DJ TiëstoCountry: The Netherlands
Real name: Tijs Michiel Verwest
Genre: Electronic
Style: House, Trance, Dance
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Official Website: tiesto.com
Info: Tiësto is an electronic music producer and DJ since the beginning of the trance scene. He released many trance songs and mixed trance compilations. DJ Tiësto has been elected for several times as the best DJ in the world. He's active as DJ and producer from 1994 until today. His love for being a DJ came from student party's (from 1984 until 1992) where he mixed old disco songs. In 1988, at the age of 19, he was present in the Spok discotheque in Breda, 3 evening in the week. Later on he worked in a music store. Also in that early period he made tapes with own DJ work and send them to famous DJ's, clubs and organizations. It wasn't a big success. In the early 90's he wanted to produce songs but he saw that he hasn't the ability to make successful releases even with samples and computer programs he bought. But by working together with other DJ's, in 1995, he released his first mixed compilation 'Forbidden Paradise 3'. At that point his DJ career was started. In 1997, together with Arny Bink, he started his own label 'Black Hole Records'. On that label Tiësto released his series of mixed compilationsFerry Corsten, Cosmic Gate, Johan Gielen and Armin van Buuren. Also the mixed trance series 'In Trance We Trust' was an idea of Tiësto. 1999 was his big breakthrough by a performance at Innercity. In the US he debuted with his album Summerbreeze, including the 'Tiësto Remix' of 'Silence' by Delerium that made him famous by the masses. In 2002 he was awarded as the best Club-DJ in the World, by DanceStar. Also that year he was the best DJ out of the best 100 DJ's organized by the British DJ Mag. The same story in 2003 and 2003. Also in 2003 he won the TMF Award for best National Dance-act and Best National DJ.
Name variations: DJ Tiësto, DJ Tiesto, Tiesto, DJ Tïesto, Tïesto

Elements of Life
In My Memory
In Search of Sunrise 4
Just Be
Parade of the Athletes
Perfect Remixes volume 3
The Remixes volume 1

Tiësto - 643 (Love's on Fire)
Tiësto - 1999
Tiësto - A Tear in the Open
Tiësto - A Town Called Paradise
Tiësto - Adagio for Strings
Tiësto - Allure
Tiësto - Always Near
Tiësto - Ancient History
Tiësto - Aquaplex
Tiësto - Arcadia
Tiësto - Athena
Tiësto - Bad
Tiësto - Battleship Grey
Tiësto - Bend It Like You Don't Care
Tiësto - Beyond
Tiësto - Blaze of Night
Tiësto - Bleckentrommel
Tiësto - Blend Forty 3
Tiësto - Breda 8 PM
Tiësto - Bright Morningstar
Tiësto - Bypa
Tiësto - Carpe Noctum
Tiësto - Channel Tribe
Tiësto - Chasing Summers
Tiësto - Club Quake
Tiësto - Coming Home
Tiësto - Continuous Mix
Tiësto - Cyberia
Tiësto - Dallas 4PM
Tiësto - Dance 4 Life
Tiësto - Deep Trance Mix
Tiësto - Do What You Want
Tiësto - Driving to Heaven
Tiësto - Elements of Life
Tiësto - Elevate
Tiësto - Emotions
Tiësto - Escape Me
Tiësto - Euphoria
Tiësto - Evolution
Tiësto - Extacy
Tiësto - Flight
Tiësto - Flight 643
Tiësto - Forbidden Paradise
Tiësto - Forever Today
Tiësto - Forever Young
Tiësto - Fresh Fruit
Tiësto - Funky Trance
Tiësto - Gimme Some Sugar
Tiësto - Goldrush
Tiësto - Grapevine
Tiësto - Gravity
Tiësto - He's a Pirate
Tiësto - Heroes
Tiësto - Honey
Tiësto - In My Memory
Tiësto - In Search of Sunrise
Tiësto - In the Dark
Tiësto - Just Be
Tiësto - Juste Be
Tiësto - La Noche
Tiësto - La Ride
Tiësto - Lethal Industry
Tiësto - Lethal Industry 07
Tiësto - Like a Waterfall
Tiësto - Long Way Home
Tiësto - Lord of Trance
Tiësto - Louder than Boom
Tiësto - Love Comes Again
Tiësto - Mad World
Tiësto - Magik Journey
Tiësto - Magikal Circus
Tiësto - Maximal Crazy
Tiësto - Miami
Tiësto - Midnight Express
Tiësto - Moments
Tiësto - My World
Tiësto - Netherworld
Tiësto - No More Heroes
Tiësto - Nyana
Tiësto - Obsession
Tiësto - Olympic Flame
Tiësto - Only One
Tiësto - Open Your Eyes
Tiësto - Out of Darkness
Tiësto - Palma
Tiësto - Party Trance
Tiësto - People I Used to Know
Tiësto - Perfect Silence
Tiësto - Pirates of the Caribbean
Tiësto - Rave Ecstasy
Tiësto - Red Lights
Tiësto - Remember (Summer Sun)
Tiësto - Sanctificum
Tiësto - Sands of Time
Tiësto - Say Something
Tiësto - Sensation
Tiësto - Slow It Down
Tiësto - Sounds Rushing
Tiësto - Sparkles
Tiësto - Speed Rail
Tiësto - Suburban
Tiësto - Suburban Train
Tiësto - Surrounded by Light
Tiësto - Sweet Misery
Tiësto - Sweet Things
Tiësto - Tears from the Moon
Tiësto - Techno Beats
Tiësto - Tell Me Why
Tiësto - Ten Seconds Before Sunrise
Tiësto - The Force of Gravity
Tiësto - The Lovers We Lost
Tiësto - The Tube
Tiësto - Theme from Norefjell
Tiësto - Touch Me
Tiësto - Traffic
Tiësto - Trance Energy
Tiësto - Tranceport
Tiësto - Twelve
Tiësto - Ur
Tiësto - Urban Train
Tiësto - Viagra
Tiësto - Victorious
Tiësto - Walhalla
Tiësto - Walking on Clouds
Tiësto - Wasted
Tiësto - We Move Like Shadows
Tiësto - Welcome to Ibiza
Tiësto - What Can We Do (A Deeper Love)
Tiësto - White Noise
Tiësto - Why
Tiësto - Wurz+Blosse
Tiësto - Young Lions

