliyah - Intro

Aaliyah - No One Knows How to Love Me Quite Like You Do

Aaliyah - Old School

Aaliyah - Street Thing

Aaliyah - The Thing I Like

Aaliyah - Throw Your Hands Up

Aaliyah - Young Nation

Aaliyah & R. Kelly - At Your Best (You Are Love) - Gangstar Child Remix

Aaron Kwok & Beta Soul - 愛的呼喚

Aaron Tippin - I Got It Honest

ABBA - Abba Undeleted

ABBA - Slipping Through My Fingers / Me And I

Aberdeen - Fran

Aberdeen - Toy Tambourine

Abrasive Wheels - Attack

Abrasive Wheels - Danger, Danger

Abrasive Wheels - Vicious Circle

Abrasive Wheels - Voice of Youth

Absoluuttinen Nollapiste - Pimeässä vietetty aika minuuteissa

Absoluuttinen Nollapiste - Rarmos ybrehtar

Absoluuttinen Nollapiste - Seuraudet, Baude

Absoluuttinen Nollapiste - Syöt sen minkä jaksat

Abstürzende Brieftauben - Blaue Augen

Abstürzende Brieftauben - Goldener Reiter

Abstürzende Brieftauben - Hundert Mann und ein Befehl

Abstürzende Brieftauben - Ich brech die Herzen der stolzesten Fraun

Abstürzende Brieftauben - Ja Ja Ja

Abstürzende Brieftauben - Lehrer Schlau/Steiler Zahn

Abstürzende Brieftauben - Tauben vergiften im Park

Abstürzende Brieftauben - Wochenende und Sonnenschein

Academy of St. Martin in the Fields - Peer Gynt Suite No.1 op. 46 Death of Aase (Andante doloroso)

Academy of St. Martin in the Fields - Peer Gynt Suite No.2 op. 55 Solveig's Song (Andante-Allegretto tranquillamente)

Ace of Base - Don't Turn Around

Ace of Base - Living in Danger

Ace of Base - The Sign

Aces High - Betrayal

Aces High - Breaking Rose

Aces High - If You Hear

Aces High - in Your Eyes

Aces High - On Thin Ice

Aces High - Road To Nowhere

Aces High - Shades of Grey

Aces High - Shattered

Acid Bath - Cheap Vodka

Acid Bath - Dr Soose Is Dead

Acid Bath - Dr. Seuss Is Dead

Acid Bath - Finger Painting of the Insane

Acid Bath - Jezebel

Acid Bath - Scream of the Butterfly

Acid Bath - The Blue

Acid Bath - The Bones of Baby Dolls

Acid Bath - Tranquilized

Acid King - Blasting Cap

Acid King - Drop

Acid King - Lead Paint

Acoustic Alchemy - Lazeez

Acoustic Alchemy - Papillon

Acoustic Alchemy - Silent Partner

Action Painting! - Mustard Gas

Adam Ant - Christian D'or

Adam Ant - Human Bondage Den

Adam Ant - Making History

Adam Ant - Yours, Yours, Yours

Adam Rogers - Prelude & Presto From Suite in E Minor For Lute

Adriana Calcanhotto - A Fábrica Do Poema

Adriana Calcanhotto - Cariocas

Adriana Calcanhotto - O Verme E A Estrela

Adriana Calcanhotto - Por Que Você Faz Cinema?

Adriana Calcanhotto - Portrait of Gertrude (Excerpt from 'Gertrude Stein Reads From Her Poetry')/Sieben Frühe Lieber

Adriana Calcanhotto - Tema De Alice

Aerosmith - Amazing

Aerosmith - Blind Man

Aerosmith - Deuces Are Wild

Aerosmith - Dude (Looks Like A Lady) - Live

Aerosmith - The Other Side - Single Version

Aerosmith - Walk On Water

Africando - Ken Moussoul Guis Li

Africando - Ndiabaane

Africando - Sama Rew

Africando - Sama Thiel

Africando - Tierra Tradicional

Africando - Xale Bile

Africando - Yay Boy

Afrika Bambaataa - Pupunanny

After 7 - Not Enough Hours in the Night

Åge Aleksandersen - Levva Livet

Ahmad Jamal - Autumn in New York

Ahmad Jamal - It Could Happen to You

Ahmad Lewis - Back in the Day - Remix

Ahmad Lewis - Back in the Day

Ai Ai Ai - A l'ombra

Ai Ai Ai - Com Una Flama

Ai Ai Ai - Dimoni Pelut

Ai Ai Ai - Em Torna Boig

Ai Ai Ai - Pels Terrats

Aimee Mann - That's Just What You Are

Air Miami - ?

Air Miami - A Special Reprise

Air Miami - Adidas My Ass (demo)

Air Miami - Adidas My Ass

Air Miami - Afternoon Train (demo)

Air Miami - Afternoon Train

Air Miami - Agent Molder is Here

Air Miami - Airplane Rider (demo no.1)

Air Miami - Airplane Rider (demo no.2)

Air Miami - Airplane Rider

Air Miami - Bubble Shield (demo no.1)

Air Miami - Bubble Shield (demo no.2)

Air Miami - Bubble Shield

Air Miami - Dade County Cops Don't Quit

Air Miami - Dean

Air Miami - Definitely Beachy (demo no.1)

Air Miami - Definitely Beachy (demo no.2)

Air Miami - Fight Song (demo no.1)

Air Miami - Fight Song (demo no.2)

Air Miami - Fight Song

Air Miami - Fox Sighting

Air Miami - I Hate Milk (demo)

Air Miami - I Hate Milk

Air Miami - Neely (demo no.1)

Air Miami - Neely (demo no.2)

Air Miami - Neely

Air Miami - Niagara Falls is Frozen

Air Miami - Niagra Falls is Frozen

Air Miami - Nicola Six

Air Miami - Pucker

Air Miami - Special Angel (demo no.1)

Air Miami - Special Angel (demo no.2)

Air Miami - Stop Sign (demo no.1)

Air Miami - Stop Sign (demo no.2)

Air Miami - Stop Sign

Air Miami - Sweet as a Candy Bar (demo)

Air Miami - Sweet As A Candy Bar

Air Miami - The Event Horizon (demo no.1)

Air Miami - The Event Horizon

Air Miami - World Cup Fever

Akela - A vér nem válik vízzé

Aki Okui - Wind Climbing: Kaze Ni Asobarete

Al Cook - East Coast Rag

Al Denson - Say It With Love

Al Denson - To Forgive

Al Dexter & His Troopers - New Broom Boogie

Al Dexter & His Troopers - Saturday Night Boogie

Al Hibbler - Silent Night

Al Jarreau - My Favorite Things

Al Jarreau - Summertime (From Porgy and Bess) (Live 1993 Version)

Al Jarreau - Wait for the Magic

Al Jarreau - We Got By

Al Jarreau - You Don't See Me

Ala Dos Namorados - A Menina E Os Valetes

Ala Dos Namorados - Ao Sul

Ala Dos Namorados - Fado Da Rádio (Intro)

Ala Dos Namorados - Lisboa Ausente

Ala Dos Namorados - No Princípio

Ala Dos Namorados - Os Loucos De Lisboa

Ala Dos Namorados - Princesa Desalento (Intro)

Ala Dos Namorados - Rosa Negra

Ala Dos Namorados - Uma Noite No Coliseu

Alabama - Give Me One More Shot

Alabama - We Can't Love Like This Anymore

Aladino - Brothers in the Space

Alain Bashung - L'Apiculteur

Alain Bashung - Ma Petite Entreprise

Alan Jackson - All American Country Boy

Alan Jackson - Don't Close Your Eyes

Alan Jackson - Hole in the Wall

Alan Jackson - If I Had You

Alan Jackson - Summertime Blues

Alan Parsons - Don't Answer Me

Alan Parsons - Eye in the Sky

Alan Parsons - Limelight

Alan Parsons - Old and Wise

Alan Parsons - Prime Time

Alan Parsons - Psychobabble

Alan Parsons - Standing On Higher Ground

Alan Parsons - Time

Alan Parsons - You're Gonna Get Your Fingers Burned

Alan Silvestri - Forrest Gump Suite

Alan Silvestri - I Ran And Ran

Alan Silvestri - I'm Forrest... Forrest Gump

Alan Silvestri - Pray With Me

Alan Silvestri - Suite from Forrest Gump

Alan Silvestri - That's My Boat

Alan Silvestri - The Crimson Gump

Alan Silvestri - The Wedding Guest

Alan Silvestri - Where Heaven Ends

Alan Silvestri - You're No Different

Alaska Y Dinarama - Solo Por Hoy

Albert King - Lovingest Woman in Town

Alec Empire - Bang Your Head

Alec Empire - Destruction

Alec Empire - Nobody Gets Out Alive

Alec Empire - Pussy Heroin

Alec Empire - Silver Box

Alec Empire - Sweet

Alec Empire - The Sun Hurts My Eyes

Alejandro Escovedo - Baby's Got New Plans

Alejandro Escovedo - Thirteen Years Theme

Alejandro Escovedo - Way It Goes

Alejandro Fernández - No

Alejandro Filio - Brazos de Sol

Alex de Grassi - Bright Sky

Alex de Grassi - Prelude From Cello Suite #1

Alex Party - Read My Lips

Alexander Hope - Dancin'

Alexander Hope - Where Ever I Go

Alexis Korner - To Whom It May Concern

Alexis Korner's Blues Incorporated - Big Road Blues

Alexis Korner's Blues Incorporated - Blues A La King

Alexis Korner's Blues Incorporated - Daph's Dance

Alexis Korner's Blues Incorporated - Floating

Alexis Korner's Blues Incorporated - Honesty

Alexis Korner's Blues Incorporated - I'm So Glad (Youre Mine)

Alexis Korner's Blues Incorporated - Let the Good Times Roll

Alexis Korner's Blues Incorporated - Long Black Train

Alexis Korner's Blues Incorporated - Louise

Alexis Korner's Blues Incorporated - Money Honey

Alexis Korner's Blues Incorporated - Oh Lord, Don't Let Them Drop That&

Alexis Korner's Blues Incorporated - River's Invitation

Alexis Korner's Blues Incorporated - Rock Me

Alexis Korner's Blues Incorporated - The Organiser

Alexis Korner's Blues Incorporated - Trouble in Mind

Alexis Korner's Blues Incorporated - Wednesday Night Prayer Meeting

Alexis Korner's Blues Incorporated - Yellow Dog Blues

Alfred Hause - Mattinata

Alfred Hause - Sonate Nr. 15 C-Dur KV 545

Alfredo Gutiérrez - La distancia

Alfredo Zitarrosa - Doña Soledad

Ali Farka Touré & Ry Cooder - Ai Du

Ali Farka Touré & Ry Cooder - Bonde

Ali Farka Touré & Ry Cooder - Soukora

Alice Coltrane - A Love Supreme

Alice Coltrane - Blue Nile

Alice Cooper - Ain't That Just Like a Woman

Alice Cooper - It's Me

Alice Cooper - Lost in America

Alice Cooper - Nothing's Free

Alice Cooper - Sideshow

Alice Cooper - Stolen Prayer

Alice Cooper - You're My Temptation

Alice Donut - Hose

Alice in Chains - Don't Follow

Alice in Chains - I Stay Away

Alice in Chains - No Excuses

Alice in Chains - Nutshell

Alice in Chains - Rotten Apple

Alice in Chains - Swing on This

Alice in Chains - Whale & Wasp

Alien Factory - Destiny

Alien Factory - This Is Not A Daydream

Alien Factory - Tomorrow

Alien Sex Fiend - Death Tune

Alison Brown - Deep North

Alison Brown - Look Left

Alison Brown - The Dalai Camel

Alison Brown - The Inspector

Alison Krauss & The Cox Family - I Know Who Holds Tomorrow

Alison Krauss & Union Station - When You Say Nothing At All

Alison Krauss feat. The Cox Family - Everybody Wants To Go To Heaven

Alison Krauss feat. The Cox Family - Far Side Bank of Jordan

Alison Krauss feat. The Cox Family - I Know Who Holds Tomorrow

Alison Krauss feat. The Cox Family - I'd Rather Have Jesus

Alison Krauss feat. The Cox Family - in the Palm of Your Hand

Alison Krauss feat. The Cox Family - Jewels

Alison Krauss feat. The Cox Family - Loves Me Like A Rock

Alison Krauss feat. The Cox Family - Never Will Give Up

Alison Krauss feat. The Cox Family - Remind Me, Dear Lord

Alison Krauss feat. The Cox Family - Walk Over God's Heaven

Alison Krauss feat. The Cox Family - Where No One Stands Alone

Alison Krauss feat. The Cox Family - Will There Be Any Stars

Alison Limerick - Love Come Down

Alison Moyet - And I Know

Alison Moyet - Another Living Day

Alison Moyet - Dorothy

Alison Moyet - Ode To Boy II

Alison Moyet - So Am I

Alison Moyet - Take of Me

Alison Moyet - Whispering Your Name

Alka Yagnik - Maha Mrityunjay Mantra (Shiv Bhajan)

All in the House - Mad As Hell

All Time Low - Wake Up, Sunshine

All-4-One - (She's Got) Skillz

All-4-One - A Better Man

All-4-One - Breathless

All-4-One - Down To the Last Drop

All-4-One - Here If You're Ready

All-4-One - I Swear / So Much Love [Digital 45]

All-4-One - I Swear

All-4-One - Oh Girl

All-4-One - So Much in Love

All-4-One - Something About You

All-4-One - The Bomb

All-4-One - Without You

Allan Holdsworth - Hard Hat Area

Allan Holdsworth - House of Mirrors

Allan Holdsworth - Tullio

Allen Ginsberg - CIA Dope Calypso

Allman Brothers Band - No One to Run With

Alphaville - Ain't It Strange

Alphaville - Beethoven

Alphaville - Fools

Alphaville - Ivory Tower

Alphaville - Oh Patti

Alphaville - Parade

Alphaville - The Impossible Dream

Alphaville - The Paradigm Shift

Alternative TV - Child Star

Alternative TV - Decline And Fall

Alternative TV - How Much Longer?

Alternative TV - I'll Put Aside My Feelings

Alternative TV - It's Over

Alternative TV - Lemons, For Kevin

Alternative TV - Magic

Alternative TV - Melting Pot

Alternative TV - Refelections For A Strange Existence

Alternative TV - Reunion

Alternative TV - Splitting in Two

Alternative TV - Still Life

Aly-Us - Follow Me (Erik Hagleton Rework)

Aly-Us - Follow Me (Full Intention / Jay-J & Chris Lum / Eddie Amador Remixes)

Aly-Us - Follow Me

Amedee Ardoin - Taunt Aline

Amedee Ardoin - Two Step De Eunice

American Music Club - Can You Help Me

American Music Club - Cape Canaveral

American Music Club - Fearless

American Music Club - Goodbye To Love

American Music Club - Hello Amsterdam

American Music Club - How Many Six Packs Does It Take To Screw in A Light?

American Music Club - I Broke My Promise

American Music Club - I'll Be Gone

American Music Club - in the Shadow of the Valley

American Music Club - It's Your Birthday

American Music Club - Love Doesn't Belong To Anyone

American Music Club - The Revolving Door

American Music Club - The Thorn in My Side Is Gone

American Music Club - What Holds the World Together

American Music Club - Wish the World Away

Amon Amarth - Burning Creation

Amon Amarth - Without Fear

Amorphis - First Doom

Amorphis - in the Beginning

Amorphis - Into Hiding

Amorphis - Magic And Mayhem

Amorphis - Moon And Sun Part II: North's Son

Amorphis - The Castaway

Amorphis - Thousand Lakes

Amorphis - To Father's Cabin

Amos Milburn - Amos' Boogie

Amos Milburn - Bewildered

Amos Milburn - Down the Road Apiece

Amos Milburn - Empty Arms Blues

Amos Milburn - Flying Home

Amos Milburn - I Love You Anyway

Amos Milburn - in the Middle of the Night

Amos Milburn - Let's Rock A While

Amos Milburn - One Scotch, One Bourbon, One Beer

Amos Milburn - Real Gone

Amos Milburn - Sax Shack Boogie

Amos Milburn - Walkin' Blues

Ana Bàrbara - Nada

Ana Belén - Basta Ya

Ana Belén - Como La Vida Misma

Ana Belén - Derroche (Con 4.40)

Ana Belén - La Mentira

Ana Belén - Nadie Sabe

Ana Belén - Que Malo Eres

Ana Belén - Quien Eres Tu

Ana Belén - Quiero Estar A Solas

Ana Belén - Veneno Para El Corazon

Ana Gabriel - Mexico Lindo y Querido

Ana Gabriel - Parece Que Fue Ayer

Ana Gabriel - Que Manera de Perder

Ana Gabriel - Tú Lo Decidiste

Ana Gabriel - Vámonos

Anal Cunt - Empire Sandwich Shop

Anal Cunt - Even More Songs

Anal Cunt - Im Wicked Underground

Anal Cunt - Music Sucks

Anal Cunt - Newest HC Song 2

Anal Cunt - Our Band Is Wicked Sick (We Have the Flu)

Anal Cunt - Seth

Anal Cunt - Some More Songs

Anal Cunt - Song 8

André Hazes & Marianne Weber - Al Jouw Woorden Zijn Teveel

André Rieu - Heut' Kommen D'Engerln Auf Urlaub Nach Wien

André Rieu - Persischer Marsch

Andrea Bocelli - Caruso

Andreas Dorau - Das Telefon sagt Du

Andreas Dorau - Stoned Faces Don't Lie

Andrew Dice Clay - A Day At the Beach

Andrew Dice Clay - Hoggin'

Andrew Dice Clay - Smokin'

Andrew Dice Clay - The Attitude

Andrew Dice Clay - The Bait

Andrew Dice Clay - What If the Chick Gets Pregnant....

Andrew Sixty - Tequila

Andru Donalds - Cryin' in the Rain

Andru Donalds - Face That I Once Knew

Andru Donalds - Lover Free

Andru Donalds - Mishale

Andru Donalds - My Sensual Love

Andru Donalds - Ronnie Don't Fall

Andru Donalds - Save Me Now

Andru Donalds - Sweetness

Andru Donalds - Tryin' To Tell Ya

Andru Donalds - Why Do You Lie

Andy Lau - 忘情水

Andy Montañez - Cantares

Andy Montañez - Compasion

Andy Montañez - Mujer Impura

Andy Timmons - Carpe Diem

Andy Timmons - Cry For You

Andy Timmons - Electric Gypsy

Andy Timmons - Farmer Sez

Andy Timmons - It's Getting Better

Andy Timmons - Turn Away

Angela Winbush - Treat U Rite

Anglagard - Höstsejd

Ani DiFranco - Buildings and Bridges

Ani DiFranco - You Had Time

Aniceto Molina - La Negra Caderona

Anita Baker - Baby

Anita Baker - I Apologize

Anita Baker - It's Been You

Anita Baker - My Funny Valentine

Anita Baker - Plenty of Room

Anita Baker - Sometimes I Wonder Why

Anita Baker - The Look of Love

Anita Baker - Wrong Man(LP Version)

Anita Baker - You Belong To Me

Anita O'Day - Let Me Off Uptown

Ann Wilson - Jezebel

Anne Dudley - Veni Emmanuel

Anne Linnet - Op Lille Hans

Anne Murray - A Little Good News

Anne Murray - Broken Hearted Me

Anne Murray - Could I Have This Dance

Anne Murray - Daydream Believer

Anne Murray - Flying On Your Own

Anne Murray - Just Another Woman In Love

Anne Murray - Nobody Loves Me Like You Do

Anne Murray - You Needed Me

Annihilator - 21

Annihilator - Bliss

Annihilator - Fiasco

Annihilator - Hell is a war

Annihilator - in the blood

Annihilator - King of the Kill

Annihilator - Second to none

Annihilator - Speed

Annihilator - The box

Another Fine Day - Ammonite Spiral

Another Fine Day - Buckets And Spades

Another Fine Day - Esperanto (GBHGK0410003)

Another Fine Day - Green Thought (In Green Shade)

Another Fine Day - Lazy Daisy

Another Fine Day - Life Before Land

Another Fine Day - So Blue

Ant Banks - The Big Badass

Ant Banks feat. The Dangerous Crew - Clownin' Wit Da Crew

Ant Banks feat. Too $hort - The Loot

Anthrax - (Efilnikufesin) N.F.L.

Antonio Aguilar - Mi Gusto Es

Antony Santos - Corazón Culpable

Antony Santos - No Te Vayas

Aphex Twin - #1

Aphex Twin - #13

Aphex Twin - #2

Aphex Twin - #20

Aphex Twin - #3

Aphex Twin - #7

Aphex Twin - Isopropanol

Aphex Twin - We Have Arrived

Apollo 440 - Film Me & Finish Me Off

Apollo 440 - I Need Something Stronger

Apollo 440 - Liquid Cool

Apollo 440 - Millennium Fever

Apollo 440 - Omega Point

Apollo 440 - Pain Is A Close Up

Apollo 440 - Rumble / Spirit of America

Apollo 440 - Stealth Requiem

Archers of Loaf - All Hail the Black Market

Archers of Loaf - Audiowhore

Archers of Loaf - Ethel Merman

Archers of Loaf - Freezing Point

Archers of Loaf - Lowest Part Is Free!

Archers of Loaf - Revenge

Archers of Loaf - What Did You Expect?

Aretha Franklin - A Deeper Love (Sam Halabi Radio Remix)

Aretha Franklin - Willing To Forgive

Aretha Franklin - You'll Lose a Good Thing

Aretha Franklin & George Michael - I Knew You Were Waiting (For Me)

Arild Andersen - Arv Ii

Arild Andersen - Arv

Arild Andersen - Det Var I Min Ungdom

Arild Andersen - Reven Og Skyttaren

Arild Andersen - Sjugur Og Trollbrura

Armand Van Helden - Witch Doktor (Eddie Thoneick Remix)

Armand Van Helden - Witch Doktor (Illyus & Barrientos Reworks)

Armand Van Helden - Witch Doktor (Serge Santiago Reworks)

Armand Van Helden - Witch Doktor (Zedd Remix)

Armando - Land's End

Armando - Turn My Shit Up

Armchair Martian - I'm Not Ready

Armchair Martian - Xenophobe

Armitage Shanks - Ambulance

Armitage Shanks - Bernard Manning

Armitage Shanks - I Know What You Need

Armitage Shanks - Na’ìve

Armitage Shanks - One Chord Wonders

Armitage Shanks - Primary School Punk

Armitage Shanks - She's Too Perfect

Armitage Shanks - Shirts Off

Armitage Shanks - Shut Your Mouth

Armitage Shanks - Slim's Hammer

Armitage Shanks - Thrown Together

Armitage Shanks - Treat You Bad

Armitage Shanks - Tune Up

Armitage Shanks - You Don't Destroy Me

Army of Lovers - Ballrooms of Versailles

Army of Lovers - Dub Evolution

Army of Lovers - Hurrah Hurrah Apocalypse

Army of Lovers - Life Is Fantastic

Army of Lovers - Lit De Parade

Army of Lovers - Sexual Revolution

Army of Lovers - Stand Up For Myself

Army of Lovers - You've Come A Long Way Baby

Arpeggiators - Discover Your Innerself

Arpeggiators - Express Yourself

Arpeggiators - Liquid Sky

Arpeggiators - X-Plain the Un-X-Plained

Arrested Development - Ache'n For Acres

Arrested Development - Africa's Inside Me

Arrested Development - Ease My Mind

Arrested Development - Fountain of Youth

Arrested Development - in the Sunshine

Arrested Development - Kneelin' At My Altar

Arrested Development - Mister Landlord

Arrested Development - Pride

Arrested Development - Shell

Arrested Development - United Minds

Arrested Development - WMFW (We Must Fight & Win) Fm

Arrogant Worms - Carrot Juice Is Murder

Arrogant Worms - Killer Robots From Venus

Arrogant Worms - Losing Hair Under God

Arrogant Worms - Rippy the Gator

Arrogant Worms - The Fishing Song

Arrogant Worms - Tokyo Love Song

Arrogant Worms - William Shakespeare's in My Cat

Art Pepper - Besame Mucho

Art Pepper - Road Game

Art Pepper - Surf Ride

Art Pepper - The Prisoner

Art Pepper - These Foolish things

Art Pepper - Yardbird Suite

Art Pepper & Shelley Manne - Pepper Pot

Art Tatum - Devil in the Moon

Art Tatum - Get Happy

Art Tatum - I Wish I Were Twins

Art Tatum - Monday in Manhattan

Art Tatum - Rosetta

Art Tatum - Theme For Piano

Arthur Russell - Another Thought (A Sudden Chill)

Arthur Russell - Another Thought (Another Thought)

Arthur Russell - Another Thought (Hollow Tree)

Arthur Russell - Another Thought (Home Away From Home)

Arthur Russell - Another Thought (In the Light of the Miracle)

Arthur Russell - Another Thought (Just A Blip)

Arthur Russell - Another Thought (Losing my Taste for the Night Time)

Arthur Russell - Another Thought (Lucky Cloud)

Arthur Russell - Another Thought (Me For Real)

Arthur Russell - Another Thought (My Tiger, My Timing)

Arthur Russell - Another Thought (This Is how We Walk On the Moon)

Articolo 31 - 144/0031

Articolo 31 - Andiamo A Lavorare

Articolo 31 - Dammi Retta

Articolo 31 - E' Già Storia

Articolo 31 - Il Mio Fuoco

Articolo 31 - Io Zak E La Tromba

Articolo 31 - Lasciami Fare

Articolo 31 - Libero Stile Uno

Articolo 31 - Maria Maria

Articolo 31 - Messa Di Vespiri

Articolo 31 - Meus Queridos Fas

Articolo 31 - Mollami

Articolo 31 - Non Ce La Fai

Articolo 31 - Ohi Maria

Articolo 31 - Posso Entrare?

Articolo 31 - Stiloso Con Stile

Articolo 31 - Ti Tiro Scemo

Articolo 31 - Una Per I Miei Fratelli

Articolo 31 - Un'altra cosa che ho perso / Mister Gilet di pelle

Articolo 31 - Voglio una lurida

Artifacts - C'Mon wit da Git Down

Artifacts - Wrong Side of da Tracks

Asia - Sad Situation

Asin - Himig Ng Pag-ibig

Asin - Itanong Mo Sa Mga Bata

Asin - Masdan Mo Ang Kapaligiran

Aslan - Crazy World

Asphyx - Abomination Echoes

Asphyx - Back Into Eternity

Asphyx - Depths of Eternity

Asphyx - Emperors of Salvation

Asphyx - Incarcerated Chimaeras

Asphyx - Prelude of the Unhonoured Funeral

Asphyx - Til Death Do Us Apart

Asphyx - Valleys in Oblivion

Astral Projection - In-Novation

Astral Projection - Mahadeva

Astral Projection - Power Gen

Aswad - 2 Makes 1

Aswad - Dancehall Mood

Aswad - Day by Day

Aswad - Deeper Than Deep

Aswad - Fever

Aswad - Give Me a Reason

Aswad - Pickin' Up

Aswad - Shine

Aswad - So Good

Aswad - Warriors

At the Gates - All Life Ends - live

At the Gates - And the World Returned

At the Gates - Forever Blind

At the Gates - Kingdom Gone - live

At the Gates - Terminal Spirit Disease

At the Gates - The Beautiful Wound

At the Gates - The Burning Darkness - live

At the Gates - The Fevered Circle

At the Gates - The red in the sky is ours/the season to come

At the Gates - The Swarm

Atari Teenage Riot - Raver Bashing

Aterciopelados - La Gomela

Aterciopelados - Mujer Gala

Atlantic Starr - I'll Remember You

Atomic Rooster - Control of You

Atomic Rooster - End of the Day

Atomic Rooster - Lose Your Mind

Atomic Rooster - She's My Woman

Atomic Swing - Bossanova Swap Meet

Atomic Swing - Hoodood in Mamou

Atomic Swing - Like a John Needs a Yoko

Atomic Swing - Moon Age Revolution

Atomic Swing - So in Need of a Change

Atomic Swing - Soul Free

Atomic Swing - Stuck on a Worm Out Rhyme

Atomic Swing - Suburban Wing

Atomic Swing - Teenage Divina

Attaque 77 - Volver A Empezar

Au Pairs - Ideal Woman

Au Pairs - Monogamy

Aurora - Aurora - Cielo Mix

Austin Pitre - Contredanse

Austin Pitre - Lost Lover Breakdown

Austin Pitre - Prison Song

Autechre - Foil

Autechre - Further

Autechre - Nil

Autechre - Nine

Autechre - Slip

Autechre - Teartear

Autechre - Yulquen

Avail - 25 Years

Avail - Pink Houses

Avail - Sidewalk

Avail - Song

Avail - Southbound 95

Avail - Treading On Heels

Avail - Tuning

Azalia Snail - (Unlisted Track)

Azalia Snail - Cast Away (The Saga of Jeannie Berlin)

Azalia Snail - Cuckoo Clock

Azalia Snail - Hidden Addendum

Azalia Snail - Into Yr World

Azalia Snail - Please Don't Come Here

Azalia Snail - Solace Nemesis

Azalia Snail - The Deep Fell Need

Azalia Snail - You Belong To You

B.B. King - Time To Say Goodbye

B.B. King - You've Been An Angel

B.B.M. - Can't Fool the Blues

B.B.M. - City of Gold

B.B.M. - Glory Days

B.B.M. - High Cost of Loving

B.B.M. - I Wonder Why (Are You So Mean To Me)

B.B.M. - Naked Flame

B.B.M. - Waiting in the Wings

B.B.M. - Where in the World

B.B.M. - Why Does Love (Have To Go Wrong)

B.B.M. - Wrong Side of Town

B.M.U. (Black Men United) - U Will Know - Extended Version

B.W.P. Experiments - Organic

Babe Ruth - The Mexican

Babes in Toyland - Calling Occupants of Interplanetary Craft

Baby Washington - A Handful of Memories

Baby Washington - Only Those in Love

Babyface - When Can I See You?

Baccara - Sorry I'm a Lady

Bad Manners - Christmas Time Again

Bad Religion - 21st Century (Digital Boy)

Bad Religion - Better Off Dead

Bad Religion - Incomplete

Bad Religion - Infected

Bad Religion - News From the Front

Bad Religion - No Control

Bad Religion - Stranger Than Fiction

Bad Religion - Television

Bad Religion - The Handshake

Bailter Space - Shadow

Bailter Space - X

Bal Paré - 37623

Bal Paré - Allez, Allez

Bal Paré - Bal Paré

Bal Paré - Derrick

Bal Paré - Die Hunde Sind Los!

Bal Paré - Die Idioten

Bal Paré - Eine Nacht Im 9.Stockwerk

Bal Paré - Kriminalität

Bal Paré - La Chute

Bal Paré - Les Mots

Bal Paré - Meilleur Du Monde

Bal Paré - Metamorphose

Bal Paré - Natalie II

Bal Paré - Natalie

Bal Paré - Nocturne

Bal Paré - Palais d'Amour

Bal Paré - Pouppee De Cire, Pouppee De Son

Bal Paré - Raumpatrouille

Bal Paré - Rien Ne Va Plus

Bal Paré - Stummfilm

Banco Del Mutuo Soccorso - Dove Non Arrivano Gli Occhi

Banco Del Mutuo Soccorso - Emiliano

Banco Del Mutuo Soccorso - Rimani Fuori

Banco Del Mutuo Soccorso - Spudorata (Pi-Ppò)

Banco Del Mutuo Soccorso - Tremila (Rock Prove)

Banda Bassotti - All Are Equal for the Law

Banda Bassotti - La Ballata della Sanguisuga

Banda Brava - Isla Virgen

Banda El Recodo - Cuando El Destino

Banda El Recodo - De Un Rancho a Otro

Banda El Recodo - El Barzon

Banda El Recodo - El Golpe Traidor

Banda El Recodo - El Pato Juan

Banda El Recodo - El Sinaloense y el Kora

Banda El Recodo - Entierrenme con La Banda

Banda El Recodo - La Basurita

Banda El Recodo - La Cheyene del Año

Banda El Recodo - La Diferencia

Banda El Recodo - La Peligrosa

Banda El Recodo - La Quebradora

Banda El Recodo - Las Dos Hectáreas

Banda El Recodo - Las Lagrimas de un Hombre

Banda El Recodo - Los Viejitos

Banda El Recodo - Seis Pies Abajo

Banda El Recodo - Te Lo Pido por Favor

Banda El Recodo - Te Voy a Olvidar

Banda El Recodo - Vamonos de Fiesta

Banda Eva - Me Dê A Mão

Banda Gorda - Son Mentira

Banda Guadalajara Express - Anda Borracho El Buey

Banda Machos - Besando borrachos

Banda Machos - Esclavo y amo

Banda Machos - Gracias mujer

Banda Machos - La más bonita de todas

Banda Machos - Las habas

Banda Machos - Muevete morena

Banda Maguey - El Alacrán

Banda Movil - Mata Un Pollo

Banda Movil - Río Rebelde

Banda Toro - La Noche Que Murio Chicago

Banda Toro - La Ruca No Era Ruca

Barbara Dickson - Fine Flowers in the Valley

Barbara Fairchild - Crazy Love

Barbara Mason - I'll Never Love the Same Way Twice

Barbara Mason - I'm So in Love With You

Barbara Tucker - Beautiful People - Underground Network Mix

Barbara Tucker - Beautiful People

Barbara Tucker - I Get Lifted [2009 Mixes]

Barenaked Ladies - A

Barenaked Ladies - Jane

Barenaked Ladies - Life, in a Nutshell

Bark Psychosis - A Street Scene

Bark Psychosis - Blue

Barkays - 48 Hours

Barkays - If It Takes All Night

Barkays - If Loving You Is Wrong

Barkays - Introduction

Barkays - Irresistible

Barkays - Master

Barkays - Mega Mix

Barkays - Out of My Mind

Barkays - Read Between the Lines

Barkays - Segue

Barkays - She Can Get It

Barney - Barney Theme Song

Barricada - Su Merecido

Barrington Levy - My Time

Barrington Levy - Silver Words

Barrington Levy - Under Mi Sensi

Barry Manilow - In Apple Blossom Time

Barry Manilow - Singin' With the Big Bands

Barry Manilow feat. The Glenn Miller Orchestra & Debra Byrd - Don't Sit Under the Apple Tree

Barry Manilow feat. The Jimmy Dorsey Orchestra & Rosemary Clooney - Green Eyes

Barry Manilow feat. The Tommy Dorsey Orchestra - On the Sunny Side of the Street

Barry White - Come On

Barry White - Love Is the Icon

Barry White - Practice What You Preach

Barry White - The Time Is Right

Basement Jaxx - Undaground

Basia - An Olive Tree

Basia - Drunk On Love

Basia - My Cruel Ways

Basia - Perfect Mother

Basia - Simple Pleasures

Basia - The Prayer of A Happy Housewife

Basia - The Sweetest Illusion

Basia - Third Time Lucky

Basia - Yearning

Basic Channel - Octaedre

Basic Channel - Octagon

Basic Channel - Phylyps Trak II/I

Basic Channel - Phylyps Trak II/II

Basic Channel - Quadrant Dub I

Basic Channel - Radiance I

Basic Channel - Radiance III

Basic Element - Another Day

Basic Element - How To Come Close To U

Basic Element - I Want U

Basic Element - Intro

Basic Element - Leave It Behind

Basic Element - Lights N Fire

Basic Element - Move Dat Body

Basic Element - Move Me

Basic Element - The Promise Man

Basic Element - Touch

Bass Culture - I've Learned To Cope (feat. Lisa Maxwell)

Bass Mekanik - 35-39Hz

Bass Mekanik - 75-79Hz

Bass Mekanik - Are You Ready

Bass Mekanik - Intro

Bass Mekanik - Pink Noise

Bass Mekanik - Welcome Stranger

Bass Tech DXJ - Bass Is the Place

Bass Tech DXJ - Bass Phumes

Bass Tech DXJ - Bass-A-Bye Baby

Bass Tech DXJ - Finger Lickin' Bass Jam

Bass Tech DXJ - I Left My Amp On Bassland Blvd.

Bass Tech DXJ - in the Valley of the Bass

Bass Tech DXJ - Jammin' On the Bass

Bass Tech DXJ - S.N.A.B.O.

Bass Tech DXJ - Swing Low My Chariot Rolls

Bass Unlimited - Little Drummer Boy

Bata Illic - Dich Erkenn' Ich Mit Verbundenen Augen

Bathory - War Mashine

Beastie Boys - Alright Hear This

Beastie Boys - B-Boys Makin' With The Freak Freak

Beastie Boys - Bobo On The Corner

Beastie Boys - Bodhisattva Vow

Beastie Boys - Cooky Puss

Beastie Boys - Egg Raid On Mojo (Demo)

Beastie Boys - Eugene's Lament

Beastie Boys - Flute Loop

Beastie Boys - Futterman's Rule

Beastie Boys - Get It Together

Beastie Boys - Heart Attack Man

Beastie Boys - Ricky's Theme

Beastie Boys - Root Down - Free Zone Mix/Remastered 2009

Beastie Boys - Root Down

Beastie Boys - Sabotage

Beastie Boys - Sabrosa

Beastie Boys - Shambala

Beastie Boys - Skills To Pay the Bills

Beastie Boys - Son of Neckbone

Beastie Boys - Sure Shot

Beastie Boys - The Scoop

Beastie Boys - The Update

Beastie Boys - Tough Guy

Beastie Boys - Transitions

Beastie Boys & Biz Markie - Do It

Beastie Boys & Q-Tip - Get It Together

BeauSoleil - Cajun Midnight Waltz

BeauSoleil - Chanson De Vermilion

BeauSoleil - Closing Theme: Madame Sothene

BeauSoleil - Contredanse De Doucet

BeauSoleil - Contredanse

BeauSoleil - La Reel De Barza

BeauSoleil - L'affaire De Perrodin

BeauSoleil - Leger's Chase (The Mardi Gras Song)

BeauSoleil - Madame Etienne

BeauSoleil - Madame Sosthene

BeauSoleil - Si J'aurais Des Ailes

Beck - Atmospheric Conditions

Beck - Beercan

Beck - Burnt Orange Peel

Beck - Feather in Your Cap

Beck - Fourteen Rivers, Fourteen Floods

Beck - Fuckin With My Head (Mountain Dew Rock)

Beck - Girl Dreams

Beck - Hes A Mighty Good Leader

Beck - I Get Lonesome

Beck - Its All in Your Mind

Beck - Ive Seen the Land Beyond

Beck - Loser

Beck - One Foot in the Grave

Beck - Outcome

Beck - Painted Eyelids

Beck - Pay No Mind (Snoozer)

Beck - See Water

Beck - Soul Suckin' Jerk

Beck - Whiskey Can Can

Bedřich Smetana & Polish National Radio Symphony Orchestra & Antoni Wit - Má vlast (My Country): No. 2, Vltava (Moldau)

Behemoth - Moonspell Rites

Belgian Asociality - ATP

Belgian Asociality - BA Houseparty

Belgian Asociality - De Jas Van Piet

Belgian Asociality - Do the Blues

Belgian Asociality - EHBA

Belgian Asociality - Ei Ei Ei

Belgian Asociality - Eurogongshow

Belgian Asociality - Interludium

Belgian Asociality - Kriep Kriep

Belgian Asociality - Moeidoenie

Belgian Asociality - Morregen

Belgian Asociality - Rapattack

Belgian Asociality - Smellie Nellie

Belgian Asociality - Storend Gedrag

Belgian Asociality - Van Mijn Erf

Belgian Asociality - Wartje

Ben Folds Five - Brick

Ben Folds Five - Mitchell Lane

Ben Harper - Forever

Ben Harper - The Three Of Us

Ben Harper - Waiting On An Angel

Ben Harper - Walk Away

Ben Harper - Whipping Boy

Ben Tankard - Church Out!

Ben Tankard - Eden Celebration

Ben Tankard - El Shaddai

Ben Tankard - Melodic Heaven

Ben Tankard - My Soul

Ben Tankard - On My Own

Ben Tankard - Sunday Drive

Ben Tankard - What Is This

BENEDICTION - Subconscious Terror

BENEDICTION - Visions in the Shroud

Benny - Cielo

Benny - Mía

Benny - Sin ti

Benny Goodman - Flying Home

Benny Goodman - Goody Goody

Benny Goodman Sextet - Flying Home

Benny Green - That's Right

Benny Martin - Muleskinner Blues

Beny More - El Santo De Tia Juliana

Beny More - Ofrenda Criola

Beny More - Soy Del Monte

Beres Hammond - Giving Thanks

Beres Hammond - No Disturb Sign

Bessie Smith - House Rent Blues

Bessie Smith - J.C. Holmes Blues

Bessie Smith - Lou'siana Low Down Blues

Bessie Smith - Rockin' Chair Blues

Bessie Smith - Salt Water Blues

Bestial Warlust - At the Graveyard of God

Bestial Warlust - Bestial Warlust

Bestial Warlust - Heathens

Bestial Warlust - Holocaust Wolves of the Apocalypse

Bestial Warlust - Satanic

Bestial Warlust - Storming Vengeance

Beth Fowler - Beauty and the Beast

Bettie Serveert - For All We Know

Bettie Serveert - Silent Spring

Big Bad Voodoo Daddy - Go Daddy O

Big Bad Voodoo Daddy - Jumpin' Jack

Big Bad Voodoo Daddy - King Of Swing

Big Bad Voodoo Daddy - Mr. Pinstripe Suit

Big Bad Voodoo Daddy - You & Me & The Bottle Makes 3 Tonight (Baby)

Big Bill Broonzy - She Caught the Train

Big Bill Broonzy - The Dozen

Big Country - In A Big Country - Radio Edit

Big Daddy Kane - Show & Prove

Big Drill Car - Crystal's Ball

Big Drill Car - Duck and Cover

Big Drill Car - Friend of Mine

Big Drill Car - Hye

Big Drill Car - in Disguise

Big Drill Car - Nagaina

Big Drill Car - Step Right Up

Big Drill Car - The Shake

Big Drill Car - Thin White Line

Big Drill Car - What You Believe

Big Drill Car - Wondering

Big Drill Car - Yer Holdin

Big Electric Cat - Bed of Nails

Big Electric Cat - Rebecca

Big Head Todd and the Monsters - Angel Leads Me On

Big Head Todd and the Monsters - Candle 99

Big Head Todd and the Monsters - Poor Miss

Big Head Todd and the Monsters - Shadowlands

Big Head Todd and the Monsters - Wearing Only Flowers

Big Joe Turner - Low Down Dog

Big Joe Turner - Rocks in My Bed

Big Joe Turner - Still in the Dark

Big Joe Turner - Tell Me Pretty Baby

Big Joe Turner feat. Piano Man' Walls - Boogie Woogie Country Girl

Big Joe Williams - Providence Help the Poor People

Big Maceo - I Got the Blues

Big Maybelle - Silent Night

Big Mike - Havin Thangs

Big Mike - Playa Playa

Big Mike - World of Mine

Big Money - Brain Dead

Big Money - Eye of the Beholder

Big Money - Flabbergasted

Big Money - Give 'm A Smile

Big Money - Million Dollar Mouth

Big Money - Once Upon A Time in A Galaxy Far Far Away

Big Money - Pretentious Brat

Big Money - Rich and Infamous

Big Money - Silverscreen

Big Money - The Last Man On Earth

Big Money - Ugly

Big Mountain - Baby I Love Your Way

Big Mountain - Baby, I Love Your Way

Big Mountain & Dave Way - Lean on Me - Party Version

Big Mountain & Tom Lord-Alge - Baby, I Love Your Way

Big Youth - Moving Version

Biggie Smalls - Money - Remix

Biggie Smalls - Players Anthem - Remix

Bigod 20 - Are You Horney, Yet?

Bigod 20 - Be Liquid

Bigod 20 - Infidelity Groove

Bigod 20 - It's Easy

Bigod 20 - Lazy

Bigod 20 - One

Bigod 20 - Plug It In, Otis

Bigod 20 - Retortion 003

Bigod 20 - Slavery Is Guaranteed

Bigod 20 - Swallow Me

Bigod 20 - Taurin

Bijelo Dugme - Ala je glupo zaboravit njen broj

Bijelo Dugme - Bitanga i princeza

Bijelo Dugme - Da Sam Pekar

Bill Doggett - Fat Back

Bill Douglas - Deep Peace

Bill Evans Trio - Autumn Leaves

Bill Frisell - Dog Eat Dog

Bill Frisell - Jimmy Carter (part 1)

Bill Frisell - Jimmy Carter (part 2)

Bill Frisell - Rag

Bill Frisell - Strange Meeting

Bill Monroe & His Bluehrass Boys Band - In The Pines

Bill Morrissey - Letter From Heaven

Bill Withers - Lovely Day

Billie Holiday - As Time Goes By

Billie Holiday, Lester Young - A Sailboat in the Moonlight

Billie Holiday, Lester Young - All of Me

Billie Holiday, Lester Young - Georgia On My Mind

Billie Holiday, Lester Young - I'll Get By

Billie Holiday, Lester Young - Let's Do It

Billie Holiday, Lester Young - Mean To Me

Billie Holiday, Lester Young - Romance in the Dark

Billie Holiday, Lester Young - The Man I Love

Billy Boy Arnold - Sweet Miss Bea

Billy Cobham - Just One Step Away

Billy Cobham - Soul Provider

Billy Dean - I Can't Find The Words To Say Goodbye

Billy Dean - Once in A While

Billy Dean - Only Here For A Little While

Billy Dean - Somewhere In My Broken Heart

Billy Dean - Tryin' To Hide A Fire in the Dark

Billy Eckstine - Blue Moon

Billy Eckstine - Dedicated To You

Billy Eckstine - in A Sentimental Mood

Billy Eckstine - Temptation

Billy Eckstine - You're All I Need

Billy Pilgrim - Get Me Out of Here

Billy Pilgrim - Halfway Home

Billy Pilgrim - Here We Go Again

Billy Pilgrim - Hurricane Season

Billy Pilgrim - Insomniac

Billy Pilgrim - Lost & Found in Tinseltown

Billy Pilgrim - Mama Says

Billy Pilgrim - Too Many People

Billy Pilgrim - Try

Billy Ray Cyrus - One Last Thrill

Billy 'The Kid' Emerson - If Lovin' Is Believing

Billy 'The Kid' Emerson - I'm Not Going Home

Billy the Kid Emerson - No Teasing Around

Billy 'The Kid' Emerson - No Teasing Around

Billy 'The Kid' Emerson - The Woodchuck

Bim Skala Bim - Set Me Up

Bing Crosby - Chattanoogie Shoe Shine Boy

Bing Crosby - Dear Hearts and Gentle People

Bing Crosby - Gone Fishin'

Bing Crosby - I Can't Begin To Tell You

Bing Crosby - The Road To Morocco

Bing Crosby - Too Marvelous For Words

Bing Crosby - Where the Blue of the Night (Meets the Gold of the Day)

Bing Crosby - You Must Have Been a Beautiful Baby

Bing Crosby And Judy Garland - Mine

Bing Crosby, Judy Garland - Connecticut

Binomio de Oro de América - Celos

Biohazard - After Forever

Biohazard - Cornered

Biohazard - Down For Life

Biohazard - Each Day

Biohazard - Failed Territory

Biohazard - Five Blocks To the Subway

Biohazard - How It Is

Biohazard - Human Animal

Biohazard - Pride

Biohazard - Remember

Biohazard - State of the World Address

Biohazard - Tales From the Hard Side

Biohazard - What Makes Us Tick

Biosphere - Botanical Dimensions

Biosphere - Caboose

Biosphere - Decryption

Biosphere - Mestigoth

Biosphere - Mir

Biosphere - Patashnik

Biosphere - Phantasm

Biosphere - Seti Project

Biosphere - Startoucher

Biosphere - The Shield

Birth Control - Get Ready To Run

Birth Control - Greedy Eyes

Bitty McLean - Dedicated to the One I Love

Bitty McLean - Here I Stand

Biz Markie - Just a Friend

Biz Markie - Nobody Beats the Biz (Best Of)

Björk - Bachelorette

Björk - Isobel

Björk - Jóga

Björk - Pluto

Björn Skifs - Det Blir Alltid Värre Framåt Natten

Black 47 - Different Drummer

Black Crowes - Cursed Diamond

Black Crowes - Wiser Time

Black Science Orchestra - New Jersey Deep

Black Star - Definition

Black Uhuru - Big Bad Bully

Black Uhuru - Brand New World

Black Uhuru - Eye of An Angel

Black Uhuru - From Jump Street

Black Uhuru - I Pray

Black Uhuru - Spectrum

Black Uhuru - Time Material & Space

Black Uhuru - Yes I

BlackHawk - Between Ragged And Wrong

BlackHawk - Down in Flames

BlackHawk - Every Once In a While

BlackHawk - Goodbye Says It All

BlackHawk - I Sure Can Smell the Rain

BlackHawk - Let 'em Whirl

BlackHawk - Love Like This

BlackHawk - One More Heartache

BlackHawk - Stone by Stone

BlackHawk - That's Just About Right

Blackstreet - Before I Let You Go

Blackstreet - Falling in Love Again

Blackstreet - Joy

Blackstreet - U Blow My Mind

BLACKstreet feat. Tammy Lucas - Tonight's the Night

Blaine L. Reininger - Gigolo grasiento

Blaine L. Reininger - Zeb and Lulu

Blasphemy - Empty Chalice

Blaze - Afro Jazz

Blaze - Just A Little Different

Blaze - Live The Happy Life (feat. Billy Hope)

Blenderhead - Alcohol House

Blenderhead - Cesspool

Blenderhead - Choice

Blenderhead - Escape Reason

Blenderhead - Internalize

Blenderhead - Let Down

Blenderhead - National Drug

Blenderhead - Power Trip

Blenderhead - Purgatory

Blenderhead - Soapbox

Blind Melon - No Rain

Blind Melon - Soup

Blind Mr. Jones - Big Plane

Blind Mr. Jones - Disneyworld

Blind Mr. Jones - Drop for Days

Blind Mr. Jones - Hey

Blind Mr. Jones - Mesa

Blind Mr. Jones - Please Me

Blind Mr. Jones - See You Again

Blind Mr. Jones - Surfer Baby

Blind Mr. Jones - Viva Fisher

Blind Mr. Jones - What's Going On

Blind Willie & Partner - Don't You See How This World Made A Change

Blind Willie McTell - Come On Around To My House Mama

Blind Willie McTell - Death Cell Blues

Blind Willie McTell - Dirty Mistreater

Blind Willie McTell - Don't You See How This World Made A Change

Blind Willie McTell - East St. Louis Blues (Fare You Well)

Blind Willie McTell - It's A Good Little Thing

Blind Willie McTell - It's Your Time to Worry

Blind Willie McTell - Lord Have Mercy If You Please

Blind Willie McTell - Low Down Blues

Blind Willie McTell - Low Rider's Blues

Blind Willie McTell - My Baby's Gone

Blind Willie McTell - Warm It Up To Me

Blind Willie Mctell & the Regal Country Blues - Lord Have Mercy If You Please

Blind Willie McTell, Ruth Willis - Experience Blues

Blink-182 - Ben Wah Balls

Blink-182 - Depends

Blink-182 - Does My Breath Smell?

Blink-182 - Fentoozler

Blink-182 - M+M's

Blink-182 - Peggy Sue

Blink-182 - Toast And Bananas

Blink-182 - Touchdown Boy

Blink-182 - TV

Blink-182 - Wasting Time

Blondie - Atomic

Blondie - Out in the Streets

Blondie - Rapture (Live from Havana, 2019)

Blondie - The Thin Line

Blondie - Will Anything Happen

Bloods & Crips - Slob 187

Blossom Dearie - I Won't Dance

Blue Alphabet - Quixotism

Blue Oyster Cult - Don't Fear the Reaper

Blue Planet Corporation - Aquablue

Blue Planet Corporation - Generator

Blue Planet Corporation - Juno Satellite

Blue Planet Corporation - Psychonaut

Blue System - Don't Stop To Dance

Blue System - Dr. Mabuse

Blue System - Goodnight Marielin

Blue System - Lady Unforgettable

Blue System - Sacrifice

Blue System - See You in the 22nd Century

Blue System - That's Love

Blue System - The Earth Will Move

Blue System - When You Are Lonely

Blue System - You'll Be My Hero

Blueboy - Also Ran

Blueboy - Always There

Blueboy - Boys Don't Matter

Blueboy - Cosmopolitan

Blueboy - Finistere

Blueboy - Fleetway

Blueboy - Imipramine

Blueboy - Lazy Thunderstorms

Blueboy - Marble Arch

Blueboy - Self Portrait

Blueboy - So Catch Him (Reprise)

Blueboy - So Catch Him

Blueboy - The Joy of Living

Bluejean & Alioscia Mele - Risin To The Top - White Room Remix by Alioscia Mele

Blues Saraceno - Bouree

Blues Saraceno - Chewing on Crayons

Blues Saraceno - Far From Home

Blues Saraceno - Fat Padding

Blues Saraceno - Feedin' the Box

Blues Saraceno - King for a Day

Blues Saraceno - My Generation

Blues Saraceno - Pretty People

Blues Saraceno - Rabbit Soup

Blues Saraceno - Stinky Kitty

Blues Traveler - Brother John

Blues Traveler - Crash & Burn

Blues Traveler - Crash Burn

Blues Traveler - Fallible

Blues Traveler - Freedom

Blues Traveler - Hook

Blues Traveler - Just Wait

Blues Traveler - Look Around

Blues Traveler - Run-Around

Blues Traveler - Stand

Blues Traveler - The Good, the Bad And the Ugly

Blues Traveler - The Mountains Win Again

Blur - Bank Holiday

Blur - Clover Over Dover

Blur - End of a Century - 2012 Remaster

Blur - End of A Century

Blur - Far Out

Blur - Girls and Boys

Blur - Jubilee

Blur - London Loves

Blur - Lot 105

Blur - Magic America

Blur - Parklife

Blur - The Debt Collector

Blur - This Is A Low

Blur - To the End (La Comedie)

Blur - To the End

Blur - Trouble in the Message Centre

Bnny Rbbt - Bombs

Bo Carter - Backache Blues

Bo Carter - Banana in Your Fruit Basket

Bo Carter - Beans

Bo Carter - Blue Runner Blues

Bo Carter - Bo Carter Special

Bo Carter - Boot It

Bo Carter - Bungalow Blues

Bo Carter - Good Old Turnip Greens

Bo Carter - Howling Tom Cat Blues

Bo Carter - I Keep On Spending My Change

Bo Carter - I Love That Thing

Bo Carter - I Want You To Know

Bo Carter - I'm An Old Bumble Bee

Bo Carter - I've Got A Case of Mashin' It

Bo Carter - I've Got the Whole World in My Hand

Bo Carter - Last Go Round

Bo Carter - Loveless Love

Bo Carter - Mary Blues

Bo Carter - Mean Feeling Blues

Bo Carter - My Pencil Won't Write No More

Bo Carter - Nobody's Business

Bo Carter - Pig Meat Is What I Crave

Bo Carter - Pin in Your Cushion

Bo Carter - Please Don't Drive Me From Your Door

Bo Carter - Pretty Baby

Bo Carter - Pussy Cat Blues

Bo Carter - Queen Bee

Bo Carter - Ram Rod Daddy

Bo Carter - Same Thing the Cats Fight About

Bo Carter - She's Your Cook But She Burns My Bread Sometimes

Bo Carter - Sorry Feeling Blues

Bo Carter - Tellin' You 'Bout It

Bo Carter - The Law Gonna Step On You

Bo Carter - Times Is Tight Like That

Bo Carter - What Kind of Scent Is This?

