Adriano Celentano - The Early Hits

B12 - Electro-Soma

Billy Idol - Cyberpunk

Buddy Guy - Stone Crazy (The Blues Collection)

Candles - Music Of The Fifties

Joe Hisaishi - Samurai Kids (Mizu No Tabibito, Samurai Kizzu)

Johnny Burnette - Johnny Burnette and the Rock 'n' Roll Trio

Queen Latifah - Black Reign

Ratos de Porao - Just Another Crime... in Massacreland

Sonny Terry & Brownie McGhee - Hometown Blues

Widepread Panic - Everyday

Wings - Wings Wild Life

Wu-Tang Clan - Enter the Wu-Tang (36 Chambers)


Adrenalin Volume 2

Adrenalin Volume 3

Bravo Hits 4

Bravo Hits 5

Bravo Hits 93

Bravo Hits Best of '93

Club Flavour volume 1

De Afrekening Volume 4

De Afrekening Volume 5

De Afrekening Volume 6

House Party 8 - The Hardcore Ravemix

House Party V - The Ultimate Megamix

House Party VI - The Ultimate Megamix

Kiwi Hit Disc 2

Kiwi Hit Disc 4

Kiwi Hit Disc 5

Mega Dance 93 part 2

Now That's What I Call Music! (UK) 24

Now That's What I Call Music! (UK) 25

Now That's What I Call Music! (UK) 26

Aadesh Shrivastava - Kanyadaan & Hits of Rishi Kapoor (OST)

Serious Beats 11

Serious Beats Vol. 10

Serious Beats Vol. 7 - Mega Dance Party Mix

Serious Beats Vol. 8

Serious Beats Vol. 9

Super Dance 4

Thunderdome - The F--ckin' Megamix - Limited Edition Remix

Thunderdome III - The Nightmare Is Back!

Thunderdome IV - The Devil's Last Wish

Turn Up the Bass 23


Golden Juke Box Hits Vol.1

Willie Dixon's Blues Dixonary Vol. 5


4-Nu-Tek - Caotic

4-Nu-Tek - OK

4-Nu-Tek - Tekno Party

4-Nu-Tek - The Universe


ÄI-TIEM - Intro


2 Unlimited - Faces

2 Unlimited - No Limit

2 Unlimited - No One (Japanese Edition)

2 Unlimited - No One

2 Unlimited - Tribal Dance

Ilsa Gold - Up (Remixes)


Andreas Vollenweider - Harvest

Arrested Development - Mama's Always on Stage

Chris James & Wendy Grace - Desert Dreams in an Ancient Land

Ilsa Gold - Up

Jones & Stephenson - The First Rebirth

Warren Haynes - Fire in the Kitchen


10.000 Maniacs - Because the Night

10.000 Maniacs - Candy Everybody Wants

10.000 Maniacs - Don't Talk

10.000 Maniacs - Eat for Two

10.000 Maniacs - Gold Rush Brides

10.000 Maniacs - Hey Jack Kerouac

10.000 Maniacs - I'm Not the Man

10.000 Maniacs - Jezebel

10.000 Maniacs - Like the Weather

10.000 Maniacs - Noah's Dove

10.000 Maniacs - Stockton Gala Days

10.000 Maniacs - These Are Days

10.000 Maniacs - Trouble Me

10.000 Maniacs - What's the Matter Here?

101 Strings - Blue Danube

101 Strings - Blues in the Shadows

13 Yr Old Derek Trucks - Layla

16Volt - Head of Stone

16Volt - Motorskill

16Volt - Wisdom

2 Brothers on the 4th Floor - Never Alone

2 Unlimited - Faces

2 Unlimited - No Limit

2 Unlimited - No One

2 Unlimited - Tribal Dance

25 Ta Life - Inside Knowledge

2Pac - Guess Who's Back

2Pac - Holler If Ya' Hear Me

2Pac - Keep Ya Head Up

2Pac - Pac's Theme (Interlude)

2Pac - Pac's Theme

2Pac - Point the Finga

2Pac - Representin' 93

2Pac - Something 2 Die 4 (Interlude)

2Pac - Something 2 Die 4

2Pac - Souljah's Revenge

2Pac - Strictly 4 My N.I.G.G.A.Z...

2Pac - Strugglin'

2Pac - The Streetz R Deathrow

2Pac & Deadly Threat - Peep Game

2Pac & Digital Underground - I Get Around

2Pac & Ice-T & Ice Cube - Last Wordz

2Pac & Treach & Apache & Live Squad - 5 Deadly Venomz

2Pac & Wycked - Papa'z Song

2Pac feat. Deadly Threat - Peep Game

2Pac feat. Digital Underground - I Get Around

2Pac feat. Treach of Naughty By Nature, Apache & Live Squad - 5 Deadly Venomz

311 - Do You Right

311 - Fat Chance

311 - Feels So Good

311 - Freak Out

311 - Hydroponic

311 - Lose

311 - My Stoney Baby

311 - Nix Hex

311 - Paradise

311 - Plain

311 - Unity

311 - Visit

311 - Welcome

45 Grave - Aku Aku

45 Grave - Bobby

45 Grave - B'wana Devil

45 Grave - Gangsta Rap

45 Grave - How Does He Fly

45 Grave - Introduction

45 Grave - R2D2 Is Buddah

49ers - Keep Your Love

4hero - in the Shadow

4hero - Journey From the Light

4hero - Students of the Future

4-Nu-Tek - Caotic

4-Nu-Tek - OK

4-Nu-Tek - Tekno Party

4-Nu-Tek - The Universe

5th Ward Boyz - 5th of Ghetto

5th Ward Boyz - Blood, Sweat & Glory (Chopped&Screwed)

5th Ward Boyz - Blood, Sweat & Glory

5th Ward Boyz - Bringing Hats

5th Ward Boyz - Down Azz Zaggin (Chopped&Screwed)

5th Ward Boyz - Down Azz Zaggin

5th Ward Boyz - Ghetto Curse Words (Chopped&Screwed)

5th Ward Boyz - Ghetto Curse Words

5th Ward Boyz - Gotta Be Down To Die (Chopped&Screwed)

5th Ward Boyz - Gotta Be Down To Die

5th Ward Boyz - Ho Shit (Chopped&Screwed)

5th Ward Boyz - Intro

5th Ward Boyz - Punks And Guns (Chopped&Screwed)

5th Ward Boyz - Punks And Guns

5th Ward Boyz - Same Ole Shit (Chopped&Screwed)

5th Ward Boyz - Studio Gangster (Chopped&Screwed)

5th Ward Boyz - Studio Gangster

5th Ward Boyz - Thanks For the Blessings

5th Ward Boyz - Undercover Gangstas

808 State - Femme Deluxe

808 State - Lemon

808 State - Nbambi

808 State - Olympic '93

808 State - Purple Dust

808 State - Reaper Repo

88 Fingers Louie - Blink

88 Fingers Louie - Go Away

88 Fingers Louie - Holding Back

88 Fingers Louie - Honestly

88 Fingers Louie - in the John

88 Fingers Louie - Intellectual Lover

88 Fingers Louie - There's No Way

883 - Caterina - Aeroplano

883 - Ma Perchè

883 - Nella Notte

883 - Non Ci Spezziamo

883 - Rotta X Casa Di Dio

883 - Sei Un Mito

883 - Weekend

9 Lazy 9 - Take Nine

9 Lazy 9 - The Herb

999 - Emergency

999 - Feelin' Alright with the Crew

A Tribe Called Quest - 8 Million Stories

A Tribe Called Quest - Award Tour

A Tribe Called Quest - Clap Your Hands

A Tribe Called Quest - Electric Relaxation

A Tribe Called Quest - God Lives Through

A Tribe Called Quest - Keep It Rollin'

A Tribe Called Quest - Lyrics to Go

A Tribe Called Quest - Midnight Marauders Tour Guide

A Tribe Called Quest - Midnight

A Tribe Called Quest - Oh My God

A Tribe Called Quest - Steve Biko (Stir It Up)

A Tribe Called Quest - Sucka Nigga

A Tribe Called Quest - The Chase, Part II

A Tribe Called Quest - We Can Get Down

A Tribe Called Quset - Award Tour

A Tribe Called Quset - Clap Your Hands

A Tribe Called Quset - Electric Relaxation

A.J. Croce - I Know Better Now

Aaron Hall - Do Anything

Aaron Hall - Epilogue (Aaron Hall/The Truth)

Aaron Hall - Get A Little Freaky With Me

Aaron Hall - I Miss You

Aaron Hall - Let's Make Love

Aaron Hall - Open Up

Aaron Hall - Pick Up the Phone

Aaron Hall - Prologue (Aaron Hall/The Truth)

Aaron Hall - Until I Found You

Aaron Hall - Until the End of Time

Aaron Hall - When You Need Me

Aaron Hall - You Keep Me Crying

Aaron Hall feat. Chris 'Tricky' Stewart & Sean 'Sep' Hall - Don't Be Afraid

Aaron Neville - Ain't No Way

Aaron Neville - Don't Fall Apart On Me Tonight

Aaron Neville - Don't Take Away My Heaven

Aaron Neville - I Owe You One

Aaron Neville - O Holy Night

Aaron Neville - Please Come Home For Christmas

Aaron Neville - Ronnie-O

Aaron Neville - Silent Night

Aaron Neville - Song of Bernadette

Aaron Neville - Such A Night

Aaron Neville - The Grand Tour

Aaron Neville - The Lord's Prayer

Aaron Neville - These Foolish Things

Aaron Tippin - Honky-Tonk Superman

Aaron Tippin - The Call of the Wild

Aaron Tippin - Whole Lotta Love On the Line

Aaron Tippin - Workin' Man's Ph.D

ABBA - Felicidad

ABBA - I Am the City

Abstürzende Brieftauben - 2013

Abstürzende Brieftauben - Amok

Abstürzende Brieftauben - Danke

Abstürzende Brieftauben - Geisterbahn

Abstürzende Brieftauben - Paderborn

Abstürzende Brieftauben - Was ist los

Abstürzende Brieftauben - Zuviel ist nicht genug

Absu - An Evolution of Horns

Absu - An Involution of Thorns

Absu - Infinite And Profane Thrones

AC/DC - Big Gun

Ace Cannon - Tequila

Ace Diamond - Bright Sunny Day

Ace Diamond - Bye, Bye Love

Ace Diamond - Cardboard Box

Ace Diamond - Colorado Rockies (Baseball Song)

Ace Diamond - Hitchike Blues

Ace Diamond - Is It My Body You Want?

Ace Diamond - My Baby's Gone,Gone,Gone

Ace Diamond - Night After Night (Greyhound Bus Song)

Ace Diamond - Send Me the Pillow You Dream On

Ace Diamond - Shackled to a Misery

Ace Diamond - What Am I Gonna Do From Now On?

Ace of Base - Dancer in a Daydream

Ace of Base - Don't Turn Around

Ace of Base - Happy Nation

Ace of Base - Hear Me Calling

Ace of Base - Living in Danger

Ace of Base - The Sign

Acid Bath - Cassie Eats Cockroaches

Acid Bath - Cheap Vodka

Acid Bath - The Blue

Acid Bath - The Morticians Flame

Acid Bath - Toubabo Koomi

Acid Bath - What Color Is Death

Acker Bilk - South Rampart Street Parade

Action Painting! - Classical Music

Adam Sandler - At a Medium Pace

Adam Sandler - Lunchlady Land

Adam Sandler - The Thanksgiving Song

Adam Schmitt - Catching Up

Adam Schmitt - Felt So Cool

Adam Schmitt - Flow

Adam Schmitt - Illiterature

Adam Schmitt - Just Listen

Adam Schmitt - Me And You

Adam Schmitt - More of the Same

Adam Schmitt - Rip It Off

Adam Schmitt - Shreds

Adam Schmitt - Thanks For Showing

Adam Schmitt - Three Faces West

Adam Schmitt - Waiting To Shine

Adams & Krimson Project - Seeds of Love

Adelaide Hall - You Gave Me Everything But Love

Aerosmith - Amazing

Aerosmith - Crazy

Aerosmith - Cryin'

Aerosmith - Deuces Are Wild

Aerosmith - Don't Stop

Aerosmith - Eat the Rich

Aerosmith - Fever

Aerosmith - Get A Grip

Aerosmith - Intro

Aerosmith - Line Up

Aerosmith - Livin' on the Edge

Aerosmith - Shut Up And Dance

Aerosmith - Walk On Down

Aimee Mann - 4th of July

Aimee Mann - Could've Been Anyone

Aimee Mann - Fifty Years After the Fair

Aimee Mann - I Could Hurt You Now

Aimee Mann - I Know There's A Word

Aimee Mann - I Should've Known

Aimee Mann - I've Had It

Aimee Mann - Jacob Marley's Chain

Aimee Mann - Mr. Harris

Aimee Mann - Put Me On Top

Aimee Mann - Say Anything

Aimee Mann - Stupid Thing

Aimee Mann - Way Back When

Air Liquide - Sun Progress

Air Supply - Evidence of Love

Air Supply - Faith

Air Supply - Goodbye

Air Supply - I'll Be Thinking of You

Air Supply - It's Never Too Late

Air Supply - Kiss Me Like You Mean It

ÄI-TIEM - All das mag ich

ÄI-TIEM - Dann bist du still

ÄI-TIEM - Dicke Dumme Liese

ÄI-TIEM - Dieser Reim

ÄI-TIEM - Erbarmungslos

ÄI-TIEM - Fotzen Rap

ÄI-TIEM - Kein Kommentar

ÄI-TIEM - Kleina Wixa

ÄI-TIEM - Rettet das Vinyl

ÄI-TIEM - Vom Optimist zum Terrorist

Akela - A Fenevad

Akela - Adj és fuss!

Akela - Bolhacirkusz

Akela - Döntsd el...!

Akela - Farkasok vagyunk

Akela - Felkészültem a halálra

Akela - Foggal és körömmel

Akela - Megkísértelek

Akela - Rockernek születtem

Akela - Szemet szemért...

Al Bano And Romina Power - Bambini

Al Bano And Romina Power - Di Piu

Al Bano And Romina Power - Domani, Domani

Al Bano And Romina Power - E Un Miracolo

Al Bano And Romina Power - in Controluce

Al Bano And Romina Power - Notte E Giorno - Album Version

Al Bano And Romina Power - Sentire Ti Amo

Al Bano And Romina Power - Sha - E - O

Al Dexter - Pistol Packin' Mama

Al Dexter - Rosalita

Al Hirt - Basin Street Blues

Al Hirt - Royal Garden Blues

Alabama - Alabama Sky

Alabama - Angels Among Us

Alabama - Lovin' Man

Alabama - Reckless

Alabama - T.L.C. A.S.A.P.

Alabama - The Cheap Seats

Alabama - What in the Name of Love

Aladino - Make It Right Now

Alain Caron - 3 in 4

Alain Caron - 87 South

Alain Caron - Devil Shuffle

Alain Caron - Freedom Jazz Dance

Alain Caron - Jack Cannon

Alain Caron - Options

Alain Caron - S.E.C.

Alain Chamfort - Bon anniversaire

Alain Chamfort - Cap aux Antilles

Alain Chamfort - La licorne appareille

Alain Chamfort - Les violons n'étant plus ce qu'ils sont

Alain Chamfort - Passif imparfait

Alain Chamfort - Sorcier

Alain Morisod - Aquarella

Alain Souchon - Arlette Laguiller

Alain Souchon - Chanter C'est Lancer Des Balles

Alain Souchon - Foule sentimentale

Alain Souchon - Les Regrets

Alan Jackson - If You Don't Wanna See Santa Claus Cry

Alan Jackson with Alison Krauss - The Angels Cried

Alan Menken - Meg's Garden

Alan Menken - Speak of the Devil

Alan Parsons - Back Against the Wall

Alan Parsons - Breakaway

Alan Parsons - Dreamscape

Alan Parsons - I'm Talkin' To You

Alan Parsons - Jigue

Alan Parsons - Mr Time

Alan Parsons - Oh Life (There Must Be More)

Alan Parsons - Siren Song

Alan Parsons - The Three of Me

Alan Parsons - Wine From the Water

Alastair Galbraith - As in A Blender

Albert Ammons - Easy Rider Blues

Albert Collins - Honey Hush

Albert Collins - If Trouble Was Money

Albert Collins - Same Old Thing

Alberta Adams - Remember

Alcohol Funnycar - AFC Theme Song

Alcohol Funnycar - Aggravation

Alcohol Funnycar - All About It

Alcohol Funnycar - Get It Right

Alcohol Funnycar - Last Night

Alcohol Funnycar - Marble Head

Alcohol Funnycar - Shapes

Alcohol Funnycar - Time

Alcohol Funnycar - Try To Understand

Alcohol Funnycar - Tumble Dawn

Alec Empire - Suicide

Alejandra Guzman - Cuenta Conmigo

Alejandra Guzman - Mala Hierba

Alejandra Guzmán - Mala Hierba

Alejandra Guzmán - Mirala, Miralo

Alejandra Guzman - Te Esperaba

Alejandra Guzmán - Te Esperaba

Alejandro Fernandez - Acabe Por Llorar

Alejandro Fernandez - Cascos Ligeros

Alejandro Fernández - Cascos Ligeros

Alejandro Fernandez - Cenizas

Alejandro Fernandez - Cuando Te Olvide

Alejandro Fernandez - Hasta Donde Estes

Alejandro Fernandez - Mentira, Mentira

Alejandro Fernandez - No Estoy Triste

Alejandro Fernandez - Piel De Nina

Alejandro Fernández - Piel De Niña

Alejandro Fernandez - Si No Eres Tu

Alejandro Sanz - Si tú me miras

Alejandro Sanz - Tu letra podre acariciar

Alex Chilton - Frame for the blues

Alex Chilton - Gavotte

Alex Chilton - Save your love for me

Alex Chilton - There will never be another you

Alex Chilton - What was

Alex Party - Saturday Night Party

Ali Hassan Kuban - Henna

Alice in Chains - A Little Bitter

Alice in Chains - What the Hell Have I

Alien Factory - Beta Music

Alison Moyet - Falling

Allen Ginsberg - A Supermarket in California

Allen Ginsberg - Footnote To Howl

Allen Ginsberg - in the Back of the Real

Allen Ginsberg - Strange New Cottage in Berkeley

Allen Ginsberg - The Sunflower Sutra

Allen Ginsberg - Transcription of Organ Music

Almamegretta - Fattallà

Almighty Artists - I Will Always Love You

Alphonse Mouzon - Alone in Paris

Alphonse Mouzon - Jean-Pierre

Alphonse Mouzon - Waterfall

Altan - Mazurka

Ame Strong - Tout Est Bleu

Âme Strong - Tout Est Bleu

America - Tin Man

American Music Club - Apology For An Accident

American Music Club - Challenger

American Music Club - Dallas Airports Bodybags

American Music Club - Gratitude Walks

American Music Club - Hollywood 4-5-92

American Music Club - If I Had A Hammer

American Music Club - I've Been A Mess

American Music Club - Johnny Mathis' Feet

American Music Club - Keep Me Around

American Music Club - More Hopes And Dreams

American Music Club - Over And Done

American Music Club - The Hopes And Dreams of Heaven's 10_000 Whores

American Music Club - What Godzilla Said To God When His Name Wasn't Found in the Book of Life

American Music Club - Will You Find Me

Amistades Peligrosas - Me haces tanto bien

Ammer, Einheit - Canto VII

Ammer, Einheit - Canto X

Ammer, Einheit - Canto XIII

Amorphis - Black Winter Day

Amorphis - Drowned Maid

Amorphis - Folk of the North

Amorphis - Moon and Sun

Ana Gabriel - Dame Una Oportunidad

Ana Gabriel - Es Differente

Ana Gabriel - Hablame De Frente

Ana Gabriel - Luna

Ana Gabriel - Pacto de Amor

Ana Gabriel - Se Que Te Vas

Ana Gabriel - Tu Nombre Es Traicion

Anacrusis - A Screaming Breath

Anacrusis - Division

Anacrusis - Driven

Anacrusis - Grateful

Anacrusis - My Soul's Affliction

Anacrusis - Release

Anacrusis - Sense of Will

Anacrusis - Sound the Alarm

Anacrusis - Too Many Prophets

Anacrusis - Tools of Separation

And Also the Trees - Dialogue

Anderson Bruford Wakeman Howe - Benjamin Britten's Young Person's Guide To the Orchestra

Anderson Bruford Wakeman Howe - Heart of the Sunrise

Anderson Bruford Wakeman Howe - Roundabout

Anderson Bruford Wakeman Howe - Starship Trooper

Andrae Crouch - Soon and Very Soon

Andrae Crouch - Take Me Back

Andrae Crouch - Through It All

Andre Hazes - Mag Ik Dan Voor Altijd Bij Je Blijven

Andre Nickatina aka Dre Dog - Smoke Dope And Rap

Andreas Ammer feat. FM Einheit - Canto VIII

Andreas Ammer feat. FM Einheit - Canto XII

Andreas Ammer feat. FM Einheit - Canto XIV

Andreas Ammer feat. FM Einheit - Canto XVI

Andreas Ammer feat. FM Einheit - Canto XVII

Andreas Ammer feat. FM Einheit - Canto XVIII

Andreas Ammer feat. FM Einheit - Canto XX

Andreas Ammer feat. FM Einheit - Canto XXI

Andreas Ammer feat. FM Einheit - Canto XXII

Andreas Ammer feat. FM Einheit - Canto XXIII

Andreas Ammer feat. FM Einheit - Canto XXVI

Andreas Ammer feat. FM Einheit - Canto XXVII

Andreas Ammer feat. FM Einheit - Canto XXVIII

Andreas Ammer feat. FM Einheit - Canto XXX

Andreas Vollenweider - Eolian Minstrel

Andreas Vollenweider - Harvest

Andres Calamaro - No Se Puede Vivir Del Amor

Andres Calamaro - Rock Me Babe

Andres Calamaro - Super Free

Andres Calamaro - Swing On Tango

Andres Calamaro - Tres Cosas

Andrew Dice Clay - Dice Jerks Off

Andrew Strong - (She's) Some Kind of Wonderful

Andrew Strong - Ain't Nothin' You Can Do

Andrew Strong - Are You Lonely For Me Baby

Andrew Strong - Do You Know What I Mean

Andrew Strong - Girl's Got Rhythm

Andrew Strong - Same Old Me

Andrew Strong - This Bitter Earth

Andrew Strong - Too Many Cooks (Spoil the Soup)

Andrew Strong - Unchained Dog

Andy Griffith - The Fishin' Hole

Andy Russell - Amor

Anekdoten - Wheel

Angela Bofill - I Wanna Love Somebody

Angeles del Infierno - 317

Ángeles del Infierno - A Cara o Cruz

Angeles del Infierno - Chico tal...

Angeles del Infierno - Desconocido

Angeles del Infierno - Detras de las puertas del mal

Angeles del Infierno - En un sueño

Ángeles del Infierno - Jugando al amor

Angeles del Infierno - Rompe con todo esto

Angeles del Infierno - Sexo en exceso

Ani DiFranco - Egos Like Hairdos

Anita O'Day - Honeysuckle Rose

Anita O'Day - Peel Me A Grape

Ann Sexton - If I work My Thing On You

Ann Sexton - You're Losing Me

Anna Oxa - Tutti I Brividi Del Mondo

Anne Briggs - The Doffing Mistress

Annihilator - Bats in the Belfry

Annihilator - Don't Bother Me

Annihilator - Knight Jumps Queen

Annihilator - Set the World On Fire

Annihilator - Snake in the Grass

Annihilator - The Edge

Anointed - God's Personality

Anointed - He Knows

Anointed - Love Me (The Way You Do)

Anointed - Mighty Long Way

Anointed - Spiritual Love Affair

Anointed - Where Did the Love Go

Anointed - You're the Reason

Anonymous 4 - Carol: Lullay: I saw a swete semly syght

Another Sunny Day - You Should All Be Murdered

Anthony Cruz - Dile A El

Anthrax - Auf Wiedersehen

Anthrax - Black Lodge

Anthrax - Hy Pro Glo

Anthrax - Invisible

Anthrax - London

Anthrax - Only

Anthrax - Packaged Rebellion

Anthrax - Room for One More

Anti-Heros - Dignity

Anti-Nowhere League - Queen And Country

Anti-Pasti - Two Years Too Late

Antiseen - (We Will Not) Remember You

Antiseen - Deeds of the Damned

Antiseen - Haunted House

Antiseen - I Don't Like You

Antiseen - I Have Always Been Here Before

Antiseen - Mean Woman Blues

Antonio Aguilar - A Los Angeles Del Cielo

Antonio Aguilar - De Puntitas

Antonio Aguilar - Despedida Con La Banda

Antonio Aguilar - Nadie Es Eterno

Antonio Aguilar - Que Bonita Chaparrita

Antonio Aguilar - Tu Muñeco

Antonio Vivaldi - Allegro non molto

Antonio Vivaldi - Spring: Allegro

Antonio Vivaldi & Bela Drahos & Pál Kelemen & Zsuzsa Pertis - Sonata No. 4 in A Major, Op. 13, RV 59, 'Il pastor fido': II. Allegro ma non presto

Antonio Vivaldi & Bela Drahos & Pál Kelemen & Zsuzsa Pertis - Sonata No. 6 in G Minor, Op. 13, RV 58, 'Il pastor fido': III. Largo

Antony Santos - Antología De Caricias

Antony Santos - Corazón Bonito

Antony Santos - Donde Estará

Antony Santos - El Baile Del Perrito

Antony Santos - Hay Mujer

Antony Santos - Linda Y Difícil

Antony Santos - Por Mi Timidez

Antony Santos - Si Tu Cariño No Esta

Antony Santos - Vengo De Allá

Antony Santos - Yo Me Muero Por Ti

Apache - Gangsta Bitch

Apache Indian - Aids Warning

Apache Indian - Arranged Marriage

Apache Indian - Badd Indian

Apache Indian - Boom Shack-A-Lak - Edit

Apache Indian - Boom Shack-A-Lak

Apache Indian - Come Follow Me

Apache Indian - Don Raja (Prelude)

Apache Indian - Don Raja

Apache Indian - Drink Problems

Apache Indian - Fix Up

Apache Indian - Guru

Apache Indian - Movie Over India

Apache Indian - Wan' Know Me

Apache Indian feat. Maxi Priest - Fe Real

Aphex Twin - 73-Yips

Aphex Twin - D-Scape

Aphex Twin - On

Aphex Twin - Xepha

Apollo 440 - Astral America

Aram Khachaturian & London Symphony Orchestra - Khachaturian: Spartacus Suite No. 2: I. Adagio of Spartacus and Phrygia

Arbeid Adelt! - in Het Gemeentehuis

Arbeid Adelt! - Joke

Arbeid Adelt! - Le Chagrin

Archers of Loaf - Backwash

Archers of Loaf - Fat

Archers of Loaf - Hate Paste

Archers of Loaf - Last Word

Archers of Loaf - Learo, You're A Hole

Archers of Loaf - Might

Archers of Loaf - Plumb Line

Archers of Loaf - Sick File

Archers of Loaf - Slow Worm

Archers of Loaf - Toast

Archers Of Loaf - Web in Front

Archers Of Loaf - Wrong

Archers of Loaf - You And Me

Archie Roach - Angela

Archie Roach - From Paradise

Archie Roach - Mr T

Archie Roach - So Young

Archie Roach - Tell Me Why

Archie Roach - There Is A Garden

Archie Roach - Walking Into Doors

Archie Roach - Weeping in the Forest

Archie Roach - Wild Blue Gums

Archie Shepp - A Sea of Faces

Archon Satani - I

Archon Satani - II

Archon Satani - III

Archon Satani - IV

Archon Satani - V

Aref - Soltane Ghalbha

Aretha Franklin - A Deeper Love

Aretha Franklin - Arranged by Robert Mersey

Aretha Franklin - Baby, I Love You

Aretha Franklin - Soulville

Army of Lovers - Also Sprach Alexander

Army of Lovers - Carry My Urn To Ukraine

Army of Lovers - I Am

Army of Lovers - Israelism

Army of Lovers - La Plage De Saint Tropez

Army of Lovers - The Day the Gods Help Us All

Army of Lovers - We Are the Universe

Arpeggiators - Freedom of Expression

Arpeggiators - The Spirit Makes You Move

Arpeggiators - Xenophobe

ARRESTED DEVELOPMENT - Fishin' 4 Religion (Unplugged)

ARRESTED DEVELOPMENT - Give A Man A Fish (Unplugged)

ARRESTED DEVELOPMENT - Mama's Always On Stage (Unplugged)

Arrested Development - Mama's Always on Stage

ARRESTED DEVELOPMENT - Mr Wendal (Unplugged)


Arrested Development - Mr. Wendal


ARRESTED DEVELOPMENT - People Everyday (Unplugged)

ARRESTED DEVELOPMENT - Raining Revolution (Unplugged)



ARRESTED DEVELOPMENT - The Gettin' (Unplugged)




Art Garfunkel - Just Over the Brooklyn Bridge

Art Garfunkel - One Less Holiday

Art Garfunkel - The Decree

Art Garfunkel - The Sound of Silence

Art Garfunkel - WHY WORRY

Art Pepper - Blues In

Art Pepper - Cool Bunny

Art Pepper - Everything Happens To Me

Art Pepper - I Can't Give You Anything But Love

Art Pepper - Ol' Croix

Art Pepper - Pepper Returns

Art Pepper - Road Waltz

Art Pepper - Straight Life

Arthur Tracy - A Sailboat in the Moonlight

Arthur Tracy - Can I Forget You

Arthur Tracy - East of the Sun

Arthur Tracy - Gypsy Fiddles

Arthur Tracy - Harbour Lights

Arthur Tracy - Laughing Irish Eyes

Arthur Tracy - Pennies From Heaven

Arthur Tracy - Red Sails in the Sunset

Arthur Tracy - September in the Rain

Arthur Tracy - Shake Hands With A Millionaire

Arthur Tracy - So Do I

Arthur Tracy - Stay Awhile

Arthur Tracy - The Way You Look Tonight

Arthur Tracy - When I Grow Too Old To Dream

Arthur Tracy - When I'm With You

Articolo 31 - Fotti La Censura

Articolo 31 - Intro

Articolo 31 - Legge Del Taglione

Articolo 31 - Nato Per Rappare

Articolo 31 - Pifferaio Magico

Articolo 31 - Solo Per Te

Articolo 31 - Strada Di Città

Articolo 31 - Ti Sto Parlando

Arturo Sandoval - A Mis Abuelos

Arvo Pärt & Tõnu Kaljuste & Tallin Chamber Orchestra - Silouans Song

Arvo Pärt - Silouans Song

Ã'scar Medina - Buscale

Ã'scar Medina - Cuando Tu Naciste

Ã'scar Medina - Si Tienes Fe

Astralasia - Principles of Pleasure

Astralasia - The Truth

Astralasia - Ursa Major Cowslip

Aswad feat. Mc Bello B - Warrior Re-Charge

At the Gates - Beyond Good And Evil

At the Gates - Blood of the Sunsets

At the Gates - Ever-Opening Flower

At the Gates - Non-Divine

At the Gates - Primal Breath

At the Gates - Raped By the Light of Christ

At the Gates - Stardrowned

At the Gates - The Architects

At the Gates - The Break of Autumn

At the Gates - The Burning Darkness

At the Gates - Through the Red

Atari Teenage Riot - Midi Junkies

Atomic Swing - Stone me into the grove

Attrition - Agenda Station

Attrition - His Latest Flame

Attrition - Sister Teresa

Attrition - The Mercy Machine

Attrition - The Silent Mind

Attrition - The Third House

Attrition - This Great Design

Atypic - Focus Mel

Audio Adrenaline - A.K.A. Public School

Audio Adrenaline - Big House

Audio Adrenaline - Can't Take God Away

Audio Adrenaline - Don't Censor Me

Audio Adrenaline - Jesus & the California Kid

Audio Adrenaline - Let Love

Audio Adrenaline - My World View

Audio Adrenaline - Soulmate

Audio Adrenaline - We're A Band

Autechre - Basscadet

Autechre - Bike

Autechre - Bronchus 2

Autechre - Eggshell

Autechre - Kalpol Introl

Autechre - Lowride

Autechre - Maetl

Autechre - Windwind

Autoclave - Dr. Seuss?

Ayub Ogada - 0,1

Ayub Ogada - Chiro

Ayub Ogada - Dala

Ayub Ogada - En Mana Kuoyo

Ayub Ogada - Kothbiro

Ayub Ogada - Kronkrohinko

Ayub Ogada - Obiero

Ayub Ogada - Ondiek

Ayub Ogada - Thum Nyatiti

Ayub Ogada - Wa Winjigo Ero

Özdemir Erdoğan - Gurbet

Azid Force - Far From E

Aztec Camera - Belle of the Ball

Aztec Camera - Black Lucia

Aztec Camera - Dream Sweet Dreams

Aztec Camera - Let Your Love Decide

Aztec Camera - Safe in Sorrow

Aztec Camera - Sister Ann

Aztec Camera - Valium Summer

Aztec Camera - Vertigo

B.B. King - Army of the Lord

B.B. King - I Never Heard a Man

B.B. King - I'm Willing To Run All the Way

B.B. King - Save A Seat For Me

B.B. King & Robert Cray - Playin' With My Friends

B.B. King feat. Joe Louis Walker feat. Joe Louis Walker - Everybody's Had the Blues

B12 - Ancient Egypt

B12 - Drift (Outro)

B12 - Hall of Mirrors

B12 - Metropolis

B12 - Mondrin

B12 - Obsessed

B12 - Static Emotion

B12 - Telefone 529

B12 - We Know!

B12 & Digitonal - Hall of Mirrors

Babes in Toyland - Angel Hair

Babes in Toyland - Fontanellette

Babes in Toyland - He's My Thing

Babes in Toyland - Istigkeit

Babes in Toyland - Laredo

Babes in Toyland - Ragweed

Babyface - And Our Feelings

Babyface - For The Cool In You

Babyface - I'll Always Love You

Babyface - Illusions

Babyface - Never Keeping Secrets

Babyface - Rock Bottom

Babyface - Saturday

Babyface - Well Alright

Babyface - When Can I See You

Babyface - You Are So Beautiful

Bachman-Turner Overdrive - The Letter

Bad Boys Blue - I'm Still in Love

Bad Boys Blue - Sooner Or Later

Bad Boys Blue - The Woman I Love

Bad Boys Blue - Where Have You Gone

Bad Dream Fancy Dess - Discotheque

Bad Manners - Skinhead Love Affair

Bad Religion - American Jesus

Bad Religion - Kerosene

Bad Religion - Recipe For Hate

Bad Religion - Skyscraper

Bad Religion - Struck A Nerve

Bailter Space - Fascination

Bajaga & Instruktori - 20. Vek

Bajaga & Instruktori - 300 na sat

Bajaga & Instruktori - Grad

Bajaga & Instruktori - Ti se ljubis

Bajaga & Instruktori - Tisina

Bajaga & Instruktori - Zazmuri

Bajja Jedd - Hop Scotch

Baka Beyond - Baka Play Baka

Baka Beyond - Bounaka

Baka Beyond - Canya Jam

Baka Beyond - Eeye Bé (Elephant Song)

Baka Beyond - Nahwia

Baka Beyond - Ngombi

Baka Beyond - Spirit of the Forest

Baka Beyond - The Man Who Danced Too Slowly

Balil - 3/4 Heart

Balil - Merck

Bananarama - Give It All Up For Love

Bananarama - I Could Be Persuaded

Bananarama - Is She Good To You

Bananarama - More, More, More

Bananarama - Only Time Will Tell

Bananarama - You'll Never Know What It Means

Band of Susans - Blind

Band of Susans - The Last Temptation of Susan

Band of Susans - The Red And the Black

Band of Susans - Trollbinders Theme

Banda Blanca - Fiesta

Banda Blanca - Sopa de Caracol

Banda El Recodo - Mi Castigo

Banda Machos - Cumbia torera

Banda Machos - Guerita

Banda Machos - La bailera

Banda Machos - La carga del diablo

Banda Machos - Las calles de mi pueblo

Banda Machos - Las mañanitas

Banda Machos - Las Nachas

Banda Machos - Los machos tambien lloran

Banda Machos - Mi luna, mi estrella

Banda Machos - Motivos

Banda Machos - Que murmuren

Banda Machos - Tu abandono

Banda Machos - Ya lo pense

Banda R-15 - Ahora Si Va En Serio

Banda R-15 - Arreando La Mula

Banda R-15 - Como Tu Decidas

Banda R-15 - El Bigote

Banda R-15 - Si Tu Boquita Fuera

Banda R-15 - Solo Se Que Fue En Marzo

Banda Sinaloense El Recodo - Tecateando

Banda Sinaloense Los Recoditos - Al Ver Que Te Vas

Banda Sinaloense Los Recoditos - Cuando Nadie Te Quiera

Banda Sinaloense Los Recoditos - Una Noche Cualquiera

Banda Sinaloense Los Recoditos - Vuelve Por Favor

Banda Sinaloense Los Recoditos - Ya Se Fue

Banda Vallarta Show - Provócame

Banda Vallarta Show - Te Ves Bien Buena

Bap - Widderlich

Barbara Mandrell - Show Me

Barbara Mandrell - Tonight My Baby's Coming Home

Barbara Mandrell - Treat Him Right

Barbara Mason - Yes I'm Ready

Barbara Randolph - Can I Get A Witness

Barbra Streisand - As If We Never Said Goodbye

Barbra Streisand Johnny Mathis feat. Johnny Mathis - One Hand, One Heart

Barbra Streisand with Il Divo - The Music of the Night

Bardo Pond - Amen

Bardo Pond - Sometimes Words

Barney Kessel feat. Shelly Manne feat. Ray Brown - The Blessing

Barney Kessel feat. Shelly Manne feat. Ray Brown - This Here

Barney Kessel Quintet - My Old Flame

Barracudas - 20th Century Myth

Barracudas - 7 and 7 Is

Barracudas - Daggers of Justice

Barracudas - Dead Skin

Barracudas - Inside Mind

Barracudas - Kingdom of Pain

Barrington Levy - Under Mi Sensi

Barrio Boyzz - Cerca De Ti

Barry Adamson - Something Wicked This Way Comes

Barry Biggs - Love Come Down

Barry Louis Polisar - Dad Says that I Look Like Him

Barry Louis Polisar - Don't Put Your Finger Up Your Nose

Barry Louis Polisar - Early Sunday Morning

Barry Louis Polisar - Go And Hush the Baby

Barry Louis Polisar - I Can't, I Can't

Barry Louis Polisar - Marching Shoulder to Shoulder

Barry Louis Polisar - Mom Said 'No_' So I Said, 'Why?

Barry Louis Polisar - Never Cook Your Sister in a Frying Pan

Barry Louis Polisar - Oh No, I Like My Sister

Barry Louis Polisar - Thump Thump Thump

Barry Louis Polisar - Tyranosaurus Nix

Barry Louis Polisar - With a Giggle and a Hug and a Tickle and a Kiss

Barry Manilow - If I Should Love Again

Barry Manilow - Read 'Em And Weep

Basic Channel - Axis

Basic Channel - Lyot Rmx

Basic Channel - Phylyps Base

Basic Channel - Phylyps Rmx

Basic Channel - Phylyps Trak

Basic Channel - Q1.1/I

Basic Channel - Q1.1/II

Basic Channel - Q1.1/III

Basic Channel - Q1.1/IIII

Bass 305 - Automated Digital Bass

Bass Bumpers - Runnin'

Bata Illic - Weihnacht überall

bathory - Burnin' Leather

bathory - Die in Fire

bathory - Twilight of the Gods

Bay City Rollers - Saturday Night

Beat Dominator - A Place Called Bass

Beat Dominator - Bass Computer

Beat Dominator - Destination Bass

Beat Dominator - Drop It

Beat Dominator - Feel the Music

Beat Dominator - Jurassic Bass

Beat Dominator - Pump This Bass

Beat Dominator - SexBassMusik

Beat Dominator - Space Kraft

Beat Dominator - Techno-Bass

Beat Dominator - Time Becomes A Loop

Beat Dominator - Time To Bass

BeauSoleil - Awesome Ossun Two-Step

BeauSoleil - Chanson Pour Ezra (Song For Ezra)

BeauSoleil - Dans le Grand Brouillard

BeauSoleil - Dis-Moi Pas

BeauSoleil - Je Tombe aux Genoux

BeauSoleil - Jeunes Filles de la Campagne

BeauSoleil - La Danse De La Vie

BeauSoleil - LaDanse De La Vie (The Dance of Life)

BeauSoleil - Quelle Belle Vie (Oh What A Life)

BeauSoleil - R. D. Special

BeauSoleil - Zydeco X

Beavis And Butt-Head - Come To Butt-Head

Beavis And Butt-Head feat. Run D.M.C. - Bounce

Beavis And Butt-Head feat. White Zombie - I Am Hell

Beck - Loser

Beck - Mattress

Beck - Trouble All My Days

Bedhead - The Rest of the Day

Bee Gees - For Whom The Bell Tolls

Bee Gees - How To Fall in Love, Pt. 1

Bee Gees - Omega Man

Bee Gees - Paying the Price of Love

Behemoth - Blackvisions of the Almighty

Behemoth - Deathcrush

Behemoth - Fields of Haar-Meggido

Behemoth - Summoning (Of the Ancient Ones)

Behemoth - The Dance of the Pagan Flames

Behemoth - Thy Winter Kingdom

Beherit - Black Arts

Beherit - Down There...

Beherit - Lord of Shadows and Golden Wood

Beherit - Nocturnal Evil

Beherit - Nuclear Girl

Beherit - Sadomatic Rites

Beherit - Salomon's Gate

Beherit - Summerlands

Beherit - The Gate of Nanna

Beherit - Thou Angel of the Gods

Beherit - Unholy Pagan Fire

Beherit - Werewolf, Semen And Blood

Belial - Deceased

Belial - For Them

Belial - Piece by Piece

Belinda Carlisle - Big Scary Animal

Belinda Carlisle - Goodbye Day

Belinda Carlisle - Lay Down Your Arms

Belinda Carlisle - Too Much Water

Belinda Carlisle - Windows of the World

Belinda Carlisle - Wrap My Arms

Bell Biv DeVoe - Above the Rim

Bell Biv DeVoe - Ghetto Booty

Bell Biv DeVoe - Show Me the Way

Bell Biv DeVoe - Something In Your Eyes

Belly - Dream On Me

Belly - Dusted (demo)

Belly - Everyword

Belly - Feed the Tree

Belly - Gepetto

Belly - Now They'll Sleep

Belly - Sad Dress

Belly - Star (demo)

Belly - Untogether

Belly - White Belly

Ben E. King - I Had A Love

Ben Webster & Oscar Peterson - In The Wee Small Hours Of The Morning

BENEDICTION - Artefacted / Spit Forth

BENEDICTION - Artefacted/Spit Forth

BENEDICTION - Blood From Stone

BENEDICTION - Face Without Soul

BENEDICTION - Painted Skulls

BENEDICTION - Wrong Side of the Grave

Benjamin Britten & Choir Of Downside School, Purley & Viola Tunnard - Songs from 'Friday Afternoons', Op.7: Songs From Friday Afternoons, Op. 7: 'Cuckoo!'

