Michael Jackson best top-earning dead celebrity of 2017


Michael Jackson is the best top-earning dead celebrity, passed away in 2009, is for 5 years in a row, the number one best earning dead celebrity. The King of Pop earns just a little more than Bruce Springsteen that is still alive. This according to the rankings of the business magazine Forbes. Michael Jackson is good for 65 million euro on income. This is almost twice as much as golfer Arnold Palmer, who is second in the list of dead celebrities with an income of 34 million euro. The third place goes to Snoopy-drawer Charles Schulz. The first women in the list is actress Elizabeth Taylor at number 12. Here family earns money mainly by Taylors perfume. The scientist Albert Einstein gets the 10th place with 9 million of income from products with his name and picture on like posters, tablets and much more. It's notable that many famous singers are in the list.