Bo Carter - You Don't Love Me No More

Bo Diddley - Kids Don't Do It

Bo Kaspers Orkester - Hem I Säng

Bo Kaspers Orkester - Ingenting Alls

Bo Kaspers Orkester - Ni bad om det

Bo Kaspers Orkester - Satsa Några Kronor På Mig

Bo Kaspers Orkester - Snäll Och Dum

Bob Carlisle - Giving You the Rest of My Life

Bob Carlisle - Hold On

Bob Carlisle - Last Train To Glory

Bob Carlisle - Man of No Reputation

Bob Carlisle - One Step Closer To Your Broken Heart

Bob Carlisle - Real Love

Bob Carlisle - Somewhere On the Other Side

Bob Carlisle - Take Me As I Am

Bob Carlisle - The Rest of All Time

Bob Carlisle - Walkin' Up the Steps of Faith

Bob Carlisle - When A Grown Man Cries

Bob Crosby - Honky Tonk Train Blues

Bob Dylan - Dignity

Bob Dylan & the Band - Nothing Was Delivered

Bob Hope - Thanks For the Memory

Bob Hope & Shirley Moss - Thanks For the Memory

Bob Hope & Shirley Ross - Thanks for the Memory

Bob James - Animal Dreams

Bob James - Awaken Us To the Blue

Bob James - Back To Bali

Bob James - Into the Light

Bob James - Kissing Cross

Bob James - Lotus Leaves (Album Version-Restless)

Bob James - Serenissima

Bob James - Under Me

Bob Mould - All Those People Know

Bob Mould - Brasilia Crossed With Trenton

Bob Mould - Poison Years

Bob Mould - Turning of the Tide

Bob Seger - Against The Wind

Bob Seger - C'est La Vie

Bob Seger - Hollywood Nights

Bob Seger - In Your Time

Bob Seger - Like A Rock

Bob Seger - Mainstreet

Bob Seger - Night Moves

Bob Seger - Old Time Rock & Roll

Bob Seger - Roll Me Away

Bob Seger - Still the Same

Bob Seger - The Fire Inside

Bob Seger - Turn The Page

Bob Seger - We've Got Tonight

Bob Seger - You'll Accomp'ny Me

Bob Seger & the Silver Bullet Band - Roll Me Away

Bob Wills & His Texas Playboys & Leon Rausch - Faded Love

Bob Wills & Texas Playboys - San Antonio Rose

Bob Wills & Texas Playboys - Stay All Night (Stay A Little Longer)

Bobby Bare - Help Me Make It Through the Night

Bobby Bare - Leaving on a Jet Plane

Bobby Bland - Share Your Love With Me

Bobby Blue Bland - Soul of A Man - Live

Bobby 'Blue' Bland - Stormy Monday Blues - Single Version / Stereo

Bobby 'Blue' Bland - Turn On Your Love Light

Bobby Brown & K-Klass - Two Can Play That Game - K Klassic Radio Mix

Bobby Darin - Black Coffee

Bobby Darin - Caravan

Bobby Darin - Clementine

Bobby Darin - Don't Dream of Anybody But Me

Bobby Darin - Have You Got Any Castles, Baby

Bobby Darin - The Gal That Got Away

Bobby Helms - Jacqueline

Bobby Hutcherson - Little B's Poem

Bobby Hutcherson - Prints Tie

Bobby Hutcherson - Tranquillity

Body Count - Body Count's in the House

Body Count - Body M/F Count

Body Count - Born Dead (Explicit)

Body Count - Born Dead

Body Count - Drive By

Body Count - Killin' Floor

Body Count - Last Breath

Body Count - Masters of Revenge

Body Count - Necessary Evil

Body Count - On With the Body Count

Body Count - Shallow Graves

Body Count - Street Lobotomy

Body Count - Who Are You?

Bohren & Der Club of Gore - Cairo Keller

Bohren & Der Club of Gore - Conway Twitty zieh mit mir

Bohren & Der Club of Gore - Dandys lungern durch die Nacht

Bohren & Der Club of Gore - Dangerflirt mit der Schlägerbitch

Bohren & Der Club of Gore - Der Maggot Tango

Bohren & Der Club of Gore - Die Fulci Nummer

Bohren & Der Club of Gore - Die Nahtanznummer, Teil 2

Bohren & Der Club of Gore - Gore Motel

Bohren & Der Club of Gore - Gore Musik

Bohren & Der Club of Gore - Sabbat Schwarzer Highway

Bohren & Der Club of Gore - Texas Keller

Bohren & Der Club of Gore - Trash Altenessen

Bolt Thrower - For Victory

Bolt Thrower - Overlord

Bolt Thrower - When Glory Beckons

Bon Jovi - Always

Bon Jovi - Bad Medicine

Bon Jovi - Bed of Roses

Bon Jovi - I'll Be There for You

Bon Jovi - Livin' on a Prayer

Bon Jovi - Runaway

Bon Jovi - Someday I'll Be Saturday Night

Bone Thugs-N-Harmony - Creepin on Ah Come Up

Bone Thugs-N-Harmony - Down Foe My Thang

Bone Thugs-N-Harmony - Intro

Bone Thugs-N-Harmony - Moe Cheese

Bone Thugs-N-Harmony - Mr. Quija

Bone Thugs-N-Harmony - No Surrender

Bone Thugs-N-Harmony - Thuggish Ruggish Bone

Bone Thugs-N-Harmony & Eazy-E - Foe Tha Love of $

Bonnie Raitt - Dimming of the Day

Bonnie Raitt - Love Sneakin' Up on You

Bonnie Raitt - You

Boogie Times Tribe - Dark Stranger

Booker T & the MG's - Hip Hug Her

Boomshanka - Gonna Make You Move

Bootsy Collins - Ahh...The Name Is Bootsy, Baby

Bootsy Collins - Body Slam

Bootsy Collins - Bootzilla

Bootsy Collins - Can't Stay Away

Bootsy Collins - Hollywood Squares

Bootsy Collins - I'd Rather Be With You

Bootsy Collins - Jam Fan (Hot)

Bootsy Collins - Mug Push

Bootsy Collins - Psychoticbumpschool

Bootsy Collins - Scenery

Bootsy Collins - The Pinocchio Theory

Bootsy Collins - What So Never the Dance

Born Against - A Whopper of A Tale

Born Against - Born Against Are Fucking Dead

Born Against - By the Throat

Born Against - Go Fuck Yourself

Born Against - Janelle

Born Against - Jock Gestapo

Born Against - Mary & Child

Born Against - Mount the Pavement

Born Against - Movin' On Up

Born Against - Mt. Dew

Born Against - Murder the Sons of Bitches

Born Against - Nine Years Later

Born Against - Organ of Hope

Born Against - Poland

Born Against - Sendero

Born Against - Shroud

Born Against - Test Pattern

Born Jamericans - Ain't No Stoppin'

Born Jamericans - Boom Shak-A-Tack

Born Jamericans - Cease & Seckle

Born Jamericans - Informa Fe Dead

Born Jamericans - Instant Death Interlude

Born Jamericans - Nobody Knows

Born Jamericans - Oh Gosh

Born Jamericans - So Ladies

Born Jamericans - Sweet Honey

Born Jamericans - Warning Sign

Born Jamericans - Why Do Girls

Boston - Get Organ-ized/Get Reorgan-ized

Boston - I Need Your Love

Boston - Livin' For You

Boston - Magdalene

Boston - Surrender To Me

Boston - Walk On (Some More)

Boston - Walk On

Boston - Walkin' At Night

Boston - We Can Make It

Boston - What's Your Name

Bounty Killer - Can't Beat We

Bounty Killer - Dead This Time

Bounty Killer - Gal Them

Bounty Killer - Go Away

Bounty Killer - How the West Was One

Bounty Killer - If A War

Bounty Killer - Not Another Word

Bounty Killer - Satan Wolves

Bounty Killer & Beenie Man - Not Another Word

Bouquet of Veal - Dwarf Tossin'

Boy Howdy - She'd Give Anything

Boyracer - Passionflower

Boyracer - Sex

Boyracer - Skill

Boyz II Men - 50 Candles

Boyz II Men - All Around the World

Boyz II Men - I'll Make Love to You

Boyz II Men - On Bended Knee

Boyz II Men - Thank You

Boyz II Men - Trying Times

Boyz II Men - U Know

Boyz II Men - Vibin'

Boyz II Men - Water Runs Dry

Boyz II Men - Yesterday

Boyzone - Love Me For A Reason

Boz Scaggs - Fly Like A Bird

Boz Scaggs - I'll Be The One

Boz Scaggs - Sierra

Bracket - 2rak005

Bracket - WWF

Brainbombs - It's a Burning Hell

Brainbombs - Wishing a Slow Death

Bram Vermeulen - De Tafel

Bram Vermeulen - Doe Het

Bram Vermeulen - Een Doodgewone Jongen

Bram Vermeulen - Het Is Niet Waar

Bram Vermeulen - Mijn Droom

Bram Vermeulen - Misselijk

Bram Vermeulen - Zo Moe

Brand New Heavies, The - Back To Love

Brand New Heavies, The - Dream On Dreamer (Cool Dream Dub)

Brand New Heavies, The - Dream On Dreamer (Morales 7-Inch)

Brand New Heavies, The - Dream On Dreamer (Rj's Dean Street Dub)

Brand New Heavies, The - Dream On Dreamer

Brand New Heavies, The - Spend Some Time

Brand Nubian - Another Day in the Beast (Thoughts From A Criminal) (Explicit LP Version)

Brand Nubian - Gang Bang

Brand Nubian - Nubian Jam

Brand Nubian - Lick Dem Muthaphuckas

Brand Nubian - Return of the Dread

Brand Nubian - Step Into Da Cipher

Brand Nubian - Sweatin Bullets

Brand Nubian - What the Fuck...

Brand Nubian - Word is Bond

Brandy - Always on My Mind

Brandy - As Long As You're Here

Brandy - Baby

Brandy - Best Friend

Brandy - Brokenhearted

Brandy - Give Me You

Brandy - I Dedicate (Part I)

Brandy - I Dedicate (Part II)

Brandy - I Dedicate (Part III)

Brandy - I Wanna Be Down

Brandy - I'm Yours

Brandy - Movin' On

Brandy - Sunny Day

Brandy feat. Wanya Morris - Brokenhearted

Bratmobile - Brat Girl

Bratmobile - Die

Bratmobile - The Real Janelle

Bratmobile - Where Eagles Dare

Brecker Brothers - African Skies

Brecker Brothers - And Then She Wept

Brecker Brothers - Harpoon

Brecker Brothers - Scrunch

Brecker Brothers - When It Was

Brendan Perry - The Captive Heart

Brian Culbertson - Alone With You

Brian Culbertson - Beautiful Liar

Brian Culbertson - Beyond the Frontier

Brian Culbertson - Changing Tides

Brian Culbertson - City Lights

Brian Culbertson - Double Exposure

Brian Culbertson - Fullerton Ave.

Brian Culbertson - Heroes of the Dawn

Brian Culbertson - Horizon

Brian Culbertson - Long Night Out

Brian Culbertson - Twilight

Brian Hyland - 3000 Miles

Brian Hyland - Could You Dig It

Brian Hyland - Get the Message

Brian Hyland - Holiday For Clowns

Brian Hyland - Itsy Bitsy Teenie Weenie Yellow Polka-Dot Bikini

Brian Hyland - Rosemary

Brian Hyland - Save Your Heart For Me

Brian Hyland - Sealed With a Kiss

Brian Hyland - The Joker Went Wild

Brian Hyland - Warmed Over Kisses (Left Over Love)

Brian McKnight - Crazy Love

Brian Protheroe - Pinball

Bride - Crazy

Bride - Dadmom

Bride - Doubt

Bride - Murder

Bride - One

Bride - Place

Bride - Questions

Bride - Scarecrow

Bride - Thorns

Bride - Time

Brigitte Bardot - Moi je joue

Brigitte Bardot - Une histoire de plage

Brigitte Bardot & Serge Gainsbourg - Bonnie And Clyde

Brigitte Bardot & Serge Gainsbourg - Je t'aime moi non plus

Brise-Glace - Host of Latecomers

Brise-Glace - Neither Yield Nor Reap

Brise-Glace - One Syntactical Unit

Brise-Glace - Restrained From Do and Will Not (Leave)

Brise-Glace - Stump of a Drowner

Brooks & Dunn - A Few Good Rides Away

Brooks & Dunn - If That's the Way You Want It

Brooks & Dunn - Little Miss Honky Tonk

Brooks & Dunn - Ride 'Em High, Ride 'Em Low

Brooks & Dunn - She's Not the Cheatin' Kind

Brooks & Dunn - She's the Kind of Trouble

Brooks & Dunn - Whiskey Under the Bridge

Brooks & Dunn - You're Gonna Miss Me When I'm Gone

Bruce Dickinson - Tears of the Dragon - 2001 Remastered Version

Bruce Katz Band - Deep Pockets

Bruce Springsteen - Streets of Philadelphia

Brutal Truth - Bite the Hand

Brutal Truth - Black Door Mine

Brutal Truth - Brain Trust

Brutal Truth - Choice of A New Generation

Brutal Truth - Displacement

Brutal Truth - Eggshells

Brutal Truth - Godplayer

Brutal Truth - I See Red

Brutal Truth - Ironlung

Brutal Truth - Judgement

Brutal Truth - Mainliner

Brutal Truth - Media Blitz

Brutal Truth - Ordinary Madness

Brutal Truth - Turn Face

Bryan Adams, Rod Stewart & Sting - All for Love

Bryan Ferry - Chain Reaction

Bryan Ferry - Don't Want To Know

Bryan Ferry - Gemini Moon

Bryan Ferry - N.Y.C.

Bryan Ferry - The 39 Steps

Bryan Ferry - The Only Face

Bryan Ferry - Wildcat Days

Bryan White - Rebecca Lynn

Bryan White - Someone Else's Star

Buck Owens - Down On the Corner of Love

Buck Owens - It Don't Show On Me

Buck Owens - Right After the Dance

Buck Owens - You're For Me

Buckethead - Terror By Night

Buck-O-Nine - Ah Yeah

Buck-O-Nine - Barfly

Buck-O-Nine - Few Too Many

Buck-O-Nine - Happy Stay

Buck-O-Nine - I Can't Believe

Buck-O-Nine - I Dont Seem To Care

Buck-O-Nine - I Dont Wanna Be No (J.B.J.)

Buck-O-Nine - Irish Drinking Song

Buck-O-Nine - King of the Box

Buck-O-Nine - More Than Your Eyes Can See

Buck-O-Nine - New Generation

Buck-O-Nine - Nite Lite

Buck-O-Nine - Poorboy

Buck-O-Nine - Sappy Love Song

Buck-O-Nine - She's Fat

Buck-O-Nine - Tool

Buck-O-Nine - True Or False

Buck-O-Nine - Voice in My Head '96

Buck-O-Nine - Voice in My Head

Bucks Fizz - I Hear Talk

Bud Powell - All The Things You Are

Bud Powell - Blues In The Closet

Bud Powell - Bud's Bubble

Bud Powell - Buttercup

Bud Powell - Dance Of The Infidels

Bud Powell - Embraceable You

Bud Powell - I'll Remember April

Bud Powell - John's Abbey

Bud Powell - My Heart Stood Still

Bud Powell - Night in Tunisia

Bud Powell - Off Minor

Bud Powell - Ornithology

Bud Powell - Round Midnight

Bud Powell - Willow Weep For Me

Buddy Guy - 44753

Buddy Guy - I Smell Trouble

Buddy Guy - Please Don't Drive Me Away

Buddy Guy - You Sure Can't Do

Buddy Jones - Settle Down Blues

Buddy Rich - Cool Breeze

Buddy Rich - Daily Double

Buddy Rich - Feather Merchant

Buddy Rich - Handicap

Buddy Rich - Somebody Like You

Built To Spill - Big Dipper (Album)

Built To Spill - Big Dipper

Built To Spill - Car (Album)

Built To Spill - Car

Built To Spill - Cleo (Album)

Built To Spill - Cleo

Built To Spill - Distopian Dream Girl (Album)

Built To Spill - Distopian Dream Girl

Built To Spill - Fling (Album)

Built To Spill - Fling

Built To Spill - Hidden Track (Album)

Built To Spill - in the Morning (Album)

Built To Spill - In the Morning

Built To Spill - Reasons (Album)

Built To Spill - Reasons

Built To Spill - Some (Album)

Built To Spill - Stab (Album)

Built To Spill - Stab

Built To Spill - The Source (Album)

Built To Spill - Twin Falls (Album)

Built To Spill - Twin Falls

Buju Banton - Champion

Bull Moose Jackson - Bearcat Blues

Bull Moose Jackson - Why Don't You Haul Off And Love Me

Bullet For My Valentine - All These Things I Hate (Revolve Around Me)

Bullring Brummies - The Wizard

Bunny Wailer - Baldheaded Woman

Bunny Wailer - Crucial

Bunny Wailer - Free Jah Jah Children

Burke Moses & Susan Egan - Me

Burl Ives - Blue Tail Fly

Burton Cummings - NOTHING RHYMED

Burzum - Hvis Lyset Tar Oss

Burzum - Inn I Slottet Fra Droemmen

Bush - Comedown

Bush - Glycerine

Bush - Machinehead

Butt Trumpet - Blind

Butt Trumpet - Classic Asshole

Butt Trumpet - Clusterfuck

Butt Trumpet - Dead Dogs

Butt Trumpet - Decapitated

Butt Trumpet - DICKtatorship

Butt Trumpet - Funeral Crashing Tonite

Butt Trumpet - I Left My Gun in San Francisco

Butt Trumpet - I'm Ugly And I Don't Know Why

Butt Trumpet - I've Been So Mad Lately

Butt Trumpet - Ode To Dickhead

Butt Trumpet - Primitive Enema

Butt Trumpet - Shutup

Butt Trumpet - Ten Seconds of Heaven

Butt Trumpet - The Grindcore

Butt Trumpet - Yesterday

C + C Music Factory - A Song Is Just A Song (Interlude II)

C + C Music Factory - All Damn Night

C + C Music Factory - Bounce To the Beat (Can You Dig It)

C + C Music Factory - C & C Has Left the Building (Interlude IV)

C + C Music Factory - Good Or Bad (Inerlude VI)

C + C Music Factory - Hip Hop Express

C + C Music Factory - Just Wanna Chill

C + C Music Factory - Let's Get Started (Interlude 1)

C + C Music Factory - Papermaker

C + C Music Factory - Share That Beat of Love

C + C Music Factory - Take A Toke

C + C Music Factory - The Mood (Interlude III)

C + C Music Factory - The West (Interlude V)

C + C Music Factory feat. Deborah Cooper - Gonna Love U Over

C.J. Lewis - Sweets For My Sweet

C+C Music Factory (featuring Trilogy) - Robi-Rob's Boriqua Anthem

Cab Calloway - A Chicken Ain't Nothin' But A Bird

Cab Calloway - Everybody Eats When They Come To My House

Cab Calloway - Hep Cat's Love Song

Cab Calloway, His Orchestra - Everybody Eats When They Come to My House

Cabaret Voltaire - Project 80 (Extract 1)

Cabballero - Hymn

Caedmon's Call - This World

Caetano Veloso - Contigo En La Distancia

Caetano Veloso - Tonada De Luna Llena

Café Tacvba - 24 Horas

Café Tacvba - El Aparato

Cafe Tacvba - El baile y el salón

Café Tacvba - El baile y el salón

Café Tacvba - El balcón

Café Tacvba - El Borrego

Café Tacvba - El ciclón

Café Tacvba - El fin de la infancia

Café Tacvba - El metro

Café Tacvba - El puñal y el corazón

Café Tacvba - El Tlatoani del barrio

Cafe Tacvba - Esa noche

Café Tacvba - Esa noche

Café Tacvba - Ixtepec

Cafe Tacvba - La ingrata

Café Tacvba - La negrita

Café Tacvba - La Pinta

Cafe Tacvba - Las flores

Café Tacvba - Las flores

Café Tacvba - Madrugal

Cafe Tacvba - Trópico de cáncer

Café Tacvba - Trópico de Cáncer

Café Tacvba - Verde

Caifanes - Afuera

Caifanes - Aquí No Es Así

Caifanes - Aqui No Es Asi

Caifanes - Avientame

Caifanes - Ayer Me Dijo un Ave

Caifanes - El Animal

Caifanes - Hasta Que Dejes De Respirar

Caifanes - La Llorona

Caifanes - Miedo

Caifanes - Pero Nunca Me Caí

Caifanes - Pero Nunca Me Cai

Caifanes - Quisiera Ser Alcohol

Cake - Ain't No Good

Cake - Comanche

Cake - Haze of Love

Cake - I Bombed Korea

Cake - Is This Love?

Cake - Jesus Wrote a Blank Check

Cake - Jolene

Cake - Mr. Mastodon Farm

Cake - Pentagram

Cake - Rock 'n' Roll Lifestyle

Cake - Ruby Sees All

Cake - Up So Close

Cake - You Part the Waters

Cal Tjader - Cuchy Frito Man

Cal Tjader - Hip Walk

Cal Tjader - Lucero

Cal Tjader - Samba Do Suenho

Cal Tjader - Soul Sauce

Cal Tjader - The Whiffenpoof Song

Cal Tjader feat. Willie Bobo feat. Mongo Santamaria - A Night in Tunisia

Cal Tjader feat. Willie Bobo feat. Mongo Santamaria - Mambo Terrifico

Cal Tjader feat. Willie Bobo feat. Mongo Santamaria - Para Ti

Calo - Formas De Amor

Camaron De La Isla - Bendita Sea Mi Tierra (Alegrías)

Camille Saint-Saëns & Dong-Suk Kang & Polish National Radio Symphony Orchestra & Antoni Wit - Introduction and Rondo capriccioso in A Minor

Camille Saint-Saëns & The Monteverdi Choir & John Eliot Gardiner - Calme des nuits, Op.68, No.1

CAN - Mother Sky (from Deep End)

CANDLEMASS - Mourner's Lament

Canned Heat - Gamblin' Woman

Canned Heat - Gunstreet Girl

Canned Heat - Hucklebuck

Canned Heat - J.J. Jump

Canned Heat - Mercury Blues

Canned Heat - Sunnyland

Canned Heat - Talk to Me Baby

Canned Heat And John Lee Hooker - Whiskey and Wimmen'

Cannibal Corpse - An Experiment in Homicide

Cannibal Corpse - Fucked With A Knife

Cannibal Corpse - Pulverized

Cannibal Corpse - Return To Flesh

Cannibal Corpse - She Was Asking For It

Cannibal Corpse - Staring Through the Eyes of the Dead

Cannibal Corpse - Stripped, Raped, And Strangled

Cannibal Corpse - The Bleeding

Cannibal Corpse - The Exorcist

Cannibal Corpse - The Pick Axe Murders

Cannonball Adderley - Falling In Love With Love

Cannonball Adderley feat. Bill Evans - Who Cares

Cannonball Adderley Quintet - The Chant

Capleton - Everybody

Capleton - Rod in A Hand

Capleton - Sign & Wonder

Cap'n Jazz - Basil's Kite

Cap'n Jazz - in the Clear

Cap'n Jazz - Little League

Cap'n Jazz - Oh Messy Life

Cap'n Jazz - Precious

Cap'n Jazz - Que Suerte!

Cappella - Move It Up (Plus Staples)

Cappella - Move It Up

Cappella - Move on Baby

Cappella - U & Me (Bass Line)

Cappella - U & Me (Mars Plastic Extended)

Cappella - U & Me (Mars Plastic)

Cappella - U & Me (Plus Staples Extended)

Cappella - U & Me (RAF Zone)

Cappella - U & Me (X Club)

Cappella - U & Me

Carcass - Genital Grinder 2

Carcass - Rot N Roll

Carcass - This Is Your Life

Carl Douglas - Mistakes of Mine

Carl Douglas - Too Hot to Handle

Carl Kennedy - Let Me Be Your Fantasy (Carl Kennedy vs. Baby D)

Carl Orff - Bianziflor et Helena, Ave formosissima

Carla Thomas - Tramp

Carleen Anderson - Mama Said

Carleen Anderson - True Spirit

Carlos Berlanga - ¿Qué Sería De Mí Sin Ti?

Carlos Berlanga - Arena

Carlos Berlanga - El Día Del Recuerdo

Carlos Berlanga - Indicios De Arrepentimiento

Carlos Berlanga - Si No Es Por Ti

Carlos Berlanga - Tazas De Té

Carlos Berlanga - Traición

Carlos Gardel - Senda florida

Carlos Gardel - Una Tarde

Carlos Lyra - Influência Do Jazz

Carlos Santana - Persuasion

Carlos Santana - Travelin' Blues

Carlos Santana - With a Little Help From My Friends

Carly Simon - Catch It Like A Fever

Carly Simon - Halfway 'Round the World

Carly Simon - I'd Rather It Was You

Carly Simon - I've Got A Crush On You

Carly Simon - Letters Never Sent

Carly Simon - Lost in Your Love

Carly Simon - The Reason

Carly Simon - Time Works On All the Wild Young Men

Carly Simon - What About A Holiday

Carmen McRae - Them There Eyes

Carmen Miranda - Chica Chica Boom Chic

Carmen Miranda - Rebola A Bola

Carmen Miranda, Carmen Miranda - Disseram Que Voltei Americanisada

Carmen Twillie & Lebo M. - Circle of Life

Carol Sloane - I Didn't Know About You

Carol Sloane - Something Cool

Carol Sloane - What Are You Doing New Year's Eve?

Carole King - Pocket Money

Carolyn Crawford - When Someone's Good To You

Carrie Newcomer - A Safe Place

Carrie Newcomer - An Angel at My Shoulder

Carrie Newcomer - Hold On

Carrie Newcomer - in the City

Carrie Newcomer - It Goes Both Ways

Carrie Newcomer - Love Like An Immigrant

Carrie Newcomer - Meet You On Monday

Carrie Newcomer - My Mamma Said It's True

Carrie Newcomer - Only One Shoe

Carrie Newcomer - Playing with Matches

Carrie Newcomer - Streamline

Carrie Newcomer - Take It Around Again

Carrie Newcomer - Take One Step

Carrie Newcomer - Three Women

Carrie Newcomer - Who Have You Been (And Who Are You Now)

Carter USM - Glam Rock Cops

Carter USM - Granny Farming in the UK

Carter USM - Let's Get Tattoos

Cass Phang - 讓我跟你走

Cássia Eller - 1º De Julho

Cassioware - Fantasy (feat. Sajaeda)

Cathedral - Cosmic Funeral

Cathedral - Hypnos 164

Catie Curtis - Crocodile Tears

Catie Curtis - Cry Fire

Catie Curtis - Dad's Yard

Catie Curtis - Everybody Was Dancing

Catie Curtis - Just Getting By

Catie Curtis - Radical

Catie Curtis - Silhouette

Catie Curtis - Slave To My Belly

Catie Curtis - The Party's Over

Catie Curtis - The Wolf

Catie Curtis - Troubled Mind

Catie Curtis - You Can Always Be Gone

Ce Ce Peniston - I'm in the Mood

Ceca Raznatovic - Kuda idu ostavljene devojke

Céline Dion - Quand on n'a que l'amour

Celly Cel - Heat 4 Yo Azz

Cephalic Carnage - Father Pederast

Certain Distant Suns - Bitter

Certain Distant Suns - Crustaceon

Certain Distant Suns - From Here Now After

Certain Distant Suns - Mine All Mine

Certain Distant Suns - Round

Certain Distant Suns - Snowfall At the Most Curious Times

Certain Distant Suns - Snowfall

Certain Distant Suns - Talk

Certain Distant Suns - Whatever

Césaria Evora - Cabo Verde

Césaria Evora - Mar Azul

Césaria Evora - Nova Sintra

Chaka Demus & Pliers feat. Jack Radics feat. the Taxi Gang - Twist And Shout

Champion Jack Dupree - Bring Me Flowers When I'm Living

Champion Jack Dupree - in the Evenin'

Champion Jack Dupree - Rock the Boogie Woogie

Chandeen - in Power We Entrust the Love Advocated

Changing Faces - Foolin' Around

Changing Faces - Stroke You Up

Chaotic Dischord - Destroy Peace And Freedom

Chaotic Dischord - Glue Accident

Chaotic Dischord - Goat Fuckin' Virgins From Hell

Chaotic Dischord - Great Rock 'n' Roll Swindle

Chaotic Dischord - I Am the Sturgeon

Chaotic Dischord - Life of Brian

Chaotic Dischord - Me And My Girl (Seal Clubbing)

Chaotic Dischord - You Bastards Can't Fuck Us Around

Charalambides - Another Way Out

Charalambides - Dominique

Charalambides - Florian (Reprise)

Charalambides - Florian

Charalambides - Fucking Creek

Charalambides - Ive Been There Again

Charalambides - Torn Between

Charles Brown - Trouble Blues

Charles Ives & Cincinnati Philharmonia Orchestra & Gerhard Samuel - The Unanswered Question

Charles Mingus - It Might As Well Be Spring

Charley Pride - You're So Good When You're Bad

Charlie - Le diner

Charlie - Les ailes du bon Dieu

Charlie Daniels - Birth, the

Charlie Daniels - Crucify Him

Charlie Daniels - Jesus Died For You

Charlie Daniels - Joy in the Morning

Charlie Daniels - My Chosen One

Charlie Daniels - Protected By Prayer

Charlie Daniels - Sunday Morning

Charlie Daniels - Tennessee Two Step

Charlie Feathers - I've Been Deceived

Charlie Feathers - Peepin' Eyes

Charlie Parker - Fine And Dandy

Charlie Parker - Swingmatism

Charlie Parker & Dizzy Gillespie - How High the Moon

Charlie Parker, Dizzy Gillespie - How High the Moon

Charlotte Perrelli - Take Me To Your Heaven

Charly García - All I Do Is Dream of You

Charly García - Calle (Taxi)

Charly García - Chipi-Chipi

Charly García - Chiquilin

Charly García - Crimen, Divina, Productor

Charly García - Intermedio

Charly García - James Brown

Charly García - Kurosawa

Charly García - La Sal No Sala

Charly García - Lament

Charly García - Love Is Love

Charly García - Overture

Charly García - Pubis Angelical (Vocal)

Charly García - Victima

Charts - Août 92

Charts - Avec Des Si

Charts - Cet Obscur Objet Du Désir

Charts - Divine Comédie

Charts - Escale

Charts - Géographie

Charts - Hannibal

Charts - Intro

Charts - Les Jours Meilleurs

Charts - Les Moustiques

Charts - Libre Enfin

Charts - Pour Mémoire

Charts - Solitaire

Charts - Tout Est Pour Toi

Chavela Vargas - Cuando vivas conmigo

Chavela Vargas - Las Simples Cosas

Chavela Vargas - Macorina

Chavela Vargas - Piensa En Mi

Chavela Vargas - Por Qué Volviste a Mi

Chavela Vargas - Que Te Vaya Bonito

Chavela Vargas - Si No Te Vas

Chavela Vargas - Sus Ojos Se Cerraron

Cheap Trick - Stop This Game

Cheb Mami - Alache Alache

Cheb Mami - Bent Bareh

Cheb Mami - Ghi N'ti

Cheb Mami - Gualbak K'ssah

Cheb Mami - Hay Wadi Hay Galbi

Cheb Mami - H'babi

Cheb Mami - Trab

Chely Wright - He's A Good Ole Boy

Chely Wright - Sea of Cowboy Hats

Chely Wright - Till All Her Tears Are Dry

Chely Wright - Till I Was Loved By You

Chemlab - 21st Century (Rough Sex Demo)

Chemlab - Chemical Halo (Bruised Regeneration)

Chemlab - Chemical Halo (Drag-Strip Download)

Cheri Keaggy - Child of the Father

Cheri Keaggy - He Will Love You

Cheri Keaggy - Here You Stand

Cheri Keaggy - I Want To Follow You

Cheri Keaggy - Make My Life An Altar

Cheri Keaggy - Open My Heart

Cheri Keaggy - The Cross That Bears His Name

Cheri Keaggy - We Have Come To Worship Him

Cheri Keaggy - You, Oh Lord, Are My Refuge (Use)

Cherry Poppin' Daddies - Sockable Face Club

Chet Baker - I'll Remember April

Chet Baker - Let's Get Lost

Chet Baker - Once in a While

Chet Baker - She Didn't Say Yes, She Didn't Say No

Chet Baker - Stella By Starlight

Chet Baker - You Can't Go Home Again

Chick Corea - It Could Happen To You

Chick Webb - Go Harlem

Chick Webb - I got rhythm

Chick Webb - in the Groove At the Grove

Chick Webb - Squeeze Me

Chick Webb - That naughty waltz

Chicken Shack - First Time I Met the Blues

Chicken Shack - King of the World

Chicken Shack - Lonesome Whistle Blues

Chicken Shack - San-Ho-Zay

Chicken Shack - See See Baby

Chicken Shack - The Letter

Chicken Shack - Webbed Feet

Chicken Shack - What You Did Last Night

Chicken Shack - When the Train Comes Back

Chicken Shack - You Ain't No Good

Children On Stun - Beginning of the End

Children On Stun - By the Wayside

Children On Stun - Cats Or Devils Eyes

Children On Stun - Choices

Children On Stun - Downfall

Children On Stun - Elegance

Children On Stun - Levelled Out

Children On Stun - Pandora's Box

Children On Stun - Sidelined

China Black - Searching

China Crisis - Does It Pay

China Crisis - Everyday the Same

China Crisis - Good Again

China Crisis - Hands On the Wheel

China Crisis - Hard To Be Around

China Crisis - Real Tears

China Crisis - Thank You

China Crisis - Wishing Time

China Crisis - Without the Love

Chokebore - 29 Mile Wind

Chokebore - Narrow

Chokebore - Now I Crawl

Chris Bailey - Drowned By the Sound

Chris Bailey - Everything I Need

Chris Bailey - Fountain of Life

Chris Bailey - in the Desert

Chris Bailey - Lazarus

Chris Bailey - Nothing's As It Seems

Chris Bailey - On the Avenue

Chris Botti - Andante From Sonata #2 in A Minor For Unaccompanied Violin

Chris de Burgh - Oh My Brave Hearts

Chris de Burgh - The snows of New York

Chris Duarte - My Way Down

Chris LeDoux - Hairtrigger Colt's .44

Chris LeDoux - Light of the World

Chris LeDoux - Sons of the Pioneers

Chris LeDoux - Tougher Than The Rest

Chris Rea - If You Were Me (Duet feat. Elton John)

Christian Death - Panic in Detroit (For John Anderson)

Christian Death - Sex

Christian Death - Still Born / Still Life, Part II (The Unknown Men)

Christina Y Los Subterraneos - Al Fin Sola Al Fin Loca

Christina Y Los Subterraneos - Alicia

Christina Y Los Subterraneos - Buena Suerte Dani

Christina Y Los Subterraneos - Dias De Tormenta

Christina Y Los Subterraneos - Dias Grandes De Teresa

Christina Y Los Subterraneos - Flores Raras

Christina Y Los Subterraneos - Mi Habitacion

Christina Y Los Subterraneos - Mi Pequeño Animal

Christina Y Los Subterraneos - Muertos O Algo Mejor

Christina Y Los Subterraneos - Palido

Christina Y Los Subterraneos - Se Que Me Haras Llorar

Christina Y Los Subterraneos - Todos Los Chicos

Christoph Willibald Gluck & Johannes Brahms & Matti Raekallio - Iphigenie en Aulide, Act II: Gavotte (arr. J. Brahms)

Chrome Cranks - Doll in a Dress

Chron Gen - Behind Closed Doors

Chron Gen - Breakdown

Chron Gen - Disco Tech'

Chron Gen - Fiasco

Chron Gen - Misadventure

Chron Gen - Pretend

Chuck Berry - You Never Can Tell

Chuck Willis - What Am I Living for

Cirque du Soleil - Alegria

Cirque du Soleil - Nocturne

Clarence Carter - Lovely Day

Clarence 'Frogman' Henry - (I Don't Know Why) But I Do

Clarence 'Frogman' Henry - A Little Too Much

Clarence 'Frogman' Henry - Ain't Got No Home

Clarence 'Frogman' Henry - Baby Baby Please

Clarence 'Frogman' Henry - I'm in Love

Clarence 'Frogman' Henry - Just My Baby And Me

Clarence 'Frogman' Henry - Long Lost And Worried

Clarence 'Frogman' Henry - Looking Back

Clarence 'Frogman' Henry - Lost without You

Clarence 'Frogman' Henry - On Bended Knees

Clarence 'Gatemouth' Brown - She Winked Her Eye

Claude Debussy & Martin Jones - Clair de Lune, L. 32

Claude François - Jacques A Dit

Claude François - J'Ai Encore Ma Maison

Claude François - Jamais Non Rien Jamais

Claude François - Le chanteur malheureux

Claw Boys Claw - Bones

Claw Boys Claw - Call Me An Angel

Claw Boys Claw - Dee De Lee Dee

Claw Boys Claw - Get You Off

Claw Boys Claw - How Do You Know (What I Feel)

Claw Boys Claw - Limbo

Claw Boys Claw - Paris

Claw Boys Claw - party one

Claw Boys Claw - Pretty

Claw Boys Claw - Scope

Claw Boys Claw - Sick in the Head

Claw Boys Claw - Sound Isn't Real

Claw Boys Claw - Sugarlite Blonde (Pinkpop '93)

Claw Boys Claw - Under Water

Claw Boys Claw - Walk Away

Clay Crosse - I Call Your Name

Clay Hammond - You Messed Up My Mind

Clay Walker - Down By the Riverside

Clay Walker - Heartache Highway

Clay Walker - If I Could Make a Living

Clay Walker - Lose Your Memory

Clay Walker - Money Ain't Everything

Clay Walker - This Woman and This Man

Clay Walker - You Make It Look So Easy

Clif Magness - Black And White

Clif Magness - Dreams Fade Away

Clif Magness - Flower Girl

Clif Magness - Hold Me Lee Anne

Clif Magness - If We Can't Do It

Clif Magness - It's Only Love

Clif Magness - Jenny's Still in Love

Clif Magness - Khalela

Clif Magness - One Way Out

Clif Magness - Only You

Clif Magness - Ready Or Not

Clif Magness - Running Forever

Clif Magness - Solo

Clif Magness - What's A Heart To Do

Clifford Brown - What Is This Thing Called Love?

Climax Blues Band - Flight

Climax Blues Band - Mole On the Dole

Climax Blues Band - Rich Man

Climax Blues Band - Standing By a River

Climax Blues Band - Wee Baby Blues

Clint Black - A Change in the Air

Clint Black - Hey Hot Rod

Clint Black - I Can Get By

Clint Black - Life Gets Away

Clint Black - One Emotion

Clint Black - Summer's Comin'

Clint Black - You Made Me Feel

Clint Black - You Walked By

Close Shave - Keep On Rocking

Close Shave - Stand By My Side


Cobra Verde - Already Dead

Cobra Verde - I Thought You Knew (What Pleasure Was)

Cobra Verde - Montenegro

Cobra Verde - Until the Killing Time

Cobra Verde - Was It Good

Coca Carola - Hon i fönstret

Coca Carola - läckert

Coca Carola - Mina fantasier

Coca Carola - Mitt ego & jag

Coca Carola - Moderater byråkrater ekonomer & fantomer

Coca Carola - När jag kommer hem

Coca Carola - Sekunder

Cock Sparrer - Because You're Young

Cock Sparrer - Bird Trouble

Cock Sparrer - Crack in the Mirror

Cock Sparrer - Don't Blame Us

Cock Sparrer - Get A Rope

Cock Sparrer - Last Train To Dagenham

Cock Sparrer - Strip

Cock Sparrer - Tough Guys

Cock Sparrer - We Know How To Live

Coco Steel & Lovebomb - Disco Dub

Coco Steel & Lovebomb - Express

Coco Steel & Lovebomb - Harlem

Coco Steel & Lovebomb - La Côte Sauvage

Coco Steel & Lovebomb - Progress

Coco Steel & Lovebomb - Set Me Free

Coco Steel & Lovebomb - Summer Rain

Coco Steel & Lovebomb - T.G.V

Coco Steel & Lovebomb - Work It

Coco Steel & Lovebomb - You Can't Stop the Groove!

Cocoa Tea - Caan Touch Dis

Cocoa Tea - Don't You Burn

Cocoa Tea - Good Life

Cocoa Tea - Hot Sweet Cocoa Tea

Cocoa Tea - Love Me Truly

Cocoa Tea - Miss Good Looking

Cocoa Tea - Over the Years

Cocoa Tea - She Loves Me Now

Cocoa Tea - Sinner Burning

Cocoa Tea - Tune In

Cocoa Tea (feat. Charlie Chaplin) - Sinner Burning

Codeine - Ides (Album)

Codeine - Kitchen Light (Album)

Codeine - Loss Leader (Album)

Codeine - Sea (Album)

Codeine - Smoking Room (Album)

Codeine - Tom (Album)

Codeine - Vacancy (Album)

Codeine - Washed Up (Album)

Codeine - Wird (Album)

Codename John - Groove Rider

Coldcut - Kinda Natural

Coleman Hawkins - Cocktails For Two

Coleman Hawkins - Hallelujah!

Coleman Hawkins - Hanid

Coleman Hawkins - Sweet Georgia Brown

Coleman Hawkins & Ben Webster & Oscar Peterson - Cocktails For Two

Collection d'Arnell Andréa - L'aulne et la mort

Collective Soul - Breathe

Collective Soul - Goodnight Good Guy

Collective Soul - Heaven's Already Here

Collective Soul - Shine (Live)

Collective Soul - Shine

Collective Soul - Sister Don't Cry

Collective Soul - Wasting Time

Collin Raye - A Bible And A Bus Ticket Home

Collin Raye - Angel of No Mercy

Collin Raye - Dreaming My Dreams With You

Collin Raye - Little Rock

Collin Raye - Nothin' A Little Love Won't Cure

Collin Raye - To the Border And Beyond

Colonel Abrams - I'm Not Gonna Let

Color Me Badd - Choose

Comedian Harmonists - Auf dem Heuboden

Comedian Harmonists - Blume Von Hawaii

Comedian Harmonists - Holzhackerlied

Comedian Harmonists - Irgendwo auf der Welt

Comedian Harmonists - Tarantella Sincera

Comet Gain - The Kids at the Club

Commissioned - Love Is The Way

Commissioned - Stand

Commodores - Baby This Is Forever

Commodores - Come By Here

Commodores - Cowboys To Girls

Commodores - Keep On Dancing

Commodores - Rise Up

Commodores - Sing A Simple Song

Common - Book of Life

Common - I Used to Love H.E.R.

Common - Resurrection

Common - Thisisme

Compulsion - Air-Raid for the Neighbours

Compulsion - Ariadne

Compulsion - Bad Cooking

Compulsion - Basketcase

Compulsion - Dick, Dale, Rick and Ricky

Compulsion - Domestique

Compulsion - I Am John's Brain

Compulsion - Jean Could Be Wrong

Compulsion - Late Again

Compulsion - Lovers

Compulsion - Oh My Fool Life

Compulsion - Why Do We Care?

Compulsion - Yancy Dangerfield's Delusions

Con Funk Shun - Confunkshunizeya

Concrete Blonde - Everybody Knows

Concrete Blonde - Joey (Acoustic)

Concrete Blonde - Little Wing

Concrete Blonde - Roses Grow

Concrete Blonde - Simple Twist of Fate

Confederate Railroad - Daddy Never Was the Cadillac Kind

Confederate Railroad - Hunger Pains

Confederate Railroad - I Am Just A Rebel

Confederate Railroad - Move Over Madonna

Confederate Railroad - Notorious

Confederate Railroad - Redneck Romeo

Confederate Railroad - Roll the Dice

Confederate Railroad - Summer in Dixie

Confederate Railroad - Three Verses

Connie - Rock Me

Conquering Lion - Code Red

Continental Drifters - A Song for You

Continental Drifters - Desperate Love

Continental Drifters - Get over It

Continental Drifters - Highway of the Saints

Continental Drifters - I Can't Make It Alone

Continental Drifters - Invisible Boyfriend

Continental Drifters - Mezzanine

Continental Drifters - Mixed Messages

Continental Drifters - New York

Continental Drifters - Some of Shelly's Blues

Continental Drifters - Soul Deep

Controlled Bleeding - Pets For Meat

Converge - Undo

Conway Twitty - Danny Boy

Conway Twitty - Don't Cry Joni

Conway Twitty - Linda On My Mind

Conway Twitty - To see an angel cry

Coolio - County Line

Coolio - Fantastic Voyage

Corey Glover - Johnny Heartbreak

Corona - Rhythm Of The Night (Single)

Corona - Rhythm of the Night

Corrosion Of Conformity - Albatross

Corrosion Of Conformity - Broken Man

Corrosion Of Conformity - Clean My Wounds

Corrosion of Conformity - Deliverance

Corrosion Of Conformity - Heaven's Not Overflowing

Corrosion of Conformity - My Grain

Corrosion of Conformity - Pearls Before Swine

Corrosion of Conformity - Senor Limpio

Corrosion Of Conformity - Seven Days

Corrosion of Conformity - Shake Like You

Corrosion of Conformity - Shelter

Cortex Thrill - Innerspace

Count Basic - All Time High

Count Basic - Jazz in the House

Count Basie - April In Paris

Count Basie - Blee Blop Blues

Count Basie - Sleepwalker's Serenade - 1994 Remaster

Count Basie And Joe Williams - Every Day I Have the Blues

Count Basie feat. Joe Williams - Every Day I Have the Blues

Count Ossie - Ah Ji Wah Wah- Selam Nna Wadada (Peace & Love)

Count Ossie - I Am A Warrior - Original

Count Ossie - Let Freedom Reign - Original

Count Ossie - Lock Stock and Barrel - Original

Count Ossie - Nigerian Reggae - Original

Count Ossie - No Night in Zion - Original

Count Ossie - Run One Mile - Original

Count Ossie - Sams Intro - Original

Count Ossie - Selam Nna Wadada (Peace and Love - Original

Count Ossie - Tales of Mozambique - Original

Count Ossie - Wicked Babylon - Original

Counting Crows - Mr Jones

Country Joe & the Fish - Rock And Soul Music

Courage of Lassie - City of Tears

Courage of Lassie - Hey Hey Hey (Positively Queen Street)

Courage of Lassie - in Montreal city

Courage of Lassie - Kali Mera (Good Morning)

Courage of Lassie - Kali Nichta (Good Night)

Courage of Lassie - Portland Isle

Courage of Lassie - Pour Toi Mon Amour

Courage of Lassie - The Ballad of handsome Ned And John MacLeod

Courage of Lassie - The Desert Song

Courage of Lassie - The Rainforest Falls

Courage of Lassie - This Side of Heaven

Courage of Lassie - Urge For Going

Cows - Allergic To Myself

Cows - Baby Love

Cows - Cow Island

Cows - I'm Both

Cows - My Bob

Cows - Orphan's Tragedy

Cows - Pickled Garbage Soup

Cows - Pussy Is A Monarchy

Cows - Shot Down

Cows - Smell Shelf

Cows - Taxi

Cows - The Bucket

Cows - Unrefixed

Cows - Witch Hunt

Cracker - Mister Wrong

Cracker - Rainy Days And Mondays

Cracker - Whole Lotta Trouble

Cradle of Filth - Crescendo of Passion Bleeding

Cradle of Filth - Darkness Our Bride (Jugular Wedding)

Cradle of Filth - Dream of Wolves in the Snow

Cradle of Filth - Forest Whispers My Name

Cradle of Filth - in Secret Love We Drown

Cradle of Filth - Iscariot

Cradle of Filth - of Mist And Midnight Skies

Cradle of Filth - One Final Graven Kiss

Cradle of Filth - Principle of Evil Made Flesh

Cradle of Filth - Summer Dying Fast

Cradle of Filth - The Forest Whispers My Name

Cradle of Filth - The Principle of Evil Made Flesh

Cradle of Filth - To Eve the Art of Witchcraft

Craig Chaquico - Acoustic Planet

Craig Chaquico - Anejo De Cabo

Craig Chaquico - Center of Courage

Craig Chaquico - Find Your Way Back

Craig Chaquico - Gathering of the Tribes

Craig Chaquico - Just One World

Craig Chaquico - Native Tongue (New At Two)

Craig Chaquico - The Grey Wolf Hunts Again

Craig Chaquico - Winterflame

Craig Mack - Flava In Ya Ear Remix

Craig Mack - Flava in Ya Ear

Craig Mack - Get Down (Remix)

Craig Mack - Get Down

Craig Mack - Making Moves with Puff

Craig Mack feat. Notorious B.I.G., L.L. Cool J, Busta Rhymes & Rampage - Flava in Ya Ear Remix

Cranes - Are You Gone?

Cranes - Beautiful Friend

Cranes - Bewildered

Cranes - Come This Far

Cranes - in the Night

Cranes - Lilies

Cranes - Loved

Cranes - Pale Blue Sky

Cranes - Paris And Rome

Cranes - Rêverie

Cranes - September

Cranes - Shining Road

Crash Test Dummies - Afternoons and Coffeespoons

Crash Test Dummies - God Shuffled His Feet

Crash Test Dummies - Mmm Mmm Mmm Mmm

Creaming Jesus - Hamburg

Credit To The Nation - Teenage Sensation

Cro-Mags - Other Side of Madness

Cro-Mags - Sign of the Times

Crooklyn Dodgers & Buck Shot & Special Ed & Master Ace - Crooklyn - Crooklyn/Soundtrack Version

Crosby, Stills & Nash - After the Storm

Crosby, Stills & Nash - Bad Boyz

Crosby, Stills & Nash - Camera

Crosby, Stills & Nash - Find A Dream

Crosby, Stills & Nash - in My Life

Crosby, Stills & Nash - It Won't Go Away

Crosby, Stills & Nash - Only Waiting For You

Crosby, Stills & Nash - Panama

Crosby, Stills & Nash - Street To Lean On

Crosby, Stills & Nash - These Empty Days

Crosby, Stills & Nash - Till It Shines

Crosby, Stills & Nash - Unequal Love

Crowded House - Private Universe

Cryptopsy - Defenestration

Cryptopsy - Open Face Surgery

Crystal Waters - 100% Pure Love

Crystal Waters - Ghetto Day

Crystal Waters - Relax

Cud - Down the Plug

Cud - London Nearly Killed Me

Cud - My Need To Hurry

Cud - Mystery Deepens

Cud - Slip Away

Cud - Somebody Snatched My Action

Cuddly Toys - Madman

Curley Weaver - You Was Born To Die

Current 93 - All the World Makes Great Blood

Current 93 - Into the Menstrual Night I Go

Current 93 - Let Us Go To the Rose

Current 93 - Moonlight, You Will Say

Current 93 - So: This Empire Is Nothing

Current 93 - The Darkly Splendid World

Current 93 - This Shining Shining World

Cusco - Montezuma

Cyclone Temple - Comfortably Superficial

Cyclone Temple - Down the Drain

Cyclone Temple - Drug of the Masses

Cyclone Temple - Hate Makes Hate

Cyclone Temple - Killing Floor

Cyclone Temple - Me, Myself & I

Cyclone Temple - My Friend Lonely

Cyclone Temple - Time Heals All

Cygnus X - Superstring

Cygnus X - The Orange Theme

Cyndi Lauper - Come On Home

Cyndi Lauper - Hey Now (Girls Just Want to Have Fun)

Cyndi Lauper - I'm Gonna Be Strong

Cyril Pahinui - Ipo Lei Manu

D.Vision - Love + Exstacy

Da Brat - Come And Get Some

Da Brat - Fa All Y'All

Da Brat - Funkdafied

Da Brat - Give It 2 You

Da Brat - May Da Funk Be Wit 'Cha

Da Lench Mob - Chocolate City

Da Lench Mob - Cut Throats

Da Lench Mob - Environmental Terrorist

Da Lench Mob - Final Call

Da Lench Mob - Goin' Bananas

Da Lench Mob - King of the Jungle

Da Lench Mob - Mellow Madness

Da Lench Mob - Planet of Da Apes

Da Lench Mob - Scare Lil' Nigga (Insert)

Da Lench Mob - Set the Shit Straight

Da Lench Mob - Trapped

Da Lench Mob - Who Is It? (Insert)

Da Youngsta's - Backstabbers

Da Youngsta's - Grim Reaper

Da Youngsta's - Hip Hop Ride

Da Youngsta's - Illy Filly Funk

Da Youngsta's - in the City

Da Youngsta's - Mad Props

Da Youngsta's - No Mercy

Da Youngsta's - No More Hard Times

Da Youngsta's - People Round Town

Da Youngsta's - Put Me On

Da Youngsta's - Reality

Da Youngsta's - Stayed Away

Da Youngsta's - What You Feel

Daddy Freddy - Pain Killa

Daft Punk - Alive

Daisy Chainsaw - Belittled and Beaten Down

Daisy Chainsaw - Candy Floss

Daisy Chainsaw - Diamond of the Desert

Daisy Chainsaw - Greatest God's Divine

Daisy Chainsaw - Life Tomorrow

Daisy Chainsaw - Looking for an Angel

Daisy Chainsaw - Mosquito

Daisy Chainsaw - Sleeping With Heaven

Daisy Chainsaw - Unit Shifter

Daisy Chainsaw - Voice for a Generation

Daisy Chainsaw - Zebra Head

Dale Hawkins - Suzie Q

Daleka Obala - Morska vila

Daleka Obala - Nema te

Daleka Obala - Voli me

Dallas Holm - Chain of Grace

Dan Hartman - Instant Replay

Dan Hartman - The Name of the Game

Dan Hartman - Vertigo/Relight My Fire

DAN SEALS - Everybody's Dream Girl

DAN SEALS - You Really Go For the Heart

Dance With A Stranger - Change

Dance With A Stranger - Dance With A Stranger

Dance With A Stranger - Long December Nights

Dance With A Stranger - No More Sorrow

Dance With A Stranger - Only Love

Dance With A Stranger - Pungjazz

Dangerous Toys - Hard Luck Champions

Dangerous Toys - Illustrated Man

Dangerous Toys - Oh Well, So What!

