538 Hitzone

Radio 538 Hitzone Country: The Netherlands
Genre: Pop, Rock, Electronic
Style: Pop, Rock, Dance
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Info: The best top 40 pop songs compiled from the popular radio channel '538' from the Netherlands. The radio 538 hits are released digital and on a 2 Audio-CD compilition, 4 times a year on a regular base. On the end of the year there's always a 'Best-Off' with the best songs of that year. Now a days there are more than 40 tracks included on one release. The first Hitzone-CD was released in 1998. At that time TMF broadcasted the Hitzone TV-series. The first 20 compilations where released by TMF. Than the Hitzone compilations where taken over by the music channel Yorin FM. A few years later Radio 358 came on the scene and took over the Hitzone compilations and formed it to the 538 Hitzone compilations including the best song of that moment for a good party are just for listening at home or in your car.

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