Future Trance vol. 15

Genre: Electronic
Style: Trance, Dance, House
Format: Compilation
Medium: 2 Audio CD's

1.01. Ameno (Video Mix)
1.02. Deep Down Below (Video Edit)
1.03. Played-A-Live (Radio Cut)
1.04. Kaltes Klares Wasser (Chicks On Speed Radio Edit)
1.05. Shining Star (Mario Lopez vs. Sasha de Vries Remix)
1.06. Icarus (The Flight) (Airplay Edit)
1.07. Exploration of Space (Radio Remix)
1.08. Sunrise (Here I Am) (Radio Edit)
1.09. Mind in Motion (Original Radio Cut)
1.10. Silence (Radio Edit)
1.11. Ubap (Radio-Video Mix)
1.12. Housefucker (Christopher Just Radio Mix)
1.13. Born to Bounce (Music Is My Destiny) (Video Edit)
1.14. Operation Blade (Bass in the Place...) (7'' Radio Edit)
1.15. On the Move (Dumonde Remix)
1.16. One Minute in Heaven (Radio Cut)
1.17. Tenshi (Radio Version)
1.18. Strange World (Radio Edit)
1.19. The Beauty of Silence (Vocal Radio Edit)
1.20. Loving You (Dark Moon Radio Mix)
1.21. Prosac (Radio Edit)
2.01. Like This Like That (On Air Mix)
2.02. Technorocker (Video Version)
2.03. Super (Riscaldamento)
2.04. Let Your Mind Fly (DJs @ Work Edit)
2.05. Fade to Grey (Jamx & de Leon's 'Dumonde' Mix)
2.06. No Alternative (Brooklyn Bounce Radio Edit)
2.07. Take This Sound (Out of My Head) (Radio Remix)
2.08. 2001 (Public Demand Remix)
2.09. Charge (Da Boy Tommy Remix Edit)
2.10. Go Back (Original)
2.11. Castles in the Sky (Peter Luts Radio Edit)
2.12. Everytime You Need Me (Radio Edit)
2.13. Enjoy This Trip (Green Court Edit)
2.14. Viva Canarias (Radio Cut)
2.15. Up & Down (Don't Fall in Love with Me) (Pulsedriver Remix)
2.16. Confrontation (Short Cut)
2.17. Moonwalker (Radio Edit)
2.18. The Dragon (Radio Cut)
2.19. Make a Dream (On Air Mix)
2.20. Cosmic Evolution (Radio Edit)