Dangerous Toys - Pissed

Dangerous Toys - Promise the Moon

Dangerous Toys - Screamin' For More

Dangerous Toys - Strange

Dangerous Toys - The Law Is Mine

Daniel Johnston - Circus Man

Daniel Johnston - Crazy Love

Daniel Johnston - Delusion & Confusion

Daniel Johnston - Foxy Girl

Daniel Johnston - Life in Vain

Daniel Johnston - Love Wheel

Daniel Johnston - Love Will See You Through

Daniel Johnston - Mind Contorted

Daniel Johnston - My Little Girl

Daniel Johnston - Psycho Nightmare

Daniel Johnston - Rock 'N' Roll/EGA

Daniel Johnston - When I Met You

Daniel Lavoie - Here in the heart

Daniele Silvestri - Dove Sei

Daniele Silvestri - Idiota

Daniele Silvestri - Il Flamenco Della Doccia

Daniele Silvestri - L'Uomo Intero

Daniele Silvestri - Voglia Di Gridare

Danielle Brisebois - Ain't Gonna Cry No More

Danielle Brisebois - Crawling

Danielle Brisebois - Gimme Little Sign

Danielle Brisebois - Just Missed the Train

Dannii Minogue - Get Into You

Danzig - Brand New God

Danzig - Bringer of Death

Danzig - Cantspeak

Danzig - Dominion

Danzig - Going Down To Die

Danzig - Invocation

Danzig - Let It Be Captured

Danzig - Little Whip

Danzig - Son of the Morning Star

Danzig - Stalker Song

Danzig - Until You Call On the Dark

Dark Funeral - My Dark Desires

Dark Funeral - Open the Gates

Dark Funeral - Shadows Over Transylvania

Darkthrone - Skald Au Satans Sol

Darkthrone - Transilvanian Hunger - Studio

Daron Norwood - Little Boy Lost

Daryll-Ann - Shamrock

Das Dritte Ohr - Himmel oder Hölle

Das Dritte Ohr - Shake Your Moneymaker

Das Dritte Ohr - Vollmond

Das Dritte Ohr - Zahltag

Das Ich - Der Schrei

Das Ich - Staub

Das Ich - Unschuld Erde

Das Ich - Von Der Armut

Dave Alvin - Fourth Of July

Dave Alvin - King Of California

Dave Brubeck - Carmen McRae

Dave Brubeck - Louis Armstrong

Dave Clarke - Protective Custody

Dave Clarke - Wisdom To the Wise

Dave Douglas - Czardas: trad. Hungarian

Dave Douglas - Fille d'acier (Girl of Steel)

Dave Douglas - Head-on Kouvlodsko

Dave Douglas - La Belle Saison

Dave Douglas - Punchy

Dave Douglas - Red Emma

Dave Douglas - Shards

Dave Douglas - Song for my Father-in-law

Dave Douglas - The Drowned Girl

Dave Edmunds - Return To Sender

Dave Edmunds - Warmed Over Kisses

Dave Matthews Band - #34

DAVE MATTHEWS BAND - All Along the Watchtower

Dave Matthews Band - Ants Marching

Dave Matthews Band - Dancing Nancies - Acoustic Version

Dave Matthews Band - Dancing Nancies

Dave Matthews Band - Granny

Dave Matthews Band - Jimi Thing

Dave Matthews Band - Kool & the Gang

Dave Matthews Band - Lover Lay Down

Dave Matthews Band - Pay for What You Get

Dave Matthews Band - Rhyme & Reason

Dave Matthews Band - Satellite

Dave Matthews Band - The Best of What's Around

Dave Matthews Band - The Song That Jane Likes - Acoustic Version

Dave Matthews Band - Typical Situation

Dave Matthews Band - Warehouse

Dave Matthews Band - What Would You Say

Dave Van Ronk - Where Were You Last Night?

Dave Weckl - Afrique

Dave Weckl - Crazy Horse

Dave Weckl - Dis' Place This

Dave Weckl - Hard-Wired

Dave Weckl - in Flight

Dave Weckl - in the Pocket

Dave Weckl - Just An Illusion

Dave Weckl - Tribute

Dave Weckl - Where's Tom

David & Steve Gordon - Call of the Medicine Drum

David & Steve Gordon - Dancing For A Vision

David & Steve Gordon - Guardian Spirit

David & Steve Gordon - Power Animals

David Allan Coe - Lately I've Been Thinking Too Much Lately

David Arkenstone - Light in the East

David Arkenstone - Lover's Promise

David Arkenstone - Naked in the Wind

David Arkenstone - Taken By the Wind

David Arnold - Battle At the Pyramid

David Arnold - Caravan To Nagada

David Arnold - Going Home

David Arnold - King of the Slaves

David Arnold - Leaving Nagada

David Arnold - Procession

David Arnold - Ra - The Sun God

David Arnold - The Destruction of Nagada

David Arnold - The Other Side

David Arnold - Unstable

David Ball - 31028

David Ball - A Walk On the Wild Side of Life

David Ball - Blowin' Smoke

David Ball - Don't Think Twice

David Ball - Down At the Bottom of A Broken Heart

David Ball - Honky Tonk Healin'

David Ball - Look What Followed Me Home

David Ball - Thinkin' Problem

David Ball - When the Thought of You Catches up with Me

David Benoit - 96-132 Minus 1 ( LP Version )

David Benoit - Flight of the Tse Tse Fly ( LP Version )

David Benoit - Millennium's Gate ( LP Version )

David Benoit feat. Russ Freeman - Mediterranean Nights

David Byrne - A Self-Made Man ( LP Version )

David Byrne - Angels ( LP Version )

David Byrne - Back in the Box ( LP Version )

David Byrne - Crash ( LP Version )

David Byrne - You & Eye ( LP Version )

David Huntsinger - A Whole New World

David Huntsinger - Once Upon A Dream

David Huntsinger - Part Of Your World

David Huntsinger - So This Is Love (The Cinderella Waltz)

David Huntsinger - When You Wish Upon A Star (From Pinocchio)

David Johansen - Some Hearts

David Lanz - Angel of Hope

David Lanz - Angels We Have Heard On High

David Lanz - What Child Is This

David Lee Garza - Una Noche Mas

David Lee Murphy - Dust On The Bottle

David Lee Murphy - Out With A Bang

David Lee Murphy - Party Crowd

David Lee Roth - A Little Luck

David Lee Roth - Big Train

David Lee Roth - Cheatin' Heart Cafe

David Lee Roth - Everybody's Got the Monkey

David Lee Roth - Experience

David Lee Roth - Hey, You Never Know

David Lee Roth - Night Life

David Lee Roth - Sunburn

David Lee Roth - Your Filthy Little Mouth

David Lee Roth - You're Breathin' It

David Olney - Love's Been Linked To the Blues

David Pabon - Aquel Viejo Motel

David Pabon - Cuando Hacemos El Amor

David Sanborn - Back To Memphis

David Sanborn - Got To Give It Up

David Sanborn - Little Face

David Sanborn - Ojiji

David Sylvian - Epiphany

David T. Chastain - Blame It On Rio

David T. Chastain - Realization

David Torn, Mick Karn, Terry Bozzio - Palms for Lester

David Torn, Mick Karn, Terry Bozzio - Red Sleep

Dawn Penn - You Don't Love Me (No, No, No) - Extended Mix

Dazz Band - Let It Whip - Extended 7'' Mix

Dazzling Killmen - Agitator

Dazzling Killmen - Blown (Face Down)

Dazzling Killmen - Bone Fragments

Dazzling Killmen - in the Face of Collapse

Dazzling Killmen - My Lacerations

Dazzling Killmen - Painless One

Dazzling Killmen - Staring Contest

Dazzling Killmen - Windshear

DC Talk - Luv Is A Verb

De Mens - Ik Wil Meer

De Mens - Lachen En Mooi Zijn

De Mens - Zij Zit Daar En Ik Zit Hier

De Palmas - Ici Ou Ailleurs

De Palmas - La Dernière Année

De Palmas - Mon Alter Ego

De Palmas - Sans Recours

De Palmas - Sur la route (Version accoustique)

De Palmas - Sur La Route

De Palmas - Un Jour Viendra

De Palmas - Vérité

Deacon Blue - I Was Right And You Were Wrong

Deacon Blue - Still in the Mood

Dead Dred - Dred Bass

Dead Moon - Christmas Rush

Dean Martin - Come Running Back

Dean Martin - Just One More Chance

Dean Martin - Let Me Go Lover

Dean Martin - You Was

Debashish Das Gupta - Reema Das Gupta

Dee Dee Ramone - Chinese Bitch

Deee-Lite - Bittersweet Loving

Deee-Lite - Call Me

Deee-Lite - DMT (Dance Music Trance)

Deee-Lite - Picnic in the Summertime

Deee-Lite - River of Freedom

Deee-Lite - Somebody

Deee-Lite - What Is This Music?

Deee-Lite - When You Told Me You Loved Me

Deep Blue - The Helicopter Tune

Deep Purple - Burn

Def Con Dos - Ciudadano Terrorista

Def Con Dos - Condicion De Defensa

Def Con Dos - Magnicidio

Def Con Dos - Sigo Siendo Heterosexual

Degrees of Motion - Do You Want It Right Now

Degrees of Motion - Shine On

Deine Lakaien - Madiel

Del Shannon - Break Up

Del Shannon - Do You Wanna Dance?

Delbert McClinton - Before You Accuse Me

Delbert McClinton - Love Rustler

Delbert McClinton - Pledging My Love

Delbert McClinton - Solid Gold Plated Fool

Delbert McClinton - Special Love Song

Delbert McClinton - Two More Bottles Of Wine

Delbert McClinton - Under Suspicion

Delbert McClinton - Victim of Life's Circumstances

Delerium - Cloud Barrier

Delerium - Colony

Delerium - Consensual Worlds

Delerium - Dark Matter

Delerium - Dimensional Space

Delerium - Flatlands

Delerium - Flowers Become Screens

Delerium - Gateway

Delerium - Incantation

Delerium - Morphology

Delerium - Sensorium

Delerium - Shockwave

Delerium - Transhumanist

Delirious? - Coming Back

Delirious? - I Could Sing of Your Love Forever

Delirious? - Lead Me

Delirious? - Prophet Song

Delirious? - Singers Song

Delirious? - The Happy Song

Demolition Hammer - Blowtorch

Demolition Hammer - Bread And Water

Demolition Hammer - Intro

Demolition Hammer - Mindrot

Demolition Hammer - Missing: 5/7/89

Demolition Hammer - Mongoloid

Demolition Hammer - Power Struggle

Demolition Hammer - Under the Table

Demolition Hammer - Unidentified

Demolition Hammer - Waste

Dennis Brown - Here I Come

Dennis DeYoung - Bring Him Home

Dennis DeYoung - It's in Every One of Us

Dennis DeYoung - Memory

Dennis DeYoung - Once Upon A Dream

Dennis DeYoung - Pilate's Dream

Dennis DeYoung - Someone Else's Story

Dennis DeYoung - Someone To Watch Over Me

Dennis DeYoung - Summertime

Dennis DeYoung - Where I Want To Be

Depeche Mode - In Your Room

Derek Martin - Count To Ten

Derek Martin - If You Go

Desorden Público - Cachos De Vaca

Des'ree - Caring World

Des'ree - Crazy Maze

Des'ree - Herald the Day

Des'ree - I Ain't Movin'

Des'ree - in My Dreams

Des'ree - Little Child

Des'ree - Living in the City

Des'ree - Looking Philosophical

Des'ree - Love Is Here

Des'ree - Strong Enough

Des'ree - Trip On Love

Des'ree - You Gotta Be

dEUS - Divebomb Djingle

dEUS - Hotellounge (Be the Death of Me)

dEUS - Hotellounge

dEUS - Jigsaw You

dEUS - Kinderballade

dEUS - Let Go

dEUS - Morticiachair

dEUS - Mute

dEUS - Secret Hell

dEUS - Shake Your Hip

dEUS - Suds & Soda

dEUS - Texan Coffee

dEUS - Via

dEUS - Violins And Happy Endings

DEVO - Strange Pursuits

Dexter Gordon - More Than You Know

Dhar Braxton - Jump Back (Set Me Free)

Diamond Rio - Appalachian Dream

Diamond Rio - Bubba Hyde

Diamond Rio - Down By the Riverside

Diamond Rio - Finish What We Started

Diamond Rio - Gone Out of My Mind

Diamond Rio - Kentucky Mine

Diamond Rio - Love a Little Stronger

Diamond Rio - Ten Feet Away

Diamond Rio - Wild Blue Yonder

Diamond Rio - You Ain't in It

Diary of Dreams - At the border of my nation

Diary of Dreams - Cholymelan

Diary of Dreams - The stranger remains

Diary of Dreams - To conquer the angel's laugh

Die Sterne - Du Darfst Nicht Vergessen Zu Essen

Die Sterne - Franzi und Crack

Die Toten Hosen - Love Machine

Diego Torres - Pensar (Que Siempre Hay Alguien Más)

Diego Torres - Tratar De Estar Mejor

Digable Planets - 9th Wonder (Blackitolism)

Digable Planets - Black Ego

Digable Planets - Blowing Down

Digable Planets - Borough Check

Digable Planets - Dog It

Digable Planets - For Corners

Digable Planets - Graffiti

Digable Planets - Highing Fly

Digable Planets - Jettin'

Digable Planets - K.B.'s Alley (Mood Dudes Groove)

Digable Planets - Slowes' Comb/The May 4th Movement Starring Doodlebug

Digable Planets - Slowes' Comb/The May 4th Movement starring Doodlebug

Digable Planets - The Art of Easing

Dimmu Borgir - Den gjemte sannhets hersker

Dimmu Borgir - Det nye riket

Dimmu Borgir - For All Tid

Dimmu Borgir - Hunnerkongens Sorgsvarte Ferd Over Steppene

Dimmu Borgir - Inn I Evighetens Morke/ Part 1

Dimmu Borgir - Over Bleknede Blaner Til Dommedag

Dimmu Borgir - Raabjørn speiler draugheimens skodde

Dimmu Borgir - Under korpens vinger

Dina Carroll - The Perfect Year

Dinosaur Jr - Even You

Dinosaur Jr - Get Out of This

Dinosaur Jr - Grab It

Dinosaur Jr - Mind Glow

Dinosaur Jr - On the Brink

Dinosaur Jr - Outta Hand

Dinosaur Jr - Over Your Shoulder

Dinosaur Jr - Seemed Like the Thing To Do

Dinosaur Jr - Yeah, Right

Dinosaur Jr. - Feel the Pain

Dinosaur Jr. - I Don't Think So

Diomedes Diaz & Juancho Rois - La Plata

Dion & the Belmonts - Little Miss Blue

Dion & the Belmonts - The Majestic

Dionne Farris - I Know

Dionne Warwick - Caravan

Dionne Warwick - Flower of Bahia

Dionne Warwick - What the World Needs Now Is Love

Dirty Three - Better Go Home Now

Dirty Three - Dirty Equation

Dirty Three - Everything's Fucked

Dirty Three - Indian Love Song

Dirty Three - Kim's Dirt

Dirty Three - Odd Couple

Dirty Three - The Last Night

DIS N' DAT - Party

Disco Inferno - A Whole Wide World Ahead

Disco Inferno - Even the Sea Sides Against Us

Disco Inferno - Footprints in Snow

Disco Inferno - in Sharky Water

Disco Inferno - It's a Kid's World

Disco Inferno - New Clothes For the New World

Dishwalla - It's Going To Take Some Time

Dive - City of Silent Wishes

Dive - Coming On Strong

Dive - Drain

Dive - Last Train Ever

Dive - Next To You

Dive - The Descent

Dive - Through the Pipeline

Dive - Ultralight Lovegun

Dive - Vow

Dive - Waiting For Elvis

DJ Bleed - in Bed With Marusha

DJ Bleed - Sexy Intelligence Council

DJ Bobo - Deep in the Jungle

DJ Bobo - Everybody

DJ Bobo - Everything Has Changed

DJ Bobo - Let the Dream Come True

DJ Bobo - Love Is All Around

DJ Bobo - There's A Paradise

DJ Deeon - Suck It Deep

DJ Food - Camel

DJ Food - Consciousness

DJ Food - Dub Lion

DJ Food - Moody Roadie

DJ Food - Moody Rudy

DJ Food - Rubber Band

DJ Food - Turtle Soup

DJ Food - Well Swung

DJ Hooligan - The Mystic Culture

DJ JUAN COON - Black & Blue EP

DJ Laz - Esa Morena

DJ Laz - Frosty the Snowman

DJ Paul Elstak - Life Is Like A Dance

DJ Pierre - Blazing Inferno / Fire Drill (Mixes)

DJ Pierre - War Drums / Wonderful

Django Reinhardt - Benny Carter - Hawkins C. All Star Jam Band - Sweet Georgia Brown

Djivan Gasparyan - Gumri Bar (Dance of Gumri)

Djivan Gasparyan - Gumri Yerk (Song of Gumri)

Djivan Gasparyan - Intz Mi Khuntrir (Ask Me No Questions)

Djivan Gasparyan - Karabaghi Aghcheekneroo (Maidens of Karabagh)

Djivan Gasparyan - Komitas Suite

Djivan Gasparyan - Sarer Gaghachem (I Beg You, Mountains)

Djivan Gasparyan - Siro Yerk / Sari Aghcheek (Love Song)

Djivan Gasparyan - Soorp Soorp (Holy, Holy)

Doc Scott - It's Yours

Doctor Butcher - All for One& None for All

Doctor Butcher - All For One, None For All

Doctor Butcher - Born of the Board (Demo)

Doctor Butcher - Bridges (Demo)

Doctor Butcher - Don't Talk To Me

Doctor Butcher - Help! Police? (Demo)

Doctor Butcher - I Hate, You Hate, We All Hate!!!

Doctor Butcher - I Hate, You Hate, We All Hate

Doctor Butcher - Innocent Victim

Doctor Butcher - Inspecter Highway

Doctor Butcher - Julie

Doctor Butcher - Lost in the Dark

Doctor Butcher - Reach Out and Torment Someone

Doctor Butcher - Season of the Witch

Doctor Butcher - The Altar

Doctor Butcher - The Chair

Doctor Butcher - The Picture's Wild

Doctor Explosion - ¡Basura!

Doctor Explosion - Breakin' the wave!

Doctor Explosion - Come back

Doctor Explosion - Garden of my mind

Doctor Explosion - Hey little girl

Doctor Explosion - I really don't care

Doctor Explosion - Rompí la televisión

Doctor Explosion - Someday

Doctor Explosion - Surf 'n' shake!

Doctor Explosion - Vivir sin ti

Doctor Ross - Come Back Baby

Doctor Ross - Juke Box Boogie

Doctor Ross - The Boogie Disease

Dog Eat Dog - ... in the Dog House

Dog Eat Dog - Funnel King

Dog Eat Dog - If These Are Good Times

Dog Eat Dog - No Fronts

Dog Eat Dog - Queen

Dog Eat Dog - Strip Song

Dog Eat Dog - Think

Dog Eat Dog - What Comes Around

Dog Eat Dog - Who's the King

Dokken - Inside Looking Out

Dokken - Lesser of Two Evils

Dokken - Shadows of Life

Dokken - Sweet Chains

Dokken - The Maze

Dokken - Too High To Fly

Dokken - What Price

Dominique Dalcan - Au Bénéfice du Doute

Dominique Dalcan - Brian

Dominique Dalcan - Cannibale

Dominique Dalcan - Comme Un Ténor

Dominique Dalcan - Erreur de Jeunesse

Dominique Dalcan - Happiness

Dominique Dalcan - La Lionne et le Tigre

Dominique Dalcan - Le Danseur de Java

Dominique Dalcan - Les Quatre Volontés

Dominique Dalcan - Une Saison Unique

Don Covay - Believe It Or Not

Don Covay - Betty Jean

Don Fardon - Belfast Boy

Don Fardon - Girl

Don Fardon - Hudson Bay

Don Fardon - It's Been Nice Loving You

Don Fardon - Riverboat

Don Fardon - Take a Heart

Don Huonot - Hannu ja Kerttu

Don Huonot - Leijailtiin

Don Huonot - Päivä Kasbah-kukkulalla

Don Huonot - Pilvenpiirtäjä

Don McLean - Fool's Paradise

Don McLean - You Don't Know Me

Donatella Rettore - Di notte specialmente

Donna Fargo - All That's Keeping Me Alive

Donna Summer - Christmas Is Here

Donna Summer - O Come All Ye Faithful

Donny Osmond - Soldier of Love

Donovan - Bye Bye Girl

Donovan - Every Reason

Donovan - I Love You Baby

Donovan - Living For the Love Light in Your Eyes

Donovan - Till I See You Again

Doof - Lets Turn On

Doof - Let's Turn On

Doof - Secret Sun

Doof - Star Above Pavarati

Doop - Doop

Doop - Huckleberry Jam

Doris Day - Makin' Whoopee

Dorothy Norwood - Somebody Prayed for Me

Dottie Peoples & The Peoples Choice Chorale - He's An On Time God

Double You - Part-Time Lover

Double You - Run to Me

Down By Law - 1944

Down By Law - 500 Miles

Down By Law - Chocolate Jerk

Down By Law - Flower Tattoo

Down By Law - Goodnight Song

Down By Law - Hit Or Miss

Down By Law - Punk As Fuck

Down By Law - Punk Won

Down By Law - The King & I

Downset - About To Blast

Downset - Anger

Downset - Breed the Killer

Downset - Downset

Downset - Dying of Thirst

Downset - Holding Hands

Downset - My American Prayer

Downset - Ritual

Downset - Take 'Em Out

Dr. Alban - Away From Home

Dr. Alban - Let the Beat Go On

Dr. Alban - Look Who's Talking

Dr. Dre - Dre's Beat

Draco Rosa - Penelope

D:Ream - Things Can Only Get Better

Dream Theater - 0,25

Dream Theater - Lifting Shadows Off A Dream

Dream Theater - Scarred

Dream Theater - Space-Dye Vest

Dream Theater - The Mirror

Dream Warriors - Adventures of Plastic Man (Medley)

Dream Warriors - Are We There Yet (Medley)

Dream Warriors - Break the Stereo (Medley)

Dream Warriors - Burns 1

Dream Warriors - California Dreamin' (Medley)

Dream Warriors - Day in Day Out

Dream Warriors - I Wouldn't Wanna Be Ya (Medley)

Dream Warriors - Intro

Dream Warriors - It's A Project Thing

Dream Warriors - I've Lost My Ignorance (Medley)

Dream Warriors - No Dingbats Allowed

Dream Warriors - Paranoia - The 'P' Noise

Dream Warriors - Sink Into the Frame of the Portrait

Dream Warriors - Tricycles And Kittens (Medley)

Dream Warriors - When I Was At the Jam

Dream Warriors - You Think I Don't Know (Medley)

Dream Your Dream - Mayday Dream

Dritte Wahl - E.A.R.A.

Dritte Wahl - Macht die Augen auf

Dritte Wahl - Nur ein Sklave

Dritte Wahl - Schlaflied

Dritte Wahl - Schreie hinter Glas

Dritte Wahl - Warum

Dritte Wahl - Zeit zu gehen

Drive Like Jehu - Do You Compute

Drive Like Jehu - Golden Brown

Drive Like Jehu - Here Come the Rome Plows

Drive Like Jehu - Human Interest

Drive Like Jehu - Luau

Drive Like Jehu - New Intro

Drive Like Jehu - New Math

Drive Like Jehu - Sinews

Drive Like Jehu - Super Unison

Dru Down - Pimp Of The Year

Dru Down - Rescue 911

Dub War - Dowit

Dub War - Gorrit

Dub War - Mental

Dub War - Nar Say A Ting

Dub War - Nations

Dub War - Over Now

Dub War - Pain

Dub War - Psycho System

Dub War - Respected

Dub War - Spiritual Warfare

Dub War - Strike It

Dub War Vs Panacea - Strike It

Duke Ellington - All Too Soon

Duke Ellington - Blues

Duke Ellington - Harlem Air Shaft

Duke Ellington & His Orchestra - Take the 'A' Train

Duke Ellington and His Famous Orchestra - Ko-Ko

Duke Ellington And His Orchestra - Do Nothing Till You Hear From Me

Duke Ellington And His Orchestra - Tootin' Through the Roof

Duke Ellington And His Orchestra - Wall Street Wail

Dumdum Boys - Hagelangs

Dumdum Boys - Mitt Hjertes Trell

Dumdum Boys - Tyven Tyven

Duncan Dhu - A Tientas

Duncan Dhu - A Tu Lado

Duncan Dhu - Abandonar

Duncan Dhu - Capricornio

Duncan Dhu - Donde Estes

Duncan Dhu - Entre Salitre Y Sudor

Duncan Dhu - La Casa Azul

Duncan Dhu - Mundo De Cristal

Duncan Dhu - Oro Blanco

Duncan Dhu - Rey De La Luna

Duncan Dhu - Rozando La Eternidad

Duncan Dhu - Si No Eres Tu

Duran Duran - Crystal Ship

Dynamix II - Addicted to Bass

Dynamix II - Blue Beats

Dynamix II - Gold Beats

Dynamix II - Green Beats

Dynamix II - Platinum Beats

Dynamix II - Red Beats

Dynamix II - Stop Beats

Dynamix II feat. Breezy Beat MC - Just Give the DJ A Break

Dzem - Mala Aleja Roz

Dzem - Wehikul Czasu - To Bylby Cud

Dzem - Zloty Paw

E.S.G. - 9-Trey

E.S.G. - Smoke On

E.S.G. - The South

E-40 - Hope I Don't Go Back

Eagles - Desperado - Live On MTV, 1994

Eagles - Get Over It

Eagles - Hotel California - Live On MTV, 1994

Eagles - I Can't Tell You Why - Live On MTV, 1994

Eagles - In The City - Live On MTV, 1994

Eagles - Learn To Be Still

Eagles - Life In The Fast Lane - Live On MTV, 1994

Eagles - Love Will Keep Us Alive

Eagles - New York Minute - Live On MTV, 1994

Eagles - Please Come Home for Christmas - 2013 Remaster

Eagles - Please Come Home for Christmas/Funky New Year (Remastered)

Eagles - Please Come Home for Christmas/Funky New Year

Eagles - Pretty Maids All In A Row - Live On MTV, 1994

Eagles - Take It Easy - Live On MTV, 1994

Eagles - Tequila Sunrise - Live On MTV, 1994

Eagles - The Girl From Yesterday

Eagles - The Last Resort - Live On MTV, 1994

Eagles - Wasted Time - Live On MTV, 1994

Earl Hooker - Frog Hop

Earl Klugh - A Face in the Wind

Earl Klugh - Doin' It

Earl Klugh - Move

Earl Klugh - The Highway Song

Earl Klugh - Tiptoein'

Earl Klugh - Winter Rain

Earth Nation - Alienated

Earth Nation - Chilled Dreams

Earth Nation - Claim For Passion

Earth Nation - Falling Tears

Earth Nation - in Retrospect

Earth Nation - Isolation

Earth Nation - Lord Giveth

Earth Nation - Lord Taketh

Earth Nation - Revelation

Earth Nation - World in Blue

Eartha Kitt - Devil Scene

Eartha Kitt - Easy Does It

Eartha Kitt - Fascinating Man

Eartha Kitt - Je Cherche Un Homme (I Want A Man)

Eartha Kitt - Le Danseur De Charleston

Eartha Kitt - Lullaby of Birdland

Eartha Kitt - Monotonous

Eartha Kitt - Sandy's Tune

Eartha Kitt - St. Louis Blues

Eartha Kitt - The Blues

Eartha Kitt - The Memphis Blues

Eartha Kitt - Thursday's Child

Eartha Kitt, Henri Rene & His Orchestra - Jonny

Eartha Kitt, Henri Rene & His Orchestra - Lazy Afternoon

Earthling - 1st Transmission (Earthead)

Earthling - 1st Transmission

East 17 - Generation Xtc

East 17 - It's Alright

East 17 - Let It All Go

East 17 - Let It Rain

East 17 - M.F. Power

East 17 - Set Me Free

East 17 - Stay Another Day

East 17 - Steam

East To West - Prince of Peace

Eat Static - Abnormal Interference

Eat Static - Cydonia

Eat Static - Dzhopa Dream

Eat Static - Implant

Eat Static - Panspermia

Eat Static - Survivors

Eat Static - Uforic Undulance

Eazy-E - Luv 4 Dem Gangsta'z

Echobelly - Call Me Names

Echobelly - Cold Feet Warm Heart

Echobelly - I Can't Imagine the World without Me

Echobelly - Insomniac

Echobelly - Scream

Echobelly - Taste of You

Echobelly - Today Tomorrow Sometime Never

Econoline Crush - Cruel World

Econoline Crush - Out of Reach

Econoline Crush - Pssyche

Econoline Crush - Purge I

Econoline Crush - Purge II

Econoline Crush - T.D.M.

Eddie & the Hot Rods - I Might Be Lying

Eddie Boyd - I'm Comin' Home

Eddie Boyd, Buddy Guy, Lonesome Jimmy Lee, Freddie Below - Rosalie

Eddie C. Campbell - Busted

Eddie C. Campbell - Devil's Walk

Eddie C. Campbell - Early in the Morning

Eddie C. Campbell - Hey, the Blues Is All Right

Eddie C. Campbell - I Been Thinkin'

Eddie C. Campbell - Running Wild

Eddie C. Campbell - Sister Taught Me Guitar

Eddie C. Campbell - Sleep

Eddie C. Campbell - Son of Sons

Eddie C. Campbell - That's When I Know

Eddie C. Campbell - You Make Me Feel All Right

Eddie Cantor - An Earful of Music

Eddie Cantor - Charley My Boy

Eddie Cantor - Doodle Doo Doo

Eddie Cantor - Eddie (Steady)

Eddie Cantor - He Loves It

Eddie Cantor - How I Love That Girl

Eddie Cantor - How Ya Gonna Keep Your Mind On Dancing

Eddie Cantor - If You Knew Susie (Like I Know Susie)

Eddie Cantor - I'll Have Vanilla

Eddie Cantor - I'm Hungry For Beautiful Girls

Eddie Cantor - Joe Is Here

Eddie Cantor - Laff It Off!

Eddie Cantor - Little Curly Hair in A High Chair

Eddie Cantor - Look What You've Done

Eddie Cantor - Margie

Eddie Cantor - Monkey Doodle

Eddie Cantor - Okay Toots

Eddie Cantor - On A Windy Day 'Way Down in Waikiki

Eddie Cantor - Over Somebody Else's Shoulder

Eddie Cantor - Ritzi Mitzi

Eddie Cantor - Sophie

Eddie Cantor - Susie

Eddie Cantor - The Man On the Flying Trapeze

Eddie Cantor - What A Perfect Combination

Eddie Cantor - When My Ship Comes In

Eddie Gonzalez - Botoncito de Cariño

Eddie Gonzalez - El Disgusto

Eddie Gonzalez - Necesito

Eddie Lovette - Do It to Me One More Time

Eddie Lovette - Sweet Sensation

Eddie Palmieri - Bolero Dos

Eddie Palmieri - Bouncer

Eddie Palmieri - Doctor Duck

Eddie Palmieri - Justicia

Eddie Palmieri - Mare Nostrum

Eddie Palmieri - Palmas

Eddie Palmieri - Yo No Soy Guapo

Eddie Palmieri - You Dig

Eddie Rabbitt - American Boy

Eddie Santiago - Antídoto Y Veneno

Eddie Santiago - Me Fallaste

Eddy Herrera - Amame

Edie Brickell - Another Woman's Dream

Edie Brickell - Good Times

Edie Brickell - Green

Edie Brickell - Hard Times

Edie Brickell - in the Bath

Edie Brickell - Lost in the Moment

Edie Brickell - Olivia

Edie Brickell - Picture Perfect Morning

Edie Brickell - Stay Awhile

Edie Brickell - Tomorrow Comes

Edie Brickell - When the Lights Go Down

Édith Piaf - Les amants

Edú Lobo - Upa Neguinho

Edwyn Collins - A Girl Like You

Einstuerzende Neubauten - Open Fire

Einstürzende Neubauten - Headcleaner

Ekoostik Hookah - Backwoods Rose

Ekoostik Hookah - Loner

El General - C & C Music Factory

El Inquilino Comunista - Burned Time

El Inquilino Comunista - Cool Trash

El Inquilino Comunista - Pop Star

El Inquilino Comunista - Send Hey

El Inquilino Comunista - The Gag

El Inquilino Comunista - Wild Life

El Niño Gusano - Auricular

El Niño Gusano - Genius

El Niño Gusano - Todo Comenzó A Ir Mal

El Tri - La raza mas chida

Elakelaiset - Humpataan ja tanssataan

Elakelaiset - Humppaukaasi

Elakelaiset - Pöpi

Elakelaiset - Soramonttuhumppa

Elakelaiset - Tilulilulei

Elastica - Annie

Elastica - Line Up

Elastica - Vaseline

Electric Boys - Down At the Bottom

Electric Boys - Freewheelin'

Electric Boys - Messin' With Voodoo

Electric Boys - Mountains And Sunsets

Electric Boys - My Knuckles Your Face

Electric Boys - Not My Cross To Bear

Electric Boys - Nothing For Nothing

Electric Boys - Ready To Believe

Electric Boys - Sad Day

Electric Boys - Sharpshooter

Electric Boys - Sleeping in the Worlds Smallest Bed

Electric Boys - Some Kind of Voodoo

Electric Boys - Straight No Chaser

Electric Frankenstein - She's My Bitch

Element of Crime - Mein Dein Tag

Eleventh Dream Day - Bearish on High

Eleventh Dream Day - Exit Right

Eleventh Dream Day - Flutter

Eleventh Dream Day - History of Brokeback

Eleventh Dream Day - Nova Zembla

Eleventh Dream Day - Occupation or Not

Eleventh Dream Day - Ocean

Eleventh Dream Day - Orange Moon

Eleventh Dream Day - Taking Leave

Eleventh Dream Day - The Blindside

Elkie Brooks - Nights in White Satin

Elkie Brooks - Only Love Can Break Your Heart

Elkie Brooks feat. Rick Wakeman - Nights in White Satin

Ella Fitzgerald - And Her Tears Flowed Like Wine

Ella Fitzgerald - Benny's Coming Home on Saturday

Ella Fitzgerald - I Got Plenty O' Nuttin'

Ella Fitzgerald - If You Ever Should Leave

Ella Fitzgerald - Ill Wind (You're Blowin' Me No Good)

Ella Fitzgerald - Please Be Kind

Ella Fitzgerald - Sentimental Journey

Ella Fitzgerald & Louis Armstrong - I'm Puttin' All My Eggs In One Basket

Ella Fitzgerald & The Delta Rhythm Boys - It's Only A Paper Moon

Ella Fitzgerald & the Ink Spots - I'm Beginning to See the Light

Ella Fitzgerald & the Ink Spots - That's the Way It Is

Ella Fitzgerald with the Ink Spots - That's the Way It Is

Ella Jenkins - Harmonica Happiness

Ella Jenkins - No More Pie

Ella Jenkins - This is the Way to Lead the Band

Ella Jenkins - You'll Sing a Song and I'll Sing a Song

Ellen Foley - What's A Matter Baby

Ellery Eskelin - 100 Days

Ellery Eskelin - 40 West

Ellery Eskelin - Harmonia

Ellery Eskelin - Interfaith

Ellery Eskelin - Jargon

Ellery Eskelin - Jazz Trash

Ellery Eskelin - Rain

Ellery Eskelin - Trip Wire

Ellery Eskelin - Untitled One

Elliott Smith - Condor Ave

Elliott Smith - Kiwi Maddog 20/20 (version 2 of 2)

Elliott Smith - Last Call

Elliott Smith - No Name #1

Elliott Smith - No Name #2

Elliott Smith - No Name #3

Elliott Smith - Roman Candle

Elton John - Can You Feel the Love Tonight - End Title/ From 'The Lion King'/Soundtrack Version

Elton John - Can You Feel The Love Tonight (Live From Movie Rocks)

Elton John - Can You Feel the Love Tonight

Elton John - Circle of Life - From 'The Lion King'/Soundtrack Version

Elton John - Circle of Life

Elton John - Come and Get It

Elton John - Love of the Common People

Elton John - Spirit in the Sky

Elvin Bishop - As the Years Go Passing By

Elvin Bishop - Honey Bee

Elvin Bishop - Last Mile

Elvin Bishop - Prisoner of Love

Elvin Bishop - So Good

Elvin Bishop - Stomp

Elvin Bishop - The Things That I Used To Do

Elvin Bishop - Tulsa Shuffle

Elvis Costello - 13 Steps Lead Down

Elvis Costello - Clown Strike

Elvis Costello - Pony St.

Elvis Costello - Rocking Horse Road

Elvis Costello - Still Too Soon To Know

Elvis Costello - Sulky Girl

Elvis Costello - This Is Hell

Elvis Costello - You Tripped At Every Step

Elvis Presley - Amazing Grace

Elvis Presley - An American Trilogy

Elvis Presley - If I Get Home On Christmas Day

Elvis Presley - On a Snowy Christmas Night

Elvis Presley - This Is My Heaven

Embryo & Karnataka College of Percussion - Cello Cello

Emerson, Lake & Palmer - Fanfare for the Common Man - Single Edit

Emerson, Lake & Palmer - Gone Too Soon

Emerson, Lake & Palmer - Hand of Truth

Emerson, Lake & Palmer - Heart On Ice

Emili Baleriola - Sambanda

Emilio Navaira - Lucero De Mi Alma

Emilio Navaira - Ya

Emperor - I Am The Black Wizards

Enigma - Age of Loneliness

Enigma - Return To Innocence

Enigma - The Eyes of Truth (140 Bpm) (Dub Version)

Enigma - The Eyes of Truth, the Götterdämmerung Mix(The Twilight of the Gods) (140 Bpm)

Enigma - The Eyes of Truth

Enrique Morente - Tangos De La Plaza

Entombed - State of Emergency

Enzo Enzo - Juste quelqu'un de bien



Eraserheads - Alapaap

Eraserheads - Alkohol

Eraserheads - Hey, Jay

Eraserheads - Kailan Lounge

Eraserheads - Kailan

Eraserheads - Magasin

Eraserheads - Sembreak

Eraserheads - With A Smile

Erasure - Always

Erasure - Because You're So Sweet

Erasure - Blues Away

Erasure - I Love Saturday (Ian Levine Remix) [2021 Remaster]

Erasure - Man in the Moon

Erasure - Take Me Back

Eric Clapton - Blues Leave Me Alone

Eric Clapton - Driftin'

Eric Clapton - Hoochie Coochie Man

Eric Clapton - How Long Blues

Eric Clapton - I'm Tore Down

Eric Clapton - Motherless Children (Live in San Diego)

Eric Clapton - Someday After A While

Eric Clapton - Standin' Round Crying

Eric Donaldson - Cherry Oh! Baby

Eric Marienthal - Fafaru

Eric Marienthal - Forces of Nature

Eric Marienthal - Hold On My Heart

Eric Marienthal - Kid's Stuff

Eric Marienthal - Moment of Silence

Eric Marienthal - Nothin' But Everything

Eric Marienthal - Shake It Loose

Eric Marienthal - Street Dance

Eric Marienthal - Where You Belong

Eric Marienthal - Yosemite

Ernestine Anderson - I Love Being Here With You

Ernst Rolf - Agitatorn

Ernst Rolf - Barndomshemmet (On the Banks of Wabash)

Ernst Rolf - Bättre Och Bättre Dag För Dag (I'm Getting Better Every Day)

Ernst Rolf - Beväringsvals Från Backamo (Beväringsvisa Från Backamo)

Ernst Rolf - Dansen Går På Svinsta Skär

Ernst Rolf - De' Gör Gumman Me'

Ernst Rolf - Det Är Grabben Med Chokla' I

Ernst Rolf - Det Är Kvinnan Bakom Allt

Ernst Rolf - Det Går Så Länge Det Går

Ernst Rolf - Det Kommer , Det Kommer (I Wonder How I Look When I'm Asleep)

Ernst Rolf - Ensam På En Krog I Hamburg

Ernst Rolf - Finns Det Flickor Jag Då Finns Det Kyssar

Ernst Rolf - Han Gick in Men Vände Om Och Gick Ut Igen (Pretty Flirt)

Ernst Rolf - Han Har Blivit Mycket Bättre

Ernst Rolf - Hur Står Det Till (How Do You Do)

Ernst Rolf - Inte Gör Det Mig Nåt'

Ernst Rolf - Jag Är Ute När Gumman Min är Inne

Ernst Rolf - Min Vår Är Din Vår

Ernst Rolf - Mitt Svärmeri (Celle Que J'aime Est Parmi Vous)

Ernst Rolf - Öckerövalsen (På Nötterö)

Ernst Rolf - Rolfs Nyårshälsning (When the Band Goes Marching On)

Ernst Rolf - Se Farfar Dansar Gammal Vals (Bedstefars Vals)

Ernst Rolf - Tacka Vet Jag Det Som Var En Gång

Ernst Rolf - Tacka Vet Jag Gubben Far

Ernst Rolf - Tidningsskolportören (Unter Dem Doppeladler)

Erroll Garner - Penthouse Serenade

Escuela de Odio - Armas

Escuela de Odio - Bajo control

Escuela de Odio - En tensión

Escuela de Odio - Estúpida tradición

Escuela de Odio - Infancia secuestrada

Escuela de Odio - Instinto de crueldad

Esham - Stop Diggin On Da D-L

Eternal - Stay

Ethel Waters - Bread And Gravy

Ethel Waters - Down in My Soul

Ethel Waters - How Can I Face This Wearied World Alone?

Ethel Waters - I'll Get Along Somehow

Ethel Waters - Miss Otis Regrets

Ethel Waters - Old Man Harlem

Ethel Waters - Stop Myself From Worryin' Over You

Ethel Waters - They Say

Ethel Waters - You're Mine

Etoile De Dakar - Diandioli

Etta Jones - Till There Was You

E-Type - Fight It Back

E-Type - Made in Sweden

E-Type - Me No Want Miseria (Take Me To the End)

E-Type - Russian Lullaby

E-Type - Set the World

E-Type - So Dem A Com

E-Type - This Is the Way

E-Type - Will I See You Again

Eva Cassidy - Autumn Leaves

Eva Cassidy - People Get Ready

Eva Cassidy - Songbird

Eva O Halo Experience - Angel of Death

Eva O Halo Experience - Angel of Fire

Eva O Halo Experience - Angel On Earth

Eva O Halo Experience - Children of the Light

Eva O Halo Experience - Daydreamer

Eva O Halo Experience - For the Angel 2

Eva O Halo Experience - For the Angels 1

Eva O Halo Experience - For the Angels 3

Eva O Halo Experience - Power of Hope

Eva O Halo Experience - Souls That Save

Eva O Halo Experience - Take A Jesus

Eva O Halo Experience - Universal Trip

Eva O Halo Experience - Unveil

Everly Brothers - Rockin' Alone

Everything But the Girl - Better Things

Everything But the Girl - Disenchanted

Everything But the Girl - Get Me

Everything But the Girl - I Didn't Know I Was Looking For Love (Demo)

Everything But the Girl - I Don't Understand Anything

Everything But the Girl - Lights of Te Touan

Everything But The Girl - Missing - 2013 Remaster

Everything But the Girl - Missing

Everything But the Girl - Rollercoaster

Everything But the Girl - Straight Back To You

Everything But the Girl - Troubled Mind

Everything But the Girl - Walking To You

Everything But The Girl & Todd Terry - Missing - Todd Terry Club Mix / US Radio Edit

Everything But The Girl & Todd Terry - Missing - Todd Terry Remix / Radio Edit

EX-3 - Mi Verdad

Experimental Audio Research - California Nocturne

Experimental Audio Research - D.M.T. Symphony (Overture To an Inhabited Zone)

Eyeless in Gaza - Brilliant Blue

Eyeless in Gaza - Reminding pictures

Eyeless in Gaza - Sun-like-gold

Fabio Concato - Troppo Vento

Failure - Bernie

Failure - Empty Friend

Failure - Frogs

Failure - Let It Drip

Failure - Magnified

Failure - Moth

Failure - Small Crimes

Failure - Undone

Failure - Wet Gravity

Failure - Wonderful Life

Family Fodder - Debbie Harry

Fania All Stars - El Rey De La Puntualidad

Faron Young - A Long Time Ago

Faron Young - A Place For Girls Like You

Faron Young - Better Things Than These

Faron Young - Bimbo

Faron Young - Face To the Wall

Faron Young - For the Love of A Woman Like You

Faron Young - God Bless God

Faron Young - Goin' Steady

Faron Young - Have I Waited Too Long

Faron Young - He Was There

Faron Young - Honey Stop

Faron Young - How Long Has It Been

Faron Young - I Can't Help It

Faron Young - I Hear You Talkin'

Faron Young - I Let It Slip Away

Faron Young - If That's the Fashion

Faron Young - I'll Be Satisfied With Love

Faron Young - I'll Be Yours

Faron Young - I'm A Poor Boy

Faron Young - I'm Gonna Live Some Before I Die

Faron Young - I'm Gonna Tell Santa Claus On You

Faron Young - in the Chapel in the Moonlight

Faron Young - I've Got Five Dollars and It's Saturday Night

Faron Young - Just Married

Faron Young - Just Out of Reach

Faron Young - Mansion Over the Hilltop

Faron Young - Mom And Dad's Waltz

Faron Young - Moonlight Mountain

Faron Young - My Home Sweet Home

Faron Young - Riverboat

Faron Young - Snowball

Faron Young - That's the Way I Feel

Faron Young - The Comeback

Faron Young - The Locket

Faron Young - The Part Where I Cry

Faron Young - The Shrine of St. Cecilia

Faron Young - Three Days

Faron Young - You're Still Mine

Faron Young & Anita Kerr Singers - HOW LONG HAS IT BEEN

Faron Young & Anita Kerr Singers - I'LL FLY AWAY

Faron Young & Anita Kerr Singers - NOW I BELONG TO JESUS

Faron Young & Anita Kerr Singers - The SHRINE of ST. CECILIA

Faron Young & Anita Kerr Singers - TRAVELING ON

Faron Young & Anita Kerr Singers - WHAT CAN HE DO

Fatback - Burn Baby Burn

Fatback - Do It To Me Now

Fatback - Get Ready For the Night

Fatback - High Steppin' Lady

Fatback - Hip So Slick

Fatback - Keep Your Fingers Out the Jam

Fatback - Kool Whip

Fatback - On the Floor

Fatback - Take It Any Way You Want It

Fatback - Want To Dance

Fates Warning - Afterglow

Fates Warning - Down to the Wire

Fates Warning - Face the Fear

Fates Warning - Monument

Fates Warning - Shelter Me

Fates Warning - The Strand

Fats Domino - Rockin Chair

Fats Waller - Carolina Shout

Fats Waller - It's A Sin To Tell A Lie

Fausto - A Tua Presença

Fausto - Ao Som Do Mar E Do Vento

Fausto - Gargalham Muito As Sarracenas

Fausto - O Mar

Fausto - Os Navegados

Fausto - Os Soldados De Baco

Fausto - Pela Fome Comidos

Fausto - Recado A Sofala

Faye Wong - 我e¡˜æ„ - 管弦樂版

Faye Wong - 愛與痛çs„e‚sç·£

Faye Wong - 棋子

Faye Wong - 夢中人

Faye Wong - 矜持

Fear of God - Burnt

Fear of God - Cloud Chamber

Fear of God - Feed Time

Fear of God - Mercy

Fear of God - Swine Song

Fear of God - U.V.

Fear of God - Worms

Felix Mendelssohn - Song without Words

Ferlin Husky - I Could Sing All Night

Fernando Ortega - As For Us

Fernando Ortega - Come Thou Fount of Every Blessing

Fernando Ortega - I Need Thee Every Hour

Fettes Brot - Sonntag

FFH - One Of These Days

Filter - Dose

Filter - Take Another

Fire Island - There But For the Grace of God

Fireside - Jupiter

First Choice - Doctor Love

Fishmans - Wasurechau Hitotoki

Fito Paez - Circo Beat

Fito Paez - El jardín donde vuelan los mares

Fito Paez - Lo que el viento nunca se llevó

Fito Paez - Mariposa tecknicolor

Fito Paez - Nada del mundo real

Fito Paez - Nadie detiene al amor en un lugar

Fito Paez - Normal 1

Fito Paez - She's Mine

Fito Paez - Soy un Hippie

Five Star - (I Love You) For Sentimental Reasons

Five Star - Going With the Moment

Five Star - Surely

Five Star - The Writing On the Wall

Flaco Jiménez - The Free Mexican Airforce

Flatt & Scruggs - I'll Be Going To Heaven Sometime

Flatt & Scruggs - We'll Meet Again Sweetheart

Flatt And Scruggs - Farewell Blues

Flatt And Scruggs - My Little Girl in Tennessee

Fleming & John - I'm Not Afraid

Fletcher Henderson - Blue Lou

Fletcher Henderson - Christopher Columbus

Fletcher Henderson - Clarinet Marmalade

Fletcher Henderson - Comin' And Goin'

Fletcher Henderson - D Natural Blues

Fletcher Henderson - Hop Off

Fletcher Henderson - Hot And Anxious

Fletcher Henderson - I'm Coming Virginia

Fletcher Henderson - King Porter Stomp

Fletcher Henderson - Stealin' Apples

Fletcher Henderson - Underneath the Harlem Moon

Fletcher Henderson And His Orchestra - Teapot Dome Blues

Flora Purim - Above the Rainbow

Flora Purim - Black Narcissus

Flora Purim - Encounter

Flora Purim - Latinas

Flora Purim - Tomara (I Wish)

Flora Purim - Windows

Florent Pagny - Est-Ce Que Tu Me Suis

Florent Pagny - Le Blues

Florian Silbereisen - Alpenbrauser

Florian Silbereisen - Der Morgenmuffel

Florian Silbereisen - Dorffest Walzer

Florian Silbereisen - Flitzefinger

Florian Silbereisen - Guten Morgen

Florian Silbereisen - Hey Man Polka

Florian Silbereisen - Mein allerbester Freund ist die Ziehharmonika

Florian Silbereisen - Polka für Euch

Florian Silbereisen - Rund um Passau

Florian Silbereisen - Tiroler Buam Polka

Florian Silbereisen - Ziach Polka

Floyd Cramer - (These Are) the Young Years

Floyd Cramer - What'd I Say

Folk Implosion - Better Than Allrite

Folk Implosion - Blossom

Folk Implosion - Chicken Squawk

Folk Implosion - Had To Find Out

Folk Implosion - Shake A Little Heaven

Folk Implosion - Slap Me

Folk Implosion - Spiderweb-Butterfly

Folk Implosion - Sputnik's Down

Folk Implosion - Start Again

Folk Implosion - Waltzin' With Your Ego

Folk Implosion - Why Do They Hide

Folk Implosion - Winter's Day

Fontane Sisters - Eddie My Love

Fourteen 14 - Don't Leave Me

Francesco Guccini - Acque

Francesco Guccini - Canzone Per Silvia

Francesco Guccini - Non Bisognerebbe

Francis Cabrel - Assis Sur Le Rebord Du Monde

Francis Cabrel - Je t'aimais, je t'aime, je t'aimerai

Francis Cabrel - La Cabane Du Pêcheur

Francis Cabrel - La Corrida

Francis Cabrel - Le Noceur

Francis Cabrel - Les Vidanges Du Diable

Francis Cabrel - Octobre

Francis Cabrel - Samedi Soir Sur La Terre

Francis Dunnery - American Life in the Summertime

Francis Dunnery - Climbing Up the Love Tree

Francis Dunnery - Couldn't Find A Reason

Francis Dunnery - Everyone's A Star

Francis Dunnery - Fade Away

Francis Dunnery - Feel Like He's Kissing You Again

Francis Dunnery - Feel Like Kissing you Again

Francis Dunnery - Good Life

Francis Dunnery - Home Grown

Francis Dunnery - Homegrown

Francis Dunnery - King of the Blues

Francis Dunnery - New Vibration

Francis Dunnery - What's He Gonna Say

Francisco Mário - Barroco mineiro

Francisco Mário - Campesino (Para Quintento Armorial)

Francisco Mário - Campesino

Francisco Mário - Cantiga de cego

Francisco Mário - Chorinho interior

Francisco Mário - Choro Em Bach

Francisco Mário - Choro Novo

Francisco Mário - Cromachoro (Para Waldir Azevedo e Abel Ferreira)

Francisco Mário - Cuba (Para Silvio Rodríguez y Pablo Milanes)

Francisco Mário - Cuba

Francisco Mário - Domingo

Francisco Mário - Ginga (Para Dorival Caymmi)

Francisco Mário - Ginga

Francisco Mário - Guerra De Canudos

Francisco Mário - Mistério (Para Geraldo Vandré)

Francisco Mário - Mistério

Francisco Mário - Panakararé (Para os indios Pankararés)

Francisco Mário - Pankararé

Francisco Mário - Prisão

Francisco Mário - Pulsação (Para Ataulfo Alves)

Francisco Mário - Pulsaçáo

Francisco Mário - Roça (Para Luis Gonzaga)

Francisco Mário - Samba Latino (Para João Gilberto)

Francisco Mário - Samba Latino

Francisco Mário - Saudade da terra (Para Baden Powell)

Francisco Mário - Saudade do meu pai

Francisco Mário - Sonho Nordestino

Francisco Mário - Triste São Paulo

Francisco Mário - Triviola

Francisco Mário - Vida nova

Franco Battiato - Credo

Franco Battiato - Sanctus

Françoise Hardy - Je N'Attends Plus Personne

Frank Black - (i Want To Live On An) Abstract Plain

Frank Black - Bad, Wicked World

Frank Black - Big Red

Frank Black - Fazer Eyes

Frank Black - Fiddle Riddle

Frank Black - Freedom Rock

Frank Black - Headache

Frank Black - I Could Stay Here Forever

Frank Black - Men in Black

Frank Black - Old John Amos

Frank Black - Ole Mulholland

Frank Black - Pie in the Sky

Frank Black - Pure Denizen of the Citizens Band

Frank Black - Speedy Marie

Frank Black - Superabound

Frank Black - Thalassocracy

Frank Black - The Hostess With the Mostest

Frank Black - The Vanishing Spies

Frank Black - Two Reelers

Frank Black - What Ever Happened To Pong?