Benny Goodman - Changes

Benny Goodman - House Hop

Benny Goodman - How High the Moon

Benny Goodman - Pop Corn Man

Benny Goodman - The Varsity Drag

Benny Goodman - Vibraphone Blues

Benny Goodman & His Orchestra - Nice Work If You Can Get It

Benny Goodman & His Orchestra - Peckin'

Benny Goodman and His Orchestra - Bumble Bee Stomp

Benny More - Corazon Rebelde

Bernie Worrell - Fields of Play

Bernie Worrell - Gladiator Skull

Bernie Worrell - Judie's Passion Purple

Bernie Worrell - Moon Over Brixton

Bernie Worrell - Set the Tone / Victory

Bersuit Vergarabat - Ausencia de estribillo

Bersuit Vergarabat - Buceando en el riachuelo

Bersuit Vergarabat - Cha cha cha

Bersuit Vergarabat - Clara

Bersuit Vergarabat - Nepore'y (Tu ausencia)

Bersuit Vergarabat - Si amanece

Bersuit Vergarabat - Sin son

Bersuit Vergarabat - Tu pastilla fue

Bessie Smith - Nobody Knows You When You're Down and Out

Beth Orton - Don't Wanna Know About Evil

Bette Davis - They're Either Too Young Or Too Old

Bette Midler - In My Life

Bette Midler - To Deserve You

Bette Midler - Wind Beneath My Wings

Better Than Ezra - Cry in the Sun

Better Than Ezra - Heaven

Better Than Ezra - In the Blood

Better Than Ezra - Porcelain

Better Than Ezra - Summerhouse

Better Than Ezra - Teenager

Better Than Ezra - The Killer Inside

Better Than Ezra - This Time of Year

Bettie Serveert - Totally Freaked Out

Betty Carter - Isn't It Romantic

Betty Carter - It's A Big Wide Wonderful World

Betty Carter - Look No Further

Betty Carter - New England

Betty Carter - Some Other Time

Betty Carter - There Is No Greater Love

Betty Carter - This Is Always

Betty Carter - You're A Sweetheart

Betty Everett - The Shoop Shoop Song (It's In His Kiss)

Betty James - I'm A Little Mixed Up

Beverley Craven - Blind Faith

Beverley Craven - Hope

Beverley Craven - in Those Days

Beverley Craven - Love Is the Light

Beverley Craven - Love Scenes

Beverley Craven - Mollie's Song

Beverley Craven - The Winner Takes It All

Big & Rich, Billy Joe Shaver - Live Forever

Big Brother & the Holding Company - Janis Joplin

Big Country - All Go Together

Big Country - Buffalo Skinners (Demo)

Big Country - Chester's Farm

Big Country - Seven Waves

Big Country - The Selling of America

Big Country - What Are You Working For

Big Country - Winding Wind

Big Daddy Kane feat. Spinderella, Laree Williams and Karen Anderson - Very Special

Big Daddy Kinsey - Baby, Don't Say That No More

Big Daddy Kinsey - Don't You Lie To Me

Big Daddy Kinsey - Good Mornin' Mississippi

Big Daddy Kinsey - Got My Mojo Workin'

Big Daddy Kinsey - I Am the Blues

Big Daddy Kinsey - Little Red Rooster

Big Daddy Kinsey - Mannish Boy

Big Daddy Kinsey - Nine Below Zero

Big Daddy Kinsey - Ode To Muddy Waters

Big Daddy Kinsey - Somebody's Gonna Get Hooked Tonight

Big Daddy Kinsey - The Queen Without A King

Big Daddy Kinsey - Walking Thru the Park

Big Head Todd and The Monsters - Bittersweet

Big Head Todd and The Monsters - Broken Hearted Savior

Big Head Todd and The Monsters - Circle

Big Head Todd and the Monsters - Ellis Island

Big Head Todd and the Monsters - Groove Thing

Big Head Todd and The Monsters - It's Alright

Big Head Todd and the Monsters - Sister Sweetly

Big Head Todd and the Monsters - Tomorrow Never Comes

Big Head Todd and The Monsters - Turn the Light Out

Big Joe Turner - Careless Love

Big Joe Turner - I Hear You Knockin'

Big Joe Turner - Wee Baby Blues

Big Joe Williams - Baby Please Don't Go

Big Star - Baby Strange

Big Star - I Am the Cosmos

Big Star - Slut

Big Sugar - Shot in the Dark

Bikini Kill - Alien She

Bikini Kill - Blood One

Bikini Kill - Demirep

Bikini Kill - For Tammy Rae

Bikini Kill - Hamster Baby

Bikini Kill - Lil Red

Bikini Kill - Magnet

Bikini Kill - New Radio

Bikini Kill - Rebel Girl

Bikini Kill - Speed Heart

Bikini Kill - Star Bellied Boy

Bikini Kill - Star Fish

Bikini Kill - Sugar

Bikini Kill - Tell Me So

Bill & Gloria Gaither - Turn Your Eyes Upon Jesus

Bill Conti - Gonna Fly Now (Theme from 'Rocky')

Bill Douglas - Brilliant Star

Bill Douglas - Cradle Song

Bill Douglas - En Prière

Bill Douglas - Golden Apples of the Sun

Bill Douglas - Night Journey

Bill Douglas - Noble Heart

Bill Douglas - Nocturne

Bill Douglas - Open Sky

Bill Douglas - Sapphire

Bill Douglas - Sweet Rain

Bill Douglas - Voyage

Bill Douglas - Windhorse

Bill Evans feat. Jim Hall - I've Got You Under My Skin

Bill Frisell - The 'Saint-Gaudens' in Boston Common, 'Col. Shaw and his colored regiment' (excerpt #1)

Bill Frisell - The 'Saint-Gaudens' in Boston Common, 'Col. Shaw and his colored regiment' (excerpt #2)

Bill Monroe & His Bluehrass Boys Band - Wayfaring Stranger

Bill Murk - Higher Ground

Bill Murk - I'll Fly Away

Bill Murk - It's Me, Oh Lord/Swing Low, Sweet Chariot

Bill Murk - Orange Blossom Special

Bill Murk - Pass Me not

Bill Murk - Precious Lord

Bill Murk - Sweet By & By

Bill Murk - Uncloded Day

Bill Murk - Victory in Jesus/Glory to His Name

Bill Murk - Wayfarin' Stranger

Bill Murk - Wondrous Love

Billie Holiday - Georgia On My Mind

Billie Holiday - Gloomy Sunday

Billie Holiday - I Can't Give You Anything But Love

Billie Holiday - It's A Sin To Tell A Lie

Billie Holiday - Love For Sale

Billie Holiday - Now They Call It Swing

Billie Holiday - Sometimes I'm Happy

Billie Joe Royal - Campfire Girls

Billie Joe Royal - Drift Away

Billie Joe Royal - Nobody But You

Billie Joe Royal - To Love Somebody

Billie Joe Royal - Up On the Roof

Billy Dean - I Wanna Take Care of You

Billy Dean - I'm Not Built That Way

Billy Dean - We Just Disagree

Billy Eckstine - My Foolish Heart

Billy Holiday - Georgia On My Mind

Billy Idol - Adam in Chains

Billy Idol - Concrete Kingdom

Billy Idol - Heroin

Billy Idol - Love Labours On

Billy Idol - Mother Dawn

Billy Idol - Neuromancer

Billy Idol - Power Junkie

Billy Idol - Shangrila

Billy Idol - Shock To the System

Billy Idol - Then the Night Comes

Billy Idol - Tomorrow People

Billy Idol - Venus

Billy Idol - Wasteland

Billy Joe Royal - Campfire Girls

Billy Joe Royal - Drift Away

Billy Joe Royal - If I Could

Billy Joe Royal - Nobody But You

Billy Joe Royal - On Broadway

Billy Joe Royal - Please Come To Boston

Billy Joe Royal - Rose Garden

Billy Joe Royal - Stand By Me

Billy Joe Royal - To Love Somebody

Billy Joe Royal - Tulsa

Billy Joe Shaver - Georgia On A Fast Train

Billy Joe Shaver - Good Ol' U.S.A.

Billy Joe Shaver - Heart of Texas

Billy Joe Shaver - I Want Some More - followed by Tenntex

Billy Joe Shaver - If I Give My Soul

Billy Joe Shaver - KAND, Corsicana, Texas

Billy Joe Shaver - Live Forever

Billy Joe Shaver - Oklahoma Wind

Billy Joe Shaver - Old Chunk of Coal

Billy Joe Shaver - Take A Chance On Romance

Billy Joe Shaver - The Hottest Thing in Town

Billy Joe Shaver - Tramp on Your Street

Billy Joel - All About Soul

Billy Joel - Famous Last Words

Billy Joel - Lullabye (Goodnight, My Angel)

Billy Joel - No Man's Land

Billy Joel - The Great Wall of China

Billy Joel - The River of Dreams

Billy Joel - Two Thousand Years

Billy Ray Cyrus - Somebody New

Billy Swan - Don't Be Cruel

Bing Crosby - Dear Hearts and Gentle People

Bing Crosby - Far Away Places

Bing Crosby - It's Been A Long, Long Time - Single Version

Bing Crosby - Where the Blue of the Night Meets the Gold of the Day

Bing Crosby & The Andrews Sisters & Vic Schoen & His Orchestra - Ac-Cent-Tchu-Ate The Positive - Single Version

Bing Crosby & The Andrews Sisters & Vic Schoen & His Orchestra - Don't Fence Me In - Single Version

Bing Crosby & The Andrews Sisters & Vic Schoen & His Orchestra - Pistol Packin' Mama - Single Version

Binomio de Oro de América - Quiero Que Seas Mi Estrella

Binomio de Oro de América - Y No Regresas

Biohazard & Onyx - Judgment Night

Biosphere - En-trance

Birdsongs of the Mesozoic - Biff the Brontosaurus

Birdsongs of the Mesozoic - Carbon 14

Birdsongs of the Mesozoic - Laramide Revolution

Birdsongs of the Mesozoic - Lqabblil Insanya

Birdsongs of the Mesozoic - March

Birdsongs of the Mesozoic - Out of Limits

Birdsongs of the Mesozoic - The Transformation of Oz

Birdsongs of the Mesozoic - To A Random

Birdsongs of the Mesozoic - Tyronglaea

Bitty McLean - It Keeps Rainin' (Tears from My Eyes)

Bitty McLean - It Keeps Rainin'

Bitty McLean - Pass It On

Biz Markie - Young Girl Bluez

Björk - Aeroplane

Björk - Big Time Sensuality (Justin Robertson Lionrock Wigout Vox)

Björk - Big Time Sensuality (Justin Robertson's Prankster's Joyride)

Björk - Big Time Sensuality (The Fluke Magimix - 125BPM)

Björk - Big Time Sensuality (The Fluke Moulimix - 117BPM)

Björk - Big Time Sensuality

Björk - Big Time Sensuality

Björk - Come to Me

Björk - Crying

Björk - Glora

Björk - Human Behaviour (Close To Human Mix - Speedy J.)

Björk - Human Behaviour (Underworld Mix - Darren Emerson)

Björk - Human Behaviour

Björk - Human Behaviour

Björk - I Remember You

Björk - Like Someone in Love

Björk - One Day

Björk - The Anchor Song

Björk - There Is More to Life Than This

Björk - There's More to Life Than This (Non Toilet)

Björk - There's More to Life than This

Björk - Venus As a Boy

Björk - Violently Happy (Fluke - Even Tempered)

Björk - Violently Happy (Fluke - Well Tempered)

Björk - Violently Happy (Massey Mix - Long)

Björk - Violently Happy

Björk - Violently Happy

Bjørn Eidsvåg - Per Tveit

Black 47 - Fire of Freedom

Black 47 - Livin' in America (Bainbridge Avenue 2:00 AM)

Black 47 - Livin' in America (Fordham Road 8:00 AM)

Black 47 - New York, NY 10009

Black 47 - Rockin' in the Bronx

Black 47 - Sleep Tight in New York City/Her Dear Olf Donegal

Black Ivory - Just Leave Me Some

Black Ivory - Time Is Love

Black Market Baby - Potential Suicide

Black Moon - Ack Like U Want It


Black Moon - Buck Em Down

Black Moon - ENTA DA STAGE

Black Moon - How Many MC's...

Black Moon - I Got Cha Opin

Black Moon - MAKE MUNNE

Black Moon - Niguz Talk Shit

Black Moon - Powaful Impak!

Black Moon - Shit Iz Real

Black Moon - SLAVE

Black Moon - SON GET WREC

Black Moon - U DA MAN

Black Moon - Who Got Da Props

Black Uhuru - Trodding

Blackstreet - Baby Be Mine

B-Legit - Daily Routine

B-Legit - The Savage

Blind Boy Fuller - Step It Up And Go

Blind Leroy Garnett - Chain 'Em Down

Blind Melon - No Rain

Blind Passengers - Devil Times

Blind Passengers - Fateful

Blind Passengers - Headlights

Blind Passengers - I've Had Enough

Blind Passengers - Small-Town Night

Blind Passengers - Too Much

Blind Passengers - Voices of Dark

Blind Passengers - Walking To Heaven

Blind Passengers - Watch the World

Blind Passengers - Welcome To the Earth

Blind Passengers - Yes Sir!

Blind Passengers - You Know My Feelings

Blind Willie Johnson - Dark Was the Night

Blink-182 - 21 Days

Blink-182 - Carousel

Blink-182 - Degenerate

Blink-182 - My Pet Sally

Blink-182 - Romeo and Rebecca

Blink-182 - Strings

Bløf - Droomkoningin

Bløf - Laatste Ronde

Blondie - Call Me

Blondie - Ring of Fire

Blondie - Scenery

Blood Oranges - Shady Grove

Blood, Sweat & Tears - Tell Me That I'm Wrong

Bloods & Crips - Crip, Crip, Crip

Bloods & Crips - Piru Love

Bloods & Crips - Steady Dippin'

Blossom Dearie - Give Him the Ooh-La-La

Blue Alphabet - Cybertrance

Blue O'Clock - Secret Sugar Frosting

Blue Rodeo - 5 Days in May

Blue Rodeo - Bad Timing

Blue Rodeo - Hasn't Hit Me Yet

Blue System - Backstreet Heaven

Blue System - Ballerina Girl

Blue System - Dirty Money

Blue System - Don't You Want My Foolish Heart

Blue System - History

Blueboy - Air France

Blueboy - Try Happiness

Bluejean - Try My Lovin'

Blur - Advert

Blur - Blue Jeans

Blur - Colin Zeal

Blur - Coping

Blur - For Tomorrow - 2012 Remaster

Blur - For Tomorrow (Visit To Primrose Hill Extended)

Blur - For Tomorrow

Blur - Intermission

Blur - Pressure On Julian

Blur - Resigned (Includes Hidden Track 'Commercial Break')

Blur - Star Shaped

Blur - Sunday Sunday

Blur - Turn It Up

Blur - Villa Rosie

Bnny Rbbt - I Hate Love

Bo Diddley - Cops & Robbers

Bo Kaspers Orkester - Det Går En Man Omkring I Mina Skor

Bo Kaspers Orkester - Hennes Syster Sa

Bo Kaspers Orkester - I Botten På Glaset

Bo Kaspers Orkester - Köpenhamn

Bo Kaspers Orkester - Kyss Mej

Bob Carlisle - Jerusalem

Bob Dylan - Blood in My Eyes

Bob Dylan - Jack-A-Roe

Bob Dylan - Stack A Lee

Bob Dylan & Roger McGuinn & Tom Petty & Neil Young & Eric Clapton & George Harrison - My Back Pages - Live at Madison Square Garden, New York, NY - October 1992

Bob Gallarza & Ramiro Ram Herrera - I’ve Got a Neverending Love

Bob Gallion - Wall To Wall Love

Bob Lind - Elusive Butterfly

Bob Luman - The File

Bob Luman - The Great Snowman

Bob Marley - 400 Years

Bob Marley - All in One

Bob Marley - How Many Times

Bob Marley - Keep On Moving

Bob Marley - Soul Captive

Bob Marley - Stop the Train

Bob Marley - Treat You Right

Bob Marley - You Can't Do That To Me

Bob Marley & the Wailers - All in One

Bob Marley & the Wailers - Duppy Conqueror

Bob Marley & The Wailers - Iron Lion Zion

Bob Marley & The Wailers - Keep On Moving

Bob Marley & the Wailers - My Cup

Bob Marley & the Wailers - Stop the Train

BOB MARLEY AND the WAILERS - Duppy Conqueror

Bob Marley_The Wailers - All in One

Bob Willis - Ida Red

Bobby Darin - Eighteen Yellow Roses

Bobby Hutcherson - 8/4 Beat

Bobby Hutcherson - Ummh

Bobby Rydell - Dream Lover

Bobby Rydell - Swingin' School

Bobby Watson - Bustalk

Bobby Womack - Across 110th Street

Bobby Womack - Trust in Me

Bodeans - Closer to Free

Body Count - Hey Joe

Bohannon - Let's Start the Dance

Bon Jovi - Bed of Roses

Bon Jovi - In These Arms

Boney M. - I Shall Sing

Boney M. - Papa Chico

Boney M. - Time To Remember

Bonnie Pointer - Heaven Must Have Sent You

Bonnie Tyler - Clouds in My Coffee

Bonnie Tyler - From the Bottom of My Lonely Heart

Bonnie Tyler - I Climb Every Mountain

Bonnie Tyler - If You Were a Woman

Bonnie Tyler - Send Me the Pillow

Bonnie Tyler - Years May Come

Bonny Cepeda - Una Fotografia

Boobytrax - Don't Go

Book of Love - Boy Pop

Book of Love - Enchanted

Book of Love - Flower in My Hand

Book of Love - Happily Ever After

Book of Love - Hunny Hunny

Book of Love - Leap of Faith

Book of Love - Salve My Soul

Book of Love - Sound And Vision

Book of Love - Sunday A.M.

Book of Love - Tambourine

Book of Love - Trouble in A Bubble

Book of Love - Woyaya

Booker T. & the M.G.'s - Time Is Tight

Born Against - Well Fed Fuck

Boss - I Don't Give A Fuck

Bossa Nostra - Jackie

Bouncing Souls, The - Dirt

Bouncing Souls, The - Joe Lies (When He Cries)

Bouncing Souls, The - Old School

Bow Wow Wow - See Jungle! (Jungle Boy)

Boy George - The Crying Game

Boyracer - Railway

Boyz II Men - A Joyous Song

Boyz II Men - Do They Know

Boyz II Men - In the Still Of the Nite (I'll Remember)

Boyz II Men - Share Love

Boyz II Men - Silent Night

Boyz II Men - Who Would Have Thought

Boyz II Men - Why Christmas

Boyz II Men - You're Not Alone

Boyz II Men & Brian McKnight - Let It Snow

Brainbox - Alterindigo

Brainbox - Astroasis

Brainbox - Figure Five

Brainbox - Indigo

Brainbox - Lovemotor

Brainbox - Marshall Planet

Brainbox - Nashira

Brainbox - Salt & Velvet

Brainbox - The First Principle

Brainbox - Wet Pavement

Brand Nubian - Brand Nubian Rock the Set

Brand Nubian - Ain't No Mystery

Brand Nubian - Allah And Justice

Brand Nubian - Black And Blue

Brand Nubian - Meaning of the 5%

Brand Nubian - Love Me or Leave Me Alone

Brand Nubian - Pass the Gat

Brand Nubian - Punks Jump Up to Get Beat Down

Brand Nubian - Steal Ya 'Ho

Brand Nubian (Featuring Redd Foxx) - Black Star Line (Featuring Redd Foxx) (Explicit LP Version)

Brass Construction - Give And Take

Brass Construction - Goodnews

Brass Construction - Wake Up

Bratmobile - Bitch Theme

Bratmobile - Cherry Bomb

Bratmobile - Fuck Yr. Fans

Bratmobile - Kiss And Ride

Bratmobile - Love Thing

Bratmobile - No You Don't

Bratmobile - P.R.D.C.T.

Bratmobile - Panik

Bratmobile - Polaroid Baby

Bratmobile - Richard

Bratmobile - Some Special

Bratmobile - Stab

Bratmobile - Throwaway

Bratmobile - Untitled

Brave Combo - Hernando's Hideaway

Brave Combo - The Way of Love

Brave Old World - Berlin 1990

Brenda Russell - Got To Love

Brenda Russell - in Over My Heart

Brenda Russell - Life Is Waiting

Brenda Russell - Matters of the Heart

Brenda Russell - Soul Talkin'

Brenda Russell - The Universe Is Calling You

Brenda Russell - Who Are You

Brenda Russell - You'll Fall in Love Again

Brendan Perry - Happy Time

Brian Bromberg - Bass Face

Brian Bromberg - Bern City

Brian Bromberg - Her Eyes Her Heart

Brian Bromberg - I'll Be Around This Time

Brian Bromberg - Intimidage

Brian Bromberg - My Bass

Brian Bromberg - My Brother

Brian Bromberg - Sedona

Brian Bromberg - Summer Afternoon

Brian Bromberg - The Blessing

Brian Bromberg - Tunnel Vision (For Miles)

Brian Bromberg - Yo!

Brian Hyland - Ginny Come Lately

Brian Hyland - Sealed With a Kiss

Brian Poole - Silence Is Golden

Brigitte Bardot - Bubble Gum

Brigitte Bardot - C'Est Rigolo

Brigitte Bardot - C'Est Une Bossa Nova

Brigitte Bardot - El Cuchipe

Brigitte Bardot - Everybody Loves My Baby

Brigitte Bardot - Invitango

Brigitte Bardot - Les Amis De La Musique

Brigitte Bardot - Noir Et Blanc

Brigitte Bardot - Pas Davantage

Brigitte Bardot - Sei Arrivato Amor Mio

Broken Hope - Coprophagia

Broken Hope - Decimated Genitalia

Broken Hope - Drinking the Ichor

Broken Hope - Embryonic Tri-Clops

Broken Hope - Felching Vampires

Broken Hope - Peeled

Broken Hope - Preacher of Sodomy

Broken Hope - Remember My Members

Broken Hope - Repugnance

Broken Hope - She Came Out in Chunks

Broken Hope - The Dead Half

Broken Hope - Waterlogged

Bronco - Como Te Lo Digo

Bronco - Dos Mujeres Un Camino

Bronco - El Carreton De Bronco

Bronco - La Pisadita

Bronco - Pastillas De Amnesia

Bronco - Quiero Que Canten Conmigo

Brooks & Dunn - Hard Workin' Man

Brooks & Dunn - Heartbroke Out of My Mind

Brooks & Dunn - I Can't Put Out This Fire

Brooks & Dunn - Mexican Minutes

Brooks & Dunn - Our Time Is Coming

Brooks & Dunn - Rock My World (Little Country Girl)

Brooks & Dunn - Texas Women (Don't Stay Lonely Long)

Brooks & Dunn - That Ain't No Way to Go

Brooks & Dunn - We'll Burn That Bridge

Brotha Lynch Hung - 24 Deep

Brotha Lynch Hung - Had 2 Gat Ya

Brotha Lynch Hung - Lose A Hoe, Gain A Hoe

Brotha Lynch Hung - Walkin' 2 My Funeral

Brother Cane - Don't Turn Your Back On Me

Brother Cane - Got No Shame

Brother Cane - Hard Act To Follow

Brother Cane - How Long

Brother Cane - Make Your Play

Brother Cane - Pressure

Brother Cane - Stone's Throw Away

Brother Cane - That Don't Satisfy Me

Brother Cane - The Last Time

Brother Cane - The Road

Brother Cane - Woman

Brownstone - Grapevyne

Brownstone - I Can't Tell You Why

Brownstone - If You Love Me

Brownstone - Sometimes Dancin'

Brownsville Station - Smokin' in the Boy's Room

Bruce BecVar - Danza de Amor (Love Dance)

Bruce BecVar - Flamenco Flambe

Bruce BecVar - Flamenco Highlife

Bruce BecVar - Forever in My Heart

Bruce BecVar - Fuego (Fire)

Bruce BecVar - Heart of the Moon (Corazone del Luna)

Bruce BecVar - Istanbul

Bruce BecVar - Noche Pintada (Painted Night)

Bruce BecVar - Roar of the Lioness

Bruce BecVar - Spanish Rose

Bruce Hornsby - China Doll

Bruce Hornsby - Fields of Gray

Bruce Hornsby - Harbor Lights

Bruce Hornsby - Long Tall Cool One

Bruce Hornsby & The Fairfield Four - The Way It Is

Bruce Springsteen - Red Headed Woman

Brujeria - Matando Gueros

Bryan Adams - Please Forgive Me

Bryan Ferry - All Tomorrow's Parties

Bryan Ferry - Amazing Grace

Bryan Ferry - Answer Me

Bryan Ferry - Girl of My Best Friend

Bryan Ferry - Just One Look

Bryan Ferry - Rescue Me

Bryan Ferry - Taxi


Buddy Clark - Linda

Buddy Greco - My Kind Of Girl

Buddy Greco - This Could Be the Start of Something

Buddy Guy - Country Man

Buddy Guy - Feels Like Rain

Buddy Guy - Mary Ann

Buddy Guy - Trouble Man

Buddy Knox - Lovey Dovey

Buffalo Tom - Late At Night

Buffalo Tom - Merry Go Round

Buffalo Tom - Sodajerk

Built To Spill - Built To Spill

Built To Spill - Built Too Long (Parts 1, 2 and 3)

Built To Spill - Get A Life

Built To Spill - Hazy

Built To Spill - Lie For A Lie

Built To Spill - Nowhere Nothin' Fuckup

Built To Spill - Revolution

Built To Spill - Shameful Dread

Built To Spill - The First Song

Built To Spill - Three Years Ago Today

Buju Banton - A Little More Time

Buju Banton - Batty Rider

Buju Banton - Big It Up

Buju Banton - Bogle Dance

Buju Banton - Boom Bye Bye

Buju Banton - Deportees (Things Change)

Buju Banton - Dickie

Buju Banton - Gone A Lead

Buju Banton - Good Body

Buju Banton - If Loving Was A Crime

Buju Banton - Love Black Woman

Buju Banton - Love How The Gal Flex

Buju Banton - Love Me Browning

Buju Banton - Make My Day

Buju Banton - No Respect

Buju Banton - Red Rose

Buju Banton - Searching

Buju Banton - Tribal War

Buju Banton - Vigilante

Buju Banton - Who Say

Buju Banton - Wicked Act

Bukka White - Christmas Eve Blues

Bukka White - Mixed Water

Bukka White - Sad Day Blues

Bullet Boys - When Pigs Fly

Bulletboys - Slow And Easy

Bumble Bee Slim - Chain Gang Bound

Bunny Wailer - Ballroom Floor

Bunny Wailer - Family Affair

Burning Spear - Peace

Burzum - Den Onde Kysten

Burzum - Dominus Sathanas

Burzum - Ea, Lord of the Depths

Burzum - En Ring Til Aa Herske

Burzum - Ham Som Reiste

Burzum - Key To the Gate

Burzum - Lost Wisdom

Burzum - Naar Himmelen Klarner

Burzum - Snu Mikrokosmos Tegn

Burzum - Svarte Troner

Burzum - War

Busty Brown - To Love Somebody

Butt Trumpet - I Left My Flannel in Seattle

Butt Trumpet - Pink Gun

Butthole Surfers - Alcohol (Explicit)

Butthole Surfers - Chewin' George Lucas' Chocolate (Explicit)

Butthole Surfers - Clean It Up

Butthole Surfers - Dancing Fool

Butthole Surfers - Dog Inside Your Body

Butthole Surfers - Dust Devil (Explicit)

Butthole Surfers - Edgar

Butthole Surfers - Goofy's Concern (Explicit)

Butthole Surfers - Goofy's Concern

Butthole Surfers - Leave Me Alone

Butthole Surfers - Some Dispute Over T-Shirt Sales

Butthole Surfers - The Annoying Song

Butthole Surfers - The Ballad of Naked Man

Butthole Surfers - The Wooden Song

Butthole Surfers - Tongue

Butthole Surfers - Who Was In My Room Last Night?

Butthole Surfers - Who Was in My Room Last Night?

Butthole Surfers - You Don't Know Me

Buzzcocks - When Love Turns Around

Byther Smith - I Don't Like To Travel

Cab Calloway - Queen Isabella

Cab Calloway - Rustle of Swing

Cab Calloway - Take the 'A' Train

Caifanes - Amanece

Caifanes - Cuentame Tu Vida

Caifanes - La Bestia Humana

Caifanes - La Negra Tomasa

Caifanes - Matenme Porque Me Muero

Caifanes - Nada

Caifanes - Nunca Me Voy a Transformar En Ti

Caifanes - Perdi Mi Ojo De Venado

Caifanes - Sera Por Eso

Caifanes - Te Estoy Mirando

Caifanes - Viento

Cajmere feat. Dajae - Brighter Days

Cake - Jolene

Cake - Rock 'n' Roll Lifestyle

Cal Tjader - Out of Nowhere

Cal Tjader - Soul Sauce

Cal Tjader - The Lady Is A Tramp

Cali Carranza - Pideme la Luna

Cameo - Funk Funk

Cameo - I Just Want To Be

Cameo - Sparkle

Candlebox - Arrow

Candlebox - Blossom

Candlebox - Change

Candlebox - Cover Me

Candlebox - Don't You

Candlebox - Far Behind

Candlebox - He Calls Home

Candlebox - Mother's Dream

Candlebox - No Sense

Candlebox - Rain

Candlebox - You


CANDLEMASS - Samling Vid Pumpen

CANDLEMASS - Tjo Och Tjim Och Inget Annat

Candy Dulfer - Bob's Jazz

Candy Dulfer - Pick Up the Pieces

Cannibal Corpse - The Exorcist

Cannonball Adderley - Bohemia After Dark

Cannonball Adderley - Never Say Yes

Cannonball Adderley - Willows

Cannonball Adderley feat. Bill Evans - Venice

Capercaillie - Bonaparte

Capercaillie - The Miracle of Being

Capleton - Alms House

Capleton - Unnu No Fear

Cappella - U Got 2 Know

Cappella - U Got 2 Let the Music (DJ Professor Trans X Cut)

Cappella - U Got 2 Let the Music

Captain Hollywood Project - All I Want

Captain Hollywood Project - Impossible

Captain Hollywood Project - It's Raining

Captain Hollywood Project - Love 4 U Love 4 Me

Captain Hollywood Project - More and More

Captain Hollywood Project - Nothing's Gonna Stop Me

Captain Hollywood Project - Only with You

Captain Hollywood Project - Rhythm of Life

Captain Hollywood Project - Rhythm Takes Control

Carcass - Arbeit Macht Fleish

Carcass - Blind Bleeding the Blind

Carcass - Buried Dreams

Carcass - Carnal Forge

Carcass - Death Certificate

Carcass - Doctrinal Expletives

Carcass - Embodiment

Carcass - Heartwork

Carcass - No Love Lost

Carcass - This Mortal Coil

Carl Smith - Hey Joe

Carl Stamitz & Christian Benda & Pražský komorní orchestr - Cello Concerto No. 1 in G Major: II. Romance: Andantino

Carlene Carter - Every Little Thing

Carlene Carter - First Kiss

Carlene Carter - Hallelujah in My Heart

Carlene Carter - Heart Is Right

Carlene Carter - Little Love Letter #1

Carlene Carter - Little Love Letter #2

Carlene Carter - Long Hard Fall

Carlene Carter - Nowhere Train

Carlene Carter - Wastin' Time With You

Carlene Carter - World of Miracles

Carlos Gardel - Recuerdo Malevo

Carlos Vives - Alicia Adorada

Carlos Vives - El Cantor de Fonseca

Carlos Vives - La Celosa

Carlos Vives - La Gota Fría

Carlos Vives - Matilde Lina

Carly Simon - In the Wee Small Hours of the Morning

Carman - Get Your Business Straigh With God

Carman - God's Got An Army

Carman - Great God

Carman - Jesus Is the Light

Carman - Marchin' And Movin'

Carman - Radically Saved

Carman - Revival in the Land

Carman - Saved, Deliverd & Healed

Carman - Serve the Lord

Carman - Shine Through Me

Carman - The Resurrection Rap

Carman - This Blood

Carman feat. Commissioned & the Christ Church Choir - I Got the Joy

Carmen McRae - All the Things You Are

Carmen McRae - Blue Moon

Carmen McRae - I Get A Kick Out of You

Carmen McRae - I Was Doing All Right

Carmen McRae - My Funny Valentine

Carmen McRae - The Next Time It Happens

Carmen McRae - You Took Advantage Of Me

Carnival of Souls - Bellerphon

Carnival of Souls - Breitcord Connexion

Carnival of Souls - Bunny Hop

Carnival of Souls - Calypso Fizz

Carnival of Souls - Déesse

Carnival of Souls - Pikeset

Carnival of Souls - Skrollan Ska

Carnival of Souls - Zillertal (Herne)

Carnival of Souls - Zuckerfest

Carola - Herrojen kanssa pellon laidassa

Carola - Sirkusprinsessa

Carole King - Now and Forever

Caron Wheeler - I Adore You

Carpathian Forest - Journey Through the Cold Moors of Svarttjern

Carrara - Shine on Dance

Carter Burwell - Africa

Carter Burwell - And the Band Played On

Carter Burwell - Burning Bodies

Carter Burwell - Gallo Press Conference

Carter Burwell - Hes Gone Too Far

Carter Burwell - His Other Life

Carter Burwell - How Long To Skin In

Carter Burwell - Lymph

Carter Burwell - Sexual Transmission

Carter Burwell - Tell That To Gallo

Carter Burwell - The French Fail

Carter Burwell - The Partys Over

Carter Burwell - Theyre Scared

Carter Burwell - Tongues

Carter the Unstoppable Sex Machine - Lenny And Terence

Carter the Unstoppable Sex Machine - Suicide Isn't Painless

Carter USM - 2 Million Years BC

Carter USM - A Bachelor For Baden Powell

Carter USM - Always the Bridesmaid Never the Bride

Carter USM - Being Here

Carter USM - Commercial Fucking Suicide (Part 1)

Carter USM - Hit

Carter USM - Lenny And Terence

Carter USM - Midday Crisis

Carter USM - Spoilsports Personality of the Year

Carter USM - Stuff the Jubilee (1977)

Carter USM - Suicide Isn't Painless

Carter USM - Travis

Casa Loma Orchestra - Casa Loma Stomp

Casa Loma Orchestra - San Sue Strut

Cassandra Wilson - Black Crow

Cassandra Wilson - Blue Light 'Til Dawn

Cassandra Wilson - Children of the Night

Cassandra Wilson - Come On in My Kitchen

Cassandra Wilson - Hellhound On My Trail

Cassandra Wilson - You Don't Know What Love Is

Cat Power - Headlights

Cathedral - Enter the Worms

Cathedral - Fountain of Innocence

Cathedral - Jaded Entity

Cathedral - Midnight Mountain

Cathedral - Phantasmagoria

Cathedral - Violet Vortex

Catherine Wheel - Broken Head

Catherine Wheel - Car

Catherine Wheel - Chrome

Catherine Wheel - Crank

Catherine Wheel - Fripp

Catherine Wheel - Girl Stand Still

Catherine Wheel - Half Life

Catherine Wheel - I Confess

Catherine Wheel - Kill Rhythm

Catherine Wheel - Pain

Catherine Wheel - Show Me Mary

Catherine Wheel - Strange Fruit

Catherine Wheel - The Nude

Catherine Wheel - These Four Walls

Catherine Wheel - Tongue Twisted

Cazuza - Quase Um Segundo

Cazuza - Todo O Amor Que Houver Nessa Vida

Ceca Raznatovic - Kukavica

Ceca Raznatovic - Oprosti mi suze

Cece Winans - Rest in Me

Cedarmont Kids - He's Got The Whole World

Cedarmont Kids - I Am A C-H-R-I-S-T-I-A-N

Cedarmont Kids - Jesus Loves the Little Children

Celia Cruz - Dile Que Por Mí No Tema

Celia Cruz - Quizás, Quizás, Quizás

Celia Cruz - Tu Voz

Céline Dion - C'est pour vivre (Avec la participation de la chorale «V'la l'bon vent»)

Céline Dion - En amour

Céline Dion - Hymne à l'amitié

Céline Dion - Just Walk Away

Céline Dion - Love Doesn't Ask Why

Céline Dion - Misled

Céline Dion - Only One Road

Céline Dion - The Colour Of My Love

Céline Dion - The Power of Love

Céline Dion - Think Twice

Celine Dion Clive Griffin feat. Clive Griffin - When I Fall In Love

Celine Dion Clive Griffin from the TriStar film, Sleepless In Seattle - from the TriStar film, Sleepless In Seattle

Celtas Cortos - La Fragua Del Averno

Celtas Cortos - Lluvia En Soledad

Celtas Cortos - Pasa El Tiempo

Celtas Cortos - Siempre Igual

Chad Wackerman - Across the Bridge

Chad Wackerman - All Sevens

Chad Wackerman - Bash

Chad Wackerman - Black Coffee

Chad Wackerman - Close to Home

Chad Wackerman - Days Away

Chad Wackerman - Empty Suitcase

Chad Wackerman - Flares

Chad Wackerman - Introduction

Chad Wackerman - Just a Moment

Chad Wackerman - On the Edge

Chad Wackerman - Starry Nights

Chad Wackerman - The View

Chaka Demus - Gal Wine

Chaka Demus & Pliers - Bam Bam

Chaka Demus & Pliers - Friday Evening

Chaka Demus & Pliers - Gal Wine

Chaka Demus & Pliers - I Wanna Be Your Man

Chaka Demus & Pliers - Let's Make It Tonight

Chaka Demus & Pliers - Murder She Wrote

Chaka Demus & Pliers - Nuh Betta Nuh Deh

Chaka Demus & Pliers - One Nation Under A Groove

Chaka Demus & Pliers - Roadrunner

Chaka Demus & Pliers - She Don't Let Nobody

Chaka Demus & Pliers - Tease Me

Chaka Demus & Pliers - Tracy

Chaka Demus & Pliers & Jack Radics & The Taxi Gang - Twist And Shout

Chalino Sanchez & Banda Brava - Anastasio Pacheco

Chalino Sanchez & Banda Brava - Arcadio Barraza

Chalino Sanchez & Banda Brava - Florita Del Alma

Chalino Sanchez & Banda Brava - Ignacio Parra

Chalino Sanchez & Banda Brava - María De La Luz

Chalino Sanchez & Banda Brava - Mario Portillo

Chalino Sanchez & Banda Brava - Por Una Rencilla Vieja

Chalino Sanchez & Banda Brava - Prenda Del Alma

Chaotic Dischord - Cliff

Chapterhouse - Love Forever

Chapterhouse - On the Way To Fly

Chapterhouse - She's A Vision

Chapterhouse - There's Still Life

Charles Brown - Drifting Blues

Charles Musselwhite - Stingaree

Charles Wright & The Watts 103rd Street Rhythm Band - Love Land

Charley Pride - Kiss an Angel Good Morning

Charley Pride - Never Been So Loved (In All My Life)

Charlie Christian - AC/DC Current

Charlie Christian feat. Dizzy Gillespie - Guy's Got To Go

Charlie Christian feat. Dizzy Gillespie - Lips Flips

Charlie Daniels - in America

Charlie Daniels - Still In Saigon

Charlie Daniels - The Devil Went Down to Georgia

Charlie Daniels - The South's Gonna Do It

Charlie Daniels - Uneasy Rider '88

Charlie Daniels - Uneasy Rider

Charlie Gracie - Ninety-Nine Ways

Charlie Mingus - Meditation For Integration - Live

Charlie Parker - Bird's Nest

Charlie Parker - Cherokee

Charlie Parker - Constellation

Charly García - No Voy en Tren

Charly García & Pedro Aznar - Hablando A Tu Corazón

Charly García - Me Siento Mucho Mejor (I Feel Much Better)

Chavela Vargas - A Prisión Perpetua

Chavela Vargas - Amanecí en tus Brazos

Chavela Vargas - Cruz de Olvido

Chavela Vargas - El Andariego

Chavela Vargas - La Llorona

Chavela Vargas - Luz de Luna

Chavela Vargas - Sombras

Chavela Vargas - Toda Una Vida

Chavela Vargas - Un Mundo Raro

Chemlab - Chemical Halo

Chemlab - Codeine, Glue, And You

Chemlab - Derailer

Chemlab - Elephant Man

Chemlab - Final Suture

Chemlab - Fourth Suture

Chemlab - Rivet Head

Chemlab - Suicide Jag

Chemlab - Summer of Hate

Cher - Prisoner

Cheryl Wheeler - Driving Home

Chick Corea - Matrix

Chick Corea - My One And Only Love

Chick Corea - Samba Yantra

Chick Corea - Toy Room

Chick Corea - Windows

Chick Corea & Malcolm Addey - My One And Only Love

Children On Stun - Hollow

Chip E. - If You Only Knew

Chokebore - Cleaner

Chokebore - Line Crush

Chordettes - Lay Down Your Arms

Chordettes - Soft Sands

Chordettes - Zorro

Chris Bailey - Mystery train

Chris Isaak - 0,21875

Chris Isaak - Beautiful Homes

Chris Isaak - Except the New Girl

Chris Isaak - I Want Your Love

Chris Isaak - Lonely With A Broken Heart

Chris Isaak - Move Along

Chris Isaak - Round 'N' Round

Chris Isaak - San Francisco Days

Chris Isaak - Solitary Man

Chris Isaak - Two Hearts

Chris James & Wendy Grace - Crow

Chris James & Wendy Grace - Eagle

Chris LeDoux - Cadillac Ranch

Chris Rea - Julia

Chris Smither - Honeysuckle Dog

Chris Smither - Memphis in the Meantime

Chris Smither - The Devil's Real

Chrissie Hynde - I Shall Be Released

Christian Death feat. Rozz Williams - Dodo

Christian Death feat. Rozz Williams - Face

Christian Death feat. Rozz Williams - Working On Beyond

Christy Moore - Lawless

Christy Moore - The Two Conneeleys

Chrome Dreams - CD Audio Series - My Melancholy Baby

Chron Gen - Change Me

Chron Gen - Clouded Eyes

Chubby Checker - Do the Freddy

Chubby Checker - Hey Bobba Needle

Chubby Checker - Twenty Miles

Chuck Berry - Memphis, Tennessee

Chuck Berry - School Day (Ring Ring Goes The Bell)

Chuck Willis - Let's Jump Tonight

Cilla Black - Time

CJ Bolland - Carmargue

Clancy Eccles - Sammy No Dead

Clannad - Banba Oir

Clannad - I Will Find You (Theme from 'The Last of the Mohicans')

Clannad - Na Laethe Bhí

Clannad - Soul Searcher

Clannad - Struggle

Clannad - Sunset Dreams

Clannad - The Other Side

Clannad - There For You

Clarence Williams' Blue Five - Papa De Da Da

Claude Debussy & Alfred Reed & Slovak Radio Symphony Orchestra & Keith Clark - Suite Bergamasque: III. Clair de lune (arr. A. Reed): Clair de lune

Claude François - J'Y Pense Et Puis J'Oublie

Clay Walker - Dreaming with My Eyes Open

Clay Walker - Live Until I Die

Clay Walker - Money Can't Buy (The Love We Had)

Clay Walker - Next Step in Love

Clay Walker - The Silence Speaks For Itself

Clay Walker - What's It to You

Clay Walker - Where Do I Fit in the Picture

Cleo Brown - Boogie Woogie

Cleo Laine - Perdido

Cleo Laine - Ridin' High

Cleve Francis - Walkin'

Cliff Eberhardt - Is It Wrong To Feel So Good (At This Time in My Life)

Clint Black - A Good Run of Bad Luck

Clint Black - Back To Back

Clint Black - Desperado

Clint Black - Half the Man

Clint Black - Happiness Alone

Clint Black - I'll Take Texas

Clint Black - No Time To Kill

Clint Black - State Of Mind

Clint Black - Thinkin' Again

Clint Black - Tuckered Out

Clint Black & Wynonna - A Bad Goodbye (with Wynonna)

Cli-N-Tel - 2030

Close, Up, Over - Caz

Close, Up, Over - Jauqq

Close, Up, Over - Olivine

Clouseau - Live Like Kings

Clutch - A Shogun Named Marcus

Clutch - Binge and Purge

Coca Carola - Gossen Franco

Coca Carola - Kullkastargränd

Cock Sparrer - Colonel Bogey

Cockney Rejects - The Greatest Cockney Rip Off

Coco Steel & Lovebomb - Touch It

Cocoa Tea - Getting Closer

Cocoa Tea - One Up

Cocteau Twins - Bluebeard

Cocteau Twins - Essence

Cocteau Twins - Evangeline

Cocteau Twins - Know Who You Are At Every Age

Cocteau Twins - My Truth

Cocteau Twins - Oil of Angels

Cocteau Twins - Squeeze-Wax

Cocteau Twins - Summerhead

Code of Ethics - Eden

Code of Ethics - Follow On

Code of Ethics - Freedom

Code of Ethics - Pain

Code of Ethics - Something Real

Code of Ethics - True Love (Reprise)

Code of Ethics - Waiting

Code of Ethics - Without Reason

Code of Ethics - World Machine

Coldcut - Autumn Leaves

Coldcut - Dreamer

Cole Porter - My Heart Belongs To Daddy

Coleman Hawkins - Roy Eldridge Quintet - I Can't Get Started

Colin James - Breakin' Up the House

Colin James - Cadillac Baby

Colin James - Cha Dooky Doo

Colin James - Evening

Colin James - Leading Me On

Colin James - No More Doggin'

Colin James - Sit Right Here

Colin James - Surely (I Love You)

Colin James - That's What You Do To Me

Colin James - The Boogie Twist (Part II)

Colin James - Three Hours Past Midnight

Colin James - Train Kept A Rollin'

Collective Soul - Breathe

Collective Soul - Shine

Collin Raye - Little Rock

Collin Raye - My Kind of Girl

Collin Raye - That's My Story

Color Me Badd - Close to Heaven

Color Me Badd - Wildflower

Comecon - Aerie

Comecon - Bleed-burn

Comecon - Community

Comecon - Democrator

Comecon - Dipstick

Comecon - God Told Me To

Comecon - Morticide

Comecon - Pinhole View

Comecon - The Ethno-surge

Comecon - The House That Man Built

Comecon - The Whole World

Comecon - Worms

Commissioned - Running Back To You

Commissioned - Strange Land

Con Funk Shun - Baby I'm Hooked (Right Into Your Love)

Con Funk Shun - Chase Me

Con Funk Shun - Ffun

Con Funk Shun - Love's Train

Con Funk Shun - Straight From The Heart

Concrete Blonde - Mexican Moon

Conjunto Africa - Los Luchadores

Conlon Nancarrow & Ensemble Modern & Ingo Metzmacher - Studies for Player Piano: Study No. 6

Connie Francis - Faded Orchid

Connie Francis - Heartaches

Connie Francis - How Deep Is the Ocean

Connie Francis - Hurt

Connie Francis - I Almost Lost My Mind

Connie Francis - I Cried For You

Connie Francis - I Leaned On A Man

Connie Francis - I Never Had A Sweetheart

Connie Francis - If I Had You

Connie Francis - I'll Get By

Connie Francis - I'm Beginning To See the Light

Connie Francis - No Other One

Connie Francis - Temptation

Connie Francis - The Majesty of Love

Connie Francis - Tweedle Dee

Connie Francis - Who's Sorry Now?

