Genre: Jazz, Rap

Style: Jazz, Rap

Member(s): Geoff Wilkinson, Gerard Presencer, Mel Simpson

Country: UK

The Us3 band was founded in London in 1992. Their name was inspired by a Horace Parlan recording produced by Alfred Lion, the founder of Blue Note Records. On their debut album, Hand on the Torch, Us3 exclusively used samples from the Blue Note Records catalogue, all originally produced by Lion.


Us3 - 1-2-3-4U

Us3 - A New Beginning

Us3 - ABC (Listen Up)

Us3 - Afrodisiac

Us3 - An Ordinary Day in An Unusual Place (Part 1)

Us3 - An Ordinary Day in An Unusual Place (Part 2)

Us3 - B-Boys

Us3 - Believe in Yourself

Us3 - Can I Get It?

Us3 - Can U Feel It?

Us3 - Cantaloop (Full Length) (Nellee Hooper Remix)

US3 - Cantaloop (Flip Fantasia)

Us3 - Cantaloop 2004: Bossa Mix

Us3 - Cantaloop 2004: Soul Mix

Us3 - Cantaloop 2004: B47 bid-de-bop refix (by Wajeed)

Us3 - Cantaloop 2004: Bossa Mix

Us3 - Cantaloop 2004: El Barrio Mix (by Us3)

Us3 - Cantaloop 2004: J Rawls Remix

Us3 - Cantaloop 2004: Soul Mix Instrumental

Us3 - Cantaloop 2004: Soul Mix

Us3 - Cantaloop 2004

Us3 - Cantaloop 2004: Soul Mix

Us3 - Cantaloop

Us3 - Caught Up in A Struggle

Us3 - Come On Everybody (Get Down) (Q-Burns Abstract Message Remix)

Us3 - Come On Everybody (Get Down)

Us3 - Cruisin'

Us3 - Dead End Street

Us3 - Different Rhythms, Different People

Us3 - Different Rhythms_ Different People

Us3 - Doin' A Crime

Us3 - Don't Even Ask

Us3 - Don't Waste Your Life

Us3 - Eleven Long Years

Us3 - Enough

Us3 - Get Busy

Us3 - Get It Together

Us3 - Get Out (Us3 Bossa Remix)

Us3 - Get Out

Us3 - Girls U Like

Us3 - Give Thanks

Us3 - Goodbye

Us3 - Got to Make a Livin'

Us3 - Gotta Get Ot Of Here

Us3 - Grand Groove

Us3 - How 'Bout It Baby?

Us3 - Huff & Puff

Us3 - Hymn For Her

Us3 - I Don't Care

Us3 - I Go To Work

Us3 - I Got It Goin' On

Us3 - I Let 'Em Know

Us3 - If Only

Us3 - If You Don't Know

Us3 - I'll Be Right Back

Us3 - I'm Thinking About Your Body

Us3 - India

Us3 - Intoxicated

Us3 - Intro

Us3 - It's Like That

Us3 - Jobsworth

Us3 - Just Another Brother

Us3 - K.I.S.S.Y.O.U.

Us3 - Keep Movin'

Us3 - Kick This

Us3 - Knowledge of Self

Us3 - Lazy Day

Us3 - Let My Dreams Come True

Us3 - Life Love Music

Us3 - Make Tracks

Us3 - Man On Top

Us3 - Modern Fuckin' Jazz

Us3 - Money On My Mind

Us3 - Much 2 Much

Us3 - Nowadays

Us3 - Pay Attention

Us3 - Recognise And Realise

Us3 - Round the Globe

Us3 - Say You Belong To Me

Us3 - Shady People

Us3 - Sheep

Us3 - She's With Me

Us3 - Sittin' On My Park Bench

Us3 - Snakes

Us3 - Soul Brother

Us3 - Sugar Sugar (She She Wah Wah)

Us3 - That's How We Do It

Us3 - The Darkside

Us3 - The Day That I Died

Us3 - The Future Ain't What It Once Was

Us3 - The Healer

Us3 - The Love Of My Life

Us3 - The Truth

Us3 - Time And Space

Us3 - True To the Game

Us3 - Truth & Lies

Us3 - Tukka Yoot's Riddim (Roberto's Riddim Remix)

Us3 - Tukka Yoot's Riddim

Us3 - Turn It Up

Us3 - VIP (Can You Hear Me Now?)

Us3 - Was It Love?

Us3 - Was It Love

Us3 - What Does That Mean?

Us3 - What Does That Mean

Us3 - Whatcha Gonna Do?

Us3 - What's Goin' On in the World Today?

Us3 - When She's Dancing

Us3 - Who Got Next?

Us3 - Who Got Next

Us3 - Why Not?

Us3 - Why?

Us3 - World No More

Us3 - You Can't Hold Me Down (Us3 Bossa Remix)

Us3 - You Can't Hold Me Down

Us3 - Your Love Is Life