Frank Black - White Noise Maker

Frank Boeijen - Is Dit Waar Het Om Gaat

Frank Brownstead Choir & Frank Brownstead & Bernadette Farrell - Christ, Be Our Light

Frank Sinatra - Santa Claus Is Comin' to Town

Frank Sinatra - The Lamplighter's Serenade

Frank Sinatra & B. Swanson Quartet - Let It Snow! Let It Snow! Let It Snow! (with The B. Swanson Quartet)

Frank Vignola - Let It Happen

Frank Zander - Alles wird gut

Frank Zander - Bamboleo

Frank Zander - Ja, wenn wir alle Englein wären

Frank Zander - Splish Splash

Frank Zander - Tea for Two

Frankie Goes To Hollywood - Relax - New York Mix

Frankie Ruiz - Bailando

Frankie Ruiz - Como Le Gustan A Usted

Frankie Ruiz - Desnúdate Mujer

Frankie Ruiz - Esta Vez Si Voy Pa' Encima

Frankie Ruiz - La Cura

Frankie Ruiz - Mi Libertad

Frankie Ruiz - No Que No

Frankie Ruiz - Solo Por Ti

Frankie Ruiz - Tu Con El

Frankie Ruiz - Voy Pa' Encima

Frankie Ruiz - Y No Puedo

Frankie Yankovic - Champagne Taste And A Beer Bankroll

Frankie Yankovic - Have A Happy Polka

Franky Vincent - Fruit De La Passion

Frantic Flintstones - Blue Christmas

Franz Schubert & Barbara Bonney & Geoffrey Parsons - Schubert: Ave Maria, D. 839

Freak Power - Change My Mind

Freak Power - Freak Power

Freak Power - Moonbeam Woman

Freak Power - Rush

Freak Power - Turn On, Tune In, Cop Out - Radio Edit

Freak Power - Turn On, Tune In, Cop Out

Freak Power - Waiting For the Story To End

Freak Power - What It Is

Fred Åkerström - Kajsas udde

Fred Åkerström - Möte med musik

Fred Åkerström - Nordsjön

Fred Astaire - I Won't Dance

Fred Astaire - Let's Face The Music And Dance

Fred Astaire - Never Gonna Dance

Fred Astaire - Shall We Dance

Fred Gianelli - Clearvoyance

Fred Gianelli - E.O.D.

Fred Gianelli - Excelsior

Fred Gianelli - Fingered

Fred Gianelli - Fox Hunt

Fred Gianelli - Painkiller

Fred Gianelli - Salacious

Fred Gianelli - The Kooky Scientist

Fred Jorio Lectroluv Junior Vasquez Alvaughn Jackson Junior Vasquez Sound Factory Remix - Junior Vasquez Sound Factory Remix

Freddy Fender - The Rains Came

Frederic Chopin & Elisabeth Leonskaja - Chopin: Nocturne No. 2 in E-Flat Major, Op. 9 No. 2

Frederic Chopin & Emanuel Ax - Introduction et Polonaise brillante in C Major, Op. 3

Free Kitten - Alan Licked Has Ruined Music For An Entire Generation

Free Kitten - Blindfold Test

Free Kitten - Call Back (Episode XXI)

Free Kitten - Feelin

Free Kitten - Greener Pastures

Free Kitten - Harvest Spoon

Free Kitten - Kissing Well

Free Kitten - Proper Band

Free Kitten - Revlon Liberation Orchestra

Free Kitten - Rock of Ages

Free Kitten - Royal Flush

Free Kitten - Scratch the DJ

Free Kitten - Secret Sex Friend

Free Kitten - The Boasta

Free Kitten - Whats Fair

Freedy Johnston - Across the Avenue

Freedy Johnston - Bad Reputaion

Freedy Johnston - Bad Reputation

Freedy Johnston - Can't Sink This Town

Freedy Johnston - Cold Again

Freedy Johnston - Disappointed Man

Freedy Johnston - Dolores

Freedy Johnston - Evie's Garden

Freedy Johnston - Evie's Tears

Freedy Johnston - Gone Like the Water

Freedy Johnston - I Can Hear the Laughs

Freedy Johnston - This Perfect World

Freedy Johnston - Two Lovers Stop

Freestyle - The Party Has Begun

Freur - All Too Much

Freur - Matters of the Heart

Freur - My Room

Freur - Riders in the Night

Freur - Runaway

Freur - Steam Machine

Freur - Tender Surrender

Freur - Theme From the Film of the Same Name

Freur - Whispering

Fröbelin Palikat - 7-leikki

Fröbelin Palikat - Etana

Fröbelin Palikat - Haisunäätä

Fröbelin Palikat - Hankalajuttu

Fröbelin Palikat - Hänkki-pänkki

Fröbelin Palikat - Hedelmäsalaatti

Fröbelin Palikat - Koira, Kissa Ja Varis

Fröbelin Palikat - Laivan Lastaus

Fröbelin Palikat - Lilli

Fröbelin Palikat - Maja

Fröbelin Palikat - Matkailu Avartaa

Fröbelin Palikat - Paa-paa-palikka

Fröbelin Palikat - Perhonen

Fröbelin Palikat - Rouva Huttunen

Fröbelin Palikat - Rytmijalka

Fröbelin Palikat - Sadetanssi

Fröbelin Palikat - Sätkyukko

Fröbelin Palikat - Sormitaputus

Front Line Assembly - Liquid Separation

Front Line Assembly - Search And Destroy

Fu Manchu - Ojo Rojo

Fuckin' Faces - Der Trinker

Fudge Tunnel - Backed Down

Fudge Tunnel - Circle of Friends

Fudge Tunnel - Cover Up

Fudge Tunnel - Excuse

Fudge Tunnel - Extra

Fudge Tunnel - Find Your Fortune

Fudge Tunnel - Long Day

Fudge Tunnel - Random Acts of Cruelty

Fudge Tunnel - Rudge With A G

Fudge Tunnel - Six Eight

Fudge Tunnel - Sweet Meat

Fudge Tunnel - The Joy of Irony

Fugees - Don't Cry Dry Your Eyes

Fugees - Nappy Heads

Fugees - Recharge

Fugees - Vocab

Fugees & Salaam Remi - Nappy Heads - Remix

Fugees (Tranzlator Crew) - Blunted Interlude

Fugees (Tranzlator Crew) - Boof Baf

Fugees (Tranzlator Crew) - Da Kid From Haiti Interlude

Fugees (Tranzlator Crew) - Freestyle Interlude

Fugees (Tranzlator Crew) - Giggles

Fugees (Tranzlator Crew) - Harlem Chit Chat Interlude

Fugees (Tranzlator Crew) - How Hard Is It

Fugees (Tranzlator Crew) - Introduction

Fugees (Tranzlator Crew) - Living Like There Ain't No Tomorrow

Fugees (Tranzlator Crew) - Nappy Heads

Fugees (Tranzlator Crew) - Recharge

Fugees (Tranzlator Crew) - Rufugees On the Mic

Fugees (Tranzlator Crew) - Shouts Out From the Block

Fugees (Tranzlator Crew) - Some Seek Stardom

Fugees (Tranzlator Crew) - Special News Bulletin

Fugees (Tranzlator Crew) - Temple

Fugees (Tranzlator Crew) - Vocab

Fun 'Da' Mental - Back To Basix

Fun 'Da' Mental - Bullet Solution

Fun 'Da' Mental - Dollars or Sense

Fun 'Da' Mental - English Breakfast

Fun 'Da' Mental - Fartherland

Fun 'Da' Mental - Mera Mazab

Fun 'Da' Mental - Mother India

Fun 'Da' Mental - Mr Bubbleman

Fun 'Da' Mental - New World Order

Fun 'Da' Mental - No More Fear

Fun 'Da' Mental - Seize the Time

Fun 'Da' Mental - White Gold Burger

Funeral Dress - Nightmares

Funkadelic - Cholly (Funk Getting Ready To Roll) - Original

Funkadelic - Comin' Round the Mountain - Original

Funkadelic - Cosmic Slop - Original

Funkadelic - The Electric Spanking of War Babies - Original

Funkadelic - Uncle Jam - Original

Funkadelic - Who Says A Funk Band Can't Play Rock? - Original

Funkdoobiest - Rock On

FU-Schnickens - Breakdown

FU-Schnickens - Cray-Z

FU-Schnickens - Sum Dum Munkey

FU-Schnickens - Visions (20/20)

Future Sound of London - Among Myselves

Future Sound of London - Cascade

Future Sound of London - Dead Skin Cells

Future Sound of London - Dirty Shadows

Future Sound of London - Domain

Future Sound of London - Eggshell

Future Sound of London - Elaborate Burn

Future Sound of London - Lifeforms (Path 2)

Future Sound of London - Room 208

Future Sound of London - Slider

Future Sound of London - Smokin' Japanese Babe

Future Sound of London - The Far Out Son of Lung and the Ramblings of a Madman

Future Sound of London - Vertical Pig

G. Love & Special Sauce - Baby's Got Sauce

G. Love & Special Sauce - Blues Music

G. Love & Special Sauce - Cold Beverage

G. Love & Special Sauce - Eyes Have Miles

G. Love & Special Sauce - Garbage Man

G. Love & Special Sauce - I Love You

G. Love & Special Sauce - Rhyme for the Summertime

G. Love & Special Sauce - Some Peoples Like That

G. Love & Special Sauce - The Things That I Used to Do

G. Love & Special Sauce - This Ain't Living

G. Love & Special Sauce - Town to Town

G. Love & Special Sauce - Walk to Slide

Gabriel Yacoub - Beauté / Twelfth Song of the Thunder

Gal Costa & Caetano Veloso - Coração Vagabundo

Galliano - Better All the Time

Galliano - Blood Lines

Galliano - Do You Hear Them

Galliano - Down in the Gulley

Galliano - Little One

Galliano - Long Time Gone

Galliano - Rise And Fall

Galliano - Travels the Road

Galliano - Twyford Down

Galliano - What Colour Our Flag

Gang of Four - I Love A Man in Uniform


Gang Starr - Blowin' Up the Spot

Gang Starr - Brainstorm

Gang Starr - Code of the Streets

Gang Starr - Comin' for the Datazz

Gang Starr - Mass Appeal

Gang Starr - Mostly tha Voice

Gang Starr - Now You're Mine (Explicit)

Gang Starr - Now You're Mine

Gang Starr - The Planet

Gang Starr - Tonz 'O' Gunz

Gang Starr - Words from the Nutcracker

Gang Starr & Nice & Smooth - DWYCK

Gang Starr feat. Jeru the Damaja And Lil Dap - Speak Ya Clout (Explicit) (Feat. Jeru the Damaja And Lil Dap)

Garden of Delight - Arcana

Garden of Delight - Colder

Garden of Delight - Downwards To A Sea

Garden of Delight - Necromanteion IV (S.O.C.R.)

Garden of Delight - Spirit Invocation - The Black Book Version

Garden of Delight - The Relation of Light To Shadow

Garden of Delight - Watchers Out of Time

Garibaldi - La Ventanita

Garnet Mimms - Looking For You

Garnett Silk - A Man in Love

Garnett Silk - All the Woman I Need

Garnett Silk - Cherry Promised

Garnett Silk - Love Is the Answer

Garnett Silk - Used To Be My Baby-Dub Mix

Garnett Silk (feat. Sharon Forrester) - Friends And Lover

Gartnerlosjen - Den Nye

Gartnerlosjen - Dulme Dalme

Gartnerlosjen - Hvitt Liv

Gartnerlosjen - Intens Død

Gartnerlosjen - Japan Gartnerheavy

Gartnerlosjen - Krise

Gartnerlosjen - Møllerens Datter

Gartnerlosjen - Pleuch

Gartnerlosjen - Prest I Fare

Gartnerlosjen - Skikkelig Dritt

Gartnerlosjen - Telefonen

Gartnerlosjen - To Typer Mahogny

Gartnerlosjen - Vann Varme Sanitet

Gary - Melodía Desencadenada (En Vivo)

Gary & Bing Crosby - Play A Simple Melody

Gary Beach & Beth Fowler & Heath Lamberts & Barbara Marineau & Brian Press & Stacey Logan & Broadway Cast of Beauty and the Beast - Be Our Guest

Gary Chapman - Finally

Gary Chapman - Floodgates of Love

Gary Chapman - Give Me Tomorrow

Gary Chapman - Heal Me

Gary Chapman - Love Will Be Our Anchor

Gary Chapman - Make It Right Tonight

Gary Chapman - Razor's Edge

Gary Chapman - Sweet Glow of Mercy

Gary Chapman - Sweet Jesus

Gary Chapman - Treasure

Gary Chapman - We Can

Gary Chapman - Where Are the Broken Hearts

Gary Lewis & the Playboys - Doin' the Flake

Gary Lewis & the Playboys - Green Grass

Gary Lewis & the Playboys - I Can Read Between the Lines

Gary Lewis & the Playboys - I Don't Wanna Say Goodnight

Gary Numan - A Question of Faith

Gary Numan - Bleed

Gary Numan - Deadliner

Gary Numan - Desire

Gary Numan - Love And Napalm

Gary Numan - You Walk in My Soul

Gary U.S. Bonds - Genie in the Jug

Gas Huffer - 14th & Jefferson

Gas Huffer - Action / Adventure

Gas Huffer - Appendix Gone

Gas Huffer - Chicken Foot

Gas Huffer - Crooked Bird

Gas Huffer - Goat No Have

Gas Huffer - Hand of the Nomad

Gas Huffer - More of Everything

Gas Huffer - Mr. Sudbuster

Gas Huffer - No Smoking

Gas Huffer - Quasimodo '94

Gas Huffer - Stay in Your House

Gas Huffer - Walla Walla Bang Bang

Gas Huffer - What's in the Bag?

Gazebo - I Like Chopin

Geggy Tah - (Ghost of P. Sluff)

Geggy Tah - Bonus Track

Geggy Tah - Crack of Dawn

Geggy Tah - Fasterthan...

Geggy Tah - Giddy Up

Geggy Tah - Go

Geggy Tah - Intro

Geggy Tah - L.A. Lujah

Geggy Tah - Last Word (The One For Her)

Geggy Tah - Ovary Z's

Geggy Tah - P. Sluff

Geggy Tah - Tucked In

Geggy Tah - Welcome Into the World (Birthday Song)

Geggy Tah - Who's in a Hurry?

Gene - For the Dead

Gene - Sleep Well Tonight

Gene Ammons - Blue Velvet

Gene Ammons - Didn't We

Gene Ammons - Feeling Good

Gene Ammons - Here's That Rainy Day

Gene Ammons - I Wonder

Gene Ammons - Son of a Preacher Man

Gene Ammons - Tastin' the Jug

Gene Ammons - The Jungle Boss

Gene Autry - Yellow Rose of Texas

Gene Chandler - Baby That's Love

Gene Chandler - Check Yourself

Gene Chandler - I Fooled You This Time

Gene Chandler - So Many Ways

Gene Chandler - Think Nothing About It

Gene Krupa & His Orchestra - After You've Gone

Genlog - Revolution

George Braith - Mary Had a Little Lamb

George Harrison - I Live For You

George Lamond - Look Into My Eyes

George Strait - Adalida

George Winston - Building the Snowman

George Winston - Cloudy This Morning

George Winston - Go 'Way From My Window

George Winston - Highway Hymn Blues

George Winston - Mon Enfant (My Child)

George Winston - Night Sky

George Winston - Rag

George Winston - Song

George Winston - Tamarack Pines

George Winston - The Cradle

George Winston - The Woods East of Deland

Georges Bizet & Orchestre de Paris & Semyon Bychkov - Carmen Suite No.1: 5. Les toreadors

Gerald Albright - Don't Worry About It

Gerald Albright - I Surrender

Gerald Albright - Just 2 B With You

Gerald Albright - Passion

Gerald Albright - Say It With Feeling

Gerald Albright - Sedona

Gerald Albright - Sweet Baby

Gerald Albright - This Is For the Lover in You

Gérald de Palmas - Sans Recours

Gérald de Palmas - Vérité

Gerald Levert - Can't Help Myself

Gerard Borst - Vogels Van Papier

Gerard Lenorman - Si Tu N'Me Laisses Pas Tomber

Gerard Van Maasakkers - Bange Blanke Man

Gerard Van Maasakkers - Brugwachter in Manhattan

Gerard Van Maasakkers - De Foto

Gerard Van Maasakkers - Huis in 't Bos

Gerard Van Maasakkers - Onze Vader Zei

Gerard Van Maasakkers - Sterren Van De Hemel

Gerard Van Maasakkers - Zo Gaat Dat Dan

Gerry & the Pacemakers - Imagine

Gerry & the Pacemakers - Roll Over Beethoven

Gerry & the Pacemakers - Unchained Melody

Gerry Mulligan Quartet - Blueport

Gerry Mulligan Quartet - My Funny Valentine

Gerry Mulligan Quartet - Utter Chaos

Gigi D'Alessio - Addo Me Porta O Core

Gigi D'Alessio - Come in Un Film

Gigi D'Alessio - Comme Si Fragile

Gigi D'Alessio - Non Raccontarlo Al Tuo Ragazzo

Gigi D'Alessio - Sconfitta D'Amore

Gigi D'Alessio - Sotto Le Lenzuola

Gigi D'Alessio - Un Momento Di Crisi

Gigolo Aunts - Walk Among Us

Gilberto Santa Rosa - A Proposito

Gilberto Santa Rosa - Ella

Gilberto Santa Rosa - En La Palma De Mi Mano

Gilberto Santa Rosa - Encuentro

Gilberto Santa Rosa - Hasta Las Cuantas

Gilberto Santa Rosa - La Sigo Amando Tanto

Gilberto Santa Rosa - Mal Herido

Gilberto Santa Rosa - Maña y Teoria

Gilberto Santa Rosa - Me Duele Quererte

Gilberto Santa Rosa - Me Quiero Enamorar

Gilberto Santa Rosa - Sueños Son

Gilberto Santa Rosa - Te Amare

Gilberto Santa Rosa - Te Propongo

Gilby Clarke - Black

Gilby Clarke - Hunting Dogs

Gilby Clarke - Jail Guitar Doors

Gilby Clarke - Johanna's Chopper

Gilby Clarke - Let's Get Lost

Gilby Clarke - Pawnshop Guitars

Gilby Clarke - Shut Up

Gilby Clarke - Skin & Bones

Gilby Clarke - Tijuana Jail

Gillette - Short Short Man

Gin Blossoms - Christine Irene

Gin Blossoms - Cold River Dick

Gin Blossoms - Heart Away

Gin Blossoms - Soul Deep

Ginger Baker Trio - Ain Temouchant

Ginger Baker Trio - East Timor

Ginger Baker Trio - Ginger Blues

Ginger Baker Trio - I Lu Kron

Ginger Baker Trio - in the Moment

Ginger Baker Trio - Rambler

Ginger Baker Trio - Ramblin'

Ginger Baker Trio - Spiritual

Ginger Baker Trio - Straight No Chaser

Giorgia - E Poi

Giorgia - M'Hanno Bocciato

Giorgia - Nasceremo

Giorgia - Senza Segreti

Giorgia - Silenzioso Amore

Giorgia - Tuttinpiedi

Giorgia - Uomo Nero

Giorgia - Vorrei

Gipsy Kings - Djobi, Djoba

Gipsy Kings - Pida Me La

Gitti - Lola Montez

Gladys Knight & the Pips - It Should Have Been Me

Glenmark feat. Eriksson feat. Strömstedt - När Vi Gräver Guld I USA

Glenn Hughes - You Keep On Moving

Glenn Miller - Song of the Volga Boatmen

Glenn Miller & His Orchestra - American Patrol

Glenn Miller & His Orchestra - My Blue Heaven

Glenn Miller & His Orchestra - The Nearness of You

Global Communication - 5 23

Gloria Estefan - Cherchez La Femme

Gloria Estefan - Everlasting Love

Gloria Estefan - Love On A Two Way Street

Gloria Estefan - Traces

Gloria Estefan - Turn the Beat Around

Gloria Trevi - A Gatas

Gloria Trevi - A La Madre

Gloria Trevi - Chica Embarazada

Gloria Trevi - El Juico

Gloria Trevi - El Recuento de los Daños

Gloria Trevi - La Boca Con Jabon

Gloria Trevi - La Papa Sin Catsup

Gloria Trevi - La Renta

Gloria Trevi - Por Ti

Gloria Trevi - Que Bueno Que No Fui Lady Di!

Gloria Trevi - Siempre a Mí

Gloria Trevi - Siempre A Mi

Gloria Trevi - Un Dia Mas De Vida

Gloria Trevi - Un DíaMás de Vida

GNR - + Vale Nunca

GNR - Ciclones

GNR - Costa Atlântica Inevitável

GNR - Dominó

GNR - Lovenita

GNR - Música De Ligeia

GNR - Rádio Taciturno

GNR - Tema De Ligeia

Gob - Cleansing

Gob - Losing Face

God Bullies - Artificial Insemination by Aliens

God Bullies - Detain My Brain

God Bullies - Hate

God Bullies - How Many Times

God Bullies - It's Him

God Bullies - King of Sling

God Bullies - Neighborhood Kid

God Bullies - Pretty on the Inside

God Bullies - Space Kid Zoom

God Bullies - You Have Been Warned

God Lives Underwater - No More Love

Godflesh - Anything Is Mine

Godflesh - Blind

Godflesh - Empyreal 2

Godflesh - Flowers

Godflesh - Merciless

Godflesh - Unworthy

Godflesh - Xnoybix (Psychofuck Dub)

Gold City - It Came Upon the Midnight Clear

Gonzaguinha - O Que Emile O Que Emile?

Gonzalo Rubalcaba - Concierto En Varsovia

Gonzalo Rubalcaba - Donna Lee

Goran Bregovic - Ima neka tajna veza

Gordon - Back in Love Again

Gordon - Beat of My Heart

Gordon - Given A Chance

Gordon - Here We Are

Gordon - Let It Be Me

Gordon - Love Will Lead You Back

Gordon - Then Came You (Special Guest Karin Bloemen)

Gordon - Until the Day Breaks

Gordon - Walk Away

Gordon - We've Got the Power

Gorefest - Erase

Gorefest - Fear

Gorefest - Goddess in Black

Gorefest - Raven

Gorefest - Seeds of Hate

Gorky's Zygotic Mynci - Gwres Prynhawn

Grace Jones - Sex Drive

Graeme Revell - Believe in Angels

Graeme Revell - her eyes....so innocent

Graeme Revell - Last Rites

Graeme Revell - Rain Forever

Graeme Revell - Return To the Grave

Grammatrain - Believe

Grammatrain - Execution

Grammatrain - Jerky Love Song

Grammatrain - Lonely House

GRANDADDY - Away Birdies With Special Sounds

GRANDADDY - Egg Hit And Jack Too

GRANDADDY - Kim You Bore Me To Death


Grandmaster Flash & the Furious Five - The Message

Grant Lee Buffalo - Demon Called Deception

Grant Lee Buffalo - Drag

Grant Lee Buffalo - Happiness

Grant Lee Buffalo - It's the Life

Grant Lee Buffalo - Lady Godiva And Me

Grant Lee Buffalo - Last Days of Tecumseh

Grant Lee Buffalo - Lone Star Song

Grant Lee Buffalo - Mighty Joe Moon

Grant Lee Buffalo - Mockingbirds

Grant Lee Buffalo - Rock of Ages

Grant Lee Buffalo - Side By Side

Grant Lee Buffalo - Sing Along

Grant Lee Buffalo - We've Only Just Begun

Grant McLennan - Horsebreaker Star

Grant McLennan - Hot Water

Grant McLennan - No Peace in the Palace

Green Day - All by Myself

Green Day - Basket Case (BBC Live Session)

Green Day - Basket Case

Green Day - Burnout

Green Day - Chump

Green Day - Coming Clean

Green Day - Emenius Sleepus

Green Day - F.O.D.

Green Day - Having A Blast

Green Day - in the End

Green Day - Longview

Green Day - Pulling Teeth

Green Day - Sassafras Roots

Green Day - She

Green Day - Welcome To Paradise

Green Day - When I Come Around

Greg Kihn - Anastasia

Greg Kihn - Gwabi

Greg Kihn - Mutiny

Greg Kihn - Shot in the Dark

Greg Kihn - Subterranean Homesick Blues

Gregory Isaac - Raggamuffin

Gregory Isaacs - Why Keep Me Waiting

Grief - Come To Grief

Grief - Earthworm

Grief - Fed Up

Grief - Hate Grows Stronger

Grief - I Hate You

Grief - Ruined

Grief - Stricken

Grief - World of Hurt

Groove Collective - Balimka

Groove Collective - El' Golpe Avisa

Groove Collective - Genji Monogatari

Groove Collective - Ms. Grier

Groove Collective - Nerd

Groove Collective - Rahsaanasong

Groove Collective - Rentstrike

Groove Collective - Whatchugot

GROVER WASHINGTON, JR. - E Preciso Perdoar (One Must Forgive)



GROVER WASHINGTON, JR. - I'm Glad There Is You



GROVER WASHINGTON, JR. - Please Send Me Someone To Love

GROVER WASHINGTON, JR. - When I Fall in Love

Grupo Bryndis - Cuando Llega Un Adios - Poema

Grupo Bryndis - Lo Nuestro Terminó - Poema

Grupo Bryndis - Mi Dulce Amor - Poema

Grupo Bryndis - Otro Ocupa Mi Lugar - Poema

Grupo Bryndis - Te He Prometido - Poema Versión 1994

Grupo Bryndis - Te Juro Que Te Amo - Poema

Grupo Bryndis - Te Vas Con El - Poema

Grupo Bryndis - Vete Ya - Poema

Grupo Bryndis - Y Todo Acabó - Poema

Grupo Inspiracion - Aleluya

Grupo Laberinto - Cuestión Olvidada

Grupo Laberinto - Pa' Otro Rumbo

Guardian - C'mon Everyone

Guardian - Don't Say That It's Over

Guardian - Like the Sun

Guardian - Preacher And the Bear

Guardian - Rich Man Over the Line

Guardian - See You in Heaven

Guardian - The Way Home Back

Guardian - Why Don't We

Guardian - Your Love

Gucci Crew II - Booty Shake

Gucci Crew II - Project Girl

Gucci Crew II - Pushin'

Guided By Voices - Blue Moon Fruit

Guided By Voices - I Am A Scientist

Guided By Voices - Postal Blowfish (Boot & Saddle, Phila., 1/93)

Guided By Voices - Postal Blowfish

Guided By Voices - Queen of Second Guessing

Guided By Voices - Tractor Rape Chain

Guitar Gangsters - Little Miss Mystery

Guitar Gangsters - Strange Kind of Love

Guns N' Roses - Sympathy For the Devil

Guns n' Wankers - Blown Away

Guns n' Wankers - Help

Guns n' Wankers - Nervous

Guns n' Wankers - Raise Your Glass

Guns n' Wankers - Skin Deep

Guns n' Wankers - Sunstroke

Guns n' Wankers - Surprise

Gustavo Cerati - A Merced

Guttermouth - Asshole

Guttermouth - End On 9

Guzzard - Glued

Guzzard - Last

Guzzard - Steeples

GWAR - Bad Bad Men

GWAR - Eat Steel

GWAR - Fight

GWAR - Filthy Flow

GWAR - Jack the World

GWAR - Krak Down

GWAR - Penis I See

GWAR - Pepperoni

GWAR - Pocketpool

Gwar - Saddam A GoGo

GWAR - Saddam A- GoGo

GWAR - Slap U Around

GWAR - SounderKommando

GWAR - The Innsiduous Soliloquy of Skulhedface

GWAR - The Issue of Tissue (Spacecake)

GWAR - The Obliteration of Flab Quarv 7

Gza - I Gotcha Back

Haddaway - I Miss You

Haddaway - Rock My Heart

Haemorrhage - Cadaveric Metamorphose

Half Pint - Sally

Hallucinogen - L.S.D.

Halvdan Sivertsen - Bare Hurtigruta Går

Halvdan Sivertsen - Kjærlighetslandet

Halvdan Sivertsen - Vi Vil Leve Lenge

Hamilton, Joe Frank & Reynolds - Don't Pull Your Love

Hammerhead - Brest

Hammerhead - Double Negative

Hammerhead - Empty Angel

Hammerhead - Galaxy 66

Hammerhead - Journey To the Center of Tetnus 4

Hammerhead - Swallow

Hammerhead - The Starline Locomotive

Hank Jones - Ah Henry

Hank Jones - The Summary

Hank Jones - Upon Reflection

Hank Jones, James Moody, Bob Brookmeyer, Richard Davis, Benny Golson, Jimmy Owens, Mickey Roker, Frank Wess - Mean What You Say

Hank Jones, James Moody, Bob Brookmeyer, Richard Davis, Benny Golson, Jimmy Owens, Mickey Roker, Frank Wess - Thad's Pad

Hank Penny & His Radio Cowboys - Chill Tonic

Hank Williams, Jr. - I'm So Lonesome I Could Cry

Hank Williams, Jr. - Long Gone Lonesome Blues

Hans Zimmer - ...To Die For - From 'The Lion King'/Score

Hans Zimmer - Millennium Theme

Hans Zimmer & Lebo M. - King of Pride Rock - From 'The Lion King'/Score

Hans Zimmer & Lebo M. - King of Pride Rock

Hans Zimmer & Lebo M. - This Land - From 'The Lion King'/Score

Hans Zimmer & Lebo M. - Under the Stars - From 'The Lion King'/Score

Hans Zimmer & Lebo M. - Under the Stars (From the 'The Lion King')

Happy Clappers - I Believe

Hardfloor - Acperience 5

Hardfloor - Fried Laces

Hardfloor - Funalogue

Hardfloor - Mahogany Roots

Hardfloor - Reverberate Opinion

Hardhead - New York Express

Hardrive - Deep Inside (Remixes)

Hardrock Gunter - Gonna Dance All Night

Hariharan & Kavita Krishnamurthy - Tu Hi Re - Bombay / Soundtrack Version

Harrie Jekkers - All You Need Is Love

Harrie Jekkers - De Ikken Van 20 Jaar (lied)

Harrie Jekkers - De Ikken Van 40 Jaar (lied)

Harrie Jekkers - De Ikken Van 9 Jaar (lied)

Harrie Jekkers - Het Soldatenverhaal

Harrie Jekkers - Ome Jan 1

Harry Belafonte - Suzanne

Harry Choates - Jole Blonde

Harry Connick, Jr. - Here Comes the Big Parade

Harry Connick, Jr. - That Party

Harry Connick, Jr. - To Love the Language

Harry Pussy - I Don't Care About Sleep Anymore

Harry Pussy - Pussy Control

Harry Pussy - Showroom Dummies

Harry Pussy - Youth Problem

Hasso Gakudan - Pom Poko Main Theme 'Genki Song'

Hasso Gakudan - The Tanukis Now... (Epilogue)

Haujobb - Eye Over You

Haujobb - Friction

Haujobb - Homes & Gardens (Optimized v1.2)

Haujobb - Sepsis Remix

Hausmylly - JOS


Hausmylly - TUU MUN LUO

Havalina Rail Company - 2/4th

Havalina Rail Company - 3,14

Havalina Rail Company - Big Lu

Havalina Rail Company - Cruis'n

Havalina Rail Company - French Theme

Havalina Rail Company - Grass Roots

Havalina Rail Company - Green Skies

Havalina Rail Company - I Change My Clothes

Havalina Rail Company - If You Leave

Havalina Rail Company - Laconic

Havalina Rail Company - Moon River (!)

Havalina Rail Company - New Song

Havalina Rail Company - One Day

Havalina Rail Company - Proportion Thing

Havalina Rail Company - Ragtime

Havalina Rail Company - Sha La La

Havalina Rail Company - Things

Havalina Rail Company - This Monkey Takes Nickels & Dimes

Havalina Rail Company - Train Song

Hawkwind - Looking in the Future

Hawkwind - Orgone Accumulator

Hawkwind - Star Cannibal

Hawkwind - Wastelands

Hayley Williams - Simmer (Caroline Polachek Remix)

Hazel O'Connor - Do What You Gotta Do

Hazel O'Connor - Ee-i-addio

Hazel O'Connor - We're All Grown Up

H-Blockx - Fight the Force

H-Blockx - Fuck the Facts

H-Blockx - Go Freaky

H-Blockx - Little Girl

H-Blockx - Move

H-Blockx - Pour Me A Glass

H-Blockx - Real Love

H-Blockx - Revolution

H-Blockx - Risin' High

H-Blockx - Say Baby

H-Blockx - Time To Fight

H-Blockx feat. Dr. Ring-Ding - Move

Heather Nova - Blue Black

Heather Nova - Heal

Heather Nova - Island

Heather Nova - Walk This World

Heather Nova - Walking Higher

Heatmiser - Antonio Carlos Jobim

Heatmiser - Bastard John

Heatmiser - Collect To NYC

Heatmiser - Disappearing Ink

Heatmiser - Flame!

Heatmiser - Fortune 500

Heatmiser - Hitting On the Waiter

Heatmiser - Idler

Heatmiser - It's Not A Prop

Heatmiser - Junior Mint

Heatmiser - Nightcap

Heatmiser - Sleeping Pill

Heatmiser - Something To Lose

Heatmiser - Temper

Heatmiser - The Corner Seat

Heatmiser - Trap Door

Heatmiser - Wake

Heatmiser - Why Did I Decide To Stay?

Heavenly - Itchy Chin

Heavenly - Me And My Madness

Heavenly - Modestic

Heavenly - Sacramento

Heavenly - She And Me

Heavenly - Skipjack

Heavenly - Sperm Meets Egg, So What?

Heavenly - Three Star Compartment

Heavy D & The Boyz - Black Coffee

Heavy D & The Boyz - Got Me Waiting

Heavy D & The Boyz - Nuttin' But Love

Hedningarna - Räven

Heidi Berry - The Mountain

Heldon - Bassong

Helen Baylor - Helen's Testimony

Helen Forrest - The Man I Love

Helen Love - Golden Summer

Helen Love - Love

Helen Love - Punk Boy 2

Helen Love - Rockaway Beach For Me Heartbreak Hotel For You

Helen Love - Rollercoasting

Helen Love - So Hot

Helen Love - Summer Pop Radio

Helios Creed - Bubble Butt

Helios Creed - Dog Star

Helios Creed - Drowning Sin

Helios Creed - Feelings

Helios Creed - First Encounter

Helios Creed - Kurt Zombie

Helios Creed - Monster Lust

Helios Creed - Mustard Dog

Helios Creed - Next Encounter

Helios Creed - Superior Catholic Finger

Helios Creed - Tele-Vision

Helios Creed - The Ascent

Helios Creed - The Bridge

Helios Creed - The Cookie Jar

Helios Creed - Too Bad

Helios Creed - Who Cares

Hell - Definition of House

Hell - Herz

Hell - Hot On the Heels of Love

Hell - I Feel Love

Hell - Im Mutterleib

Hell - My Life is Hell


Hello Sailor - Black Dreams

Hello Sailor - Bush By Where You Live

Hello Sailor - New Tattoo

Helloween - In the Middle of a Heartbeat

Helloween - Where the Rain Grows

Helmet - Beautiful Love

Helmet - Biscuits For Smut

Helmet - Clean

Helmet - I Know

Helmet - Milktoast

Helmet - Milquetoast

Helmet - Overrated

Helmet - Rollo

Helmet - Sam Hell

Helmet - Speechless

Helmet - Street Crab

Helmet - The Silver Hawaiian

Helmet - Tic

Helmet - Vaccination

Helmet - Wilma's Rainbow

Hepcat - All For You

Hepcat - Caravan

Hepcat - Clarence Thomas

Hepcat - Club Meditation

Hepcat - Dance Wid' Me

Hepcat - Earthquake and Fire

Hepcat - Hooligans

Hepcat - Miss Congeniality

Hepcat - Nigel

Hepcat - Police Woman

Hepcat - Prison of Love

Hepcat - Skavez

Hepcat - The Secret

Hepcat - Train To Skaville

Herbert Grönemeyer - Die Härte

Herbert Grönemeyer - Morgenrot

Herbie Hancock - And What If I Don't

Herbie Hancock - Cantaloupe Island

Herbie Hancock - Dis Is Da Drum

Herbie Hancock - Hump

Herbie Hancock - Mojuba

Herbie Hancock - Rubber Soul

Herbie Hancock - Watermelon Man

Heredeiros Da Crus - Ella-Culasion Feros

Heredeiros Da Crus - Juan Ramon

Heredeiros Da Crus - Masame Vivo

Heredeiros Da Crus - O Fillo De Jose

Heredeiros Da Crus - Operasion Champu

Heredeiros Da Crus - Puta Cabuxa

Heredeiros Da Crus - Quero Josar

Heredeiros Da Crus - R7 (O Jran Batacaso)

Herman Finkers - De Autoverkoper

Herman Finkers - De Poezie Van Mijn Broer

Herman Finkers - Geen Jager, Geen Neger

Héroes del Silencio - Flor De Loto (Directo)

Hi-Five - Quality Time

Hi-Five - She Said

Hi-Five - She's Playing Hard To Get

Hi-Five - Whenever You Say

Hilary Stagg - A New Beginning

Hilary Stagg - Easy Days

Hilary Stagg - Feeling It All

Hilary Stagg - For My Love

Hilary Stagg - Lovers Reunion

Hilary Stagg - No Pressure

Hi-Standard - Sunny Day

Hoagy Carmichael feat. the Hoagy Carmichael Trio - The Old Music Master

Hocico - Atrocidad Desnuda

Hocico - Change

Hocico - Euthanasia

Hocico - Existence

Hocico - Our Death

Hocico - Slow Death

Hole - Asking For It

Hole - Credit in the Straight World

Hole - Doll Parts

Hole - Gutless

Hole - I Think That I Would Die

Hole - Jennifer's Body

Hole - Miss World

Hole - Olympia

Hole - Plump

Hole - Rock Star

Hole - She Walks On Me

Hole - Softer, Softest

Hole - Violet

Holly Cole - Alison

Hollywood Persuaders - Drums A Go-Go

Hood - (symbols)

Hood - A Thinly Veiled Excuse for Something More

Hood - An Oblique View of an Irrationally Happy Time

Hood - Church, Circular

Hood - Coastal Driftings

Hood - Evening Return

Hood - Fashion Mistake of the Decade

Hood - Highly Competitive Cut Throat World

Hood - Summers Last Annual

Hood - The Hay Harvest Had Special Charms

Hood - Untitled #2

Hootie & The Blowfish - Drowning

Hootie & The Blowfish - Goodbye

Hootie & The Blowfish - Hannah Jane

Hootie & The Blowfish - Hey, Hey What Can I Do - 2019 Remaster

Hootie & the Blowfish - Hold My Hand

Hootie & The Blowfish - I Go Blind - 2019 Remaster

Hootie & The Blowfish - I'm Goin' Home

Hootie & The Blowfish - Let Her Cry - 1991 Version

Hootie & the Blowfish - Let Her Cry

Hootie & The Blowfish - Look Away

Hootie & The Blowfish - Love the One You're With - 2019 Remaster

Hootie & The Blowfish - Not Even the Trees

Hootie & the Blowfish - Only Wanna Be With You

Hootie & The Blowfish - Running from an Angel

Hootie & The Blowfish - Time

Hootie And the Blowfish - Drowning

Hootie And the Blowfish - Goodbye

Hootie And the Blowfish - Hannah Jane

Hootie And the Blowfish - I'm Goin' Home

Hootie And the Blowfish - Let Her Cry

Hootie And the Blowfish - Look Away

Hootie And the Blowfish - Motherless Child

Hootie And the Blowfish - Running From An Angel

Horace Silver - Buhaina

Horace Silver - Creepin' In

Horace Silver - Ecaroh

Horace Silver - How About You

Horace Silver - I Remember You

Horace Silver - Knowledge Box

Horace Silver - Opus De Funk

Horace Silver - Prelude To A Kiss

Horace Silver - Quicksilver

Horace Silver - Room 608

Horace Silver - Silverware

Horace Silver - Stop Time

Horace Silver - Sweet Stuff

Horace Silver - Thou Swell

Hot Tuna - Bowlegged Woman, Knock Kneed Man

Hot Tuna - Embryonic Journey

Hot Tuna - Genesis

Hot Tuna - Killing Time in the Crystal City

Hot Tuna - Praise the Lord And Pass the Snakes

Hot Tuna - Talking 'Bout You

House of Freaks - A Whole Lot of Nothing Going On

House of Freaks - Fat Boy Tom

House of Freaks - Hey, Hey, Hey, Hey

House of Freaks - It's a Fucked Up World

House of Freaks - Lonely

House of Freaks - Motorbike

House of Freaks - My Lucky Day

House of Freaks - Reverberocket

House of Freaks - She Wore Red

House of Freaks - Stupid Things

House of Freaks - Sunday

House of Freaks - Whipping Boy

House of Large Sizes - Big Wet Fella

House of Large Sizes - I Have My Doubts

House of Pain - All That

House of Pain - I'm A Swing It

House of Pain - Interlude

House of Pain - It Ain't A Crime

House of Pain - Keep It Comin'

House of Pain - Over There Shit

House of Pain - Runnin' Up On Ya

House of Pain - Still Got A Lotta Love

House of Pain - Where I'm From

House of Pain - Word Is Bond

Howard Shore - Precedent

Howlin' Wolf - All My Life

Howlin' Wolf - Cause of It All

Howlin' Wolf - I Didn't Mean To Hurt Your Feelings

Howlin' Wolf - Rockin' the Blues

Howlin' Wolf - Shake It For Me

H-Town - Emotions

Huggy Bear - 16 + Suicide

Huggy Bear - Erotic Bleeding

Huggy Bear - Facedown

Huggy Bear - For Insecure Offenders

Huggy Bear - Immature Adolescence

Huggy Bear - Local Arrogance 1994

Huggy Bear - Obesity + Speed in 15 Refractions

Huggy Bear - On the Wolves Tip

Huggy Bear - Warming Rails

Huggy Bear - Why Im A Lawbreaker

Hugh Masekela - Abangoma

Hugh Masekela - Ade

Hugh Masekela - Child of the Earth

Hugh Masekela - Goin' Back To New Orleans

Hugh Masekela - Halese

Hugh Masekela - Hush (Somebody's Calling My Name)

Hugh Masekela - Johannesburg Hi-Lite Jive

Hugh Masekela - Mamani

Hugh Masekela - Mandela Bring Him Home

Hugh Masekela - Market Place

Hugh Masekela - Ntyilontyilo

Hugh Masekela - Stimela (Coal Train)

Hugh Masekela - Untill When

Human League - Tell Me When

human mesh dance - Wet Moon

Humate - Love Stimulation

Humate - Spacetribe

Humble Pie - I Don't Need No Doctor

HYPOCRISY - Orgy in Blood

HYPOCRISY - Reincarnation

HYPOCRISY - Slaughtered

HYPOCRISY - The Arrival of the Demons

I Roy - War and Friction

Iam - Je Danse Le Mia

Iam - Le Feu

Ice Cube - It Was A Good Day - Remix

Ice Cube - What Can I Do?

Ice Cube & Das EFX - Check Yo Self - Remix

Ice Mc - Afrikan Buzz

Ice Mc - It's A Rainy Day

Ice Mc - Labba Ling

Ice Mc - Look After Nature

Ice Mc - Run Fa Cover

Ice Mc - Russian Roulette

Ice Mc - Think About the Way

Ice Mc & Campbell I.C. - It's A Rainy Day

Ice Mc & Campbell I.C. - Think About The Way

Ike & Tina Turner - I Can't Believe What You Say

Ike & Tina Turner - Philadelphia Freedom

Ike & Tina Turner - Something's Got A Hold of Me

Ike And Tina Turner - Two Is A Couple

Ila Arun - Holiya Mein Ude Re Gulal (Jhankar)

Ile Axe - Batucada

Ile Axe - Calyps'o samb'

Ile Axe - Maracatu

Ile Axe - Que bloco esse

Ile Axe - Samba Isis

Ile Axe - Voix de cuir

Ill Al Skratch - Where My Homiez? (Come Around My Way)

Ill Al Skratch & Brian McKnight - I'll Take Her

Illapu - Baila Caporal

Illegal 2001 - Alles Aus Liebe

Illegal 2001 - Alles Klar

Illegal 2001 - Anneliese

Illegal 2001 - Auweia

Illegal 2001 - Beate

Illegal 2001 - Besoffen Von Dir

Illegal 2001 - Das Telefongespräch

Illegal 2001 - Dosenbier

Illegal 2001 - Du Fehlst Mir So

Illegal 2001 - Einmal Um Die Erde

Illegal 2001 - Helge

Illegal 2001 - Inselsong/Schluss, oder was?/Herpes Rap

Illegal 2001 - Katastrophe

Illegal 2001 - Mehr Dynamik

Illegal 2001 - Nur Mit Dir

Illegal 2001 - Robert

Illegal 2001 - Wieder Allein

Illinois Jacquet - Port of Rico

Illusion - Dansen in de Regen

Imagination feat. Leee John - I Like It

Immature - Constantly

Immature - I Don't Mind

Immature - Never Lie

Immolation - Away From God

Immolation - Christ's Cage

Immolation - Towards Earth

In Flames - Acoustic Piece ('93 Promo)

In Flames - Behind Space

In Flames - Clad in Shadows ('93 Promo)

In Flames - Dreamscape

In Flames - Everlost (Part I)

In Flames - Everlost Part Ii)

In Flames - Eye of the Beholder

In Flames - Hårgalåten

In Flames - in Flames ('93 Promo)

In Flames - Lunar Strain

In Flames - Starforsaken

In Flames - Upon An Oaken Throne ('93 Promo)

INDIA - Dicen Que Soy

INDIA - Ese Hombre

INDIA - Nunca Voy A Olvidarte

INDIA & Marc Anthony - Vivir Lo Nuestro

INDIA & Tito Nieves - No Me Conviene

Indigo - Give Love A Try

Indigo - Treat Me Like A Woman

Indigo Girls - Dead Man's Hill

Indigo Girls - Language Or the Kiss

Indigo Girls - Least Complicated

Indigo Girls - Mystery

Indigo Girls - Power of Two

Indigo Girls - Reunion

Indigo Girls - The Wood Song

Indigo Girls - This Train Revised

Infectious Grooves - Boom Boom Boom

Infectious Grooves - Cousin Randy

Infectious Grooves - Die Lika Pig

Infectious Grooves - Do What I Tell Ya!

Infectious Grooves - Frustrated Again

Infectious Grooves - GROOVE FAMILY CYCO

Infectious Grooves - Made It

Infectious Grooves - Rules Go Out the Window

Infectious Grooves - Violent & Funky

Infectious Grooves - Why?

Ini Kamoze & Salaam Remi - Here Comes the Hotstepper - Heartical Mix

Inkubus Sukkubus - Burning Times

Inkubus Sukkubus - Call Out My Name

Inkubus Sukkubus - Conquistadors

Inkubus Sukkubus - Gypsy Lament

Inkubus Sukkubus - Leveller

Inkubus Sukkubus - The Rape of Maude Bowen

Inner Circle - Games People Play

Insane Clown Posse - Chicken Huntin'

Insane Clown Posse - I Stuck Her With My Wang

Insane Clown Posse - Murder Go Round

Insane Clown Posse - Out

Insane Clown Posse - Santa's A Fat Bitch

Insane Clown Posse - Skitsofrantic

Insane Clown Posse - Southwest Song

Insane Clown Posse - The Smog

Inspiral Carpets - All of This And More

Inspiral Carpets - Cobra

Inspiral Carpets - Half Way There

Inspiral Carpets - I Don't Want To Go Blind

Inspiral Carpets - I Want You

Inspiral Carpets - Lovegrove

Inspiral Carpets - Party in the Sky

Inspiral Carpets - Plutoman

Inspiral Carpets - Saturn 5

Inspiral Carpets - The Way the Light Falls

Inspiral Carpets - Uniform

Interaction - Show Em How It Works (feat. Michelle Weeks)

Intocable - Fuego Eterno

Intocable - Mágico Amor

Intocable - Me Has Robado La Calma

Intocable - Muchachita

Intocable - No Me Vayas A Dejar

Intocable - Que Triste Estoy

Intocable - Si Comprendieras

Intocable - Vete Ya

Irene Grandi - Bum Bum ( Spanish Version )

Irene Grandi - Es Posible Que Tu Y Yo

Irene Grandi - La Cucina

Irene Grandi - Mille

Irene Grandi - Que' Vida Es

Irene Grandi - Sposati Subito !!

Irene Grandi - T.Q.M.

Irene Grandi - Vai Vai Vai

Irene Grandi - Ven Ven Ven

Isildurs Bane - Brazil Jack

Isildurs Bane - Den Fula Ankungen

Isildurs Bane - Second Step

Ismael Lo - Adou Calpe

Ismael Lo - Bode Gor (from the LP Xiff)

Ismael Lo - Ceddo (from the LP Xiff)

Ismael Lo - Diawar

Ismael Lo - Fa Diallo (from the LP Xalat)

Ismael Lo - Jalia

Ismael Lo - Mariama (from the LP Xalat)

Ismael Lo - Marie Lo (from the LP Xiff)

Ismael Lo - Taar Dousey

Ismaël Lo - Taar Dousey

Iva Bittova - Paraskeva

J Church - Birthday

J Church - No Doves Fly Here

J Church - Panama

J Church - Tide of Fate

J.B.O. - Ein guter Tag zum Sterben

J.B.O. - Fahrende Musikanten

J.B.O. - Melodien Für Melonen

J.J. Cale - Ain't Love Funny

J.J. Cale - Devil's Nurse

J.J. Cale - Hard Love

J.J. Cale - Long Way Home

J.J. Cale - Sho Biz Blues

J.J. Cale - Steve's Song

Jack Bruce - Bird Alone

Jack Bruce - Golden Days

Jack Bruce - Nsu

Jack Bruce - Politician

Jack Bruce - Running Thro' Our Hands

Jack Bruce - Spoonful


Jack Bruce feat. Clem Clempson feat. Ginger Baker - Sitting On Top of the World

Jack Off Jill - Boy Grinder

Jack Off Jill - Don't Wake the Baby

Jack Off Jill - My Cat

Jack Off Jill - Swollen

Jack Off Jill - Yellow Brick Road

Jackie & the Starlites - I Found Out Too Late

Jackopierce - Along For the Ride

Jackopierce - Be Your Man

Jackopierce - Capable Girl

Jackopierce - Forces

Jackopierce - Free

Jackopierce - Get To Know Me Better

Jackopierce - Iron John

Jackopierce - Jacob

Jackopierce - Late Shift

Jackopierce - Weather

Jackopierce - Witch in the Old Man

Jacky Terrasson - I Love Paris

Jackyl - Headed For Destruction

Jackyl - I Could Never Touch You Like You Do

Jackyl - Push Comes To Shove

Jackyl - Rock-A-Ho

Jackyl - Secret of the Bottle

Jacob Miller - False Rasta

Jacques Higelin - Aux Héros De La Voltige

Jacques Higelin - Beau Beau Ou Laid

Jacques Higelin - Le Dragonle Tigre Et La Geisha

Jaded Heart - Excuse

Jaded Heart - How Many Tears

Jaded Heart - Inside Out

Jagjit Singh - Hum To Hai Pardes

Jah Stitch - Black Harmony Killer

Jah Stitch - Greedy Girl

Jah Wobble's Invaders of the Heart - Amor

Jah Wobble's Invaders of the Heart - Angels

Jah Wobble's Invaders of the Heart - Becoming More Like God

Jah Wobble's Invaders of the Heart - Forever

Jah Wobble's Invaders of the Heart - God in the Beginning

Jah Wobble's Invaders of the Heart - I Am the Music

Jah Wobble's Invaders of the Heart - I Love Everybody

Jah Wobble's Invaders of the Heart - I'm An Algerian

Jah Wobble's Invaders of the Heart - No Change Is Sexy

Jah Wobble's Invaders of the Heart - Raga

Jah Wobble's Invaders of the Heart - Take Me To God

Jah Wobble's Invaders of the Heart - The Bonds of Love

Jah Wobble's Invaders of the Heart - When the Storm Comes

Jah Wobble's Invaders of the Heart - Whisky Priests

Jah Wobble's Invaders of the Heart - Yoga of the Nightclub

Jah Wobble's Invaders of the Heart feat. Chaka Demus & Pliers - Amor Dub

Jah Wobble's Invaders of the Heart feat. Dolores O'Riordan - The Sun Does Rise

Jahn Teigen - Caruso

Jahn Teigen - Ensom Natt

Jahn Teigen - Gi Meg Fri

Jaki Byard Quartet feat. Joe Farrell - Twelve

Jaki Graham - Ain't Nobody

Jaki Graham - The Facts of Love

Jale - 3 Days (Album)

Jale - Again (Album)

Jale - Emma (Album)

Jale - I'm Sorry (Album)

Jale - Lone Letter (Album)

Jale - Mend (Album)

Jale - Not Happy (Album)

Jale - Promise (Jimmy Beame Majestic Version) (Album)

Jale - River (Album)

Jale - The Unseen Ghost (Album)

Jale - To Be Your Friend (Album)

Jam & Spoon - Right in the Night (Fall in Love with Music)

James Chance & the Contortions - Jailhouse Rock

James Chance & the Contortions - Throw Me Away

James Chance & the Contortions - Twice Removed

James Darren - All

James Darren - Angel Face

James Darren - Because They're Young

James Darren - Gidget

James Darren - Goodby Cruel World

James Darren - Hail To the Conquering Hero

James Darren - Her Royal Majesty

James Darren - I Ain't Sharin' Sharon

James Darren - Just Think of Tonight

James Darren - Mary's Little Lamb

James Darren - Punch And Judy

James Darren - Put On A Happy Face

James Darren - The Life of the Party

James Darren - They Should Have Given You the Oscar

James Darren - You Take My Heart Away

James P Johnson - Snowy Morning Blues

James P Johnson - The Mule Walk

James P. Johnson - Snowy Morning Blues

James Taylor Quartet - Theme From Starsky & Hutch

Jamie Dee - Don't Be Shy

Jamie Dee - Dreaming Blue

Jamie Dee - Got To Keep On

Jamie Dee - It's All Over

Jamie Dee - I've Got My Love

Jamie Dee - Mystery of Love

Jamie Dee - Scream And Shout

Jamie Dee - So Good

Jamie Dee - The Best of You

Jamie Walters - Drive Me

Jamie Walters - Hold On

Jamie Walters - I Know the Game

Jamie Walters - Neutral Ground

Jamie Walters - No Rhyme, No Reason

Jamie Walters - Perfect World

Jamie Walters - Release Me

Jamie Walters - The Comfort of Strangers

Jamie Walters - The Distance

Jamie Walters - Why

Jamiroquai - Half the Man

Jamiroquai - Manifest Destiny

Jamiroquai - Morning Glory

Jamiroquai - Mr Moon

Jamiroquai - Scam

Jamiroquai - Space Cowboy

Jan De Wilde - De Fanfare Van Honger En Dorst

Jan Eggum - Bare Nerver

Jan Eggum - Kem Har Betalt Det?