Connie Francis - Young Love

Consolidated - Guerrillas in the Mist

Conway Twitty - You've Never Been This Far Before - Re-Recorded In Stereo

Cool Change - Streets of the Bronx

Coolio - Bring Back Somethin Fo Da Hood

Coolio - Can-O-Corn

Coolio - County Line

Coolio - Hand On My NutsAC

Coolio - Smokin' Sticks

Coolio - Sticky Fingers

Coolio - Thought You Knew

Coolio - Ugly Bitches

Coolio feat. LeShaun - Ghetto Cartoon

Coolio feat. LeShaun - Mama, I'm in Love Wit A Gangsta

Cornelio Reyna - Me Caí De La Nube

Cornelio Reyna - Tu Traicion

Cornelis Vreeswijk - Angelita Hueneman

Cornelis Vreeswijk - Balladen om ett munspel

Cornelis Vreeswijk - En visa till Gagga

Cornelis Vreeswijk - Plogen

Cornershop - Breaking Every Rule Language English

Cornershop - England's Dreaming

Cornershop - Hanif Kureishi Scene

Cornershop - Kawasaki (More Heat Than Chapati)

Cornershop - Moonshine

Cornershop - Summer Fun in A Beat Up Datsun

Cornershop - Trip Easy

Cornershop - Waterlogged

Corona - The Rhythm of the Night

Cory Morrow - Big City Stripper

Cory Morrow - Drink One More Round

Cory Morrow - Nashville Blues

Cory Morrow - Texas Time Travelin'

Count Basie & Joe Williams - Alright, Okay, You Win

Count Basie feat. Oscar Peterson - I'm Confessin' (That I Love You)

Counting Crows - A Murder Of One

Counting Crows - Anna Begins

Counting Crows - Ghost Train

Counting Crows - Mr. Jones

Counting Crows - Omaha

Counting Crows - Perfect Blue Buildings

Counting Crows - Rain King

Counting Crows - Raining In Baltimore

Counting Crows - Round Here

Counting Crows - Sullivan Street

Counting Crows - Time And Time Again

Coverdale Page - Absolution Blues

Coverdale Page - Don't Leave Me This Way

Coverdale Page - Easy Does It

Coverdale Page - Feeling Hot

Coverdale Page - Over Now

Coverdale Page - Pride And Joy

Coverdale Page - Shake My Tree

Coverdale Page - Take A Look At Yourself

Coverdale Page - Take Me For A Little While

Coverdale Page - Waiting On You

Coverdale Page - Whisper A Prayer For the Dying

Coverdale - Page - ake My Tree

Cowboy Junkies - Anniversary Song

Cowboy Junkies - Cold Tea Blues

Cowboy Junkies - Crescent Moon

Cowboy Junkies - First Recollection

Cowboy Junkies - Hard To Explain

Cowboy Junkies - Hunted

Cowboy Junkies - Pale Sun

Cowboy Junkies - Ring On the Sill

Cowboy Junkies - Seven Years

Cows - 39 Lashes

Cows - Blown

Cows - Ch

Cows - Doing the Obvious

Cows - Mrs. Cancelled

Cows - Sexy Pee Story

Cows - Shitbeard

Cows - Sugar Torch

Cows - The Ouch Cube

Cows - Uptown Suckers

Cows - You Owe Me

Coyote Oldman - Compassion

Coyote Oldman - Rolling Earth

Cracker - Euro-Trash Girl

Cracker - Get Off This

Cracker - Hi-Desert Biker Meth Lab

Cracker - Kerosene Hat (Acoustic)

Cracker - Let's Go For A Ride

Cracker - Lonesome Johnny Blues

Cracker - Loser

Cracker - Low

Cracker - Movie Star

Cracker - Sick of Goodbyes

Cracker - Sweet Potato

Cracker - Take Me Down To the Infirmary

Craig Chaquico - Acoustic Highway

Craig Chaquico - Angel Tears

Craig Chaquico - Gypsy Nights

Craig Chaquico - Land of the Giants

Craig Chaquico - Mountain in the Mist

Craig Chaquico - Return of the Eagle

Craig Chaquico - Sacred Ground

Craig Chaquico - Summers End

Craig Chaquico - Sunset Altar

Craig Douglas - It All Depends on You

Cranes - Adrift

Cranes - And Ever

Cranes - Clear

Cranes - Cloudless

Cranes - Everywhere

Cranes - Far Away

Cranes - Golden

Cranes - Jewel

Cranes - Rainbows

Cranes - Shine Like Stars

Cranes - Sun And Sky

Cranes - Underwater

Crash Test Dummies - Afternoons and Coffeespoons

Crash Test Dummies - God Shuffled His Feet

Crash Test Dummies - Mmm Mmm Mmm Mmm

Credit to the Nation - Call It What You Want

Credit to the Nation - Hear No Bullshit Se No Bullshit Say No Bullshit

Credit to the Nation - Ole Him Selecter

Credit to the Nation - The Lady Needs Respect

Credit to the Nation - Time To Get Hype

Cripple Clarence Lofton - Strut That Thing

Cristy Lane - Blue Christmas

Cristy Lane - Shake Me I Rattle

Crowded House - Distant Sun

Crowded House - Kare Kare

Crowded House - Sister Madly

Cry Of Love - Highway Jones

Cry Of Love - Peace Pipe

Cry of Love - Too Cold in the Winter

Culture Beat - Got to Get It

Culture Beat - Mr Vain

Culture Beat - Mr. Vain - Original Radio Edit

Culture Beat - Mr. Vain

Culture Club - Do You Really Want To Hurt Me

Culture Club - I'll Tumble 4 Ya

Culture Club - Karma Chameleon

Culture Club - Time (Clock of the Heart)

Current 93 - in Sadness Sang

Current 93 - Our Lady of Horsies

Current 93 - Silence As Christine

Cut 'N' Move - Give it Up

Cutting Crew - (I Just) Died in Your Arms

Cutting Crew - Christians

Cutting Crew - Contact High

Cutting Crew - I've Been In Love Before - Edit

Cutting Crew - I've Been In Love Before

Cutting Crew - Tip of Your Tongue (Edited)

Cyndi Lauper - Broken Glass

Cyndi Lauper - Dear John

Cyndi Lauper - Feels Like Christmas

Cyndi Lauper - Lies

Cyndi Lauper - Product of Misery

Cyndi Lauper - Sally's Pigeons

Cyndi Lauper - Someone Like Me

Cyndi Lauper - That's What I Think

Cyndi Lauper - Who Let in the Rain

Cynic - Celestial Voyage

Cynic - How Could I

Cynic - I'm But A Wave To ...

Cynic - Sentiment

Cynic - Textures

Cynic - The Eagle Nature

Cynic - Uroboric Forms

Cynic - Veil of Maya

Cypress Hill - 3 Lil' Putos

Cypress Hill - A to the K

Cypress Hill - Break 'Em Off Some

Cypress Hill - Cock the Hammer

Cypress Hill - Hand On the Glock

Cypress Hill - Hits from the Bong

Cypress Hill - I Ain't Goin' Out Like That

Cypress Hill - I Wanna Get High

Cypress Hill - Insane in the Brain

Cypress Hill - Interlude

Cypress Hill - Legalize It

Cypress Hill - Lick a Shot

Cypress Hill - What Go Around Come Around, Kid

Cypress Hill - When the Sh-- Goes Down

Cypress Hill - When the Ship Goes Down

Cypress Hill - When the Shit Goes Down

D*Note - Now Is the Time

D*Note - The More I See (B-Movie)

D*Note - The More I See (Main Feature)

D*Note - The More I See

D.R.O.P. - Jump Party

D.R.S. - 44 Ways

D.R.S. - Bonnie & Clyde

D.R.S. - Do Me Baby

D.R.S. - Gangsta Lean (Gangstapella)

D.R.S. - Gangsta Lean

D.R.S. - Make It Rough

D.R.S. - Mama Didn't Raise No Punk

D.R.S. - Nigga Wit A Badge

D.R.S. - Outro: Jack Move

D.R.S. - Scoundrels Get Lonely

D.R.S. - Sickness

D.R.S. - Strip

D.R.S. - Trust Me

D.Y.S. - Wolfpack

Da Youngsta's - Count It Off

Da Youngsta's - Crewz Pop

Da Youngsta's - Da Hood

Da Youngsta's - Handle This

Da Youngsta's - Honeycomb Hide Out

Da Youngsta's - It'z Natural

Da Youngsta's - Iz U Wit Me

Da Youngsta's - Lyrical Stick Up Kids

Da Youngsta's - Rip a Rhyme

Da Youngsta's - Shout It Out

Da Youngsta's - The Aftermath

Da Youngsta's - Wake Em Up

Da Youngsta's - Who's the Mic Wrecka

Da Youngsta's - Wild Child

Daevid Allen - Gaia

Daevid Allen - Mystico Fanatico

Daleka Obala - Brod blues

Daleka Obala - Marica

Daleka Obala - Mojoj lijepoj

Daleka Obala - Mrlje

Daleka Obala - Ona zbori

Daleka Obala - Ovo nije moje vrijeme

Daleka Obala - Upeklo Je Sunce

Daleka Obala - Volim jimia

Dallas Holm - Come On In

Dallas Holm - Completely Taken In

Dallas Holm - Face of Mercy

Dallas Holm - Face to Face

Dallas Holm - Get A Life

Dallas Holm - I Have Hope

Dallas Holm - I'd Rather Have Jesus

Dallas Holm - If All I Ever Knew

Dallas Holm - I'll Fight For You

Dallas Holm - Man From Galilee

Dallas Holm - One Lord (Over All of Us)

Dallas Holm - Set Your Mind On Things Above

Dallas Holm - Strength

Dallas Holm - The Good Samaritan

Dallas Holm - This Too Shall Pass

Dallas Holm - Though You Slay Me

Dallas Holm - To the Glory

Dallas Holm - Walk On the Water

Dallas Holm - We've Got it Made

Dallas Holm - When We Worship Him

Dallas Holm - Your Love Comes To Me

Dan Fogelberg - A Love Like This

Dan Fogelberg - A Voice For Peace

Dan Fogelberg - Faces of America

Dan Fogelberg - Higher Ground

Dan Fogelberg - Holy Road

Dan Fogelberg - Magic Every Moment

Dan Fogelberg - River of Souls

Dan Fogelberg - Serengeti Moon

Dan Reed Network - Stardate 1990

Dance Hall Crashers - Babushska

Dance Hall Crashers - Better Than Anything

Dance Hall Crashers - Blind Leading the Blind

Dance Hall Crashers - DHC

Dance Hall Crashers - Fight All Night

Dance Hall Crashers - Java Junkie

Dance Hall Crashers - Keep On Running

Dance Hall Crashers - My Problem

Dance Hall Crashers - North Pole

Dance Hall Crashers - Nuisance

Dance Hall Crashers - Old and Grey

Dance Hall Crashers - Othello

Dance Hall Crashers - Pick Up Lines

Dance Hall Crashers - Skinhead BBQ

Dance Hall Crashers - State of Mind

Dance Hall Crashers - Street Sweeper

Dance Hall Crashers - Truth Hurts

Dancing Fantasy - Dancing On A Summernight With You

Dancing Fantasy - Point Blank

Dani Marsan - Prijatelju Moj

Daniel Lanois - Beatrice

Daniel Lanois - Brother L.A.

Daniel Lanois - Death of A Train

Daniel Lanois - For the Beauty of Wynona

Daniel Lanois - Lotta Love To Give

Daniel Lanois - Rocky World

Daniel Lanois - Sleeping in the Devil's Bed

Daniel Lanois - The Unbreakable Chain

Daniel Lanois - Waiting

Daniele Sepe - Auciello r'o mio

Daniele Sepe - Chamorro cha cha

Daniele Sepe - Girolimoni n. 4

Daniele Sepe - Girolimoni n.1

Daniele Sepe - La manu 'mpettu

Daniele Sepe - Lunita Tucumana

Daniele Sepe - Miseni Ductia

Daniele Sepe - Nu hoppar haren kroka

Daniele Sepe - Prologo

Daniele Sepe - Raggasthausen

Daniele Sepe - Saltarello

Daniele Sepe - Sovietica vesuvianità

Daniele Sepe - Tarantella del Gargano

Daniele Sepe - Tema di Maddalena

Daniele Sepe - Tempus est iocundum

Daniele Sepe - Vite Perdite

Daniele Sepe - Zamba del Che

Daniele Sepe - Zelle -zeze e zezzenelle

Dannii Minogue - Be Careful

Dannii Minogue - Get Into You

Dannii Minogue - I Dream

Dannii Minogue - Kiss and Make Up

Dannii Minogue - Love's On Every Corner

Dannii Minogue - Lucky Tonight

Dannii Minogue - This Is It

Dannii Minogue - This Is the Way

Dannii Minogue - Tonight's Temptation

Dannii Minogue - Until We Meet Again

Dannii Minogue - Wish You'd Stop Wishing

Danny Elfman - Christmas Eve Montage

Danny Elfman - Jack And Sally Montage

Danny Elfman - Opening

Danny Gatton - Sky King

Danny Hutton - Roses And Rainbows

Danser Med Drenge - Aldrig undvære dig

Danser Med Drenge - Alt for at beholde dig

Danser Med Drenge - Du gik uden at se dig tilbage

Danser Med Drenge - Gør hvad du vil

Danser Med Drenge - Grib Chancen

Danser Med Drenge - Hvorlænge vil du ydmyge dig?

Danser Med Drenge - Kolde hjerter

Danser Med Drenge - Var det en fejl?

Danser Med Drenge - Vi skal nok få gjort en mand ud af dig

Dany Brillant - C'est Pas Vrai

Dany Brillant - Donne Moi L'Amour

Dany Brillant - Redonne Moi Ma Chance

Danzig - It's Coming Down

Danzig - The Violet Fire

Darden Smith - Loving Arms

Darkthrone - Crossing the Triangle of Flames

Darkthrone - Summer of the Diabolical Holocaust

Daryl Braithwaite - Barren Ground

Daryl Hall - Borderline

Daryl Hall - Help Me Find A Way To Your Heart

Daryl Hall - I'm in A Philly Mood

Daryl Hall - Love Revelation

Daryl Hall - Money Changes Everything

Daryl Hall - Power of Seduction

Daryl Hall - Send Me

Daryl Hall - Stop Loving Me, Stop Loving You

Daryl Hall - This Time

Daryl Hall - Wildfire

Daryl Hall - Written in Stone

Daryl Hall & John Oates - A Lot of Changes Coming

Daryl Hall & John Oates - Past Times Behind

Daryl Hall feat. John Oates - Past Times Behind

Das EFX - Baknaffek

Das EFX - Check It Out

Datblygu - 300 Dydd Mewn 365

Datblygu - Ein

Datblygu - Hei George Orwell

Datblygu - Maes E

Datblygu - Mat Cwrw O Uffern

Datblygu - Nos Iau Ar Yr Arfordir

Datblygu - Y

Dave Angel - Brother From Jazz

Dave Angel - Great Daine

Dave Dudley - All I Want For Christmas Is You For Me

Dave Dudley - White Christmas

Dave Edmunds - The Stumble

Dave Edmunds - Warmed Over Kisses (Leftover Love)

Dave Graney 'N' the Coral Snakes - I held the cool breeze

Dave Graney 'N' the Coral Snakes - I remember you (You're the girl I love)

Dave Graney 'N' the Coral Snakes - I'm just havin' one of those lives

Dave Graney 'N' the Coral Snakes - later... death by a thousand sucks

Dave Graney 'N' the Coral Snakes - Maggie Cassidy

Dave Graney 'N' the Coral Snakes - Mogambo

Dave Graney 'N' the Coral Snakes - Out there (in the time of night)

Dave Graney 'N' the Coral Snakes - Thats' the way it's gonna be

Dave Graney 'N' the Coral Snakes - Three dead passengers in a stolen second hand ford

Dave Graney 'N' the Coral Snakes - You Need To Suffer

Dave Graney 'N' the Coral Snakes - You're just to hip baby

Dave Grusin - Ray's Blues

Dave Grusin - Take the 'A' Train

Dave Kelly - 32-20

Dave Kelly - Hoodoo Lady

Dave Kelly - Jim Canaan

Dave Kelly - Let's Talk It Over

Dave Kelly - No More Doggin'

Dave Kelly - Oklahoma

Dave Kelly - Rooster Blues

Dave Kelly - The Duisberg Blues

Dave Kelly - The River

Dave Kelly - You Can't Judge A Book By the Cover

Dave Koz - You Make Me Smile

Dave Matthews Band - Ants Marching - Live at The Muse, Nantucket, MA - August 1993

Dave Matthews Band - Christmas Song



Dave Matthews Band - Recently - Live at The Flood Zone, Richmond, VA - August 1993


Dave Matthews Band - Satellite - Flat Five Studio Version

Dave Matthews Band - Satellite

Dave Matthews Band - Seek Up

Dave Matthews Band - The Song That Jane Likes

Dave Matthews Band - Tripping Billies - Live at The Muse, Nantucket, MA - August 1993

Dave Matthews Band - Tripping Billies

David & Steve Gordon - Major Arcana 1st Movement: the Fool thru the Lovers

David & Steve Gordon - Minor Arcana 2nd Movement: Cups

David & Steve Gordon - Minor Arcana 3rd Movement: Swords

David & Steve Gordon - Minor Arcana 4th Movement: Disks

David Allan Coe - A Sad Country Song

David Arkenstone feat. Kostia - From the Forge To the Field

David Bowie - Buddha of Suburbia

David Bowie - Don't Let Me Down And Down

David Bowie - I Feel Free

David Bowie - Jump They Say

David Bowie - Miracle Goodnight

David Bowie - Pallas Athena

David Bowie - Untitled No. 1

David Crosby - Hero

David Devant and His Spirit Wife - David's Coming Back

David Devant and His Spirit Wife - Madame Devant

David Devant and His Spirit Wife - Monkey's Birthday

David Gray - Lead Me Upstairs

David Gray - Shine

David Houston - Already It's Heaven

David Houston - Sugar Sweet

David Lanz feat. Paul Speer - Out of the Shadows

David Meece - Brokenness

David Meece - Early in the Morning

David Meece - Every Little Step

David Meece - Going Home

David Meece - Inside Out

David Meece - Living in the Shadows

David Meece - My Father's Chair

David Meece - Once in A Lifetime

David Meece - Over You

David Soul - Don't Give Up on Us

David Sylvian & Robert Fripp - God's Monkey

David Sylvian & Robert Fripp - Jean the Birdman

David Wilcox - Breakfast At the Circus

David Wilcox - Downtown Came Uptown

David Wilcox - Fire in My Bones

David Wilcox - Invisible Shield

David Wilcox - Let It Flow

David Wilcox - On A Roll

David Wilcox - The Song He Never Wrote

Daytona & Stewart Sullivan - We Stand Together

Deacon Blue - Only Tender Love

Deacon Blue - Will We Be Lovers

Dead Can Dance - The Ubiquitous Mr. Lovegrove

Dead Can Dance - Yulunga (Spirit Dance)

Deathline International - Demand the Flow of Ideas

Deathline International - Flowers of Evil

Deathline International - I Want You

Deathline International - Moth in the Flame

Deathline International - Teutonic March

Deathline International - The Hunt

Deathline International - Walk With Me

Deathline International - Welcome (To the Free World)

Deborah Conway - Alive And Brilliant

Deborah Conway - Consider This

Deborah Conway - Dcn #348

Deborah Conway - Holes in the Road

Deborah Conway - Im Not Satisfied

Deborah Conway - Madame Butterfly Is in Trouble

Deborah Conway - Now That Were Apart

Deborah Conway - Only Girl

Deborah Conway - She Prefers Fire

Deborah Conway - World of Love

Deborah Harry - Communion

Deborah Harry - Dog Star Girl

Deborah Harry - I Can See Clearly

Deborah Harry - Keep On Going

Deborah Harry - Lip Service

Deborah Harry - Rain

Deborah Harry - Stability

Deborah Harry - Standing in My Way

Deborah Harry - The Fugitive

Dee Clark - Rain Drops

Deep Blue Something - Breakfast At Tiffany's

Deep Forest - Forest Hymn

Deep Forest - Night bird

Deep Purple - A Twist in the Tale

Deep Purple - Coronarias Redig

Deep Space Network - Zenn La

Def Jef - Here We Go Again

Def Leppard - Action

Def Leppard - Miss You In A Heartbeat - Revised Version

Def Leppard - Two Steps Behind - String / Acoustic Version

Deicide - Blaspherereion (Original Amon version)

Deicide - Carnage in the Temple of the Damned (Original Amon version)

Deicide - Crucifixation (Original Amon version)

Deicide - Dead By Dawn (Original Amon version)

Deicide - Feasting the Beast (Intro)

Deine Lakaien - Don't Wake Me Up

Deine Lakaien - Mindmachine

Deine Lakaien - Resurrection Machine

Del McCoury - A Beautiful Life

Del McCoury - Blue Yodel

Del McCoury - Dreams

Del McCoury - Fire on the Mountain

Del McCoury - Hey Hey, Bartender

Del McCoury - I Wonder Where You Are Tonight

Del McCoury - I'm Coming Back But I Don't Know When

Del McCoury - Prisoner's Song

Del McCoury - Roll in My Sweet Baby'sarms

Del McCoury - Sweetheart You Done Me Wrong

Del McCoury - Used to Be

Del McCoury - Whose Shoulder Will You Cry On

Del McCoury - Willie Roy

Del McCoury - You're a Flower in the Wildwood

Del tha Funkeé Homosapien - Catch a Bad One

Del tha Funkeé Homosapien - Wack M.C.'s

Delbert McClinton - Have A Little Faith In Me

Delbert McClinton - Weatherman

Delfins - A Queda De Um Anjo

Delfins - Ser Maior

Della Reese - Don't You Know?

Delmore brothers - Blues Stay Away From Me

Delmore brothers - Freight Train Boogie

Delmore brothers - Rounder's Blues

Delmore brothers - Trouble Ain't Nothin' But the Blues

Delmore brothers - Used Car Blues

Den Harrow - A Taste of Love

Denis Leary - Asshole

Dennis Brown - I Live Just For You

Dennis Brown - Sweeten My Coffee

Dennis Brown - You Are My Honey

Depeche Mode - I Feel You - 2006 Remaster

Depeche Mode - I Feel You

Depeche Mode & Alan Wilder & Steve Lyon - Condemnation - 2006 Remaster

Depeche Mode & Alan Wilder & Steve Lyon - Higher Love - 2006 Remaster

Depeche Mode & Alan Wilder & Steve Lyon - In Your Room - 2006 Remaster

Depeche Mode & Alan Wilder & Steve Lyon - Mercy in You - 2006 Remaster

Depeche Mode & Alan Wilder & Steve Lyon - One Caress - 2006 Remaster

Depeche Mode & Alan Wilder & Steve Lyon - Rush - 2006 Remaster

Depeche Mode & Alan Wilder & Steve Lyon - Walking in My Shoes - 2006 Remaster

Derrick Morgan - Shake a Leg

Desmond Dekker - Get Up Little Suzie

Desmond Dekker - Intensified

Desmond Dekker - Nincompoop

Desmond Dekker - Too Much Too Soon

Desmond Dekker & the Aces - Intensified

Desmond Dekker & The Aces - Too Much Too Soon

Desmond Dekker feat. the Specials - King of Ska

dEUS - Great American Nude

dEUS - Right As Rain

dEUS - Zea

Deutsch Nepal - Angel Impact

Deutsch Nepal - Benevolence (Of the Fittest God)

Deutsch Nepal - Carrions Still Walkin'

Deutsch Nepal - Entrance (Part II)

Deutsch Nepal - Impassive Metal Sex

Deutsch Nepal - Mantra

Deutsch Nepal - The Fire Within My Cold Heart

Deville & Willy - Hey Joe

DEVO - Be Stiff

DEVO - Freedom of Choice Theme Song

DEVO - Gates of Steel

DEVO - Girl U Want

DEVO - Mr B's Ballroom

DEVO - Peek-a-boo (Dance Velocity)

DEVO - Planet Earth

DEVO - Shrivel Up

DEVO - That's Pep

DEVO - The Day My Baby Gave Me A Surprise

DEVO - Ton O' Luv

DEVO - Whip It

Dexy's Midnight Runners - Respect

Di Leva - Adam & Eve

Di Leva - Mr. Thomas

Diamanda Galas - Swing Low Sweet Chariot

Diamanda Galas - Vena Cava 1

Diamanda Galas - Vena Cava 2

Diamanda Galas - Vena Cava 3

Diamanda Galas - Vena Cava 4

Diamanda Galas - Vena Cava 5

Diamanda Galas - Vena Cava 6

Diamanda Galas - Vena Cava 7

Diamanda Galas - Vena Cava 8

Diamond Rio - Lyin' Eyes

Diana King - Stir It Up

Diana Ross - Amazing Grace

Diana Ross - Eaten Alive

Diana Ross - This Christmas

Diana Ross - Upside Down

Diana Ross - Your Love

Diana Ross & The Supremes - Love Child

Diana Ross & the Supremes - Put On A Happy Face

Diane Schuur - I'll Be Home For Christmas

Diary of Dreams - Winter's decay

Dick Dale - Nitro

Dick Dale - The Eliminator

Dick Gaughan - Both Sides of the Tweed

Dick Gaughan - The Auchengeich Disaster

Die Aeronauten - Du bist nicht allein

Die Fantastischen Vier - Ganz Normal

Die Fantastischen Vier - Ganz Weit Weg

Die Fantastischen Vier - Genug Ist Genug

Die Fantastischen Vier - Lass die Sonne rein

Die Fantastischen Vier - Mach Dich Frei

Die Fantastischen Vier - Neues Land

Die Fantastischen Vier - Smudo Schweift Aus

Die Fantastischen Vier - Tag am Meer

Die Fantastischen Vier - Weiter Weg

Die Prinzen - Blaue Augen

Die Prinzen - Ich kann nicht rappen

Die Prinzen - Liebe im Fahrstuhl

Die Prinzen - Was soll ich ihr schenken?

Die Sterne - Baustoffhandel, 1.Stock

Die Toten Hosen - Die Homolka Kettensäge

Die Toten Hosen - Drunter, Drauf und Drüber

Die Toten Hosen - Niemals einer Meinung

Die Toten Hosen - Wahre Liebe

Die Toten Hosen - Wünsch Dir was

Diego Carrasco - Oliva Y Naranja

Diego Torres - Alguien La Vió Partir

Diego Torres - Chala Man

Diego Torres - Es Lo Que Siento

Diego Torres - Esperándote

Diego Torres - Estamos Juntos

Diego Torres - Fiesta De Vagabundos

Diego Torres - No Tengas Miedo

Diego Torres - Puedo Decir Que Sí

Diego Torres - Sintonía Americana

Diego Torres - Yo Te Ví (Just One Look)

Diesel Park West - Last Bus To Madison

Diesel Park West - Wanderlust

Digable Planets - Appointment At The Fat Clinic

Digable Planets - Escapism (Gettin' Free)

Digable Planets - Examination Of What

Digable Planets - It's Good To Be Here

Digable Planets - Jimmi Diggin' Cats

Digable Planets - La Femme Fetal

Digable Planets - Last Of The Spiddyocks

Digable Planets - Nickel Bags

Digable Planets - Pacifics (Sdtrk 'N.Y. Is Red Hot')

Digable Planets - Rebirth of Slick (Cool Like Dat)

Digable Planets - Swoon Units

Digable Planets - Time & Space (A New Refutation Of)

Digable Planets - What Cool Breezes Do

Digable Planets - Where I'm From

Dina Carroll - Don't Be A Stranger

Dina Carroll - Express

Dina Carroll - Falling

Dina Carroll - Heaven Sent

Dina Carroll - Hold On

Dina Carroll - So Close

Dina Carroll - Special Kind of Love

Dina Carroll - This Time

Dina Carroll - Why Did I Let You Go?

Dina Carroll - You'll Never Know

Dinah Shore - Three Little Sisters

Dinosaur Jr - Drawerings

Dinosaur Jr - Hide

Dinosaur Jr - Keeblin'

Dinosaur Jr - Not the Same

Dinosaur Jr - On the Way

Dinosaur Jr. - Get Me

Dinosaur Jr. - Out There

Dinosaur Jr. - Start Choppin'

Dio - Blood From A Stone

Dio - Bring Down the Rain

Dio - Evilution

Dio - Firehead

Dio - Give Her the Sun

Dio - One Foot in the Grave

Dio - Pain

Diomedes Diaz & Colacho Mendoza - Bonita

Diomedes Diaz & Juancho Rois - Tú Eres La Reina

Diomedes Diaz & Juancho Rois - Ven Conmigo

Dischange - Seeing Feeling Bleeding

Discordian Popes - Fight the Hits

Disembowelment - Excoriate

Disembowelment - Nightside of Eden

Disembowelment - The Spirits of the Tall Hills

Disembowelment - Your Prophetic Throne of Ivory

DISMEMBER - Beyond the Unholy Grave (Death Cover)

DISMEMBER - Case # obscene

DISMEMBER - Eviscerated (bitch)

DISMEMBER - Fleshless

DISMEMBER - Reborn in blasphemy

DISMEMBER - Skinfather


DISSECTION - The Somberlain

Divine - Shake It Up

Dizzy Gillespie - Free Ride

Dizzy Gillespie - The Last Stroke of Midnight

DJ Bobo - Bobo ID '1

DJ Bobo - Everybody

DJ Bobo - I Want Your Body

DJ Bobo - Intro

DJ Bobo - Let's Groove On

DJ Bobo - Music

DJ Bobo - Somebody Dance With Me

DJ Food - A Nice Blunt

DJ Food - Bocata de Bonita

DJ Food - Dark Lady

DJ Food - Do We

DJ Food - Feeling Chilly

DJ Food - Fickle

DJ Food - Sunvibes

DJ Food - Thermo Nuclear Tax

DJ Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh Prince - Boom! Shake the Room

DJ Laz - 808 Kick Drum

DJ Laz - Can You Feel It?

DJ Laz - Freak Bendover

DJ Laz - Journey Into Bass (Radio)

DJ Laz - Phantom

DJ Laz - Ponmelo Ahi

DJ Laz - Red Alert

DJ Laz - Rub A Dub Style

DJ Laz - Shake It Up

DJ Laz - Stick Out Your Butt

DJ Laz - You Said Our Love Would Last

DJ Shadow - Hindsight

Djam Karet - Familiar Winds

Djam Karet - Technology And Industry

Djivan Gasparyan - 7th December 1988

Djivan Gasparyan - Apricot Tree

Djivan Gasparyan - Don't Make Me Cry

Djivan Gasparyan - Lovely Spring

Djivan Gasparyan - Moon Shines At Night

Djivan Gasparyan - Mother of Mine

Djivan Gasparyan - Sayat Nova

Djivan Gasparyan - They Took My Love Away

Djivan Gasparyan - Tonight

Djivan Gasparyan - You Have To Come Back To Me

DMZ - Bloody Englishmen

DMZ - Can't Stand the Pain

DMZ - First Time

DMZ - Guilty Child

DMZ - Might He I.D.

DMZ - Oedipus Show

DMZ - Pretty Girl

DMZ - Shirt Loop

Doc & Merle Watson - Black Mountain Rag

Doc & Merle Watson - Blue Suede Shoes

Doc & Merle Watson - Frankie & Johnny

Doc & Merle Watson - Frosty Morn

Doc & Merle Watson - Honey Please Don't Go

Doc & Merle Watson - Mama Don't Allow

Doc & Merle Watson - Miss the Mississippi & You

Doc & Merle Watson - Nancy Rowland/Salt Creek

Doc & Merle Watson - New River Train

Doc & Merle Watson - Nine Pound Hammer

Doc & Merle Watson - Omie Wise

Doc & Merle Watson - Southern Lady

Doc & Merle Watson - St. James Infirmary

Doc & Merle Watson - Summertime

Doc & Merle Watson - Thoughts of Never

Doc & Merle Watson - Wayfaring Stranger

Dodgy - As My Time Goes By

Dodgy - Grand Old English Oak Tree

Dodgy - I Need Another

Dodgy - Lovebirds

Dodgy - Water Under the Bridge

Dog Eat Dog - Dog Eat Dog

Dog Eat Dog - in the Dog House

Dog Eat Dog - It's Like That

Dog Eat Dog - Psychorama

Dog Eat Dog - World Keeps Spinnin'

Dolly Parton & Billy Ray Cyrus & Tanya Tucker & Mary Chapin Carpenter & Kathy Mattea & Pam Tillis - Romeo (with Billy Ray Cyrus, Tanya Tucker, Mary Chapin Carpenter, Kathy Mattea & Pam Tillis)

Dolly Parton & Tammy Wynette & Loretta Lynn - It Wasn't God Who Made Honky Tonk Angels

Dolly Parton & Tammy Wynette & Loretta Lynn - Silver Threads and Golden Needles

Dolly Parton & Tammy Wynette & Loretta Lynn & Patsy Cline - Lovesick Blues (with Patsy Cline)

Dolly Parton & The Christ Church Choir - High And Mighty (with The Christ Church Choir)

Dolly Parton (with Billy Ray Cyrus, Tanya Tucker, Mary Chapin Carpenter, Kathy Mattea, Pam Tillis) - Romeo

Dolores Keane - Emigrant Eyes

Dolores Keane - I Courted A Soldier

Dolores Keane - Never Be the Sun

Dolores Keane - Nothing To Show

Dolores Keane - Solid Ground

Dolores Keane - Storm in My Heart

Dolores Keane - Summer of My Dreams

Dolores Keane - Telling Me Lies

Dolores Keane - The Finer Things

Dolores Keane - Tonight As We Dance

Dolores Keane - Until We Meet Again

Dom Dummaste - Dom Dummaste (Live Hultsfred 1990)

Dom Dummaste - I Was Born in Zingo - Feat. Henrik Stawe

Dom Dummaste - Jesu Kristi 100 Krig 1993

Dom Dummaste - Labyrint 2 : Han Är Kvar

Dom Dummaste - Lik Bakom

Dom Dummaste - Ståltråd (Live Hultsfred 1990)

Dominique A - Chique Chique

Dominique A - Février

Dominique A - L'onglee

Dominique A - L'un Dans L'autre

Dominique A - Otto Box

Dominique A - Passe L'hiver

Dominique A - Retour Au Calme

Dominique A - Un Mauvais Ami

Domino - Getto Jam

Domino - Sweet Potatoe Pie

Don Huonot - Hyvästi Pop!

Don Huonot - Kaunis Painajainen

Don Huonot - Kuujärven jää

Don Huonot - Marionettikadulla

Don Redman Orchestra - I Got Rhythm

Don Wilkerson - Dem Tambourines

Don Willis - Boppin' High School Baby

Don Willis - Warrior Sam

Donald Fagen - Countermoon

Donald Fagen - Florida Room

Donald Fagen - On the Dunes

Donald Fagen - Snowbound

Donald Fagen - Springtime

Donald Fagen - Teahouse On the Tracks

Donald Fagen - Tomorrow's Girls

Donald Fagen - Trans-Island Skyway

Doop - Doop (Jean Lejeux et son orchestre)

Doris Day - A Bushel and a Peck - from the Broadway show, 'Guys and Dolls'

Doris Day - At Sundown

Doris Day - Everybody Loves My Baby (But My Baby Don't Love Nobody But Me)

Doris Day - Original Soundtrack - You made me Love You

Doris Day - Ready Willing and Able

Doris Day - Shaking the Blues Away

Doris Day - Stay On the Right Side , Sister


Doro - All We Are

Doro - Alles Ist Gut

Doro - Bad Blood

Doro - Children of the Night

Doro - Cryin'

Doro - Enough For You

Doro - Eye On You

Doro - Für immer

Doro - Let's Rock Forever

Doro - Metal Tango

Doro - So Alone Together

Doro - You Ain't Lived ('Till You're Loved To Death)

Double You - Missing You

Doug Stone - In a Different Light

Doug Supernaw - I Don't Call Him Daddy

Doug Supernaw - Reno

Doyle Lawson & Quicksilver - When the Sun of My Life Goes Down

Dr Dre & Snoop Dogg - Nuthin' But a 'G' Thang

Dr. Calypso - Anti-Ska

Dr. Calypso - Aquesta Nit

Dr. Calypso - Blow Up the Bank

Dr. Calypso - Filmoteca

Dr. Calypso - Keep On Walkin'

Dr. Calypso - Magreb Ska

Dr. Calypso - Pardalets

Dr. Calypso - Pole Man

Dr. Calypso - Reggae XXX

Dr. Calypso - Slow Boat To Trinidad

Dramarama - Bad Seed

Dramarama - Don't Feel Like Doing Drugs

Dramarama - Hey Grandpa

Dramarama - Incredible

Dramarama - Introduction / Hey Betty

Dramarama - Prayer

Dramarama - Right On Baby, Baby

Dramarama - Senseless Fun

Dramarama - Shadowless Heart

Dramarama - Swallowed Your Cure

Dramarama - Where's the Manuel

Dramarama - Work For Food

Dre Dog - Smoke Dope and Rap

Dreadzone - Skeleton at the Feast

D:Ream - Blame It On Me

D:Ream - Glorious

D:Ream - I Like It

D:Ream - Picture My World

D:Ream - So Long Movin' On

D:Ream - Star

D:Ream - Take Me Away

D:Ream - Things Can Only Get Better

D:Ream - Things Can Only Get Better

D:Ream - U R the Best Thing

D:Ream - Unforgiven

Dream Theater - Another Hand - The Killing Hand (Live at the The Marquee Club, London, April 23_1993)

Dream Theater - Metropolis (Live at the The Marquee Club, London, April 23_1993)

Dream Theater - Pull Me Under (Live at the The Marquee Club, London, April 23_1993)

Dream Theater - Surrounded (Live at the The Marquee Club, London, April 23_1993)

Dream Your Dream - Soushkin

Drome - Age of Affordable Retina

Drome - Alice Effekt

Drome - Down At Heels

Drome - Hinterland, Kassler Kessel

Drome - Hoax! What Did You Got?

Drome - Hypo Bank

Drome - Jungle Claus

Drome - Marathon / Texas 4:33

Drome - Nuzzling

Drome - Squirrel

Drome - Steel Lung, Buy One

Drome - Wonderland

Drop Nineteens - 44750

Drop Nineteens - All Swimmers Are Brothers

Drop Nineteens - Cuban

Drop Nineteens - Franco Inferno

Drop Nineteens - Limp

Drop Nineteens - Martini Love

Drop Nineteens - Moses Brown

Drop Nineteens - My Hotel Deb

Drop Nineteens - Rot Winter

Drop Nineteens - Royal

Drop Nineteens - Sea Rock

Drop Nineteens - Skull

Drop Nineteens - Superfeed

Drop Nineteens - Tempest

Drop Nineteens - The Dead

DRS - Gangsta Lean

Dschinghis Khan - Huh Hah Dschinghis Khan

Duke Ellington And His Orchestra - Jump For Joy

Duke Ellington And His Orchestra - What Am I Here For?

Duncan Dhu - Puertas Abiertas

Duran Duran - Breath After Breath

Duran Duran - Come Undone

Duran Duran - Drowning Man

Duran Duran - Love Voodoo

Duran Duran - None of the Above

Duran Duran - Ordinary World

Duran Duran - To Whom It May Concern

Duran Duran - Too Much Information

Dusty Springfield - Your Hurtin' Kinda Love

Dwight Yoakam - A Thousand Miles from Nowhere

Dwight Yoakam - Ain't That Lonely Yet

Dwight Yoakam - Fast as You

Dwight Yoakam - Lonesome Roads

Dwight Yoakam - Pocket of a Clown

Dwight Yoakam - This Time

Dwight Yoakam - Try Not to Look so Pretty

Dwight Yoakam - Two Doors Down

Dynamix II - 1_000_000 Mhz

Dynamix II - Back to the Beat

Dynamix II - Do You Know Who You Are Listening II

Dynamix II - Dream Scape

Dynamix II - Grind

Dynamix II - Ignition V2.0

Dynamix II - Intro: People of the Earth Attention

Dynamix II - Machine Planet

Dynamix II - Vibrations Are Increasing

Dynamix II - Yellow Beats

Dzem - Noc I Rytm

Dzem - Obluda

Dzem - Piosenka Ekologiczna

Dzem - Prokurator I Ja

E-40 - Get Em Up

E-40 - Hide 'N Seek

E-40 - Rasta Funky Style

E-40 - Rat Heads

E-40 & The Click & Suga-T & D-Shott & B-Legit - Captain Save A Hoe

E-40 The Click D-Shot B-Legit Suga T feat. The Click, D-Shot, B-Legit & Suga T - Captain Save a Hoe

Earl Klugh - Julie

Earl Klugh - Nature Boy

Earl Klugh - Rayna

Earl Klugh - The Shadow of Your Smile

Earl Klugh - Waiting For Cathy

Earl Klugh - Waltz For Debby

Earlene Bentley - Caught in the Act

Earth Crisis - Eden's Demise

Earth Crisis - Firestorm/Forged in the Flames

Earth Crisis - Unseen Holocaust

East Side Beat - You're My Everything

Eat - Belly Town

Eat - Bottle Blue

Eat - Fecund

Eat - First Time Love Song

Eat - Golden Egg

Eat - Out People

Eat - Shame

Eat - Tranquilliser

Eat Static - Abduction

Eat Static - Forgotten Rites

Eat Static - Gulf Breeze

Eat Static - Inner Peace

Eat Static - Intruder

Eat Static - Kalika

Eat Static - Kinetic Flow

Eat Static - Splitting World

Eat Static - Xenomorph

Eater - Point of View

Eater - Thinking of the USA

Eazy-E - Any Last Werdz

Eazy-E - Boyz n Tha Hood

Eazy-E - Down 2 Tha Last Roach

Eazy-E - Exxtra Special Thankz

Eazy-E - Gimmie That Nutt

Eazy-E - It's On

Eazy-E - Real Muthaphuckkin G's

Eazy-E - Still a Nigga

Eberhard Weber - Bird Out of Cage

Eberhard Weber - Children's Song No. 1

Eberhard Weber - Closing Scene

Eberhard Weber - Delirium

Eberhard Weber - Notes After An Evening

Eberhard Weber - Silent For A While

Eberhard Weber - Street Scenes

Eberhard Weber - Unfinished Self-Portrait

Echobelly - Bellyache

Echobelly - Give Her A Gun

Edda Mûvek - A sátán asztalánál

Edda Mûvek - Bátran megtenni

Edda Mûvek - Elérlek egyszer

Edda Mûvek - Megint egy balhé

Edda Mûvek - New York blues

Eddi Reader - My Old Friend the Blues

Eddie Boyd - Hard Time Gettin' Started

Eddie Cochran - Drive in Show

Eddie Floyd - Big Bird

Eddie Harris - Mean Greens

Eddie Kendricks - Keep On Truckin' (Part 1)

Eddie Rabbitt - The Wanderer

Eddie Santiago - Amar A Muerte

Eddie Santiago - Cada Vez Otra Vez

Eddie Santiago - El Triste

Eddie Santiago - Es Amor

Eddie Santiago - Mi Vida

Eddie Santiago - Somos

Eddie Taylor - Big Town Playboy

Eddy Mitchell - 18 Ans Demain

Eddy Mitchell - J'Me Sens Mieux Quand J'Me Sens Mal

Eddy Mitchell - Vigile

Edith Piaf - Un Refrain Courait Dans La Rue

Edoardo Vianello - Il Capello

Edsel - Penaluna

Edvard Grieg - Au Printemps

Edvard Grieg & Berliner Philharmoniker & Herbert von Karajan - Peer Gynt Suite No.1, Op.46: 1. Morning Mood

Eemeli - Oho! sanoi Eemeli

Eemeli - Taas Rovaniemen markkinoilla

Egberto Gismonti - Canção Da Espera

Egberto Gismonti - Esquenta Muié & Banda De Pifanos

Egberto Gismonti - Maracatú, Sapo, Queimada & Grilo

Egberto Gismonti - Pira & Bambuzal

Egberto Gismonti - Sertão Brasileiro

Einstuerzende Neubauten - Blume

Einstuerzende Neubauten - Die Interimsliebenden

Einstuerzende Neubauten - Headcleaner III:Das Gliessen/Schlacht/Lyrischer Rückzug

Einstuerzende Neubauten - Sie

Einstuerzende Neubauten - The Interimlovers

Einstuerzende Neubauten - Wuste

Einstuerzende Neubauten - Zebulon

Ejected - Have You Got 10p

El Inquilino Comunista - Time

El Niño Gusano - Pumuky

El Último Ke Zierre - Altero Mi Cuerpo

El Último Ke Zierre - Ay , Carmela

El Último Ke Zierre - Confusión y muerte

El Último Ke Zierre - Me hago el loco

El Último Ke Zierre - Sueños de un magrebí

Elastica - S.O.F.T.

Elba Ramalho - Bate Coração

Elba Ramalho - Jogo De Cintura

Elba Ramalho - Toque De Fole

Eleanor McEvoy - Only a Woman's Heart

Element of Crime - Dicte-Moi Ta Loi

Elena Kats-Chernin - Russian Rag

Eleventh Dream Day - Bend Bridge

Eleventh Dream Day - Figure It Out

Eleventh Dream Day - Honeyslide

Eleventh Dream Day - Makin' Like A Rug

Eleventh Dream Day - Motherland

Eleventh Dream Day - Murder

Eleventh Dream Day - Rubberband

Eleventh Dream Day - That's the Point

Eleventh Dream Day - The Raft

Eliane Elias - Jazz Influence (Influencia do Jazz)

Eliane Elias - Old Companion (Velho Companheiro)

Eliane Elias - Paulistana

Eliane Elias - So in Love

Eliane Elias - Wild Flower

Ella Fitzgerald - Cotton Tail

Ella Fitzgerald - It's a Pity to Say Goodnight

Ella Fitzgerald - Too Young For the Blues

Ella Fitzgerald - Until the real thing comes along

Ella Fitzgerald & Chick Webb - Undecided

Ella Fitzgerald & Louis Armstrong - Can't We Be Friends?

