Ministry of Sound 20th Anniversary Box Set - Live & Remastered

Genre: Electronic
Style: House
Format: Compilation
Medium: 5 Audio CD's

1.01. Fantasize Me (Dub Mix)
1.02. As One
1.03. Love So Special
1.04. Love Me Forever or Love Me Not (The Dub of Doom Mix)
1.05. What U Need
1.06. A Little Piano
1.07. I'll Be Your Friend
1.08. The Pressure
1.09. Slam Me Baby!
1.10. Slam Me Baby! (X-Rated Mi X)
1.11. Makin' Happy (Hurley's Happy House Mix)
1.12. Makin' Happy (Basement Boys Happy Club Mix)
2.01. Once Upon a Dancefloor (Tony Humphries Remix)
2.02. Strobelite Honey (Def Mix)
2.03. All I Want (Hitmans Dub)
2.04. Deep Inside (Of You) (Soul Trance Mix)
2.05. Club Lonely (Radically Lonely Mix)
2.06. Deep Beats vol 1 (Cee's Siren Dub)
2.07. Hear the Music (Def Club Mix)
2.08. 4th Measure Men (4 You)
2.09. Rise from Your Grave (Wild Pitch Mix)
2.10. Pennies from Heaven (Reese Dream a Lot Mix)
2.11. Goodbye (Tevin's Dub)
2.12. Surrender Yourself (Ballroom Revisited)
2.13. Do You Want It Right Now (Scream Up Mix)
2.14. Can You Feel It (MK Dub)
2.15. Outta Limits (Shelter Mix)
3.01. Hear the Music (Def Club Mix)
3.02. When You Hold Me
3.03. Dream It (Dream Mix)
3.04. That Special Melody (Da'dirtydeniofunky Mix)
3.05. Only Love Can Break Your Heart (Masters at Wor K Dub)
3.06. Nu Nu (So Fine Mix)
3.07. U Used to Hold Me
3.08. Slam Jam (Slam Beats)
3.09. Holdin' On (UK Master Mix)
3.10. Take a Chance
3.11. Yeah C'mon
3.12. Antares
3.13. Don't Lose the Magic (Magic Todd Dub)
3.14. Special Groove
3.15. I Like You
4.01. Spread Love
4.02. You Brought Me Love
4.03. Livin' the Nitelife (Classic Style Mix)
4.04. Comin' On Strong (Spagatini Mix)
4.05. I'm Attracted to You
4.06. Let's Start the Dance (Remix)
4.07. Now That We've Found Love (Disco Mix)
4.08. Ride On the Rhythm (Masters at W Ork Dub)
4.09. Luv Dancin' (In Deep Mix)
4.10. The Pressure Part 1 (Classic 12'' Mix)
4.11. I Know You, I Live You
4.12. This Will Be (An Everlasting Love) (1991 Club Mix)
5.01. Brighter Days (Underground Trance Mix)
5.02. Wine (Screaming Wine Mix)
5.03. Reach for Me (Reach for the Acappella)
5.04. Dance (Beats Mix)
5.05. I Get Lifted (Boyd Slams the Organ Mix)
5.06. Version
5.07. Pussycat Meow (Murk Boys Miami Mix)
5.08. Express Yourself (Ministry Underground Mix)
5.09. Critical (If You Only Knew) (Mood II Swing Sla Mmin' Dub)
5.10. Y (Danny's Dub)
5.11. Feel It
5.12. Dance Dance (DJ Pierre's Wild Pitch Mix)
5.13. House for All
5.14. N-My Soul (My Soul Mix)
5.15. Unknown