Jan Garbarek & Cristobal de Morales & The Hilliard Ensemble - Parce Mihi Domine

Jan Garbarek, the Hilliard Ensemble - Ave maris stella (Guillaume Dufay)

Jan Garbarek, the Hilliard Ensemble - Beata viscera (Magister Perotinus)

Jan Garbarek, the Hilliard Ensemble - Credo (Anonymus)

Jan Garbarek, the Hilliard Ensemble - De spineto nata rosa (Anonymus)

Jan Garbarek, the Hilliard Ensemble - O salutaris hostia (Pierre de La Rue)

Jan Garbarek, the Hilliard Ensemble - Oratio leremiae (Anonymus)

Jan Garbarek, the Hilliard Ensemble - Parce mihi domine (Christóbal de Morales)

Jan Garbarek, the Hilliard Ensemble - Primo tempore (Anonymus)

Jan Garbarek, the Hilliard Ensemble - Procedentem sponsum (Anonymus)

Jan Garbarek, the Hilliard Ensemble - Pulcherrima rosa (Anonymus)

Jan Garbarek, the Hilliard Ensemble - Regnantem sempiterna (Anonymus)

Jan Garbarek, the Hilliard Ensemble - Sanctus (Anonymus)

Jan Garbarek, the Hilliard Ensemble - Virgo flagellatur (Anonymus)

Jane Siberry - It Can't Rain All the Time

Jane Wiedlin - Blue Kiss

Janet Jackson - 70's Love Groove

Janet Jackson - And On And On

Janet Jackson - Any Time, Any Place (Remixes)

Janet Jackson - Any Time, Any Place

Janie Frickie - It Ain't Easy Bein' Easy

Jann Arden - Insensitive

Japan - Visions of China

Jars of Clay - Art in Me

Jars of Clay - Frail

Jars of Clay - Like A Child

Jars of Clay - Liquid

Jason Weaver & Rowan Atkinson & Laura Williams - I Just Can't Wait to Be King - From 'The Lion King'/Soundtrack Version

Javier Solis - Mujer

Jawbox - 68

Jawbox - Breathe

Jawbox - Chicago Piano

Jawbox - Cooling Card

Jawbox - Cruel Swing

Jawbox - FF=66

Jawbox - Green Glass

Jawbox - LS/MFT

Jawbox - Reel

Jawbox - Savory

Jawbox - Sound On Sound

Jawbox - Thin White Line

Jawbox - U-Trau

Jawbox - Whitney Walks

Jawbreaker - Ache

Jawbreaker - Ashtray Monument

Jawbreaker - Condition Oakland

Jawbreaker - in Sadding Around

Jawbreaker - Indictment

Jay Perez - Si Te Portas Mal

Jay Perez - Son Tus Miradas

Jay Perez - Ven A Mi

Jean Ferrat - Pourtant la vie

Jean Michel Jarre - Oxygene 4

Jean-Jacques Goldman - Long Is the Road

Jeanne Moreau - Assez Dormi

Jeanne Moreau - Dans L'Eau Du Temps

Jeanne Moreau - Fille D'Amour

Jeanne Moreau - Fourmi

Jeanne Moreau - La Peur

Jeanne Moreau - La Politesse

Jeanne Moreau - Le Mordeur

Jeanne Moreau - Les Mains Sur Les Tempes

Jeanne Moreau - Les Wagons Longs De Lit

Jeanne Moreau - Madame Augarita

Jeanne Moreau - Peuplades

Jeanne Moreau - Trop Tard

Jeannie Seely - One Day At A Time

Jeff Buckley - Corpus Christi Carol

Jeff Buckley - Dream Brother

Jeff Buckley - Eternal Life

Jeff Buckley - Forget Her

Jeff Buckley - Grace

Jeff Buckley - Hallelujah

Jeff Buckley - Kanga-Roo

Jeff Buckley - Last Goodbye

Jeff Buckley - Lilac Wine

Jeff Buckley - Lover, You Should've Come Over

Jeff Buckley - Mama, You Been on My Mind - Studio Outtake - 1993

Jeff Buckley - Mojo Pin

Jeff Buckley - So Real

Jeff Buckley - Tongue

Jeff Foxworthy - Redneck Stomp

Jeff Linsky - Angel's Serenade

Jeff Mills - Condor To Mallorca

Jeff Mills - Life Cycle

Jeff Mills - Solid Sleep

Jeff Mills - The Extremist

Jeff Mills - Workers

Jeff Mills - Wrath of the Punisher

Jefferson Airplane - High Flying Bird

Jefferson Airplane - Uncle Sam Blues

Jello Biafra & Mojo Nixon - Are You Drinkin' With Me Jesus

Jennifer Holliday - And I'm Telling You I'm Not Going

Jennifer Holliday - Hallelujah, Amen!

Jennifer Holliday - Healing Hands

Jennifer Holliday - I'll Praise His Name

Jennifer Holliday - in Spite of It All

Jennifer Holliday - It Is Well With My Soul

Jennifer Holliday - Let Jesus Love You

Jennifer Holliday - On & On (Stronger)

Jennifer Holliday - Show Some Sign

Jennifer Holliday - To Teach Me

Jennifer Warnes - Come To Me

Jennifer Warnes - Could It Be Love

Jennifer Warnes - Don't Make Me Over

Jennifer Warnes - I Know A Heartache When I See One

Jennifer Warnes - I'm Dreaming

Jennifer Warnes - I'm Restless

Jennifer Warnes - It Goes Like It Goes - (From the 20th Century Fox Film 'Norma Rae')

Jennifer Warnes - Run To Her

Jennifer Warnes - Shot Through the Heart

Jennifer Warnes - When the Feeling Comes Around

Jennifer Warnes - You Remember Me

Jeremy Irons & Whoopi Goldberg & Cheech Marin & Jim Cummings - Be Prepared - From 'The Lion King' / Soundtrack Version

Jerry Goldsmith - The Journey Begins

Jerry Herman & Barbra Streisand & Lionel Newman & Lennie Hayton - Just Leave Everything To Me

Jerry Herman & Barbra Streisand & Louis Armstrong - Hello, Dolly!

Jeru the Damaja - Brooklyn Took It

Jeru The Damaja - Come Clean - E New Y Radio

Jeru the Damaja - Come Clean

Jeru the Damaja - D. Original

Jeru the Damaja - Da Bichez

Jeru the Damaja - Jungle Music

Jeru the Damaja - Mental Stamina

Jeru the Damaja - My Mind Spray

Jeru the Damaja - Perverted Monks in Tha House (Skit)

Jeru the Damaja - Statik

Jeru the Damaja - You Can't Stop the Prophet

Jhelisa - Baby God

Jhelisa - Death of A Soul Diva

Jhelisa - Delta Peace DubWise

Jhelisa - Delta Peace Treaty Special

Jhelisa - Friendly Pressure

Jhelisa - Galactica Rush

Jhelisa - Hold My Peace

Jhelisa - Secret Place

Jhelisa - Whirl Keeps Turning

Jim Brickman - American Dream

Jim Brickman - Blue

Jim Brickman - Borders

Jim Brickman - I Said... You Said

Jim Brickman - Old Times

Jim Brickman - Open Doors

Jim Brickman - Rocket To the Moon

Jim Brickman - Wanderlust

Jim Brickman & Martina McBride - Valentine

Jim Brickman Collin Raye Susan Ashton feat. Collin Raye & Susan Ashton - The Gift

Jim Brickman feat. Jordan Hill & Billy Porter - Destiny

Jim Chappell - A Very Pleasant Place To Be

Jim Chappell - Clean Breeze

Jim Chappell - Flower

Jim Chappell - Gone

Jim Chappell - Holiday

Jim Chappell - in the Hills

Jim Chappell - Interlude

Jim Chappell - On Our Way

Jim Chappell - Precious Memories

Jim Chappell - Rainbow Land

Jim Chappell - September Sun

Jim Chappell - Song For Sunday Morning

Jim Chappell - Sunset On the Bay

Jim Chappell - Windy Summer

Jim Reeves - According To My Heart

Jim Reeves - I'd Like To Be

Jim Reeves - Softly and Tenderly

Jimi Hendrix - Born Under a Bad Sign

Jimi Hendrix - Catfish Blues

Jimi Hendrix - Hear My Train A Comin' (Acoustic)

Jimi Hendrix - Hear My Train A Comin' (Electric)

Jimi Hendrix - Mannish Boy

Jimi Hendrix - Once I Had A Woman

Jimi Hendrix - Red House

Jimi Hendrix - She's A Fox

Jimi Hendrix - Sweet Thing

Jimi Hendrix - Villanova Junction

Jimi Hendrix - Voodoo Chile Blues

Jimi Hendrix - Woodstock Improvisation

Jimmie Dale Gilmore - Tonight I think I'm Gonna Go Downtown

Jimmie Vaughan - (Everybody's Got) Sweet Soul Vibe

Jimmie Vaughan - Boom Bapa Boom

Jimmie Vaughan - Don't Cha Know

Jimmie Vaughan - Flamenco Dancer

Jimmie Vaughan - Just Like Putty

Jimmie Vaughan - Love the World

Jimmie Vaughan - Six Strings Down

Jimmie Vaughan - Strange Pleasure (Modern Backporch Duende)

Jimmie Vaughan - Tilt A Whirl

Jimmy Buffett - Delaney Talks To Statues

Jimmy Buffett - Fruitcakes

Jimmy Buffett - Uncle John's Band

Jimmy Cliff - I Can See Clearly Now

Jimmy Dorsey & His Orchestra - Together

Jimmy Eat World - If You Don't, Don't

Jimmy LaFave - Austin After Midnight

Jimmy LaFave - Cafe in the Rain

Jimmy LaFave - Dark Dancing Eyes

Jimmy LaFave - Early Summer Rain

Jimmy LaFave - Get It, Got It, Good

Jimmy LaFave - Give Your Sweet Love to Me

Jimmy LaFave - I've Got Your Picture

Jimmy LaFave - Leslie, Talk to Me

Jimmy LaFave - Minstrel Boy Howling at the Moon

Jimmy LaFave - Prayer for You

Jimmy LaFave - Route 66 Revisited

Jimmy LaFave - The Open Road

Jimmy LaFave - The Perfect Combination

Jimmy LaFave - When I See You Again

Jimmy McGriff - I've Got A Woman (Part 1)

Jimmy Nail - Angel

Jimmy Nail - Calling Out Your Name

Jimmy Nail - Crocodile Shoes

Jimmy Nail - Don't Wanna Go Home

Jimmy Nail - Love Will Find Someone For You

Jimmy Nail - Only One Heart

Jimmy Ruffin - Honey Come Back

Jimmy Ruffin - You've Got What It Takes

Jimmy Witherspoon - Corrine Corrina

Jimmy Witherspoon - Kansas City

Jive Bunny - The JB Shuffle

Jo Stafford - It Could Happen To You

Jo Stafford - My Romance

Jo Stafford - The Gentleman Is A Dope

Joan Manuel Serrat - Te guste o no

Joanie Bartels - Twinkle, Twinkle -

Joanie Sommers - Dear Heart

Joanne Brackeen - Ponta De Areia

Joanne Brackeen - Recado Bossa Nova

Joaquin Sabina - Besos Con Sal

Joaquin Sabina - Ganas De...

Joaquin Sabina - Ruido

Jocelyn Brown - Somebody Elses Guy

Jody Williams - Lucky Lou

Joe - The One for Me

Joe Cocker - Have a Little Faith In Me

Joe Cocker - Out of the Blue

Joe Cocker - Summer in the City

Joe Cocker - Take Me Home

Joe Cocker - The Simple Things

Joe Cocker - You Can Leave Your Hat On

Joe Cuba - El Pito (I'll Never Go Back to Georgia)

Joe Diffie - Good Brown Gravy

Joe Diffie - I'm No Stranger To the Rain

Joe Diffie - Junior's In Love

Joe Diffie - Pickup Man

Joe Diffie - So Help Me Girl

Joe Diffie - Third Rock from the Sun

Joe feat. Darkman - I'm in Luve

Joe Henderson - Black Is the Color (Of My True Love's Mind)

Joe Henderson - Canyon Lady

Joe Henderson - Lazy Afternoon

Joe Henderson - Mind Over Matter

Joe Henderson - Opus One-Point-Five

Joe Henderson - Out 'n' In

Joe Henderson - The Bead Game

Joe Jackson - Flying

Joe Jackson - Nocturne No. 1

Joe Jackson - Nocturne No. 3

Joe Jackson - The Man Who Wrote Danny Boy

Joe 'King' Carrasco and the Crowns - Party Weekend

Joe Louis Walker - Going To Canada

Joe Louis Walker - Hold On

Joe Louis Walker - Inner City Man

Joe McBride - Walking In Rhythm

Joe Roberts - Lover

Joe Williams & Count Basie - Every Day I Have the Blues

Joey Beltram - Drome

Joey Beltram - Fuzz

Joey Beltram - Life Force

Joey Beltram - Ogo

Joey Beltram - The Next

Joey Beltram - The Start It Up

Joey Beltram - Work Dat

Johann Pachelbel & Berliner Philharmoniker & Herbert von Karajan & Frank Maus - Canon and Gigue in D major - arr. Max Seiffert: 1. Canon

Johann Sebastian Bach & Emma Kirkby & Lisa Beznosiuk & Academy of Ancient Music & Christopher Hogwood - Schweigt stille, plaudert nicht Cantata, BWV 211 'Coffee Cantata': 4. Arie: Ei! wie smeckt Coffee suße

Johann Sebastian Bach & Klaus-Peter Hahn - Suite for Violoncello Solo No. 1 in G Major, BWV 1007: I. Prelude

Johann Sebastian Bach & Ralph Kirshbaum - Bach, J.S.: Cello Suite No. 1 in G Major, BWV 1007: I. Prelude

Johann Sebastian Bach & Ralph Kirshbaum - Bach, J.S.: Cello Suite No. 2 in D Minor, BWV 1008: I. Prelude

Johann Sebastian Bach & Ralph Kirshbaum - Bach, J.S.: Cello Suite No. 3 in C Major, BWV 1009: I. Prelude

Johann Sebastian Bach & Ralph Kirshbaum - Bach, J.S.: Cello Suite No. 6 in D Major, BWV 1012: IV. Sarabande

Johannes Brahms & Idil Biret - 16 Waltzes, Op. 39: No. 15 In A Flat Major

John Coltrane Quartet - I Want To Talk About You

John Cougar Mellencamp & Me'Shell Ndegeocello - One Wild Night

John Doan - Farewell

John Fahey - The First Noel

John Farnham - Seemed Like A Good Idea (At the Time)

John Field', 'Miceal O'Rourke - Variations on Kamarinskaya, H. 22a

John Frusciante - Been Insane

John Frusciante - Big Takeover

John Frusciante - Curtains

John Frusciante - Head (Beach Arab)

John Frusciante - Mascara

John Frusciante - Running Away Into You

John Frusciante - Skin Blues

John Frusciante - Ten To Butter Blood Voodoo

John Frusciante - Untitled #10

John Frusciante - Untitled #12

John Frusciante - Untitled #13

John Frusciante - Untitled #2

John Frusciante - Untitled #5

John Frusciante - Untitled #8

John Frusciante - Your Pussy's Glued To A Building On Fire

John Gorka - Always Going Home

John Gorka - Bigtime Lonesome

John Gorka - Carnival Knowledge (second hand face)

John Gorka - Flying Red Horse

John Gorka - Furniture

John Gorka - Good Noise

John Gorka - Mystery To Me

John Gorka - Out of the Valley

John Gorka - Talk About Love

John Gorka - That's Why

John Gorka - Thoughtless Behaviour

John Gorka - Up Until Then

John Mayall & the Bluesbreakers - Edmonton - Cooks Ferry Inn (Speech only - impromptu)

John McEuen - Red Wing

John Mellencamp - Dance Naked

John Mellencamp & Meshell Ndegeocello - Wild Night

John Michael Montgomery - All in My Heart

John Michael Montgomery - Be My Baby Tonight

John Michael Montgomery - Friday At Five

John Michael Montgomery - I Swear / Dream On Texas Ladies [Digital 45]

John Michael Montgomery - I Swear

John Michael Montgomery - Rope the Moon

John Michael Montgomery - She Don't Need A Band To Dance

John Prine - Christmas in Prison

John Scofield & Pat Metheny - The Red One

Johnny Adams - Baby I Love You

Johnny Adams - Don't Let the Green Grass Fool You

Johnny Adams - Give Me a Chance

Johnny Adams - Hell Yes I Cheated

Johnny Adams - I Only Want to Be With You

Johnny Adams - Love Me Now

Johnny Adams - Nothing Takes the Place of You

Johnny Adams - One Fine Day

Johnny Adams - Our Day Will Come

Johnny Adams - Share Your Love

Johnny Adams - Spanish Harlem

Johnny Adams - Stand By Me

Johnny Adams - Stay With Me

Johnny Adams - Tell It Like It Is

Johnny Adams - Who Will the Next Fool Be

Johnny Adams - Your Love Is All I Need

Johnny Alf - Um Tema P'ro Simon

Johnny Cash - A Little At A Time

Johnny Cash - Delia's Gone

Johnny Cash - Forever Young

Johnny Cash - Tennessee Stud

Johnny Cash - The Beast in Me

Johnny Cash - Thirteen

Johnny Copeland - Another Man's Wife

Johnny Copeland - Bye, Bye Baby

Johnny Copeland - Catch Up With the Blues

Johnny Copeland - Cold, Cold Winter

Johnny Copeland - Every Dog's Got His Day

Johnny Copeland - I'm Creepin'

Johnny Copeland - Life's Rainbow (Nature Song)

Johnny Copeland - Making A Fool of Myself

Johnny Copeland - Pedal To the Metal

Johnny Copeland - Rain

Johnny Copeland - Rolling With the Punches

Johnny Copeland - The Grammy Song

Johnny Hartman - Waltz For Debby

Johnny Hodges - Hodge Podge

Johnny Hodges - Jeep's Blues

Johnny Hodges - One For the Duke

Johnny Hodges - The Last Time I Saw Paris

Johnny Hodges and Hist Orchestra - Jeep's Blues

Johnny Lytle - Minor Soul

Johnny Mathis - Starbright

Johnny O. - We Can't Go On This Way

Johnny Otis - Bad Luck Shadow

Johnny Pacheco feat. Pete 'Conde' Rodriguez - La Esencia Del Guaguanco

Johnny Pacheco feat. Pete 'Conde' Rodriguez - Los Compadres Seguiran

Johnny Paycheck - For A Minute There

Johnny Paycheck - Heaven's Almost As Big As Texas

Johnny Paycheck - I'm the Only Hell (Mama Ever Raised)

Johnny Paycheck - Mr. Lovemaker

Johnny Paycheck - Someone To Give My Love To

Johnny Paycheck - Something About You I Love

Johnny Paycheck - Song And Dance Man

Johnny Thunders - Sad Vacation

Johnny Thunders & The Heartbreakers - Chinese Rocks

Johnny Van Zant Band - Coming Home

Johnny Winter - Going Down Slow

Johnny Winter - Johnny B. Good

Jon Bon Jovi - Blaze Of Glory

Jon Cleary - Big Chief

Jon Cleary - Burnt Mouth Boogie

Jon Cleary - C'mon Second Line

Jon Cleary - Go Ahead Baby

Jon Cleary - Groove Me

Jon Cleary - in the Mood

Jon Cleary - Let Them Talk

Jon Cleary - Long Distance Lover

Jon Cleary - Pick Up the Pieces

Jon Secada - Don't Be Silly

Jon Secada - Eyes of A Fool

Jon Secada - Fat Chance

Jon Secada - Good Feelings

Jon Secada - If You Go

Jon Secada - Mental Picture

Jon Secada - Stay

Jon Secada - Take Me

Jon Secada - Tuyo (Take Me)

Jon Secada - Where Do I Go From You

Jon Secada - Whipped

Jona Lewie - Louise

Jonathan King - Hooked On a Feeling

Joni Mitchell - Borderline

Joni Mitchell - Last Chance Lost

Joni Mitchell - Sex Kills

Joni Mitchell - Turbulent Indigo

Joni Mitchell - Yvette in English

Jonn Serrie - Aftervisions

Jonn Serrie - Continuum

Jonn Serrie - First Night Out

Jonn Serrie - On a Frontier of Fables

Jopan - Drift-ice

Jope Ruonansuu - Manun humppa

Jorge Ben Jor - Alcohol

Jorge Ben Jor - Oba, Lá Vem Ela

Jorge Drexler - Cerca Del Mar

Jorge Drexler - El valle de las leñas amarillas

Jorge Drexler - Era De Amar

Jorge Drexler - No te creas

Jorge Drexler - Tu Voyeur

Jorge Drexler - Veneno

Jorge Luis Cabrera con Banda Tierra Blanca - Música Romántica

Jose Cid - 20 Anos

Jose Cid - No Dia Em Que O Rei Fez Anos

Jose Luis Perales - Gente Maravillosa

Jose Padilla - Agua

Joseph Williams & Sally Dworsky & Nathan Lane & Ernie Sabella & Kristle Edwards - Can You Feel the Love Tonight - From 'The Lion King' / Soundtrack Version

Joshua Redman Quartet - Alone in the Morning

Joshua Redman Quartet - Chill

Joshua Redman Quartet - Dialogue

Joshua Redman Quartet - Faith

Joshua Redman Quartet - Headin' Home

Joshua Redman Quartet - Obsession

Joshua Redman Quartet - Past in the Present

Joshua Redman Quartet - Rejoice

Joshua Redman Quartet - Sweet Sorrow

Joshua Redman Quartet - The Oneness of Two (In Three)

Joshua Rifkin - Bethena - A Concert Waltz

Joshua Rifkin - Country Club - Ragtime Two-Step

Joshua Rifkin - Elite Synchopations (1902)

Joshua Rifkin - Euphonic Sounds - A Synchopated Novelty

Joshua Rifkin - Fig Leaf Rag

Joshua Rifkin - Gladiolus Rag

Joshua Rifkin - Magnetic Rag - Synchopations Classiques

Joshua Rifkin - Maple Leaf Rag

Joshua Rifkin - Paragon Rag

Joshua Rifkin - Pine Apple Rag

Joshua Rifkin - Scott Joplin's New Rag

Joshua Rifkin - Solace - A Mexican Serenade

Joshua Rifkin - Stoptime Rag

Joshua Rifkin - The Cascades - A Rag

Joshua Rifkin - The Entertainer - A Ragtime Two-Step

Joshua Rifkin - The Ragtime Dance

Joshua Rifkin - Weeping Willow - A Ragtime Two-Step

Jovanotti - Dammi Spazio

Jovanotti - Io Ti Cerchero

Jovanotti - Penso positivo

Jovanotti - Piove

Jovanotti - Serenata Rap

Jovanotti - Si Va Via

Jovanotti - Viene Sera

Joy Electric - Buttercup Fairy Jamboree

Joy Electric - Candy Cane Carriage

Joy Electric - Drum Machine Joy

Joy Electric - Every Boy And Girl Falls in Love

Joy Electric - Never Be A Star

Joy Electric - Sweet, Sweet Charity

Joy Electric - The Girl From Rosewood Lane

Jr. Walker & the All Stars - What Does It Take (To Win Your Love)

Jude Taylor & His Burning Flames - Bogalusa Boogie

Jude Taylor & His Burning Flames - Cold Hearted Woman

Jude Taylor & His Burning Flames - Everybody Zydeco

Jude Taylor & His Burning Flames - Hound Dog Roll

Jude Taylor & His Burning Flames - J. T. Boogie

Jude Taylor & His Burning Flames - La La Zydeco

Jude Taylor & His Burning Flames - My Baby, She's Gone

Jude Taylor & His Burning Flames - Poor Boy Blues

Jude Taylor & His Burning Flames - Strokin'

Jude Taylor & His Burning Flames - The Thrill Is Gone

Judge Dread - Big 7

Judge Dread - Christmas in Dreadland

Judge Dread - Grandad's Flannelette Nightshirt

Judge Dread - Molly

Judy Cheeks - So in Love (The Real Deal) (West End 'In Love' Mix)

Judy Collins - Cherry Tree Carol

Judy Collins - I'll Be Home for Christmas

Judy Collins - Let It Snow

Judy Garland - Embraceable You - 1940 Single Version

Judy Garland - Over the Rainbow

Jughead's Revenge - Angels

Jughead's Revenge - Breaking Worlds

Jughead's Revenge - C-Biscuit

Jughead's Revenge - Do And Die

Jughead's Revenge - Eliminator

Jughead's Revenge - Get By

Jughead's Revenge - Measured in Time

Jughead's Revenge - Outro

Jughead's Revenge - Red

Jughead's Revenge - Show the World

Jughead's Revenge - Silver Spoon

Jughead's Revenge - The Message

Juice Leskinen - Ikuinen rakkaus

Juice Leskinen - Luonas kai olla saan

Juice Leskinen - Marilyn

Juice Leskinen - Musta aurinko nousee

Juice Leskinen - Myrkytyksen oireet

Juice Leskinen - Pyhä toimitus

Juice Leskinen - Rakas

Juice Leskinen - Rakkauden ammattilainen

Juice Leskinen - Ryvetetty kyyhkynen

Julia Fordham - Blue Sky

Julia Fordham - Caged Bird

Julia Fordham - Different Time Different Place

Julia Fordham - Falling Forward

Julia Fordham - Honeymoon

Julia Fordham - Hope Prayer And Time

Julia Fordham - I Can't Help Myself

Julia Fordham - Love And Forgiveness

Julia Fordham - River

Julia Fordham - Safe

Julia Fordham - Threadbare

Julian Cope - Ain't No Getting' Round Getting' Round

Julian Cope - Madmax

Juliane Werding - Niemand Hat Zeit

Juliane Werding - Sie Sind Gegangen (The Party Is Over)

Julien Clerc - Ma Préférence

Julien Clerc - Utile

Juliet Roberts - Again

Juliet Roberts - Caught in the Middle (Gospel Revival Edition) (Edit)

Juliet Roberts - Caught in the Middle (Gospel Revival Edition)

Juliet Roberts - Eyes of A Child

Juliet Roberts - Force of Nature

Juliet Roberts - Free Love (Original 7'')

Juliet Roberts - Life Goes Around

Juliet Roberts - Natural Thing

Juliet Roberts - Save It

Juliet Roberts - September

Juliet Roberts - Someone Like You

Juliet Roberts - Tell Me

Julio Iglesias - Crazy

Julio Iglesias - Fragile

Julio Iglesias - When You Tell Me That You Love Me

Jungle Juice - Loves Ecstasy / Egyptian Magician

Junior Kimbrough - I'm Gonna Have To Leave Here

Junior Kimbrough And the Soul Blues Boys - Crawling King Snake

Junior Kimbrough And the Soul Blues Boys - I'm Gonna Have To Leave Here

Junior Kimbrough And the Soul Blues Boys - I'm in Love

Junior Kimbrough And the Soul Blues Boys - Lonesome in My Home

Junior Kimbrough And the Soul Blues Boys - My Mind Is Rambling

Junior Klan - Esa Noche

Junior Klan - Ese No Es Mejor Que Yo

Junior Klan - La Escuela Del Amor

Junior Mance - Zabuda

Junior Reid - All Fruits Ripe

Junior Reid - Cry Now

Junior Reid - Dance Nah Keep

Junior Reid - Dreadlocks in the White House

Junior Reid - Free That Little Tree

Junior Reid - Friend Enemy

Junior Reid - Gun Court

Junior Reid - Him A Touch It Again

Junior Reid - Hospital, Cemetery Or Jail

Junior Reid - Me Have the View

Junior Reid - Mr. Talkabout

Junior Reid - No Loafting

Junior Reid - Youth Man

Junior Vasquez - Get Your Hands Off My Man (Dubstrumental)

Junior Vasquez - Get Your Hands Off My Man (Junior's Wedding March)

Junior Vasquez - Get Your Hands Off My Man (Nush 8 AM Dub)

Junior Vasquez - Get Your Hands Off My Man (The Big Dub)

Junior Vasquez - Get Your Hands Off My Man

Junior Vasquez Robert Aaron Edwige Junior Vasquez Translucent Remix - Junior Vasquez Translucent Remix

Justin Tubb - I Gotta Go Get My Baby

JX - Son of A Gun

K London Posse - Caught In Luv (feat. Dawn Tallman) [Remix Project]

K London Posse - Caught In Luv (feat. Dawn Tallman)

K. S. Chithra - Kehna Hi Kya - Bombay / Soundtrack Version

K7 - Come Baby Come

Kabát - Colorado


Kabat - OU JIPI JE

Kabát - Starej bar

Kamelot - Honolulu

Kanda Bongo Man - Sana

Karat - Abendstimmung

Karat - Ballade von den sieben Geistern

Karat - Die Burg

Karat - Die sieben Wunder der Welt

Karat - Regenbogen

Karat - Reggae Rita Star

Karat - Such ein Zimmer

Karat - Und ich liebe dich

Kari Bremnes - De Halve Setningers Gudinner

Kari Tapio - Haavetango

Kari Tapio - Kaikki jäikö viime kertaan

Kari Tapio - Kuin liito linnun

Kari Tapio - Merten mies

Kari Tapio - On yksi ruusu

Kari Tapio - Tää käsi pitää

Kari Tapio - Tuhat kilsaa hevonkuuseen

Karina - Se Como Duele

Karla Bonoff & Vince Gill - When Will I Be Loved

Karrin Allyson - Dindi

Karrin Allyson - I Cover the Waterfront

Karrin Allyson - I Love Paris

Karrin Allyson - in A Sentimental Mood

Karrin Allyson - No Moon At All

Karrin Allyson - Social Call

Karrin Allyson - Yeh Yeh

Karrin Allyson - You Are Too Beautiful

Karyn White - Can I Stay with You

Karyn White - Hungah

Kasia Kowalska - Do Zludzenia

Kasia Kowalska - Dziwny Jest Ten Swiat

Kasia Kowalska - Heart of Green

Kasia Kowalska - I Need You

Kasia Kowalska - I Never Loved A Man

Kasia Kowalska - Kto Moze To Dac

Kasia Kowalska - No Quarter

Kasia Kowalska - Oto Ja

Kasia Kowalska - Wyznanie

KATAKLYSM - Vision the Chaos

Kathy Mattea - Christ Child Lullaby

Kathy Troccoli - All of My Life

Kathy Troccoli - Fallin'

Kathy Troccoli - If I'm Not in Love

Kathy Troccoli - Mission of Love

Kathy Troccoli - My Life Is in Your Hands

Kathy Troccoli - Never My Love

Kathy Troccoli - Takin' A Chance

Kathy Troccoli - Tell Me Where It Hurts

Katy Moffatt - Ruin This Romance




Kazumasa Oda - ラブ・ストーリーA¯çªç„¶A«

KC & the Sunshine Band - Boogie Shoes

KC & the Sunshine Band - Get Down Tonight

KC & The Sunshine Band - I Get Lifted

KC & the Sunshine Band - That's the Way (I Like It)

Keali I Reichel - Akaka Falls

Keali I Reichel - Come Sail Away

Keali I Reichel - E Ho'i I Ka Pili

Keali I Reichel - If We Hold On Together

Keali I Reichel - in My Life

Keali I Reichel - Pua Mikinolia

Keali I Reichel - Wanting Memories

Keali'i Reichel - Kauanoeanuhea

Kealii Reichel - Kawaipunahele

Keali'i Reichel - Kawaipunahele

Keali'i Reichel - Wanting Memories

Keb' Mo' - Am I Wrong

Keb' Mo' - Angelina

Keb' Mo' - Don't Try To Explain

Keb' Mo' - Every Morning

Keb' Mo' - Kindhearted Woman Blues

Keb' Mo' - Love Blues

Keb' Mo' - Peter Maffay

Keb' Mo' - She Just Wants To Dance

Keb' Mo' - Soon As I Get Paid

Keb' Mo' - Tell Everybody I Know

Keb' Mo' - Victims of Comfort

Keb'Mo' - Anybody Seen My Girl

Keely Smith - Don't Take Your Love From Me

Keely Smith - East of the Sun

Keely Smith - Fools Rush In

Keely Smith - I Can't Get Started

Keely Smith - I'll Never Smile Again

Keely Smith - The Song Is You

Keely Smith - What Kind of Fool Am I?

Keely Smith - You Go To My Head

Keith Hudson - Black Heart

Keith Hudson - Blood Brother

Keith Hudson - Don't Move

Keith Hudson - Dreaded Than

Keith Hudson - in the Rain

Keith Hudson - Michael Talbot Affair

Keith Hudson - Pick A Dub

Keith Hudson - Satia

Keith Jarrett Trio - Pretty Ballad

Keith Murray - The Most Beautifullest Thing In This World

Keith Sweat - Come Into My Bedroom

Keith Sweat - Feel So Good

Keith Sweat - For You (You Got Everything)

Keith Sweat - Get Up On It (feat. Kut Klose)

Keith Sweat - Grind On You

Keith Sweat - How Do You Like It? (Part 1)

Keith Sweat - How Do You Like It? (Part 2) (Gangsta Mix)

Keith Sweat - Interlude (How Do You Like It?)

Keith Sweat - Intermission Break

Keith Sweat - It Gets Better

Keith Sweat - My Whole World

Keith Sweat - Telephone Love

Keith Sweat - When I Give My Love

Keith Sweat (Featuring Roger Troutman) - Put Your Lovin' Through the Test (Featuring Roger Troutman)

Keith Sweat Kut Klose feat. Kut Klose - Get up on It

Keith Sweat Roger feat. Roger Troutman - Put Your Lovin' Through the Test

Keith Whitley - Charlotte's in North Carolina

Keith Whitley - I'm Gonna Hurt Her On the Radio

keller williams - Chillin'

keller williams - Shapes of Change

keller williams - The Juggler

keller williams - The Miss Annie Overture in A

keller williams - The River

keller williams - Turn in Difference

Kelly Joe Phelps - Hard Time Killin' Floor Blues

Kelly Joe Phelps - I'd Be a Rich Man

Kelly Joe Phelps - Jesus Make Up My Dying Bed

Kelly Joe Phelps - Lead Me On

Kelly Joe Phelps - Love Me Baby Blues

Kelly Joe Phelps - Marking Stone Blues

Kelly Joe Phelps - The Black Crow Keeps on Flying

Kelly Willis - Heaven's Just A Sin Away

Ken Boothe - Duke of Earl - Original

Ken Boothe - Duke of Earl

Ken Boothe - Not For Sale Girl - Original

Kendra Shank, Larry Willis Quartet - Afterglow

Kendra Shank, Larry Willis Quartet - Almost Blue

Kendra Shank, Larry Willis Quartet - Devil May Care

Kendra Shank, Larry Willis Quartet - I Have the Feeling I've Been Here Before

Kendra Shank, Larry Willis Quartet - Left Alone

Kendra Shank, Larry Willis Quartet - Tes Yeux Bémol

Kendra Smith - Bold Marauder

Kenny Barron - I Should Care

Kenny Barron - Mythology

Kenny Barron - Trinkle Tinkle

Kenny Burrell - Last Night When We Were Young

Kenny Burrell - Soft Winds

Kenny Chesney - The Tin Man

Kenny Dope Presents Kim English - Nitelife Encore

Kenny G - Away in A Manger

Kenny G - Brahms Lullaby

Kenny G - Greensleeves (What Child Is This?)

Kenny G - Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas

Kenny G - Little Drummer Boy

Kenny G - White Christmas

Kenny G - Winter Wonderland

Kenny Ho - Zhong Tou Zuo Qi

Kenny Larkin - Azimuth

Kenny Larkin - Doppler

Kenny Larkin - ESP

Kenny Larkin - Funk in Space

Kenny Larkin - Harmonics

Kenny Larkin - Hello

Kenny Larkin - My Travels

Kenny Larkin - Tedra

Kenny Larkin - Track

Kenny Larkin - Wires

Kenny Loggins - All the Pretty Little Ponies

Kenny Loggins - Cody's Song

Kenny Loggins - Love

Kenny Loggins - Neverland Medley

Kenny Loggins - Rainbow Connection

Kenny Loggins - Return To Pooh Corner

Kenny Loggins - St. Judy's Comet

Kenny Loggins - The Horses

Kenny Loggins - The Last Unicorn

Kenny Loggins - To-Ra-Loo-Ra

Kenny Raskin & Burke Moses & Sarah Solie Shannon & Paige Price & Linda Talcott - Gaston

Kenny Rogers - Today I Started Loving You Again

Kenny Rogers - While the Feeling's Good

Kenny Werner - Guru

Kenny Werner Trio - Guru

Keola Beamer - Kalena Kai

Khadja Nin - Wale Watu

Kikki Danielsson - Min barndoms jular

Kiko Veneno - La Catastrofe Mayor

Kiko Veneno - La Muchachita (Canción Antinacionalista Zamorana)

Kiko Veneno - Los Delincuentes

Kiko Veneno - San José de Arimatea

Kim English - Nitelife - 2012 Remixes

Kim English - Nitelife

Kim Weston - Absent Minded Lover

King Britt - Supernatural (feat. Ursula Rucker)

King Cobb Steelie - 80% Knockout

King Cobb Steelie - Gamblore/All Flights Go to Moscow

King Cobb Steelie - Italian Ufology Today

King Cobb Steelie - Lunar Rotisserie

King Cobb Steelie - Mano Ponderosa

King Cobb Steelie - Maynard

King Cobb Steelie - Slump

King Cobb Steelie - Technique

King Cobb Steelie - The Pollinator

King Cobb Steelie - Triple Oceanic Experience

King Floyd - Groove Me

King Floyd - I Feel Like Dynamite

King Floyd - I Really Love You

King Kurt - Zulu Joe

King Missile - Bloodletting

King Missile - Delores

King Missile - Happy Note

King Missile - King David's Dirge

King Missile - Let's Have Sex

King Missile - Lies

King Missile - Love Is

King Missile - Open Up

King Missile - Pigs Will Fly

King Missile - Psalm

King Missile - The Commercial

King Missile - The Dishwasher

King Missile - These People

King Missile - Tongue

King Missile - What If

King Missile - Wind-Up Toys

King's X - Black the Sky

King's X - Complain

King's X - Dogman

King's X - Human Behaviour

King's X - Manic Depression

King's X - Pillow

King's X - Shoes

King's X - Sunshine Rain

Kingston Trio - Hard Ain't It Hard

Kingston Wall - Another Piece of Cake

Kingston Wall - For All Mankind

Kingston Wall - Take You To Sweet Harmony

Kingston Wall - The Real Thing

Kingston Wall - Time

Kingston Wall - Welcome To the Mirrorland

Kingston Wall - When Something Old Dies

Kispal Es A Borz - Autók A Tenger Felé

Kispal Es A Borz - Bujtogató


Kispal Es A Borz - Halszív

Kispal Es A Borz - UFO

Kitaro - Dance of Sand

Kitaro - Dance of Sarasvati

Kitaro - Winds of Youth

Kitchens of Distinction - Cowboys and Aliens

Kitchens of Distinction - Now It's Time to Say Goodbye

Kitchens of Distinction - Remember Me?

Kitchens of Distinction - What We Really Wanted To Do

K-Klass - What You're Missing (Cream Dub)

K-Klass - What You're Missing

Kool & The Gang - Ladies Night - Single Version

Kool & the Gang - Let's Go Dancin' (Ohh La, La La)

Kool & the Gang - Take My Heart (You Can Have It If You Want It)

Korn - Ball Tongue

Korn - Blind

Korn - Clown

Korn - Daddy

Korn - Divine

Korn - Faget

Korn - Fake

Korn - Helmet in the Bush

Korn - Lies

Korn - Need To

Korn - Predictable

Korn - Shoots and Ladders

Kostia - Secret Garden

Köttgrottorna - Sandlåda

Kris de Bruyne - Amsterdam

Krisiun - They Call Me Death

Krisiun - Unmerciful Order

Kristin Hersh - A Loon

Kristin Hersh - Close Your Eyes

Kristin Hersh - Hips And Makers

Kristin Hersh - Houdini Blues

Kristin Hersh - Lurch

Kristin Hersh - Me And My Charms

Kristin Hersh - Sundrops

Kristin Hersh - Teeth

Kristin Hersh - The Cuckoo

Kristin Hersh - Tuesday Night

Kristin Hersh - Velvet Days

Kristine W - Feel What You Want (Dekkard's Offworld Vocal)

Kristine W - Feel What You Want (Mark Simmons Instrumental)

Kristine W - Feel What You Want

Kristine W - Feel What You Want

Kronos Quartet - Mugam Sayagi

Krosfyah - Climax

Krosfyah - Crank It

Krosfyah - Poom Poom

Krosfyah - Six Million Ways To Wine

Krosfyah - Sweatin

Krosfyah - Ultimate Party

Kumar Sanu - Ek Ladki Ko Dekha

Kurt Carr & The Kurt Carr Singers - For Every Mountain

Kurt Carr & The Kurt Carr Singers - In the Sanctuary

Kurtis Blow - Basketball

Kurtis Blow - One-Two-Five (Main Street Harlem U.S.A.)

Kurtis Blow - The Breaks

Kylie Minogue - Confide in Me

Kym Mazelle & Jocelyn Brown - No More Tears (Enough Is Enough)

Kyuss - 100 Degrees

Kyuss - Asteroid

Kyuss - Demon Cleaner

Kyuss - Gardenia

Kyuss - Space Cadet

Kyuss - Supa Scoopa and Mighty Scoop

Kyuss - Thumb

Kyuss - Whitewater

L.A. Guns - Long Time Dead

L.A. Guns - Nothing Better To Do

L.S.G. - Fragile

L.S.G. - Hearts

L7 - Andres

L7 - Baggage

L7 - Can I Run

L7 - Fuel My Fire

L7 - Questioning My Sanity

L7 - Riding With A Movie Star

L7 - She Has Eyes

L7 - Shirley

L7 - Stuck Here Again

L7 - Talk Box

L7 - The Bomb

La Bouche - Sweet Dreams (Ola ola e)

La Bouche - Sweet Dreams

La Frontera - El fantasma del desván

La Lupita - Hay Que Pegarle A La Mujer

La Lupita - Me Cae

La Lupita - Raperro

La Mafia - Buena Suerte

La Mafia - Cada Vuelta De Esquina

La Mafia - Con Todo El Corazon

La Mafia - Hazme Una Señal

La Mafia - Llueve

La Mafia - Mas Que Un Sueño

La Mafia - Me Duele Estar Solo

La Mafia - Perdoname Volvamos Al Amor

La Mafia - Voy Pidiendole A La Vida

La Polla Records - Gladiadores T.V.

La Polla Records - Palabras

La Renga - Blues Cardíaco

La Renga - El Camino Del Deshielo

La Renga - El Circo Romano

La Renga - El Mambo De La Botella

La Renga - El Rito De Los Corazones Sangrando

La Renga - El Sátiro De La Mala Leche

La Renga - Triste Canción De Amor

La Sonora Dinamita - Ay Chave

La Sonora Dinamita - El Africano

La Sonora Dinamita - El Viejo Del Sombreron

La Sonora Dinamita - La Cortina

La Sonora Dinamita - Maruja

La Sonora Dinamita - Mete Y Saca

La Sonora Dinamita - Mi Cucu

La Sonora Dinamita - Mil Horas

La Sonora Dinamita - Que Nadie Sepa Mi Sufrir

La Tropa F - El Arco Iris

La Tropa F - Palomita Mensajera

Lab Report - Figure Q-42

Lacy Gibson - You Better Be Sure

Lacy J. Dalton - Away in A Manger

Lady Saw - Bad Inna Bed

Lady Saw - Bad Rooster

Lady Saw - Bare As You Dare

Lady Saw - Find A Good Man

Lady Saw - Heads of Government

Lady Saw - To Sir With Love

Lady Saw - Welding Torch

Lady Saw - Wife And Sweetheart

Lagwagon - Dis'chords

Lagwagon - Give It Back

Lagwagon - Goin' South

Lagwagon - Island of Shame

Lagwagon - Know It All

Lagwagon - Lazy

Lagwagon - Stokin' the Neighbors

Lagwagon - Whipping Boy

Laika & the Cosmonauts - Psyko

Lalah Hathaway - A Moment

Lalah Hathaway - Bad By Myself

Lalah Hathaway - Better As A Memory

Lalah Hathaway - Do You Suppose

Lalah Hathaway - Family Affair

Lalah Hathaway - I'm Not Over You

Lalah Hathaway - Lean On Me

Lalah Hathaway - Let Me Love You

Lalah Hathaway - Long After U Have Gone

Lalah Hathaway - Rise

Lalah Hathaway - Separate Ways

Lalah Hathaway - So They Say

Lalah Hathaway - These Are the Things (You Do To Me)

Lalo Mora - Con el Brazo Derecho

Lalo Mora - De Nada Sirvió

Lalo Mora - Gorrión Errante

Lalo Mora - Los Sauces Llorones

Lalo Mora - Me la Rifo

Lalo Mora - Ojitos a Mi Gusto

Lalo Rodriguez - Aunque Lo Dudes

Lalo Rodriguez - Tu No Sabes Querer

Lalo Rodriguez - Ven Devórame Otra Vez

Lalo Rodriguez - Vivamos Este Amor

Lambchop - Hellmouth

Lambchop - Two Kittens Don't Make A Puppy

Lara Fabian - Au Loin Là-Bas

Lara Fabian - Bridge of Hope

Lara Fabian - Il Existe Un Endroit

Lara Fabian - Je Suis Malade

Lara Fabian - Je Vivrai

Lara Fabian - Pas Sans Toi

Lara Fabian - Puisque C'Est L'Amour

Lara Fabian - Ramène Moi

Lara Fabian - Saisir Le Jour

Lara Fabian - Tu T'En Vas

Lari White - Now I Know

Larry Garner - Another Bad Day

Larry Garner - Don't Run Talking

Larry Garner - Four Cars Running

Larry Garner - Had To Quit Drinking

Larry Garner - Keep Playing the Blues

Larry Garner - Live A Little

Larry Garner - Miracles of Time

Larry Garner - Nobody's Special

Larry Garner - Rats And Roaches in My Kitchen

Larry Garner - Shak Bully

Larry Garner - Someone New

Larry Garner - The Preacher Man

Larry Heard - Summertime Breeze

Larry Norman - Love Is a Commitment

Lars Demian - Fyllot & Miss World

Lars Demian - Skallen Full Av Brännvin

Latin Playboys - If

Laura Fygi - Dream A Little Dream

Laura Pausini - Gente

Laura Pausini - Strani Amori

Laurent Garnier - Rising Spirit

Laurent Garnier - Shapes Under Water

Laurent Garnier - The Force

Laurent Garnier - Track For Mike

Laurie Anderson - Beautiful Pea Green Boat

Laurie Anderson - Freefall

Laurie Anderson - Love Among the Sailors

Laurie Anderson - Speechless

Laurie Anderson - World without End

Le Click - Tonight Is the Night

Le Mans - A La Hora Del Café

Le Mans - Canción De Si Tú Me Quieres

Le Mans - Con Peru En La Playa

Le Mans - Entresemana

Le Mans - Mejor Dormir

Le Mans - Perezosa Y Tonta

Le Mans - San Martín

Leatherface - Ba Ba Ba Ba Boo

Leatherface - Day Light Comes

Leatherface - in My Life

Leatherface - Little White God

Leatherface - Patrick Kills Me

Leatherface - Winsome, Losesome

Lee Andrews & the Hearts - Baby Come Back

Lee Andrews, the Hearts - All I Ask Is Love

Lee Andrews, the Hearts - Baby Come Back

Lee Andrews, the Hearts - Boom

Lee Andrews, the Hearts - I Wonder

Lee Andrews, the Hearts - Maybe You'll Be There

Lee Andrews, the Hearts - Nobody's Home

Lee Dorsey - Everything I Do Gohn Be Funky (From Now On)

Lee Ritenour - Amaretto

Lee Ritenour - I'm Not Responsible

Lee Ritenour - Mandela

Lee Ritenour - Operator (Thief On the Line)

Lee Ritenour - Other Love

Lee Ritenour - Shadow Dancing

Lee Rocker - Darlin Darlene

Lee Rocker - Little Buster

Lee Rocker - Rag Mama Rag

Lee Rodriguez - All The Same Family - Original Mix

Lee Wiley - Bobby Hackett

Lee Wiley - Indiana

Lee Wiley - I've Got a Crush On You

Lee Wiley - The Lonesome Road (take 3)

Lee Wiley - The Lonesome Road (take 6A - take 6 with overdubbed trumpet)

Lee Wiley - When I Fall in Love

Lee Wiley - When I Leave the World Behind (rehersal and take 1)

Lee Wiley - Why Shouldn't I? (takes 1 & 2)

Left Hand Solution - Infernal

Left Hand Solution - M.B

Left Hand Solution - Nightbloom

Left Hand Solution - Shadowdance

Left Hand Solution - Solitary Fallen Angel

Lefty Frizzell - My Baby's Just Like Money

Legacy Of Sound - Livin' & Learnin'

Legacy Of Sound - Woman In Me

Legend B - End of A Season

Legend B - Lost in Love (Red Jerry RMX)

Legend B - Lost in Love (Taucher RMX)

Legend B - Lost in Love

Lena Horne - A Flower Is A Lovesome Thing

Lena Horne - Fun To Be Fooled

Lena Horne - I Didn't Know About You

Lena Horne - I Get the Blues When It Rains

Lena Horne - I'd Do Anything

Lena Horne - It's Anybody's Spring

Lena Horne - Old Friend

Lena Horne - Out of Nowhere

Lena Horne - We'll Be Together Again

Lennie Tristano - All the Things You Are

Lennie Tristano - Becoming

Lennie Tristano - Crosscurrent

Lennie Tristano - Deliberation

Lennie Tristano - East Thirty-Second

Lennie Tristano - G Minor Complex

Lennie Tristano - Ghost of A Chance

Lennie Tristano - If I Had You

Lennie Tristano - Interlude

Lennie Tristano - Line Up

Lennie Tristano - Love Lines

Lennie Tristano - Progression

Lennie Tristano - Requiem

Lennie Tristano - Scene And Variation

Lennie Tristano - Subconscious-Lee

Lennie Tristano - These Foolish Things

Lennie Tristano - Turkish Mambo

Lennie Tristano - You Don't Know What Love Is

Lennie Tristano - You Go To My Head

León Gieco - Desde Tu Corazon

Leon Gieco - La Navidad De Luis

León Gieco - La Navidad De Luis

Leon Redbone - I Ain't Got Nobody

Leon Redbone - I'm Crazy 'bout My Baby

Leonard Cohen - Who By Fire?

Leroy Carr - Midnight Hour Blues

Leroy Smart - Forgive Jah Version - Original

Leroy Smart - Jah Is Mighty

Leroy Smart - Let Your Heart Be Pure

Leroy Smart - Life Is a Funny Thing

Leroy Smart - Love in my heart

Leroy Smart - Man Is So Great - Original


Les Négresses Vertes - Après La Pluie

Les Négresses Vertes - Comme Toujours

Les Négresses Vertes - Enfer Et Paradis

Les Négresses Vertes - Fanfaron

Les Négresses Vertes - La Main Verte

Les Négresses Vertes - Mambo Show

Les Négresses Vertes - Tous Des Ouvriers

Les Négresses Vertes - Tu M'as Saoulé

Les Primitifs Du Futur - Bix Land

Les Primitifs Du Futur - Docteur Bottleneck

Les Primitifs Du Futur - La belle et le manouche

Les Primitifs Du Futur - La femme panthère et l'homme sandwich

Les Primitifs Du Futur - Le Zipholo

Les Primitifs Du Futur - Mona désire

Les Primitifs Du Futur - Passez la monnaie

Les Primitifs Du Futur - Sous les toits de Paris

Lester Flatt - Earl Scruggs

Lester Flatt & Earl Scruggs And the Stanley Brothers - Baby Blue Eyes

Lester Flatt & Earl Scruggs And the Stanley Brothers - Little Maggie

Lester Flatt & Earl Scruggs And the Stanley Brothers - Pain in My Heart

Lester Flatt and Earl Scruggs - Doin' My Time

Lester Flatt feat. Earl Scruggs feat. the Foggy Mountain Boys - Baby Blue Eyes

Lester Flatt feat. Earl Scruggs feat. the Foggy Mountain Boys - God Loves His Children

Lester Flatt feat. Earl Scruggs feat. the Foggy Mountain Boys - I'll Just Pretend

Lester Flatt feat. Earl Scruggs feat. the Foggy Mountain Boys - Pain in My Heart

Lester Flatt feat. Earl Scruggs feat. the Foggy Mountain Boys - Take Me in A Lifeboat

Lester Flatt feat. Earl Scruggs feat. the Foggy Mountain Boys - We'll Meet Again Sweetheart

Lester Flatt, Earl Scruggs - Doin' My Time

Lester Flatt, Earl Scruggs - Farewell Blues

Lester Flatt, Earl Scruggs - Roll in My Sweet Baby's Arms

Lester Young - Up 'N' Adam

Let 3 - Droga

Let 3 - kontinentio

Let 3 - Nafta

Letters To Cleo - Big Star

Letters To Cleo - Come Around

Letters To Cleo - From Under the Dust

Letters To Cleo - Get On With It

Letters To Cleo - Here And Now

Letters To Cleo - I See

Letters To Cleo - Mellie's Comin Over

Letters To Cleo - Rim Shack

Letters To Cleo - Step Back

Letters To Cleo - Wasted

Lex De Azevedo & David Zippel - Derek Finds Odette

Lex De Azevedo & David Zippel - End Credits

Lex De Azevedo & David Zippel - Eternity

Lex De Azevedo & David Zippel - Far Longer Than Forever

Lex De Azevedo & David Zippel - Gator-Aid

Lex De Azevedo & David Zippel - It's Not What It Seems

Lex De Azevedo & David Zippel - No Fear

Lex De Azevedo & David Zippel - No More Mr. Nice Guy

Lex De Azevedo & David Zippel - Odette Flies - Derek Gallops

Lex De Azevedo & David Zippel - Practice, Practice, Practice

Lex De Azevedo & David Zippel - Princesses On Parade

Lex De Azevedo & David Zippel - Prologue

Lex De Azevedo & David Zippel - The Enchanted Castle

Lex De Azevedo & David Zippel - This Is My Idea

LFO - Tied Up Electro

LFO - Tied Up

Ligabue - A che ora è la fine del mondo? (It's the end of the world as we know it (and I feel fine))

Ligabue - Fuori tempo

Ligabue - Gringo '94

Ligabue - Male non farà

Light Crust Doughboys - Pussy Pussy Pussy

Lighter Shade of Brown - Bouncin'

Lighter Shade of Brown - Dip Into My Ride

Lighter Shade of Brown - El Varrio

Lighter Shade Of Brown - Hey D.J.

