Future Trance vol. 3

Genre: Electronic
Style: Trance
Format: Compilation
Medium: 2 Audio CD's
Total tracks: 39 tracks

1.01. Stay (Single Edit)
1.02. The Flow (Deep) (Vocal Radio Edit)
1.03. How Much Can You Take (Single Edit)
1.04. Dream Universe (C.M. Airplay, Don Esteban, Cadice Remix)
1.05. The Real Bass (Radio Mix)
1.06. Alarma! (Radio Alert 130 BPM)
1.07. Meet Her at the Loveparade
1.08. The God of House (Video Mix)
1.09. Can U Feel the Bass (Video Edit)
1.10. On the Run (Vincent de Moor Remix)
1.11. Ayla (Club Sounds Mix)
1.12. Le Disc-Jockey (Radio Edit)
1.13. Beautiful Day (7'')
1.14. Pain (Club Mix Vocal)
1.15. Hot'n'wet (Radio Version)
1.16. I'm Gorgeous (Original Radio Video Mix)
1.17. No Return (Radio Version)
1.18. Te Quierro '97 (Intrance Single Cut)
1.19. Sueno Cumpildo Dream Trance
2.20. Dreams (Video Mix)
2.21. Fly Away (Radio Cut)
2.22. Love Song (Ortega & Lorenzo Video Edit)
2.23. Free Your Mind (Close Your Eyes - Can You Visualize) (Radio Version)
2.24. Pump the Jam (Single Mix)
2.25. Nine Is a Classic (Backgammon Radio Cut)
2.26. Funky Beats (Witwe Polter Mix)
2.27. Time Is Alright 4 Luv (Club Mix)
2.28. Mind (Mind Radio)
2.29. Oh My Darling I Love You (Heavy Radio Cut)
2.30. Hypnotize (Radio Fa-Zi Mix)
2.31. He Went Into
2.32. Ready to Flow '97 (Sash! Radio Mix)
2.33. Planet Paradise (Radio Original Mix)
2.34. Plastic Dreams '97 (S & S Radio Mix)
2.35. Fuck Up Your Earz (Radio Mix)
2.36. Whales (Radio Edit)
2.37. Is Anybody Out There (Original Version (Radio Edit #1))
2.38. Bienvenue (Single Edit)
2.39. Ultrafunkula