*HEAD1* Sensation's last dance festival in the Amsterdam Arena *HEAD2*

Sensation's last dance festival in the Amsterdam Arena

*MAIN* Sensation the final logo

The Dutch dance festival Sensation organized by ID&T stops with the Dutch edition of the Sensations party's after 18 years. The Sensation party's began in 2000. In 2002 the Black edition started with hard-house music until 2008. The white editions was more Trance orientated. The dress code of the party's was totally black for the Sensation Black editions and totally white for the Sensation White editions. In 2016 the organization allowed a totally white and totally black dress code at one party. The party's where spread around in 34 different country's on 5 continents. Now only 1 final party is left to happen and will take place in at Sensations birthplace: Amsterdam. The event takes place July the 8th of 2017. The Sensation White Tickets can be bought online February the 27th, starting from 4 PM. This also means that there will be a final compilation with the best electronic tracks of the period of 18 years Sensation. Sensations White compilations.