1925 Songs

A Jam Session at Victor - Blues

Al Jolson - All Alone

American Concert Orchestra - Extracts from the Ballet-Suite Scherazada - Remaster

Andree Turcy - Mon Anisette

Annette Hanshaw - I Got 'It' But It Don't Do Me No Good

Art Jarrett - Goodbye Blues

Ben Bernie - Sweet Georgia Brown

Berval - Il Suffit D'un Rien

Bessie Smith - Careless Love Blues

Bessie Smith - St Louis Blues

Bing Crosby - How Deep Is the Ocean (How High Is the Sky)

Bugle Call Rag - Test for Victor Young'

Cab Calloway & His Orchestra - Farewell Blues

Chick Bullock And His Levee Loungers - Bend Down Sister

Clarence Williams & His Orchestra - Papa De Da Da

Clarence Williams' Blue Five - Cast Away

Clarence Williams' Blue Five - Pickin' On Your Baby

Clarence Williams' Jug Band - Chizzlin' Sam

Cliff Edwards - That's My Weakness Now

Connie Boswell - Lullaby Of The Leaves

Don Redman and His Orchestra - Two-Time Man

Dranem - Est Ce Que Je Te Demande

Dranem - Raymonde

Duke Ellington - Tonight I Shall Sleep

Ed Lang & His Orchestra - Bugle Call Rag

Eddie Cantor - If You Knew Susie (Like I Know Susie)

Emma Liebel - Mon Paris

Ethel Waters - (What Did I Do To Be So) Black and Blue?

Ethel Waters - Cabin In The Sky

Ethel Waters - Come Up And See Me Sometime

Ethel Waters - Harlem On My Mind

Ethel Waters - Heat Wave

Ethel Waters - Honey in the Honeycomb

Ethel Waters - Hottentot Potentate

Ethel Waters - I Just Couldn't Make It, Baby

Ethel Waters - Maybe Not At All

Ethel Waters - Memories of You

Ethel Waters - My Kind Of Man

Ethel Waters - No Man's Mama - A Woman's Choice

Ethel Waters - Please Don't Talk About Me When I'm Gone

Ethel Waters - Shake That Thing

Ethel Waters - Stormy Weather (Keeps Rainin' All The Time) - 78rpm Version

Ethel Waters - Taking a Chance on Love

Ethel Waters - Theif In The Night

Ethel Waters - You Can't Stop Me from Loving You

Ethel Waters - You're Lucky To Me

Francisco Canaro - Callecita de Mi Barrio

Francisco Canaro - Caminito del Taller

Francisco Canaro - El Once

Francisco Canaro - El Romántico Fulero

Francisco Canaro - En Aquel Cuartito

Francisco Canaro - Entrá Nomás

Francisco Canaro - Galleguita

Francisco Canaro - Hopa, Hopa, Hopa

Francisco Canaro - Juguete de Placer

Francisco Canaro - La Garconiere

Francisco Canaro - Langosta

Francisco Canaro - Les Garcon

Francisco Canaro - Medias de Seda

Francisco Canaro - Mimosita

Francisco Canaro - Muchachita de Montmartre

Francisco Canaro - Organito de la Tarde

Francisco Canaro - París

Francisco Canaro - Personita

Francisco Canaro - Pico Blanco

Francisco Canaro - Quereme Serrana

Francisco Canaro - Ríe Ríe

Francisco Canaro - Ramas Secas

Francisco Canaro - Suprema

Francisco Canaro - Tea for Two

Francisco Canaro - Tembladeral

Francisco Canaro - Tierra de Mis Amores

Francisco Canaro - Tierra Mia

Francisco Canaro - Tita

Francisco Canaro - Tomasito

Francisco Canaro - Veracruz

Francisco Canaro - Virgencita del Talar

Francisco Canaro & Azucena Maizani - Acuarelita de Arrabal

Francisco Canaro & Azucena Maizani - Alma de Cotorro

Francisco Canaro & Azucena Maizani - Amores de Carnaval

Francisco Canaro & Azucena Maizani - Canta Corazón

Francisco Canaro & Azucena Maizani - Penas de Arrabal

Francisco Canaro & Azucena Maizani - Silbando

Frank Melrose - Piano Breakdown

Frank Sinatra & Tommy Dorsey Orchestra - Imagination

Frankie Half-Pint Jaxon & His Hot Shots - Fifteen Cents

Fred Gouin - Les Papillons De Nuit

Gaston Ouvrard - Elle Met Des Chaussinettes

Georges Thill - Carmen, 13, Acte 2, Duo De Carmen Et Don Jose (1ère Partie): 'Je Vais Danser En Votre Honneur'

Georges Thill - Carmen, 14, Acte 2: 'La Fleur Que Tu M'avais Jetee'

Georges Thill - Carmen, 17, Acte 3: 'Entracte'

Georges Thill - Carmen, 18, Acte 3: 'Coeur Des Contrebandiers'

Georges Thill - Faust, Acte 1, 1er Tableau, 1ère Partie: 'En Vain J'interroge En Mon Ardente Veille'

Georges Thill - Faust, Acte 1, 1er Tableau, 2ème Partie:'Salut Ô Mon Dernier Matin'

Georges Thill - Faust, Acte 3, Scène Et Duo Du Jardin (1ère Partie): 'Il Emiletait Temps! Sous Le Feuillage Sombre'

Georges Thill - Faust, Acte 3, Scène Et Duo Du Jardin (2ème Partie): 'Laissez Un Peu De Grâce'

Georges Thill - Faust, Acte 3, Scène Et Duo Du Jardin (3ème Partie): 'Marguerite! Ah! Partez!'