Lighter Shade of Brown - Hey DJ

Lighter Shade of Brown - If You Wanna Groove

Lighter Shade of Brown - La Cucuracha

Lighter Shade of Brown - T.J. Nights

Lightnin' Hopkins - Big Black Cadillac Blues

Lightnin' Hopkins - I'm Gonna Meet My Baby Somewhere

Lightning Seeds - Change

Lightning Seeds - Lucky You

Lightning Seeds - Marvellous

Lightning Seeds - Perfect

Lightning Seeds - Punch & Judy

Linda Eder - Bridge Over Troubled Water

Linda Eder - I Don't Remember

Linda Eder - I'll Forget You

Linda Eder - in the Cool Dark Night

Linda Eder - Next Time I Love

Linda Eder - The Man That Got Away

Linda Eder - Till You Come Back To Me

Linda Eder - When I Look in Your Eyes

Linda Jones - Fugitive From Love

Linda Jones - Not On the Outside

Linda Jones - Stay With Me Forever

Line Renaud - Cent Mille Guitares

Line Renaud - Ciao Ciao Bambina

Line Renaud - Dieu Que C'est Bon

Line Renaud - Double Twist

Line Renaud - En Dansant Le Cha Cha Cha

Line Renaud - En Vacances En Italie

Line Renaud - Gwendolina

Line Renaud - Il Y A Des Anges

Line Renaud - Itsy Bitsy Petit Bikini

Line Renaud - La Goualante Du Pauvre Jean

Line Renaud - Ma Cabane Au Canada

Line Renaud - Ma Petite Folie

Line Renaud - Mambo Bacan

Line Renaud - Mon Mari Est Merveilleux

Line Renaud - Trudie

Lionel Hampton - China Stomp

Lionel Hampton & His Orchestra - Flying Home

Lionel Hampton & His Orchestra - Hey! Ba-Ba-Re-Bop

Lionel Hampton and his orchestra - Flying Home

Lionel Richie - Easy

Lisa Ekdahl - Det Är En Nåd

Lisa Ekdahl - Du Sålde Våra Hjärtan

Lisa Ekdahl - Flyg Vilda Fågel

Lisa Ekdahl - I Tveksamhetens Tid

Lisa Ekdahl - Jag Bara Vet

Lisa Ekdahl - Jag Skrek

Lisa Ekdahl - Oh Gud

Lisa Ekdahl - Öppna Upp Ditt Fönster

Lisa Ekdahl - Ro Och Lisa

Lisa Ekdahl - Sanningen I Vitögat

Lisa Ekdahl - Vem Vet

Lisa Germano - A Guy Like You

Lisa Germano - Around the World

Lisa Germano - Energy

Lisa Germano - Geek the Girl

Lisa Germano - Happiness

Lisa Germano - Miamo - Tutti

Lisa Germano - Puppet

Lisa Germano - Stars

Lisa Germano - The Darkest Night of All

Lisa Germano - The Earth

Lisa Germano - Trouble

Lisa Loeb - Stay (I Missed You)

Lisa Loeb & Nine Stories - Stay (I Missed You)

Lisandro Meza - Lejanía

Litfiba - Cangaceiro

Litfiba - Woda-Woda

Little Angels - Ten Miles High

Little Brother Montgomery - Pinetop's Boogie Woogie

Little Brother Montgomery - Vicksburg Blues

Little' Jimmy Dickens - Salty Boogie

Little Joe - Margarita

Little Joe - Pero Ay Yai Yai

Little Joe - Prefiero Vivir (Stand in Your Way)

Little Joe - Tradition Skank

Little Joe - Tu Nueva Vida

Little Joe - Waltz Across Texas

Little Joe - You Belong To My Heart

Little Milton - Alone and Blue

Little Milton - Beggin' My Baby

Little Milton - Homesick for My Baby

Little Milton - If You Love Me

Little Milton - Let Me Down Easy

Little Milton - Lookin' for My Baby

Little Milton - Somebody Told Me

LITTLE TEXAS - A Night I'll Never Remember

LITTLE TEXAS - Amy's Back in Austin

LITTLE TEXAS - Hit Country Song

LITTLE TEXAS - I'd Hold On To Her


LITTLE TEXAS - Kick A Little

LITTLE TEXAS - Redneck Like Me


LITTLE TEXAS - Southern Grace

LITTLE TEXAS - Your Days Are Numbered

Live - All Over You

Live - Horse

Live - I Alone

Live - Iris

Live - Lightning Crashes

Live - Pillar of Davidson

Live - Selling the Drama

Live - Shit Towne

Live - Stage

Live - T.B.D.

Live - The Dam At Otter Creek

Live - Top

Live - Waitress

Live - White, Discussion

Livin Joy - Dreamer

Livin' Joy - Dreamer

Living Joy - Dreamer

Living Sacrifice - Breathing Murder

Living Sacrifice - in the Shadow

Liz Callaway, Howard McGillin, David Zippel, Lex de Azevedo, Larry Bastian, Larry Schwartz - Far Longer Than Forever

Liz Phair - Alice Springs

Liz Phair - Chopsticks (Explicit)

Liz Phair - Cinco De Mayo

Liz Phair - Crater Lake

Liz Phair - Dogs of L.A.

Liz Phair - Go West

Liz Phair - Jealousy

Liz Phair - May Queen

Liz Phair - Nashville

Liz Phair - Shane

Liz Phair - Supernova (Explicit)

Liz PHair - Supernova

Liz Phair - Support System (Explicit)

Liz Phair - Whip-Smart

Liz Phair - X-Ray Man

Liz Story - Greensleeves (What Child Is This?)

Liz Story - Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas

Liz Story - O Come Little Children/We'll Dress the House

Liz Story - O Come, O Come Emmanuel/Personent Hodie

Liz Story - Pange Lingua/A Hymn To the Virgin

Liz Story - The Christmas Song

Liz Story - The Truth From Above/O King of Light And Splendor

Liz Story - We Three Kings of Orient Are

Lloyd Price - Come Into My Heart

Lloyd Price - Have You Ever Had the Blues

Lloyd Price - I'm Gonna Get Married

Lloyd Price - Just Because

Lloyd Price - Lady Luck

Lloyd Price - Personality

Lloyd Price - Question

Lloyd Price - Stagger Lee

Lloyd Price - Three Little Pigs

Lloyd Price - Wont'cha Come Home

Lo Borges - Tudo Que Voce Podia Ser

London After Midnight - Revenge

Londonbeat - Come Back

Lone Ranger - Rosemarie

Lonesome River Band - Long Gone

Long Tall Texans - Sister

Loni Clark - U

Lonnie Gordon - Bad Mood (Roger's Nu Solution Vocal)

Lonnie Johnson - Go Back To Your No Good Man

Lonnie Johnson - Hard Times Ain't Gone No Where

Lonnie Johnson - She's Making Whoopee in Hell Tonight

Lonnie Johnson - Tin Can Alley Blues

Loop Guru - Through Cinemas

Loquillo - Cantores

Loquillo - Central Park

Loquillo - Los Gatos Lo Sabrán

Loquillo - Pregunta Más Allá

Lords Of The Underground - Tic Toc

Lords Of The Underground - What I'm After

Loreena McKennitt - Dark Night Of The Soul

Loreena McKennitt - The Mystic's Dream

Loreena McKennitt (Canada) - The Mystic's Dream

Loren Connors - Moonyean no. 10

Loren Connors - Moonyean no. 12

Loren Connors - Moonyean no. 5

Loren Connors - Moonyean no. 6

Loren Connors - Moonyean no. 8

Lorenzo Antonio - ¿Cómo, cuándo y porque - Why Do I Love You So

Loretta Lynn - I Can't Feel You Anymore

Loretta Lynn - I Lie

Loretta Lynn - I'm A Honky Tonk Girl

Loretta Lynn - Let Your Love Flow

Loretta Lynn - One's On The Way

Loretta Lynn - Somebody Somewhere (Don't Know What He's Missin' Tonight)

Loretta Lynn - Success

Loretta Lynn - The Pill

Loretta Lynn - You're Lookin' At Country

Loretta Lynn & Conway Twitty - You're The Reason Our Kids Are Ugly

Lorne Greene - Bonanza

Los Angeles Negros - Cómo Quisiera Decirte

Los Angeles Negros - Murió la Flor

Los Angeles Negros - Y Volvere

Los Enanitos Verdes - Celdas

Los Enanitos Verdes - Creo

Los Enanitos Verdes - Estoy Dispuesto

Los Enanitos Verdes - H. I. V.

Los Enanitos Verdes - Lamento Boliviano

Los Enanitos Verdes - Mejor No Hablemos De Amor

Los Enanitos Verdes - Mi Primer Dia Sin Ti

Los Enanitos Verdes - Pasare Por Ti

Los Enanitos Verdes - Resplandor De Afecto

Los Enemigos - Amigos Del Gnomo

Los Enemigos - De Pastel

Los Enemigos - Intro

Los Enemigos - Por Que No Me Vuelvo Al Pueblo

Los Enemigos - Wonderland Records

Los Enemigos - Zumo De Kiwi

Los Fabulosos Cadillacs - Guns of Brixton

Los Fabulosos Cadillacs - Manuel Santillán, El León

Los Felinos - Yo Quiero Quebrarte

Los Hermanos Carrion - Las Cerezas

Los Invasores De Nuevo León - Amor De Paso

Los Invasores De Nuevo León - Dime

Los Invasores De Nuevo León - Para Ti Mi Amor

Los Invasores De Nuevo León - Quiereme Como Te Quiero

Los Lobos - Alone in A Crowd

Los Panchos - Contigo

Los Pericos - Bienvenido A Casa

Los Pericos - Buffalo Sodier

Los Pericos - Cabeza De Policía

Los Pericos - Kaya

Los Pericos - Living On the Front Line

Los Pericos - Molly

Los Pericos - No Estas Solo

Los Pericos - Párate Y Mira

Los Pericos - Para Adelante

Los Pericos - Runaway

Los Pericos - Soul Man

Los Pericos - Torito

Los Pericos - Waiting On A Friend

Los Planetas - 10

Los Planetas - Brigitte

Los Planetas - De Viaje

Los Planetas - Desorden

Los Planetas - Espiral (Demo)

Los Planetas - Rey Sombra

Los Reyes Del Camino - En Tu Basura

Los Reyes Locos - El Llorón

Los Ronaldos - Yo Detrás

Los Suaves - Ahora Que Me Dejas

Los Suaves - Dulce Castigo

Los Suaves - El Afilador

Los Suaves - No Me Mires

Los Suaves - Si Pudiera

Los Temerarios - Ahí Estare Yo

Los Temerarios - Como Tú

Los Temerarios - Cuando Fuiste Mía

Los Temerarios - Eres un Angel

Los Temerarios - La Mujer de los Dos

Los Temerarios - Mi Alma Reclama

Los Temerarios - Pobre Tonto Enamorado

Los Temerarios - Sin Ti Moriría

Los Temerarios - Todo Me Recuerda a Ti

Los Temerarios - Una Guitarra Llora

Los Tigres Del Norte - Agua Salada

Los Tigres Del Norte - Bohemio De Afición

Los Tigres Del Norte - Carrera Contra La Muerte

Los Tigres Del Norte - Carta Abierta

Los Tigres Del Norte - Creiste

Los Tigres Del Norte - El Otro Mexico

Los Tigres Del Norte - El Ultimo Atardecer

Los Tigres Del Norte - Entre El Amor Y Yo

Los Tigres Del Norte - La Mesa Del Rincón

Los Tigres Del Norte - La Vida Es Una

Los Tigres Del Norte - Los Dos Plebes

Los Tigres Del Norte - Muerte Anunciada

Los Tigres Del Norte - No Me Quedare

Los Tigres Del Norte - Ojos Negros Nunca Engañan

Los Tigres Del Norte - Sabas Lopez

Los Tigres Del Norte - Si No Me Falla El Corazón

Los Tigres Del Norte - Te Malpasan De Amor

Los Titanes - Basto Una Mirada

Los Titanes - Dame Una Oportunidad

Los Titanes - Loca Pasion

Los Titanes - Tu La Pagaras

Los Titanes - Zodiaco

Los Tres Caballeros - El Reloj

Los Tres Caballeros - La Barca

Los Twist - El Rey

Los Twist - Juventud Divino Tesoro

Los Van Van - Que Sorpresa

Los Visitantes - Auto Union

Los Visitantes - Auto Unión

Los Visitantes - Basta De Llanto

Los Visitantes - El Deseo De Evita

Los Visitantes - El Ente

Los Visitantes - Gris Atardecer

Los Visitantes - Guarda

Los Visitantes - Guerra Tras Guerra

Los Visitantes - La Musa

Los Visitantes - La Ondulacion

Los Visitantes - La Pantera

Los Visitantes - Mamita Dulce

Los Visitantes - Mecanica Ciudad

Los Visitantes - Mecánica ciudad

Los Visitantes - Pajaro Vuela

Los Visitantes - Patada Sucia

Los Visitantes - Risa Roja

Los Visitantes - Somos El Cielo

Los Visitantes - Sopa Yanqui

Los Visitantes - Toda La Nena

Los Visitantes - Tu Secreto

Los Visitantes - Villa Dominico

Los Visitantes - Villa Domínico

Los Yonic's - Corazón Vacío - Version Original

Los Yonic's - Pero No Me Dejes

Los Yonic's - Títere

Lost Tribe - Gimme A Smile

Lou Donaldson - Alligator Bogaloo

Lou Donaldson - I Don't Know Why (I Just Do)

Loudon Wainwright III - How Old Are You

Louie Culture - Ganga Lee

Louis Armstrong - Ella Fitzgerald

Louis Armstrong - La vie en rose - Single Version

Louis Armstrong - When You're Smiling (The Whole World Smiles With You) - without Intro

Louis Bertignac - Vas-Y Guitare

Louis Prima - Don't Take Your Love From Me

Love & Money - Pray For Love

Love and Rockets - Be the Revolution

Love and Rockets - Body And Soul (parts 1 & 2)

Love and Rockets - Eclipse

Love and Rockets - Hot Trip To Heaven

Love and Rockets - No Worries

Love and Rockets - Set Me Free

Love and Rockets - Ugly

Love and Rockets - Voodoo Baby

love like blood - Blood Trails

love like blood - Dear Catherine - Live

love like blood - Don't Leave Me

love like blood - Epitaph

love like blood - Fallacious World

love like blood - Feedback

love like blood - High Tension

love like blood - Lures

love like blood - Night Is Young

love like blood - Paralysis

love like blood - Sedative Shots

love like blood - Stormy Visions

love like blood - Within the Realm of A Dying Sun - Live

Love Shop - Alle Går Og Fryser

Love Shop - Alt Skal Bort

Love Shop - Billeder Af Verden

Love Shop - Det Elsker Jeg

Love Shop - Fuck Min Højdeskræk

Love Shop - Gin + Tonic

Love Shop - Krig & Ro (Krig)

Love Shop - Krig & Ro (Ro)

Love Shop - Min Pizza-Ven

Love Shop - Skudt Ned

Love Shop - Stjerner Der Falder

Love Spit Love - Am I Wrong

Low - Lullaby

Low - Words

Lubeck Festival Choir And Orchestra - Cours D'Amours: 1

Lubeck Festival Choir And Orchestra - Cours D'Amours: 2

Lubeck Festival Choir And Orchestra - Uf Dem Anger: 2

Lucilectric - Mädchen

Lucille Bogan - Alley Boogie

Lucille Bogan - Black Angel Blues

Lucille Bogan - Boogan Ways Blues

Lucille Bogan - Drinking Blues

Lucille Bogan - Man Stealer Blues

Lucille Bogan - Pay Roll Blues

Lucille Bogan - Pig Iron Sally

Lucille Bogan - Reckless Woman

Lucille Bogan - Stew Meat Blues

Lucille Bogan - Tired As I Can Be

Lucille Bogan - Walkin' Blues

Lucky Dube - Back to My Roots

Lucyan - Evening Flute Meditation

Lucyan - Morning Flute Meditation

Ludwig van Beethoven & Emanuel Ax & Isaac Stern & Jaime Laredo & Yo-Yo Ma - Piano Quintet in E-Flat Major, Op. 16 (Version for Piano Quartet): II. Andante cantabile

Ludwig van Beethoven & Murray Perahia - II. Adagio cantabile from Piano Sonata No. 8 in C minor, Op. 13 'Pathetique' - Instrumental

Ludwig van Beethoven & Sir Georg Solti & London Symphony Orchestra - IV. 'Ode to Joy' (excerpt) from Symphony No. 9 in D minor, Op. 125 - Voice

Luis Alberto Spinetta - Cadalso Temporal

Luis Alberto Spinetta - Caspa Tropical

Luis Alberto Spinetta - Cordón De Perfume

Luis Alberto Spinetta - Dedos De Mimbre

Luis Alberto Spinetta - Escape Hacia El Alma

Luis Alberto Spinetta - Feroz Canción

Luis Alberto Spinetta - Flecha Zen

Luis Alberto Spinetta - Norte De Nada

Luis Alberto Spinetta - Oh! Doctor

Luis Alberto Spinetta - Parado En La Sentina

Luis Alberto Spinetta - Penumbra

Luis Alberto Spinetta - Preciosa Dama Azul

Luis Alberto Spinetta - Tocando Sin Sentir

Luis Alberto Spinetta - Trampaluz

Luis Alberto Spinetta - Verde Bosque

Luis Alberto Spinetta - Yo No Puedo Dar Sombra

Luis Miguel - Como Yo Te Ame

Luis Miguel - Delirio

Luis Miguel - El DíaQue Me Quieras

Luis Miguel - Historia De Un Amor

Luis Miguel - La Media Vuelta

Luis Miguel - Nosotros

Luis Miguel - Sin Ti

Luis Miguel - Solamente Una Vez

Luis Miguel - Somos Novios

Luis Miguel - Todo Y Nada

Luis Miguel - Yo Se Que Volverás

Luiz Bonfa - Lila

Luka Bloom - Background Noise

Luka Bloom - Black is the Colour

Luka Bloom - Cold Comfort

Luka Bloom - Diamond Mountain

Luka Bloom - Freedom Song

Luka Bloom - I Did Time

Luka Bloom - Sunny Sailor Boy

Luka Bloom - To Begin To

Luscious Jackson - Angel

Luscious Jackson - Citysong

Luscious Jackson - Deep Shag

Luscious Jackson - Find Your Mind

Luscious Jackson - Here

Luscious Jackson - Intermission

Luscious Jackson - Intro

Luscious Jackson - Pele Merengue

Luscious Jackson - Rock Freak

Luscious Jackson - Rollin'

Luscious Jackson - Strongman

Lush - Desire Lines

Luther Allison - Backtrack

Luther Allison - Just Memories

Luther Allison - Let's Try Again

Luther Allison - Life Is A Bitch

Luther Allison - Parking Lot

Luther Allison - Reaching Out

Luther Allison - Serious

Luther Allison - Should I Wait

Luther Allison - We're On the Road

Luther Vandross - Ain't No Stoppin' Us Now

Luther Vandross - Always And Forever

Luther Vandross - Evergreen

Luther Vandross - Going in Circles

Luther Vandross - Killing Me Softly

Luther Vandross - The Impossible Dream

Luther Vandross & Mariah Carey - Endless Love (with Mariah Carey)

Luther Vandross & Mariah Carey - Endless Love

Lydia Lunch - Stinkfist

Lyle Lovett - Ain't It Something

Lyle Lovett - Creeps Like Me

Lyle Lovett - Good-Bye To Carolina

Lyle Lovett - I Think You Know What I Mean

Lyle Lovett - Record Lady

Lyle Lovett - Skinny Legs

Lyle Lovett - The Fat Girl

Lynyrd Skynyrd - Love Don't Always Come Easy

Lynyrd Skynyrd - One Thing

Lynyrd Skynyrd - Outta Hell in My Dodge

Lynyrd Skynyrd - The Last Rebel

Lyres - How Can I Make Her Mine?

Lyres - No More

Lyres - She's Got Eyes

Lyres - Sun's Goin' Down

M & M - So Deep, So Good

M People - ...And Finally

M People - Don't Look Any Further

M People - Love Rendezvous

M People - Open Your Heart

M People - Search For the Hero

M People - Sight For Sore Eyes

M People - Walk Away

M.C. A.D.E. - Bass Mechanic

M.C. Sar & The Real McCoy - Another Night

Machine Head - Davidian

Machine Head - Old

Machines Of Loving Grace - Golgotha Tenement Blues

Macka B - Do the Butterfly

Macka B - Don't Worry

Macka B - Getting Blacker

Macka B - Promises

Macka B - Rottweiler

Mad Flava - Bump Ya Head

Mad Flava - Feel Tha Flava

Mad Flava - Fools

Mad Flava - Freak 'Em

Mad Flava - From Tha Ground Unda

Mad Flava - Git Tha Funk Up

Mad Flava - Gotz Ta Flow Ta This

Mad Flava - Housewreckers

Mad Flava - Hype Dawgs Vibe

Mad Flava - I Like 2 Smoke Weed & Listen 2 Hip Hop

Mad Flava - Kasaan Goes off Tha Dome

Mad Flava - Lick a Shot

Mad Flava - Mad Intro

Mad Flava - On Tha 2 and 1

Mad Flava - Raw Interlude

Mad Flava - Spread Tha Butta

Mad Flava - To Tha Break

Mad Flava - Wax on Tha Belt (Baby G Gets Biz)

Mad Flava - What's a Dog 2 Do?

Mad Flava - You Can't Fuck Wit It

Mad Lion - Take It Easy feat. Funkmaster Flex & The Ghetto Celebs - Jaguar Skills Safe Sex Remix

Mad Professor - Black Liberation Dub

Mad Professor - Black Skin White Minds

Mad Professor - Colonial Mentality

Mad Professor - Freedom Must Be Taken

Mad Professor - Psychological Warfare

Mad Professor - Riot in Capetown

Mad Professor - Slavery 21st Century

Mad Professor - When Revolution Comes

Madball - Across Your Face

Madball - C.T.Y.C. (R.I.P.)

Madball - Face To Face

Madball - Friend Or Foe

Madball - Get Out

Madball - It's Time

Madball - New York City

Madball - Set It Off

Madball - Smell the Bacon (What's With You?)

Madball - Spit On Your Grave

Madilu System - Ya Jean

Madonna - Bedtime Story

Madonna - Human Nature

Madonna - I'd Rather Be Your Lover

Madonna - I'll Remember

Madonna - Love Tried to Welcome Me

Madonna - Sanctuary

Madonna - Secret

Madonna - Take a Bow

Madredeus - As Cores Do Sol

Madredeus - Concertino - Allegro

Madredeus - Concertino - Minuete

Madredeus - Concertino - Silêncio

Madredeus - Os Senhores Da Guerra

Madredeus - Três Ilusões - Culpa

Magic Affair - Carry On

Magic Affair - Fall Out

Magic Affair - Fire

Magic Affair - Give Me All Your Love

Magic Affair - in the Middle of the Night

Magic Affair - Make Your Mind Up

Magic Affair - Thin Line

Magic Affair - Water of Sin

Magnapop - Emergencies

Magnapop - Free Mud

Magnapop - Get It Right

Magnapop - Here It Comes

Magnapop - Idiot Song

Magnapop - in the Way

Magnapop - Lay It Down

Magnapop - Leo

Magnapop - Piece of Cake

Magnapop - Ride

Magnapop - Slowly, Slowly

Magnapop - The Crush

Mahlathini and the Mahotella Queens - Ukhulum' Izindaba

Maighread Ni Dhomhnaill - A Mháithrín Dhíleas

Main - Core (Organic)

Main - Liquid Reflective (Kling Klang)

Main - VIII

Majke - Milost

Majke - Zauvijek

Malcolm Yelvington - Just Rolling Along

Maldita Vecindad Y Los Hijos Del Quinto Patio - Mojado

Mallard - South of the Valley

Man With No Name - Sly-Ed

Mandy Patinkin - As Time Goes By

Mandy Patinkin - Experiment

Mandy Patinkin - I Dreamed A Dream

Mandy Patinkin - I Wish I Knew

Mandy Patinkin - I'm Old Fashioned

Mandy Patinkin - Someone Is Waiting

Mandy Patinkin - Something's Coming

Mandy Patinkin - Somewhere That's Green

Mandy Patinkin - Taxi

Manfred Mann - Ha! Ha! Said the Clown

Manfred Mann - The Mighty Quinn

Manhattan Transfer - God Only Knows

Manic Street Preachers - 4st 7lb

Manic Street Preachers - Archives of Pain

Manic Street Preachers - Die in the Summertime

Manic Street Preachers - Faster

Manic Street Preachers - Ifwhiteamericatoldthetruthforonedayit'sworldwouldfallapart

Manic Street Preachers - Mausoleum

Manic Street Preachers - of Walking Abortion

Manic Street Preachers - Revol

Manic Street Preachers - Sculpture of Man

Manic Street Preachers - She Is Suffering

Manic Street Preachers - The Intense Humming of Evil

Manic Street Preachers - This Is Yesterday

Manic Street Preachers - Yes

Manny Manuel - Si Una Vez

Mano Negra - Bala Perdida

Mano Negra - Drives Me Crazy

Mano Negra - El Alakran La Mar Esta Podrida

Mano Negra - Hamburger Fields

Mano Negra - La Vida La Vida Me Da Palo

Mano Negra - Love And Hate

Mano Negra - Machine Gun

Mano Negra - Mama Perfecta

Mano Negra - Super Chango

Mano Negra - The Monkey

Mano Negra - This Is My World

Manufactured Romance - The Time of My Life

Marc Bolan - Debora

Marc Bolan - Jeepster

Marc Bolan & T-Rex - Hot Love

Marc Bolan feat. T. Rex - Get It On

Marc Bolan feat. T. Rex - Jewel

Marc Bolan feat. T. Rex - Telegram Sam

Marc Johnson - Killer Joe

Marc Ribot - Bells

Marcella Detroit - Art of Melancholy

Marcella Detroit - Cool People

Marcella Detroit - Detroit

Marcella Detroit - I Believe

Marcella Detroit - I Want To Take You Higher

Marcella Detroit - I'm No Angel

Marcella Detroit - James Brown

Marcella Detroit - Jewel

Marcella Detroit - Out of My Mind

Marcella Detroit - Perfect World

Marcella Detroit - Prima Donna

Marcella Detroit - You Don't Tell Me Everything

Marcella Detroit feat. Elton John - Ain't Nothing Like the Real Thing

Marcia Ball - St. Gabriel

Marcia Griffiths - Don't Let Me Down

Marcus Roberts - The Man I Love

Marduk - Deme Quaden Thyrane

Marduk - Materialized in Stone

Margaret Becker - All I Ever Wanted

Margaret Becker, Steven Curtis Chapman, Geoff Moore, BeBe Winans and White Heart - Angels We Have Heard On High

Mari Boine - Ahccai

Mari Boine - Ale Sat

Mari Boine - Da Lean Mun

Mari Boine - Gilvve Gollat

Mari Boine - Gulan Du

Mari Boine - Mielahisvuohta

Maria McKee - If Love Is A Red Dress (Hang Me in Rags)

Mariah Carey - All I Want For Christmas Is You

Mariah Carey - Christmas (Baby Please Come Home)

Mariah Carey - God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen

Mariah Carey - Jesus Oh What A Wonderful Child

Mariah Carey - Joy To the World

Mariah Carey - Miss You Most (At Christmas Time)

Mariah Carey - O Holy Night

Mariah Carey - Santa Claus Is Comin' to Town

Mariah Carey - Silent Night

Mariah Carey - Without You

Mariah Carey feat. Jermaine Dupri and Lil Bow Wow - All I Want For Christmas Is You

Marianne Rosenberg - Ich denk an Dich

Marie & Les Garçons - Re Bop

Mariko Kawasaki - Girls Fight

Marillion - Alone Again in the Lap of Luxury/Now Wash Your Hands

Marillion - Paper Lies

Marillion - Runaway

Marilyn Manson - Cake And Sodomy

Marilyn Manson - Cyclops

Marilyn Manson - Dogma

Marilyn Manson - Dope Hat

Marilyn Manson - Get Your Gunn

Marilyn Manson - Lunchbox

Marilyn Manson - Organ Grinder

Marilyn Manson - Wrapped In Plastic

Marina Lima - Nightie Night

Marina Lima - O Chamado

Mario Lanza - Funiculi Funicula

Mario Lanza - The Lord's Prayer

Marisa Monte - Alta Noite

Marisa Monte - Ao Meu Redor

Marisa Monte - Bem Leve

Marisa Monte - Na Estrada

Marisa Monte - Segue O Seco

Marisela - Amigo Mío, Cariño Mío

Marisela - Así de Fácil

Marisela - Completamente Tuya

Marisela - Enamorada y Herida

Marisela - Mi Problema

Mark Chesnutt - Goodbye Comes Hard for Me

Mark Lanegan - Beggar's Blues (Album)

Mark Lanegan - Borracho (Album)

Mark Lanegan - Carnival (Album)

Mark Lanegan - El Sol (Album)

Mark Lanegan - House A Home (Album)

Mark Lanegan - Judas Touch (Album)

Mark Lanegan - Kingdoms of Rain (Album)

Mark Lanegan - Pendulum (Album)

Mark Lanegan - Shooting Gallery (Album)

Mark Lanegan - Sunrise (Album)

Mark Lanegan - The River Rise (Album)

Marlene Dietrich - If He Swing By the String

Marlene Dietrich - I've Been in Love Before

Marlene Dietrich - Ja So Bin Ich

Marlene Dietrich - Kisses sweeter than wine

Marlene Dietrich - Nimm Dich in Acht Vor Blonden Frau'n

Marlene Dietrich - Symphonie

Marlene Dietrich - This World of Ours

Marlene Dietrich - You Do Something To Me

Marlene Kuntz - Canzone Di Domani

Marlene Kuntz - Fuoco Su Di Te

Marlene Kuntz - Sonica

Marmion - Firechild

Marmion - Nothing Is Real

Marmion - Schöneberg

Maroon Town - City Riot

Marquee Moon - Edge of Time

Martin Böttcher - Banditen-Thema

Martin Böttcher - Old Shatterhand-Melodie

Martin Böttcher - Old Surehand-Melodie

Martin Böttcher - Winnetou-Melodie

Martin Carthy - All of A Row

Martin Carthy - Bill Norrie

Martin Carthy - Billy Boy

Martin Carthy - The Ant And the Grasshopper

Martin Nievera - Forever

Martin Nievera - I'll Be There - For You

Martin Page - In The House Of Stone And Light

MARTIN TAYLOR - Chez Fernand


Martin Zellar - Best Friend's Girl

Martin Zellar - Cross My Heart

Martin Zellar - East Side Boys

Martin Zellar - Falling Sky

Martin Zellar - Force A Smile

Martin Zellar - If You Know What I Mean

Martin Zellar - Lay This Down Gently

Martin Zellar - Let Go

Martin Zellar - Lie To Me

Martin Zellar - Love's Gonna Live Here

Martin Zellar - Problem Solved

Martin Zellar - Something's Gotta Happen

Martin Zellar - Summer Kind of Sad

Marty Robbins - Island Echoes

Marty Robbins - Pretty Mama

Marty Robbins - This Much A Man

Martyn Bates - Rich Apparel

Martyn Bates - Sad Austerities

Martyn Bates - Stranger

Martyn Bates - Thrushes Calling

Martyn Bates - Yellow Keys

Marusha - Audio Space

Marusha - Girl I House You

Marusha - Go Ahead

Marusha - Ravechannel

Marusha - Raveland

Marusha - Somewhere Over the Rainbow

Marusha - Upside Down

Marusha - Voltage Pulse

Marusha - We Are the Bass

Marvin Gaye - For Both of Us I'll Be Concerned

Marvin Gaye - Lucky Lucky Me

Marvin Gaye - Sad Souvenirs

Marvin Gaye - This Love Starved Heart Of Mine (It's Killing Me) - 1994 Love Starved Heart Version (Mono)

Marvin Gaye - When I Had Your Love

Marvin Sease - Do You Need A Licker?

Marvin Sease - Do You Qualify

Marvin Sease - Don't Cum Now

Marvin Sease - Greedy Girl

Marvin Sease - I Gotta Clean Up

Marvin Sease - I Stand Accused

Marvin Sease - I'm Mr. Jody

Marvin Sease - I'm Sinkin' Down

Marvin Sease - It's Too Late

Marvin Sease - Love Machine

Marvin Sease - Missing You

Marvin Sease - Show Me What You Got

Marvin Sease - The Wrong Shoes

Marvin Sease - We Gotta Make A Plan

Marvin Sease - You & Me

Mary Black feat. Shane Howard - if I Gave My Heart to You

Mary Chapin Carpenter - John Doe No. 24*

Mary Chapin Carpenter - Shut Up And Kiss Me

Mary Chapin Carpenter - Why Walk When You Can Fly

Mary Coughlan - I'd Rather Go Blind

Mary Coughlan - Invisible To You

Mary Coughlan - Man of the World

Mary Coughlan - Whiskey Didn't Kill the Pain

Mary J. Blige - Be Happy

Mary J. Blige - Be With You

Mary J. Blige - Don't Go

Mary J. Blige - I Love You

Mary J. Blige - I Never Wanna Live without You

Mary J. Blige - I'm Goin' Down

Mary J. Blige - I'm the Only Woman

Mary J. Blige - K. Murray Interlude

Mary J. Blige - Mary Jane (All Night Long)

Mary J. Blige - Mary's Joint

Mary J. Blige - My Life

Mary J. Blige - No One Else

Mary J. Blige - You Bring Me Joy

Mary J. Blige - You Gotta Believe

Mary Jane Girls - All Night Long

Mary Jane Girls - On The Inside

Masayoshi Takanaka - SAMBA PATI

Massive Attack - Better Things

Massive Attack - Heat Miser

Massive Attack - Karmacoma

Massive Attack - Light My Fire

Massive Attack - Sly (Cosmic Dub)

Massive Attack - Sly

Massive Attack - Spying Glass

Massive Attack - Three

Massive Attack - Weather Storm

Massive Attack & Tracey Thorn - Protection


Masta Ace Incorporated - The B-Side

Masterboy - Masterboy Theme (The Third)

Masters Apprentices - Birth of the Beat

Masters Apprentices - Blues Medley

Masters Apprentices - Future of Our Nation

Masters Apprentices - Highway 61 Revisited

Material - Mantra

Matt Borghi - Brooding Dark Waters

Matt Borghi - Distant Harbor

Matt Borghi - Gray Dawn Illumination

Matt Borghi - Leaving the Gates of the Open Harbor

Matt Borghi - November's Peculiar Calm

Matt Borghi - Point Aux Barques

Matt Borghi - Red Sky Morning

Matt Borghi - Silent Moor

Matt Borghi - The Longest Night

Matti Jurva - Hiekkarannalla

Mau Mau - Adoré

Mau Mau - An Viagi

Mau Mau - Balon Combo

Mau Mau - Bàss Paradis

Mau Mau - La Mia Furia

Mau Mau - La Via Salata

Mau Mau - Maké Manà

Mau Mau - Mauloop (Seh One Love)

Mau Mau - Mauloop

Mau Mau - Ratatoj

Mau Mau - Razza Predona

Mau Mau - Sambera

Maurice Chevalier - Ma Régulière

Maurice Chevalier - Quand On Revient

Maurice Ravel & Andre Laplante - Miroirs: III. Une barque sur l'ocean

Maxime Le Forestier - La Tache Sur La Robe

Maxime Le Forestier - Marin Du Cap

Maxx - Get A Way

Maxx - No More (I Can't Stand It)

Mayhem - Freezing Moon

Mayhem - Funeral Fog

Maynard Ferguson - Maria

Mc 900 Ft Jesus - Bill's Dream

Mc 900 Ft Jesus - Buried At Sea

Mc 900 Ft Jesus - But If You Go

Mc 900 Ft Jesus - Gracias Pepe

Mc 900 Ft Jesus - If I Only Had A Brain

Mc 900 Ft Jesus - New Moon

Mc 900 Ft Jesus - New Year's Eve

Mc 900 Ft Jesus - Rhubarb

Mc 900 Ft Jesus - Stare And Stare

Mc 900 Ft Jesus - Tiptoe Through the Inferno

MC 900 Ft. Jesus - If I Only Had A Brain

MC Blvd - I Remember You, Homie

MC Breed - B.R. Double E.D.

MC Breed - Back Up in Ya!

MC Breed - Break Yourself

MC Breed - Caprice Rag, Take 2

MC Breed - Caprice Rag

MC Breed - Carolina Shout

MC Breed - Don't Tell Your Monkey Man

MC Breed - Eccentricity

MC Breed - Innovation

MC Breed - It Takes Love To Cure the Heart's Disease

MC Breed - Ol' School

MC Breed - One Time

MC Breed - Roumania

MC Breed - Stop It

MC Breed - This Is How We Do It 2

MC Breed - What You Want

MC EIHT feat. CMW - Compton Cyco

MC Eiht', 'Compton's Most Wanted feat. CMW - All for the Money

MC Eiht', 'Compton's Most Wanted feat. CMW - Goin' Out Like Geez

Mc Einar - Jul Det' Cool

MC Hammer - Pumps and a Bump

Mc Sar - Automatic Lover (Call for Love)

Mc Sar - I Want You

Mc Sar - Megablast

MC Sar & The Real McCoy - Another Night

MC Solaar - La concubine de l'hémoglobine

MC Solaar - Obsolète

McCoy Tyner - Just Feelin'

McCoy Tyner - You Don't Know What Love Is

MD X-Spress - Welcome 2Da Klub

Me Phi Me - Revival!

Meat Puppets - Backwater

Meat Puppets - Lake of Fire

Medicine & Robin Guthrie - Time Baby III

Medina Azahara - Busco

Medwyn Goodall - Coral Palace

Medwyn Goodall - Machu Picchu

Medwyn Goodall - Mermaids

Mega 'Lo Mania - Moonsign

Megadeth - A Tout Le Monde

Megadeth - Absolution (Demo)

Megadeth - Addicted to Chaos

Megadeth - Black Curtains

Megadeth - Blood of Heroes

Megadeth - Elysian Fields

Megadeth - Family Tree

Megadeth - I Thought I Knew It All

Megadeth - Paranoid

Megadeth - Reckoning Day

Megadeth - The Killing Road

Megadeth - Train Of Consequences

Megadeth - Victory

Megadeth - Youthanasia

Megapolis - Bjelka I Strelka

Megapolis - Ja Vesna

Megapolis - Karl Marx Stadt

Megapolis - Moskvitschki

Megapolis - Novie Moskovskie Sirtaki

Megapolis - Odin + Odin

Megapolis - Pesnja Koljos

Megapolis - Visoko Vdali

Megapolis - Volga

Megavier - Basement 20:15

Megavier - Basement 22:30

Megavier - Dankeschön

Megavier - Experiment

Megavier - Extrem Schizophren

Megavier - Frei

Megavier - Genug Ist Genug Ist Genug

Megavier - Gute Unterhaltung

Megavier - Ideal Die Da

Megavier - Interview

Megavier - Sonne Overload

Megavier - Spiegel

Megavier - Spiesser '94

Megavier - Tag Am Toten Meer

Megavier - Zu Geil

Meirelles E Os Copa 5 - Solo

Mel Torme - It's easy to remember

Mel Tormé - The Christmas Song (Chestnuts Roasting On An Open Fire)

Mellokings - Tonight, Tonight

Melodie MC feat. Roberto Romboni - Give It Up (For the Melodie)

Melt-Banana - Ketchup-Mess

Melvins - Lividity

Melvins - Magic Pig Detective

Melvins - Queen

Melvins - Revolve

Melvins - Sweet Willy Rollbar

Members of Mayday - Enter the Arena

Members of Mayday - We Are Different

Merauder - Fear of Sin

Mercedes Sosa - De Fiesta En Fiesta

Mercedes Sosa - Un Vestido y Un Amor

Mercedes Sosa feat. Lucho Gonzalez - El Puente De Los Suspiros

Mercyful Fate - Angel of Light

Mercyful Fate - Castillo Del Mortes

Mercyful Fate - Lady in Black

Mercyful Fate - Mirror

Mercyful Fate - My Demon

Mercyful Fate - Nightmare Be Thy Name

Mercyful Fate - The Afterlife

Mercyful Fate - The Mad Arab

Mercyful Fate - The Preacher

Mercyful Fate - Time

Mercyful Fate - Witches' Dance

Meshuggah - Aztec Two-Step

Meshuggah - Gods of Rapture

Meshuggah - Humiliative

Meshuggah - Ritual

Meshuggah - Sickening

Meshuggah - Suffer in truth

Metallica - Enter Sandman (July 12th, 1990, Demo)

Metallica - Enter Sandman (Remastered 2021)

Metallica - Enter Sandman (Remastered)

Metallica - Sad But True (Take 36 - February 5th, 1991)

Metallica - Sad But True (Take 36, February 5th, 1991)

Method Man - All I Need

Method Man - Biscuits

Method Man - Bring the Pain

Method Man - Method Man

Method Man - Release Yo' Delf

Method Man - Tical

Method Man - What the Blood Clot

Method Man & Raekwon - Meth Vs. Chef

Method Man & RZA & Inspectah Deck & Carlton Fisk - Mr. Sandman

Method Man & RZA & Y. Kim - What The Blood Clot

Method Man & Streetlife - All I Need

Michael Card - El Shaddai - Joy In The Journey Album Version

Michael Crawford - It Only Takes A Moment

Michael Franti & Spearhead - Hole In The Bucket

Michael Franti & Spearhead - People In Tha Middle

Michael Franti & Spearhead - Red Beans & Rice

Michael Hurley - I Paint A Design

Michael Martin Murphey - Cowboy Christmas Ball

Michael Monroe - Disappointed in You

Michael Nyman - A La Folie...

Michael Nyman - Broken Dreams

Michael Nyman - in Re Don Giovanni

Michael Schenker - Save Yourself

Michael Whalen - Brink of Extinction

Michael Whalen - Building A Nest

Michael Whalen - Cycles of Life

Michael Whalen - Killer Instinct

Michael Whalen - Life in the Nest

Michael Whalen - Phantom of the Forest

Michael Whalen - Sea of Trees

Michael Whalen - Soliloquy

Michael Whalen - Spirits

Michael Whalen - The Forest Edge

Michael Whalen - The Hawk Appears

Michael Whalen - The Wood Cock

Michael Whalen - Winter Rain

Michel Camilo - Just Kidding

Michel Camilo - On the Other Hand

Michel Camilo - One More Once

Michel Camilo - Suite Sandrine, Part III

Michel Camilo - Suntan

Michel Camilo - The Resolution

Michel Camilo - Why Not!

Michelle Gayle - Sweetness

Mick Karn, David Torn - Open Letter To the Heart of Diaphora

Mickey Katz - The Wedding Samba

Middle of the Road - C'est la Vie

Middle of the Road - Samson and Delilah

Middle of the Road - Talk of All the U.S.A.

Mighty Dub Katz - Keep On Truckin'

Miguel 'Michael' Salgado - Cruz De Madera

Mike Dunn - Shading Light EP (feat. D.J. Shon Jackson)

Mike Dunn - Who Turned You Out (feat. Byron Stingily)

Mike Oldfield - First Landing

Mike Oldfield - Hibernaculum

Mike Oldfield - Lament For Atlantis

Mike Oldfield - Let There Be Light

Mike Oldfield - Oceania

Mike Oldfield - Supernova

Mike Reno Ann Wilson feat. Ann Wilson - Almost Paradise

Miki Howard - I Want To Be Your Mother's Son-In-Law

Miki Howard - I'm A Fool To Want You

Miki Howard - My Man

Miki Howard - Now Or Never

Miki Howard - Solitude

Miki Howard - Strange Fruit

Miki Howard - Tain't Nobody's Bizness If I Do

Miki Howard - What A Little Moonlight Can Do

Miki Howard - Yesterdays

Mildred Bailey - I'll Close My Eyes

Mildred Bailey - It's So Peaceful In The Country

Miljoonasade - 16 ja 36

Miljoonasade - Leila blue

Miljoonasade - New Yorkin yö

Miljoonasade - Nojatuoli kuuhun

Miljoonasade - Paimenpojan kiitoslaulu

Miljoonasade - Piru ja sen isoäiti

Miljoonasade - Pitkä piikki

Miljoonasade - Tango Kesäyö

Miljoonasade - Valokuvalle

Millencolin - Knowledge

Millie Jackson - Go Out And Get Some

Millie Jackson - How Do You Feel the Morning After

Millie Jackson - I Feel Like Walking in the Rain

Millie Jackson - The Blues Don't Get Tired of Me

Millie Jackson - You Can't Turn Me Off

Mina - Il cielo in una stanza

Minako Yoshida - 外A¯A¿ã‚“Aªãƒ»ãƒ»ãƒ»ãƒ»ãƒ»ãƒ»ãƒ»

Ministère Amer - Autopsie

Ministère Amer - Brigitte Femme 2 .

Ministère Amer - Chap II Act 20

Ministère Amer - Flirt Avec Le Meurtre

Ministère Amer - J'ai Fait Un Rêve

Ministère Amer - Les Cloches Du Diable

Ministère Amer - Les Rates Aiment Les Lascars

Ministère Amer - Nègres De La Pègre

Ministère Amer - Paradis

Ministère Amer - Pas Venu En Touriste

Ministère Amer - Plus Vite Que Les Balles

Ministère Amer - Un Été À La Cité

Mint Juleps - Ain't He Got Nerve

Mint Juleps - Round Our Way

Mint Juleps - Who Knows

Mirah - I Can Hear Your Heartbeat

Miranda Sex Garden - A Fairytale About Slavery

Miranda Sex Garden - Cover My Face

Miranda Sex Garden - Cut

Miranda Sex Garden - Fly

Miranda Sex Garden - Freezing

Miranda Sex Garden - Intermission

Miranda Sex Garden - Peep Show

Miranda Sex Garden - Serial Angels

Miranda Sex Garden - The Monk Song

Miranda Sex Garden - The Wooden Boat

Miranda Sex Garden - Transit

Miranda Sex Garden - Wheel

Misery Loves Co - 2 Seconds

Misery Loves Co - I Swallow

Misery Loves Co - My Mind Still Speaks

Misery Loves Co - Need Another One

Misery Loves Co - Private Hell

Misery Loves Co - Scared

Misery Loves Co - The Only Way

Misery Loves Co - This Is No Dream

Misery Loves Co Vs Pitchshifter - Kiss Your Boots

Mississippi Fred McDowell - Good Morning Little Schoolgirl

Mississippi Sheiks - Bed Spring Poker

Mississippi Sheiks - Church Bell Blues

Mississippi Sheiks - He Calls That Religion

Mississippi Sheiks - It's Done Got Wet

Mississippi Sheiks - I've Got Blood in My Eyes For You

Mississippi Sheiks - Jail Bird Love Song

Mississippi Sheiks - Kind Treatment

Mississippi Sheiks - Lazy Lazy River

Mississippi Sheiks - Livin' in A Strain

Mississippi Sheiks - Please Baby

Mississippi Sheiks - Ramrod Blues

Mississippi Sheiks - She Ain't No Good

Mississippi Sheiks - She's A Bad Girl

Mississippi Sheiks - Tell Me What the Cats Fight About

Mississippi Sheiks - The Sheik Waltz

Mississippi Sheiks - Things About Comin' My Way

Mississippi Sheiks - Unhappy Blues

Mississippi Sheiks - West Jackson Blues

Mississippi Sheiks - When You're Sick With the Blues

Mississippi Sheiks - Your Good Man Caught the Train And Gone

Mississippi Sheiks & Chatman Brothers - She's Going To Her Lonesome Grave

Mocedades - Eres Tú

Mocedades - Quien Te Cantará?

Modena City Ramblers - Morte Di Un Poeta

Modern Lovers - Girlfriend

Moistboyz - 1.0 (Fuck No)

Moistboyz - Carjack

Moistboyz - I Am the Jury

Moistboyz - Supersoaker Md50

Moistboyz - U Blow

Monica Naranjo - Amor Es Solo Amar

Monica Naranjo - Dame Tu Calor

Monica Naranjo - EL Amor Coloca

Monica Naranjo - Hoy La Luna Sale Para Mi

Monica Naranjo - Oyeme

Monica Naranjo - Sobrevivire

Monica Naranjo - Sola

Monica Naranjo - Solo Se Vive Una Vez

Monster Magnet - Negasonic Teenage Warhead

Montserrat Caballé - Samson et Dalila/Mon coeur s'ouvre à ta voix

Montserrat Caballé - The Phantom of the Opera/Wishing You Were Somehow Here Again

Moonshake - Ghosts of Good Intention

Moonshake - Into Deep Neutral

Moonshake - Joker John

Moonshake - Just A Working Girl

Moonshake - Right To Fly

Moonshake - Shadows of Tall Buildings

Moonshake - The Grind

Moonshake - The Sound Your Eyes Can Follow

Moonshake - Were Making War

Moonshake - Your Last Friend in This Town

Morbid Angel - God of Emptiness (From the Album Covenant)

Morbid Angel - Sworn To the Black (From the Album Covenant)

Morbid Angel - Sworn To the Black

Morrissey - Jack the Ripper

Morrissey - Speedway - 2014 Remaster

Morrissey - Speedway

Morrissey - The More You Ignore Me, the Closer I Get - 2014 Remaster

Morrissey - Used To Be A Sweet Boy

Morrissey - Why Don't You Find out for Yourself - 2014 Remaster

Morrissey - Why Don't You Find Out For Yourself

Morten Harket - Kamilla Og Sebastian

Mortification - New Beginning

Mory Kanté - 56

Mory Kanté - Bonjour Mon Cher

Mory Kanté - Fanta

Mory Kanté - Kissi Moba

Mory Kanté - La Tension

Mory Kanté - Mansa Ya

Mory Kanté - M'Bara Yarabi

Mory Kanté - Mogo Djolo

Mory Kanté - Oh Oh Oh

Mory Kanté - Sima

Mory Kanté - Toubabou Danser

Mötley Crüe - Girls Girls Girls

Motorpsycho - Another Ugly Tune

Motorpsycho - Blueberry Daydream

Mountain Goats - Going To Maryland

Mountain Goats - Seeing Daylight

Mountain Goats - Song For Cleomenes

Mouse On Mars - 7000

Mouse On Mars - Frosch

Mouse On Mars - Froschroom

Mr. Bassman - Santa Claus Is Comin' To Town

Mr. Bassman - Sleigh Ride

Mr. Big - To Be With You

Mr. T Experience - Even Hitler Had A Girlfriend

MU330 - Hoosier Love

Muddy Waters - Hard Days

Mulgrew Miller - Body and Soul

Mulgrew Miller - Carousel

Mulgrew Miller - When I Get There

Münchener Freiheit - Du bist Energie für mich

Münchener Freiheit - Einfach Bleiben

Münchener Freiheit - So Lang' Man Träume Noch Leben Kann

Münchener Freiheit - Wo Ich Liebe

Musical Youth - Pass the Dutchie

Muslimgauze - Beit Nuba

Muslimgauze - Citadel

Muslimgauze - Fakir

Muslimgauze - Ferdowsi

Muslimgauze - Infidel

Muslimgauze - Masawi Wife & Child

Muslimgauze - Opel

Muslimgauze - Salaam Mecca

Muslimgauze - Shouf Balek

Mutabaruka - Bone Lie

Mutabaruka - Columbus Ghost

Mutabaruka - Dance

Mutabaruka - Garvey

Mutabaruka - Haiti

Mutabaruka - Lamentation

Mutabaruka - Melanin Man

Mutabaruka - Miss Lou

Mutabaruka - People's Court Part II

MxPx - Anywhere But Here

MxPx - Aspect, The

MxPx - Bad Hair Day

MxPx - Dead End

MxPx - Ears To Hear

MxPx - Jay Jay's Song

MxPx - No Room

MxPx - One Way Window

MxPx - Pxpx

MxPx - Realize

MxPx - Time Brings Change

MxPx - Twisted Words

MxPx - Weak

My Dying Bride - I Am the Bloody Earth

My Dying Bride - The Sexuality of Bereavement

My Dying Bride - Transcending (Into the Exquisite)

My Life With The Thrill Kill Kult - After the Flesh

Nailbomb - Cockroaches

Najee - Now That I've Found You

Naked Aggression - Hardcore Guy

Naked Aggression - Leave Me Alone

Naked Eyes - Promises, Promises - Single Edit

Nana Mouskouri - La Chanson De L'Adieu

Nana Mouskouri - Ne M'Oublie Pas

Nanci Griffith - Going Back to Georgia

Nancy LaMott - (Christmas) Stay With Me

Nancy LaMott - A Child Is Born

Nancy LaMott - A Song For Christmas

Nancy LaMott - All Those Christmas Cliches

Nancy LaMott - Baby, It's Cold Outside

Nancy LaMott - Earth And Sky

Nancy LaMott - I Saw Three Ships/Bring A Torch, Jeannette, Isabella

Nancy LaMott - I'll Be Home for Christmas

Nancy LaMott - Just in Time For Christmas

Nancy LaMott - Santa Claus Is Comin' To Town

Nancy LaMott - Some Children See Him

Nancy LaMott - The Christmas Song

Nancy LaMott - What Child Is This/I Wonder As I Wonder

Nancy Wilson - First Time On A Ferris Wheel

Nancy Wilson - Love Dance

Nancy Wilson & Sweet - Ode To Billie Joe

Nando Lauria - New Face

Napalm Death - Living in Denial

Napalm Death - Remain Nameless

Napalm Death - The Curse

Napalm Death - Throwaway

Napalm Death - Twist the Knife (Slowly)

Napalm Death - Your Achievement

Nappy Brown - Little By Little

Narada Michael Walden with Patti Austin - Gimme Gimme Gimme

Nas - Halftime

Nas - It Ain't Hard to Tell

Nas - Memory Lane (Sittin' in da Park)

Nas - N.Y. State of Mind

Nas - One Love

Nas - One Time 4 Your Mind

Nas - Represent

Nas - The Genesis

Nas - The World Is Yours

Nas AZ Olu Dara feat. AZ & Olu Dara - Life's a Bitch

Nas Q-Tip feat. Q-Tip - One Love

Nasio Fontaine - Africa We Love

Nasio Fontaine - Armed & Dangerous

Nasio Fontaine - Justice

Nasio Fontaine - Wanna Go Home

Nat 'King' Cole - Those Lazy, Hazy, Crazy Days of Summer

Nathan Lane & Ernie Sabella & Jason Weaver & Joseph Williams - Hakuna Matata - From 'The Lion King'/Soundtrack

Neal McCoy - Heaven

Neal McCoy - No Doubt About It

Neal McCoy - Small Up And Simple Down

Neal McCoy - Something Moving in Me

Neal McCoy - Why Not Tonight

Neal McCoy - Why Now

Neal McCoy - Wink

Ned's Atomic Dustbin - Scrawl

Negrita - Cambio

Negrita - Lontani Dal Mondo

Neil Diamond - Deck the Halls / We Wish You A Merry Christmas

Neil Diamond - Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas

Neil Diamond - Mary's Little Boy Child

Neil Diamond - Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer

Neil Norman - Alien

Neil Norman - Godzilla

Neil Norman - Not of This Earth

Neil Norman - One Step Beyond

Neil Norman - Vampire Planet

Neil Sedaka - #1 With A Heartache

Neil Sedaka - Rock And Roll Wedding Day

Nelson Y Sus Estrellas - Londres

Neneh Cherry - Sassy

Netzwerk - Passion

Netzwerk - Send Me An Angel

Neville Brothers - Congo Square

Neville Brothers - Her African Eyes

Neville Brothers - Junk Man

Neville Brothers - Shake Your Tambourine

Neville Brothers - The Dealer

New Grass Revival - Callin' Baton Rouge

New Grass Revival - Revival

New Kids On the Block - Girls

New Kids On the Block - I Can't Believe It's Over

New Kids On the Block - I'll Be Waitin'

New Kids On the Block - Intro: Face the Music

New Kids On the Block - Keepin' My Fingers Crossed

New Kids On the Block - NKOTB

New Kids On the Block - You Got the Flavor

New Order - True Faith '94

New Order - World In Motion (U.S. Maxi)

New Riders of the Purple Sage - I Don't Need No Doctor

New Trolls - Allora mi ricordo

New Trolls - Come Cenerentola

New Trolls - Il vento dolce dell'estate

New Trolls - Io ti fermerò

New Trolls - La più bella sei tu

New Trolls - Una Storia

New Trolls - Una vita intera

New Trolls - Venti o cent'anni

New York Dolls - Personality Crises

Newcleus - 50 Ways To Get Funky

Newcleus - Bogul Dance

Newcleus - Freaks in the House

Newcleus - Huxtable House Party

Newcleus - I Ain't the One

Newcleus - I Am On A Roll (Baby I Love You)

Newcleus - Jam For the 90's

Newcleus - Jam On This

Newcleus - Keep Dancing

Newcleus - She So Fine

Newcleus - She's Bad

Newcleus - Trigger

Newcleus - We're So Hyped

Newsboys - Shine

Newsboys - Spirit Thing

Newsong - Arise My Love

Nhu Quynh - Người Tình Mùa Đông

Nicholas Gunn - A Place in My Heart

Nicholas Gunn - Earth Story

Nicholas Gunn - From Heaven To Earth

Nicholas Gunn - I Still Remember

Nicholas Gunn - Midnight Hour

Nicholas Gunn - Odessa

Nicholas Gunn - Painted Desert

Nicholas Gunn - Ruby Forest

Nicholas Gunn - She Walks in Beauty

Nicholas Gunn - Tale of Two Lovers

Nicholas Gunn - The Sacred Fire

Nicholas Gunn - Waking Hour

Nick Cave - Red Right Hand

Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds - Ain'T Gonna Rain Anymore

Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds - Do You Love Me?

Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds - Do You Love Me?

Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds - I Let Love In

Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds - Jangling Jack

Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds - Loverman

Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds - Red Right Hand (Theme from 'Peaky Blinders')

Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds - Red Right Hand

Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds & Flood - Red Right Hand - Peaky Blinders Theme;Flood Remix

Nick Drake - Bird Flew By

Nick Drake - Blues Run the Game

Nick Drake - Cocaine Blues

Nick Drake - Milk And Honey

Nick Drake - Rain

Nick Drake - Tomorrow Is A Long Time

Nick Drake - Winter Is Gone

Nick Drake feat. Gabrielle Drake - All My Trials

Nick Jones - The Soul Movement

Nightmares On Wax - Stars

Nikita - Eterna Divina

Nil Lara - How Was I To Know

Nil Lara - I Will Be Free

Nil Lara - My First Child

Nil Lara - Vida Mas Simple

Nina Simone - Save Me

Nina Simone - Sinnerman

Nina Simone - Who Am I?

Nine Inch Nails - A Violet Fluid

Nine Inch Nails - A Warm Place

Nine Inch Nails - Big Man With A Gun

Nine Inch Nails - Burn

Nine Inch Nails - Closer (Deviation)

Nine Inch Nails - Closer (Further Away)

Nine Inch Nails - Closer (Precursor)

Nine Inch Nails - Closer To God

Nine Inch Nails - Closer

Nine Inch Nails - Dead Souls

Nine Inch Nails - Eraser

Nine Inch Nails - Heresy (Blind)

Nine Inch Nails - Heresy

Nine Inch Nails - Hurt

Nine Inch Nails - I Do Not Want This

Nine Inch Nails - March of the Fuckheads

Nine Inch Nails - March Of The Pigs

Nine Inch Nails - Memorabilia

Nine Inch Nails - Mr. Self Destruct

Nine Inch Nails - Piggy

Nine Inch Nails - Reptile

Nine Inch Nails - Reptilian

Nine Inch Nails - Ruiner

Nine Inch Nails - The Becoming

Nine Inch Nails - The Downward Spiral

Nine Pound Hammer - Feelin' Kinda Froggy

Nine Pound Hammer - Fuck Pie

Nine Pound Hammer - Run Fat Boy Run

Nine Pound Hammer - Skin A Buck

Nine Pound Hammer - Steamroller

Ninjaman - Legalize the Herb

Nino Bravo - Esa Sera Mi Casa

Nino Segarra - Ajena

Nino Segarra - Darlo Todo O Nada

Nirvana - Jesus Doesn't Want Me for a Sunbeam

Nirvana - Lake of Fire

Nirvana - Oh Me

Nirvana - Plateau

Nirvana - Something In The Way

Nirvana - The Man Who Sold The World

Nirvana - Where Did You Sleep Last Night


Nitty Gritty Dirt Band - Let It Roll

Nitty Gritty Dirt Band - Sarah in the Summer

Nitty Gritty Dirt Band - Some of Shelly's Blues

Nitty Gritty Dirt Band - The House At Pooh Corner

Nitty Gritty Dirt Band - This Train Keeps Rolling Along

Nitty Gritty Dirt Band - Tryin' Times

NNENNA FREELON - Gaia's Garden

No Fun At All - Alcohol

No Fun At All - Can't Go Far

No Fun At All - Don't Be A Pansy

No Fun At All - Evil Worm

No Fun At All - Growing Old, Growing Cold

No Fun At All - I Am Wrong And I Am Right

No Fun At All - I Can't Believe It's True

No Fun At All - It Won't Be Long

No Fun At All - Nothing I Wouldn't Do

No Fun At All - So It Sadly Goes

No Fun At All - So Many Times

No Fun At All - Strong And Smart

No Fun At All - Wisdom?

Noam Chomsky - Democracy: Rhetoric and Reality

Noam Chomsky - Prospects for Democracy Now

Noam Chomsky - Soviet and US 'Democracy

Noam Chomsky - US Repression I: Smashing Labor

Noam Chomsky - US Repression II: Against the '60s

Nobuo Uematsu - Battle

Nobuo Uematsu - The Decisive Battle

NOFX - Dig

NOFX - Don't Call Me White

NOFX - Dying Degree

NOFX - Fleas

NOFX - Happy Guy

NOFX - Jeff Wears Birkenstocks

NOFX - Leave It Alone

NOFX - Linoleum

NOFX - Lori Meyers

NOFX - My Heart Is Yearning

NOFX - Perfect Government

NOFX - Punk Guy

NOFX - Reeko

NOFX - The Brews

NOFX - The Cause

NOFX - The Quass

Noir Désir - One Trip One Noise

Nomadi - La Settima Onda

Nomadi - Le Poesie Di Enrico

Nonplace Urban Field - Mouthshut

Norman Brown - After The Storm

Norman Brown - Any Love

Norman Brown - For The Love Of You

Norman Brown - Lydian

Norman Brown - That's The Way Love Goes

Norman Fox And the Robroys - Tell Me Why

Northern Picture Library - Last Septembers Farewell Kiss

Northern Picture Library - Norfolk Windmills

Northern Picture Library - Paris

Northern Picture Library - Signs

Nosferatu - Arabian Heat

Nosferatu - Grave Desires

Nosferatu - Savage Kiss (Different Version to 1993 Single)

Nosferatu - Shadowmaker

Nosferatu - The Enchanted Tower

Nosferatu - The Keeper's Call

Nosferatu - Thrill Killer

Nosferatu - Time of Legends

NOSTRUM - Brainchild

Nothing Painted Blue - Ballwalker

Nothing Painted Blue - Cant F/X

Nothing Painted Blue - Couldn't Be Simpler

Nothing Painted Blue - Drinking Game

Nothing Painted Blue - in May

Nothing Painted Blue - Kissing Booth

Nothing Painted Blue - Masonic Eye

Nothing Painted Blue - Rightful Heir

Nothing Painted Blue - Travel Well

Nothing Painted Blue - Weak

Notis Sfakianakis - O Aetos

Nouela - Black Hole Sun

Novembre - Christal

Novembre - Let Me Hate

Novembre - Neanderthal Sands

Novembre - Old Lighthouse Tale

Novembre - Sirens in Filth

Novembre - Swim Seagull in the Sky

Novembre - The Dream of the Old Boats

Novembre - The Music

Novembre - The White Eyed

Novos Baianos - Brasil pandeiro

N-Trance - Set You Free

Nurse With Wound - Hymn For Konori

Nurse With Wound - Mandrake Memorial

Nurse With Wound - Psychedelic Underground

Nurse With Wound - Shatterin' Man Falling

Nyack - Savage Smile

Nyasia - Who's Got Your Love

O Rappa - Á Noite

O Rappa - Brixton, Bronx Ou Baixada

O Rappa - Catequeses Do Medo

O Rappa - Mitologia Gerimum

O Rappa - R.A.M.

O Rappa - Take It Easy My Brother Charles

O Rappa - Vinheta Da Silva

O.C. - Born 2 Live

O.C. - Time's Up

O.T. Quartet - Hold That Sucker Down

Oak Ridge Boys - I Know

Oasis - Bring It On Down

Oasis - Cigarettes & Alcohol

Oasis - Columbia

Oasis - Digsy's Dinner

Oasis - Fade Away

Oasis - Half The World Away

Oasis - Live Forever

Oasis - Married With Children

Oasis - Rock'n'Roll Star

Oasis - Sad Song

Oasis - Shakermaker

Oasis - Slide Away

Oasis - Supersonic

Oasis - Up in the Sky

Oasis - Whatever

Obiman - On the Rocks

Obituary - Body Bag

Obituary - Boiling Point (Reissue)

Obituary - Don't Care (Reissue)

Obituary - Final Thoughts (Reissue)

Obituary - Godly Beings

Obituary - Infected

Obituary - Kill For Me (Reissue)

Obituary - Killing Victims Found (Reissue)

Obituary - Lost (Reissue)

Obituary - Paralyzing (Reissue)

Obituary - Redefine (Reissue)

Obituary - Set in Stone (Reissue)

Obituary - Solid State (Reissue)

Obituary - Splattered (Reissue)

Obituary - World Demise (Reissue)

Oblivians - Blew My Cool

Odetta - Bald Headed Woman

Odetta - Jumpin' Judy

Ødyssee - Pure Flow

Ohio Express - Sausalito (Is the Place To Go)

Oi Polloi - Boot Down The Doors

Oingo Boingo - Insanity

Old 97's - Stoned

Old Man's Child - ...og jeg iakttok dødsrikets inntog

Old Man's Child - St. Aidens Fall

Old Man's Child - The Old Man's Child

Olga tanon - Es Mentiroso

Olga Tañon - Es Mentiroso

Olga tanon - No Intentes Volver

Olga Tañon - Ya Me Cansé

Oliver Onions - Big Star

Oliver Onions - L'Ultimo Valzer

Olivia Newton-John - Do You Feel

Olivia Newton-John - Don't Cut Me Down

Olivia Newton-John - Gaia

Olivia Newton-John - I Never Knew Love

Olivia Newton-John - Pegasus

Olivia Newton-John - Silent Ruin

Olivia Newton-John - Trust Yourself

Olivia Newton-John - Why Me

Olle Ljungström - Att Vi Älskar

Olle Ljungström - En Galen Hund

Olle Ljungström - Gå Aldrig Din Väg

Olle Ljungström - Psalm

Olle Ljungström - Robert Mitchum

Olle Ljungström - Skjut Dom Som Älskar

Olle Ljungström - Socker Över Himlen

Olle Ljungström - Tysk Indian

Olodum - Careta Feia

Olodum - Cartão Postal

Olodum - Desce E Sobe

Olodum - Encantanda Magia

Olodum - Estrada Da Paixão

Olodum - Evangelização

Olodum - Furacão

Olodum - Gira

Olodum - Girassol

Olodum - Hora H

Olodum - Mordida De Vampiro

Olodum - Parada Obrigatória

Olodum - Poético Olodum

Olodum - Samba Rap

Olodum - Trem Da História

Olodum - Valente Nordeste

Omni Trio - Renegade Snares

One Bad Pig - Be Not Alarmed

One Bad Pig - Lust

One Bad Pig - Sleepin' With the World

Ooze - Slipstream

Opus III - Cozyland ?

Opus III - Dreaming of Now

Opus III - Elemental

Opus III - Guru Mother

Opus III - Hand in Hand

Opus III - Outside

Opus III - Release the Joy

Opus III - Sushumna

Opus III - When She Rises

Opus III - When You Made the Mountain

Orang - Spoor EP

Orange Sector - Bitch (Raising Agent Mix)

Orange Sector - Bitch

Orange Sector - Feel me

Orange Sector - Flashback

Orange Sector - Für Immer

Orange Sector - Götter

Orange Sector - Here we are

Orange Sector - Polizisten

Orange Sector - Violent Order (Amuck Mix)

Orange Sector - Violent Order

Orange Sector - Water

Orbital - Are We Here ?

Orbital - Forever

Orbital - I Wish I Had Duck Feet

Orbital - Impact USA (The Earth Is Burning: Diversion)

Orbital - Kein Trink Wasser

Orbital - Lush 3 (Euro Tunnel Disaster '94) / Walk About (John Peel Sessions)

Orbital - Lush 3-4 (Warrior Drift Psychick Warriors OV Gaia)

Orbital - Lush 3-5 (C.J. Bolland)

Orbital - Quality Seconds

Orbital - Sad But True

Orbital - Science Friction

Orbital - Semi Detached

Organized Konfusion - Black Sunday

Organized Konfusion - Bring It On

Organized Konfusion - Let's Organize

Organized Konfusion - Maintain

Organized Konfusion - Stress

Organized Konfusion - Why

Organized Konfusion Q-Tip feat. Q-Tip - Let's Organize

Oro Solido - Baila Que Goza

Oro Solido - Bailando Y Gozando

Oro Solido - Esta Cache

Oro Solido - La Juma

Oro Solido - Pa'Que Bebas

Oro Solido - Quiero Ron

Os Paralamas Do Sucesso - Dos Margaritas

Os Paralamas Do Sucesso - Musico

Os Paralamas Do Sucesso - Navegar Impreciso

Os Paralamas Do Sucesso - O Amor Dorme

Oscar Peterson - All the Things You Are

Oscar Peterson - O.P.

Oscar Peterson - Strike Up The Band

OT Quartet - Hold That Sucker Down (Brutal Mix)

OT Quartet - Hold That Sucker Down (Dual's Bass-Rok Club Mix)

OT Quartet - Hold That Sucker Down (Lifelike & Kris Menace Mix)

OT Quartet - Hold That Sucker Down

Otis Rush - Gambler's Blues

Otis Spann - Monkey Face Woman

Oumou Sangare - Ah Ndiya

Our Lady Peace - Denied

Our Lady Peace - Dirty Walls

Our Lady Peace - Hope

Our Lady Peace - Is It Safe

Our Lady Peace - Julia

Our Lady Peace - Naveed

Our Lady Peace - Neon Crossing

Our Lady Peace - Starseed

Our Lady Peace - Supersatellite

Our Lady Peace - The Birdman

Our Lady Peace - Under Zenith

Ouseppachan - Nandini Oppol (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)

Out of the Grey - All We Need

Out of the Grey - Cry For Help

Out of the Grey - Diamond Days

Out of the Grey - Eyes Wide Open

Out of the Grey - If I Know You

Out of the Grey - Lifelines

Out of the Grey - Love Like Breathing

Out of the Grey - Unfolding

Out of the Grey - What Love Is

OutKast - Ain't No Thang

OutKast - Call of Da Wild

OutKast - Claimin' True

OutKast - Crumblin' Erb

OutKast - D.E.E.P.

OutKast - Flim Flam (Interlude)

OutKast - Funky Ride

OutKast - Git Up, Git Out

OutKast - Hootie Hoo

OutKast - Myintrotoletuknow

OutKast - Peaches (Intro)

OutKast - Player's Ball (Reprise)

OutKast - Player's Ball

OutKast - Southernplayalisticadillacmuzik

OutKast - True Dat (Interlude)

OutKast - Welcome to Atlanta (Interlude)

OutKast Goodie Mob feat. Goodie Mob - Call of da Wild

OutKast Goodie Mob feat. Goodie Mob - Git Up, Git Out

Outrageous Cherry - Ace 100

Outrageous Cherry - All in a Chain

Outrageous Cherry - Bridge

Outrageous Cherry - If Someone Loves You

Outrageous Cherry - Not Like Any Other

Outrageous Cherry - Pale Frail Lovely One

Outrageous Cherry - Party's Over

Outrageous Cherry - Radio Telephone Operator Procedures Pt. 2

Outrageous Cherry - The Stare

Outrageous Cherry - Til I Run Out

Outrageous Cherry - Withdrawal

Over the Rhine - Daddy Untwisted

Over the Rhine - Falling (Death of A Tree)

Over the Rhine - June

Over the Rhine - Melancholy Room

Over the Rhine - Sleep Baby Jane

Overkill - Bastard Nation

Overkill - Fast Junkie

Overkill - Gasoline Dream

Overkill - R.I.P. (Undone)

Overkill - Supersonic Hate

Overkill - The Wait/A New High in Lows

Overkill - Under One

Overkill - Up To Zero

Overkill - What's Your Problem

Overkill - Where It Hurts

Overwhelming Colorfast - 4 Square

Overwhelming Colorfast - Bark

Overwhelming Colorfast - Both Sides

Overwhelming Colorfast - Buffalo Toy

Overwhelming Colorfast - Circus II

Overwhelming Colorfast - Every Saturday

Overwhelming Colorfast - Hogabanoogen

Overwhelming Colorfast - How Can it Be

Overwhelming Colorfast - How Ya Doin'

Overwhelming Colorfast - Ira Schrader

Overwhelming Colorfast - Shadows

Overwhelming Colorfast - Sidestick Eyepoker

Overwhelming Colorfast - Strong Now

Overwhelming Colorfast - Toss Up

Overwhelming Colorfast - Winky Dinky Dog

Oystein Sevâg - Children's Song

Oysterband - 20th of April

Oysterband - One Green Hill

Ozric Tentacles - Arborescence

Ozric Tentacles - Astro Cortex

Ozric Tentacles - Dance of the Loomi

Ozric Tentacles - Myriapod

Ozric Tentacles - Yog-Bar-Og

Ozzy Osbourne & Therapy? - Iron Man (with Therapy?)

Painkiller - Morning of Balachaturdasi

Painkiller - Parish of Tama (Ossuary Dub)

Painkiller - Pashupatinath

Pale Saints - Fine Friend

Pam Thum - Love Sees

Pam Tillis - Calico Plains

Pam Tillis - Five Minutes

Pam Tillis - Goodbye Highway

Pam Tillis - I Thought I'd About Had It With Love

Pam Tillis - I Wish She Wouldn't Treat You That Way

Pam Tillis - in Between Dances

Pam Tillis - Mi Vida Loca (My Crazy Life)

Pam Tillis - Mi Vida Loca

Pam Tillis - Sometimes A Stranger Will Do

Pam Tillis - Spilled Perfume

Pam Tillis - Tennessee Nights

Pam Tillis - There Goes My Love

Pam Tillis - Those Memories of You

Pam Tillis - When You Walk in the Room

Pantera - 25 Years

Pantera - 5 Minutes Alone

Pantera - Becoming

Pantera - Good Friends And A Bottle of Pills

Pantera - Hard Lines Sunken Cheeks

Pantera - I'm Broken

Pantera - Planet Caravan

Pantera - Shedding Skin

Pantera - Slaughtered

Pantera - Strength Beyond Strength

Pantera - The Badge

Pantera - Throes of Rejection

Pantera - Use My Third Arm

Papa Brittle - Crackdown Eighties Nineties

Papa Brittle - Dissection of the Great British Public

Papa Brittle - Enemy of the Brotherhood

Papa Brittle - Greed is Good

Papa Brittle - Heist Your Mind

Papa Brittle - Jesus in a Limo

Papa Brittle - Status Quo - Remixes

Papa Brittle - The Subconscious Distortion of Perception and Sensation

Papa Brittle - Trailer

Papa Brittle - Twenty Seconds of Noise

Papa Brittle - Twisted and Feckless

Papa Dee - Always A Friend

Papa Dee - Beautiful Woman

Papa Dee - Great Money Spender

Papa Dee - Perfect Match feat. Debbe Cole

Papa Dee - Respect Due

Papa Dee - Taxidriver

Paperclip People - Throw

Pappo's Blues - Hombre Suburbano

Paragliders - Paraglide

Paralysed Age - End of the World

Paralysed Age - Famine

Paralysed Age - Heaven

Paralysed Age - Hunger

Paralysed Age - Intro

Paralysed Age - Morella's Sleep

Paralysed Age - Nocturne

Paralysed Age - Still I Can Hear You Singing

Paralysed Age - Tears Are Always the End

Paralysed Age - Thirst

Parasites - I Don't Wanna Go Out With You

Parni Valjak - Ivana

Parni Valjak - Ljubavna

Parni Valjak - Molitva

Parni Valjak - Nemirno more

Pascal Comelade - Honky tonk woman

Pascal Comelade - Sardana dels desemparats

Pascal Comelade - Souvenirs de vernet les bains

Pascal Comelade - The Skatalan Logicofobism

Pascal Obispo - Assassine

Pascal Obispo - Banquise

Pascal Obispo - Chlore

Pascal Obispo - Holidays

Pascal Obispo - Ma Consolation

Pascal Obispo - Un Jour Comme Aujourd'Hui

Pastora Soler - Capote De Grana Y Oro

Pastora Soler - Curro Romero

Pastora Soler - La Flor De Los Cantes

Pastora Soler - La Niña De Puerta Oscura

Pastora Soler - Manolita La Primera

Pastora Soler - Puertecita De Mi Casa

Pastora Soler - Romance De La Reina Mercedes

Pat Benatar - Love is a Battlefield

Pata Negra - Bulerias Al Aire

Pata Negra - Bulerias De Menorca

Pata Negra - Guitarras Callejeras

Pata Negra - La Llaga

Pata Negra - Tarantula

Pata Negra feat. Rafael Amador - Mama

Patience Dabany - Abagui Alobi

Patience Dabany - Ayanga

Patience Dabany - Fly Girl

Patience Dabany - Jalousie

Patience Dabany - Kelio

Patience Dabany - Levekisha

Patience Dabany - Ne T'Inquietes Pas

Patience Dabany - Opoungou Andimba

Patience Dabany - Patience II

Patience Dabany - Pitie

Patience Dabany - Sango Ya Mawa

Pato Banton - Niceness

Pato Banton - Tudo De Bom

Patricia Barber - A Taste of Honey

Patrick Bruel - Combien de Murs

Patrick Bruel - S'Laisser Aimer

Patrick Moraz - Archetypes (Movement 4) (Lost Way)

Patrick Moraz - Rite of Passage (Gaia Tea 'Reflections')

Patrick Moraz - Rite of Passage (Kaaru)

Patrick Moraz - Rite of Passage ('Reflections' Too)

Patrick Moraz - Rite of Passage (Talisman (Caravan))

Patrick Moraz - Sanctuary - Ascend

Patrick Moraz - Sanctuary (Isle of View)

Patsy Montana & the Prairie Ramblers - I Want to Be a Cowboy's Sweetheart

Patti Austin - Havana Candy

Patti Austin - I Need Somebody

Patti Austin - Lost in the Stars

Patti Austin - Say You Love Me

Patti Austin - Sweet Sadie the Survivor

Patti Austin - That's Enough For Me

Patti Austin - You Don't Have To Say You're Sorry

Patti Drew - I Can't Shake It Loose

Patti Drew - My Lover's Prayer

Patti Drew - Stop And Listen

Patti Drew - Tell Him

Patti Drew - Workin' On A Groovy Thing

Patti LaBelle - Come As You Are

Patti LaBelle - I'm in Love

Patti LaBelle - Stay in My Corner

Patti LaBelle - The Right Kinda Lover

Patti Page - I Don't Care If the Sun Don't Shine

Patty Loveless - A Handful of Dust

Patty Loveless - Here I Am

Patty Loveless - I Try to Think About Elvis

Patty Loveless - Old Weakness (Coming On Strong)

Patty Loveless - Ships

Patty Loveless - When I Reach the Place I'm Going

Patty Loveless - When the Fallen Angels Fly

Patty Loveless - You Don't Even Know Who I Am

Paul Avgerinos - Grace of the Witch

Paul Avgerinos - The Lotus Eaters

Paul Carrack - Don't Shed a Tear

Paul Carrack - One Good Reason

Paul Carrack - When You Walk in the Room

Paul McCandless - Arioso (Sinfonia From Cantata #156)

Paul Overstreet - Daddy's Come Around

Paul Overstreet - Seein' My Father In Me

Paul Rodgers - Muddy Water Blues

Paul Van Dyk - For an Angel

Paul Weller - Hung Up

Paul Weller - Out of the Sinking

PAULA COLE - Black Boots

PAULA COLE - Chiaroscuro

PAULA COLE - Dear Gertrude

PAULA COLE - Garden of Eden

PAULA COLE - Happy Home

PAULA COLE - Hitler's Brothers


PAULA COLE - Our Revenge

PAULA COLE - She Can't Feel Anything Anymore

PAULA COLE - Watch the Woman's Hands

Pavement - Brink of the Clouds

Pavement - Camera

Pavement - Cut Your Hair

Pavement - Elevate Me Later

Pavement - Gold Soundz

Pavement - Heaven Is A Truck

Pavement - Hit the Plane Down

Pavement - Kneeling Bus

Pavement - Nail Clinic

Pavement - Newark Wilder

Pavement - Pueblo Domain

Pavement - Range Life

Pavement - Silence Kid

Pavement - Stare

Pavement - Tartar Martyr

Pavement - Unfair

Pe Werner - Ihre Lichter

Peabo Bryson - Don't Make Me Wild

Peabo Bryson - Love Will Take Care of You

Peabo Bryson - Never Saw A Miracle

Peabo Bryson - Same Old Love

Peabo Bryson - Through the Fire

Peabo Bryson - Treat Her Like A Lady

Peabo Bryson - Why Goodbye

Peabo Bryson - You Can Have Me Anytime

Peace Love & Pitbulls - 2000 Ways of Gettin Drunk

Peace Love & Pitbulls - Animals

Peace Love & Pitbulls - Das Neue Konzept

Peace Love & Pitbulls - Discussing the Artist in Pain

Peace Love & Pitbulls - Endless Masturbation

Peace Love & Pitbulls - G O D - On Vacation

Peace Love & Pitbulls - Good Morning

Peace Love & Pitbulls - His Head Is Spinnin Off

Peace Love & Pitbulls - Itch

Peace Love & Pitbulls - Pig Machine

Peace Love & Pitbulls - Skinny & White

Peace Love & Pitbulls - The Complete Guide - Immitating A Bulldozer On A 24 Track Tape Machine

Peace Love & Pitbulls - The Other Life Form

Peace Love & Pitbulls - War in My Livin Room

Peace Love & Pitbulls - Warzaw

Peach gb - You Lied

Peak Hour Rhythms - Milagro Del Ritmo - Oliver Schmitz & Micah Sherman Remix

Pearl Jam - Better Man - Guitar / Organ Only

Pearl Jam - Better Man

Pearl Jam - Corduroy - Alternate Take

Pearl Jam - Corduroy

Pearl Jam - Dissident

Pearl Jam - Hard To Imagine

Pearl Jam - Immortality

Pearl Jam - Last Exit

Pearl Jam - Not for You

Pearl Jam - Nothingman

Pearl Jam - Pry, To

Pearl Jam - Satan's Bed

Pearl Jam - Spin the Black Circle

Pearl Jam - Stupidmop

Pearl Jam - Tremor Christ

Pearl Jam - Whipping

Pee Wee Crayton - Texas Hop

Peggy Lee - Bali Ha'i

Peggy Lee - How Long Has This Been Going On?

Peggy Lee - Jump For Joy

Peggy Lee - Just One of Those Things

Peggy Lee - Somebody Loves Me

Peggy Lee - Waiting for the Train to Come In

Peña Suazo Y Su Banda Gorda - Besame

Penal Colony - Among the Living

Penal Colony - Combine

Penal Colony - Drawn And Quartered

Penal Colony - Gout

Penal Colony - Hallidified (Burnt Ram)

Penal Colony - Insemin

Penal Colony - Organic

Penal Colony - Paste

Penal Colony - Product

Penal Colony - Reconciled

Penal Colony - Scoma

Penal Colony - Warsaw

Penance - Born To Suffer

Penance - Crosses

Penance - Destroyed By One

Penance - Monster I've Become

Penance - Reflections

Penance - Visions

Penance - Words Not Deeds

Penance - Words To Live By

Perez Prado - El Alacran

Perez Prado - La Virgen De La Macarena

Pet Shop Boys - Decadence

Pet Shop Boys - I Wouldn't Normally Do This Kind of Thing (DJ Pierre Wild Pitch Mix)

Pet Shop Boys - I Wouldn't Normally Do This Kind of Thing

Pet Shop Boys - Liberation (E Smoove 12'' Mix)

Pet Shop Boys - Liberation

Pet Shop Boys - Yesterday When I Was Mad (Jam & Spoon Mix)

Pet Shop Boys - Yesterday When I Was Mad (Junior Vasquez Fabulous Dub)

Pet Shop Boys - Yesterday When I Was Mad

Pete Droge - Dog On A Chain

Pete Droge - Faith in You

Pete Droge - Fourth of July

Pete Droge - Hampton Inn Room 306

Pete Droge - Hardest Thing To Do

Pete Droge - If You Don't Love Me (I'll Kill Myself)

Pete Droge - Northern Bound Train

Pete Droge - So I Am Over You

Pete Droge - Straylin Street

Pete Droge - Sunspot Stopwatch

Pete Droge - Two Steppin Monkey

Pete Lazonby - Sacred Cycles

Pete Rock & C.L. Smooth - I Got a Love

Pete Rock & C.L. Smooth - Take You There

Peter Frampton - (I'm A) Road Runner

Peter Gabriel - Lovetown

Peter Hammill - You Can't Want What You Always Get

Peter Hammill - Your Tall Ship

Peter Herbolzheimer Rhythm Combination & Brass - Hip Walk

Peter Tosh - Whatcha Gonna Do

Peter White - The Closer I Get To You

PFR - Blind Man Deaf Boy

PFR - It's You Jesus

PFR - Last Breath

PFR - The Love I know

Phil Collins - I've Been Trying

Phil Coulter - Take Me Home

Phil Coulter - The Emigrant's Letter, Eamon An Cnuic

Phil Coulter - The Flight of the Earls

Philip Aaberg - Prelude in F Minor From the Well-Tempered Clavier Book II

Philip Glass - Music in Similar Motion

Phillip Boa And the Voodooclub - A Russian Film in Snow

Phillip Boa And the Voodooclub - My Game Is Dracula

Phillip Boa And the Voodooclub - Punk-Junks

Phillip Boa And the Voodooclub - The World Is A Strangler

Phish - Demand

Phish - Dog Faced Boy

Phish - Down with Disease

Phish - If I Could

Phish - Julius

Phish - Sample in a Jar

Phish - Scent of a Mule

Phish - Wolfman's Brother

Photek - Consciousness

Phrenetic System - Wayfarer

Pierre Perret - Adam et Eve

Pierre Perret - Au café du canal

Pierre Perret - Blanche

Pierre Perret - C'est au mois d'août

Pierre Perret - C'est bon pour la santé

Pierre Perret - Comment c'est la Chine

Pierre Perret - Dépêche-toi mon amour

Pierre Perret - Docteur

Pierre Perret - Gourrance

Pierre Perret - Je Suis Zou Zou Zou

Pierre Perret - La bérésina

Pierre Perret - La bibise d'accord

Pierre Perret - La grande ourse

Pierre Perret - La photo

Pierre Perret - La rue Perce Oreille

Pierre Perret - Le petit potier

Pierre Perret - Le plombier

Pierre Perret - Le poulet

Pierre Perret - Les jolies colonies de vacances

Pierre Perret - Les ours heureux

Pierre Perret - Les proverbes

Pierre Perret - L'idole des femmes

Pierre Perret - Lily

Pierre Perret - L'orchestre fou

Pierre Perret - Louise

Pierre Perret - Marcel

Pierre Perret - Marina

Pierre Perret - Mon épouse elle est jalouse

Pierre Perret - Mon Pierrot

Pierre Perret - Prune des bois

Pierre Perret - Sam'di chez l'amiral

Pierre Perret - Tonton Cristobal

Pigeonhed - Ain't It So (Album)

Pigeonhed - Brothers (Album)

Pigeonhed - Buzz (Album)

Pigeonhed - Cadillac (Album)

Pigeonhed - Grace (Album)

Pigeonhed - Her (Album)

Pigeonhed - Lovely Lines (Album)

Pigeonhed - Salome (Album)

Pigeonhed - Special Way (Album)

Pigeonhed - Theme From Pigeonhed (Album)

Pigeonhed - Trial By Sex (Album)

Pigface - Divebomber

Pink Floyd - A Great Day for Freedom

Pink Floyd - Cluster One

Pink Floyd - Coming Back to Life

Pink Floyd - High Hopes (Radio Edit)

Pink Floyd - High Hopes

Pink Floyd - Keep Talking (Radio Edit)

Pink Floyd - Keep Talking

Pink Floyd - Lost for Words

Pink Floyd - Marooned

Pink Floyd - Poles Apart

Pink Floyd - Take It Back (Edit)

Pink Floyd - Take It Back

Pink Floyd - Wearing the Inside Out

Pink Floyd - What Do You Want from Me

Pitch Shifter - Triad

Pitch Shifter - Triad (Gunshot Instrumental Mix)

Pitchshifter - Diable (Therapy? Remix)

Pitchshifter - Diable

Pitchshifter - Triad (Biohazard Remix)

Pitchshifter - Triad (Gunshot Remix)

Pitchshifter - Triad

Placebo Effect - Aura

Placebo Effect - Digital Transmit

Placebo Effect - Emergency

Placebo Effect - Eye On the Past

Placebo Effect - I Don't Care?

Placebo Effect - Instrumental Vibes

Placebo Effect - Last Walk (Through My Life)

Placebo Effect - No Man's Land

Placebo Effect - Placebo

Placebo Effect - Rough Vibes

Placebo Effect - Tears For the Broken Rainbow

Placebo Effect - Trauma

Plankeye - Bold

Plankeye - Forever

Plankeye - Free Me

Plankeye - Goodness

Plankeye - Know Way

Plankeye - Revolution

Plankeye - Step Away

Planxty - As I Roved Out

Platero Y Tu - Bebiendo del mismo vaso

Platero Y Tu - La Noche

Platero Y Tu - La Vecina

Platero Y Tu - Si la tocas otra vez

Platero Y Tu - Somos los Platero (Pa' lo bueno y pa' lo malo)

Playahitty - The Summer Is Magic - Radio Mix

Playahitty - The Summer Is Magic (Radio Mix)

Playahitty - The Summer Is Magic

Poems For Laila - Chance Is A Dog

Poems For Laila - Cold World

Poems For Laila - Endless Stripe

Poems For Laila - Fool in the Rain (The Wednesday Session)

Poems For Laila - Greatest Love of All

Poems For Laila - Hungry Thoughts

Poems For Laila - Knock On the Door

Poems For Laila - Mexican Fiesta

Poems For Laila - Postgirl Mary

Poems For Laila - Tina

Poems For Laila - Wide Open Eyes

Pop in Wonderland - Grow a Baby

Pop Will Eat Itself - Ich Bin Ein Auslander

Popsicle - Make Up

Popsicle - Sunkissed

Porcupine Tree - Moonloop

Portastatic - Beer and Chocolate Bars

Portastatic - Creeping Around

Portastatic - Gutter

Portastatic - Had

Portastatic - Memphis

Portastatic - Mute2

Portastatic - Naked Pilseners

Portastatic - Polaroid

Portastatic - Receiver

Portastatic - Silver Screw

Portastatic - The Main Thing

Portastatic - Tree Killer

Portastatic - Untitled

Portastatic - Weird Time

Portastatic - Why Have You Come Back

Portishead - Biscuit

Portishead - Glory Box

Portishead - It Could Be Sweet

Portishead - It's A Fire

Portishead - Mysterons

Portishead - Numb

Portishead - Pedestal

Portishead - Roads

Portishead - Sour Times

Portishead - Strangers

Portishead - Wandering Star

Pousette-Dart Band - Amnesia

Powderfinger - Grave Concern

Powderfinger - Hurried Bloom

Powderfinger - Namaste

Powderfinger - Sink Low

Powderfinger - Tail

Powderfinger - This Syrup To Exchange

Powderfinger - Walking Stick

Powerman 5000 - Organizized

Powerman 5000 - Strike the Match

Powerman 5000 - What If

Prager Handgriff - Auf dem Zeitstrom

Prager Handgriff - Deine Sterne

Prager Handgriff - Der Sog

Prager Handgriff - Höhenangst

Prager Handgriff - Täterschaft und Teilnahme

Prager Handgriff - Traumsequenz

Preservation Hall Jazz Band - Jaffe's Struttin' Blues

Presuntos Implicados - Actriz

Presuntos Implicados - Asoma El Llanto

Presuntos Implicados - El misterio de lo cotidiano

Presuntos Implicados - El pan y la sal

Presuntos Implicados - Estrella

Presuntos Implicados - Mi Pequeño Tesoro

Presuntos Implicados - Satelite

Presuntos Implicados - Tu Tierra Y Mis Semillas

Pretenders & Bob Clearmountain - I'll Stand by You

Pretty Tony - Jam the Box

Priessnitz - Hexe

Primal Scream - Big Jet Plane

Primal Scream - Call On Me

Primal Scream - Denise Johnson

Primal Scream - Jailbird

Primal Scream - Rocks

Primal Scream - Sad And Blue

Primal Scream - Struttin'

Prince - Come

Prince - Letitgo

Prince - Loose!

Prince - Orgasm

Prince - Pheremone

Prince - Space

Prince - The Most Beautiful Girl in the World

Prince Jazzbo - Gal Boy I Roy

Princess Princess - THE SUMMER VACATION

Priscilla Chan - 傻女

Progression - Reach Further (X-Press 2 Remixes)

Prong - Another Wordly Device

Prong - Broken Peace

Prong - Cut-Rate

Prong - Home Rule

Prong - No Question

Prong - Snap Your Fingers, Snap Your Neck

Prong - Test

Prong - Whose Fist Is This Anyway?

Prong - Whose Fist Is This Anyway?

Propagandhi - Bent

Propagandhi - Hidden Curriculum

Pro-Pain - Bad Blood

Pro-Pain - Denial

Pro-Pain - Put the Lights Out

Prototype 909 - Understand

Psyche - Brain Collapses

Psyche - Crucible 28

Psyche - Ecstasy

Psyche - Freaks (Delay Mix)

Psyche - Freaks!

Psyche - Freaks

Psyche - Heaven in Pain - With Our Heaven

Psyche - Insatiable

Psyche - Peep Show

Psyche - Solitude

Psyched Up Janis - Chandelier

Psyched Up Janis - Fragments

Psyched Up Janis - I Died in My Teens

Psyched Up Janis - Modest Us

Psyched Up Janis - Reddening Star

Psyched Up Janis - Shudder

Psyched Up Janis - Subsonic Why

Psyched Up Janis - Swirl Like You

Psyched Up Janis - They

Psyched Up Janis - Vanity

Public Enemy - Give It Up

Pucho & His Latin Soul Brothers - Heat

Puerto Rican Power - Ando Buscando Un Amor

Puerto Rican Power - Dando Vueltas

Puerto Rican Power - Emergencia De Amor

Puerto Rican Power - La Feria De Cali

Puerto Rican Power - Mujer Adolescente

Puerto Rican Power - Parece

Puerto Rican Power - Resbala Mojado

Puerto Rican Power - Solo Conmigo

Puhdys - Alles war so neu

Puhdys - Die ganze Nacht

Puhdys - Liebe pur

Puhdys - Unser Lied ist euer Schrei

Pulp - Acrylic Afternoons

Pulp - Babies

Pulp - Common People

Pulp - Do You Remember The First Time?

Pulp - Do You Remember the First Time?

Pulp - Happy Endings

Pulp - Have You Seen Her Lately?

Pulp - His 'n' Hers

Pulp - Manon

Pulp - Pink Glove

Pulp - Seconds

Pulp - She's A Lady

Pulp - Someone Like the Moon

Pulp - Street Lites

Pulp - The Babysitter

Pulp - Underwear

Pulp - Your Sister's Clothes

Pussycat feat. Toni Willé - Une Chambre Pour La Nuit

Quarteto Em Cy - De volta ao samba

Quarteto Em Cy - Tempo rei

Queensrÿche - Damaged

Queensrÿche - I Am I

Queensrÿche - Lady Jane

Queensrÿche - Out of Mind

Queensrÿche - Someone Else?

Quincy Jones - Don't Bug Me

Quincy Jones - Johnson's Whacks

Quincy Jones - Osie's Oasis

Quincy Jones - Rico Vacilon

Quincy Jones - The 'In' Crowd

Quincy Jones - The Jones Bash

Quinta Do Bill - A Libertação

Quinta Do Bill - Aljubarrota

Quinta Do Bill - Basta

Quinta Do Bill - Menino

Quinta Do Bill - Os Filhos Da Nação

Quinta Do Bill - Senhora Maria Do Olival

Quinta Do Bill - Um Barco Ao Longe

R Kelly - Bump N' Grind

R. Carlos Nakai - Red Wind (World)

R. Carlos Nakai - Sunrise (World)

R. Carlos Nakai - Sunrise ll (World)

R.A.F - Just Take Me Higher

R.E.M. - Bang And Blame

R.E.M. - Circus Envy

R.E.M. - Country Feedback (Athens 1992) (Applause Faded)

R.E.M. - Crush With Eyeliner

R.E.M. - Let Me In - Remix

R.E.M. - Let Me In

R.E.M. - Losing My Religion (Athens 1992) (Applause Faded)

R.E.M. - Monty Got A Raw Deal

R.E.M. - Strange Currencies

R.E.M. - What's the Frequency, Kenneth?

R.L. Burnside - .44 Pistol

R.L. Burnside - Death Bell Blues

R.L. Burnside - Goin' Down South

R.L. Burnside - Miss Glory B.

R.L. Burnside - Peaches

R.L. Burnside - Shake 'Em On Down

R.L. Burnside - When My First Wife Left Me

Rabih Abou-Khalil - Nocturne Au Villaret

Rabih Abou-Khalil - Snake Soup

Rabih Abou-Khalil - Sunrise in Montreal

Rabih Abou-Khalil - The Happy Sheik

Rachel Alejandro - Paalam Na

Radioaktiva räker - Iskalla drömmar

Radiohead - Lewis (Mistreated)

Radiohead - Lozenge of Love

Radiohead - My Iron Lung

Radiohead - Permanent Daylight

Radiohead - Punchdrunk Lovesick Singalong

Radiohead - The Trickster

Radiohead - You Never Wash Up After Yourself

Radiorama - Abcd

Rafael Amor - No Es Lo Mismo

Rafael Amor - No Me Llames Extranjero

Raffi - Bananaphone

Raffi - Michael Row The Boat Ashore

Raffi - Shake A Toe

Rage Against The Machine - Darkness

Rage Against The Machine - People of the Sun

Raimundos - Bicharada

Raimundos - Carro Forte

Raimundos - Cintura Fina

Raimundos - Marujo

Raimundos - Minha Cunhada

Raimundos - MM'S

Raimundos - Nêga Jurema

Raimundos - Puteiro em João Pessoa II

Raimundos - Rapante

Raimundos - Rock Do Caju / Rio Das Pedras

Rainbirds - Fool To Cry

Raised Fist - Break Free

Raised Fist - Give Yourself A Chance

Raised Fist - Respect

Raised Fist - Stand Up And Fight

Raised Fist - To Make Up My Mind

Raised Fist - Too Late To Change

Raison D'être - in Lonelienes

Raison D'être - Pathaway

Raison D'être - Sophrosyne

Raison D'être - Spiraal

Raison D'être - Spire of Withhold

Raison D'être - The Awakening

Raison D'être - The Narrow Gate

Ralph Stanley - I Just Think I'll Go Away

Ralph Stanley - Nobody's Love Is Like Mine

Rammstein - Du riechst so gut

Rammstein - Laichzeit

Rammstein - Rammstein

Ramon Orlando - Toma y toma

Ramón Orlando - Toma Y Toma

RAMP - Rock the Discotek

Rancid - Nihilism

Rancid - Radio

Rancid - Salvation

Rancid - Side Kick

Rancid - St. Mary

Rancid - Tenderloin

Randy Travis - Gonna Walk That Line

Randy Travis - Oscar the Angel

Randy Travis - Runaway Train

Randy Travis - The Box

Randy Travis - This Is Me

Randy Travis - Whisper My Name

Ransom - My Dance

Rappin' 4-Tay - Back Again (Explicit)

Rappin' 4-Tay - Call It What You Want Too (Explicit)

Rappin' 4-Tay - I'll Be Around

Rappin' 4-Tay - Playaz Club

Rashed Al Majid - Ashoof Feek Youm

Rasputina - Transylvanian Concubine

Rauli Badding Somerjoki - (Mari naapurin) hänen viimeisin

Rauli Badding Somerjoki - Haaveisiin vaipunut

Rauni Pekkala - Miesten tähden

Rauni Pekkala - Pepe

Rauni Pekkala - Please Mr. Postman

Rauni Pekkala - Seitsemän tuntia onnehen

Ravens - White Christmas

Ray Lynch - Ivory

Raymond Van Het Groenewoud - Het Ruisen Van De Wind

Raymond Van Het Groenewoud - Madame Praline

Raymond Van Het Groenewoud - Ze Weet Niet Wat Ze Doet

Raz Dwa Trzy - A Poza Tym

Raz Dwa Trzy - Cialo Ziemiste

Raz Dwa Trzy - Czekam I Wiem (Jesli Cos Sie Dzieje)

Raz Dwa Trzy - P.W.P.P.F

Raz Dwa Trzy - Pod Niebem

Raz Dwa Trzy - Rozana Aleja

Raz Dwa Trzy - Sextelefon

Raz Dwa Trzy - Trwajmy

Raz Dwa Trzy - W Wielkim Miescie

Raz Dwa Trzy - Zapomniany Kto Byl

Raz Dwa Trzy - Zlote Zeby

Raz Dwa Trzy - Zyjemy W Kraju

RBL Posse - Blue Bird

RBL Posse - Bounce to This

RBL Posse - I Got My Nine

Reagan Youth - No Class

Real McCoy - Automatic Lover (Call For Love)

Real McCoy - Love & Devotion

Real McCoy - Operator

Reba McEntire - And Still

Reba McEntire - She Thinks His Name Was John

Reba McEntire - The Heart Is A Lonely Hunter

Reba McEntire - There Ain't No Future in This

Reba McEntire - Till You Love Me

Reba McEntire - Why Haven't I Heard From You

Red Aunts - Baby Tough Luck

Red Aunts - Brian Has A Car

Red Aunts - Ice Tea

Red Aunts - Monsterfucker-Mothertrucker

Red Aunts - My Impala '65

Red Aunts - Silver Moon Motel

Red Aunts - Smoke

Red Aunts - Wasted

Red Hot Chili Peppers - Blues For Meister

Red Hot Chili Peppers - F.U.

Red Hot Chili Peppers - Hollywood (Africa) (Extended Dance Mix)

Red Hot Chili Peppers - If You Want Me To Stay (Pink Mustang Mix)

Red Hot Chili Peppers - If You Want Me To Stay

Red Hot Chili Peppers - Police Helicopter (Demo Version) ()

Red Hot Chili Peppers - Special Secret Song Inside ()

Red Hot Chili Peppers - Stranded (Demo)

Red Hot Chili Peppers - What It Is (AKA Nina's Song) (Demo) ()

Red Hot Chili Peppers - You Always Sing the Same (Demo)

Red House Painters - San Geronimo

Red House Painters - Shock Me

Red House Painters - Summer Dress

Red House Painters - Sundays and Holidays

Red House Painters - Three-Legged Cat

Red Snapper - Cortina

Red Snapper feat. Beth Orton - Snapper

Redd Kross - Yesterday Once More

Redman - Can't Wait - Extended Version

Rednex - Cotton Eye Joe

Rednex - Old Pop in an Oak

Redrum - Buddah Man

Reel 2 Real - Go On Move (feat. Mad Stuntman)

Reel 2 Real - I Like to Move It

Reel 2 Real feat. the Mad Stuntman - I Like To Move It

Reel 2 Real The Mad Stuntman Erick Morillo Erick 'More' Album Mix - Erick 'More' Album Mix

Reel Big Fish - Beer

Reel Big Fish - I Want Your Girlfriend To Be My Girlfriend Too

Reel Big Fish - Why Do All Girls Think They're Fat

Refused - 5th Freedom

Refused - Bottom

Refused - Burn It

Refused - Dust

Refused - Everlasting

Refused - I am Not Me

Refused - Inclination

Refused - Intro

Refused - Mark

Refused - Our Silence

Refused - Pretty Face

Refused - Pump the Brakes

Refused - Strength

Refused - Sunflower Princess

Refused - Symbols

Refused - The Real

Refused - Tide

Refused - Trickbag

Refused - Untitled

Regurgitate - Acute Urinary Infection

Regurgitate - Bullous Impetigo

Regurgitate - Carbonized Bowels

Regurgitate - Carnal Cacophony

Regurgitate - Chronic Lymphatic Leukemie

Regurgitate - Extensive Ulcerative Tumor

Regurgitate - Fleshfeast

Regurgitate - Fleshmangler

Regurgitate - Genital Cancer

Regurgitate - Mucupurulent Offal Grinder

Regurgitate - Multicystic Kidney

Regurgitate - Newborn Regurgitation

Regurgitate - Severe Necroses of the Face

Regurgitate - Testicular Trauma

Regurgitate - Total Dismemberment of a Female Corpse

Regurgitate - Vaginal Obstriction

Regurgitate - Vomit Breath

Regurgitate - Vulva Fermentation

Regurgitate - Worm Eaten Rectum

Reincidentes - Cartas Desde El Asilo

Reincidentes - En Mi Interior

Reincidentes - Vicio

Reinhard Mey - Die Kinder Von Izieu

Reinhard Mey - Ich Möchte!

Reinhard Mey - Vernunft Breitet Sich Aus Über Die Bundesrepublik Deutschland

Relatives Menschsein - die Zeit

REM - Bang & Blame

REM - What's the Frequency, Kenneth?

Renato Russo - And So It Goes

Renato Russo - Cathedral Song

Renato Russo - Cherish

Renato Russo - Close the Door Lightly When You Go

Renato Russo - Clothes of Sand

Renato Russo - I Get Along without You Very Well

Renato Russo - If I Loved You

Renato Russo - If Tomorrow Never Comes

Renato Russo - If You See Her, Say Hello

Renato Russo - Let's Face the Music And Dance

Renato Russo - Love Is

Renato Russo - Miss Celie's Blues (Sister)

Renato Russo - Old Friend

Renato Russo - Paper of Pins

Renato Russo - Say It Isn't So

Renato Russo - Send in the Clowns

Renato Russo - Somewhere in My Broken Heart

Renato Russo - Somewhere

Renato Russo - The Ballad of the Sad Young Men

Renato Russo - The Heart of the Matter

Renato Russo - When You Wish Upon A Star

Rene Froger - Blinded By Your Beauty (Fashion Doll)

Rene Froger - For A Date With You

Rene Froger - I Couldn't Stay Away

Rene Froger - What A Woman Can Do

Rene y Rene - Lo Mucho Que Te Quiero

Renegade Soundwave - Brixton

Renegade Soundwave - Funky Dropout

Renegade Soundwave - Howyoudoin'? (1994)

Renegade Soundwave - John Holmes

Renegade Soundwave - Last Freedom Fighter

Renegade Soundwave - Liquid Up

Renegade Soundwave - Positive Id

Renegade Soundwave - Renegade Soundwave (7'' Mix)

Renegade Soundwave - Renegade Soundwave

Republic - A 67-es út

Republic - Fekete, vörös, kék

Republic - Jöhet a bumm, bumm, bumm!!!

Republic - Kapd el gyorsan!

