Serious Beats Vol. 6 Mega Dance Party Mix

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Year: 1992
Country: Belgium
Genre: Electronic
Style: House, Acid, Dance, New-Wave
Info: Total tracks: 69 tracks

1a. Age of Love - The Age of Love
1b. Jam & Spoon - Stella
1c. Ramirez - El Ritmo Barbaro
1d. Aquastep - Oempa Loempa
1e. Mainx - 88 to Piano
1f. Digital Excitation - Pure Pleasure
1g. Felix - Don't You Want Me
1h. Hyper Go Go - High
1i. Phenomania - Strings of Love
1j. Digital Excitation - Party!
1k. Frank De Wulf - Moribund
1l. DJ Hooligan - It's a Dream Song
1m. Digital Excitation - Lifetime Warranty
1n. Transformer 2 - Fruit of Love
1o. Digital Excitation - Pure Pleasure
1p. Hole in One - X-Paradise
1q. N.U.K.E. - Nana
1r. N.U.K.E. - Underworld
1s. Holographic - CMVIII
1t. Frank De Wulf - Magic Orchestra
1u. Brainstorm - Do I Feel Lucky
1v. Private Productions - Urban Roots
1w. Digital Excitation - Party II
1x. Frank De Wulf - The End
2aa. Aly-Us - Follow Me
2ab. F.I.T.Z. - Feel the Music
2ac. Aquastep - Oumpa Loempa
2ad. Felix - Don't You Want Me
2ae. Phenomania - Strings of Love
2af. Hyper Go Go - High
2ag. Chestnut - Pot of Gold
2ah. Brett - Freedom, Love & Ecstasy
2ai. Age of Love - The Age of Love
2aj. Fortran 5 - Heart on the Line
2ak. Face the Bass - Dance 2 the House
2al. Bass Boy - Let the Bass Be Louder
2am. Trashman - Cosmotrash
2an. Joe Inferno - Tribal Church
2ao. X-tatic - Cosmic Evolution
2ap. 80 Aum - Stronger Than Steel
2aq. Sonic Solution - Beat Time
2ar. Hole in One - X-Paradise
2as. Phenomania - Adventures in D
2at. Transformer 2 - Fruit of Love
2au. World Party II - Forget-It!
2av. Ace the Space - Nine Is a Classic
2aw. Interactive - Dildo
2ax. Westbam - Mayday Anthem
2ay. Frank de Wulf - Moribund (Remix)
2az. DJ Hooligan - Harder 'N' Deeper
2ba. Immaginazione - La Musica Del Futuro
2bb. Omniscience - Tired of Having to Be Good
2bc. Crowd Control - Tranzformer
2bd. N.U.K.E. - Nana
2be. Digital Excitation - Lifetime Warranty
2bf. Phenomania - Fly Fly
2bg. The Traveller - Tribal Journey
2bh. DJ Hooligan - It's a Dream Song
2bi. Microbots - Freedom
2bj. Private Productions - Looped
2bk. Dr. Fernando! - Stomach Substance
2bl. Wax - Magic Energy
2bm. Mike Dunn - Magic Feet (Remix)
2bn. Insider - T.O. 001
2bo. C-Tank - Walk on Base
2bp. Monotrax - Flyspray
2bq. Gangrene - Is There Life Beyond 155?
2br. Lenny Dee - Bug Spray
2bs. Desperation - Our Reservation