Serious Beats Vol. 5 Mega Dance Party Mix

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Year: 1992
Country: Belgium

1a. Alici - Fantasies of the Mind
1b. Man Machine - Machine Is Alive
1c. Armando - 100% of Disin' You
1d. Signal Aout 42 - Waterdome
1e. 2 Unlimited - Workaholic
1f. Toxit - Some Mushrooms Approach
1g. U.N.A. - Emotion
1h. Vitamin HMC - Life Support System
1i. Traikos Trax - Gimme a Mother ....Kin'
1j. Ramirez - El Ritmo Barbaro
1k. Jambo! - Drum Attack
1l. Hole in One - X-Paradise
1m. Channel X - Channel X
1n. Leo Anibaldi - Routing
1o. The Human Nature - Syndrome
1p. Snap! - Rhythm Is a Dancer
1q. Robert Armani - Watch It
1r. Phantom - The Abyss (The Pseudopod Mix)
1s. Jessie Deep! - Lifeform
1t. Edge of Motion - Set Up 707
1u. Tellurians - The Navigator
1v. Test - Overdub
2aa. Digital Boy - Tilt 21
2ab. LDV - Climb the Wall
2ac. Robert Armani - Watch It (P.O.W.W.O.W. Remix)
2ad. U.N.A. - Emotion
2ae. Two Pieces - Magic Bells (Final Mix)
2af. Snap! - Rhythm Is a Dancer
2ag. Jambo! - Drum Attack
2ah. OXY - The Feeling
2ai. Insider - TRUE
2aj. Phantom - The Abyss (The Sub Battle Mix)
2ak. Plexus - Cactus Rhythm
2al. Armando - 100% of Disin' You
2am. Strong Heads - Frequency Test
2an. T-Bone Castro - Urban Partyzan
2ao. T-Bone Castro - The Women Here (Are All So Cute)
2ap. Tellurians - The Navigator
2aq. Speedy J. - Something for Your Mind
2ar. Ramirez - El Ritmo Barbaro
2as. Tune Request - Motherfucker
2at. M.A.S.E.R. - F.U.C.K.
2au. Illicit Experiment - Move Your Feet
2av. Two Thumbs - Party I
2aw. Atomic Brain - Atomic Brain
2ax. Casseopaya - Basic Theme
2ay. Intellect - Throw Your Hands Up
2az. Traikos Trax - Gimme a Mother ....Kin'
2ba. Plexus - Auto Shutter
2bb. DLM - We Believe
2bc. Digital Boy - This Is Mutha F**ker
2bd. Sykedelic - Big Dick
2be. Dyewitness - Observing the Earth
2bf. 2 Fabiola - The Milkyway
2bg. Master Techno - My Noise
2bh. Total Groove - Reanimator
2bi. Messiah - There Is No Law
2bj. Neon - Toxic Generation
2bk. Public Energy - Three O' Three
2bl. Edge of Motion - Set Up 707
2bm. Supertronic Co. - A-Ritmix
2bn. Rotterdam Termination Source - Poing
2bo. Insider - Destiny
2bp. Test - Overdub
2bq. Precious X Project - Freaks
2br. 2 in Progress - We Control
2bs. Manic Motion - Technologies
2bt. MKM - Little Stars
2bu. Precious X Project - Dukkha