Georges Thill - Faust, Acte 3, Scène Et Duo Du Jardin, Fin (4ème Partie): 'Tête Folle, Tu Nous Emilecoutais!'

Georges Thill - Herodiade: 'Air De Jean'

Georges Thill - La Juive, Acte 4: 'Quand Du Seigneur La Grâce Tutelaire'

Georges Thill - La Traviata, Acte 2: 'Je Suis Aime De Toi'

Georges Thill - Les Huguenots, Acte 1: 'Plus Blanche Que La Blanche Hermine'

Georges Thill - Mireille, Acte 5: 'Anges Du Paradis'

Georges Thill - Sigurd, Acte 2: 'Le Bruit Des Chants'

Georgius - Hortensia Ou La Fille Du Jazz Band

Georgius - L'homme Du Milieu

Giuseppe Verdi & Umberto Urbano & Unknown Orchestra - Otello: Era la notte

Harold Lem & His Orchestra - I Got Rhythm

Henderson's Roseland Orchestra - Raisin' The Roof

Hoagy Carmichael & His Orchestra - Moon Country

Ignacio Corsini - Añoranza

Ignacio Corsini - Alfredo

Ignacio Corsini - Alma de Bohemio

Ignacio Corsini - Altar Criollo

Ignacio Corsini - Amazona

Ignacio Corsini - Anochecer

Ignacio Corsini - Buena Suerte

Ignacio Corsini - Campana de Plata

Ignacio Corsini - China Ingrata

Ignacio Corsini - Chinita Linda

Ignacio Corsini - Destellos

Ignacio Corsini - El Centenario

Ignacio Corsini - El Cuchillo del Plata

Ignacio Corsini - El Flechazo

Ignacio Corsini - El Moño Colorado

Ignacio Corsini - El Narcizo Negro

Ignacio Corsini - El Sonambulo

Ignacio Corsini - Engualichaste Mi Corazón

Ignacio Corsini - La Canción del Huerfano

Ignacio Corsini - La Carrera

Ignacio Corsini - La Carreta

Ignacio Corsini - Labios Pintados

Ignacio Corsini - Los Carreteros

Ignacio Corsini - Luna Gaucha

Ignacio Corsini - Macho y Hembra

Ignacio Corsini - Marinero

Ignacio Corsini - Medias de Seda

Ignacio Corsini - Mi Perdón

Ignacio Corsini - Noche Mala

Ignacio Corsini - Ojazos Color de Mar

Ignacio Corsini - Ojerosa

Ignacio Corsini - Perdón

Ignacio Corsini - Reproches

Ignacio Corsini - Resignación

Ignacio Corsini - Sarita

Ignacio Corsini - Sonrisas

Ignacio Corsini - Trago Amargo

Ignacio Corsini - Tu Promesa

Ignacio Corsini - Un Triste Despertar

Ignacio Corsini - Virgencita del Talar

Jack Bland - Who Stole the Lock (On the Hen-House Door)