Ella Fitzgerald & Louis Armstrong - Dream A Little Dream Of Me

Ella Fitzgerald & the Ink Spots - Cow Cow Boogie

Ella Fitzgerald and the Ink Spots - Cow Cow Boogie

Ella Fitzgerald feat. Louis Armstrong - Dream A Little Dream of Me

Ella Fitzgerald feat. the Ink Spots - Cow Cow Boogie

Ellen Foley - Night Out

Elmore James - Baby What's Wrong

Elmore James - Dark And Dreary (Take 1)

Elmore James - Dark And Dreary (Take 2)

Elmore James - Make My Dreams Come True (Take 2)

Elmore James - Make My Dreams Come True (Take 3)

Elmore James - Make My Dreams Come True (Take 4)

Elmore James - Please Find My Baby

Elmore James - Rock My Baby Right

Elmore James - Rollin And Tumblin

Elmore James - Sho' Nuff I Do (Session Talk & False Start)

Elmore James - Sinful Woman

Elmore James - Strange Kinda Feeling (Take 4)

Elmore James - Where Can My Baby Be (Take 8)

Elton John & George Michael - Don't Let The Sun Go Down On Me - Live At Wembley Arena / 1991

Elton John & Kiki Dee - True Love

Elton John & RuPaul - Don't Go Breaking My Heart

Emerson, Lake & Palmer - Creole Dance

Emerson, Lake & Palmer - Finale: Fanfare For the Common Man/ America/ Blue Rondo A La Turk

Emerson, Lake & Palmer - Knife Edge

Emerson, Lake & Palmer - Romeo & Juliet

Emile Pandolfi - A Dream Is A Wish Your Heart Makes

Emile Pandolfi - Beauty And The Beast (Theme)

Emile Pandolfi - Once Upon A Dream

Emile Pandolfi - Part Of Your World

Emile Pandolfi - Someday My Prince Will Come

Emile Pandolfi - When You Wish Upon A Star

Emile Vacher - Trotinette

Emilio Navaira - Bailando Contigo

Emilio Navaira - Eclipse

Emilio Navaira - Ya No Me Pones Atención

En Vogue - Desire

En Vogue - Hip Hop Lover

En Vogue - What Is Love

Energy 52 - Café Del Mar

Engelbert Humperdinck - The Shadow Of Your Smile

Enigma - Age Of Loneliness (Carly's Song)

Enigma - I Love You... I'll Kill You

Enigma - I Love You...I'Ll Kill You

Enigma - Out From the Deep

Enigma - Return to Innocence

Enigma - Second Chapter

Enigma - Silent Warrior

Enigma - The Cross of Changes.

Enigma - The Dream Of The Dolphin

Enigma - The Eyes Of Truth

Ennio Morricone - Amor

Enrico Rava - Manon Lescault

Enrico Rava - Stabat Mater

Enrico Rava - Tosca: Extrait du 3ème Acte

Enrico Ruggeri - Il Mare D'Inverno ( Live )

Entombed - Black Breath

Entombed - Blood Song

Entombed - Demon

Entombed - Eyemaster

Entombed - Full of Hell

Entombed - God of Thunder

Entombed - Heavens Die

Entombed - Hollowman

Entombed - Out of Hand

Entombed - Rotten Soil

Entombed - Wolverine Blues

Enuff Z Nuff - Black Rain

Enuff Z Nuff - Bring It On Home

Enuff Z Nuff - Innocence

Enuff Z Nuff - Mary Anne Lost Her Baby

Enuff Z Nuff - Master of Pain

Enuff Z Nuff - One Step Closer To You

Enuff Z Nuff - Rock N World

Enuff Z Nuff - Superstitious

Enuff Z Nuff - These Days

Enuff Z'Nuff - Right By Your Side

Eraserheads - Ligaya

Eraserheads - Pare Ko

Eraserheads - Shake Yer Head

Erasure - My Heart...So Blue

Eric Champion - Calling You

Eric Champion - New Crusade

Eric Champion - Politics of Compassion

Eric Champion - Rainbow Jam

Eric Champion - Relivin' Life

Eric Champion - Save the World

Eric Champion - Send Them Your Love

Eric Champion - Smilin'

Eric Champion - The Answer

Eric Champion - Tuffin' Up

Eric Champion - Why Do We Do?

Erick Sermon - All in the Mind

Erick Sermon - Do It Up

Erick Sermon - Erick Sermon

Erick Sermon - Female Species

Erick Sermon - Hittin' Switches

Erick Sermon - Hostile

Erick Sermon - Imma Gitz Mine

Erick Sermon - Interview (Erick Sermon/No Pressure)

Erick Sermon - Intro #2 (Erick Sermon/No Pressure)

Erick Sermon - Intro

Erick Sermon - Lil Crazy

Erick Sermon - Payback II

Erick Sermon - Safe Sex

Erick Sermon - Stay Real

Erick Sermon - Swing It Over Here

Erick Sermon - The Hype

Erick Sermon - The Ill Shit

Erik Satie - Gymnopedie No 1

Erma Franklin - (Don't Have) The Right to Cry

Erma Franklin - Abracadabra

Erma Franklin - Baby, What You Want Me to Do

Erma Franklin - Big Boss Man

Erma Franklin - Detour Ahead

Erma Franklin - Didn't Catch the Dog's Bone

Erma Franklin - Each Night I Cry

Erma Franklin - I'm Just Not Ready for Love

Erma Franklin - It's Over

Erma Franklin - Never Let Me Go

Erma Franklin - Open Up Your Soul

Erma Franklin - Piece of My Heart

Erma Franklin - Pledging My Love

Erma Franklin - Saving My Love for You

Ernest Gold & Charles Eugene Patrick Boone & Ferrante & Teicher - Exodus (Theme From Otto Preminger's 'Exodus')

Ernest Tubb - Rainbow At Midnight

Eros Ramazzotti - Cosas De La Vida (Cose Della Vita)

Eros Ramazzotti - Cose della vita

Eros Ramazzotti - Otra Como Tu

Erroll Garner - A Cottage For Sale

Erroll Garner - Over the Rainbow

Erroll Garner - When A Gypsy Makes His Violin Cry

Erroll Garner - Yesterdays



Erskine Hawkins & His Orchestra - After Hours

Erskine Hawkins Orchestra - After Hours

Esham - Get On Down

Esham - I Thought You Knew

Esham - My Understanding Is Zero

Esham - Voices in My Head

Esham - What Is Evil?

Ethel Waters - A Hundred Years From Today

Ethel Waters - Do What You Did Last Night

Ethel Waters - I Ain't Gonna Sin No More

Ethel Waters - Shadows On the Swanee

Ethel Waters - St. Louis Blues

Ethel Waters - Trade Mark

Étienne Daho - 4000 Années D'horreur (Live 1992)

Chemlab - Chemical Halo

Étienne Daho - Des Attractions Désastre (Live 1992)

Étienne Daho - Epaule Tattoo (Live 1992)

Étienne Daho - Il Ne Dira Pas (Live 1992)

Étienne Daho - Le Grand Sommeil (Live 1992)

Étienne Daho - Mon Manège À Moi (Live 1992)

Étienne Daho - Paris Ailleurs (Live 1992)

Étienne Daho - Paris Le Flore (Live 1992)

Étienne Daho - Quelqu'un Qui M'ressemble (Live 1992)

Étienne Daho - Saint-Lunaire Dimanche Matin (Live 1992)

Étienne Daho - Saudade (Live 1992)

Étienne Daho - Week-End À Rome (Live 1992)

Etta James - A Sunday Kind Of Love

Eugenio Finardi - I Giardini Di Marzo

Eugenio Finardi - Katia

Eugenio Finardi - Le Donne Di Atene

Eugenio Finardi - The wind cries Mary

Eurogliders - Heaven (Must Be There)

Europe - Prisoners in Paradise

Europe - Sweet Love Child

Evelyn 'Champagne' King - Action

Evelyn 'Champagne' King - I Don't Know If It's Right

Evelyn 'Champagne' King - I'm In Love

Evelyn 'Champagne' King - Just For the Night

Evelyn 'Champagne' King - Love Come Down

Evelyn 'Champagne' King - Shake Down

Evelyn 'Champagne' King - Shame

Evelyn 'Champagne' King - Teenager

Evelyn Knight - A Little Bird Told Me

Evelyn Knight - A Wonderful Guy

Even As We Speak - (All You Find Is) Air

Even As We Speak - Anybody Anyway

Even As We Speak - Beelzebub

Even As We Speak - Cripple Creek

Even As We Speak - Drown

Even As We Speak - Falling Down the Stairs

Even As We Speak - Getting Faster

Even As We Speak - Love Is the Answer

Even As We Speak - O.G.T.T.

Even As We Speak - One Thing

Even As We Speak - Sailors' Graves

Even As We Speak - Spirit of Progress

Even As We Speak - Squid

Even As We Speak - Straight As An Arrow

Even As We Speak - Swimming Song

Even As We Speak - To See You Smile

Even As We Speak - Zeppelins

Everclear - Electra Made Me Blind

Everclear - Fire Maple Song

Every New Dead Ghost - Assassin

Every New Dead Ghost - European

Every New Dead Ghost - Lonely Faces

Every New Dead Ghost - Touch the Sky

Everything But the Girl - A Piece of My Mind

Everything But the Girl - My Head Is My Only House Unless It Rains

Evil Mothers - Teen Strap Party

Ewan MacColl - Dirty Old Town

Ewan MacColl - Fourpence a Day

Exposure - Party Claps

Extrabreit - Für mich soll's rote Rosen regnen

Extremoduro - El Duende Del Parque

Extremoduro - Historias Prohibidas (Nos Tiramos A Joder)

Extremoduro - Malos Pensamientos

Extremoduro - No Me Calientes Que Me Hundo

Extremoduro - Sin Dios Ni Amo

Eyehategod - Crimes Against Skin

Eyehategod - Disturbance

Eyehategod - Kill Your Boss

Eyehategod - Laugh It Off

Eyehategod - Shoplifter

Eyehategod - Take As Needed For Pain

Eyehategod - White Nigger

Eyehategod - Who Gave Her the Roses

Eyeless in Gaza - One by one

Fairport Convention - Now Be Thankful

Faith Hill - But I Will

Faith Hill - Go the Distance

Faith Hill - I Would Be Stronger Than That

Faith Hill - I've Got This Friend

Faith Hill - Just About Now

Faith Hill - Just Around the Eyes

Faith Hill - Life's Too Short To Love like That

Faith Hill - Piece of My Heart

Faith Hill - Take Me as I Am

Faith Hill - Wild One

Faith No More - Digging the Grave

Faith No More - Easy

Faith No More & Boo-Yaa T.R.I.B.E. - Another Body Murdered

Family Four - Härliga sommardag

Family Four - Jag känner att jag börjar tycka om dej

Fangoria - Con Tal De Regresar

Fania All Stars - Isla Del Encanto

Faramarz Aslani - Ahooye Vahshi

Faramarz Aslani - Shab

Faramarz Aslani - Yaram Koo

Fat Joe - Flow Joe

Fatback - Do It (Till the Feelin' Runs Out)

Fatback - Gigolo

Fatback - Higher

Fatback - I'm So in Love

Fatback - Na Na Hey Hey Kiss Her Goodbye

Fatback - Oh Girl

Fatback - Rockin' To the Beat

Fatback - Rub Down

Faye Wong - 執迷不悔

Faye Wong - Bu Zai Er Xi

Faye Wong - Hong Fen Fei Fei

Faye Wong - Qing Di

Faye Wong - Wo Yong Yuan Zhen Xi Ni Wo

Felix Mendelssohn & Benjamin Frith & Slovak State Philharmonic Orchestra, Kosice & Robert Stankovsky - Piano Concerto No. 2 in D Minor, Op. 40, MWV O11: II. Adagio - Molto sostenuto

Felix Mendelssohn & Maxim Vengerov & Kurt Masur & Gewandhausorchester Leipzig - Mendelssohn: Violin Concerto in E Minor Op. 64: I. Allegro molto appassionato

Ferlin Husky - Little Tom

Ferrick, Melissa - Massive Blur

Fight - Contortion

Fight - For All Eternity

Fight - Immortal Sin

Fight - Into the Pit

Fight - Kill It

Fight - Laid to Rest

Fight - Life in Black

Fight - Little Crazy

Fight - Nailed To the Gun

Fight - Vicious

Fight - War of Words

Fight K5 - For All Eternity

Fight K5 - Kill It

Fight K5 - Life in Black

Fight K5 - Vicious

Filter - Hey Man Nice Shot

Fire Island - There But For the Grace of God (Da-Man's Rubbadubb)

Fire Island - There But For the Grace of God (Drums Before Grace)

Fire Island - There But For the Grace of God (Futureshock Dub)

Fire Island - There But For the Grace of God (Roger's Dub)

Fire Island - There But For the Grace of God (The X Pressive Superdub Parts 1, 2 & 3)

Fire Island - There But For the Grace of God

Fishbone - Nutt Megalomaniac

Fishbone - Servitude

Fishbone - Unyielding Conditioning

Flaco Jiménez - La Piedrera

Flash And the Pan - Hey St. Peter

Fletcher Henderson - The House of David Blues

Fliflet Hamre Energiforsyning - Perfekt / Perfect

Florian Silbereisen - Morgenmuffel

Floyd Tillman - Drivin' Nails in My Coffin

Floyd Tillman - Each Night At Nine

Floyd Tillman - Slippin' Around

Floyd Tillman - They Took the Stars Out of Heaven

Fluke - Astrosapiens

Fluke - Coolest

Fluke - Electric Guitar - Humbucker

Fluke - Electric Guitar (Headstock)

Fluke - Electric Guitar (Hot Tube)

Fluke - Electric Guitar (Sunburst)

Fluke - Electric Guitar (Vibrochamp)

Fluke - Glidub

Fluke - Groovy Feeling - Make Mine A 99

Fluke - Groovy Feeling (Lolly Gobble Choc Bomb)

Fluke - Groovy Feeling (Mr Whippy)

Fluke - Groovy Feeling (Nutty Chip Cornet)

Fluke - Groovy Feeling (Thick 'N' Creamy)

Fluke - Groovy Feeling (Toni Bell's Single Scoop)

Fluke - Jig

Fluke - Oh Yeah

Fluke - Slid

Fluke - Slowmotion

Fluke - Spacey (Catch 22 Dub)

Fluke - Taxi

Fluke - Top of the World

Flying Saucer Attack - A Silent Tide

Flying Saucer Attack - Make Me Dream

Flying Saucer Attack - Moonset

Flying Saucer Attack - My Dreaming Hill

Flying Saucer Attack - Popol Vuh 2

Flying Saucer Attack - Still

Flying Saucer Attack - The Drowners

Flying Saucer Attack - The Season Is Ours

Flying Saucer Attack - Wish

Fobia - No Me Amenaces

Fontella Bass - The Soul of A Man

Foul Play - Finest Illusion

Four Non Blondes - What's Up?

Fourplay - A Summer Child

Fourplay - Amoroso

Fourplay - Anthem

Fourplay - Chant

Fourplay - Flying East

Fourplay - Gulliver

Fourplay - Li'l Darlin'

Fourplay - Monterey

Fourplay - Once in the A.M.

Fourplay - Song For Somalia

Fourplay & Chaka Khan & Nathan East - Between the Sheets

Fourplay (Featuring Chaka Khan And Nathan East) - Between the Sheets

Foy Willing & the Riders of the Purple Stage - Detour

Franco Battiato - Atlantide

Frank Black - Adda Lee

Frank Black - Ballad of Johnny Horton

Frank Black - Brackish Boy

Frank Black - Czar

Frank Black - Don't Ya Rile 'em

Frank Black - Every Time I Go

Frank Black - Fu Manchu

Frank Black - Hang On To Your Ego

Frank Black - I Heard Ramona Sing

Frank Black - Los Angeles

Frank Black - Parry the Wind High

Frank Black - Places Named After

Frank Black - Sir Rockaby

Frank Black - Space Is Gonna Do Me Good

Frank Black - Surf Epic

Frank Black - Ten Percenter

Frank Black - Tossed

Frank Black - Two Spaces

Frank Boeijen - Als Later

Frank Boeijen - Paradijs

Frank Boeijen - Stil in De Stad

Frank Boeijen - Tot Bloedens Toe

Frank Boeijen - Valkuil

Frank Sinatra - A Fellow Needs a Girl

Frank Sinatra - All Through The Day

Frank Sinatra - Begin the Beguine

Frank Sinatra - Blue Skies

Frank Sinatra - Bop! Goes My Heart

Frank Sinatra - Dream (When You're Feeling Blue)

Frank Sinatra - For Every Man There's a Woman

Frank Sinatra - Home On the Range

Frank Sinatra - I Begged Her

Frank Sinatra - I Dream of You (More Than You Dream I Do)

Frank Sinatra - I Fall In Love Too Easily

Frank Sinatra - I Have But One Heart (O Marenariello) - 78 rpm Version

Frank Sinatra - I Should Care

Frank Sinatra - I'm Glad There Is You

Frank Sinatra - Should I (Reveal)

Frank Sinatra - So Far

Frank Sinatra - The Brooklyn Bridge

Frank Sinatra - The Things We Did Last Summer

Frank Sinatra - This Is the Night

Frank Sinatra - We Kiss in A Shadow

Frank Sinatra - You're My Girl

Frank Sinatra & Bobby Tucker Singers - If You Are But A Dream (with The Bobby Tucker Singers)

Frank Strozier - Chris (Take 4)

Frank Strozier - Chris

Frank Strozier - Cloudy And Cool (Take 1)

Frank Strozier - Cloudy And Cool

Frank Strozier - No More (Take 11)

Frank Strozier - No More

Frank Strozier - She (Take 3)

Frank Strozier - She

Frank Strozier - Stairway To the Stars

Frank Vignola - Love For Sale

Frankie Avalon - Earth Angel

Frankie Avalon - Goodnight My Love

Frankie Avalon - Let It Be Me

Frankie Avalon - My Special Angel

Frankie Avalon - Secretly

Frankie Avalon - Silhouettes

Frankie Avalon - You Send Me

Frankie Bones - Direct From Brooklyn

Frankie HI-NRG MC - Calma...calma...

Frankie HI-NRG MC - Disconnetti Il Potere

Frankie HI-NRG MC - Entro

Frankie HI-NRG MC - Esco

Frankie HI-NRG MC - Etna

Frankie HI-NRG MC - Faccio La Mia Cosa

Frankie HI-NRG MC - Fight Da Faida

Frankie HI-NRG MC - Il Bianco E Il Nero

Frankie HI-NRG MC - Omaggio, Tributo, Riconoscimento

Frankie HI-NRG MC - Potere Alla Parola

Frankie HI-NRG MC - Storia Di Molti

Frankie Lymon And the Teenagers - Abc's of Love

Franklin Bruno - Blue's the Only Color

Franklin Bruno - clean needle

Frantic Flinstones - Your Time Is Up

Fred Ventura - Wind of Change

Fred Wesley & The J.B.'s - Doing It To Death

Freddie Aguilar - Minamahal Kita

Freddie Hart - Snatch It And Grab It

Freddie McGregor - To be poor is a crime

Freddie Mercury - Living on My Own

Freddy Fresh - DJ Unfriendly

Freeez - I.O.U.

Freeez - I.O.U.

Freestyle Fellowship - Inner City Boundaries

Freestyle Fellowship - Park Bench People

Fröbelin Palikat - Autot Vanhanaikaiset

Fröbelin Palikat - Eläimellinen Uimakoulu

Fröbelin Palikat - Honky Tonk

Fröbelin Palikat - Huimapäät

Fröbelin Palikat - Japadi-jap

Fröbelin Palikat - Kanalassa Tapahtuu

Fröbelin Palikat - Letkujumppa

Fröbelin Palikat - Peikon Punnitus

Fröbelin Palikat - Tahdon Lentää

Fröbelin Palikat - Täilaulu

Fröbelin Palikat - Yksin Satulassa

Front 242 - Melt

Front 242 - Religion

Front Line Assembly - Teardown

Frumpies - Fuck Kitty

Fudge Tunnel - Always

Fudge Tunnel - Creep Diets

Fudge Tunnel - Dont Have Time For You

Fudge Tunnel - Face Down

Fudge Tunnel - Good Kicking

Fudge Tunnel - Grey

Fudge Tunnel - Grit

Fudge Tunnel - Hot Salad

Fudge Tunnel - Stuck

Fudge Tunnel - Ten Percent

Fudge Tunnel - Tipper Gore

Fugazi - Great Cop

Fugazi - Public Witness Program

Fugazi - Sweet and Low

Fun Fun - Colour my love

Funeral Dress - Army Life

Funkdoobiest - Bow Wow Wow

Funkdoobiest - Doobie To the Head

Funkdoobiest - Freak Mode

Funkdoobiest - Funk's On Me

Funkdoobiest - Here I Am

Funkdoobiest - The Funkiest

Funkdoobiest - The Porno King

Funkdoobiest - Where's It At

Funkdoobiest - Who's the Doobiest

Funkdoobiest - Wopbabalubop

Furry Lewis - Pearlee Blues

Fury in the Slaughterhouse - Every Generation got its own disease

G.W. McLennan - Bathe (In the Water)

G.W. McLennan - Fingers

G.W. McLennan - Lighting Fires

G.W. McLennan - One Million Miles from Here

G.W. McLennan - Riddle in the Rain

G.W. McLennan - Signs of Life

G.W. McLennan - The Dark Side of Town

G.W. McLennan - The Day My Eyes Came Back

G.W. McLennan - The Pawnbroker

G.W. McLennan - Things Will Change

G.W. McLennan - When I Close My Eyes

G.W. McLennan - Whose Side Are You On?

Gabinete Caligari - El Calor Del Amor En Un Bar

Gabriel Faure & Anne-Sophie Mutter & Wiener Philharmoniker & James Levine - Berceuse, Op.16

Gabrielle - Dreams

Gallon Drunk - Push the Boat Out

Gallon Drunk - You Should Be Ashamed

Garden of Delight - Confessions of A Captured Cultist

Garden of Delight - Gods And Myths On Sargonid Seals

Garden of Delight - Opened Paradise

Garden of Delight - Shared Creation

Garden of Delight - Silent Garden

Garden of Delight - Somniorum Iterpretatio

Garden of Delight - The Seal

Garden Variety - Binder

Garden Variety - By And Large

Garden Variety - Closet

Garden Variety - Fall In

Garden Variety - Hedge

Garden Variety - Hot Head

Garden Variety - Letter To the Editor

Garden Variety - On Track

Garden Variety - Pretty Mouth

Garden Variety - Puzzled

Garden Variety - Rode (For Justin)

Garden Variety - Shelf Life

Garden Variety - Stool

Garden Variety - Turnout

Garden Variety - Unsound

Garnet Mimms & The Enchanters - Cry Baby

Garnett Silk - Fill Us up with Your Mercy

Garnett Silk - God Is God

Garnett Silk - Love Me Baby

Garnett Silk - Love Me Or Leave Me

Garnett Silk - Necessity

Garnett Silk - Nothing Can Divide Us

Garnett Silk - Oh Me Oh My

Garnett Silk - With Your Mercy

Gartnerlosjen - Kåbbåy

Gary Chang - Epilogue

Gary Chang - Main Title

Gary Hobbs - Entre Verde Y Azul

Gary Hobbs - Maldito Amor

Gary Hobbs - Te Vas A Acordar

Gary Hobbs - Tres Rosas

Gary Hoey - Animal Instinct

Gary Hoey - Bert's Lounge

Gary Hoey - Deep South Cafe

Gary Hoey - Drive

Gary Hoey - Fade To Blue

Gary Hoey - Hocus Pocus

Gary Hoey - Jamie

Gary Hoey - Mass Hysteria

Gary Hoey - Texas Son

Gary U.S. Bonds - Out of Work

Gaunt - Jim Motherfucker

Gaunt - Spine

Gene Ammons - A Lover Is Blue

Gene Harris - Higga Boom

Gene Krupa & His Orchestra - Begin the Beguine

Gene Krupa & His Orchestra - Boog It

Gene Krupa & His Orchestra - Deep in the Blues

Gene Krupa & His Orchestra - Drum Boogie

Gene Krupa & His Orchestra - How 'Bout That Mess?

Gene Krupa & His Orchestra - King Porter Stomp

Gene Krupa & His Orchestra - Leave Us Leap

Gene Krupa & His Orchestra - Let Me Off Uptown

Gene Krupa & His Orchestra - Lover

Gene Krupa & His Orchestra - Love's in My Heart

Gene Krupa & His Orchestra - My Ideal

Gene Krupa & His Orchestra - My Old Flame

Gene Krupa & His Orchestra - No Name Jive

Gene Krupa & His Orchestra - Rhumboogie

Gene Krupa & His Orchestra - Sweet Georgia Brown

Gene Krupa & His Orchestra - The Babe Takes A Bow

Gene Krupa & His Orchestra - There'll Be Some Changes Made

Gene Krupa & His Orchestra - Tuxedo Junction

Gene Krupa & His Orchestra - Who?

Gene Krupa & His Orchestra - You Go To My Head

General Surgery - The Succulent Aftermath of A Subdural Haemorrhage

Geoff Moore And the Distance - Evolution...Redefined

Geoff Moore And the Distance - Godgottaholdonme

Geoff Moore And the Distance - Heart To God, Hand To Man

Geoff Moore And the Distance - If You Could See What I See

Geoff Moore And the Distance - Why Should the Devil (Have All the Good Music) (Evolution Album Version)

George Benson - (I'm Afraid) the Masquerade Is Over

George Benson - I'll Be Good to You

George Benson - Kiss And Make Up

George Benson - Love of My Life

George Benson - Love Remembers

George Benson - Love Walked In

George Butterworth & Royal Liverpool Philharmonic Orchestra & Grant Llewellyn - The Banks of Green Willow

George Clinton - Atomic Dog

George Clinton - Loopzilla

George Formby - With My Little Ukelele in My Hand

George Gershwin - Rhapsody in Blue

George Harrison - Absolutely Sweet Marie

George Howard - Stay Here With Me

George McCrae - How I Feel

George McCrae - One Step Closer (To Love)

George Morel - Bouncing Sax

George Morel - Let's Groove

George Morgan - A Room Full of Roses

George Strait - Easy Come, Easy Go

George Strait - I'd Like To Have That One Back

George Strait - The Love Bug

George Thorogood & The Destroyers - Get A Haircut

George Thorogood And the Destroyers - Get A Haircut

Georges Bizet - Carmen Suite: Intermezzo

Gerhard Gundermann - Halte durch

Gerry & the Pacemakers - Come Back To Me

Gerry & the Pacemakers - Just the Way You Are

Gerry Rafferty - Don't Give Up On Me

Geto Boys - Bring It On

Geto Boys - Crooked Officer

Geto Boys - It Ain't

Geto Boys - Six Feet Deep

Geto Boys - Straight Gangstaism


GGFH - Flesh

GGFH - Room 213

Ghorwane - Akuhanha

Ghorwane - Buluku

Ghorwane - Matarlatanta

Ghorwane - Mavabwyi

Ghorwane - Muthimba

Ghorwane - Sathuma

Ghorwane - Terehumba

Ghorwane - Xai-xai

Giant Sand - Big Fish

Gigolo Aunts - Bloom

Gigolo Aunts - Cope

Gigolo Aunts - Easy Reader

Gigolo Aunts - Figurine

Gigolo Aunts - Flippin' Out

Gigolo Aunts - Gun

Gigolo Aunts - Lullaby

Gigolo Aunts - Mrs. Washington

Gigolo Aunts - Pin Cushion

Gigolo Aunts - Where I Find My Heaven

Gilberto Santa Rosa - Amor De Umbral

Gilberto Santa Rosa - Bendito Tiempo

Gilberto Santa Rosa - Buscame

Gilberto Santa Rosa - Iman' Ritmo Jala-Jala

Gilberto Santa Rosa - Incognita

Gilberto Santa Rosa - Mal De Amores

Gilberto Santa Rosa - Me Volvieron A Hablar De Ella

Gilberto Santa Rosa - No Hay Nada Mas Importante

Gilberto Santa Rosa - Que Manera De Quererte

Gilberto Santa Rosa - Sin Voluntad

Gilberto Santa Rosa - Tiene Un Amigo

Gin Blossoms - Found Out About You

Gioachino Rossini & Roberto Servile & Sonia Ganassi & Ramón Vargas & Angelo Romero & Franco de Grandis & Ingrid Kertesi & Kazmer Sarkany & Laszlo Orban & Ferenc Korpas & Hungarian Radio Chorus & Budapest Failoni Chamber Orchestra & Will Humburg - Il barb

Gioachino Rossini & William Matteuzzi & Cecilia Bartoli & Alessandro Corbelli & Enzo Dara & Michele Pertusi & Fernanda Costa & Gloria Banditelli & Coro del Teatro Comunale di Bologna & Orchestra del Teatro Comunale di Bologna & Riccardo Chailly - La Cener

Giorgio Gaber - Non Arrossire

Gipsy Kings - Campana

Gipsy Kings - Escucha Me

Gipsy Kings - Love & Liberte

Gipsy Kings - Madre Mia

Gipsy Kings - Navidad

Gipsy Kings - Queda Te Aqui

Gipsy Kings - Ritmo De La Noche

Girlschool - I'm the Leader of the Gang

Giuseppe Verdi - Nabucco - Overture

Glad - All Beauty Speaks of Thee

Glad - Beneath the Cross Medley

Glad - Blessed Assurance

Glad - Breathe on Me, Breath of God

Glad - Fairest Lord Jesus

Glad - I Sing the Mighty Power of God

Glad - Immortal, Invisible

Glad - Lead On, O King Eternal

Glad - Love Divine, All Loves Excelling

Glad - Rock of Ages

Glad - The Master Has Come/O Worship the King

Glad - This is My Father's World/For the Beauty of the Earth

Glad - Thy Word Medley

Glass Tiger - After the Dance

Glass Tiger - Don't Forget Me (When I'm Gone)

Glass Tiger - Someday

Gloria Estefan - Ayer

Gloria Estefan - Con los Años Que Me Quedan

Gloria Estefan - Hablemos el Mismo Idioma

Gloria Estefan - Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas

Gloria Estefan - Hoy - Spanish Version

Gloria Estefan - Mi Buen Amor

Gloria Estefan - Mi Tierra

Gloria Estefan - Tus Ojos

Gloria Gaynor - I Will Survive - Single Version

Gloria Trevi - El Ultimo Beso

Gloria Trevi - Tu Angel De La Guarda

Go West - Never Let Them See You Sweat

Go West - One Way Street (From 'Rocky IV')

Go West - Tears Too Late

Go West - The Tracks of My Tears

Gordon - Alles Wat Ik Ben

Gordon - Blijf Nou Nog Even

Gordon - Elk Moment

Gordon - En Nu

Gordon - Ik Bel Je Zomaar Even Op

Gordon - Laat Me

Gordon - Lag Het Echt Alleen Aan Mij?

Gordon - Liever Gelukkig Alleen

Gordon - Samen Met Jou

Gordon - Spijt

Gordon - t Is Zo Weer Voorbij

Gordon - The Rhythm of Love (met Rocq-E-Harrel)

Gordon - Waar Moet Ik Heen

Gordon Lightfoot - Did She Mention My Name

Gordon Lightfoot - Fading Away

Gordon Lightfoot - Only Love Would Know

Gordon Lightfoot - Restless

Gordon Lightfoot - Ring Them Bells

Gordon Lightfoot - Waiting For You


Gorguts - Condemned To Obscurity

Gorguts - Dormant Misery

Gorguts - Hideous Infirmity

Gorguts - Odors of Existence

Gorguts - Orphans of Sickness

Gorguts - The Erosion of Sanity

Gorguts - With Their Flesh, He'll Create

Gorki - Vader, Wij Wachten

Gota - European Comfort

Gotthard - Come Together

Gotthard - Here Comes the Heat

Gotthard - Higher

Gotthard - Mountain Mama

Govi - Child's Play

Govi - Hanalei Bay

Govi - Inner Sky

Govi - Sangria

Govi - Spirit Rider

Govi - Spring in the East

Grant Geissman - A Tune For J.T.

Grant Geissman - Baroque

Grant Geissman - Chaco

Grant Geissman - Cold Blue Sake

Grant Geissman - Flannel Cowboys

Grant Geissman - Gumbo

Grant Geissman - Silent Movies

Grant Geissman - Some Esplainin' To Do

Grant Geissman - Strange Wine

Grant Geissman - Three Conversations

Grant Geissman - Time And Tides

Grant Green - The Final Comedown

Grant Lee Buffalo - America Snoring

Grant Lee Buffalo - Dixie Drug Store

Grant Lee Buffalo - Fuzzy

Grant Lee Buffalo - Grace

Grant Lee Buffalo - Honey Don't Think

Grant Lee Buffalo - Jupiter And Teardrop

Grant Lee Buffalo - Soft Wolf Tread

Grant Lee Buffalo - Stars 'n' Stripes

Grant Lee Buffalo - The Hook

Grant Lee Buffalo - The Shining Hour

Grant Lee Buffalo - Wish You Well

Grant Lee Buffalo - You Just Have To Be Crazy

Grant McLennan - Lighting Fires

Grant McLennan - Surround Me

Grant McLennan - The Dark Side of Town

Grave Digger - And the Devil Plays Piano

Grave Digger - Spy of Mas'On

Grave Digger - The Madness Continues

Grave Digger - The Reaper

Grave Digger - Wedding Day

Grazia Di Michele - Occhi di donne

Great White - Afterglow (LP Version W/O Crickets)

Green Apple Quick Step - Bottle

Green Apple Quick Step - Broken

Green Apple Quick Step - Can't Believe

Green Apple Quick Step - Dirty Water Ocean

Green Apple Quick Step - Eating On All Fours

Green Apple Quick Step - Feel My Way

Green Apple Quick Step - Ludes And Cherrybombs

Green Apple Quick Step - Pay the Rent

Green Apple Quick Step - Rapid

Green Apple Quick Step - The Stereo

Green Jelly - Three Little Pigs

Gregorio Allegri & The Choir Of Trinity College, Cambridge & Richard Marlow - Miserere mei, Deus

Grid - Texas Cowboys

Grupo Bryndis - Amor Prohibido

Grupo Bryndis - Amor Sincero

Grupo Bryndis - Cuanto Estoy Sufriendo

Grupo Bryndis - Entre Tú Y Yo

Grupo Bryndis - Perdiste Corazón

Grupo Bryndis - Por Que Me Enamore De Ti

Grupo Bryndis - Regresa

Grupo Bryndis - Sin Ti No Puedo

Grupo Bryndis - Un Triste Corazón

Grupo Bryndis - Valor De Amor

Grupo Flash - Un Amor Como El Mío

Grupo Laberinto - Cuando Nadie Te Quiera

Grupo Laberinto - El Comandante

Grupo Laberinto - Ojitos De Capulin

Grupo Laberinto - Y Fue La Ãsltima Vez

Grupo Ladron - Tu Engaño

Guardian - Curiosity Killed the Cat

Guardian - Do You Know What Love Is

Guardian - I Found Love

Guardian - Let It Roll

Guardian - Long Way Home

Guardian - Mr. Do Wrong

Guardian - Sister Wisdom

Guardian - Sweet Mystery

Guardian - The Captain

Guardian - You & I

Guardianes Del Amor - Amor Se Escribe Con Llanto

Guardianes Del Amor - Cuatro Palabras

Guardianes Del Amor - Dejame Secar Tus Lagrimas

Guardianes Del Amor - El Perro, el Gato y Yo

Guardianes Del Amor - Historia de un Amor

Guardianes Del Amor - Los Angeles Lloran

Guardianes Del Amor - No Puedo Mas

Guardianes Del Amor - Si Quieres Verme Llorar

Guardianes Del Amor - Ya Lo Se Todo

Guided By Voices - Break Even

Guided By Voices - Dusted

Guitar Gangsters - Everybody Wants To Be My Friend

Guitar Gangsters - That's When the Razor Cuts

Guns N' Roses - Ain't It Fun

Guns N' Roses - Attitude

Guns N' Roses - Black Leather

Guns N' Roses - Buick Makane (Big Dumb Sex)

Guns N' Roses - Hair of the Dog

Guns N' Roses - Human Being

Guns N' Roses - I Don't Care About You

Guns N' Roses - New Rose

Guns N' Roses - Raw Power

Guns N' Roses - Since I Don't Have You

Guns N' Roses - You Can't Put Your Arms Around A Memory

Guru & Branford Marsalis - Transit Ride

Guru & Donald Byrd - Loungin'

Guru & Lonnie Liston Smith - Down The Backstreets

Guru & Mc Solaar - Le Bien, Le Mal

Guru & Ronny Jordan & DC Lee - No Time To Play

Guru & Roy Ayers - Take A Look (At Yourself)

Guru', 'N'Dea Davenport - When You're Near

Gus Viseur - L'imprévu

Gustavo Cerati - Amor Amarillo

Gustavo Cerati - Bajan

Gustavo Cerati - Lisa

Gustavo Cerati - Te Llevo para Que Me Lleves

Haddaway - I Miss You

Haddaway - Life - Radio Edit

Haddaway - Life (Club Life)

Haddaway - Life

Haddaway - Rock My Heart - Radio Mix

Haddaway - Rock My Heart

Haddaway - Shout

Haddaway - Stir It Up

Haddaway - What Is Love - 7'' Mix

Haddaway - What is Love?

Haddaway - What Is Love

Hakim - Wala Wahed

Half Japanese - Always

Half Man Half Biscuit - Footprints

Half Man Half Biscuit - Running Order Squabble Fest

Half Pint - Mr. Landlord

Halford - Into the Pit

Halford - Nailed To the Gun

Halford - War of Words

Hall & Oates - A Lot of Changes Coming

Hall & Oates - Angelina

Hall & Oates - Deep River Blues

Hall & Oates - If That's What Makes You Happy

Hall & Oates - I'll Be By

Hall & Oates - I'm Really Smokin'

Hall & Oates - Lemon Road

Hall & Oates - Past Times Behind

Hall & Oates - Perkiomen

Hall & Oates - Rose Come Home

Hall & Oates - The Provider

Hall & Oates - The Reason Why

Hall & Oats - Over the Mountain

Hall & Oats - Perkiomen

Hammerhead - Anvil

Hammerhead - Evil Twin

Hammerhead - Load King

Hammerhead - Peep

Hammerhead - U.V.

Hammerhead - Washout

Hank Ballard & the Midnighters - Finger Poppin' Time

Hans Zimmer - You're So Cool

Happy Mondays - Judge Fudge

Happy Mondays - Stinkin' Thinkin'

Happy Mondays & Andy Weatherall & Paul Oakenfold - Hallelujah

Hardfloor - AM-Trip

Hardfloor - Brachalde Rontzdrate

Hardfloor - Drugoverlord

Hardfloor - Into the Nature

Hardfloor - Trancescript

Hardrive - Deep Inside

Harold Budd - Flowered Knife Shadows

Harold Land - The Fox

Harold Melvin - Harold Melvin and the Blue Notes

Harold Melvin - Wake Up Everybody

Harrie Jekkers - Ada Armada

Harrie Jekkers - Caramella Cantarel

Harrie Jekkers - Eduard Van Eikenstein

Harrie Jekkers - Hertog Harrie Hagelslag

Harrie Jekkers - Ijsbrand Van Ijsland

Harrie Jekkers - Mister X

Harrie Jekkers - Tita Turnvis

Harrie Jekkers - Zebedeus Zevensloot

Harris, Wynonie - Lovin' Machine

Harry Connick Jr. - A Wink And A Smile

Harry Connick, Jr. - A Wink and a Smile

Harry Connick, Jr. - One Last Pitch (Take Two)

Harry Connick, Jr. - One Last Pitch

Harry Connick, Jr. - Parade of the Wooden Soldiers

Harry J Allstars - The Liquidator

Harry James And His Orchestra - I'm Beginning To See the Light

Hasil Adkins - Boo Boo the Cat

Hasil Adkins - Reelin' and Rockin'

Hasil Adkins - Shake That Thing

Haujobb - Final Race

Haujobb - Haujobb's State

Haujobb - Homes & Gardens (MY-1)

Haujobb - Maternal Instinct

Haujobb - Skull Fission

Haujobb - Slugbait

Haujobb - Tame

Haujobb - The Flood

Haujobb - Yearning

Havana Black - BURN IT DOWN

Havana Black - EAST IS RED

Havana Black - EVIL

Havana Black - GOODBYE

Havana Black - GROOVELANDS

Havana Black - KING of the BEGGARS

Havana Black - MAGIC



Havana Black - SUNFLOWER


Hazel Dean - They Say It's Gonna Rain

Hazel O'Connor - Driftwood

Hazel O'Connor - Reach

Hazel O'Connor - Tell Me Why

Hazel O'Connor - Time After Time

H-Bomb Ferguson - Don't Leave Me

H-Bomb Ferguson - Foolin' Around

H-Bomb Ferguson - Go 'Head On

H-Bomb Ferguson - Ha Ha Ha, I Don't Want You No More

H-Bomb Ferguson - He Say, She Say

H-Bomb Ferguson - Heart in My Hand

H-Bomb Ferguson - I Got A Love

H-Bomb Ferguson - Leavin' You Tomorrow

H-Bomb Ferguson - Love Her, Don't Shove Her

H-Bomb Ferguson - Meatloaf

H-Bomb Ferguson - Midnight Ramblin' Tonight

H-Bomb Ferguson - Moon, Shine On Me

H-Bomb Ferguson - My Brown Frame Baby

H-Bomb Ferguson - Over You, Losin' My Mind

H-Bomb Ferguson - Shake Your Apple Tree

Heart - Will You Be There (In The Morning)

Heather Nova - All the Way

Heather Nova - Bare

Heather Nova - Glow Stars

Heather Nova - Maybe An Angel

Heather Nova - Shell

Heather Nova - Sugar

Heather Nova - Talking To Strangers

Heatmiser - Blackout

Heatmiser - Bottle Rocket

Heatmiser - Buick

Heatmiser - Candyland

Heatmiser - Cannibal

Heatmiser - Can't Be Touched

Heatmiser - Dead Air

Heatmiser - Dirt

Heatmiser - Don't Look Down

Heatmiser - Lowlife

Heatmiser - Mock-Up

Heatmiser - Sands Hotel

Heatmiser - Still

Heatmiser - Stray

Heavenly - Atta Girl

Heavenly - Dig Your Own Grave

Heavenly - Hearts And Crosses

Heavenly - P.U.N.K. Girl

Heavenly - So?

Heavy Nopal - Asalto Chido

Heavy Nopal - No Tengo Tiempo

Heidi Berry - Ariel

Heidi Berry - Darling Companion

Heidi Berry - Dawn

Heidi Berry - Distant Thunder

Heidi Berry - Follow

Heidi Berry - For the Rose

Heidi Berry - Heart Like A Wheel

Heidi Berry - Little Fox

Heidi Berry - Mercury

Heidi Berry - One-String Violin

Heidi Berry - Unholy Light

Heidi Berry - You Upset the Grace of Living When You Lie

Heidi Berry - Zither Song

Heights of Abraham - 0,454861111

Heights of Abraham - All the Time in the World

Heights of Abraham - Humidity Rising

Heights of Abraham - in the Cold

Heights of Abraham - Love Flows Down

Heights of Abraham - Still Waiting

Heights of Abraham - Sunshine

Heights of Abraham - Tides

Heldon - Aurore

Heldon - Bolero

Heldon - Cocaine Blues

Heldon - Cotes de Cachalot ala Psylocybine

Heldon - Stand By

Heldon - Virgin Swedish Blues

Heldon - Zind Destruction

Helen Love - Formula One Racing Girls

Helen Love - Greatest Fan

Helen Love - Joey Ramoney

Helen Love - Riding Hi

Helen Merrill - All of You

Helen Merrill feat. Clifford Brown - Falling in Love With Love

Hellbillies - Ei Krasafaren Steinbu

Hellbillies - Gamle Bry'n

Hellbillies - Som Eit Lauv I Eit Vindkast

Helmet & House Of Pain - Just Another Victim

Henry Gross - Shannon

Henry Kaiser - The Five Heavenly Truths

Henry Mancini & His Orchestra - Academy Award Selections

Henry Mancini & His Orchestra - The Music of David Rose

Herbert Grönemeyer - Die Welle

Herbert Grönemeyer - Keine Garantie

Herbert Grönemeyer - Land Unter (Herb-Hop Long Mix With Rap)

Herbert Grönemeyer - Land Unter

Herbie Hancock - If Tomorrow Comes

Herbie Hancock - The Lady in Red

Herman Finkers - De Koekoek

Herman Finkers - De Kolibrie

Herman Finkers - De Olifant

Herman Finkers - Introduktie Kangoeroe

Herman Finkers - Introduktie Vissen

Herman Finkers - Koning Leeuw

Herman Finkers - Personages Met Lange Oren

Herman Finkers - Vissen

Herman's Hermits - Something Is Happening

Heroes Del Silencio - Apuesta por el rock 'n' roll

Héroes del Silencio - Bendecida 2

Héroes del Silencio - Bendecida

Héroes del Silencio - Culpable

Héroes del Silencio - El Camino Del Exceso

Héroes del Silencio - El Refugio Interior

Héroes del Silencio - La Alacena

Heroes Del Silencio - La apariencia no es sincera - 1012 - Remaster

Héroes del Silencio - La Apariencia No Es Sincera

Heroes Del Silencio - La sirena varada

Héroes del Silencio - Los Placeres De La Pobreza

Héroes del Silencio - Nuestros Nombres

Héroes del Silencio - Z

Hi-Five - Never Should've Let You Go

Hi-Five - Unconditional Love

Highway 101 - Fastest Healin' Broken Heart

Highway 101 - Home On the Range

Highway 101 - I Wonder Where the Love Goes

Highway 101 - Love Walks

Highway 101 - Tell Me More

Highway 101 - The Last Frontier

Highway 101 - Who's Gonna Love You

Highway 101 - You Are What You Do

Highway 101 - You Baby You

Hilary Stagg - Before Time

Hilary Stagg - Dream Spiral

Hilary Stagg - Drifting Toward a Dream

Hilary Stagg - Heaven on Earth

Hilary Stagg - Island Sweets

Hilary Stagg - Land of Oz

Hilary Stagg - Spirit Dancers

Hilary Stagg - Sunlight Returns

His Name Is Alive - Blue Moon

His Name Is Alive - Drink, Dress, And Ink

His Name Is Alive - Jack Rabbits

His Name Is Alive - Lip

His Name Is Alive - Lord, Make Me A Channel of Your Peace

His Name Is Alive - Sick

His Name Is Alive - Sort Of

His Name Is Alive - The Time Falling Bodies Take To Light

His Name Is Alive - Where Knock Is Open Wide

Hladno Pivo - Fur immer Punk

Hladno Pivo - Marihuana

Hladno Pivo - Princeza

Hladno Pivo - Sarma

Hladno Pivo - Trening za umiranje

Holger Czukay - Traum Mal Wieder

Holly Cole - Cry (If You Want To)

Holly Cole - Ev'rything I've Got

Holly Cole - I Can See Clearly Now

Holly Cole - Je Ne T'Aime Pas

Holly Cole - Que Sera Sera

Holly Cole - So And So

Holly Cole - The Tennessee Waltz

Homesick James Williamson - Gotta Move

Horace Andy - All For Love

Hot Chocolate - Every 1's A Winner

Hot Rod All Stars - Skinhead Speaks His Mind

Hothouse Flowers - Be Good

Hothouse Flowers - Emotional Time

Hothouse Flowers - Good For You

Hothouse Flowers - Gypsy Fair

Hothouse Flowers - Isn't It Amazing

Hothouse Flowers - One Tongue

Hothouse Flowers - Spirit of the Land

Hothouse Flowers - Stand Beside Me

Hothouse Flowers - Thing of Beauty

Howard Blake - Viens Mallika Sous Le Dome Edais From Lakme

Howlin' Wolf - Ain't Superstitious

Howlin' Wolf - Howlin' For My Darlin'

H-Town - Knockin' da Boots

H-Town - Lick U Up

Hubert Félix Thiéfaine - Encore Un Petit Café

Hubert Félix Thiéfaine - Fin De Partie

Hubert Félix Thiéfaine - La Terre Tremble

Hubert Félix Thiéfaine - Les Mouches Bleues

Hubert-Félix Thiéfaine - Fin De Partie

Hudba Praha - Hospoda

Hudba Praha - Noci

Hudba Praha - Pokrok

Hudba Praha - Vlaky

Hudba Praha - Zkrat

Hues Corporation - Rock the Boat

Huffamoose - Sacred Ground

Huggy Bear - Carnt Kiss

Huggy Bear - Concrete Life

Huggy Bear - Derwin

Huggy Bear - Dissthentic Penetration

Huggy Bear - Herjazz

Huggy Bear - No Sleep

Huggy Bear - Pansy Twist

Huggy Bear - Prayer

Huggy Bear - Pro No From Now

Huggy Bear - Shaved Pussy Poetry

Huggy Bear - Sizzlemeet

Huggy Bear - Teen Tighterns

Hugues Aufray - Le Jugement Dernier

Hugues Aufray - Tout Le Long Du Chemin

Hugues Aufray - Tu Sens Bon La Terre

HUM - Double Dip

HUM - Firehead

HUM - Iron Clad Lou

HUM - Pewter

HUM - Pinch & Roll

HUM - Scraper

HUM - Shovel

HUM - Sundress

HUM - Winder

Humate - Love Stimulation

Hyper-On Experience - Lords of the Null-Lines

HYPOCRISY - Osculum Obscenum

HYPOCRISY - Symbol of Baphomet

I Mother Earth - Rain Will Fall

I Roy - Welding

I -roy - Welding

I.A.O. - The Clan (Mongol Hordes)

Ice Cube - Cave Bitch

Ice Cube - Down For Whatever

Ice Cube - Ghetto Bird

Ice Cube - It Was A Good Day

Ice Cube - Really Doe

Ice Cube - What Can I Do?

