Future Trance vol. 18

Genre: Electronic
Style: Trance
Format: Compilation
Medium: 2 Audio CD's

1.01. Hold You (Airplay Mix)
1.02. Heaven (Green Court Remix)
1.03. Life Is Too Short (RMB Remix)
1.04. Baya Baya (Future Breeze Radio Edit)
1.05. Something (Radio Edit)
1.06. Forgiven (Radio Edit)
1.07. Rapture (Riva Mix)
1.08. Say That You're Here (Radio Version)
1.09. Walk On Water (H2o Radio Mix)
1.10. On My Own (Le Male Radio Cut)
1.11. L'Esperanza (Single Version)
1.12. Wake Me Tonight (DJs@Work Edit)
1.13. Stay with Me (CJ Stone Mix)
1.14. Voyage (Movie Edit)
1.15. Din Daa Daa (Potatoheads Remix)
1.16. Mr. Boombastic (Epic Radio Edit)
1.17. Space Melody (Full Moon Single Cut)
1.18. DJ Scratch (Radio Mix)
1.19. Come Into My Dreams (Pulsedriver Remix Edit)
1.20. Viva the Love (Kosmonova Radio Remix)
1.21. Dancing with Loneliness (York Remix)
2.01. Club Bizarre (Single Edit)
2.02. Close Your Eyes 2002 (Ocp Short Cut)
2.03. Total Eclipse of the Heart (Radio Edit)
2.04. Infected (Radio Edit)
2.05. This Is Our Lifestyle (Video Edit)
2.06. Never Stop That Feeling 2001 (Radio Cut)
2.07. Mitternacht (Radio Edit)
2.08. Wonderful Days 2001 (Radio Edit)
2.09. I Like to Move It (Jens O. Radio Edit)
2.10. This Is My Sound (Original Mix Edit)
2.11. Sway (Mucho Mambo) (Airplay Mix)
2.12. We Love (Mellow Trax Remix)
2.13. Miami (Biscayne Edit)
2.14. Dance (Airplay Mix)
2.15. Amnesia (Short Original)
2.16. I'm Your DJ (Pulsedriver Extended)
2.17. Moonshine (Og Version)
2.18. X-T-Cee (Club Mix)
2.19. Indian Requiem (Radio)
2.20. Babadeng (Spacekid Joins Woody Van Eyden @ The Radio Mix)