Jack Teagarden - I Got The Ritz From The One I Love

Joe Turner & His Memphis Men - Freeze And Melt

Lee Morse - He's Still My Baby - Woman To Woman

Louis Armstrong & His Hot Five - Big Fat Ma and Skinny Pa

Louis Armstrong & His Hot Five - Come Back, Sweet Papa

Louis Armstrong & His Hot Five - Cornet Chop Suey

Louis Armstrong & His Hot Five - Don't Forget to Mess Around

Louis Armstrong & His Hot Five - Droppin' Shucks

Louis Armstrong & His Hot Five - Georgia Grind

Louis Armstrong & His Hot Five - Gut Bucket Blues

Louis Armstrong & His Hot Five - Heebie Jeebies

Louis Armstrong & His Hot Five - I'm Gonna Gitcha

Louis Armstrong & His Hot Five - Jazz Lips

Louis Armstrong & His Hot Five - Lonesome Blues

Louis Armstrong & His Hot Five - Muskrat Ramble

Louis Armstrong & His Hot Five - My Heart

Louis Armstrong & His Hot Five - Oriental Strut

Louis Armstrong & His Hot Five - Skid-Dat-De-Dat

Louis Armstrong & His Hot Five - Sweet Little Papa

Louis Armstrong & His Hot Five - The King of the Zulus

Louis Armstrong & His Hot Five - Who'sit

Louis Armstrong & His Hot Five - Yes! I'm in the Barrel

Louis Armstrong & His Hot Five - You're Next

Ma Rainey - See See Rider Blues

Marguerite Deval - C'etait Une Autre Epoque

Marguerite Deval - Si J'avais été Un Homme

Marion Harris - Tea for Two

Maurice Chevalier - C'est Merveilleux

Maurice Chevalier - C'etait Moi

Maurice Chevalier - Je Ne Dis Pas Non

Maurice Chevalier - Valentine

Mildred Bailey - Shoutin' In That Amen Corner

Missouri Jazz Band - Nobody's Sweetheart

Mistinguett - Mon Bus'ness

Old Grape God - Hella Often Freestyle

Papa Charlie Jackson - All I Want Is A Spoonful

Papa Charlie Jackson - Maxwell Street Blues

Papa Charlie Jackson - Shake That Thing

Paul Hoppe & Heinrich Schlusnus & Johann Heidenreich - Ein rheinisches Mädchen beim rheinischen Wein, Op. 39 No. 1

Paul Whiteman & His Orchestra - It Won't Be Long Now

Pauline Carton - Par Le Trou De La Serrure

Perchicot - Je N'suis Pas Celle Que Vous Croyez

Perchicot - Sous Le Soleil Marocain

Pierrette Mad - Ca C'est Gentil Ca C'est Pas Mal

Rene Koval - Pas Sur La Bouche

Rube Bloom & His Bayou Boys - The Man From The South

Ruth Etting - Cigarettes, Cigars

Saint Granier - Les P'tites Femmes

Sam Lanin & His Famous Players & Singers - Ten Little Miles from Town

Sarah Martin - Take Your Black Bottom Outside

Sophie Tucker - Cause I Feel Lowdown

The All-Star Orchestra - Add a Little Wiggle

The Big Aces - Cherry

The Boswell Sisters - Sentimental Gentleman From Georgia

The California Ramblers - She Knows Her Onions

The Charleston Chasers - Cinderella Brown

The Columbia Photo Players - Dust

The Dorsey Brothers - My Melancholy Baby

The Dorsey Brothers' Orchestra - Mean to Me

The Golden Gate Orchestra - Dusting The Donkey - aka 'The Pay-Off'

The Goofus Five & Their Orchestra - Mama's Grown Young - The Weaker Sex

The Hot Air-Men - Red Hot Chicago

The Travelers - Breakaway

Tom Dorsey - It's Right Here For You

Tommy Dorsey - At The Fat Man's

Tommy Dorsey - Boogie Woogie

Tommy Dorsey - Daybreak

Tommy Dorsey - Do I Worry?

Tommy Dorsey - East Of The Sun

Tommy Dorsey - Easy Does It

Tommy Dorsey - Every Night About This Time

Tommy Dorsey - Flagler Drive

Tommy Dorsey - Goin' Home

Tommy Dorsey - Hawaiian War Chant

Tommy Dorsey - I Could Make You Care

Tommy Dorsey - I'll Never Smile Again

Tommy Dorsey - I'm Gettin' Sentimental Over You

Tommy Dorsey - Jimtown Blues

Tommy Dorsey - Liebestraum

Tommy Dorsey - Manhattan Serenade

Tommy Dorsey - March Of The Toys

Tommy Dorsey - Melody In F

Tommy Dorsey - Oh! Look At Me Now

Tommy Dorsey - On the Sunny Side of the Street (From 'Is Everybody Happy?')

Tommy Dorsey - Opus #1

Tommy Dorsey - Our Love Affair

Tommy Dorsey - Pussy Willow

Tommy Dorsey - Put On Your Old Grey Bonnet

Tommy Dorsey - Rhumboogie

Tommy Dorsey - Song of India

Tommy Dorsey - Star Dust

Tommy Dorsey - Stop, Look and Listen

Tommy Dorsey - Take the 'A' Train

Tommy Dorsey - The Song Is You

Tommy Dorsey - Trombonology

Tommy Dorsey & Duke Ellington - The Minor Goes Muggin'

Tommy Dorsey & Edythe Wright - Head Over Heels in Love

Tommy Dorsey & Elvis Presley - Heartbreak Hotel

Tommy Dorsey & His Clambake Seven - One Night in Monte Carlo

Tommy Dorsey & His Clambake Seven - There's Good Blues Tonight

Tommy Dorsey & His Clambake Seven - Vol Vistu Gaily Star

Tommy Dorsey & His Clambake Seven & Edythe Wright - After You

Tommy Dorsey & His Clambake Seven & Tommy Dorsey - Twilight In Turkey

Tommy Dorsey & Jack Leonard & Bunny Berigan - Marie

Tommy Dorsey & Sy Oliver & Jo Stafford - Yes, Indeed!

Tommy Dorsey Jimmy Dorsey feat. Jimmy Dorsey - Dippermouth Blues

Vernon Dalhart - The Prisoner's Song

Yvonne George - C'est Pour Ca Qu'on S'aime

Yvonne George - J'ai Pas Su Y Faire