Future Trance vol. 17

Genre: Electronic
Style: Trance
Format: Compilation
Medium: 2 Audio CD's

1.01. Infected (Radio Edit)
1.02. Someday (Radio Cut)
1.03. Sunshine (Wippenberg Remix Edit)
1.04. Hey Little Girl (Microbots Mix)
1.05. Nightclubbing (Wippenberg Mix Edit)
1.06. Too Many Times (Video Cut)
1.07. Living On Video (Ratty Single Edit)
1.08. Out of Control (Back for More) (Radio Edit)
1.09. Lift Me Up (Barthezz Uplifting Remix)
1.10. Forever in Love (Radio Edit)
1.11. Wonderful Days (Ratty Remix)
1.12. Memory (Original Mix)
1.13. Temple of Dreams (Radio Edit)
1.14. Samb-Adagio (Radio Cut)
1.15. When the Night Is Calling (Vampire's Song) (2001-Canarias Single Edit)
1.16. Amnesia (Flutlicht vs. S.H.O.K.K. Mix Edit)
1.17. Such Is Life (Radio Edit)
1.18. Livin' a Lie (Video Mix)
1.19. Eternity (Single Edit)
1.20. The Sound of Goodbye (Armin van Buuren's Rising Star Mix - Edit)
1.21. Dream of You (Fernseh-Fassung)
2.01. It's Our Future (Rock 'N' Roll Radio Mix)
2.02. JoyEnergizer (On Air Mix)
2.03. The Rock (Radio Cut)
2.04. White Bird (Cosmic Gate Remix)
2.05. Everybody (Single Edit)
2.06. Welcome to the Club (Pulsedriver vs. Rocco Remix)
2.07. The Game
2.08. The Megara (Apollo Remix)
2.09. Meet Her at the Loveparade 2001 (Fergie 7' Edit)
2.10. Carillon (Rocco Remix)
2.11. Time to Bob (Cut)
2.12. Are U Ready (Pulsedriver Remix)
2.13. In My Mind (Airplay Mix)
2.14. Eternity (Original Mix)
2.15. Alive
2.16. The Hymn of Nautilus 2001 (100 Miles Below) (Radio Cut)
2.17. Future (Radio Edit)
2.18. Happy Brainfood (Hell Razor Radio Mix)
2.19. Once Upon a Time (Original Mix Edit)
2.20. All I Got (Eniac Radio Mix)