Partycruise The Ark, Tomorrowland on the sea

The Ark, the cruise ship event of Tomorrowland on the The Freedom of The Seas.

The Ark cruise of Tomorrowland will be a big dance-festival on a gigantic luxury cruise ship named The Freedom of The Seas. From 31 August 2017 their will be a big party on the ocean for four days long. The ship will cruise along city's like Barcelona, Marseille and Ibiza. The Ark revers to Noah's Ark, one of the most fascinating tales in history. The creation of Noah's Ark was meant to survive the flood: causing separation of mankind and the start of a new era. Only those who helped each other, the innocent, were given a place at the Ark. With the past in our memory the cruise wil sail towards a tropical future and invite every visitor to taste the beautiful things life has to offer.