Republic - Nem, nem, nem, nem

Republic - Vigyetek el engem is

Resistance 77 - Enemy

Reuben Wilson - Hot Rod

Reverend Horton Heat - Baddest of the Bad (Album)

Reverend Horton Heat - Big Sky (Album)

Reverend Horton Heat - Big Sky

Reverend Horton Heat - Five-O Ford (Album)

Reverend Horton Heat - I Could Get Used To It (Album)

Reverend Horton Heat - One Time For Me (Album)

Reverend Horton Heat - Rockin' Dog (Album)

Reverend Horton Heat - Yeah, Right (Album)

Ricardo Arjona - Ayúdame Freud

Ricardo Arjona - Del Otro Lado del Sol

Ricardo Arjona - Historia de Taxi

Riccardo Fogli - Amami Maria

Riccardo Fogli - Caroamoremio

Riccardo Fogli - Cuore E Lei

Riccardo Fogli - Inverno

Riccardo Fogli - Nella Fossa Dei Leoni

Ricchi E Poveri - Made in Italy

Ricchi E Poveri - Mamma Maria

Richard Clayderman - A comme amour

Richard Clayderman - Au-dela des souvenirs

Richard Clayderman - Avec le coeur

Richard Clayderman - Ballade pour Adeline

Richard Clayderman - Concerto pour une jeune fille nommee Je t'aime

Richard Clayderman - Couleur tendresse

Richard Clayderman - La tendresse

Richard Clayderman - Le coeur dans les etoiles

Richard Clayderman - Le deuxieme slow

Richard Clayderman - Le premier chagrin d'Elsa

Richard Clayderman - Les chagrins oublies

Richard Clayderman - Les derniers jours d'Anastasia Kemsky

Richard Clayderman - Les fleurs sauvages

Richard Clayderman - Les larmes de joie

Richard Clayderman - Les reves du matin

Richard Clayderman - L'illusion perdue

Richard Clayderman - L'ocean

Richard Clayderman - L'ombre d'un visage

Richard Clayderman - Ma solitude

Richard Clayderman - Pour avoir trop reve

Richard Clayderman - Promenade dans les bois

Richard 'Groove' Holmes feat. Gene Ammons - Morris the Minor

Richard Marx - Baby Blues

Richard Marx - Goodbye, Hollywood

Richard Marx - Heaven's Waiting

Richard Marx - Miami 2017

Richard Marx - Nothing To Hide

Richard Marx - Now & Forever

Richard Marx - Now And Forever

Richard Marx - One Man

Richard Marx - One More Try

Richard Marx - Silent Scream

Richard Marx - Soul Motion

Richard Marx - The Way She Loves Me

Richard Marx - What You Want

Richard Pinhas - Claire P.

Richard Pinhas - Last Coda From the Western Wail

Richard Pinhas - Polywaves Intermed

Richard Rodgers, Oscar Hammerstein II - You'll Never Walk Alone

Richard Thompson - Beeswing

Richard Thompson - Easy There, Steady Now

Richard Thompson - For the Sake of Mary

Richard Thompson - I Ride in Your Slipstream

Richard Thompson - Mascara Tears

Richard Thompson - MGB-GT

Richard Thompson - Mingus Eyes

Richard Thompson - Shane And Dixie

Richard Thompson - Taking My Business Elsewhere

Richard Thompson - The Way That It Shows

Richard Wagner & Wiener Philharmoniker & Sir Georg Solti - Tannhäuser: Overture

Rick Braun - Children of the Night

Rick Braun - Desire

Rick Braun - Indians

Rick Braun - Madrid

Rick Braun - Neon Dream

Rick Braun - The Doctor

Rick Braun - Things Change

Rick Braun - We'll Be Laughing

Rick Danko - Twilight

Rick James - Bustin' Out (On Funk)

Rick James - Moonchild

Rick Wakeman - Journey To the Centre of the Earth

Rick Wakeman - Starship Trooper

RICKY LYNN GREGG - Three Nickels And A Dime

Rikarena - Ay!!

Rikarena - Eres

RinneRadio - Aromaa

Rio Reiser - Alles klar auf der Andrea Doria

Rising Sun - Haze (Blind Mix)

Rising Sun - Haze

Ritchie Family - Put Your Feet to the Beat

River Ocean - Love & Happiness (Yemaya Y Ochun)

River Ocean - The Tribal - EP (Remixes)

Rivermaya - 214

Rivermaya - Awit Ng Kabataan

Rivermaya - Bring Me Down

Rivermaya - Ulan

RKL - House Guest

RKL - in Your Mind

Roachford - Cry For Me

Roachford - Do We Wanna Live Together

Roachford - Emergency

Roachford - Guess I Must Be Crazy

Roachford - Gus's Blues

Roachford - Higher Love

Roachford - I Know You Don't Love Me

Roachford - Johnny

Roachford - Lay Your Love On Me

Roachford - Outro

Roachford - Ride the Storm

Roachford - This Generation

Robbie Fulks - Cigarette State

Robbie Robertson - Mahk Jchi (Heartbeat Drum Song)

Robert Armani - Hit Hard

Robert Armani - Road Tour

Robert Armani - Up Down

Robert Armani - Up

Robert Earl Keen - Merry Christmas From the Family

Robert Earl Keen - Think It Over One Time

Robert Earl Keen - Tom Ames' Prayer

Robert Earl Keen - Whenever Kindness Fails

Robert Forster - Frisco Depot

Robert Hood - Minus

Robert Hood - Museum

Robert Hood - One Touch

Robert Hood - Ride

Robert Hood - Station Rider E

Robert Hood - The Pace

Robert Hood - Unix

Robert Miles - Children

Robert Nighthawk - Crying Won't Help You

Robert Palmer - Big Trouble

Robert Palmer - Close To the Edge

Robert Palmer - Closer To the Edge

Robert Palmer - Dreams Come True

Robert Palmer - Honey A

Robert Palmer - Know By Now

Robert Palmer - Nobody But You

Robert Palmer - Wham Bam Boogie

Robert Palmer - You're Mine

Robert Rich - Animus

Robert Rich - Guilin

Robert Rich - Lifeblood

Robert Rich - Luminous Horizon

Robert Rich - Spirit Catcher

Robert Rich - Terraced Fields

Robert Rich - Whispers of Eden

Robert Wilkins - Alabama Blues

Robert Wilkins - Get Away Blues

Robert Wilkins - I Do Blues

Robert Wilkins - I'll Go With Her Blues

Robert Wilkins - Long Train Blues

Robert Wilkins - Losin' Out Blues

Robert Wilkins - Old Jim Canan's

Robert Wilkins - Police Sergeant Blues

Roberta Flack - Angel Eyes

Roberta Flack - Cottage For Sale

Roberta Flack - I Don't Care Who Knows (Baby, I'm Yours)

Roberta Flack - in A Sentimental Mood

Roberta Flack - It Might Be You

Roberta Flack - Let's Stay Together

Roberta Flack - Looking For Another Pure Love

Roberta Flack - My Romance

Roberta Flack - Prelude To A Kiss

Roberta Flack - Sweet Georgia Brown

Roberta Flack - Thrill Is Gone

Roberta Flack - You'll Never Know ('Til You Let Go)

Roberto Roena - Ingratitud De La Vida

Roberto Roena - Los Caminos De Mi Gente

Roberto Roena - No Me Apures

Roberto Roena - Por Que Te Niegas

Roberto Roena - Roena Medley Dos...

Roberto Roena - Roena Medley Uno...

Roberto Torres - Linda Guajira

Robin Trower - Extermination Blues

Robyn Hitchcock - Surgery

ROC - Jungle Kisses

Rockin' Rebels - Anyway You Want Me

Rockin' Rebels - Hully Gully Rock

Rockin' Rebels - Rockin' Crickets

Rockin' Rebels - Wild Weekend Cha Cha

Rodgau Monotones - Das kann doch nicht dein Ernst sein

Rodgau Monotones - Fuddelrock III

Rodgau Monotones - Ganz egal

RODNEY CROWELL - Above And Beyond (The Call of Love)

RODNEY CROWELL - The Rose of Memphis

Roger McGuinn - Anna

Roger Whittaker - Ich denk' oft an Mary

Roger Whittaker - Scarlet Ribbons (For Her Hair)

Roger Whittaker - Somewhere My Love

Roger Whittaker - You Needed Me

Roine Stolt - Close your eyes

Roine Stolt - Dissonata

Roine Stolt - Humanizzimo

Roine Stolt - Scanning the greenhouse

Roine Stolt - The flower king

Roine Stolt - The magic circus of Zeb

Roine Stolt - The pilgrims inn

Roine Stolt - The sounds of violence

PFR - Life Goes On

PFR - Merry Go Round

PFR - See the Sun Again

PFR - The Grace of God

PFR - Trials Turned To Gold

PFR - Wonder Why

Rollins Band - Fall Guy

Rollins Band - Ghostrider

Romance - Y Me Enamore

Ron Carter - All Blues

Rondò Veneziano - Alchimie Sonore

Rondò Veneziano - Buon Natale, Mondo

Rondò Veneziano - Itinerari Veneti

Rondò Veneziano - Nettuno

Rondò Veneziano - Tiepolo

Roni Griffith - (The Best Part of) Breakin' Up

Roni Size - It's A Jazz Thing

Ronnie Jones - Satisfy My Soul

Ronnie McDowell - Older Women - Re-Recorded In Stereo

Ronnie McDowell - Wandering Eyes - Re-Recorded In Stereo

Ronny Jordan - My Favourite Things

Roomful of Blues - Come Back Baby

Roomful of Blues - Cuttin in

Roomful of Blues - Hey Now

Roomful of Blues - I'm Just Your Fool

Roomful of Blues - Memories Are Sweeter

Roomful of Blues - You Don't Know

Roop Kumar Rathod - Jai Jai Shri Nath Ji - Dhun

Rose Chronicles - Bottle Song

Rose Chronicles - Brick and Glue

Rose Chronicles - Diedre

Rose Chronicles - Dwelling

Rose Chronicles - Forgotten

Rose Chronicles - Glide (Free Above)

Rose Chronicles - Nothing's Real

Rose Chronicles - Shiver

Rose Chronicles - Undertow

Rose Chronicles - Visions

Rose Royce - Band Introduction

Rose Royce - I Love the Feeling

Rose Royce - The Magic Touch

Roselle Nava - Bakit Nga Ba Mahal Kita

Rosenstolz - Die Dame von der Akademie

Rosenstolz - Es tut mir leid

Rosenstolz - Lebend Erwacht

Rosenstolz - Samstags

Rosenstolz - Strahlende Nächte

Rosenstolz - Viel zu kalt

Rotting Christ - Morality of a Dark Age

Rotting Christ - Non Serviam

Rotting Christ - Saturn Unlock Avey's Son

Rotting Christ - The Fifth Illusion

Rotting Christ - Wolfera the Jackal

Roxette - Crash! Boom! Bang!

Roxette - Sleeping in My Car

Roxette - Vulnerable

Roy Acuff - Fire Ball Mail

Roy Hargrove - Billy Higgins

Roy Hargrove - Easy To Remember

Roy Hargrove - End of a Love Affair

Roy Hargrove - Ruby My Dear

Roy Hargrove - September In the Rain

Roy Hargrove - Things We Did Last Summer

Roy Hargrove - Whisper Not

Roy Hargrove - You Don't Know What Love Is

Roy Hargrove Quintet - Greens At the Chicken Shack

Roy Hargrove Quintet - Soppin' the Biscuit

Roy Milton - Best Wishes

Roy Milton - Information Blues

Roy Milton & His Solid Serenades - Information Blues

Roy Orbison - Chicken Hearted

Roy Orbison - Mean Little Mama

Roy Orbison - You're My Baby

Roy Rogers - Echoes From the Hills

Rufus 'Hound Dog' Thomas Jr - Walkin' in the Rain

Rufus Thomas - Walkin' in the Rain

Rufus Thomas Jr - Tiger Man

Rufus Thomas Jr. - Save That Money

Runrig - Edge of the World

Runrig - Flower of the West

Runrig - The Wire

Rupert Hine - The Heart of the Matter

Russ Freeman & David Benoit - After The Love Has Gone

Russ Freeman & The Rippingtons & Lynne Fiddmont & Bridgette Bryant & Kirk Whalum & James Gilstrap & Art Wood & Jeffrey Osborne & Phil Perry - I'll Be Around

Russel Means - I Will Take You Home

Rusted Root - Back To The Earth

Rusted Root - Beautiful People

Rusted Root - Drum Trip

Rusted Root - Ecstasy

Rusted Root - Martyr

Rusted Root - Send Me On My Way

Ruth Jacott - Blijf Bij Mij

Ruth Jacott - Ik Kan Echt Zonder Jou

Ruth Jacott - Vrede

Ruth Willis - Painful Blues

S*M*A*S*H - Drugs Again

S*M*A*S*H - Lady Love Your Cunt

S*M*A*S*H - Real Surreal

S*M*A*S*H - Shame

S.p.ä.c.k - A-llergisk

S.p.ä.c.k - Blinkar Blå

S.p.ä.c.k - Eddie B

S.p.ä.c.k - Lita Aldrig På En Alex

S.p.ä.c.k - Parkeringszon

S.p.ä.c.k - Temat Till S.p.ä.c.k (feat. Alexander Hofman)

S.U.P - The Cleansing

S.U.P - The Crack

Sabres of Paradise - Haunted Dancehall

Sacred Spirit - Ly-O-Lay Ale Loya (The Counterclockwise Circle Dance)

Sacred Spirit - Yeha Noha (Wishes Of Happiness And Prosperity)

Sade - Cherish the Day

Sade - Hang On to Your Love

Sade - Is It a Crime

Sade - Jezebel

Sade - Kiss of Life

Sade - Like a Tattoo

Sade - Love Is Stronger Than Pride

Sade - Never as Good as the First Time

Sade - No Ordinary Love

Sade - Nothing Can Come Between Us

Sade - Paradise

Sade - Pearls

Sade - Please Send Me Someone to Love

Sade - Smooth Operator - Single Version

Sade - The Sweetest Taboo

Sade - Your Love Is King

Sadhana Sargam - Gayatri Mantra - Sadhana Sargam

Sadhana Sargam - Gayatri Mantra: Siddhi Mantra

Sadistik Exekution - Astral Abortis

Sadistik Exekution - Evoke War Vomit

Sadistik Exekution - Internal Klok

Sadistik Exekution - Lest We Forget

Sadistik Exekution - Mathematikus

Sadistik Exekution - Suspiral

Sagat - Luvstuff (The Khuu & Bogdanl Remixes)

Sagat - Luvstuff

Saint Etienne - Highgate Road Incident

Saint Etienne - I Buy American Records

Saint Etienne - Like A Motorway

Saint Etienne - Pale Movie

Saint Etienne - Sushi Rider

Saint Etienne - Urban Clearway

Saint Etienne - Western Wind

Salif Keita - Djembe

Salif Keita - Mandjou

Salif Keïta - Sina (Soumbouya)

Salif Keita - Tenin

Salt Tank - Eugina

Salt Tank - Sargasso Sea

Salt-N-Pepa & En Vogue - Whatta Man

Sam & Dave - Don't Pull Your Love

Sam Phillips - Strawberry Road

Samael - Baphomet's Throne

Samael - Black Trip

Samael - Ceremony of Opposites

Samiam - Bad Day

Samiam - Capsized

Samiam - Cradle

Samiam - Routine

Samiam - She's A Part of Me

Samiam - Simca

Samiam - Stepson

Samiam - Tag Along

Samiam - Time By the Dime

Sammy Hagar - Keep On Rockin'

Sammy Kershaw - Better Call A Preacher

Sammy Kershaw - Feelin' Good Train

Sammy Kershaw - If You Ever Come This Way Again

Sammy Kershaw - If You're Gonna Walk, I'm Gonna Crawl

Sammy Kershaw - Paradise From Nine To One

Sammy Kershaw - Southbound

Sammy Kershaw - The Heart That Time Forgot

Sammy Kershaw - Third Rate Romance

Sammy Kershaw - Too Far Gone To Leave

Sammy Kershaw feat. George Jones - Never Bit A Bullet Like This

Sanchez - Can We Talk

Sanchez - Missing You

Sandals - Ardens Bud

Sandals - Change

Sandals - Feet

Sandals - Here Comes the Sign

Sandals - Lovewood

Sandals - No Movement

Sandals - Nothing

Sandals - We Don't Wanna Be the Ones To Take the Blame

Sandals - We Wanna Live

Sandi Patty - Build My World Around You

Sandi Patty - God Is Walking Me Through

Sandi Patty - Holy Lord/Carry On

Sandi Patty - Imagine (How God Can Sing)

Sandi Patty - Safe Harbour

Sandra Mihanovich - Como El Juez A La Verdad

Sandra Mihanovich - Cuatro Estrofas

Sandra Mihanovich - Me Contaron Que Bajo El Asfalto

Sandra Mihanovich - Puerto Pollensa

Sandra Mihanovich - Sola En Mí

Sandro - Cuando Existe Tanto Amor

Sandro - La Vida Sigue Igual

Sandro - Palabras Viejas

Sandy Duncan, Howard McGillin, Liz Callaway, Dakin Matthews, Adam Wylie, J.D. Daniels, Lex de Azevedo, David Zippel - This Is My Idea

Sanne Salomonsen - Love Done Right

Sanne Salomonsen - Walking That Fine Line

Santa Esmeralda - Another Cha Cha

Santa Esmeralda - House of the rising sun

Sarah McLachlan - Hold On

Sarah McLachlan - Possession (Piano Version)

Sarah McLachlan - Song For A Winter's Night

Satanic Surfers - Don't Know What To Do

Satanic Surfers - Egocentric

Satanic Surfers - Hard To Be Yourself

Satanic Surfers - Kill My Girlfriend's Dad

Satanic Surfers - Nun

Satanic Surfers - Why?

Satan's Pilgrims - Plymouth Rock

Satan's Pilgrims - Spanish Head

Satchel - Built 4 It

Satchel - Equilibrium

Satchel - Hollywood

Satchel - More Ways Than 3

Satchel - Mr. Blue

Satchel - Mr. Brown

Satchel - Mr. Pink

Satchel - O

Satchel - Suffering

Satchel - Taste It

Satchel - The Roof Almighty

Satchel - Trouble Come Down

Satchel - Willow

Savatage - Chance

Savatage - Handful of Rain

Savatage - Midas Knight

Scan X - Cardia

Scan X - Celebration

Scan X - Elements

Scan X - Leitmotiv

Scan X - Liquid Metal

Scarface - Goin Down

Scarface - G's

Scarface - Hand of the Dead Body

Scarface - I Seen a Man Die

Scarface - Jesse James

Scarface - Mind Playin' Tricks 94

Scarface - No Tears

Scarface - The White Sheet

Scatman John - Scatman (ski-ba-bop-ba-dop-bop) - Basic-Radio

Schweisser - 700 Tage

Schweisser - Bete Zum Herr Der Fliegen

Schweisser - Eisenkopf

Schweisser - Hölle

Schweisser - Ich Bin Du - 1

Schweisser - Ich Bin Du - 2

Schweisser - Kein Freund

Schweisser - Kopf An Die Wand

Schweisser - Mitten Ins Gesicht

Schweisser - Napalm

Schweisser - Pausenclown

Schweisser - Perpeteum Mobile

Schweisser - Scheisskind

Scorn - Automata

Scorn - Falling

Scorn - Night Tide

Scorn - Silver Rain Fell

Scott Henderson - Dog Party

Scott Henderson - Dog Walk

Scott Henderson - Fence Climbin' Blues

Scott Henderson - Hell Bent Pup

Scott Henderson - Hole Diggin'

Scott Henderson - Hound Dog

Scott Henderson - Milk Bone

Scott Henderson - Same As You

Scott Henderson - Smelly Ol' Dog Blues

Scott Henderson - Too Many Gittars

Screamfeeder - Lost in the Snow

Screamin' Jay Hawkins - Because of You

Screaming Jay Hawkins - Bushman Tucker

Screaming Jay Hawkins - Cookie Time

Screaming Jay Hawkins - Don't Fool With Me

Screaming Jay Hawkins - Furburger

Screaming Jay Hawkins - in My Heart

Screaming Jay Hawkins - Live Love Or Die

Screaming Jay Hawkins - Rock Australia Rock

Screaming Jay Hawkins - The Rose

Seal - Bring It On

Seal - Don't Cry

Seal - Dreaming in Metaphors

Seal - Kiss from a Rose

Seal - Newborn Friend (Internet Single)

Seal - Newborn Friend

Seal - People Asking Why

Seal - Prayer for the Dying

Seamus Egan - Bird in the Tree

Seamus Egan - Lark in the Morning Medley

Season To Risk - Absolution

Season To Risk - Future Tense

Season To Risk - Invisible Me

Season To Risk - Jack Frost

Season To Risk - Nausea

Season To Risk - Remembered

Season To Risk - Terrain Vague

Season To Risk - Timebomb

Season To Risk - Vertical Drive

Sebadoh - Shit Soup

Second Choice - I Can't Resist (Move Your Body)

Secret Cinema - Timeless Altitude

Secret Shine - Ignite the Air

Seefeel - Fracture

Seguridad Social - ¡Que Te Voy A Dar! Directo

Seguridad Social - 1_2_3 Mueve Los Pies, Directo

Seguridad Social - Accion, Directo

Seguridad Social - Ay Tenochtitlan!, Directo

Seguridad Social - Ay Tenochtitlan!

Seguridad Social - Condenado A Vivir, Directo

Seguridad Social - Controla Tus Yo-Yos, Directo

Seguridad Social - Despierta Mi Pasion, Directo

Seguridad Social - El Viajero, Directo

Seguridad Social - Eres Una Estupida, Directo

Seguridad Social - Esto No Es Una Cancion, Directo

Seguridad Social - La Camisa De Once Varas, Directo

Seguridad Social - Los Pingüinos Estan 'Helaos', Directo

Seguridad Social - Mª Manuela, Directo

Seguridad Social - Me Siento Bien, Directo

Seguridad Social - No Es Facil Ser Dios, Directo

Seguridad Social - No Verte Mas, Directo

Seguridad Social - Oye Como Va, Directo

Seguridad Social - Solo Tu (Eres Mi Pasion), Directo

Seguridad Social - Soy Un Salmon, Directo

Seguridad Social - Wish You Were Here, Directo

Seigmen - Colesseum

Seigmen - Colosseum

Seigmen - Hjernen Er Alene

Seigmen - in Limbo

Seigmen - Lament

Seigmen - Manifest

Seigmen - Mesusah

Seigmen - Monument

Seigmen - Nephilia

Seigmen - Ohm

Seigmen - Pantheon

Seigmen - Sort Tulpen

Selena - Amor Prohibido

Selena - Bidi Bidi Bom Bom - 1994 Version

Selena - Cobarde

Selena - El Chico Del Apartamento 512

Selena - Fotos Y Recuerdos

Selena - No Me Queda Más

Selena - Si Una Vez

Selena - Techno Cumbia

Selena - Tus Desprecios

Selena & Barrio Boyzz - Donde Quiera Que Estes

Selig - Bruderlos

Selig - Die Besten

Selig - Fadensonnen

Selig - Glaub Mir

Selig - Hey, Hey, Hey

Selig - High

Selig - Ja

Selig - Mädchen auf dem Dach

Selig - Meinetwegen

Selig - Ohne dich

Selig - Regenbogenleicht

Selig - Sie hat geschrien

Selig - Tina

Selig - Wenn ich wollte

Senser - Age of Panic (Eat Static Saturated Slug Mix)

Senser - Age of Panic (Git-O-Rama Mix)

Senser - Age of Panic (The Sick Man Remix)

Senser - Age of Panic

Senser - Door Game

Senser - One Touch One Bounce

Senser - Peace

Senser - Peanut Head

Senser - States of Mind

Senser - Stubborn

Senser - Switch (Dephthcharge First Venom Remix)

Senser - Switch

Senser - Swith

Senser - What's Going On

Senser - Worth

September When - True Love

Sergio Endrigo - I tuoi vent'anni

Sergio Mendes & Brasil '77 - Zanzibar

Shaggy - Alimony

Shaggy - Chow

Shaggy - Get Down To It

Shaggy - Glamity Power

Shaggy - Jump And Rock

Shaggy - Lately

Shaggy - Man A Yard

Shaggy - We Never Danced To the Rub A Dub Sound

Shaggy - Wild Fire

Shai - The Place Where You Belong

Shakespears Sister - Waiting

Shampoo - Delicious

Shampoo - Dirty Old Love Story

Shampoo - Gameboy

Shampoo - Girls 'Round Here

Shampoo - Glimmer Globe

Shampoo - House of Love

Shampoo - Me Hostage

Shampoo - Saddo

Shampoo - School Is Boring

Shampoo - Shampoo You

Shampoo - Shiny Black Taxi Cab

Shampoo - Skinny White Thing

Shampoo - Trouble

Shampoo - Viva La Megababes

Shampoo - We Don't Care

Shane MacGowan And the Popes - Her Father Didn't Like Me Anyway

Sharon Cuneta - Bituing Walang Ningning

Sharon Cuneta - Mr. DJ

Shawn Colvin - (Looking For) the Heart of Saturday

Shawn Colvin - Killing the Blues

Shawn Colvin - One Cool Remove

Shawn Colvin - Satin Sheets

Shawn Colvin - There's A Rugged Road

Shawn Colvin - This Must Be The Place (Naive Melody) - Live at the Bottom Line, NYC, NY - August 1993

Shawn Colvin - This Must Be the Place (Naive Melody)

Shawn Colvin - Twilight

Shawn Colvin - Window To the World

Shawn Colvin - You're Gonna Make Me Lonesome When You Go

Shazz - Hold Me

Shazz - Leave Me

Shazz - Marathon Man

Shazz - Petit Dub

Shed Seven - Dirty Soul

Shed Seven - Dolphin

Shed Seven - Immobilise

Shed Seven - Long Time Dead

Shed Seven - Missing Out

Shed Seven - Ocean Pie

Shed Seven - Sleep Easy

Shed Seven - Speakeasy

Sheila Chandra - A Sailor's Life

Sheila Chandra - Abbess Hildegard

Sheila Chandra - En Mireal Del Penal

Sheila Chandra - Kafi Noir

Sheila Chandra - Love It Is A Killing Thing

Sheila Chandra - Speaking in Tongues III

Sheila Chandra - Speaking in Tongues IV

Sheila Chandra - Waiting

Sheila Chandra - Woman And Child

Shelley Fabares - Johnny Angel - Single Version

Shenandoah - Next to You, Next to Me

Shenandoah - Sunday In the South

Shenandoah - The Church On Cumberland Road

Shenandoah - Two Dozen Roses

Sheryl Crow - All I Wanna Do

Sheryl Crow - Solitaire

Shimon - Predator

Shirley Bassey - If and When

Shirley Bassey - Moonraker

Shirley Cheung - Dream Girl

Shirley Horn - Big City

Shirley Horn - Hit The Road Jack

Shirley Horn - I Could Have Told You

Shirley Kwan - Chuang Nei Chuang Wai

Shirley Kwan - Gao Bie Lian Qu

Shirley Kwan - Jin Zhang

Shirley Kwan - Jing Shi Gan Jue

Shirley Kwan - Ping Jing Li De Yi Zhan De

Shirley Kwan - Rumour

Shirley Kwan - Shi Chu De Chuan Ji

Shirley Kwan - Tou Qu Wo Xin

Shirley Kwan - Xian Xuan Xing Guang Xia

Shirley Kwan - Xin Jian

Shirley Kwan - Ye Kao Shei

Shirley Scott - Remember

Shonen Knife - Top of the World

Show of Hands - Armadas

Show of Hands - Cars

Show of Hands - Mr. Mays / Gloucester Hornpipe

Show of Hands - The Galway Farmer

Show of Hands - The Oak

Shudder To Think - 9 FINGERS ON YOU

Shudder To Think - Chakka

Shudder To Think - Earthquakes Come Home

Shudder To Think - Full Body Anchor

Shudder To Think - GANG of $

Shudder To Think - Hit Liquor

Shudder To Think - Kissi Penny

Shudder To Think - No Rm. 9, kentucky

Shudder To Think - Own Me

Shudder To Think - So Into You

Shudder To Think - SWEET YEAR OLD

Shudder To Think - Trackstar

Shuggie Otis - 12:15 Slow Goonbash Blues

Shuggie Otis - Cold Shot

Shuggie Otis - I Can Stand To See You Die

Shuggie Otis - I Got the Walkin' Blues

Shuggie Otis - The Hawks

Shyheim - On And On

Sick of It All - Cease Fire

Sick of It All - Consume

Sick of It All - Desperate Fool

Sick of It All - Farm Team

Sick of It All - Force My Hand

Sick of It All - Free Spirit

Sick of It All - Goatless

Sick of It All - Insurrection

Sick of It All - Maladjusted

Sick of It All - No Cure

Sick of It All - Return To Reality

Sick of It All - Scratch the Surface

Sick of It All - Step Down

Sick of It All - Straight Ahead

Sick of It All - Who Sets the Rules

Sid Phillips - Boogie Man

Side A & Jun Reyes - Set You Free

Side A & Jun Reyes - Tell Me

Sidney Bechet - Blue Horizon

Sidney Bechet - Summertime

Sierra Maestra - Bururú Barará

Sierra Maestra - Cangrejo Fue a Estudiar

Sierra Maestra - Changó Ta' Vení

Sierra Maestra - Dundunbanza

Sierra Maestra - El Gago

Sierra Maestra - Kila Kike y Chocolate

Sierra Maestra - Mi Guajira Son

Sierra Maestra - No Me Llores Más

Silje Nergaard - On and on

Silkworm - Dremate

Silkworm - Dust My Broom

Silkworm - Enough Is Enough

Silkworm - Garden City Blues

Silkworm - Insider

Silkworm - Into the Woods

Silkworm - Parsons

Silkworm - Pilot

Silkworm - Punch Drunk Five

Silkworm - Raised By Tigers

Silver Jews - Trains Across The Sea

Silverchair - Blind

SilvercHair - Tomorrow

Silvio Rodríguez - Escaramujo

Simon Bonney - Where Trouble Is Easier To Find

Sinéad O'Connor - A Perfect Indian

Sinéad O'Connor - All Apologies

Sinéad O'Connor - All Babies

Sinéad O'Connor - Fire On Babylon

Sinéad O'Connor - Germaine

Sinéad O'Connor - My Darling Child

Sinéad O'Connor - Red Football

Sinéad O'Connor - Tiny Grief Song

Sinead O'Connor - You Made Me the Thief of Your Heart

Single Gun Theory - Burning Bright (But Unseen)

Single Gun Theory - Decimated

Single Gun Theory - Fall - EP

Single Gun Theory - Fall (Abstract Gladiators Remix)

Single Gun Theory - Fall (Voyage to the Bottom of the Dub Remix)

Single Gun Theory - Fall

Single Gun Theory - I've Been Dying

Single Gun Theory - Metaphysical

Single Gun Theory - Motherland

Single Gun Theory - Phenomena

Single Gun Theory - Still Closest To My Heart

Single Gun Theory - The Sea of Core Experience

Single Gun Theory - Thetan

Single Gun Theory - Transmission

Siouxsie And the Banshees - O Baby

Sir Coxsone Sound - Black Wars Reggae

Sir Coxsone Sound - Born To Love

Sir Coxsone Sound - Bower Dub

Sir Coxsone Sound - Capital Radio Rock

Sir Coxsone Sound - East of the Rockfort Rock

Sir Coxsone Sound - It's Reggae Time Dub Rock

Sir Coxsone Sound - King of the Dub Rock

Sir Coxsone Sound - Many Moods of Coxsone

Sir Coxsone Sound - Psalms 87.2

Sir Coxsone Sound - So Much Dub To Give

Sir Coxsone Sound - Sounds of Safari

Sir Coxsone Sound - Travelling Israel Dub

Sir Coxsone Sound - Tribute To Mohammed Ali

Sir Coxsone Sound - United Africa

Sir Coxsone Sound - Zion Bound

Sir Mix-A-Lot - Monsta' Mack

Sir Mix-A-Lot - Put 'Em On The Glass

Sister Hazel - All For You

Sister Hazel - Bring It On Home

Sister Hazel - Don't Think Its Funny

Sister Hazel - Feel It

Sister Hazel - Little Things

Sister Hazel - One Nation

Sister Hazel - Sometimes

Sister Hazel - Space Between Us

Sister Hazel - Used To Run

Sister Hazel - Will Not Follow

Skank - A Cerca

Skank - Amolação

Skank - Chega Disso!

Skank - É Proibido Fumar / Peter Gunn Theme

Skank - Esmola (Ao Vivo)

Skank - Estivador

Skank - Jackie Tequila (Ao Vivo)

Skank - O Beijo E A Reza

Skank - Pacato Cidadão / Let 'Em In

Skank - Sam

Skank - Te Ver

Skeeter Davis - The End of the World

Skeletal Family - Lies

Skeletal Family - Stand By Me

Skeletal Family - The Night

Skip James - 4 O'Clock Blues

Skip James - Be Ready When He Comes

Skip James - Hard Luck Child

Skip James - If You Haven't Any Hay Get On Down the Road

Skip James - Jesus Is A Mighty Good Leader

Skip James - Little Cow And Calf Is Gonna Die Blues

Skip James - What Am I To Do Blues

Skip James - Yola My Blues Away

Skrew - Albatross

Skrew - Godsdog

Skrew - in Tongues

Skrew - Jesus Skrew Superstar

Skrew - Mouthful of Dust

Skrew - Picasso Trigger

Skrew - Season For Whither

Skrew - Seeded

Skrew - Skrew Saves

Skrew - Sour

Skullflower - Ge4050

Skullflower - Metallurgical King

Skullflower - Pipe Dream

Skullflower - Shiny Birds of Doom

Skullflower - Silver Glove Puppet

Skullflower - The Rose Wallpaper

SKYCLAD - Cardboard City

SKYCLAD - Land of the Rising Slum

SKYCLAD - Sins of Emission

SKYCLAD - The One Piece Puzzle

Slayer - 213

Slayer - Circle of Beliefs

Slayer - Divine Intervention

Slayer - Killing Fields

Slayer - Sex. Murder. Art

Slayer - SS-3

Slick Rick - A Love That's True, Part 1

Slick Rick - Behind Bars

Slick Rick - Sittin' In My Car

Slim Harpo - I Need Money (Keep Your Alibis)

Slime - Ich War Dabei

Slinky Wizard - Slinky Wizard

Slint - Glenn

Slowdive - 40 Days

Slowdive - Alison

Slowdive - Altogether

Slowdive - Here She Comes

Slowdive - Machine Gun

Slowdive - Sing

Slowdive - Souvlaki Space Station

Slowdive - When the Sun Hits

Sly & Robbie - Maxi Taxi

Smokey Robinson & the Miracles - (You Can't Let the Boy Overpower) the Man in You

Smokey Robinson & the Miracles - Come Spy With Me

Smokey Robinson & The Miracles - I Second That Emotion

Smokey Robinson & the Miracles - I'll Try Something New

Smokey Robinson & the Miracles - There's A Sad Story Here

Smokey Robinson & the Miracles - Whatever Makes You Happy

Smokey Robinson & the Miracles - Who's Gonna Take the Blame

Smokie - Can't Cry Hard Enough

Smooth Touch - Come And Take A Trip (Erick 'More' Club Mix)

Smooth Touch - Come And Take A Trip

Smooth Touch - House of Love (The Raise Your House Mix)

Smooth Touch - House of Love

SNAP! - Dream On the Moon

SNAP! - Green Grass Grows (Earth Follows)

SNAP! - It's A Miracle (People Need To Love One Another)

SNAP! - It's Not Over

SNAP! - Rame (Beloved) feat Rukmani

SNAP! - The First the Last Eternity (Til the End)

SNAP! - The World in My Hands (We Are One)

SNAP! - Waves

SNAP! - Where Are the Boys, Where Are the Girls?

Snap! feat. Summer - Welcome to Tomorrow (Are You Ready?)

Snog - Cliché

Snog - Dear Valued Customer (Reprise)

Snog - Empires

Snooks Eaglin - Come Back, Baby

Snooks Eaglin - Drifting Blues 2

Snooks Eaglin - Let Me Go Home, Whiskey

Snooks Eaglin - One Scotch, One Bourbon, One Beer

Snooks Eaglin - The Lonesome Road 2

Snoop Dogg - Gin & Juice

Snoop Dogg - What's My Name?

Soave - Crying Over You

Soda Stereo - Zona De Promesas

Solar Quest - Save the Whale

Solitude Aeturnus - Eternal (Dreams Part II)

Solitude Aeturnus - Falling

Solitude Aeturnus - Haunting the Obscure

Solitude Aeturnus - Pain

Solitude Aeturnus - Pawns of Anger

Solitude Aeturnus - Perfect Insanity

Solitude Aeturnus - Shattered My Spirit

Solitude Aeturnus - The 8th Day Mourning

Solitude Aeturnus - The 9th Day Awakening

Sometime Sunday - Blue

Sometime Sunday - Blur

Sometime Sunday - Crawl

Sometime Sunday - Guilty

Sometime Sunday - Home

Sometime Sunday - Lie

Sometime Sunday - Reach

Sometime Sunday - Rope

Sometime Sunday - Self

Sometime Sunday - Sleep

Sometime Sunday - Take

Son Seals - Sadie

Sonic Subjunkies - Central Industrial

Sonic Subjunkies - Djungelstadt

Sonic Youth - Androgynous Mind

Sonic Youth - Bull In The Heather

Sonic Youth - Doctor's Orders

Sonic Youth - Razor Blade

Sonic Youth - Superstar

Sonic Youth - Sweet Shine

Sonic Youth - Winner's Blues

Sonny Boy Williamson & the Yardbirds - Out On the Water Coast

Sonny Chillingworth - Moe 'Uhane - Dream Slack Key

Sonny Rollins - Ron Carter

Sonny Sharrock Band - All My Trials

Sonny Sharrock Band - Chumpy

Sonny Sharrock Band - Dance with me Montana

Sonny Sharrock Band - Elmo's Blues

Sonny Sharrock Band - Giant steps

Sonny Sharrock Band - Herbie's Dance

Sonny Sharrock Band - Kate

Sonny Sharrock Band - Money Honey

Sonny Sharrock Band - No More Tears

Sonny Sharrock Band - Princess Sonata

Sonny Sharrock Band - Venus/Upper Egypt

Sonny Sharrock Band - Your Eyes

Sonny Terry - Fox Chase 3

Sonny Terry - Fox Chase

Sonny Terry - Glory

Sonny Terry - Hard Luck Child

Sonny Terry - Harmonica And Washboard Breakdown

Sonny Terry - Harmonica Blues

Sonny Terry - Harmonica Stomp

Sonny Terry - My Baby Likes To Shuffle

Sonny Terry - New Love Blues

Sonny Terry - The New John Henry

Sonny Terry - Train Whistle Blues

Sophie B Hawkins - Right Beside You

Sophie B. Hawkins - As I Lay Me Down

Sophie B. Hawkins - Did We Not Choose Each Other

Sophie B. Hawkins - Don't Don't Tell Me No

Sophie B. Hawkins - I Need Nothing Else

Sophie B. Hawkins - Let Me Love You Up

Sophie B. Hawkins - Mr. Tugboat Hello

Sophie B. Hawkins - Right Beside You

Sophie B. Hawkins - Sometimes I See

Sophie B. Hawkins - Swing From Limb To Limb (My Home Is in Your Jungle)

Sophie B. Hawkins - The Ballad of Sleeping Beauty

Sophie B. Hawkins - True Romance

Sopor Aeternus & the Ensemble of Shadows - Tanz der Grausamkeit

Soul Asylum - Can't Even Tell

Soul Coughing - Blueeyed Devil

Soul Coughing - Bus To Beelzebug

Soul Coughing - City of Motors

Soul Coughing - Is Chicago, Is Not Chicago

Soul Coughing - Janine

Soul Coughing - Moon Sammy

Soul Coughing - Mr Bitterness

Soul Coughing - Screenwriters Blues

Soul Coughing - Supra Genius

Soul Coughing - True Dreams of Wichita

Soul Coughing - Uh, Zoom Zip

Soul For Real & Heavy D - Candy Rain - Heavy D & TrakMasterz Mix

Soul Junk - Colossians 3:1-4

Soul Junk - Hebrews 10:12-17

Soul Junk - Hebrews 11:6

Soul Junk - John 14:1-3

Soul Junk - Luke 21:27-33

Soul Junk - Psalm 51

Soul Junk - Saved Punk Gospel NoNet

Soul Junk - Yes Bless You

Soul Music Group - Feel It (feat. Dawn Tallman)

Soulsister - I Need Some Time

Soulsister - If This Is Love

Soulsister - Keep On Feeding Me

Soulsister - Like A Mountain

Soulsister - Sentimental Case

Soulsister - Stay

Soulsister - Tell Me What It Takes

Soulsister - Wild Love Affair

Soundgarden - 4th Of July

Soundgarden - Black Hole Sun

Soundgarden - Fell On Black Days

Soundgarden - Fresh Tendrils

Soundgarden - Half

Soundgarden - Head Down

Soundgarden - Kickstand

Soundgarden - Let Me Drown

Soundgarden - Like Suicide

Soundgarden - Limo Wreck

Soundgarden - Mailman

Soundgarden - My Wave

Soundgarden - She Likes Surprises

Soundgarden - Spoonman

Soundgarden - Superunknown

Soundgarden - The Day I Tried To Live

Sounds of Blackness - A Place in My Heart

Sounds of Blackness - Ah Been 'Buked (Part 1)

Sounds of Blackness - Ah' Been Buked (Part 2)

Sounds of Blackness - Black Butterfly

Sounds of Blackness - Everything Is Gonna Be Alright

Sounds of Blackness - He Took Away All My Pain

Sounds of Blackness - Hold On (Part 1)

Sounds of Blackness - Hold On (Part 2)

Sounds Of Blackness - I Believe

Sounds Of Blackness - I'm Going All The Way

Sounds of Blackness - Strange Fruit

Sounds of Blackness - Sun Up To Sundown

Sounds of Blackness - The Harder They Are the Bigger They Fall

Sounds of Blackness - You've Taken My Blues & Gone

Southern Culture On the Skids - Chicken Shit Farmer

Southern Culture On the Skids - Ditch Diggin'

Southern Culture On the Skids - Jack the Ripper, Parts 1 & 2

Southern Culture On the Skids - Lordy, Lordy

Southern Culture On the Skids - Mudbuggy

Southern Culture On the Skids - My House Has Wheels

Southern Culture On the Skids - New Cooter Boogie

Southern Culture On the Skids - Put Your Teeth Up On the Window Sill

Southern Culture On the Skids - Rumors of Surf

Southern Culture On the Skids - The Fly That Rode From Buffalo

Southern Culture On the Skids - The Great Atomic Power

Southern Culture On the Skids - The Little Things

Southern Culture On the Skids - Too Much Pork For Just One Fork

Southern Culture On the Skids - Tunafish Every Day

Southern Culture On the Skids - Wig-Out

Soweto String Quartet - Bossa Baroque

Soweto String Quartet - Kadeni Kwazulu

Soweto String Quartet - Kwela

Soweto String Quartet - Mbayi Mbayi (Reprise)

Soweto String Quartet - Mbayi Mbayi

Soweto String Quartet - Nkosi Sikelel' iAfrica (God Bless Africa)

Soweto String Quartet - Ntyilo Ntyilo

Soweto String Quartet - Shut Up And Listen (Thul'u Lalele)

Soweto String Quartet - St Agnes and the Burning Train (St Agnes Nokusha Kwe-Stimela)

Soweto String Quartet - The Paul Simon 'Graceland' Collection

Soweto String Quartet - Where were you taking me to? (Uno'Ntsonkisa Kae?)

Soweto String Quartet - Zebra Crossing

Soweto String Quartet - Zulu Lullaby

Space Time Continuum - Pressure

Spacetime Continuum - A Low Frequency Inversion Field

Spacetime Continuum - Floatilla

Spacetime Continuum - Ping Pong

Spacetime Continuum - Pressure

Spacetime Continuum - Subway

Spacetime Continuum - Voice of the Earth

Spade Cooley - Shame On You

Spahn Ranch - Antibody (Conspiracy Mix)

Spahn Ranch - Antibody

Spahn Ranch - Breath And Taxes (Deductable Mix)

Spahn Ranch - Breath And Taxes

Spahn Ranch - Commination (Demo 1991)

Spahn Ranch - Con

Spahn Ranch - Forceps (Sterilized Mix)

Spahn Ranch - Forceps

Spahn Ranch - Kenneth, What's the Frequency?

Spahn Ranch - Untitled

Sparks - Gratuitous Sax

Sparks - Let's Go Surfing

Sparks - Senseless Violins

Sparks - When Do I get to Sing 'My Way

SPARKS GO GO - zamaanai

Spencer Davis Group - Love Is On A Roll

Spencer Davis Group - Mistakes

Spencer Davis Group - Such A Good Woman

Spice 1 - Face Of A Desperate Man

Spice 1 - Strap On The Side

Spice 1 & 2Pac - Jealous Got Me Strapped

Spicelab - We Got Spice

Spin Doctors - Beats in the Woods

Spin Doctors - Biscuit Head

Spin Doctors - Cleopatra's Cat

Spin Doctors - Indifference

Spin Doctors - Laraby's Gang

Spin Doctors - Mary Jane

Spin Doctors - More Than Meets the Ear

Spin Doctors - Someday All This Will Be Road

Spin Doctors - You Let Your Heart Go Too Fast

Spiritual Beggars - If This Is All

Spiritual Beggars - Magnificent Obsession

Spiritual Beggars - Pelekas

Spiritual Beggars - The Space Inbetween

Spiritual Beggars - Under Silence

Spiritual Beggars - Yearly Dying

Spiritualized - Good Times

Splodge - 12 Days of Christmas

Spokes Mashiyane - Chobolo

Sponge - Drownin'

Sponge - Fields

Sponge - Giants

Sponge - Miles

Sponge - Molly (Sixteen Candles)

Sponge - Neenah Menasha

Sponge - Pennywheels

Sponge - Plowed

Sponge - Rotting Piñata

Sprung Monkey - Saturated

Squeeze - Christmas Day

St. Louis Jimmy Oden - Florida Hurricane

Stabbing Westward - ACF

Stabbing Westward - Can't Happen Here

Stabbing Westward - Lies

Stabbing Westward - Lost

Stabbing Westward - Nothing

Stabbing Westward - Red On White

Stabbing Westward - Save Yourself

Stabbing Westward - Shame

Stabbing Westward - Throw

Stabbing Westward - Ungod

Stabbing Westward - What Do I Have to Do?

Stage Bottles - All You Need Is Hate

Stage Bottles - Dead But Not Forgiven

Stan Whitmire - I Dreamed A Dream/Castle On A Cloud/On My Own/A Little Fall Of Rain - Remix

Stan Whitmire - Music Of The Night/All I Ask Of You (From Phantom Of The Opera) - From 'Phantom Of The Opera'

Stanford Prison Experiment - Disbelief

Stanley Clarke - All Blues

Stanley Clarke - Blues For Mingus

Stanley Clarke - Buenos Aires

Stanley Clarke - Her Favorite Song

Stanley Clarke - Hot Fun-Closing

Stanley Clarke - Minute By Minute

Stanley Clarke - Stratus

Stanley Clarke - The Streets of Philadelphia

Stanley Jordan - Always And Forever

Stanley Jordan - Betcha By Golly Wow

Stanley Jordan - Bolero

Stanley Jordan - Chameleon

Stanley Jordan - Drifting

Stanley Jordan - Plato's Blues

Starflyer 59 - Blue Collar Love (Joy Electric Dub Mix)

Starflyer 59 - Blue Collar Love

Starflyer 59 - Canary Row

Starflyer 59 - Droned

Starflyer 59 - Monterey

Starflyer 59 - Salinas

Starflyer 59 - She's the Queen

Steel Pole Bath Tub - Hit It

Steel Pole Bath Tub - Ray

Steel Pole Bath Tub - Slip

Steel Pole Bath Tub - Speakerphone

Steel Pole Bath Tub - The Living End

Steel Pole Bath Tub - The Wasp Jar

Steel Pulse - Back to My Roots

Steel Pulse - Bootstraps

Steel Pulse - Islands Unite

Stefani Montiel - Celos

Stéphane Grappelli - It Had To Be You

Stephane Grappelli - Nuages

Stephane Grappelli - Pennies From Heaven

Stéphane Grappelli - The Lady Is A Tramp

Stephen Bishop - Everybody Needs Love

Stephen Bishop - Only the Heart Within You

Stephen Bishop - Separate Lives

Stereolab - Heavy Denim

Stereolab - Moogie Wonderland

Stereolab - Narco Martenot

Stereolab - Pain Et Spectacles

Stereolab - Ping Pong

Stereolab - Transona Five

Stereolab - Wow And Flutter

Steve Baltes - Naked Brunch

STEVE CAMP - Shade For the Children

Steve Forbert - Schoolgirl

Steve Goodman - Go Cubs Go

Steve Hall - Canon In D

Steve Harley & Cockney Rebel - Make Me Smile (Come Up And See Me)

Steve Howe \ Syndicats - On the Horizon

Steve Miller Band - Behind the Barn

Steve Miller Band - Caress Me Baby

Steve Miller Band - Children of the Future (The Beauty of Time...)

Steve Miller Band - Harmony of the Spheres 2

Steve Miller Band - One in A Million

Steve Miller Band - Out of the Night

Steve Miller Band - Rock It

Steve Miller Band - Slinky

Steve Miller Band - Who Do You Love

Steve Perry - Anyway

Steve Perry - Can't Stop

Steve Perry - Donna Please

Steve Perry - For the Love of Strange Medicine

Steve Perry - Friends of Mine

Steve Perry - I Am

Steve Perry - If You Need Me Call Me

Steve Perry - Listen To Your Heart

Steve Perry - Missing You

Steve Perry - One More Time

Steve Perry - Somewhere There's Hope

Steve Perry - Stand Up (Before It'S Too Late)

Steve Perry - Tuesday Heartache

Steve Perry - You Better Wait

Steve Perry - Young Hearts Forever

Steve Roach - Temple of the Frog

Steve Stevens - Power of Suggestion

STEVE TAYLOR - Dream in Black & White

STEVE TAYLOR - Shark Sandwich

STEVE TAYLOR - We Don't Need No Colour Code

STEVE TAYLOR - You Don't Owe Me Nothing

Steve Vai - Now We Run

Steven Curtis Chapman - Consider It Done

Steven Curtis Chapman - Burn the Ships

Steven Curtis Chapman - Facts Are Facts

Steven Curtis Chapman - Heaven in the Real World

Steven Halpern - Toward the One

Steven Halpern - Unknown Country (Multi-layered keyboards)

Steven Halpern, Steven Halpern - Eternally

Stevie B - 4 U

Stevie B - Call My Name

Stevie B - Crying Out

Stevie B - Dream About You (Juanito's Funky House Mix)

Stevie B - Dream About You

Stevie B - Funky Melody (12' Dance Mix)

Stevie B - Funky Melody (Funky Dub)

Stevie B - Funky Melody

Stevie B - Girl I Love Ya

Stevie B - If You Still Love Me

Stevie B - Running Back

Stevie B - Summer Nights

Stevie B - Waiting For Your Love

Stevie Nicks - Blue Denim

Stevie Ray Vaughan - A.C. Reed

Stevie Ray Vaughan - Life without You

Stevie Ray Vaughan - Little Wing

Stevie Ray Vaughan And Double Trouble - Life without You

Stevie Ray Vaughan And Double Trouble - The House Is Rockin'

Sting - This Cowboy Song

Sting - We'll Be Together

Sting - When We Dance

Stiv Bators - Circumstantial Evidence

Stiv Bators - It's Cold Outside

Stiv Bators - Not That Way Anymore

Stiv Bators - The Last Year

Stoa - Conclusio

Stoa - I Wish You Could Smile

Stoa - Introitus

Stoa - Luvah

Stoa - Mors

Stoa - Scrupus

Stoa - Tharmas

Stoa - Urizen

Stoa - Urthona

Stompbox - Now, What's It Worth

Stone Temple Pilots - Army Ants - 2019 Remaster

Stone Temple Pilots - Army Ants

Stone Temple Pilots - Big Empty - 2019 Remaster

Stone Temple Pilots - Big Empty

Stone Temple Pilots - Interstate Love Song - 2019 Remaster

Stone Temple Pilots - Interstate Love Song

Stone Temple Pilots - Kitchenware & Candybars / My Second Album (Hidden Track) - 2019 Remaster

Stone Temple Pilots - Kitchenware & Candybars

Stone Temple Pilots - Lounge Fly - 2019 Remaster

Stone Temple Pilots - Lounge Fly

Stone Temple Pilots - Meatplow - 2019 Remaster

Stone Temple Pilots - Meatplow

Stone Temple Pilots - Pretty Penny - 2019 Remaster

Stone Temple Pilots - Silvergun Superman - 2019 Remaster

Stone Temple Pilots - Silvergun Superman

Stone Temple Pilots - Still Remains - 2019 Remaster

Stone Temple Pilots - Unglued - 2019 Remaster

Stone Temple Pilots - Unglued

Stone Temple Pilots - Vasoline - 2019 Remaster

Stone Temple Pilots - Vasoline

Strangelove - Fire (Show Me the Light)

Strangelove - I Will Burn

Strangelove - Is There A Place?

Strangelove - Low Life

Strangelove - Sand

Strangelove - Sixer

Strangelove - The Return of the Real Me

Strangelove - Time For the Rest of Your Life

Strangelove - World Outside

Strike - U Sure Do (Strike 7'' Mix)

Strike - U Sure Do

Strongarm - Count the Cost

Strung Out - Away

Strung Out - Broken

Strung Out - Faulter

Strung Out - Population Control

Sub Dub - Rhythm Collision

Sublime - All You Need

Sublime - Boss D.J.

Sublime - Cisco Kid

Sublime - Don't Push

Sublime - Falling Idols

Sublime - Free Loop

Sublime - Freeway Time In LA County Jail

Sublime - Greatest-Hits

Sublime - I Don't Care Too Much For Reggae Dub

Sublime - Lincoln Highway Dub

Sublime - Mary

Sublime - Pool Shark - Acoustic Version

Sublime - Pool Shark

Sublime - Q-Ball

Sublime - S.T.P.

Sublime - Steady B Loop Dub

Sublime - Steppin' Razor

Sublime - Waiting For Bud

Sublime - Work That We Do

Sublime & Gwen Stefani - Saw Red

Sublime & Raleigh Theodore Sakers - Raleigh Soliloquy Pt. I

Sublime & Raleigh Theodore Sakers - Raleigh Soliloquy Pt. II

Sub-Urban Tribe - Out of Bounds

Sub-Urban Tribe - Silence