Shania Twain her son never gets a birthday present

Shania TwainShania Twain\ her 16 years old son Eja has never been given a birthday present. The countrysinger don't want to spoil her children.
Shania grew up in a family that had never 1 penny. So she want to learn her son what's modesty. "You can't give him everything" so Shania said to the Mirrar.
Every year he's happy with a birthday cake. And he never has the feeling that he was falling to short. He was actually pleased with hes birthday cake.
Also on Christmas presents theirs a hold on the spences. He gets 3 presents and that should be enough.
Moreover, the rule in Shania's house is: "Everything you do not use for more than a month goes to charity."
Yet the singer says that they also do not pretend to be poor. "If he needs a shirt, he gets a shirt. I will not pretend to be poor if that is not the case."