Warp Brothers

Genre: Electronic

Style: Hard-House, Hard-Trance

Member(s): Oliver Goedincke, J├╝rgen Dohr

Label(s): Dos or Die Recordings, Smash the House, Armada Music, Blanco y Negro, Suara, Kontor Records, Carillo Music

Country: Germany

The German Hard House group 'Warp Brothers' founded in 1999, came famous with their biggest hit 'Phatt Bass' from 2000, made of some samples out of the the song 'Confusion' by New Order. Ather the track became famous in all dance charts around the world it was used as the epic opening soundtrakc of the Hollywood blockbuster 'Blade'. Beside being a club classic it became an icon that is still recognized as today.

After five years of silece, the DJ duo keeps playing at several big clubs and festivals like 'Studio 54 Las Vegas', festivals in St. Petersburg, Wales, New Zealand, Columbia, Mexico, Canada, Australia and many more. The Warp Brothers has filled the silence and the duo is back on to the electronic music scene again with a bang proving the wait of 5 years of apcence has definitely been worth it. As of today the Warp Brothers are still active as deejays on many electronical and hardstyle festivals around the globe.
Their sixth sense for connecting with the crowd through their music is their great weapon. They take the dancefloor to a climax which always makes them repeat their visit to every club they go to play. Their DJ mission is to provide their dance floors with exactly what they want to hear, making them incredibly popular with the commercial music clubbers and big room house lovers alike.

Remixing as a hobby
Beside producing and deejaying this duo does also make remixes from the tracks 'Born to Bounce' by Brooklyn Bounce, 'You Are Alive' by Fragma, 'Techno Rocker' by DJ Balloon and many other songs has been treated with the sound, bass and 'Warp Brothers' beats.
Because of the songs and many remixes they made, they released 3 albums. Two of the albums are live mixed albums.


Live in Sydney 2005

Live in Sydney 2007

Warp Factor




Airheadz - Stanley (Here I Am) (Warp Brothers Mix)

Black Spider - Save Your Life (Warp Brothers Remix)

D.O.N.S. - Sharp As a Knife (Warp Brothers Mix)

D.O.N.S. - Sharp As a Knife (Warp Brothers Single Mix)

DJ Balloon - Technorocker (Warp Brothers Remix)

Fragma - You Are Alive (Warp Brothers Remix)

Groove Coverage - Moonlight Shadow (Warp Brothers Remix)

Hypertrophy - Just Come Back 2 Me (Warp Brothers Remix)

Warp Brothers vs. Aquagen - Phatt Bass (Warp Brothers Phatt Mix)




Blast the Speakers

Blue Eyes




Data Error

Distorted Reality


Fata Morgana

Feel Like God


Going Insane

How U Like Bass

How You Like Bass

Kick That Shit!

Long Break

Mental Clockwork

No Trespass


Overlocked Skulls


Push Back

Push Down

Push Up

Smells Like Teen Spirit (Vol 2 the Floor Radio)

Smells Like Teen Spirit



Super Mario Rap

The Power

Time & Space

Time to Rock


We Will Survive