Ice Cube - When I Get To Heaven

Ice Cube - You Know How We Do It

Ice Cube & George Clinton - Bop Gun (One Nation)

Ice Mc - Take Away the Colour

Icecream Hands - Appalling Creatures

Icecream Hands - Clancy of the Overdrive

Icecream Hands - Evermore

Icecream Hands - Gentle Annie

Icecream Hands - Home

Icecream Hands - Let's Take A Look Inside

Icecream Hands - Luana

Icecream Hands - The Singing Detective

Icecream Hands - The Study of Her

Icecream Hands - You Can Smile Now

Iggy Pop - Fuckin' Alone (Explicit)

II D'Extreme - Cry No More

Ike & Tina Turner - Bootsie Whitelaw

Ike & Tina Turner - Chicken

Ike & Tina Turner - Let's get it on

Ike & Tina Turner - Push

Ike & Tina Turner - Raise your hand

Ike & Tina Turner - So Blue Over You

Ike & Tina Turner - You're still my baby

Illinois Jacquet - Port of Rico

Illya Kuryaki And the Valderramas - Virgen De Riña

Ilsa Gold - Elastico

Ilsa Gold - Silke

Ilsa Gold - Up

Impulse Manslaughter - Dogshit

Impulse Manslaughter - Harness

Impulse Manslaughter - Media

In Flames - Clad in Shadows

In Flames - in Flames

In Flames - Upon An Oaken Throne

In the Woods - Creations of An Ancient Shape

In the Woods - in the Woods...

In the Woods... - Wotan's Return

Inchtabokatables - After the Show

Inchtabokatables - Black Miner

Inchtabokatables - Can't You Sleep

Inchtabokatables - Extro (No More Silence, Waltz)

Inchtabokatables - Father

Inchtabokatables - No More Silence

Inchtabokatables - Rosenrot

Inchtabokatables - Three Gipsies

Inchtabokatables - To Be

Inchtabokatables - Water

Inchtabokatables - White Sheep

Incognito - Deep Waters

Incognito - Do Right

Incognito - Givin' It Up

Incognito - Positivity

Incognito - Still A Friend of Mine

Incognito - Talkin' Loud

Indecent Obsession - Fixing a Broken Heart - Solo Version

Industria del Amor - Amor, Amor

Industria del Amor - Ella Se Marcho

Industria del Amor - Esta Vez

Industria del Amor - Hasta Que Te Conocí

Industria del Amor - Lo Que Mas Extraño

Industria del Amor - Me Quede Llorando

Industria del Amor - Para Que

Industria del Amor - Rey De Oros

Industria del Amor - Rosas Rojas

Industria del Amor - Tú Naciste Para Mi

Industria del Amor - Voy A Tirarme A Los Vicios

Infa Riot - Feel the Rage

Infa Riot - Kids of the Eighties

Infa Riot - Riot Riot (Demo)

Infa Riot - Schools Out

Infectious Grooves - A Legend in His Own Mind (Ladies Love 'Sip)

Infectious Grooves - Caca De Kick

Infectious Grooves - Fame

Infectious Grooves - Immigrant Song

Infectious Grooves - Intro

Infectious Grooves - Savor Da Flavor

Infectious Grooves - Slo-Motion Slam

Infectious Grooves - Spreck

Infectious Grooves - The Man Behind the Man

Infectious Grooves - These Freaks Are Here To Party

Infectious Grooves - Three Headed Mind Pollution

Infectious Grooves - Turtle Wax (Funkaholics Anonymous)

Inkubus Sukkubus - Eternity

Inkubus Sukkubus - Samhain

Inkubus Sukkubus - Song of the Siren

Inkubus Sukkubus - Soul Inside

Inkubus Sukkubus - Vlad

Inner Circle - Bad Boys

Inner City - Follow Your Heart

Inner City - Good Life

Inner City - Hallelujah

Inner City Unit - Raj Neesh

Insane Clown Posse - 17 Dead

Insane Clown Posse - in the Haughhh!

Insides - Bent Double

Insides - Carly Simon

Insides - Darling Effect

Insides - Distractions

Insides - Relentless

Insides - Skin Divers

Insides - Skykicking

Insides - Walking in Straight Lines

Insides - Yes

Inspiral Carpets - How It Should Be

Intro - Come Inside

Intro - Don't Leave Me

Intro - Let Me Be the One

Intro - Ribbon in the Sky

INXS - The Gift

IQ - Came Down

IQ - Fading Senses

IQ - Leap of Faith

IQ - The Darkest Hour

Ira Stein - The Desert Song

Iris DeMent - My Life

Iris Dement - Sweet Is the Melody

Iron Butterfly - In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida - Single Version

Iron Maiden - Hallowed Be Thy Name

Isaac Hayes - Buns O' Plenty

Isabel Pantoja - Desde Que Vivo Con Otro

Isabel Pantoja - Hay Que Sembrar En Navidad

Isabel Pantoja - Porque Me Gusta A Morir

Isabel Pantoja - Quedate A Dormir Conmigo

Ismael Rivera - El Negro Bembón

Ismo Alanko - Autolounas huoltamon tapaan

Ismo Alanko - Demokratiaa (mutta vain tietyillä ehdoilla)

Ismo Alanko - Kolme pientä sanaa

Ismo Alanko - Kuolemalla on monet kasvot

Ismo Alanko - Laboratorion lapset

Ismo Alanko - Miljonäärien yö

Ismo Alanko - Pornografiaa

Ismo Alanko - Rakkautta ja hölynpölyä

Israel Kamakawiwo'ole - Ama'ama

Israel Kamakawiwo'ole - Hawai'i '78 Introduction

Israel Kamakawiwo'ole - Hawai'i '78

Israel Kamakawiwo'ole - Henehene Kou 'Aka

Israel Kamakawiwo'ole - Ka Huila Wai

Israel Kamakawiwo'ole - Ka Pua U'i

Israel Kamakawiwo'ole - Kaulana Kawaihae

Israel Kamakawiwo'ole - Kuhio Bay

Israel Kamakawiwo'ole - La 'Elima

Israel Kamakawiwo'ole - Maui Hawaiian Sup'pa Man

Israel Kamakawiwo'ole - Panini Pua Kea

Israel Kamakawiwo'ole - Pili Me Ka'u Manu

Israel Kamakawiwo'ole - Somewhere Over The Rainbow_What A Wonderful World

Israel Kamakawiwo'ole - Take Me Home Country Road

Israel Kamakawiwo'ole - White Sandy Beach Of Hawai'i

Ivano Fossati - E Di Nuovo Cambio Casa

J Church - Cool Guitar Girl

J. B. Lenoir - Everybody Wants To Know

J. B. Lenoir - Give Me One More Shot

J. B. Lenoir - Low Down Dirty Shame

J. B. Lenoir - Mama Talk To Your Daughter

J. Geils Band - I Do

J.B. Lenoir - Give Me One More Shot

J.B. Lenoir - If You Love Me

J.B. Lenoir - Low Down Dirty Shame

J.B. Lenoir - Mama Talk To Your Daughter

J.B. Lenoir - Sitting Down Thinking

J.B. Lenoir - When I Am Drinking

Jack Bruce - Close Enough for Love

Jack Bruce - FM

Jack Bruce - Peaces of the East

Jack Bruce - Waiting on a Word

Jack Bruce feat. David Liebman feat. Trilok Gurtu feat. Mark Nauseef - Childsong

Jack Bruce feat. Eric Clapton feat. Peter Weihe feat. Stuart Elliot - Ships in the Night

Jack Greene - All the Time

Jack Greene - Until My Dreams Come True

Jackie McLean - I Hear A Rhapsody

Jackie Wilson - A Little Lie

Jackie Wilson - Above Jacob's Ladder

Jackie Wilson - Bobby Sox Baby

Jackie Wilson - Give Me You

Jackie Wilson - I'm Gonna Move To the Outskirts of Town

Jackie Wilson - Little Things Mean A Lot

Jackie Wilson - Love Me Now And Let Me Go

Jackie Wilson - One Moment With You

Jackie Wilson - Right Now

Jackie Wilson - St. Louis Blues

Jackie Wilson - Three Coins in the Fountain

Jackie Wilson - Until the Real Thing Comes Along

Jackson 5 - Sixteen Candles

Jackson Browne - All Good Things

Jackson Browne - Everywhere I Go

Jackson Browne - I'll Do Anything

Jackson Browne - I'm Alive

Jackson Browne - Sky Blue and Black

Jacob Miller - Chapter A Day

Jacob Miller - Jolly Joseph

Jacob Miller - Once Upon A Time

Jacob Miller - Take A Lift

Jacques Dutronc - A La Queue Les Yvelines

Jade - Don't Walk Away

Jam & Spoon & Plavka - Right in the Night (Fall in Love with Music)

Jam & Spoon feat. Plavka - Right in the Night

Jam and Spoon - My First Fantastic FF

James - Laid

James - Say Something

James Ingram - A Baby's Born

James Ingram - Always You

James Ingram - Any Kind of Love

James Ingram - Let Me Love You This Way

James Ingram - Linda Ronstadt

James Ingram - Sing For the Children

James Ingram - Someone Like You

James Ingram - This Is the Night

James Ingram - Too Much For This Heart

James Ingram - Treat Her Right

James Ingram - You Never Know What You Got

James Keelaghan - Hold Your Ground

James Keelaghan - I Would I Were

James Keelaghan - Orion

James Last - Banks of the Ohio

James Last - Soley Soley / Is This the Way To Amarillo

James Taylor - Carolina in My Mind

James Taylor - Copperline

James Taylor - Country Road

James Taylor - Fire and Rain

James Taylor - Handy Man

James Taylor - How Sweet It Is

James Taylor - Mexico

James Taylor - Secret O'Life

James Taylor - Shed a Little Light

James Taylor - Shower the People

James Taylor - Steamroller Blues

James Taylor - Sweet Baby James

James Taylor - Up On The Roof

James Taylor - Your Smiling Face

Jamiroquai - Blow Your Mind

Jamiroquai - Emergency On Planet Earth

Jamiroquai - Hooked Up

Jamiroquai - Music of the Mind

Jamiroquai - Revolution 1993

Jamiroquai - Too Young To Die

Jamiroquai - Whatever It Is, I Just Can't Stop

Jamiroquai - When You Gonna Learn?

Jan Eggum - Kor E Alle Helter Hen?

Jan Garbarek, Rainer Brüninghaus, Eberhard Weber, Manu Katché - Brother Wind March

Jan Garbarek, Rainer Brüninghaus, Eberhard Weber, Manu Katché - The Tall Tear Trees

Jan Garbarek, Rainer Brüninghaus, Eberhard Weber, Manu Katché - Witchi-Tai-To

Jan Garbarek, Rainer Brüninghaus, Eberhard Weber, Manu Katché, Marilyn Mazur - Gautes-Margjit

Jan Garbarek, Rainer Brüninghaus, Eberhard Weber, Manu Katché, Marilyn Mazur - Huhai

Jan Garbarek, Rainer Brüninghaus, Yuri Daniel, Manu Katché - The Tall Tear Trees

Jane Siberry - All the Candles in the World

Jane Siberry - An Angel Stepped Down (And Slowly Looked Around)

Jane Siberry - At the Beginning of Time

Jane Siberry - Bells

Jane Siberry - Love Is Everything

Jane Siberry - Sail Across the Water

Jane Siberry - Sweet Incarnadine

Jane Siberry - Temple

Jane Siberry - The Gospel According To Darkness

Jane Siberry - The Vigil (The Sea)

Jane Siberry with k.d. Lang - Calling All Angels

Janet Jackson - Again (Piano/Vocal)

Janet Jackson - Again

Janet Jackson - Any Time, Any Place

Janet Jackson - Back

Janet Jackson - Because of Love

Janet Jackson - Funky Big Band

Janet Jackson - Hold On Baby

Janet Jackson - If

Janet Jackson - Rain

Janet Jackson - That's the Way Love Goes

Janet Jackson - The Body That Loves You

Janet Jackson - The Lounge

Janet Jackson - This Time

Janet Jackson - Throb

Janet Jackson - What'll I Do

Janet Jackson - Where Are You Now

Janet Jackson - Whoops Now

Janet Jackson - You Want This

Janice Kapp Perry - I Love To See The Temple - Feat. Johanne Frechette Perry

Janie Fricke - Do Me With Love

Janie Fricke - He's A Heartache

Janie Fricke - If the Fall Don't Get You

Janie Fricke - I'll Need Someone To Hold Me

Janie Fricke - It Ain't Easy Being Easy

Janie Fricke - Let's Try Again

Janie Fricke - Somebody Else's Fire

Janie Fricke - The First Word in Memory Is Me

Janie Fricke - Where's the Fire

Janie Fricke - You Don't Know Love

Janie Fricke - Your Heart's Not in It

Janie Frickie - Do Me With Love

Janie Frickie - If the Fall Don't Get You

Janie Frickie - The First Word in Memory Is Me

Janie Frickie - Your Heart's Not in It

Janis Joplin - Bye Bye Baby

Janis Martin - Barefoot Baby

Janis Martin - Ooby Dooby

Janitor Joe - African Necklace

Janitor Joe - Big Metal Birds

Janitor Joe - Boyfriend

Janitor Joe - Boys in Blue

Janitor Joe - Early Retirement

Janitor Joe - Goal Oriented

Janitor Joe - Head

Janitor Joe - Limited Edition

Janitor Joe - One Eye

Janitor Joe - Slur

Janitor Joe - Steel Plate

Janitor Joe - Sunshine

Janitor Joe - Untitled

Janitor Joe - Voucher

Javier Solis - Farsante

Jawbox - I've Got You Under My Skin

Jawbox - Jackpot Plus!

Jawbox - Motorist

Jawbreaker - Boxcar

Jawbreaker - Do You Still Hate Me?

Jawbreaker - Jinx Removing

Jawbreaker - Outpatient

Jawbreaker - The Boat Dreams From the Hill

Jawbreaker - West Bay Invitational

Jay McShann - Swingmatism

Jay McShann - Vine Street Boogie

JB Lenoir - Mama Talk To Your Daughter

Jean Knight - Mr Big Stuff

Jean Michel Jarre - Chronologie Part 2

Jean Michel Jarre - Chronologie Part 7

Jeanie Bryson - A Sleepin' Bee

Jeanie Bryson - Bittersweet

Jeanie Bryson - Cheek To Cheek

Jeanie Bryson - Cloudy Morning

Jeanie Bryson - I Feel So Smoochie

Jeanie Bryson - I Love Being Here With You

Jeanie Bryson - Squeeze Me

Jeanie Bryson - Sunshower

Jeanie Bryson - You've Changed

Jean-Louis Murat - La Momie Mentalement

Jean-Louis Murat - Par Mégarde

Jean-Louis Murat - Rouge Est Mon Sommeil

Jeff Beck - Shapes of Things

Jeff Beck & the Big Town Playboys - Baby Blue

Jeff Beck & the Big Town Playboys - B-I-Bickey-Bi-Bo-Bo-Go

Jeff Beck & the Big Town Playboys - Blues Stay Away From Me

Jeff Beck & the Big Town Playboys - Catman

Jeff Beck & the Big Town Playboys - Crazy Legs

Jeff Beck & the Big Town Playboys - Cruisin'

Jeff Beck & the Big Town Playboys - Double Talkin' Baby

Jeff Beck & the Big Town Playboys - Five Feet of Lovin'

Jeff Beck & the Big Town Playboys - Hold Me, Hug Me, Rock Me

Jeff Beck & the Big Town Playboys - Lotta Lovin'

Jeff Beck & the Big Town Playboys - Pink Thunderbird

Jeff Beck & the Big Town Playboys - Pretty Pretty Baby

Jeff Beck & the Big Town Playboys - Race With the Devil

Jeff Beck & the Big Town Playboys - Red Blue Jeans And A Pony Tail

Jeff Beck & the Big Town Playboys - Say Mama

Jeff Beck & the Big Town Playboys - Who Slapped John?

Jeff Beck & the Big Town Playboys - Woman Love

Jeff Beck & the Big Town Playboys - You Better Believe

Jeff Buckley - Be Your Husband - Live at Sin-e, New York, NY - July/August 1993

Jeff Buckley - Eternal Life

Jeff Buckley - Hallelujah - Live at Sin-e, New York, NY - July/August 1993

Jeff Buckley - If You Knew - Live at Sin-e, New York, NY - July/August 1993

Jeff Buckley - Mojo Pin

Jeff Foxworthy - Encore-You Might Be A Redneck If...Part II

Jeff Foxworthy - I Love Being Married

Jeff Foxworthy - Introduction

Jeff Foxworthy - Life As A Father

Jeff Foxworthy - You Might Be a Redneck If...

Jello Biafra_Mojo Nixon - Drinkin' With Jesus

Jello Biafra_Mojo Nixon - Will the Fetus Be Aborted

Jelly Roll Morton - Beale Street Blues

Jelly Roll Morton - Jungle Blues

Jelly Roll Morton - Oh! Didn't He Ramble

Jellyfish - All Is Forgiven

Jellyfish - Brighter Day

Jellyfish - He's My Best Friend

Jellyfish - Hush

Jellyfish - Joining A Fan Club

Jellyfish - New Mistake

Jellyfish - Russian Hill

Jellyfish - Sebrina, Paste And Plato

Jeremy Jordan - A Different Man

Jeremy Jordan - Do It To the Music

Jeremy Jordan - Girl You Got It Going On

Jeremy Jordan - I Wanna Be With You

Jeremy Jordan - It's Alright (This Love Is For Real)

Jeremy Jordan - Loving On Hold

Jeremy Jordan - My Love Is Good Enough

Jeremy Jordan - My Name Is JJ

Jeremy Jordan - Show Me Where It Hurts

Jeremy Jordan - The Right Kind of Love

Jeremy Jordan - Try My Love

Jeremy Jordan - Wanna Girl

Jerry Butler - Make It Easy On Yourself

Jerry Garcia & David Grisman - Freight Train

Jerry Garcia & David Grisman - Jenny Jenkins

Jerry Goldsmith - Back on the Field

Jerry Goldsmith - Family Album

Jerry Goldsmith - Lost Luggage

Jerry Goldsmith - The Assassintion

Jerry Goldsmith - The Key

Jerry Goldsmith - The Motel

Jerry Lee Lewis - Over the Rainbow

Jerry Reed - She Got the Goldmine (I Got the Shaft)

Jerry Rivera - Cara de Niño

Jerry Rivera - Dia Y Noche Pienso En Ti

Jerry Rivera - Que Hay de Malo

Jesse Saunders - On and On

Jesus Jones - Don't Believe It

Jesus Jones - From Love To War

Jesus Jones - Get A Good Thing

Jesus Jones - Idiot Stare

Jesus Jones - Magazine

Jesus Jones - Spiral

Jesus Jones - The Devil You Know

Jesus Jones - The Right Decision

Jesus Jones - Tongue Tied

Jesus Jones - Yellow Brown

Jesus Jones - Your Crusade

Jesus Jones - Zeroes And Ones

Jigsy King - Ha Fi Get Yu Body

Jil Caplan - La grande malle (II)

Jil Caplan - La grande malle (III)

Jil Caplan - L'amour souterrain

Jim Diamond - I Should Have Known Better

Jimi Hendrix - Beginnings

Jimi Hendrix - Drifter's Escape

Jimi Hendrix - Electric Church Red House

Jimi Hendrix - Valleys of Neptune

Jimi Hendrix Experience - 1983... (A Merman I Should Turn To Be)

Jimi Jamison - I'm Always Here

Jimmie Lunceford - Avalon

Jimmy Barnes - Flame Trees

Jimmy Barnes - Still Got A Long Way To Go

Jimmy Barnes - Stone Cold

Jimmy Buffett - A Mile High in Denver

Jimmy Buffett - Ace

Jimmy Buffett - Cumberland High Dilemma

Jimmy Buffett - Ellis Dee

Jimmy Buffett - High Cumberland Jubilee / Comin' Down Slow

Jimmy Buffett - The Hang-Out Gang

Jimmy Dorsey & His Orchestra - I Got Rhythm

Jimmy Dorsey & His Orchestra & Bob Eberly', 'Helen O'Connell - Tangerine

Jimmy Durante - Inka Dinka Doo

Jimmy Durante - Make Someone Happy

Jimmy Durante - Smile (From United Artists Film 'Modern Times')

Jimmy Durante - Young at Heart

Jimmy McGriff - Blue Juice

Jimmy McGriff - The Worm

Jimmy Rogers - Don't You Know My Baby

Jimmy Rogers - One Kiss

Jimmy Sturr - Church Bells Are Ringing

Jimmy Yancey - Cryin' in My Sleep

Jimmy Yancey - Slow And Easy Blues

Jinny - Feel the Rhythm

JM Silk - Music Is the Key

Joan Baez - Angel Band

Joan Baez - Blues Improv

Joan Baez - The Swallow Song

Joan Sebastian - Bigote Mojado

Joan Sebastian - Carrera De La Barranca

Joan Sebastian - El Chachalaco

Joan Sebastian - El Peor De Tus Antojos

Joan Sebastian - El Siete Vidas

Joan Sebastian - En Tu Sonrisa

Joan Sebastian - Envidia

Joan Sebastian - Juanita (Flor De Walamo)

Joan Sebastian - La Carta

Joan Sebastian - Oyeme Chatita

Joan Sebastian - Ranchera El Honor

Joan Sebastian - Verdad Que Duele

Jock Hattle Band - To Be Or Not To Be

Jodeci - Alone

Jodeci - Cry For You

Jodeci - Feenin'

Jodeci - Lately

Jodeci - My Heart Belongs To U

Jodeci - Ride & Slide

Jodeci - What About Us

Jody Reynolds - Beulah Lee

Joe - Get A Little Closer

Joe - If Loving You Is Wrong

Joe - The One For Me

Joe - What's On Your Mind

Joe Clay - Duck Tail

Joe Clay - Sixteen Chicks

Joe Cocker - Bye Bye Blackbird

Joe Cocker & Jennifer Warnes - Up Where We Belong

Joe Diffie - Honky Tonk Attitude

Joe Diffie - in My Own Backyard

Joe Diffie - John Deere Green

Joe Diffie - Prop Me Up Beside the Jukebox (If I Die)

Joe Ely - Highways And Heartaches

Joe Ely - Settle For Love

Joe Ely - The Road Goes On Forever

Joe Ely - Whenever Kindness Fails

joe grushecky & the houserockers - Lighten Up

Joe Henderson - Miles Ahead

Joe Satriani - All Alone

Joe Satriani - Banana Mango II

Joe Satriani - Baroque

Joe Satriani - Crazy

Joe Satriani - Rubina's Blue Sky of Happiness

Joe Satriani - Thinking of You

Joe Satriani - Time Machine

Joe Satriani - Woodstock Jam

Joe Stampley - Soul Song

Joe Yellow - Easy Lovers

Joey Beltram - 252

Joey Beltram - Dance Generator

Joey Beltram - Drum Unit

Joey Beltram - Gravitate

Joey Beltram - Mucho Acid

Joey Beltram - Optics

Joey Beltram - Time Warp

Joey Negro - Do It Believe It

Joey Negro - Don't Stop

Joey Negro - Fly By Night

Joey Negro - Get Up

Joey Negro - Got To Make the Best of A Love Situation

Joey Negro - Love Fantasy

Joey Negro - Sexy Lady

Joey Negro - To Please You

Joey Negro - Universe of Love

Joey Negro - Universe Theme

Joey Negro - What A Life

Joey Negro - What Happened To the Music

Johann Sebastian Bach & András Schiff - French Suite No.2 in C minor, BWV 813: 5a. Menuet I

Johann Sebastian Bach & Wolfgang Rubsam - Keyboard Partita No. 3 in A Minor, BWV 827: I. Fantasia

Johann Stamitz & Tafelmusik Baroque Orchestra & Jeanne Lamon - Concerto in G Major for Flute, Strings, and Basso Continuo: II. Adagio

Johannes Brahms & Yaara Tal & Andreas Groethuysen - 16 Waltzes, Op. 39 (Version for Piano Duet): No. 15 in A-Flat Major

John Anderson - I Wish I Could Have Been There

John Anderson - Money In The Bank

John Barry - Starfire

John Barry & Ferrante & Teicher - Midnight Cowboy

John Berry - Your Love Amazes Me

John Cafferty & the Beaver Brown Band - On The Dark Side

John Cafferty & the Beaver Brown Band - Sleep Walk

John Campbell - Ain't Afraid of Midnight

John Campbell - Down in the Hole

John Campbell - Firin' Line

John Campbell - Look What Love Can Do

John Campbell - Love's Name

John Campbell - Saddle Up My Pony

John Campbell - When the Levee Breaks

John Campbell - Wolf Among the Lambs

John Campbell - Written in Stone

JOHN COLTRANE - I'll Wait And Pray (Alternate Take)

JOHN COLTRANE - We Love To Boogie

John Debney - Main Titles

John Denver - Rocky Mountain High

John Denver - Sunshine On My Shoulders

John Hiatt - Blue Telescope

John Hiatt - Cross My Fingers

John Hiatt - Loving A Hurricane

John Hiatt - Old Habits

John Hiatt - Perfectly Good Guitar

John Hiatt - Something Wild

John Hiatt - Straight Outta Time

John Hiatt - The Wreck of the Barbie Ferrari

John Hiatt - When You Hold Me Tight

John Lee Hooker - Dimples

John Lee Hooker - Howlin' Wolf

John Lee Hooker, Booker T, Randy California - Red House

John Lee 'Sonny Boy' Williamson - Good Morning Little Schoolgirl

John Mayall & the Bluesbreakers - They Call It Stormy Monday

John McLaughlin - Epilogue

John McLaughlin - Prologue

John Mellencamp - Beige To Beige

John Mellencamp - Human Wheels

John Mellencamp - Junior

John Mellencamp - Like a Rolling Stone - Live at Madison Square Garden, New York, NY - October 1992

John Mellencamp - Like A Rolling Stone

John Mellencamp - Suzanne And the Jewels

John Mellencamp - To the River

John Prine - A John Prine Christmas

John Prine - Silent Night All Day Long

John Prine - Silver Bells

John Scofield - Call 911

John Scofield - Camp Out

John Scofield - What They Did

John Williams - A Tree For My Bed

John Williams - Dennis Steals The Embryo

John Williams - End Credits

John Williams - Hatching Baby Raptor

John Williams - High-Wire Stunts

John Williams - Incident At Isla Nublar

John Williams - Journey To The Island

John Williams - Jurassic Park Gate

John Williams - My Friend, The Brachiosaurus

John Williams - Opening Titles

John Williams - Remembering Petticoat Lane

John Williams - The Raptor Attack

John Williams - Theme From Jurassic Park

John Williams - T-Rex Rescue & Finale

John Williams - Welcome To Jurassic Park

John Williams & Itzhak Perlman & Boston Symphony Orchestra - I Could Have Done More

John Williams & Itzhak Perlman & Boston Symphony Orchestra - Theme From Schindler's List (Reprise)

John Williams & Itzhak Perlman & Boston Symphony Orchestra - Theme From Schindler's List

Johnny Adams - Good Morning Heartache

Johnny Adams - I Hadn't Anyone 'Til You

Johnny Carroll - Crazy Crazy Lovin'

Johnny Carroll - Rockin' Maybelle

Johnny Carroll, the Hot Rocks - Crazy Crazy Lovin'

Johnny Gill - I Got You

Johnny Gill - Quiet Time To Play

Johnny Gill - The Floor

Johnny Hallyday - Je Cherche Une Fille

Johnny Hallyday - Je Te Ferai Danser

Johnny Hallyday - Je Veux Me Promener

Johnny Hallyday - Kili Watch

Johnny Hallyday - Noir C'Est Noir

Johnny Hallyday - Oui J'Ai

Johnny Hallyday - Tu Parles Trop

Johnny Hates Jazz - Shattered Dreams

Johnny Hodges - Castle Rock

Johnny Hodges - Good Queen Bess

Johnny Hodges - Mood Indigo

Johnny Hodges and Hist Orchestra - Castle Rock

Johnny Hodges, His Orchestra - Good Queen Bess

Johnny Horton - I'm Coming Home

Johnny Maestro & The Crests - 16 Candles

Johnny Maestro & The Crests - Earth Angel - Stereo

Johnny Maestro & The Crests - Step By Step - Stereo

Johnny Maestro & The Crests - The Angels Listened In - Stereo

Johnny Maestro & The Crests - Trouble In Paradise

Johnny Mathis - The Windmills of Your Mind

Johnny Nash - I Can See Clearly Now

Johnny Paycheck - The Old Violin

Johnny Shines - Baby Don't You Think I Know

Johnny Shines - Black Panther

Johnny Shines - From Dark 'Til Dawn

Johnny Shines - I Don't Know

Johnny Shines - I Had A Good Home

Johnny Shines - I Will Be Kind To You

Johnny Shines - Last Night's Dream

Johnny Shines - Mean Fisherman

Johnny Shines - Pipeline Blues

Johnny Shines - Solid Gold

Johnny Thunders - Personality Crisis

Johnny Winter - I Can Love You Baby

Johnny Winter - Introduction

Johnny Winter - Talk To Your Daughter

Jomanda - After All This Love

Jomanda - Back To You

Jomanda - Don't Deny

Jomanda - Don't Fight the Feeling

Jomanda - Ez'A Said Than Done

Jomanda - Gotta Be With You

Jomanda - I Cried the Tears

Jomanda - I Like It

Jomanda - Just A Little More Time

Jomanda - Kiss You

Jomanda - Life

Jomanda - Tell Me (Whatcha Gonna Do)

Jomanda - Tonight's the Night

Jomanda - When You Come Home

Jon Schmidt - Waterfall

Jonas Fjeld - Jeg Kommer Mot Deg

Jonas Fjeld - Jeriko

Jonas Fjeld - Livets Kor

Jonas Fjeld - Nå Er Kvelden Her

Jonas Fjeld - Noe Mer

Jonas Fjeld - Sett Bagen Fra Deg

Jonas Fjeld - Stemmen Fra Tjernet

Jonas Hellborg - Child King

Jonas Hellborg - Death That Sleeps in Them

Jonas Hellborg - Kidogo

Jonas Hellborg - Rana And Fara

Jonas Hellborg - The Past Is A Different Country, I Don't Live There Anymore

Jones & Stephenson - The First Rebirth

Jones & Stephenson - The Life of Flow

Joni James - Why Don't You Believe Me

Jonny L - The Ansaphone

Jope Ruonansuu - Haluatko ostaa vokaalin

Jope Ruonansuu - Ilman jarruja helvettiin

Jope Ruonansuu - Kaiken takana (on piilossa)

Jope Ruonansuu - Ritke Vorresteri

Jorge Ben Jor - Bumbo Da Mangueira

Jorge Ben Jor - Engenho De Dentro

Jorge Ben Jor - Ive Brussel

Jorge Ben Jor - Mulheres No Volante

Jorge Ben Jor - Princesa

Jorge Ben Jor - Spirogyra Story

José Carreras - English Chamber Orchestra - Robin Stapleton - Valencia

José Carreras - Joy To the World

José Carreras - Placido Domingo

Joshua Kadison - Beau's All Night Radio Love Line

Joshua Kadison - Beautiful In My Eyes

Joshua Kadison - Georgia Rain

Joshua Kadison - Invisible Man

Joshua Kadison - Jessie

Joshua Kadison - Mama's Arms

Joshua Kadison - Painted Desert Serenade

Joshua Kadison - Picture Postcards From L.A.

Joshua Kadison - When A Woman Cries

Joshua Redman - Blues On Sunday

Joshua Redman - Body & Soul

Joshua Redman - Groove X (By Any Means Necessary)

Joshua Redman - I Got You (I Feel Good)

Joshua Redman - On the Sunny Side of the Street

Joshua Redman - Salt Peanuts

Joshua Redman - Tribalism

Joshua Redman - Wish

Joy Lynn White - Cold Day in July

Joy Salinas - Bip Bip

Joy Salinas - Comin'

Joy Salinas - Give a Little Love

Joy Salinas - I'm a Lady

Joy Salinas - Man of My Dreams

Joy Salinas - No Guarantees

Joy Salinas - Nothing's Impossible to Do

Joy Salinas - People Talk

Joy Salinas - You're Gonna Make Me Love Somebody Else

Jr. Walker & the All Stars - Ball Baby

Jr. Walker & the All Stars - Blow the House Down

Jr. Walker & the All Stars - Rise And Shine

Jr. Walker & the All Stars - Sexpot

Jr. Walker & the All Stars - Urgent

Judas Priest - Breaking the Law

Judas Priest - Living After Midnight

Judy Clay - Bed of Roses

Judy Collins - Like A Rolling Stone

Judy Holliday - The Party's Over

Juice Leskinen - Haitaribussi

Juice Leskinen - Pikkuneiti ja vaari

Juice Newton - Hurt

Julee Cruise - Friends For Life

Julee Cruise - in My Other World

Julee Cruise - Kool Kat Walk

Julee Cruise - Movin' in On You

Julee Cruise - Questions in A World of Blue

Julee Cruise - She Would Die For Love

Julee Cruise - The Space For Love

Julee Cruise - The Voice of Love

Julee Cruise - This Is Our Night

Julee Cruise - Until the End of the World

Julee Cruise - Up in Flames

Juliane Werding - Sonne auf der Haut

Juliane Werding - Weich und warm

Julie Sue & Chi Tian Zhe Ye & chang Yong Fu - 牽手

Julien Clerc - Bande Originale Pub Citroën

Julien Clerc - On N'est Pas Sérieux Quand On A 17 Ans

Juliet Roberts - Caught in the Middle

Juliet Roberts - Free Love

Julio Jaramillo - Cuando Llora Mi Guitarra

Julio Jaramillo - Fatalidad

Julio Jaramillo - Nuestro Juramento

Julio Jaramillo - Rondando Tu Esquina

June Christy - Angel Eyes

June Christy - My Shining Hour

June Christy - Willow Weep For Me

June Christy with the Lou Levy Sextet - Everything Must Change

June Christy with the Lou Levy Sextet - I'll Remember April

June Christy with the Lou Levy Sextet - My Shining Hour

June Christy with the Lou Levy Sextet - Once Upon A Summertime

June Christy with the Lou Levy Sextet - Show Me

June Christy with the Lou Levy Sextet - The Trouble With Hello Is Goodbye

June Christy with the Lou Levy Sextet - Willow Weep For Me

Jungle Wonz - Bird in A Guilded Cage

Junior Brown - Broke Down South Of Dallas

Junior Brown - Highway Patrol

Junior Brown - My Wife Thinks You're Dead

Junior Byles - Curly Locks

Junior Vasquez & Lectroluv (Fred Jorio) - Dream Drums - All Over Sound Factory Mix

Junior Walker - Shotgun

Junior Wells - Help Me

Junior Wells - Little Red Rooster

Junko Ohashi - シンプル・ラブ

Juno Reactor - 10_000 Miles

Juno Reactor - Acid Moon

Juno Reactor - Contact

Juno Reactor - High Energy Protons

Juno Reactor - Landing

Juno Reactor - Laughing Gas

Juno Reactor - Lullaby

Juno Reactor - Luna-tic

Juno Reactor - Man To Ray

Juno Reactor - The Heavens

Justin Hinds And the Dominoes - Fight Too Much

Justin Hinds And the Dominoes - Once A Man

Jynx - Pure-Elation part II

K.T. Oslin - Come Next Monday

K.T. Oslin - Do Ya'

K.T. Oslin - Feeding A Hungry Heart

K.T. Oslin - Get Back in the Saddle

K.T. Oslin - Hey Bobby

K.T. Oslin - Hold Me

K.T. Oslin - I'll Always Come Back

K.T. Oslin - New Way Home

K.T. Oslin - This Woman

K.T. Oslin - Truly Blue

K.T. Oslin - You Can't Do That

K7 - Body Rock

K7 - Come Baby Come

K7 - I'll Make You Feel Good

K7 - Move It Like This



Kahvas Jute - 23

Kahvas Jute - Acension (Live at the Basement, 2005)

Kahvas Jute - Ascend (Live at the Basement, 2005)

Kahvas Jute - Ascend

Kahvas Jute - Free

Kahvas Jute - Odyssey

Kahvas Jute - Parade of Fools (Live at the Basement, 2005)

Kahvas Jute - Parade of Fools

Kahvas Jute - Politician (Live at the Basement, 2005)

Kahvas Jute - She's So Hard To Shake (Live at the Basement, 2005)

Kahvas Jute - Shes So Hard To Shake

Kahvas Jute - She's So Hard to Shake

Kahvas Jute - Steps of Time

Kahvas Jute - Twenty Three

Kahvas Jute - Up There

Kahvas Jute - Vikings

Kaija Koo - Hanat aukeaa

Kaija Koo - Kuka keksi rakkauden

Kaija Koo - Kylmä ilman sua

Kaija Koo - Matkalla kotiin

Kaija Koo - Niin kaunis on hiljaisuus

Kaija Koo - Rakkauden partaalla

Kaija Koo - Seison vierelläsi

Kaija Koo - Tämä yö

Kaija Koo - Tule lähemmäs Beibi

Kaija Koo - Tuulten viemää

Kaija Koo - Viimeinen lento

Kajagoogoo - Too Shy

Kajagoogoo - Turn Your Back On Me

kalapana - Real Thing

Kari Bremnes - Alle Vet Jo Det

Kari Bremnes - Børn

Kari Bremnes - Gikk Du Noen Gang Fri?

Kari Bremnes - Løsrivelse

Kari Bremnes - Pæretreet

Kari Bremnes - Scene I Skogen

Kari Bremnes - Søvngjengersken

Kari Bremnes - Tiltrekning

Kari Bremnes - What If I Never Speed

Karkkiautomaatti - En kai koskaan löydä sitä oikeaa

Karkkiautomaatti - Hei Johanna

Karrin Allyson - (Pack Your) Suitcase Blues

Karrin Allyson - Guilty

Karrin Allyson - I Didn't Know About You

Karrin Allyson - I Don't Stand A Ghost of A Chance With You

Karrin Allyson - Jesse

Karrin Allyson - Nature Boy

Karrin Allyson - Save That Time

Karrin Allyson - What A Little Moonlight Can Do

Karunesh - Heart

Karunesh - Third Eye

KATAKLYSM - Feeling the Neverworld

KATAKLYSM - Mould in A Breed

KATAKLYSM - Mystical Plane of Evil

KATAKLYSM - Shrine of Life

KATAKLYSM - The Orb of Uncreation

KATAKLYSM - Whirlwind of Withered Blossoms

Katatonia - Dancing December

Katatonia - Gateways of Bereavement

Katatonia - in Silence Enshrined

Katatonia - Seven Dreaming Souls

Katatonia - The Northern Silence

Katatonia - Velvet Thorns (Of Drynwhyl)

Kate Bush - Why Should I Love You?

Kathy Mattea - There's A New Kid in Town

Kauko Royhka - KATSE

Kauko Royhka - MIKÄ ESTÄÄ SUA?

Kauko Royhka - OIKEA ASENNE

Keimzeit - Alfred

Keimzeit - Kleinod

Keimzeit - Oputz I

Keimzeit - Schmetterlinge

Keimzeit - Zweiundzwanzig

Keith Jarrett, Gary Peacock, Jack DeJohnette - Blackbird, Bye Bye

Keith Jarrett, Gary Peacock, Jack DeJohnette - Bye Bye Blackbird

Keith Jarrett, Gary Peacock, Jack DeJohnette - For Miles

Keith Jarrett, Gary Peacock, Jack DeJohnette - I Thought About You

Keith Jarrett, Gary Peacock, Jack DeJohnette - Straight No Chaser

Keith Jarrett, Gary Peacock, Jack DeJohnette - Summer Night

Keith Washington - Believe That

Keith Washington - Do What You Like

Keith Washington - Don't Leave Me in the Dark

Keith Washington - No One

Keith Washington - Stay in My Corner

Keith Washington - Trippin'

Keith Washington - We Need To Talk/Before I Let Go

Keith Washington - What It Takes

Keith Washington - You Always Gotta Go

Keith Washington - You Make It Easy

Keith Washington (Duet With Letitia Body) - Let Me Make Love To You

Kelly Marie - Run To Me

Kelly Willis - Whatever Way the Wind Blows

Kenny Loggins - Return To Pooh Corner

Kenny Loggins - Your Mama Don't Dance

Kenny Loggins & Michael McDonald - What a Fool Believes

Kenny Rogers - Coward of the County

Kenny Rogers - Daytime Friends

Kenny Rogers - Green Green Grass Of Home

Kenny Rogers - Lady

Kenny Rogers - Long Arm of the Law

Kenny Rogers - Lucille

Kenny Rogers - Reuben James

Kenny Rogers - Ruby Don't Take Your Love to Town

Kent - Un peu de Prévert

Kent Henry - I Sing Praises to Your Name

Kent Henry - I Stand in Awe of You

Kent Henry', 'Integrity's Hosanna! Music - When I Look Into Your Holiness

Kerrs Pink - Kingdom of Nothing

Ketama - Demasiado Corazon

Ketama - Esencia

Ketama - Ke Me Dehe

Ketama - Todo Tiene Su Tiempo

Ketama feat. Antonio Vega Talles - Se Dejaba Llevar Por Ti

Ketil Bjørnstad, Terje Rypdal, Bjørn Kjellemyr, Per Hillestad - Ten Thousand Years Later (Water Stories Part 2: Approaching the Sea)

Kevin Eubanks - Contact

Kevin Eubanks - Earth Party

Kevin Eubanks - Going Outside

Kevin Eubanks - Inside

Kevin Eubanks - Landing

Kevin Eubanks - Livin'

Kevin Eubanks - Spirit Talk

Kevin Eubanks - Union

KEVIN WELCH - Early Summer Rain

Keziah Jones - Hidetheology

Keziah Jones - Rainy London Streets

Keziah Jones - Scream

Keziah Jones - Secret Thoughts

Kid Abelha - Eu Tive Um Sonho

Kim Carnes - Chain Letter

Kim Carnes - Crazy in the Night (Barking At Airplanes)

Kim Carnes - Don't Cry Now

Kim Carnes - Gypsy Honeymoon

Kim Carnes - It Hurts So Bad

Kim Carnes - More Love

Kim Carnes - Rough Edges

Kim Gun Mo - Excuses

Kim Weston - Wish You A Merry Christmas

Kingmaker - Broadmoor Hotel

Kingmaker - Don't Come Over

Kingmaker - Electric Sue

Kingmaker - Flesh Phobia

Kingmaker - Genuine Liar

Kingmaker - Help Yourself

Kingmaker - Honesty Kills

Kingmaker - I'm in Love

Kingmaker - Loose Lips Sink Ships

Kingmaker - Never Too High To Fall

Kingmaker - Playground Brutality

Kingmaker - Pyromaniacs Anonymous

Kingmaker - Sad To See You Go

Kingmaker - Saturday's Not What It Used To Be

Kingmaker - Sequinned Thug

Kingmaker - Shiver

Kingmaker - Sick And Angry Children

Kingmaker - Sleep Walking in the Five O'Clock Shadow

Kingmaker - Stay Free

Kingmaker - Ten Years Asleep

Kingmaker - Tomorrow's World

Kingmaker - Your Place

Kingston Wall - And It's All Happening

Kingston Wall - Could It Be So

Kingston Wall - I Feel Love

Kingston Wall - Istwan

Kingston Wall - Love Tonight

Kingston Wall - Shine On Me

Kingston Wall - Two of A Kind

Kingston Wall - We Cannot Move

Kingston Wall - You

Kirk Franklin - He's Able

Kirk Franklin - Silver and Gold

Kirk Franklin - Why We Sing

Kirk Whalum - Jevetta Steele

Kirsty MacColl - Angel

Kirsty MacColl - Don't Go Home

Kirsty MacColl - Last Day of Summer

Kirsty MacColl - Quietly Alone

Kirsty MacColl - Titanic Days

Kirsty MacColl - You Know It's You

Kitaro - A Child Without A Father

Kitaro - Destiny

Kitaro - Heaven And Earth (End Title)

Kitaro - Heaven And Earth (Land Theme) - Heaven And Earth/Soundtrack Version

Kitaro - Sau Nightmare

Kitaro - Steve's Ghosts

Kitaro - Trong Com

Kitaro - V.C. Bonfire

Kitaro - Village Attack/ the Arrest

Kitaro - Walk To the Village

Kitty Margolis - Ancient Footprints

Kitty Margolis - Anthropology

Kitty Margolis - Evolution

Kitty Margolis - Firm Roots (Are What You Need To Win)

Kitty Margolis - Gone With the Wind

Kitty Margolis - I'm Old Fashioned

Kitty Margolis - Midnight Sun

Kitty Margolis - Nothing Like You

Kitty Margolis - Please Send Me Someone To Love

Kitty Margolis - Someone Else Is Steppin' In

Kitty Margolis - Tristeza De Amar

Kitty Margolis - When Lights Are Low

Kitty Margolis - Where Do You Start?

