*HEAD1* No Eurosong for Kiev in the Future *HEAD2*

No Eurosong for Kiev in the Future


The organizers of the Eurovision-song-contest are threaten to exclude Ukraine from future participations, if Kiev, the Russian candidate for the 2017 edition, doesn't allow them on their territory. This evident comes from a letter from Ingrid Deltenre, the president of the European Broadcasting Union (EUB) to the Ukraine premier Volodymyr Grosjman. The letter is just published in the Deutsche Welle and Kiev Vlast. Ingrid Deltenre find it unacceptable that the Russian singer Joelia Samojlova was excluded from the competition that takes place in Kiev. She demands that the Russian singer can go on Ukraine territory to take place in the contest. If not than the UA:PCB, the public broadcasting station of Ukraine, will be banded for future events. This would be the first time in the Eurovision history that this will happen. The exclusion can have a negative impact on the international reputation of Ukraine as an European democratic nation. All this commotion does other members think of if they want to continue or retract out of the game. The organization of Eurosong is frustrated and angry that the contest is used inside a conflict between Ukraine and the Russian Federation. The Ukrainian secret service (SBU) have refused Samojlova to entry the country for 3 years because she had given a concert in June 2015 at the Crimea, which was already annexed by Russia. Eurovision wanted that the singer still could participate. but the television canal Pervyj Kanal rejected a satellite link.