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FreeDB shut down from May 2020The free CDDB project provided metadata for many Compact Discs. Software like EAC (Exact Audio Copy) can automatically recognise the meta data for the Audio CD that you inserted. It's been free and everybody could participate in the database by typing in the information for that Audio Disc, the program uploaded the information to the central database and this way the meta data was available for everyone. So the next user that wanted to rip the same Audio CD didn't need to type in the information again. But now the database is not available any more on the website of Also downloading the full database and installing it locally on your PC isn't available any more. And here is where will provide you a solution. The full database will be integrated into our project, so everything will be available online through our site in our format. The full and final original database with more than over 3 million Audo Disc's (956 MB) can be downloaded through this link:
FreeDB 2020 full final download.
The tar.bz2 file can be unpacked with software like WinRAR.