Kitty Margolis - You Don't Know What Love Is

Kitty Wells - Away in A Manger

Kitty Wells - Dust On the Bible

Kitty Wells - Mommy For A Day

K-Klass - Let Me Show You

Klasse Kriminale - Goal!

Klasse Kriminale - I Ragazzi Sono Innocenti

Klasse Kriminale - Politicanti

Kleenex - 1978

Kleenex - Dolly Dollar

Kleenex - I had a dream

Kleenex - Igel

Kleenex - Krimi

Kleenex - Madness

Kleenex - Thumblerdoll

Kleenex - Tisko

Kleenex - Turn the table

Klezmer Conservatory Band - Lena From Palesteena

Klingonz - Kaned

Klingonz - Pact With the Devil

Klingonz - Short Memories

Klingonz - Somebody's Gonna Get Their Head Kicked in Tonight

KMFDM - A Drug Against War

KMFDM - Light

Koko Taylor - I Need More And More

Koko Taylor - Um Huh My Baby

Kool & the Gang - I Think I Love You

Kool & the Gang - Klassical Kool God Will Find You

Kool & the Gang - Love Come Down

Kool & the Gang - Pretty Little Sexy Miss

Kool & the Gang - The Weight

Kool & the Gang - Unite

Kool & the Gang feat. Lauryn Hill - Summer

Kool Moe Dee - Can U Feel It

Kool Moe Dee - Gimme My Props

Kool Moe Dee - God Made Me Funke

Kool Moe Dee - Let's Go

Kool Moe Dee - Look At Me Now

Kool Moe Dee - Whosgotdaflava

Korn - Alive

Korn - Blind

Korn - Daddy

Kostia - Universal Garden

Köttgrottorna - 44743

Köttgrottorna - Bara för en peng

Köttgrottorna - Bosnien

Köttgrottorna - Carlos

Köttgrottorna - DNA

Köttgrottorna - Gravöl

Köttgrottorna - Kaninen

Köttgrottorna - Mot avgrunden

Köttgrottorna - The Ornitologs

Köttgrottorna - Utan jobb

Kris de Bruyne - Waar Ik Voor Leef

Kris Kross - 2 Da Beat Ch'yall

Kris Kross - A Lot 2 Live 4

Kris Kross - Alright (Extended)

Kris Kross - Alright

Kris Kross - D.J. Nabs Break

Kris Kross - Da Bomb

Kris Kross - Freak Da Funk

Kris Kross - I'm Real

Kris Kross - Intro

Kris Kross - It Don't Stop (Hip Hop Classic)

Kris Kross - Sound of My Hood

Kris Kross - Take Um Out

Kristin Hersh - Your Ghost

Krokodil - Daybreak

Krokodil - Linger

Krokodil - That's All Right, Mama

KRS-One - Black Cop

KRS-One - I Can't Wake Up

KRS-One - Mortal Thought

KRS-One - Outta Here

KRS-One - Sound of da Police

Kruder & Dorfmeister - Deep Shit, Pt. 1 & 2

Kruder & Dorfmeister - High Noon

Kruder & Dorfmeister - Original Bedroom Rockers

Kruder and Dorfmeister - Original Bedroom Rockers

K's Choice - Breakfast

K's Choice - Elegia

K's Choice - I Smoke A Lot

K's Choice - I Wanna Meet the Man

K's Choice - I Will Return To You

K's Choice - Laughing As I Pray

K's Choice - Me Happy

K's Choice - My Heart

K's Choice - The Ballad of Lea & Paul

K's Choice - Walk Away

K's Choice - What the Hell Is Love

K's Choice - Winter

Kurt Bestor - The Melody Within

La Barberia Del Sur - El Sueño Va Sobre El Tiempo

La Fiebre - Borracho De Besos

La Fiebre - Con Un Beso

La Fiebre - Corazoncito Divino

La Fiebre - Estoy Triste Otra Vez

La Fiebre - Loco Por Tu Amor

La Fiebre - Quiero Verte

La Fiebre - Solo Un Sueño

La Lupita - El Camello

La Lupita - El Rey Leonardo

La Luz Roja De San Marcos - La Muerte De Marili

La Mafia - Alas De Papel

La Mafia - El Amor Que Te Ofrezco

La Mafia - Limite

La Mafia - Me Estas Haciendo Falta

La Mafia - No Me Beses

La Mafia - Tengo Un Amor

La Mafia - Un Millon De Besos

La Polla Records - El intocable

La Polla Records - Eutanasia

La Polla Records - Hoy es el futuro

La Unión - Lolita

La Unión - Más Y Más

La Unión - Oración

La Unión - Promesa Rota

La Unión - Shaman

La Unión - Verano Del 82

La Unión - Viaje A Ninguna Parte

La Unión - Vida Animal Nocturna

Ladanybene 27 - Az én napom

Ladanybene 27 - Látlak Afrika

Ladanybene 27 - Rapgae

Ladanybene 27 - Rastafari

Ladanybene 27 - Szedegetem

Ladanybene 27 - Valami véget ért

Ladanybene 27 - Végtelen utazás

Laika & the Cosmonauts - Experiment in Terror

Laika & the Cosmonauts - Note Crisis

Laika & the Cosmonauts - S.P.Y.D.A.'s Web

Laika & the Cosmonauts - Vendetta

Lal and Norma Warterson - Grace Darling

Larry Carlton - Red Hot Poker

Larry Carlton feat. Terry McMillan feat. Terry McMillan - Anthem

Larry Garner - Thought I Had the Blues

Laura Branigan - Didn't We Almost Win It All

Laura Branigan - It's Been Hard Enough Getting Over You

Laura Branigan - Love Your Girl

Laura Branigan - Mangwane (The Wedding Song)

Laura Branigan - Mujer Contra Mujer

Laura Branigan - Only Time Will Tell

Laura Branigan - Over My Heart

Laura Branigan - The Sweet Hello, the Sad Goodbye

Laura Nyro - Christmas in My Soul

Laura Pausini - La Solitudine

Laura Voutilainen - Bailaamaan

Laura Voutilainen - Kerran

Laura Voutilainen - Lupaa siihen en saa

Laura Voutilainen - Muuttanut oot maailmain

Laura Voutilainen - Sen kesän muistan

Laura Voutilainen - Tein eilen sen

Laura Voutilainen - Yksi ainoa suudelma

Laurent Voulzy - Le Rêve Du Pêcheur

Laurie Anderson - Speak My Language

Laurie Anderson - Tightrope

Lawnmower Deth - (I) Stomach Gout (II) I Narcissus

Lawnmower Deth - A Funny Thing About It Is

Lawnmower Deth - Billy

Lawnmower Deth - Buddy Holly Never Wrote A Song Called Were Too Punk

Lawnmower Deth - Do You Wanna Be A Chuffed Core

Lawnmower Deth - I Need To Be Your Main Squeeze

Lawnmower Deth - If It Was Grey Youd Say Its Black

Lawnmower Deth - Kids in America (93)

Lawnmower Deth - March of the Dweebs

Lawnmower Deth - Purple Haze

Lawnmower Deth - Somebody Call Me A Taxi

Lawnmower Deth - Up the Junction

Le Mans - Al Bulevar

Le Mans - Astronautas

Le Mans - El Cielo

Le Mans - H.E.L.L.O.

Le Mans - Jersey Inglés

Le Mans - Juan

Le Mans - Manzanas Y Naranjas

Le Mans - Pescado Y Vino

Le Mans - Por Tres Años

Le Mans - Un Rayo De Sol

Lea Salonga - It's Just Goodbye

Lea Salonga - The Journey

Lea Salonga w - Brad Kane - Could Be in Love

Leaders of the New School - A Quarter To Cutthroat

Leaders of the New School - Bass Is Loaded

Leaders of the New School - Classic Material

Leaders of the New School - Connections

Leaders of the New School - Daily Reminder

Leaders of the New School - Droppin' It-4-1990-Ever

Leaders of the New School - Eternal

Leaders of the New School - Final Solution(LP Version)

Leaders of the New School - Noisy Meditation

Leaders of the New School - Spontaneous (13 MC's Deep)

Leaders of the New School - Syntax Era

Leaders of the New School - The Difference

Leaders of the New School - The End Is Near

Leaders of the New School - Time Will Tell

Leaders of the New School - Understanding the Inner Mind's Eye

Leaders of the New School - What's Next

Leaders of the New School - Zearocks

Leæther Strip - Khomenin

Leatherface - Do the Right Thing

Leatherface - Fat, Earthy, Flirt

Lee Aaron - in the Dark

Lee Andrews & the Hearts - Teardrops

Lee Andrews And the Hearts - Teardrops

Lee Andrews, the Hearts - Bluebird of Happiness

Lee Andrews, the Hearts - It's Me

Lee Andrews, the Hearts - Just Suppose

Lee Andrews, the Hearts - Leona

Lee Andrews, the Hearts - Lonely Room

Lee Andrews, the Hearts - Show Me the Merengue

Lee Andrews, the Hearts - Why Do I

Lee Dorsey - Do Re Mi

Lee Dorsey - Occapella

Lee Dorsey - Yes We Can - Pt. 1

Lee Ranaldo - One

Lee Ranaldo - Three

Lee Ranaldo - Two

Lee Ritenour - Boss City

Lee Ritenour - N.Y. Time

Lee Ritenour - Ocean Ave.

Lee Ritenour & Harvey Mason & Bob James - A Little Bumpin'

Lee Ritenour feat. Harvey Mason - 4 On 6

Lee Ritenour feat. Harvey Mason - Goin' On To Detroit

Lee Ritenour feat. Harvey Mason - Ocean Ave.

Lee Ritenour feat. Harvey Mason feat. Bob James - A Little Bumpin'

Lee Ritenour feat. Harvey Mason feat. Bob James - A New Day

Lee Ritenour feat. Harvey Mason feat. Bob James - Road Song

Lee Ritenour feat. Harvey Mason feat. Bob James - Wes Bound

Lee Roy Parnell - I'm Holding My Own

Lee Roy Parnell - On the Road

LEE SEUNG HWAN - 화려하지 ì•s은 ê³ ë°± Confession Is Not Flashy

Leevi and the leavings - Kyyhkynen ja kyykäärme

Leevi and the leavings - Turkmenialainen tyttöystävä

Leevi and the leavings - Yön tuoksut

Leftfield - Fanfare of Life

Leftfield - Open Up

Lefty Frizzell - If You've Got the Money

Legião Urbana - Do Espirito/O Bebeado E A Equilibrista

Legião Urbana - O Passeio Da Boa Vista

Legião Urbana - Vamos Fazer Um Filme

Leila Pinheiro - Anima

Leila Pinheiro - Besame

Leila Pinheiro - Coisas Do Brasil

Leila Pinheiro - Gostava Tanto De Você

Leila Pinheiro - Medley 'Ao Poeta' - Primavera / Deixa / Marcha Da Quarta-Feira De Cinzas

Leila Pinheiro - Medley: Quem Te Viu, Quem Te Vê / Tem Mais Samba / Canta, Canta Minha Gente

Leila Pinheiro - Podres Poderes

Leila Pinheiro - Tempo Perdido

Lena Fiagbe - Gotta Get It Right

Leningrad Cowboys - Elvis Show / Trouble

Leningrad Cowboys - Happy Together

Leningrad Cowboys - Ilja Limanow- Show

Leningrad Cowboys - Kasakka

Leningrad Cowboys - Proud Mary

Leningrad Cowboys - Sabre Dance

Leningrad Cowboys - Säkkijärven polkka

Leningrad Cowboys - Sweet home Alabama

Leningrad Cowboys feat. the Alexandrov Red Army Ensemble - Happy Together

Lenny Kravitz - Are You Gonna Go My Way?

Lenny Kravitz - Are You Gonna Go My Way

Lenny Kravitz - Believe

Lenny Kravitz - Black Girl

Lenny Kravitz - Eleutheria

Lenny Kravitz - Is There Any Love in Your Heart

Lenny Kravitz - Sugar

Lenny Willliams - Problem Solver

Leonard Rosenman - City Mayhem

Leonard Rosenman - Creating the Monster

Leonard Rosenman - Happier Days

Leonard Rosenman - Overture: Robo Cop

Leonard Rosenman - Robo and Chain Chase

Leonard Rosenman - Robo and Nuke

Leonard Rosenman - Robo Cruiser

Leonard Rosenman - Robo Fanfare

Leonard Rosenman - Robo I vs. Robo II

Leonard Rosenman - Robo Memories

Leonardo Favio - Fuiste Mía Un Verano

Leoni - Garotos II - O Outro Lado

Les Colocs - Passe-moé la puck

Les Innocents - I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus

Les Innocents - Joyeux Noël

Les Innocents - Merry X'mas Everybody

Les Innocents - Santa Claus Is Coming To Town

Les McCann - Boo-Go-Loo

Les McCann - Burnin' Coal

Les McCann - Harlem Buck Dance Strut

Les McCann - Sometimes I Cry

Les McCann - Vacushna

Les McCann - With These Hands

Les Négresses Vertes - Zobi la mouche

Les Rita Mitsouko - Au Fond Du Couloir

Les Rita Mitsouko - Femme D'Affaires

Les Rita Mitsouko - Get Up, Get Older

Les Rita Mitsouko - La Belle Vie

Les Rita Mitsouko - L'hôtel Particulier

Les Rita Mitsouko - Y'a D'la Haine

Les Wampas - Allison

Les Wampas - Comme Un Ange (Qui Pleure)

Les Wampas - Euroslow

Les Wampas - J'Y Crois

Les Wampas - La Pluie Qui Tombe

Les Wampas - Le Ciel Est Un Océan

Les Wampas - Les Baleines

Les Wampas - Les Bottes Rouges

Les Wampas - Les Iles Au Soleil (Ios)

Lesley Gore - Summer And Sandy

Lester Young - Afternoon of A Basie-Ite

Lester Young - Blues 'N' Bells

Lester Young - Buddy Rich Trio - I've Found a New Baby

Lester Young - Exercise in Swing

Lester Young - I Never Knew

Lester Young - Lester Blows Again

Lester Young - Mean To Me

Lester Young - Three Little Words

Lester Young Sextet - Blues 'N' Bells

Levellers - Julie

Levert - ABC-123

Liane Foly - A Trace of You (Doucement)

Liane Foly - Anywhere Anyplace Anytime

Liane Foly - Au Fur Et À Mesure

Liane Foly - J'irai Tranquille

Liane Foly - No Sweat

Liane Foly - Tear of Desire

Liane Foly - Who Knows Why

Liberación - A Esa

Liberación - Amigo Mío

Liberación - Amor Mío

Liberación - Cascos Ligeros

Liberación - Cómo Duele

Liberación - Deshojando Petalos

Liberación - Ese Loco Soy Yo

Liberación - Hoy

Liberación - La Promesa De Amor

Liberación - Llegaste Tú

Liberación - Me Estas Haciendo Falta

Liberación - Mi Pequeño Amor

Liberación - Nubes De Algodón

Liberación - Para Estar Contigo

Liberación - Todo Por Tu Amor

Liberación - Vuelve Mi Amor

Life of Agony - Bad Seed

Life of Agony - Monday

Life of Agony - My Eyes

Life Of Agony - River Runs Red

Life of Agony - The Stain Remains

Life of Agony - Underground

Life of Agony - Words And Music

Ligabue - Ancora in piedi

Ligabue - Ho messo via

Ligabue - I duri hanno due cuori

Ligabue - Lo zoo è qui

Ligabue - Pane al pane

Ligabue - Prezoo

Ligabue - Quando tocca a te

Ligabue - Walter il mago

Lightnin' Hopkins - Bring Me My Shotgun

Lightnin' Hopkins - I'm A Stranger

Lightnin' Hopkins - Late in the Evening

Lightnin Hopkins - War Is Starting Again

Lightning Slim - Rooster Blues

Lights of Euphoria - Central Europe

Lights of Euphoria - Ice Machine

Lights of Euphoria - Subjection

Limahl - Never Ending Story

Limahl - Too Much Trouble

Linda Lyndell - What A Man

Linda Ronstadt - Winter Light

Link Wray - Ramble

Lionel Hampton - Lullaby of Birdland

Lionrock - The Guide

Lisa Stansfield - Goodbye

Lisa Stansfield - I Give You Everything

Lisa Stansfield - in All the Right Places

Lisa Stansfield - Little Bit of Heaven

Lisa Stansfield - Marvellous & Mine

Lisa Stansfield - Never Set Me Free

Lisa Stansfield - She's Always There

Lisa Stansfield - So Natural

Lisa Stansfield - Sweet Memories

Lisa Stansfield - Too Much Lovemakin'

Lisa Stansfield - Turn Me On

Litfiba - Fata Morgana

Litfiba - Il Mistero Di Giulia

Litfiba - Prima Guardia

Litfiba - Soldi

Litfiba - Sotto il vulcano

Little Brother Montgomery - Up the Country Blues

Little Jimmy Dickens - Country Boy

Little' Jimmy Dickens - Country Boy

Little' Jimmy Dickens - May the Bird of Paradise Fly Up Your Nose

Little Milton - Open the Door To Your Heart

LITTLE TEXAS - Cutoff Jeans

LITTLE TEXAS - Forget About Forgetting You

LITTLE TEXAS - Love and Learn

Little Texas - My Love


LITTLE TEXAS - Only Thing I'm Sure Of


LITTLE TEXAS - This Time It's Real

Little Texas - What Might Have Been

Little Walter - Don't Need No Horse

Little Walter - Fast Boogie

Little Walter - Juke

Little Walter - Last Night

Little Walter - My Babe

Little Willie John - Home At Last

Living Colour - Auslander

Living Colour - Bi

Living Colour - Go Away

Living Colour - Ignorance Is Bliss

Living Colour - Leave It Alone

Living Colour - Never Satisfied

Living Colour - Nothingness

Living Colour - Postman

Liz PHair - 6'1'

Liz Phair - Ant in Alaska (Unreleased B-Side)

Liz Phair - Canary

Liz Phair - Divorce Song

Liz Phair - Flower

Liz Phair - Fuck and Run

Liz Phair - Girls! Girls! Girls!

Liz Phair - Help Me Mary

Liz Phair - Johnny Sunshine

Liz Phair - Mesmerizing

Liz PHair - Never Said

Liz Phair - Say You (Unreleased B-Side)

Liz Phair - Shatter

Liz Phair - Soap Star Joe

Liz Phair - Strange Loop

Liz Phair - Stratford-on-Guy

LL Cool J - A Little Somethin'

LL Cool J - Ain't No Stoppin' This

LL Cool J - All We Got Left Is the Beat

LL Cool J - Back Seat

LL Cool J - Buckin' Em Down

LL Cool J - Crossroads

LL Cool J - Diggy Down

LL Cool J - Pink Cookies in A Plastic Bag Getting Crushed By Buildings

Lloyd Cole - Can't Get Arrested

Lloyd Cole - Fall Together

Lloyd Cole - Morning Is Broken

Lloyd Cole - So You'd Like To Save the World

Lloyd Cole - Wild Mushrooms

Lloyd Price - Why

Lobo - Don't Expect Me to Be Your Friend

Lobo - How Can I Tell Her

Lobo - I'd Love You to Want Me

Lobo - Me and You and a Dog Named Boo

Loft - Summer Summer

Lonnie Gordon - Do You Want It

Lonnie Gordon - Don't Stop Lovin' Me, Baby

Lonnie Gordon - Happening All Over Again

Lonnie Gordon - I Will Survive

Lonnie Gordon - Little Ghetto Boy

Lonnie Gordon - Love Can Turn Around

Lonnie Gordon - Missing You

Lonnie Gordon - Sing A Song

Lonnie Gordon - Stay Together

Lonnie Gordon - Your Touch

Lonnie Liston Smith - A Song For the Children

Lonnie Liston Smith - Space Princess

Lonnie Liston Smith and the Cosmic Echoes - Beautiful Woman

Lonnie Liston Smith and the Cosmic Echoes - Cosmic Funk

Lonnie Liston Smith and the Cosmic Echoes - Footprints

Lonnie Liston Smith and the Cosmic Echoes - Naima

Lonnie Liston Smith and the Cosmic Echoes - Peaceful Ones

Lonnie Liston Smith and the Cosmic Echoes - Sais (Egypt)

Lord Creator - Don't Stay Out Late

Lord Creator - Golden Love

Lord Creator - Little Miss Princess

Lord Creator - Man To Man

Lords of the Underground - Check It (Explicit)

Lords of the Underground - Chief Rocka (Explicit)

Lords Of The Underground - Chief Rocka

Lords of the Underground - Flow On (New Symphony) (Explicit)

Lords of the Underground - From Da Bricks (Explicit)

Lords of the Underground - Funky Child (Explicit)

Lords Of The Underground - Funky Child

Lords of the Underground - Grave Digga

Lords of the Underground - Here Come the Lords (Explicit)

Lords Of The Underground - Here Come The Lords

Lords of the Underground - Keep It Underground (Explicit)

Lords of the Underground - L.O.T.U.G. (Lords of the Underground) (Explicit)

Lords of the Underground - Lord Jazz Hit Me One Time (Make It Funky) (Explicit)

Lords of the Underground - Lord's Prayer (Explicit)

Lords of the Underground - Madd Skillz (Explicit)

Lords of the Underground - Psycho (Explicit)

Lords of the Underground - Sleep For Dinner (Explicit)

Lords of the Underground - What's Going On (Explicit)

Loren Connors - 10th Ave

Loren Connors - An Air

Loren Connors - Brigid's Song

Loren Connors - Death Avenue

Loren Connors - Hell's Kitchen Park

Loren Connors - Mother & Son

Loren Connors - New Morning

Loren Connors - The McCaffrey Playground

Lorenzo Antonio - ¿ Cómo, cuándo y porqué ( Why do I love you so )

Lorenzo Antonio - Canción pa ra no olvidar ( A song to recall )

Lorenzo Antonio - Corazón sediento

Lorenzo Antonio - Cuando me vaya de tu lado ( Long Version )

Lorenzo Antonio - Insensible ( Unaffected )

Lorenzo Antonio - Para siempre adios ( We'll find love again )

Lorenzo Antonio - Si la miro mañana

Lorenzo Antonio - Volvamos otra vez ( Be mine again )

Lorenzo Antonio - Yo quiero ser igual que tú

Lorenzo Antonio - Yo sé que está en tu corazón

Lorrie Morgan - Crying Time

Lorrie Morgan - My Favorite Things

Lory Bianco - Forever Young

Lory Bianco - Hold On

Lory Bianco - Straight From Your Heart

Lory Bianco - True Love

Lory Bianco - When the Price Is Your Love

Los Angeles Azules - Ay Amor

Los Angeles Azules - Cumbia India

Los Angeles Azules - Entrega De Amor

Los Auténticos Decadentes - Auténtica

Los Auténticos Decadentes - La Marca De La Gorra

Los Autenticos Decadentes - Loco (Tu Forma De Ser) - Remasterized 2001

Los Brujos - Piso Liso

Los Bukis - A Aquella

Los Bukis - Acepto Mi Derrota

Los Bukis - Contra Viento Y Marea

Los Bukis - Encadenada A Mi - Cumbia

Los Bukis - Inalcanzable

Los Bukis - Morenita

Los Bukis - Te Olvide

Los Bukis - Tiempo Para Ti

Los Bukis - Tu Ingratitud

Los Bukis - Y Yo Sin Ti

Los Byby's - Búscala

Los Del Rio - Macarena

Los Diablitos - Cuando Casi Te Olvidaba

Los Diablitos - Las Razones Del Amor

Los Fabulosos Cadillacs - El Satánico Dr. Cadillac (Versión '93) 2008

Los Fabulosos Cadillacs - Manuel Santillán, El León (Versión Reggae)

Los Fabulosos Cadillacs - Matador 2008

Los Fabulosos Cadillacs - Matador

Los Fabulosos Cadillacs - Silencio Hospital (Demo '85)

Los Fabulosos Cadillacs - Te Tiraré Del Altar (Versión '93)

Los Fugitivos - Corazón, Corazoncito

Los Fugitivos - Es Que Te Amo

Los Fugitivos - Estoy Llorando

Los Fugitivos - La Loca

Los Fugitivos - Mi Linda Amiga

Los Fugitivos - Vanidosa

Los Invasores De Nuevo León - Playa Sola

Los Lobos - Bella Maria De Mi Alma

Los Lobos - Blue Moonlight

Los Lobos - Come On, Let's Go

Los Lobos - El Cuchipe

Los Lobos - La Bamba

Los Lobos - New Zandu

Los Lobos - Sabor A Mi

Los Lobos - Someday

Los Mier - Retrato Hablado

Los Pedernales - La del Moño Colorado

Los Piratas - Al Otro Lado

Los Piratas - Dentro Del Mar

Los Piratas - Enterrado

Los Piratas - La tormenta

Los Piratas - Otra vez

Los Piratas - Quiero hacerte gritar

Los Piratas - Se Pasa La Vida

Los Planetas - Cada Vez

Los Planetas - Mi Hermana Pequeña

Los Rehenes - Adiós Y Buena Suerte

Los Rehenes - Mujeres Bravas

Los Rehenes - Verdades Que Duelen

Los Reyes Locos - Claudia

Los Reyes Locos - Coqueteando

Los Reyes Locos - El Ascensor

Los Reyes Locos - La Mañana Que Se Fue

Los Rieleros Del Norte - Corrido de Durango

Los Rodriguez - 7 Segundos

Los Rodriguez - Algo Se Esta Rompiendo

Los Rodriguez - Dulce Condena

Los Rodriguez - Especies Que Desaparecen

Los Rodriguez - Hasta Que El Sueño Venga

Los Rodriguez - Mala Suerte

Los Rodriguez - Me Estas Atrapando Otra Vez

Los Rodriguez - Na, Na, Na

Los Rodriguez - Pequeño Salto Mortal

Los Rodriguez - Sin Documentos

Los Secretos - Por Verte Sonreir

Los Suaves - Dile Siempre Que No Estoy

Los Suaves - Por Una Vez En La Vida

Los Tigres Del Norte - Amigos Y Mujeres

Los Tigres Del Norte - Cariño Donde Andaras

Los Tigres Del Norte - El Canelo

Los Tigres Del Norte - El Maestro

Los Tigres Del Norte - En Nombre De Tu Padre

Los Tigres Del Norte - La Daga

Los Tigres Del Norte - La Oferta

Los Tigres Del Norte - La Segunda Carta

Los Tigres Del Norte - Leopoldo Rios

Los Tigres Del Norte - Pacas De A Kilo

Los Tigres Del Norte - Tumba Falsa

Los Visitantes - Abajo, en la Ciudad

Los Visitantes - Albergue Warnes

Los Visitantes - Castro Barros-Miserere (Norte)

Los Visitantes - El Clavel

Los Visitantes - Fiesta

Los Visitantes - La Cautiva

Los Visitantes - La Grieta

Los Visitantes - Pi-Pa-Pu

Los Visitantes - Playas Oscuras

Los Visitantes - Relampago de Cuchillos

Los Visitantes - Sangre

Los Visitantes - Tanta Trampa

Los Yonic's - Asi Te Quiero - Con Mariachi


Lou Donaldson - Who's Making Love

Lou Rawls - O Holy Night

Lou Rawls - Winter Wonderland

Lou Rawls feat. Dianne Reeves - At Last

Lou Reed - Tarbelly And Featherfoot

Loudon Wainwright III - Career Moves

Loudon Wainwright III - Happy Birthday Elvis

Loudon Wainwright III - I'm Alright

Loudon Wainwright III - Some Balding Guys

Loudon Wainwright III - Thanksgiving

Louis Armstrong - Solitude

Louis Armstrong - The Skeleton In The Closet - Single Version

Louis Armstrong & His Sebastian New Cotton Club Orchestra - Memories of You

Louis Armstrong, Ella Fitzgerald - Dream a Little Dream of Me

Louis Corchia - La Roulotte

Louise Hoffsten - Forbidden Fruit

Louise Hoffsten - Let the Best Man Win

Louise Hoffsten - Never Gonna Be Your Lady

Love and Rockets - This Heaven

Love Battery - Far Gone (Album)

Love Battery - Feet (Album)

Love Battery - Float (Album)

Love Battery - Half Past You (Album)

Love Battery - Head of Ringo (Album)

Love Battery - I Can't See Nobody (Album)

Love Battery - in Through the Outside (Album)

Love Battery - Instrumental (Album)

Love Battery - Nebraska (Album)

Love Battery - Rust Belt (Album)

Love Battery - Searching For Rose (Album)

Love Battery - Split in Two (Album)

Love Committee - Just As Long As I Got You

Love Jones - Bacchus Girl

Love Jones - Central Avenue

Love Jones - Custom Van

Love Jones - Dancing in the Shallow End

Love Jones - Drive-In

Love Jones - Fragile

Love Jones - Here's To the Losers

Love Jones - I Like Young Girls

Love Jones - Li'l Black Book

Love Jones - Matter of Fact

Love Jones - Ohio River

Love Jones - Paid For Loving

Love Jones - Pineapple

Love Jones - Santa Monica Orange

Love Jones - Warming Trend

Lovesliescrushing - babysbreath

Luca Carboni - Faccio I Conti Con Te

Luca Carboni - Mix 1992

Lucero - Sobrevivire

Lucienne Delyle - Mon amant de Saint Jean

Lucky Dube - Prisoner

Lucky Dube - Reggae Strong

Lucky Dube - Remember Me

Lucky Millinder - D' Natural Blues

Lucky Millinder - Savoy

Ludwig van Beethoven & Mischa Maisky & Martha Argerich - Sonata for Cello and Piano No. 4 in C Major, Op. 102 No. 1: 1. Andante

Ludwig van Beethoven & Richard Goode - Sonata Opus 10, No. 7 in D Major, No. 3: III. Menuetto: Allegro

Luigi Boccherini & György Emileder & Danubius Quartet - String Quintet in E Major, Op. 11 No. 5, G. 275: III. Minuetto (Featured in 'The Ladykillers')

Luis Arcaraz Y Su Orquesta - Bonita

Luis Bonfa & Toots Thielemans - Samba de Orfeu

Luis Miguel - Ayer

Luis Miguel - Hasta El Fin

Luis Miguel - Hasta Que Me Olvides

Luis Miguel - Me Niego Estar Solo

Luis Miguel - Pensar En Ti

Luis Miguel - Que Nivel De Mujer

Luis Miguel - Suave

Luis Miguel - Tú Y Yo

Luther Vandross - Emotion Eyes

Luther Vandross - Heaven Knows

Lyle Mays - Bill Evans

Lyle Mays - Falling Grace

Lyle Mays - Fictionary

Lyle Mays - Hard Eights

Lyle Mays - Lincoln Reviews His Notes

Lyle Mays - On the Other Hand

Lyle Mays - Sienna

Lyle Mays - Something Left Unsaid

Lyle Mays - Trio #1

Lyle Mays - Trio #2

Lyle Mays - Where Are You From Today

Lyn Collins - Think

Lyn Collins - You Can't Love Me If You Don't Respect Me

Lynn Anderson - How Can I Unlove You

Lynyrd Skynyrd - Born to Run

Lynyrd Skynyrd - The Last Rebel

Lyres - 100 Cc's

Lyres - But If You're Happy

Lyres - I Ain't Going Nowhere

Lyres - I Can Tell

Lyres - I'll Make It Up To You

Lyres - Never Be Free

Lyres - Now I've Got A Witness

Lyres - Pain

Lyres - Stoned

Lyres - Take A Look At Me

Lyube - Ðsонь

M People - Don't Look Any Further

M People - Moving On Up

M People - One Night in Heaven

M People - Renaissance

M People - Tony Burns

Ma Rainey - Countin' the Blues

Maanam - List (To Nie Hold)

Maanam - Milosc Jest Cudowna

Mable John - Sweet Devil

Mac Dre - Doin What I Do (Mac Dre's The Name)

Mac Dre - Life's A Bitch (Stupid Doo Doo Dumb)

Mac Dre - Too Hard (Young Black Brotha)

Mac Dre & Cutthoat Committee - It's Nothing (Cutthoat Committee)

Mac Mall - Cold Sweat

Mac Mall - Crest Side Playah

Mac Mall - Da Bank Heist

Mac Mall - Don't Wanna See Me

Mac Mall - I Gots 2 Have It

Mac Mall - Illegal Business?

Mac Mall - My Opinion

Mac Mall - Nathan But Game

Mac Mall - Sic Wit Tis

Macabre - Edmond Kemper Had A Horrible Temper

Macabre - Exumer

Macabre - Gacy's lot

Macabre - Howard Unrah (What Have You Done Now?)

Macabre - Is It Soup Yet?

Macabre - Mary Bell

Macabre - Montreal Massacre

Macabre - Shotgun Peterson

Macabre - What's that smell?

Macabre - White Hen Decapitator

Machines of Loving Grace - Butterfly Wings

Macka B - Here Comes Trouble

Mad Cobra - Mate No Ready

Mad Professor - African Hebrew Chant

Mad Professor - African Hebrew Dub

Mad Professor - Dead Sea Scrolls

Mad Professor - Dub So Hard

Mad Professor - Jordan Crossing

Mad Professor - Rue Paganini Dub

Mad Professor - Subversive Literature

Mad Sin - Alien Bug

Mad Sin - Body Snatchers

Mad Sin - Mind Blow

Mad Sin - You Better Run

Madness - Swan Lake

Maggie Reilly - All My Heart Can Hold

Maggie Reilly - Don'T Wanna Lose

Maggie Reilly - Follow the Midnight Sun

Magic Affair - Omen III

Magic Sam - Blue Light Boogie

Magnapop - Lay It Down

Magneto - Mi Amada

Mahotella Queens - Amabhongo

Mahotella Queens - Kuhona intombi

Main - I

Main - II

Main - III

Main - IV

Mairead Ni Mhaonaigh & Altan - The Jug of Punch

Majke - Krvarim Od Dosade

Majke - Lutak Iskrivljenog Lica

Majke - Putujem

Majke - Zaboravi

Malevolent Creation - Carnivorous Misgivings

Malevolent Creation - Discipline of Abhorrence

Malevolent Creation - Genetic Affliction

Malevolent Creation - Ordain the Hierarchy

Malkit Singh - Bangayee Mem Kurhi

Malkit Singh - Dhol Ton Bina

Malkit Singh - Hai Shava

Malkit Singh - Jat Bhangray Paonday

Malkit Singh - Mruh Watan Noon Awan

Malkit Singh - Ooi Baba

Malkit Singh - Sun Daroo Diye Botlay

Malkit Singh - Yaar Da Truck

Mama's Jasje - Afghanistan

Mama's Jasje - Al Word Ik Honderd

Mama's Jasje - Alleen Liefde

Mama's Jasje - Land Zonder Geboden

Mance Lipscomb - Freddie

Mance Lipscomb - So Different Blues

Mandra Gora - Wicked Warp

Manic Street Preachers - Donkeys

Manic Street Preachers - Gold Against the Soul

Manic Street Preachers - La Tristesse Durera (Scream To A Sigh)

Manic Street Preachers - Sleepflower

Manic Street Preachers - Symphony of Tourette

Manic Street Preachers - Yourself

Manix - Alright Wid Me

Manix - When you Hold me Close

Mano Solo - Allo Paris

Mano Solo - Julie

Mano Solo - La Barre Est Dure

Mano Solo - On Boira De La Bière

Mano Solo - Sacré Coeur

Mano Solo - Toujours Quand Tu Dors

Manzanita - Verde

Marc Almond - If You Go Away

Marc Almond - Mr. Sad

Marc Almond - Youth

Marc Anthony - El Ultimo Beso

Marc Anthony - Hasta Que Te Conoci

Marc Anthony - Juego O Amor?

Marc Anthony - Make It With You

Marc Anthony - Necesito Amarte

Marc Anthony - Palabras De Alma

Marc Anthony - Parece Mentira

Marc Anthony - Si He De Morir

Marc Anthony - Si Tu No Te Fueras

Marc Bolan - Do You Remember

Marc Bolan - One Inch Rock

MARC COHN - Baby King

MARC COHN - Don't Talk To Her At Night

MARC COHN - From the Station

MARC COHN - Mama's in the Moon

MARC COHN - Medicine Man

MARC COHN - Paper Walls

MARC COHN - She's Becoming Gold

MARC COHN - The Rainy Season

Marc Cohn - The Things We've Handed Down

Marc Cohn - Walk Through the World

Marc et Claude - Sex Est Un Classique

Marc Shaiman - An Affair to Remember

Marcia Griffiths - Feel Like Jumping

Marco Masini - La Libertà

Marco Masini - T'Innamorerai

Marcos Witt - Cristo es Mi Señor

Marcos Witt - Tu Fidelidad

Marcus Miller - Funny (All She Needs Is Love)

Marcus Miller - Juju

Marcus Miller - Moons

Marcus Miller - Mr. Pastorius

Marcus Miller - Panther

Marcus Miller - Rampage

Marcus Miller - Scoop

Marcus Miller - Teen Town

Marcus Miller - The King Is Gone (For Miles)

Marcus Miller - The Sun Don't Lie

Marduk - Burn My Coffin

Marduk - On Darkened Wings

Marduk - Wolves

Margaret Becker - Sweet Suffering Christ

Margaret Becker - When Glory Stands Revealed

Mari Boine - Skádja

Mari Trini - Yo no soy esa

Maria Bethânia - As Canções Que Você Fez Pra Mim

Maria Bethânia - Você Não Sabe

Maria Bethânia - As Canções Que Você Fez Pra Mim

Maria McKee - I Can't Make It Alone

Maria McKee - I Forgive You

Maria McKee - I'm Gonna Soothe You

Maria McKee - My Girlhood Among the Outlaws

Maria McKee - My Lonely Sad Eyes

Maria McKee - Only Once

Maria McKee - Opelousas (Sweet Relief)

Maria McKee - Precious Time

Maria McKee - Why Wasn't I More Grateful (When Life Was Sweet)

Maria McKee - You Gotta Sin To Be Saved

Mariah Carey - All I've Ever Wanted

Mariah Carey - Anytime You Need A Friend

Mariah Carey - Dreamlover

Mariah Carey - Everything Fades Away

Mariah Carey - Hero

Mariah Carey - I'll Be There

Mariah Carey - I've Been Thinking About You

Mariah Carey - Just to Hold You Once Again

Mariah Carey - Music Box

Mariah Carey - Never Forget You

Mariah Carey - Now That I Know

Mariah Carey - Without You

Marian McPartland - in the Days of Our Love

Marianne Faithfull - Blowin' in the wind

Marianne Rosenberg - Und mein Lächeln wird dir folgen

Marilyn Horne - Columbia Symphony Orchestra

Marilyn Monroe - Down in the Meadow

Marina Rossell - Una illa és

Mario Lanza - O Christmas Tree

Mario Lanza - O Come All Ye Faithful

Mark Chesnutt - Almost Goodbye

Mark Chesnutt - I Just Wanted You To Know

Mark Chesnutt - It Sure Is Monday

Mark Collie - Even The Man In The Moon Is Crying

Mark Foggo's Skasters - Spot

Mark Heard - Brown Eyed Sue

Mark Heard - Family Name

Mark Heard - Shaky Situation

Mark Heard - What Kind of Friend

Mark Knopfler - Going Home - Theme of 'Local Hero'

Mark Knopfler - Wild Theme

Mark O'Connor - The Devil Comes Back to Georgia

Marla Glen - Believer

Marla Glen - Control

Marla Glen - Destiny (To Get Up Again)

Marla Glen - Enough

Marla Glen - Feet On the Ground

Marla Glen - Personal

Marla Glen - The Cost of Freedom

Marla Glen - Travel

Marla Glen - You Hurt Me

Marlene Dietrich - Lily Marlene

Marmalade - Falling Apart At the Seams

Marmion - First Contact

Marmion - Schöneberg

Marmion - T-Dancer

Marmion - The Secret Plant

Maroon Town - Average Man

Marta Sánchez - Desesperada

Martik - Bahar

Martika - Love...Thy Will Be Done

Martina McBride - Ashes

Martina McBride - Goin' To Work

Martina McBride - Heart Trouble

Martina McBride - Independence Day

Martina McBride - Life #9

Martina McBride - My Baby Loves Me

Martina McBride - She Ain't Seen Nothing Yet

Martina McBride - Where I Used To Have A Heart

Martine Girault - Revival

Martinho Da Vila - Canta Canta, Minha Gente

Marty Robbins - Maybelline

Marvin Gaye - The Christmas Song

Mary Black - Flesh And Blood

Mary Black - Summer Sent You

Mary Black - The Holy Ground

Mary J. Blige & Diddy - You Remind Me - Remix

Mary J. Blige & Diddy', 'Daddy 'O' - Love No Limit - Remix

Mary J. Blige & Diddy', 'Daddy 'O' - Real Love - Remix

Mary Jane Girls - In My House - Single Version

Mary Johnson - Barrel House Flat Blues

Mary Wells - What Love Has Joined Together - Single Version

Mary Wells - Your Old Stand By - Single Version

Masta Ace Incorporated - A Walk Thru the Valley

Masta Ace Incorporated - Ain't U Da Masta

Masta Ace Incorporated - Bomm Bashin'

Masta Ace Incorporated - Born To Roll - Jeep Ass Niguh Remix

Masta Ace Incorporated - Born To Roll

Masta Ace Incorporated - Crazy Drunkin' Style

Masta Ace Incorporated - Don't Fuck Around (Outro)

Masta Ace Incorporated - Jack B. Nimble

Masta Ace Incorporated - Jeep Ass Niguh

Masta Ace Incorporated - Late Model Sedan

Masta Ace Incorporated - Mad Wunz

Masta Ace Incorporated - Rollin' Wit Umdadda

Masta Ace Incorporated - Saturday Nite Live

Masta Ace Incorporated - Slaughtahouse

Masta Ace Incorporated - Style Wars

Masta Ace Incorporated - The Big East

Masta Ace Incorporated - Who U Jackin'?

