Logbook of events


Log of changes to the zzongs website

01.01.2021 - A new year, a new appreach in organisation the data internally. We see it as zzongs 3.0 but can't go to much in detail. In a nutshell:wWe now work with one central database file that can be edited better than before.

27.02.2018 - Artists and song titles in albums and compilations will have a link to the artist or title. Because this is a huge task it will be applied during a long time. New added albums and compilations will have these links immediately.

08.05.2017 - The News section is now fully active and regulary updated with news facts.

10.05.2017 - 03.05.2017 - During this period some major SEO and Speed performance updates has been tested and applied to this website. All the pages of this website loads now 14% faster on every browser. The main index page has even improved to be 20% faster than before.

04.05.2017 - The first index page is new fully designed by the user needs in 3 colums and fully responsive.

05.01.2017 - New Facebook account for zzongs

04.01.2017 - New mail adres, everything goes now trough zzongs@outlook.com

29.12.2016 - www.zzongs.com is now the official website and 'zzongs' is now the new brand name.

26.12.2016 - Music Maestro Library will become zzzongs.com a new name, new logo, new (white) layout, new social buttons and a new domain name is in the making.

18.11.2016 - The sections News is added to the site.

17.11.2016 - The News is now fully responsible and the text is aligned right to the images.

07.11.2016 - Newsletter section is added to the website.

Log of changes to the Music Maestro Library (MML) website that has ended on 06.11.2016

16.09.2016 - Facebook and Twitter account made for Music Maestro Library.

23.08.2016 - The first index page has now images of the topics and are fully responsive with smartphones.

23.08.2016 - The navigation has now a single button when it's viewed on a smartphone and has the logo on the left sight.

28.06.2016 - A new logo has been launched for a few days now.

01.04.2016 - Some have already experienced the new layout but now it's official. Our website is now fully compatible with smart-phones, with other words, the website layout is fully responsive. Together with the optimization for smart-phones the website came more light-weighted than before, so pages will be loading faster from now on. We also started to ad images to give the pages more value. And we are proud to announce you that we have over more than 55.000 artists included after 2 years of hard work and it keeps growing every day. The new goal? Growing our database to include over more than a 100.000 artists including their songs. And now we go back to work hard and reach our goal. Enjoy the Music Maestro Library!