Masters of Reality - She Got Me

Matecana Orquesta - Gracias Amor

Matt Nathanson - Lost Myself in Search of You

Matthew Sweet - Dinosaur Act

Matthew Sweet - Evergreen

Matthew Sweet - Falling

Matthew Sweet - Someone To Pull the Trigger

Matthew Sweet - The Ugly Truth

Matthew Sweet - This Moment

Matthew Sweet - Time Capsule

Maureen McGovern - The Morning After - Single Version

Maurice Ravel & Werner Haas - A la manière de. . . Chabrier

Maurice Williams & the Zodiacs - Stay

Max Him - Lady Fantasy

Max Romeo - Macabee Version

Max Steiner - Death of King Kong & End Title

Max Steiner - Kong Attacks the Native Village

Max Steiner - Kong Escapes (The First Time)

Max Steiner - Kong in New York

Max Steiner - Kong Takes Away the Girl

Max Steiner - Onboard At Night

Max Steiner - Organizing the Rescue

Max Steiner - Presenting the Eight Wonder of the World

Max Steiner - Skull Island Aborigines

Max Steiner - The Adventure Begins

Max Steiner - The Scarifice Ceremony

Mayhem - Chainsaw Gutsfuck

Mayhem - Deathcrush

Mayhem - Necrolust

Maze & Frankie Beverly - Laid Back Girl

Maze & Frankie Beverly - The Morning After

Maze & Frankie Beverly - What Goes Up

Mazz - Acaso No Soy

Mazz - El Juego Es Tuyo

Mazzy Star - Bells Ring

Mazzy Star - Blue Light

Mazzy Star - Fade Into You

Mazzy Star - Five String Serenade

Mazzy Star - Into Dust

Mazzy Star - Mary of Silence

Mazzy Star - She's My Baby

Mazzy Star - So Tonight That I Might See

Mazzy Star - Unreflected

Mazzy Star - Wasted

MC Breed - Ain't 2 Good

MC Breed - Comin' Real Again

MC Breed - Conversations

MC Breed - Everyday Ho

MC Breed - Gotta Get Mine

MC Breed - Intro

MC Breed - Just Another Clip

MC Breed - Outro

MC Breed - Something 2 Smoke 2

MC Breed - Tight

MC Breed - Watch Your Own Back

MC Lyte - Ain't No Other

MC Lyte - Can I Get Some Dap

MC Lyte - Intro (Side One) (Explicit LP Version)

MC Lyte - Intro (Side Two) (Explicit LP Version)

MC Lyte - Never Heard Nothin' Like This

MC Lyte - One Nine Nine Three

MC Lyte - Ruffneck

MC Lyte - Let Me Adem

MC Lyte - What's My Name Yo

MC Ren - Same Old Sh*t

Mc Sar - Another Night

MC Solaar - Nouveau western

Meade Lux Lewis - Celeste Blues

Meade Lux Lewis - I'm in the Mood For Love

Meade Lux Lewis - Mr. Freddie Blues

Meade Lux Lewis - Whistlin' Blues

Meat Loaf - Everything Louder Than Everything Else

Meat Loaf - I'd Do Anything For Love (But I Won't Do That) - Longer Still But Not As Long As The Album Version

Meat Loaf - I'd Do Anything For Love (But I Won't Do That) - Single Edit

Meat Loaf - I'd Do Anything For Love (But I Won't Do That)

Meat Loaf - Life Is A Lemon And I Want My Money Back

Meat Loaf - Objects In The Rear View Mirror May Appear Closer Than They Are

Meat Loaf - Out of the Frying Pan (and into the Fire)

Meat Loaf - Rock And Roll Dreams Come Through

Medard Ferrero - Averse

Medard Ferrero - La rafale

Medeski, Martin & Wood - Beeah

Medina Azahara - Palabras De Libertad

Medwyn Goodall - Dandelion Clock

Medwyn Goodall - Elixir of Life

Medwyn Goodall - Please

Medwyn Goodall - Skylark Part 2

Medwyn Goodall - Summerland

Medwyn Goodall - The Moon & You

Megadeth - 99 Ways To Die

Megadeth - Angry Again

Megadeth - Symphony of Destruction

Meiju Suvas - Oma maailma

Mel Tormé - Born To Be Blue

Mel Tormè - Old Devil Moon

Melanie - Freedom Knows My Name

Melanie - How Can I Help You Say Goodbye

Melanie - I Will Get Over

Melanie - Life Will Not Go Away

Melanie - Live Coal

Melanie - Purple Haze

Melanie - Silence Is King

Melanie - Too Late To Go

Melissa Etheridge - Come To My Window

Melissa Etheridge - I Will Never Be the Same

Melissa Etheridge - If I Wanted To

Melissa Etheridge - I'm The Only One

Melissa Etheridge - Resist

Melissa Etheridge - Silent Legacy

Melissa Etheridge - Talking To My Angel

Melissa Etheridge - Yes I Am

Melissa Ferrick - Blue Night Sky

Melissa Ferrick - Breaking Vows

Melissa Ferrick - For Once in My Life

Melissa Ferrick - Happy Song

Melissa Ferrick - Hello Dad

Melissa Ferrick - Honest Eyes

Melissa Ferrick - in A World Like This

Melissa Ferrick - Love Song

Melissa Ferrick - Massive Blur

Melissa Ferrick - Take Me All

Melissa Ferrick - Ten Friends

Melissa Ferrick - The Meaning of Love

Melissa Ferrick - What Have I Got To Lose

Melissa Ferrick - Wonder Why

Melvins - Copache

Melvins - Goin' Blind

Melvins - Hag Me

Melvins - Honey Bucket

Melvins - Hooch

Melvins - Joan of Arc

Melvins - Lizzy

Melvins - Night Goat

Melvins - Pearl Bomb

Melvins - Set Me Straight

Melvins - Teet

Members of Mayday - Religion

Members of Mayday - The Judgement Day

Memphis Slim - Born With the Blues

Memphis Slim - I Feel So Good

Mercedes Sosa - Gracias A La Vida

Mercedes Sosa & Ariel Ramírez & Hector Zeoli - Alfonsina Y El Mar

Mercedes Sosa & Kelo Palacios - Duerme, Negrito

Mercury Rev - Boys Peel Out

Mercury Rev - Continuous Drunks And Blunders

Mercury Rev - Downs Are Feminine Balloons

Mercury Rev - Girlfren

Mercury Rev - Hi-Speed Boats

Mercury Rev - Meth of A Rockette's Kick

Mercury Rev - Snorry Mouth

Mercury Rev - Something For Joey

Mercury Rev - Trickle Down

Mercyful Fate - A Gruesome Time

Mercyful Fate - Is That You, Melissa

Mercyful Fate - Legend of the Headless Rider

Mercyful Fate - Room of Golden Air

Mercyful Fate - Shadows

Mercyful Fate - The Bell Witch

Mercyful Fate - The Old Oak

Mercyful Fate - Thirteen Invitations

Me'Shell Ndegeocello - Call Me

Me'Shell Ndegeocello - I'm Diggin' You (Like An Old Soul Record)

Meshell Ndegeocello - Outside Your Door

Me'Shell Ndegeocello - Outside Your Door

Me'Shell Ndegeocello - Picture Show

Me'Shell Ndegeocello - Plantation Lullabies

Me'Shell Ndegeocello - Shoot'n Up And Gett'n High

Me'Shell Ndegeocello - Step Into the Projects

Me'Shell Ndegeocello - Sweet Love

Me'Shell Ndegeocello - Two Lonely Hearts (On the Subway)

Me'Shell Ndegeocello - Untitled

Metal Church - A Subtle War

Metal Church - Conductor

Metal Church - Down to the River

Metal Church - End of the Age

Metal Church - Gods of Second Chance

Metal Church - Hypnotized

Metal Church - Little Boy

Metal Church - Losers in the Game

Metal Church - Lovers and Madmen

Metal Church - Low to Overdrive (Bonustrack)

Metal Church - No Friend of Mine

Metal Church - Waiting for a Savior

Metallica - Creeping Death (Live in Mexico City)

Metallica - Enter Sandman (Live in Mexico City)

Metallica - Fade To Black (Live in Mexico City)

Metallica - For Whom The Bell Tolls (Live in Mexico City)

Metallica - Harvester of Sorrow (Live in Mexico City)

Metallica - Justice Medley (Eye of the Beholder, Blackened, The Frayed Ends of Sanity & ...And Justice for All) (Live in Mexico City)

Metallica - Sad But True (Live in Mexico City)

Metallica - Seek & Destroy (Live in Mexico City)

Metallica - The Unforgiven (Live in Mexico City)

Metallica - Welcome Home (Sanitarium) (Live in Mexico City)

Meteors - Stampede

Mexicano - Así Se Baila (De Caballito)

Mexicano - Ya Llegó

Mi Banda El Mexicano - El Ãsltimo Beso

Mi Banda El Mexicano - La Chela

Mi Banda El Mexicano - La Cuca

Mi Banda El Mexicano - La Flaca

Mi Banda El Mexicano - Mambo Lupita

Mi Banda El Mexicano - No Bailes De Caballito

Mi Banda El Mexicano - Orgullosa María

Mi Banda El Mexicano - Pelón Pelonete

Mi Banda El Mexicano - Pelotero A La Bola

Mi Banda El Mexicano - Tu Y Las Nubes

Mica Paris - Call Me By My Name

Mica Paris - Can't Seem To Make Up My Mind

Mica Paris - I Bless the Day

Mica Paris - I Never Felt Like This Before

Mica Paris - I Should've Known Better

Mica Paris - I Wanna Hold On To You

Mica Paris - Love Keeps Coming Back

Mica Paris - Positivity

Mica Paris - Two in A Million

Mica Paris - We Were Made For Love

Mica Paris - Whisper A Prayer

Mica Paris - You Got A Special Way

Mica Paris - You Put A Move On My Heart

Michael Allen Harrison - Angels We Have Heard On High

Michael Allen Harrison - Circle of Influence

Michael Allen Harrison - Dance of the Snow Fairy

Michael Allen Harrison - Motherhood

Michael Allen Harrison - New Beginnings

Michael Allen Harrison - Rainbow

Michael Allen Harrison - Silent Night

Michael Bolton - A Time for Letting Go

Michael Bolton - Completely

Michael Bolton - I Almost Believed You

Michael Bolton - Lean On Me

Michael Bolton - Said I Loved You But I Lied

Michael Bolton - Said I Loved You...But I Lied

Michael Crawford - With Your Hand Upon My Heart

Michael Gettel - Breaking the Silence

Michael Gettel - Broken

Michael Gettel - Earth Cry Mercy

Michael Gettel - Glimmer of Hope

Michael Gettel - Letting Go

Michael Gettel - Light of A Candle

Michael Gettel - The Awakening

Michael Gettel - The Search

Michael Gettel - Turning of A Key

Michael Gettel - When Hearts Collide

Michael Jackson - Will You Be There

Michael Kamen - Baggage Handling

Michael Kamen - Brazil - Geoff Muldaur

Michael Kamen - Colonel Stuart

Michael Kamen - Days & Nights in Kyoto - The Party (Part 2)

Michael Kamen - Ducting Dream

Michael Kamen - General Esperanza

Michael Kamen - in the Plane

Michael Kamen - The Annexe Skywalk

Michael Kamen - The Battle

Michael Kamen - The Elevator

Michael Kamen - The Morning After

Michael Kamen - The Party (Part 1) / Plastic Surgery

Michael Kamen - The Restaurant (You've got to say the number)

Michael Kamen - The Runway

Michael Kamen - The terminal

Michael Kamen - Truck Drive

Michael Learns To Rock - 25 Minutes

Michael Learns To Rock - Complicated Heart

Michael Learns To Rock - I Wanna Dance

Michael Learns To Rock - Ocean of Love

Michael Learns To Rock - Out of the Blue

Michael Learns To Rock - Sleeping Child

Michael Martin Murphey - Ballad of Billy the Kid

Michael Martin Murphey - Belle Star

Michael Martin Murphey - Billy Gray

Michael Martin Murphey - Cole Younger

Michael Martin Murphey - El Paso

Michael Martin Murphey - Frank James' Farewell

Michael Martin Murphey - Queen of Heartaches

Michael Martin Murphey - Rhymes of Renegades

Michael Martin Murphey - Riders in the Sky

Michael Martin Murphey - Sam Bass

Michael Martin Murphey - Sonora's Death Row

Michael Martin Murphey - The Ballad of Jesse James

Michael Martin Murphey & Marty Robbins - Big Iron

Michael McDonald - Hey Girl

Michael Nyman - All Imperfect Things

Michael Nyman - Big My Secret

Michael Nyman - Here to there

Michael Nyman - I Clipped Your Wing

Michael Nyman - Little Impulse

Michael Nyman - The Fling

Michael Nyman - The Heart Asks Pleasure First / The Promise - Edit

Michael Nyman - The Heart Asks Pleasure First

Michael Nyman - The Promise

Michael Nyman - The Sacrifice

Michael Nyman - The Wounded

Michael Ruff - More Than You'll Ever Know

Michael Stearns - Baraka Theme

Michael Stearns - Chronos: Escalator Theme

Michael Stearns - Chronos: Main Theme

Michael Stearns - Chronos: Portraits Theme

Michael Stearns - Genesis Voices / Sacred Site Theme

Michael Stearns - Land Light

Michael Stearns - Paha Sapa

Michael Stearns - Sacred Site Soundtrack

Michael Stearns - Tropical Rain Forest

Michael Stearns - Twin Flame

Michael W. Smith - Do You Dream Of Me

Michael W. Smith - Friends

Michel Jonasz - Les Objets Perdus

Michel Sardou - Les Filles D'Aujourd'Hui

Michelle Gayle - Looking Up

Michelle Shocked - Holy Spirit

Mick Jagger - Sweet Thing

Mick Karn - Back in the Beginning

Mick Karn - Beard in the Letterbox

Mick Karn - Bestial Cluster

Mick Karn - Bones of Mud

Mick Karn - Liver and Lungs

Mick Karn - The Drowning Dream

Mick Karn - The Sad Velvet Breath of Summer and Winter

Mickey Gilley - Stand By Me

Midge Ure - The Man Who Sold the World

Midnight Oil - Drums of Heaven

Midnight Oil - Feeding Frenzy

Midnight Oil - in the Valley

Midnight Oil - My Country

Midnight Oil - Outbreak of Love

Midnight Oil - Renaissance Man

Midnight Oil - Tell Me the Truth

Mighty Clouds Of Joy - I Don't Feel No Ways Tired

Mighty Clouds Of Joy - Walk Around Heaven All Day

Miguel Bosé - One Touch

Miguel Bose - Wako-Shaman

Miguel Cassina - Emilel Vive

Mike Oldfield - Incantations (Part One)

Mike Oldfield - Ommadawn (excerpt)

Mildred Bailey - Rockin' Chair

Miljoonasade - Kirjaston ullakolla

Miljoonasade - Meillä on voimaa

Miljoonasade - Toivonpuiston yömaja

Mingus Big Band - Moanin'

Minimum Vital - Les Mondes De Miranda

Minnie Riperton - Adventures in Paradise

Minnie Riperton - Give Me Time

Minnie Riperton - Here We Go

Minnie Riperton - Inside My Love

Minnie Riperton - Light My Fire

Minnie Riperton - Lover And Friend

Minnie Riperton - Lovin' You

Minnie Riperton - Memory Lane

Minnie Riperton - Perfect Angel

Minnie Riperton - Simple Things

Minnie Riperton - Woman of Heart And Mind

Minnie Riperton - You Take My Breath Away

Mint Condition - So Fine

Mint Condition - Someone To Love

Mint Condition - U Send Me Swingin'

Mint Juleps - Every Kinda People

Miranda Sex Garden - Ardera Sempre

Miranda Sex Garden - Bring Down the Sky

Miranda Sex Garden - Distance

Miranda Sex Garden - Feed

Miranda Sex Garden - in Heaven (Lady in the Radiator Song)

Miranda Sex Garden - Inferno

Miranda Sex Garden - My Funny Valentine

Miranda Sex Garden - Open Eyes

Miranda Sex Garden - Play

Miranda Sex Garden - Sunshine

Miranda Sex Garden - Willie Biddle And His Waltzing Maggot

Misery Loves Co - Sonic Attack

Miss Jane - It's A Fine Day

Mission of Burma - Go Fun, Burn Man

Mission of Burma - He Is/ She Is

Mission of Burma - Sing-A-Long

Mississippi Mass Choir - Your Grace And Mercy

Mista Grimm - Indo Smoke

Mitch Ryder & the Detroit Wheels - I Need Help

Mitch Ryder & the Detroit Wheels - Ooh Poo Pah Doo

Mitch Ryder & the Detroit Wheels - Stubborn Kind of Fellow

Mitch Ryder & the Detroit Wheels - Walking the Dog

Mobb Deep - Intro

Mobb Deep & Everlast - Shook Ones, Part II

Moby - Barracuda

Moby - J Breas

Moby - Myopia

Moby - Permanent Green

Moby - Piano & String

Moby - Protect Write

Moby - Rock the House

Moby - Sound

Moby - Tongues

Moby Grape - Big

Model 500 - Night Drive (Time, Space_Transmat)

Model 500 - Techno Music

Modena City Ramblers - Contessa

Mongo Santamaria - Linda Guajira

Mongo Santamaria - Skins

Monica Zetterlund feat. Donald Byrd Quintet - Easy Living

Monica Zetterlund feat. Gunnar Svenssons Orkester - I'll Take Romance

Monica Zetterlund feat. Gunnar Svenssons Orkester - The Things We Did Last Summer

Monica Zetterlund feat. Lars Gullins Orkester - Detour Ahead

Monica Zetterlund feat. Carli Tornehave feat. Gösta Theselius Orkester - I Loves You Porgy

Monie Love - Full Term Love

Monster Magnet - Black Balloon

Monster Magnet - Cage Around the Sun

Monster Magnet - Cyclops Revolution

Monster Magnet - Dinosaur Vacume

Monster Magnet - Evil (Is Going On)

Monster Magnet - Face Down

Monster Magnet - Stadium

Monster Magnet - Superjudge

Monster Magnet - Twin Earth

Monster Magnet - Unsolid

Montefeltro - Canto numero uno

Montefeltro - Cielo di carta

Montefeltro - Il prescelto

Montefeltro - Nel labirinto

Montego Bay - Same Old Sound

Monty Alexander - Monticello

Moonshake - Capital Letters

Moonshake - Flow

Moonshake - Girly Loop

Moonshake - Helping Hands

Moonshake - Seance

Moonshake - Two Trains

Morbid Angel - God of Emptiness (I. The Accuser, II. The Tempter)

Morbid Angel - Lions Den

Morbid Angel - Nar Mattaru

Morbid Angel - Pain Divine

Morbid Angel - Rapture

Morbid Angel - Vengeance Is Mine

Morbid Angel - World of Shit (The Promised Land)

Mormon Tabernacle Choir - Faith of Our Fathers

Morphine - A Head With Wings

Morphine - All Wrong

Morphine - Buena

Morphine - Candy

Morphine - Claire

Morphine - Cure for Pain

Morphine - Dawna

Morphine - Good

Morphine - I Know You (part Ii)

Morphine - I'm Free Now

Morphine - In Spite of Me

Morphine - Sheila

Morphine - Test-Tube Baby/Shoot'm Down

Morphine - The Only One

Morphine - The Saddest Song

Morphine - Thursday

Morphine - You Look Like Rain

Morrissey - Glamorous Glue

Morrissey - Hold On To Your Friends

Morrissey - I Know It's Gonna Happen Someday

Morrissey - Jack the Ripper

Morrissey - November Spawned A Monster

Morrissey - Seasick, Yet Still Docked

Morrissey - Such A Little Thing Makes Such A Big Difference

Morrissey - We Hate It When Our Friends Become Successful

Morrissey - You're Gonna Need Someone On Your Side

Morten Harket - Can't Take My Eyes off You

Morten Harket - Den Fremmede Taler Til Mennesket

Morten Harket - Den Fremmede

Morten Harket - Elisabeth Synger Ved Johannes Døperens Død

Morten Harket - Engelen

Morten Harket - Fra Templet

Morten Harket - Hvor Krybben Stod

Morten Harket - Hymne Til Josef

Morten Harket - Natten

Morten Harket - Påske

Morten Harket - Rytteren

Morten Harket - Salome

Morten Harket - Sviket

Mortification - Grind Planetarium

Mortification - Human Condition

Mortification - This Momentary Affliction

Mother Earth - Apple Green

Mother's Finest - Mandela Song

Mötley Crüe - Driftaway

Mötley Crüe - Hammered

Mötley Crüe - Hooligan's Holiday

Mötley Crüe - Hypnotized

Mötley Crüe - Poison Apples

Mötley Crüe - Smoke the Sky

Mötley Crüe - Uncle Jack

Mötley Crüe - Welcome To the Numb

Motorbass - Deux Trente Trois

Motorbass - Home

Motorbass - Open Sesame

Motorbass - Soixante Six

Motorbass - Stereogramm Gelato

Motorbass - Suce Mon Son

Motorbass - Visine

Motörhead - Born to raise hell

Motörhead - Burner

Motorpsycho - All Is Loneliness

Motorpsycho - Feedtime

Motorpsycho - Junior

Motorpsycho - Step Inside Again

Motorpsycho - The House At Pooneil Corners

Motorpsycho - Viscount Grisnah

Mott the Hoople - Ballad of Mott the Hoople

Mott the Hoople - Where Do You All Come From

Moxy Fruvous - Bittersweet

Moxy Fruvous - Darlington Darling

Moxy Fruvous - Drinking Song/Good Night Irene

Moxy Fruvous - Fell in Love

Moxy Fruvous - Gulf War Song

Moxy Fruvous - King of Spain

Moxy Fruvous - Laika

Moxy Fruvous - Morphee

Moxy Fruvous - River Valley

Moxy Fruvous - Spiderman

Moxy Fruvous - Stuck in the 90's

Moxy Fruvous - The Lazy Boy

Moxy Fruvous - Video Bargainville

Mr Big - Wild World

Mr Blobby - Mr Blobby

Mr. Big - Wild World

Mr. Review - Another Town

Mr. Review - Ice & Snow

Mr. T Experience - Now That You Are Gone

Mr. T Experience - Tapin' Up My Heart

Mucky Pup - Beautiful People

Mucky Pup - Confessions

Mucky Pup - Darkwave Sleeps

Mucky Pup - Deja Vu

Mucky Pup - If Wishes Were Fishes

Mucky Pup - Junkie Eyes

Mucky Pup - Mountain Song

Mucky Pup - Own Up For What You Say

Mucky Pup - The T.v.'s On Fire

Mucky Pup - Three Sides

Mucky Pup - Two Little Men

Muddy Waters - Junior Shuffle

Muddy Waters - Sittin' Here Drinkin'

Muddy Waters - The Stuff You Gotta Watch

Muddy Waters feat. Son Simms Four - Ramblin' Kid Blues

Mudhoney - Between Me & You Kid

Mudhoney - Deception Pass

Mudhoney - in the Blood

Mudhoney - Make It Now Again

Mudhoney - No Song III

Mudhoney - Six Two One

Mudhoney - Underide

Murray Head - Comme Des Enfants Qui Jouent

Mustard Plug - Mr. Smiley

Mustard Plug - Skank By Numbers

Mustard Plug - Thigh High Nylons

My Dying Bride - Black God

My Dying Bride - Gather Me Up Forever

My Dying Bride - Le Cerf Malade

My Dying Bride - Sear Me MCMXCIII

My Dying Bride - The Crown of Sympathy

My Dying Bride - The Snow in My Hand

My Dying Bride - The Songless Bird

My Dying Bride - The Thrash of Naked Limbs

My Dying Bride - Turn Loose the Swans

My Dying Bride - Your River

My Life With the Thrill Kill Kult - 13 Above the Night

My Life With the Thrill Kill Kult - Badlife

My Life With the Thrill Kill Kult - Blue Buddha - Bomb Gang Girls

My Life With the Thrill Kill Kult - Blue Buddha

My Life With the Thrill Kill Kult - China De Sade

My Life With the Thrill Kill Kult - Dirty Little Secrets - Bomb Gang Girls

My Life With the Thrill Kill Kult - Disko Fleshpot

My Life With the Thrill Kill Kult - Electrical Soul Wish

My Life With the Thrill Kill Kult - Final Blindness

My Life With the Thrill Kill Kult - Velvet Edge

Myriam Hernández - El Hombre Que Yo Amo

Myriam Hernandez - Eres

Myriam Hernandez - Mio

Myriam Hernández - No Pienso Enamorarme Otra Vez

Myriam Hernandez - Quiero Saber

Myriam Hernández - Sin Querer

Myriam Hernandez - Todo Lo Tuyo

Myriam Hernández - Tonto

Myriam Makeba - Kilimanjaro

Mystery Machine - Broken

Mystery Machine - Everyone's Alright

Mystery Machine - Floored

Mystery Machine - HiTest

Mystery Machine - Hooked

Mystery Machine - Invitation

Mystery Machine - Ride

Mystery Machine - Salty

Mystery Machine - Shaky Ground

Mystery Machine - Slack

Mystery Machine - Stainmaster

Mystery Machine - Stay High

Mystery Machine - Underground

Mystery Machine - Valley Song

Nana Caymmi - La Puerta

Nana Caymmi - Tu Me Acostumbraste

Nana Mouskouri - The Windmills of Your Mind

Nanci Griffith - Across the Great Divide

Nanci Griffith - Boots of Spanish Leather

Nanci Griffith - Speed of the Sound of Loneliness

Nanci Griffith - Tecumseh Valley

Nando Lauria - The Earth Tribe

Nat 'King' Cole - A Cottage For Sale

Nat 'King' Cole - I Should Care

Nat 'King' Cole - I Understand

Nat 'King' Cole - Just For the Fun of It

Nat 'King' Cole - Lush Life

Nat 'King' Cole - These Foolish Things (Remind Me Of You)

Nat 'King' Cole Trio - Straighten Up And Fly Right

Natalie Cole - I Wish You Love

Nathan Abshire - Avalon Waltz

Nathan Abshire - Cannon Ball Special

Nathan Abshire - Carolina Blues

Nathan Abshire - Choupique Two Step

Nathan Abshire - Crying Pine Grove Blues

Nathan Abshire - French Blues (Je M'emdor)

Nathan Abshire - Hathaway Waltz

Nathan Abshire - Iota Two Step

Nathan Abshire - Jolie, Petite Juilette

Nathan Abshire - Kaplan Waltz

Nathan Abshire - L.S.U. French Waltz

Nathan Abshire - La Valse De Bayou Teche

Nathan Abshire - La Valse De Belezere

Nathan Abshire - La Valse De Holly Beach

Nathan Abshire - Lu Lu Boogie

Nathan Abshire - Mama Rosin

Nathan Abshire - Musical Five Special

Nathan Abshire - New Orleans Waltz

Nathan Abshire - Pine Grove Blues (1)

Nathan Abshire - Pine Grove Blues (2)

Nathan Abshire - Pine Grove Boogie

Nathan Abshire - Point De Lou Two-Step

Nathan Abshire - Red Rock Waltz

Nathan Abshire - Shamrock Waltz

Nathan Abshire - Step It Fast

Nathan Abshire - Tee Per Coine (Keep A'knocking_But You C

Nathan Abshire - Texas Waltz

Nathan Abshire - The New Jolie Blon

Natural Rhythm - Cellar Beat

Naughty By Nature - 19 Naughty III

Naughty By Nature - Cruddy Clique

Naughty By Nature - Daddy Was A Street Corner

Naughty By Nature - Hip Hop Hooray

Naughty By Nature - Hot Potato (Featuring Freddie Foxxx)

Naughty By Nature - It's On (Kay Gee Remix)

Naughty By Nature - It's On

Naughty By Nature - Knock Em Out Da Box (Featuring Rottin Razkals)

Naughty By Nature - Ready For Dem

Naughty By Nature - Sleepin' On Jersey (Featuring Queen Latifah)

Naughty By Nature - Sleepwalkin' II / Shout Out

Naughty By Nature - Take It To Ya Face

Naughty By Nature - The Hood Comes First

Naughty By Nature - The Only Ones

Ne Luumaet - Ei mee jakeluun

Ne Luumaet - Hä? Mitä?

Ne Luumaet - Kaarina

Ne Luumaet - Kesäloma on kesällä

Ne Luumaet - Kukas se siinä on?

Ne Luumaet - Mä menen pankkiin

Ne Luumaet - Mikä on?

Ne Luumaet - Nähdään

Ne Luumaet - Ole hiljaa

Ne Luumaet - Rakastan sua

Ne Luumaet - Teinimeininki

Necromantia - Intro

Necromantia - Last Song for Valdezie

Necromantia - Les Litanies de Satan

Necromantia - Lord of the Abyss

Necromantia - The Vampire Lord Speaks&

Necromantia - The Warlock

Necromantia - Tribes of the Moon

Necromantia - Unchaining the Wolf (at War&)

Neil Diamond - Don't Be Cruel

Neil Diamond - Happy Birthday Sweet Sixteen

Neil Diamond - Lady Oh

Neil Diamond - Save the Last Dance For Me

Neil Diamond - Ten Lonely Guys

Neil Diamond - You've Lost That Lovin' Feelin'

Neil Young - Harvest Moon

Neil Young - Helpless

Neil Young - Long May You Run

Neil Young - Pocahontas

Neil Young - Unknown Legend

Neljä Ruusua - Idänprinsessa

Neljä Ruusua - Ihmeellinen Ihminen

Neljä Ruusua - Köyhärikas

Neljä Ruusua - Luen

Neljä Ruusua - Ote Muodin Maailmasta

Neljä Ruusua - Voittajatyyppiä

Nelson Ned - Perfume de Gardenia

Neutral Milk Hotel - Tuesday Moon

Neville Brothers - Sons And Daughters

New Fast Automatic Daffodils - American Money

New Fast Automatic Daffodils - Bruises

New Fast Automatic Daffodils - Exit Body, Exit Mind

New Fast Automatic Daffodils - How Much Longer Must We Tolerate Mass Culture

New Fast Automatic Daffodils - I Take You To Sleep

New Fast Automatic Daffodils - Kyphos

New Fast Automatic Daffodils - Missing Parts of Famous People

New Fast Automatic Daffodils - Music

New Fast Automatic Daffodils - Patchwork Lives

New Fast Automatic Daffodils - Stockholm

New Fast Automatic Daffodils - Teenage Combo

New Fast Automatic Daffodils - What Kind of Hell Is This?

New Kids On The Block - If You Go Away

New Kids On the Block - Keep On Smilin'

New Model Army - Sleepwalking

New Order - Regret - 2015 Remaster

New Order - Regret (New Order Mix)

New Order - Regret

New Order - Ruined in A Day (Reunited in A Day Remix)

New Order - Ruined in A Day

New Order - Spooky (Magimix)

New Order - Spooky (Moulimix)

New Order - Spooky (Stadium Mix)

New Order - Spooky

New Order - World (Perfecto Mix)

New Order - World

New Radiant Storm King - Phonecall

New Riders of the Purple Sage - Ballad of the Deportees

New Riders of the Purple Sage - Change in the Weather

New Riders of the Purple Sage - Charlie's Garden

New Riders of the Purple Sage - Diesel On My Tail

New Riders of the Purple Sage - Taking It Hard

NEW TRIUMVIRAT - Dance On the Vulcano

NEW TRIUMVIRAT - Journey of A Fallen Angel



NEW TRIUMVIRAT - The Rich Man And the Carpenter



Niamh Kavanagh - in Your Eyes

Nice & Smooth - Cash in My Hands

Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds - New Morning

Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds - Papa Won't Leave You Henry

Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds - The Weeping Song

Nightcrawlers - Push the Feeling On

Nina Simone - Four Woman

Nina Simone - How Can I?

Nina Simone - If I Should Lose You

Nina Simone - Night Song

Nina Simone - No Woman, No Cry - Outtake

Nina Simone - Solitude

Nina Simone - The Times They Are A-Changin' - Outtake

Nina Simone - To Be Young, Gifted And Black

Nina Simone - You'll Never Walk Alone Again

Ninjaman - Mi A Go Ride

Nino Bravo - America America

Nino Bravo - Un Beso Y Una Flor

Nino D'Angelo - Napoli

Nirvana - All Apologies

Nirvana - Dumb

Nirvana - Frances Farmer Will Have Her Revenge on Seattle

Nirvana - Gallons Of Rubbing Alcohol Flow Through The Strip

Nirvana - Heart Shaped Box

Nirvana - I Hate Myself And Want To Die - 2013 Mix

Nirvana - Marigold - B-Side

Nirvana - Milk It

Nirvana - Moist Vagina

Nirvana - Pennyroyal Tea

Nirvana - Radio Friendly Unit Shifter

Nirvana - Rape Me

Nirvana - Sappy - 2013 Mix

Nirvana - Scentless Apprentice

Nirvana - Serve The Servants

Nirvana - Tourette's

Nirvana - Very Ape

Nitty Gritty - Brown Girl in the Ring

Nitty Gritty - Don't Want To Lose You

Nitty Gritty - Down in the Ghetto

Nitty Gritty - False Alarm

Nitty Gritty - Good Morning Teacher

Nitty Gritty - Hog Inna Minty

Nitty Gritty - Run Down the World

Nitty Gritty - Sweet Reggae Music

Nitty Gritty - Trials and Crosses

No Fun At All - Funny?

No Fun At All - It's All Up To You

No Fun At All - Sidewalk

No Fun At All - Vision

No Fun At All - What You Say

No Sports - Arabija

No Sports - Communication

No Sports - Easy Life

No Sports - Famous

No Sports - Fukkin' Week

No Sports - Girl (Tango)

No Sports - Heidi

No Sports - How do you do

No Sports - Lack of time

No Sports - Love song

No Sports - Rudy

No Sports - Stay rude, stay rebel

No Sports - Tour de France

No Sports - Two times a minute (Intro)

No Sports - Two times a minute (Outro) / Stay rude, stay rebel

No Sports - Workin' man

No Use For A Name - The Daily Grind

Nomadi - Contro

Nomadi - Il Libero

Nora Mercz & Nikolai Rimsky-Korsakov & Janos Balint - Sadko: Hindu Song (arr. N. Mercz): Hindu Song from the Opera 'Sadko'

Norman Brown - Too High

Northern Picture Library - Catholic Easter Colours

Northern Picture Library - Dreams And Stars And Sleep

Northern Picture Library - Glitter Spheres

Northern Picture Library - Insecure

Northern Picture Library - Into the Ether

Northern Picture Library - Isn't It Time You Faced the Truth?

Northern Picture Library - Love Song For the Dead Che *1

Northern Picture Library - Love Song For the Dead Che *2

Northern Picture Library - Lucky (Reprise)

Northern Picture Library - Lucky

Northern Picture Library - Monotone

Northern Picture Library - of Traffic And the Ticking

Northern Picture Library - Skylight

Northern Picture Library - Truly Madly Deeply

Northern Picture Library - Untitled *1

Northern Picture Library - Untitled *2

Nosferatu - Alone

Nosferatu - Away (Also used on inside the Devil CD Single)

Nosferatu - Close

Nosferatu - Inside the Devil

Nosferatu - Lament (The Last Chapter)

Nosferatu - Lament

Nosferatu - Lucy Is Red (Nosferatu's First Ever Song)

Nosferatu - Rise (Title Track of Album)

Nosferatu - The Gathering (Introduction Music To Concerts)

Nothing Painted Blue - Big Pink Heart

Nothing Painted Blue - Few

Nothing Painted Blue - Undeserving

Nuclear Assault - Another Violent End

Nuclear Assault - Behind Glass Walls

Nuclear Assault - Chaos

Nuclear Assault - Madness Descends

Nuclear Assault - No Time

Nuclear Assault - Poetic Justice

Nuclear Assault - Something Wicked

Nuclear Assault - The Forge

Nuclear Assault - The Other End

Nuclear Assault - To Serve Man

Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan - Kinna Sohna

Obk - Dicen...

Obk - Gente Como Tú

Obk - Himno

Obk - Lágrimas De Soledad

Obk - Todavía

Oleta Adams - Don't Let Me Be Lonely Tonight

Oleta Adams - Easier To Say Goodbye

Oleta Adams - Evolution

Oleta Adams - Hold Me For A While

Oleta Adams - I Just Had To Hear Your Voice

Oleta Adams - My Heart Won't Lie

Oleta Adams - New York State of Mind

Oleta Adams - When Love Comes To the Rescue

Olga Guillot - Adoro

Olga Tañón - Muchacho malo

Olga tanon - Contigo O Sin Ti

Olga Tañon - Contigo O Sin Ti

Olga Tañon - Muchacho Malo

Olga tanon - Pero Siempre Regresas

Olga tanon - Piel A Piel

Olga tanon - Prisonera

Olle Ljungström - Du Gråter

Olle Ljungström - Du och Jag

Olle Ljungström - Jag Spelar Vanlig

Olle Ljungström - Jesus Kan

Olle Ljungström - Min Trädgård

Olle Ljungström - Minns I November

Olle Ljungström - Tänk Om Det Vore Värt Nåt

One Dove - Breakdown (Cellophane Boat Mix)

One Dove - Breakdown (Radio Mix)

One Dove - Breakdown

One Dove - Fallen

One Dove - My Friend

One Dove - Sirens

One Dove - Transient Truth

One Dove - White Love (Guitar Paradise Mix)

One Dove - White Love (Piano Reprise)

One Dove - White Love (Radio Mix)

One Dove - White Love

One Dove - Why Don't You Take Me

Onyx - Atak of Da Bal-Hedz

Onyx - Bacdafucup

Onyx - Bichasbootleguz

Onyx - Bichasniguz

Onyx - Blac Vagina Finda

Onyx - Bust Dat Ass

Onyx - Da Bounca Nigga

Onyx - Da Mad Face Invasion

Onyx - Da Nex Niguz

Onyx - Getdafucout

Onyx - Here 'N' Now

Onyx - Nigga Bridges

Onyx - Onyx Is Here

Onyx - Phat ('N' All Dat)

Onyx - Shifftee

Onyx - Slam

Onyx - Stik'N'Muve

Onyx - Throw Ya Gunz

Orange Sector - Cry for Belief

Orange Sector - Kalt Wie Stahl

Orange Sector - Only Seconds

Orange Sector - Proximity

Orange Sector - Sexomatic (Für Dich)

Orange Sector - Sexomatic (Für Mich)

Orange Sector - Yugoslavian Boys

Orbital - Attached

Orbital - Halcyon and On and On

Orbital - Impact (The Earth Is Burning)

Orbital - Remind

Orchestra Baobab - Autorail

Orchestra Baobab - Doomou Baaye

Orchestra Baobab - Gnawou

Orchestra Baobab - Mouhamadou Bamba

Orchestra Baobab - Ndiambaane

Orchestra Baobab - Ndiawolou

Orchestra Baobab - Sibou Odia

Orchestral Manoeuvres in the Dark - King of Stone

Orchids - I Can't Refuse

Orchids - You Said You Loved Me

Origin Unknown - Valley of the Shadows

Original Five Blind Boys - White Christmas

Original Naabtal Duo - Venedig ist ein Katzensprung

Orup - Alla Bilar Tuta

Orup - För Ung

Orup - Hej Gamle Vän

Orup - Senast På Söndag

Orup - Som Isarna (När det Blir Vår)

Oscar Peterson - Blue And Sentimental

Oscar Pettiford - All the things you are

Oscar Pettiford - Stalag 414

Oscar Pettiford - There will never be another you

Otaku - Nippon Express

Otis Clay - Every Road (Got To End Somewhere)

Otis Clay - Have Mercy Jesus

Otis Clay - If I Could Reach Out (And Help Somebody)

Otis Clay - On My Way Home

Otis Clay - Save A Seat For Me

Otis Clay - Sending Up the Timber

Otis Clay - When The Gates Swing Open

Otis Clay - Working Hard

Otis Clay - You Can Make It

Otis Redding - Cupid

Otis Redding - Don't Be Afraid of Love

Otis Redding - Gettin' Hip

Otis Spann - Dust My Broom

Otomo Yoshihide - Akai

Otomo Yoshihide - Asahi Kasei

Otomo Yoshihide - Bandai

Otomo Yoshihide - Bridgestone

Otomo Yoshihide - Brother

Otomo Yoshihide - Citizen

Otomo Yoshihide - Crown

Otomo Yoshihide - Daihatsu

Otomo Yoshihide - Fuji Film

Otomo Yoshihide - Fujita

Otomo Yoshihide - Fujitsu

Otomo Yoshihide - Hitachi

Otomo Yoshihide - Honda

Otomo Yoshihide - Ito Chu

Otomo Yoshihide - Juki

Otomo Yoshihide - Kao

Otomo Yoshihide - Kashima

Otomo Yoshihide - Konica

Otomo Yoshihide - Kubota

Otomo Yoshihide - Matsushita

Otomo Yoshihide - Mitsubishi

Otomo Yoshihide - Mitsui

Otomo Yoshihide - Nakamichi

Otomo Yoshihide - Nec

Otomo Yoshihide - Nintendo

Otomo Yoshihide - Ntt

Otomo Yoshihide - Obayashi

Otomo Yoshihide - Oki

Otomo Yoshihide - Olympus

Otomo Yoshihide - Parco

Otomo Yoshihide - Pioneer

Otomo Yoshihide - Roland

Otomo Yoshihide - Sega

Otomo Yoshihide - Seibu

Otomo Yoshihide - Seiko

Otomo Yoshihide - Sekisui

Otomo Yoshihide - Sharp

Otomo Yoshihide - Sogo

Otomo Yoshihide - Sumtomo

Otomo Yoshihide - Suzuki

Otomo Yoshihide - Takeda

Otomo Yoshihide - Tdk

Otomo Yoshihide - Teac

Otomo Yoshihide - Toyo Engineering

Otomo Yoshihide - Toyota

Otomo Yoshihide - Uniden 21

Otomo Yoshihide - Yamaha

Ottmar Liebert & Ottmar Liebert + Luna Negra - Sleepless (Distortion/System Crash)

Ottmar Liebert + Luna Negra - Danza De Los Sentidos

Ottmar Liebert + Luna Negra - Lone Rider (4 slick)

Ottmar Liebert + Luna Negra - Morning Arrival in Goa (lighthouse flash over the sea)

Oumou Sangare - Bi Furu

Oumou Sangaré - Dugu Kamelemba

Oumou Sangare - Kayini Wura

Oumou Sangare - Ko Sira

Oumou Sangare - Mani Djindala

Oumou Sangare - Nawo Nawo

Oumou Sangare - Saa Magni

Oumou Sangare - Sigi Kuruni

Out of the Grey - Love Is the Only Power

OutKast - Player's Ball

Overkill - Dreaming in Columbia

Overkill - Feed My Head

Overkill - Ghost Dance

Overkill - I Hear Black

Overkill - Just Like You

Overkill - Shades of Grey

Overkill - Spiritual Void

Overkill - Undying

Overkill - Weight of the World

Overkill - World of Hurt

Oystein Sevâg - African Flower

Oystein Sevâg - Dance of Angels

Oystein Sevâg - Link

Oystein Sevâg - Memory

Oystein Sevâg - Miles Away

Oystein Sevâg - Miles Near

Oystein Sevâg - My Heart

Oystein Sevâg - Picture

Oystein Sevâg - The Door Is Open

Oystein Sevâg - The Door Is Still Open

Oystein Sevâg - The Long Night

Oystein Sevâg - There's A Monk in My Garden!

Oystein Sevâg - Trust Your Wings

Oysterband - Blood Wedding

Oysterband - Here's To You

Oysterband - Rambling Irishman

Oysterband - The Road To Santiago

Oysterband - We Shall Come Home

Ozric Tentacles - Feng Shui

Ozric Tentacles - Half Light in Thillai

Ozric Tentacles - Stretchy

Ozric Tentacles - Sunhair

Ozric Tentacles - Train Oasis

Ozzy Osbourne - Drum Solo

Ozzy Osbourne - Guitar Solo

P.F. Sloan - Halloween Mary

P.M. Dawn - I'd Die Without You

P.M. Dawn - Looking Through Patient Eyes

P.M. Dawn - More Than Likely

P.M. Dawn - Plastic

Pablo Moses - Freedom for the Africans

Pablo Moses - Tension

Pale Saints - One Blue Hill (Demo)

Pan.thy.monium - Ekkhoeece III

Pan.thy.monium - Jag & vem

Pan.thy.monium - Klieveage

Pan.thy.monium - Lava

Pan.thy.monium - Under ytan

Papa Brittle - Unsafe

Paperboy - Ditty - Radio Edit

Paperboy - Ditty

Pappo - Fiesta Cervezal

Paquita La Del Barrio - Tres Veces Te Engañe

Pat Benatar - Disconnected

Pat Benatar - Sanctuary

Pat Benatar - Somebody's Baby

Pat Benatar - Ties That Bind

Pat Kelly - How Long

Pat Kelly - If It Don't Work Out

Pat Kelly - The Dark End of the Street

Pat Metheny Group - First Circle

Pat Metheny Group - Half Life of Absolution

Pato Fu - Eu Sou o Umbigo do Mundo

Pato Fu - G.R.E.S.

Pato Fu - Gimme 30

Pato Fu - Minhas Férias

Pato Fu - O Amor em Carne e Osso

Pato Fu - O Mundo Ainda Não Está Pronto

Pato Fu - Rotomusic de Liquidificapum

Pato Fu - Sítio do Pica-Pau Amarelo

Patra - Queen of the Pack

Patra Yo-Yo feat. Yo-Yo - Romantic Call

Patsy Cline - Come On In

Patti LuPone - Don't Cry For Me Argentina

Patti LuPone - I Dreamed A Dream

Patti Scialfa - As Long As I (Can Be With You)

Patti Scialfa - Baby Don't

Patti Scialfa - Big Black Heaven

Patti Scialfa - Charm Light

Patti Scialfa - Come Tomorrow

Patti Scialfa - in My Imagination

Patti Scialfa - Loves Glory

Patti Scialfa - Lucky Girl

Patti Scialfa - Rumble Doll

Patti Scialfa - Spanish Dancer

Patti Scialfa - Talk To Me Like the Rain

Patti Scialfa - Valerie

Patty Larkin - Ain't That As Good

Patty Larkin - Banish Misfortune / Open Hand

Patty Larkin - Booth of Glass

Patty Larkin - Channeling Marlene

Patty Larkin - Good Thing

Patty Larkin - Helen

Patty Larkin - Pundits & Poets

Patty Larkin - Winter Wind

Patty Loveless - Blame It on Your Heart

Patty Loveless - How Can I Help You Say Goodbye

Patty Pravo - Il Paradiso

Paul Brady - Blue World

Paul Jackson - Morning Sun

Paul Jackson, Jr. - Alain

Paul Jackson, Jr. - End of the Road

Paul Jackson, Jr. - Heaven Must Be Like This

Paul Jackson, Jr. - Heaven

Paul Jackson, Jr. - If I Go Away

Paul Jackson, Jr. - It's A Start

Paul Jackson, Jr. - One O'Clock Blues

Paul Jackson, Jr. - Preview of Coming Attractions

Paul Jackson, Jr. - River in the Desert

Paul Jackson, Jr. - The East From the West

Paul Jackson, Jr. - The Flavor

Paul McCartney - C Moon

Paul McCartney - Drive My Car

Paul McCartney - Hope of Deliverance

Paul McCartney - Lady Madonna

Paul McCartney - My Love

Paul McCartney - Paperback Writer

Paul Rodgers - I'm Ready

Paul Rodgers - Louisiana Blues

Paul Rodgers - The Hunter

Paul Rogers - Louisiana Blues

Paul Rogers - The Hunter

Paul Weller - 5th Season

Paul Weller - All The Pictures On The Wall

Paul Weller - Can You Heal Us (Holy Man)

Paul Weller - Country

Paul Weller - Foot of the Mountain

Paul Weller - Has My Fire Really Gone Out?

Paul Weller - Holy Man (Reprise)

Paul Weller - Instrumental 1

Paul Weller - Instrumental 2

Paul Weller - Moon On Your Pyjamas

Paul Weller - Shadow Of The Sun

Paul Weller - Sunflower

Paul Weller - The Weaver

Paul Weller - Wild Wood

Paul Westerberg - A Few Minutes of Silence

Paul Westerberg - Black Eyed Susan

Paul Westerberg - Dice Behind Your Shades

Paul Westerberg - First Glimmer

Paul Westerberg - Knockin On Mine

Paul Westerberg - Mannequin Shop

Paul Westerberg - Runaway Wind

Paul Westerberg - Silver Naked Ladies

Paul Westerberg - Someone I Once Knew

Paul Westerberg - Something Is Me

Paul Westerberg - Things

Paul Westerberg - World Class Fad

Paul Young - Down in Chinatown

Paul Young - Follow On

Paul Young - I Wish it Would Rain

Paul Young - It Will Be You

Paul Young - Love Hurts

Paul Young - Now I Know What Made Otis Blue

Paul Young - The Tracks of My Tears

Paul Young - Won't Look Back

Paul Young - You Are the Life Inside of Me

Paulina Rubio - El Me Engaño

Paulina Rubio - Vuelve Junto A Mi

Pauline Ester - Peace And Love

Pavement - Drive By Fader

Pavement - Mercy:The Laundromat

Pavement - My First Mine

Pavement - She Believes

Paw - Jessie

Peabo Bryson & Regina Belle - A Whole New World (Aladdin's Theme)

Pearl Jam - Animal

Pearl Jam - Blood

Pearl Jam - Crazy Mary

Pearl Jam - Cready Stomp - bonus track

Pearl Jam - Daughter

Pearl Jam - Dissident

Pearl Jam - Elderly Woman Behind the Counter in a Small Town - Acoustic Version

Pearl Jam - Elderly Woman Behind the Counter in a Small Town

Pearl Jam - Fuckin' Up

Pearl Jam - Glorified G

Pearl Jam - Go

Pearl Jam - Hold On - bonus track

Pearl Jam - Indifference

Pearl Jam - Leash

Pearl Jam - Rats

Pearl Jam - Rearviewmirror

Pearl Jam - W.M.A.

Pedro Infante - Las mañanitas

Pee Wee King - Blue Suede Shoes

Pee Wee King - Plantation Boogie

Peg Leg Howell - Rolling Mill Blues

Peg Leg Sam feat. Louisiana Red - Navaho trail

Pennywise - City Is Burning

Pennywise - Dying To Know

Pennywise - Give And Get

Pennywise - Homesick

Pennywise - It's Up To Me

Pennywise - Nothing

Pennywise - Tester

Pennywise - Time To Burn

Pennywise - Try To Conform

Pennywise - Unknown Road

Pennywise - Vices

Pennywise - You Can Demand

Pentagram - Sign Of The Wolf (Pentagram)

Pepe Aguilar - El Lengua Suelta

Peppino Di Capri - Speedy Gonzales

Pere Ubu - Come Home

Pere Ubu - Fedora Satellite

Pere Ubu - Gripless

Perry Como - For the Good Times

Perry Como - Kewpie Doll

Perry Como - Magic Moments

Pet Shop Boys - Confidential

Pet Shop Boys - Decadence

Pet Shop Boys - Falling

Pet Shop Boys - Go West - 2018 Remaster; Hidden Track

Pet Shop Boys - I Wouldn't Normally Do This Kind of Thing

Pet Shop Boys - Liberation

Pet Shop Boys - One in A Million

Pet Shop Boys - Shameless

Pet Shop Boys - Some Speculation

Pet Shop Boys - Too Many People

Pet Shop Boys - Violence

Pet Shop Boys - What Keeps Mankind Alive?

Pet Shop Boys - Yesterday When I Was Mad

Pete Rock & C.L. Smooth - One in A Million

Pete Seeger - Midnight Special

Pete Seeger - Never Wed An Old Man

Pete Seeger - Woody's Rag

Pete Townshend - Eminence front

Pete Townshend - English Boy

Pete Townshend - Fake it

Pete Townshend - Flame

Pete Townshend - I am afraid

Pete Townshend - Keep Me Turning

Pete Townshend - Meher Baba M5 (Vivaldi)

Pete Townshend - Outlive the Dinosaur

Peter Banks - All Points South

Peter Banks - Angels

Peter Banks - Anima Mundi

Peter Banks - Code Blue

Peter Banks - Dominating Factor

Peter Banks - Fogbound

Peter Banks - Instinctive Behavior

Peter Banks - Never the Same

Peter Banks - No Place Like Home

Peter Banks - Shortcomings

Peter Banks - Sticky Wicket

Peter Banks - Swamp Report

Peter Gabriel - Steam

Peter Hammill - Celebrity Kissing

Peter Hammill - Planet Coventry

Peter Herbolzheimer Rhythm Combination & Brass - Mr. Clean

Peter Kater - Becoming Human (World)

Peter Kater - Black Hills Warrior (World)

Peter Kater - Black Kettle Theme Variations (World)

Peter Kater - Dull Knife & Littlewolf (World)

Peter Kater - Geronimo's Surrender (World)

Peter Kater - Last of the Buffalo (World)

Peter Kater - Navajo Land Blessing (World)

Peter Kater - Nez Perce Flight Song (World)

Peter Kater - Sand Creek Memories (World)

Peter Kater - The West (World)

Peter Rowan - African Banjo

Peter Rowan - All My Relations

Peter Rowan - Awake Me in the New World

Peter Rowan - Carribean Woman

Peter Rowan - Dance of Pulcinella

Peter Rowan - Dance With No Shoes

Peter Rowan - Dreams of the Sea

Peter Rowan - For Gods, for Kings, for Gold

Peter Rowan - Maria De Las Rosas

Peter Rowan - Pulcinella Sails Away

Peter Rowan - Remember That I Love You

Peter Rowan - Sailing Home

Peter Rowan - Shaman's Vision

Peter Rowan - Sugar Cane

Peter Schilling - Bild Der Dunkelheit

Peter Schilling - Ein Paar Tage Weg Von Dir

Peter Schilling - Ich Kann Nicht Länger Warten

Peter Schilling - Neue Wege

Peter Schilling - Zug Um Zug

Peter White - Promenade

PFR - By Myself

PFR - Dying Man

PFR - Goldie's Last Day

PFR - I Don't Understand

PFR - Mercy Man

PFR - Satisfied

PFR - Shine

PFR - Spinnin' Round

PFR - Wait For the Sun

PFR - Walk Away From Love

Phenomania - Rave-O-Lution

Phil Collins - Always

Phil Collins - Both Sides of the Story

Phil Collins - Can't Find My Way

Phil Collins - Can't Turn Back The Years

Phil Collins - Everyday

Phil Collins - Please Come Out Tonight

Phil Collins - Survivors

Phil Collins - There's A Place For Us

Phil Collins - We Wait And We Wonder

Phil Keaggy - Everywhere I Look (Radio Mix)

Phil Keaggy - Everywhere I Look

Phil Manzanera - You Are Here

Philip Glass - Knee 2

Philip Glass - Knee 3

Philip Glass - PART ONE Song #1 From Iron Horse

Philip Glass - PART ONE Song #6 From Wichita Vortex Sutra

Philip Glass - PART TWO Song #11 from the Green Automobile

Philip Glass - PART TWO Song #13 from Nagasaki Days (Everybody's Fantasy)

Philip Glass - PART TWO Song #7 from Howl Part II

Philip Glass - Train 1

Philip Glass Ensemble - Knee 5

Phillip Boa And the Voodooclub - Bohemian Life

Phish - Fast Enough for You

Phish - Rift

Phish - The Wedge

Phrenetic System - Dark Symphony

Pierangelo Bertoli - Ballata Sul Percorso

Pierangelo Bertoli - Bersagli Mobili

Pierangelo Bertoli - Delta

Pierangelo Bertoli - Gli Anni Miei

Pierangelo Bertoli - La Faccia Di Angela

Pierangelo Bertoli - Marisa Ti Sposa

Pierangelo Bertoli - Se Tu Fossi Libera

Pigface - War Ich Nicht

Pink Cream 69 - Backflash

Pink Cream 69 - Down On Your Luck

Pink Cream 69 - Dyin' Century

Pink Cream 69 - Face in the Mirror

Pink Cream 69 - Keep Your Eye On the Twisted

Pink Cream 69 - Monday Again

Pink Cream 69 - Somedays I Sail

Pink Cream 69 - Still Alive

Pink Cream 69 - Till You're Mine

Pink Cream 69 - Way Down

Pino Daniele - A Me Me Piace O Blues

Pino Daniele - Hue' Man

Pino Daniele - Je So Pazzo

Pino Daniele - O Scarrafone

Pino Daniele - Quando

Pin-Occhio - Pinocchio

Pitchshifter - Lesson One

Pitchshifter - Lesson Two

Pitchshifter - N-A

Pitchshifter - NCM

Pitchshifter - Triad

PJ Harvey - 50 Ft Queenie

PJ Harvey - 50ft Queenie

PJ Harvey - Driving

PJ Harvey - Dry

PJ Harvey - Easy

PJ Harvey - Ecstasy

PJ Harvey - Goodnight

PJ Harvey - Hardly Wait

PJ Harvey - Highway '61 Revisited

PJ Harvey - Hook

PJ Harvey - Legs

PJ Harvey - Man-Size

PJ Harvey - M-Bike

PJ Harvey - Me-Jane

PJ Harvey - Missed

PJ Harvey - Naked Cousin

PJ Harvey - Reeling

PJ Harvey - Rid Of Me

PJ Harvey - Rub 'Till It Bleeds

PJ Harvey - Snake

PJ Harvey - Wang Dang Doodle

PJ Harvey - Yuri-G

Plaid - Yamemm

Plastic Bertrand - Gueule d'amour

Plastic Noise Experience - Dream Destructor

Plastikman - Spastik

Platero Y Tu - Bobo

Platero Y Tu - Esta Noche Yo Haria

Platero Y Tu - Marabao

Platero Y Tu - Me dan miedo las noches

Platero Y Tu - No Me Hagas Soplar

Platero Y Tu - No Me Quieres Saludar

Platero Y Tu - Ya No Existe La Vida

Pleasure - Glide - Original Mix

Pleasure - Joyous

Pleasure - Yearnin' Burnin'

PM Dawn - Looking Through Patient Eyes

Poison - Body Talk

Poison - Stand

Poison - The Scream

Polvo - My Kimono

Polygon Window - Supremacy II

Pop Will Eat Itself - 92° F

Pop Will Eat Itself - I've Always Been A Coward Baby

Porcupine Tree - Always Never

Porcupine Tree - Burning Sky

Porcupine Tree - Fadeaway

Porcupine Tree - Monuments Burn Into Moments

Porcupine Tree - Not Beautiful Anymore

Porcupine Tree - Siren

Porcupine Tree - Small Fish

Porcupine Tree - Synesthesia

Porcupine Tree - Up the Downstair

Porno For Pyros - Blood Rag ( LP Version )

Porno for Pyros - Cursed Female

Porno For Pyros - Cursed Male ( LP Version )

Porno For Pyros - Meija ( LP Version )

Porno for Pyros - Meija

Porno For Pyros - Orgasm ( LP Version )

Porno For Pyros - Packin' .25 ( LP Version )

Porno for Pyros - Packin' .25

Porno for Pyros - Pets

Porno For Pyros - Porno For Pyros ( LP Version )

Porno for Pyros - Porno for Pyros

Poster Children - Junior Citizen

Prager Handgriff - Baskerville

Prager Handgriff - Bilder meiner Angst

Prager Handgriff - Deutschland?

Prager Handgriff - Großstadtliebe

Prager Handgriff - Klaustrophobie

Prager Handgriff - Prag

Prager Handgriff - Schwermetall

Prager Handgriff - Tollwut

Prager Handgriff - Wahnsinn

Pretty Maids - 39

Pretty Maids - If It Ain't Gonna Change

Pretty Maids - I'll Be There

Pretty Maids - Say the Word

Pretty Maids - Too Late, Too Loud

Primus - Bob

Primus - DMV

Primus - Hail Santa

Primus - Hamburger Train

Primus - Mr. Krinkle

Primus - My Name Is Mud

Primus - Nature Boy

Primus - Pork Chop's Little Ditty

Primus - Pork Soda

Primus - The Air Is Getting Slippery

Primus - The Ol' Diamondback Sturgeon (Fisherman's Chronicles, Part 3)

Primus - The Pressman

Primus - Welcome To This World

Primus - Wounded Knee

Prince - 17 Days

Prince - 1999

Prince - Alphabet St.

Prince - Erotic City

Prince - Gett Off

Prince - How Come U Don't Call Me Anymore

Prince - I Could Never Take the Place of Your Man

Prince - I Wanna Be Your Lover - Single Version

Prince - Let's Go Crazy

Prince - Pink Cashmere

Prince - Sexy M.F.

Prince - She's Always in My Hair

Prince & Rosie Gaines - - Nothing Compares 2 U

Prince & the New Power Generation - Nothing Compares 2 U

Procol Harum - Something Magic

Procol Harum - Wizard Man

Prodigy - Full Throttle

Prodigy - Keep It Thoro

Prodigy - One Love (Jonny L Remix)

Prodigy - One Love

Professor Longhair - No Buts - No Maybes

Propagandhi - Anti-Manifesto

Propagandhi - Haille Sellasse, Up Your Ass

Propagandhi - Hallie Sallasse, Up Your Ass

Propagandhi - Hate, Myth, Muscle, Etiquette

Propagandhi - Ska Sucks

Propagandhi - Stick the Fucking Flag Up Your Goddamn Ass, You Son of A Bitch

Propagandhi - Stick the Fucking Flag up Your Goddamn Ass, You Sonofabitch

Propagandhi - This Might Be Satire

Propagandhi - Who Will Help Me Make This Bread

Psi vojaci - Vzestup

Psihomodo Pop - Gad

Psihomodo Pop - Ponekad

Psihomodo Pop - Srebrne svinje

Psihomodo Pop - Starfucker

Psyche - Unveiling the Secret

Psychic TV - How Does E Feel?

Psychic TV - Tribal

Psychic TV - Tribal (Analogue Sex Mix)

Psychopomps - Daddy's Girl

Psychopomps - Death To Censorship

Psychopomps - Doggy Style (X-Rated)

Psychopomps - Down the Drain (Again)

Psychopomps - Drunk city

Psychopomps - Godshit

Psychopomps - Mad Dog Killer

Psychopomps - Party Asshole

Psychopomps - Psychopath?

Psychopomps - The Slaughter

Psychopomps - Timebomb

Psychopomps - Torso

Psychopomps - What About Revenge?

Pulp - 59 Lyndhurst Grove

Pulp - Inside Susan

Pulp - Lipgloss

Pulp - Sheffield: Sex City

Pulp - Stacks

Pulp - You're A Nightmare

PUNGENT STENCH - Blood, pus and gastric juice (rare groove-mix)

PUNGENT STENCH - Blood, pus and gastric juice


PUNGENT STENCH - Horny little piggy bank

PUNGENT STENCH - Praise the names of the musical assassins

PUNGENT STENCH - Why can the bodies fly

Pur - Hör Gut Zu

Pur - in Dich.

Pur - Seiltänzertraum

Pure Prairie League - Two Lane Highway

Pussycat - Blue Lights in My Eyes

Pussycat - Daddy

Pussycat - If You Go

Pussycat - Rio

Pussycat - Take A Look At Me

Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky & Carol Rosenberger - Album for the Young, Op. 39: No. 3. Mamma (Maman)

Q-Project - Champion Sound

Q-Tex - Power of Love

Quarteto Em Cy - A Carta que não foi mandada

Quarteto Em Cy - Loura ou Morena

Quarteto Em Cy - Rancho das Namoradas

Quarteto Em Cy feat. MPB-4 - Rancho Das Namoradas

Queen Latifah - I Can't Understand

Queen Latifah - Just A Flow (Interlude)

Queen Latifah - Just Another Day...

Queen Latifah - Listen 2 Me

Queen Latifah - Mood Is Right

Queen Latifah - Superstar

Queen Latifah - U.N.I.T.Y.

Queen Latifah - Winki's Theme

Quicksand - Dine Alone

Quicksand - Fazer

Quinteto Violado - Juazeiro

R Kelly - Your Body's Callin'

R. Carlos Nakai - Creativity (World)

R. Crumb And His Cheap Suit Serenaders - Chile Blues

R. Crumb And His Cheap Suit Serenaders - Collier Medley: Ben Hur March & Napoleon March

R. Crumb And His Cheap Suit Serenaders - Dream of Heaven

R. Crumb And His Cheap Suit Serenaders - Hano Hano Hawaii

R. Crumb And His Cheap Suit Serenaders - Home

R. Crumb And His Cheap Suit Serenaders - Hula Girl

R. Crumb And His Cheap Suit Serenaders - La Gima Polka

R. Crumb And His Cheap Suit Serenaders - Pedal Your Blues Away

R. Crumb And His Cheap Suit Serenaders - Shopping Mall

R. Crumb And His Cheap Suit Serenaders - Sing Song Girl

R. Crumb And His Cheap Suit Serenaders - Singing in the Bathtub

R. Crumb And His Cheap Suit Serenaders - Suits Crybaby Blues

R. Crumb And His Cheap Suit Serenaders - Yearning and Blue

R. Kelly - Bump n' Grind

R. Kelly - For You

R. Kelly - Homie Lover Friend

R. Kelly - I Like the Crotch On You

R. Kelly - Intermission

R. Kelly - It Seems Like You're Ready

R. Kelly - Sadie

R. Kelly - Sex Me (Part I) / Sex Me (Part II)

R. Kelly - Summer Bunnies

R. Kelly - Untitled Song

R. Kelly - Your Body's Callin'

R.E.M. - World Leader Pretend (Charleston WV 4/28/91)

Rabbit in the Moon - O.B.E. (Out-Of-Body Experience)

Rabih Abou-Khalil - A Tooth Lost

Rabih Abou-Khalil - Bat Dance

Rabih Abou-Khalil - Bukra

Rabih Abou-Khalil - Bushman in the Desert

Rabih Abou-Khalil - Lost Centuries

Rabih Abou-Khalil - Reflections

Rabih Abou-Khalil - Ugo in Love

Rachel Rachel - Dust To Diamonds

Rachel Rachel - in Your Arms

Rachel Rachel - Lay Down Your Head

Rachel Rachel - Only Heaven Knows

Rachel Rachel - Somebody To Love Me

Rachel Rachel - Time (I Will Still Love You)

Rachel Rachel - You Are Always There

Rachel Rachel - You Comfort Me

Rachel Rachel - You'll Never Know

Rachid Taha - Ya Rayah

Radial Spangle - Birthday

Radial Spangle - Canopy & Shoe

Radial Spangle - Copper

Radial Spangle - Dream Problem

Radial Spangle - Drip

Radial Spangle - Gutter Chain

Radial Spangle - Hand

Radial Spangle - Raze

Radial Spangle - Snow

Radial Spangle - White Paper Basket

Radiohead - Anyone Can Play Guitar

Radiohead - Blow Out (Remix)

Radiohead - Blow Out

Radiohead - Coke Babies

Radiohead - Creep (Explicit)

Radiohead - Creep

Radiohead - How Do You?

Radiohead - How Do You?

Radiohead - I Can't

Radiohead - Inside My Head

Radiohead - Killer Cars

Radiohead - Lurgee

Radiohead - Pop Is Dead

Radiohead - Prove Yourself

Radiohead - Ripcord

Radiohead - Stop Whispering

Radiohead - Thinking About You

Radiohead - Vegetable

Radiohead - You

Radka Toneff - A Certain Peace

Radka Toneff - Antonio'S Song

Radka Toneff - Bulgarian Folksong - Fire

Radka Toneff - Havana Candy

Radka Toneff - Just Like A Woman

Radka Toneff - Never Letting Go

Radka Toneff - Rest Enough

Radka Toneff - Set It Free

Radka Toneff - We'Ll Be Together

Rage Against the Machine - Bomb Track

Ragga Twins - Shine Eye

Raging Slab - Ain't Ugly None

Raging Slab - Anywhere But Here

Raging Slab - Don't Worry About the Bomb

Raging Slab - Laughin' And Cryin'

Raging Slab - Lord Have Mercy

Raging Slab - Lynne

Raging Slab - National Dust

Raging Slab - Pearly

Raging Slab - So Help Me

Raging Slab - Take A Hold

Raging Slab - Weatherman

Raging Slab - What Have You Done

Rain Tree Crow - New Moon At Red Deer Wallow

Rainbirds - A Waltz For Jane

Rainbirds - Ain't It Strange

Rainbirds - Devil's Dance

Rainbirds - in Heaven

Rainbirds - Jamais Jamais

Rainbirds - Pebbles in My Hand

Rainbirds - Pessoa 1934

Rainbirds - Pride

Rainbirds - Rock N Roll

Rainbirds - Sleep With Snakes

Rainbirds - Someone Sometime

Rainbirds - Sommernachtstraum

Rainhard Fendrich - Brüder

Rainhard Fendrich - Null zu Null

Rainhard Fendrich - Wenn die Uhr steht

Raison D'être - Anathema/Apotheosis

Raison D'être - Ascension De Profundis

Raison D'être - Cenotaphium

Raison D'être - Katharsis

Raison D'être - Mourning

Raison D'être - Ordeal in Chapel

Raison D'être - Penumbra

Raison D'être - Synopsis

Ralphi Rosario - I Want You

Ramsey Lewis - Julia

Ramsey Lewis - Sky Islands

Ramsey Lewis - Who Are You?

Rancid - Adina

Rancid - Hyena

Rancid - Rats In The Hallway

Randy & the Rainbows - Little Star

Randy Edelman - Finale

Randy Travis - Beyond the Reef

Randy Travis - Cowboy Boogie

Randy Travis - Down At the Old Corral

Randy Travis - Hula Hands

Randy Travis - Paniolo Country

Randy Travis - Roamin' Wyomin'(Album Version)

Randy Travis - Wind in the Wire

Rapoon - Anatapurrah

Rapoon - Dahina ta

Rapoon - Rains

Rapoon - Sonol

Rapoon - The Same River Once

Rapoon - Vernal Crossing

Rapoon - Yi

Rapoon - Yi-tun

Raul Di Blasio - Corazón de Niño

Raul Di Blasio - Melissa

Raul Di Blasio - Piano

Raul Di Blasio & Cristian Castro - Despues de Ti... Que? (with Cristian Castro)

Raulin Rodriguez - Ay Dios

Raulin Rodriguez - Nereyda

Raulin Rodriguez - Regresa Amor

Raulin Rodriguez - Solo Por Ella

Raw Power - 82-92

Ray Charles - A Sentimental Blues

Ray Charles - Ain't That Fine

Ray Charles - Baby Let Me Hold Your Hand

Ray Charles - Baby Won't You Please Come Home?

Ray Charles - Can Anyone Ask for More?

Ray Charles - Can't You See My Darling

Ray Charles - Don Put All Your Dreams In One Basket

Ray Charles - Honey Honey

Ray Charles - How Long, How Long Blues

Ray Charles - If I Give You My Love

Ray Charles - I'm Going Down To The River

Ray Charles - I've Had My Fun

Ray Charles - Let's Have a Ball

Ray Charles - Ray Charles Blues

Ray Charles - Rockin' Chair Blues

Ray Charles - Sitting on the Top of the World

Ray Charles - Someday

Ray Charles - Sue's On The Ball

Ray Charles - This Love of Mine

Ray Charles - You Always Miss The Water

Ray Obiedo - Moodswing

Ray Obiedo - Real Life

Ray Parker Jr. - Ghostbusters

Ray Peterson - Goodnight My Love

Ray Scott - Boppin' Wigwam Willie

Ray Scott - The Train's Done Gone

Reba McEntire & Linda Davis - Does He Love You

Rebecka Törnqvist - Do You Mind

Rebecka Törnqvist - Easy Come, Easy Go (Radio Mix)

Rebecka Törnqvist - Easy Come, Easy Go

Rebecka Törnqvist - Everywhere

Rebecka Törnqvist - Here's That Rainy Day

Rebecka Törnqvist - I'll Wait

Rebecka Törnqvist - Mary, Mary

Rebecka Törnqvist - Molly Says

Rebecka Törnqvist - Nothing Ever

Red Aunts - Built For A Barstool

Red Aunts - Fly Ford Comet/Ho Choice

Red Aunts - Hot Rod

Red Aunts - Kung Fu Kitten

Red Aunts - Lonely Beer Drops

Red Aunts - Luz

Red Aunts - My Cat Scratch

Red Aunts - Sleeping in the Wet Spot

Red Aunts - Sleeping Pill

Red Aunts - Sweet Enough

Red Aunts - Teach Me To Kill

Red Foley - Smoke on the water

Red Hot Chili Peppers - Soul to Squeeze

Red House Painters - Brown Eyes

Red House Painters - Bubble

Red House Painters - Dragonflies

Red House Painters - Funhouse

Red House Painters - Grace Cathedral Park

Red House Painters - Katy Song

Red House Painters - Mistress (Remix)

Red House Painters - Mistress

Red House Painters - New Jersey

Red House Painters - Strawberry Hill

Red House Painters - Take Me Out

Red House Painters - Things Mean A Lot

Redd Kross - Crazy World

Reel 2 Real The Mad Stuntman Alex Natale DJ Visnadi Radio Mix - Radio Mix

Reel 2 Real The Mad Stuntman Erick 'More' Club Mix - Erick 'More' Club Mix

Regina Belle - A Whole New World (Aladdin's Theme)

Regina Belle - Dream in Color

Regina Belle - Heaven's Just A Whisper Away

Regina Belle - If I Could

Regina Belle - Interlude/Passion

Regina Belle - Love

Regina Belle - My Man

Regina Belle - Quiet Time

Regina Belle - The Deeper I Love

Regina Belle & Peabo Bryson - A Whole New World (Aladdin's Theme)

Reincidentes - Resistencia

Relatives Menschsein - Ausgeblutet

Relatives Menschsein - Erfüllung

Relatives Menschsein - in Gedanken

Relatives Menschsein - Leben

Relatives Menschsein - Passion

REM - Everybody Hurts

REM - Man on the Moon

Remedios Amaya - Romance Del Amargo

Rene Froger & the Frogettes - Victory

Republic - Fényes utakon

Republika - Amen

Republika - Nasza Pornografia

Republika - Nostradamus

Republika - Tu Jestem W Niebie

Republika - W Ogrodzie Luizy

Resistance 77 - Chelsea Girl

Ressu Redford - Jos vielä oot vapaa

Ressu Redford - Kuusi kuuta & saturnuksen renkaat

Ressu Redford - Mulla ei oo voimaa

Ressu Redford - Rakastuin ja sokaistuin

Ressu Redford - Resepti

Ressu Redford - Väärin tai sit oikein

Reuben Wilson - Orange Peel

Rev. Edward W. Clayborn - Then We'll Need That True Religion

Rev. James Moore - I Will Trust In The Lord

Rev. Paul Jones - I Won’t Complain

Revolting Cocks - Da Ya Think I'm Sexy?

Rhett Akins - A Thousand Memories

Rhett Akins - Heart To Heart

Rhett Akins - I Brake For Brunettes

Rhett Akins - Katy Brought My Guitar Back Today

Rhett Akins - Old Dirt Road

Rhett Akins - Same Ol' Story

Rhett Akins - She Said Yes

Rhett Akins - That Ain't My Truck

Rhett Akins - Those Hands

Rhett Akins - What They're Talkin' About

Ric Ocasek - A Little Closer

Ric Ocasek - Come Alive

Ric Ocasek - Don't Let Go

Ric Ocasek - Feeling's Got To Stay

Ric Ocasek - Hard Times

Ric Ocasek - Help Me Find America

Ric Ocasek - Hopped Up

Ric Ocasek - I Still Believe

Ric Ocasek - Quick Change World

Ric Ocasek - Riding Shotgun

Ric Ocasek - She's On

Ric Ocasek - The Big Picture

Ric Ocasek - What's On TV

Ricardo Arjona - Animal Nocturno

Ricardo Arjona - Jesús Verbo No Sustantivo

Ricardo Arjona - Mujeres

Ricardo Arjona - Primera Vez

Ricardo Arjona - Quien Diría

Ricchi E Poveri - Mi Innamoro Di Te

Rich Mullins - 2,173611111

Rich Mullins - 78 Eatonwood Green

Rich Mullins - Creed

Rich Mullins - Here in America

Rich Mullins - Hold Me Jesus

Rich Mullins - Land of My Sojourn

Richard & Linda Thompson - Dimming of the Day

Richard Marx - Now And Forever

Richard Strauss & Berliner Philharmoniker & Herbert von Karajan - Also sprach Zarathustra, Op.30: 1. Prelude (Sonnenaufgang)

Richard Strauss & Wiener Philharmoniker & Andre Previn - Capriccio, Op. 85, TrV 279: Mondscheinmusik

Richard Thompson - Calvary Cross

Richard Thompson feat. Linda Thompson - Calvary Cross

Rick Astley - A Dream For Us

Rick Astley - Body And Soul

Rick Astley - Enough Love

Rick Astley - Everytime

Rick Astley - Hopelessly

Rick Astley - Remember the Days

Rick Astley - The Ones You Love

Rick Astley - Waiting For the Bell To Ring

Rick Astley - When You Love Someone

Rick James - Give It To Me Baby - Single Version

Rick Trevino - Bobbie Ann Mason

Rick Trevino - Learning As You Go

Rick Trevino - Running Out of Reasons ro Run

Rick Trevino - She Can't Say I didn't Cry

Rickie Lee Jones - Altar Boy

Rickie Lee Jones - Jolie Jolie

Rickie Lee Jones - Pink Flamingos

Rickie Lee Jones - Rebel Rebel

Rickie Lee Jones - Running From Mercy

Rickie Lee Jones - Stewart's Coat

Rickie Lee Jones - The Albatross

Rickie Lee Jones - Tigers

RICKY LYNN GREGG - A Good Habit Is Hard To Break

RICKY LYNN GREGG - Alright Already

RICKY LYNN GREGG - Bring On the Neon



RICKY LYNN GREGG - If I Had A Cheatin' Heart

RICKY LYNN GREGG - No Place Left To Go

RICKY LYNN GREGG - That's What Happens

RICKY LYNN GREGG - The Change (Is Gonna Do Me Good)

Ricky Skaggs - Don't Cheat In Our Hometown

Ricky Skaggs - Honey (Open That Door)

Ricky Skaggs & Tony Rice - Bury Me Beneath The Weeping Willow

Ricky Skaggs & Tony Rice - Where The Soul Of Man Never Dies

Ricky Van Shelton - Heartache Big As Texas

Ricky Van Shelton - Just As I Am

Right Said Fred - Comfort Me

Right Said Fred - I Ain't Stupid

Right Said Fred - It's Not the Way

Right Said Fred - Love For All Seasons

Right Said Fred - Rocket Town

Right Said Fred - Sunshine Sex Drive

Right Said Fred - We Live A Life

Right Said Fred - Wonderman

Righteous Pigs - Open Wound

Rio Reiser - Far Up

Rio Reiser - Im Süden

Rio Reiser - Neun99zig

Rio Reiser - Okay

Rio Reiser - Wart's ab

Rise and Fall of a Decade - Pure Hands

Rita Marley - Harambe

Rita Marley - I Know A Place

Rita Marley - Love Iyah

Rita Marley - My Kind of War

Rita Marley - So Much Things To Say

Rita Marley - That's the Way

Rita Marley - The Beauty of God's Plan

RKL - Insane

Robbie Dupree - Evil Eye

Robbie Dupree - Goodbye To LA

Robbie Dupree - If We Try Again

Robbie Dupree - Learn To Cry

Robbie Dupree - Money

Robbie Dupree - Return To Her

Robbie Dupree - Right Direction

Robbie Dupree - Walking On Water

Robbie Dupree - Walls Come Down

Robert Calvert - The Cool Courage of the Bomb Squad Officers

Robert Forster - 121

Robert Forster - Atlanta Lie Low

Robert Forster - Cats Life

Robert Forster - Drop

Robert Forster - Falling Star

Robert Forster - Forever & Time

Robert Forster - Girl To A World

Robert Forster - I Want To Be Quiet

Robert Forster - The Circle

Robert Palmer - It's Not Difficult

Robert Pete Williams - Ugly Man Blues

Robert Plant - 29 Palms - 2006 Remaster

Robert Plant - Colours of A Shade

Robert Plant - Come Into My Life

Robert Plant - Great Spirit

Robert Plant - I Believe

Robert Plant - If I Were a Carpenter - 2006 Remaster

Robert Plant - If I Were A Carpenter

Robert Plant - Memory Song

Robert Plant - Promised Land

Robert Plant - The Greatest Gift

Robert Schumann & Carol Rosenberger - Piano Sonata in D Major, Op. 118, No. 2: III. Abendlied

Robert Tree Cody - Whispering Journeys

Robert Wyatt - Chairman Mao

Robert Wyatt - Te Recuerdo Amanda

Roberto Orellana - Mi Nuevo Amor

Roberto Orellana - Necesito De Ti

Robin S - Love for Love

Robin S - Show Me Love

Robin S. - Show Me Love

Rob'n'Raz feat. Papa Dee - Microphone Poet

Robyn Hitchcock and the Egyptians - Railway Shoes

Rocket From the Crypt - Cha Cha Cha

Rocket From the Crypt - Chantilly Face

Rocket From the Crypt - Good Bye

Rocket From the Crypt - Normal Carpet Ride

Rocket From the Crypt - Pigeon Eater

Rocket From the Crypt - Pure Genius

Rocket From the Tombs - Ain't It Fun

Rodgers And Hammerstein - My Lord and Master

Rodgers And Hammerstein - Shall We Dance?

RODNEY CROWELL - Even Cowgirls Get the Blues

Rodney Crowell - She's Crazy For Leaving

RODNEY CROWELL - Standing On A Rock

RODNEY CROWELL - Talking To A Stranger (With Mary Chapin Carpenter)

Rodney O & Joe Cooley - U Don't Hear Me Tho' - Street Mix

Rodney O & Joe Cooley - U Don't Hear Me Tho' (Street Mix)

Rodney O & Joe Cooley - U Don't Hear Me Tho'

Rodney O & Joe Cooley - You Don't Hear Me Tho' - Radio Mix

Rodolphe Burger - Charade

Rodolphe Burger - Cheval-mouvement

Rodolphe Burger - Hidden track (instru}

Rodolphe Burger - Meow, meow

Rodolphe Burger - Passe/donne

Rodolphe Burger - Sing

Rodolphe Burger - Song (bonus)

Rodolphe Burger - The passenger

Roger - I Want to Be Your Man

Roger McGuinn - Mr. Tambourine Man

Rolf Harris - Stairway To Heaven

Ronnie Dove - One Kiss For Old Times Sake

Ronnie Laws - Come and See What I've Got

Ronnie Laws - From Ronnie With Love

Ronnie Laws - Stay Still

Ronnie Laws - Strugglin'

Ronnie Self - Pretty Bad Blues

Ronny Jordan - in Full Swing

Ronny Jordan - Mr Walker

Ronny Jordan - Slam in A Jam

Ronny Jordan - The Morning After

Ronny Jordan - Tinsel Town

Ronny Jordan - Tinseltown

Ronny Jordan - Vanston Place (00 Am)

Ronny Jordan & Dana Bryant - The Jackal

Ronny Jordan feat. Dana Bryant - The Jackal

Ronny Jordan feat. Fay Simpson - Come With Me

Ronny Jordan feat. Fay Simpson feat. Truth Anthony - Under Your Spell

Ronny Jordan feat. Guru - Season For Change

Rosalie Allen - I Want to Be a Cowboy's Sweetheart

Rosanne Cash - Change Partners

Rosanne Cash - From the Ashes

Rosanne Cash - Roses in the Fire

Rosanne Cash - Seventh Avenue

Rosanne Cash - Sleeping in Paris

Rosanne Cash - Tears Falling Down

Rosanne Cash - The Truth About You

Rosanne Cash - The Wheel

Rose Chronicles - Awaiting Eternity

Rosetta Stone - Adrenaline

Rosie & The Originals - Angel Baby

Ross 154 - Mayflower

Ross 154 - Remembrance

Rotting Christ - Exiled Archangels

Rotting Christ - The Mystical Meeting

Rotting Christ - Transform All Suffering Into Plagues

Roy Ayers - 2000 Black

Roy Ayers - Running Away

Roy Ayers - Searching

Roy Buchanan - Down By the River

Roy Buchanan - My Friend Jeff

Roy Buchanan - Running Out


Royal Crescent Mob - All Bottled Up

Royal Crescent Mob - Bong Hits

Royal Crescent Mob - Bubblebath With Nicole

Royal Crescent Mob - Cyclone Girl

Royal Crescent Mob - Dive

Royal Crescent Mob - Funky Fight Parts 1 & 2

Royal Crescent Mob - Hard Drivin' Man

Royal Crescent Mob - Mama Said Knock You Out

Royal Crescent Mob - Mississippi

Royal Crescent Mob - Mob Stew

Royal Crescent Mob - One Down Clown

Royal Crescent Mob - That's the Way It Goes

Royal Crescent Mob - You Gotta Move

Rozalla - I Love Music

Ruben Blades - Dime

Ruben Blades - El Cantante

Ruben Blades - El Nacimiento De Ramiro

Ruby Johnson - Don't Play That Song (You Lied)

Ruby Johnson - How Strong Is My Love

Ruby Johnson - I'd Better Check On Myself

Ruby Johnson - I'd Rather Fight Than Switch

Ruby Johnson - It's Better To Give Than To Receive

Ruby Johnson - It's Not That Easy

Ruby Johnson - Keep On Keeping On

Ruby Johnson - Left Over Love

Ruby Johnson - Need Your Love So Bad

Ruby Johnson - No No No

Ruby Johnson - The Love of My Man

Ruby Johnson - What More Can A Woman Do

Ruby Johnson - Why Not Give Me A Chance

Ruby Johnson - Won't Be Long

Rufige Cru - Terminator II

Rufige Kru - Terminator 2

Rufus Thomas - Funky Mississippi

Rufus Thomas - I Want To Hold You

Rufus Thomas - Preacher And the Bear

Run–D.M.C. - Down With the King

RUN-DMC - 3 in the Head

RUN-DMC - Can I Get A Witness

RUN-DMC - Can I Get It, Yo

RUN-DMC - Come On Everybody

RUN-DMC - Get Open

RUN-DMC - in the House

RUN-DMC - Ooh, Watcha Gonna Do

RUN-DMC - Three Little Indians

RUN-DMC - To the Maker

RUN-DMC - What's Next

RUN-DMC - Wreck Shop

Runrig - Song of the Earth

Runrig - Sraidean Na Roinn Eorpa (Streets of Europe)

Runrig - The Greatest Flame

RuPaul - Supermodel (You Better Work)

Rush - Animate - 2004 Remaster

Rush - Leave That Thing Alone - 2004 Remaster

Rush - Nobody's Hero - 2004 Remaster

Rush - Stick It Out - 2004 Remaster

Russ Ballard - Dream On

Russ Ballard - Hey Bernadette

Russ Ballard - The Fire Still Burns

Russ Ballard - Your Time Is Gonna Come

Rusted Root - Artificial Winter

S.U.P - 1308.Jp.08

S.U.P - 4tx.31b

S.U.P - Prelude

S.U.P - The Accomplishment

S.U.P - The Cube

S.U.P - The Elevation

S.U.P - Through the Transparent Partitions

Sacred Reich - Independent

Sacred Reich - The Big Picture

Sadistik Exekution - Ipsissimus

Saigon Kick - Close To You

Saigon Kick - Fields of Rape

Saigon Kick - I Love You

Saigon Kick - My Heart

Saigon Kick - On And On

Saigon Kick - One Step Closer

Saigon Kick - Reprise

Saigon Kick - Sentimental Girl

Saigon Kick - Sgt. Steve

Saigon Kick - Space Oddity

Saigon Kick - The Way

Saigon Kick - Torture

Saigon Kick - Water

Saigon Kick - When You Were Mine

Saint Etienne - Archway People

Saint Etienne - Avenue

Saint Etienne - Calico

Saint Etienne - Date With Spelman

Saint Etienne - Hobart Paving

Saint Etienne - I Was Born On Christmas Day

Saint Etienne - Leafhound

Saint Etienne - Memo To Pricey

Saint Etienne - My Christmas Prayer

Saint Etienne - No Rainbows For Me

Saint Etienne - Snowplough

Saint Etienne - You're in A Bad Way

Salt 'n' Pepa with En Vogue - Whatta Man (Salt-N-Pepa feat. En Vogue) (EP Version)

Salt-N-Pepa - Groove Me

Salt-N-Pepa - None Of Your Business

Salt-N-Pepa - Shoop

Salt-N-Pepa - Somebody's Gettin' On My Nerves

Salt-N-Pepa & En Vogue - Whatta Man

Salt-N-Pepa En Vogue EP Version - EP Version

Salt-N-Pepa feat. En Vogue - Whatta Man

Sam & Dave - Hold On, I'm Coming

Sammy Kershaw - I Can't Reach Her Anymore

Sammy Kershaw - Queen Of My Double Wide Trailer

Sammy Kershaw - She Don't Know She's Beautiful

Samuel Coleridge-Taylor & Royal Liverpool Philharmonic Orchestra & Grant Llewellyn - Symphonic Variations on an African Air, Op.63

Samuray - Nada Va A Cambiar Mi Amor Por Ti

Sara Martin - Death Sting Me Blues

Sarah Jane Morris - I'm Missing You

Sarah McLachlan - Blue

Sarah McLachlan - Elsewhere

Sarah McLachlan - Fear

Sarah McLachlan - Fumbling Towards Ecstasy

Sarah McLachlan - Good Enough

Sarah McLachlan - Hold On

Sarah McLachlan - Ice Cream

Sarah McLachlan - Ice

Sarah McLachlan - Mary

Sarah McLachlan - Plenty

Sarah McLachlan - Possession

Sarah McLachlan - Wait

Sarah Vaughan And Orchestra - The Lord's Prayer

Sargant Fury - Change

Sargant Fury - Eagle

Sargant Fury - Eternal Champion

Sargant Fury - Goodbye

Sargant Fury - Little Fish

Sargant Fury - New Direction

Sargant Fury - No.7

Sargant Fury - Out

Sargant Fury - T.T.A.

Sargant Fury - Tomorrow

Sargant Fury - Wrong Place_Wrong Time

Savatage - All That I Bleed

Savatage - Edge of Thorns

Savoy-Doucet Cajun Band - Aux Natchitoches

Savoy-Doucet Cajun Band - Baby And the Gambler & the Happy One-Step

Savoy-Doucet Cajun Band - Bosco Stomp

Savoy-Doucet Cajun Band - Evangeline Special

Savoy-Doucet Cajun Band - Flammes D'enfer

Savoy-Doucet Cajun Band - Good-Bye, Brown Eyes

Savoy-Doucet Cajun Band - J'aimerais Connaitre (I'd Like To Know)

Savoy-Doucet Cajun Band - La Danse De Limonade

Savoy-Doucet Cajun Band - La Valse De Marie

Savoy-Doucet Cajun Band - La Valse J'aime (The Waltz I Love)

Savoy-Doucet Cajun Band - Lapin Dans Son Nique

Savoy-Doucet Cajun Band - Melville Two-Step

Savoy-Doucet Cajun Band - Mon Chere Bebe Creole (Tribute To Dennis

Savoy-Doucet Cajun Band - One-Step De Chameau

Savoy-Doucet Cajun Band - Pine Grove Blues (La Negress)

Savoy-Doucet Cajun Band - Port Arthur Blues

Savoy-Doucet Cajun Band - Pretty Rosey Cheeks

Savoy-Doucet Cajun Band - Quelle Etoile (Which Star)

Savoy-Doucet Cajun Band - Quelle Etoile

Savoy-Doucet Cajun Band - Reno Waltz

Savoy-Doucet Cajun Band - Ton Papa M'a Jete Dehors

Savoy-Doucet Cajun Band - Two Step D'amede

Sawyer Brown - Thank God For You

Sawyer Brown - The Boys And Me

School of Fish - 1/2 A Believer

School of Fish - Blackout

School of Fish - Complicator

School of Fish - Drag

School of Fish - Drop of Water

School of Fish - Everyword

School of Fish - Fountain

School of Fish - Fuzzed And Fading

School of Fish - Jump Off the World

School of Fish - Kerosene

School of Fish - Lament

School of Fish - Stand in the Doorway

School of Fish - Take Me Anywhere

Scorn - Beyond

Scorn - Blackout

Scorn - Drained

Scorn - Host of Scorpions

Scorn - Little Angel

Scorn - Nights Ash Black

Scorn - Nothing Hunger

Scorn - White Irises Blind (Minimal Mix)

Scorn - White Irises Blind

Scorpions - Alien Nation

Scorpions - Lonely Nights

Scorpions - Nightmare Avenue

Scorpions - No Pain No Gain

Scorpions - Ship of Fools

Scorpions - Under The Same Sun

Scorpions - Unholy Alliance

Scott Joplin - Ragtime Dance

Scott Joplin - Searchlight Rag

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