A Boy Called Joni - Green Astronauts (Tiësto Remix)
Alan Walker - Faded (Tiësto's Northern Lights Remix)
Armin van Buuren - Communication (Tiësto Mix)
BT - Dreaming (Tiësto Remix)
BT - Force of Gravity (Tiësto Remix)
Balearic Bill - Destination Sunshine (Tiësto Dub)
Balearic Bill - Destination Sunshine (Tiësto Mix)
Balearic Bill - Destination Sunshine (Tiësto's Power Mix)
Binary Finary - 1999 (Tiësto Remix)
Britney Spears - Piece of Me (Tiësto Dub)
Britney Spears - Piece of Me (Tiësto Radio Edit)
Calvin Harris - I'm Not Alone (Tiësto Remix)
Cary Brothers - Ride (Tiësto Remix)
Coldplay - Paradise (Tiësto Remix)
Conjure One - Tears from the Moon (Tiësto Remix)
Cor Fijneman feat. Jan Johnston - Venus (Tiësto Remix)
DJ Jan - Blaxo (Tiësto Remix)
Delerium feat. Sarah McLachlan - Silence (Tiësto Edit)
Delerium feat. Sarah McLachlan - Silence (Tiësto Remix)
Delerium feat. Sarah McLachlan - Silence (Tiësto's in Search of Sunrise Remix)
Dirty South feat. Rudy - Phazing (Tiësto Remix)
Dirty South feat. Rudy Sandapa - Phazing (Tiësto Radio Edit)
Dreamcatcher - I Don't Wanna Lose My Way (Tiësto Remix)
DuMonde - Never Look Back (Tiësto Remix)
Dzeko & Torres feat. Delaney Jane - L'Amour Toujours (Tiësto Edit)
Editors - Papillon (Tiësto Remix Radio Edit)
Editors - Papillon (Tiësto Remix)
Ellie Goulding - Burn (Tiësto Remix)
Ellie Goulding - Burn (Tiësto’'s Club Life Remix)
Faithless - Tweak Your Nipple (Tiësto Remix)
Foxes - Clarity (Tiësto Remix)
Goldfrapp - Rocket (Tiësto Remix)
Gotye feat. Kimbra - Somebody That I Used to Know (Tiësto Remix)
Green Court feat. De-Vision - Shining (Tiësto Remix)
Hybrid - Airless (Tiësto Remix)
Icona Pop feat. Charli XCX - I Love It (Tiesto Remix)
Imogen Heap - Hide & Seek (Tiësto's in Search of Sunrise Remix)
Jan Johnston - Flesh (Tiësto Mix)
Jes Brieden - Imagination (Tiësto Remix)
Johan Gielen presents Abnea - Velvet Moods (Tiësto's Search of Sunrise Remix)
John Legend - All of Me (Tiësto Remix)
John Legend - All of Me (Tiësto's Birthday Treatment Remix)
Junkie XL & Sasha - Breezer (Tiësto Remix)
Junkie XL feat. Sasha - Breezer (Tiësto Remix)
Jurgen Vries - Operasong (Tiësto Remix)
Kane feat. Tiësto - Rain Down On Me (Tiësto Remix)
Kid Vicious - Re-Form (Tiësto Remix)
Kosheen - Hungry (Tiësto Remix)
Kosheen - Hungry (Tiësto Vocal Remix)
Klaus Badelt feat. Tiësto - He's a Pirate (Tiësto Remix)
Klaus Badelt feat. Tiësto - He's a Pirate (Tiësto Edit)
Klaus Badelt feat. Tiësto - He's a Pirate (Tiësto Radio Edit)
Loop Control - Exceptionally Beautiful (Tiësto Club Mix)
Madonna - Die Another Day (Tiësto Remix)
Marcel Woods - Advanced (Tiësto Remix)
Mauro Picotto - Pulsar (Tiësto Remix)
Mauro Picotto - Pulsar (Tiësto Remix-Edit)
Mauro Picotto - Pulsar 2 (Tiësto Mix)
Moby - We Are All Made of Stars (Tiësto's Full Vocal Remix)
Motorcraft - When Time Will Come (Tiësto Mix)
Muse - Resistance (Tiësto Remix)
Paul Oakenfold - Southern Sun (Tiësto Remix)
Roc Project - Never (Tiësto Remix)
Salt Tank - Eugina (Tiësto Mix)
Sam Smith - Lay Me Down (Tiësto Remix)
Sander Van Doorn, Martin Garrix & DVBBS feat. Aleesia - Gold Skies (Tiësto Remix)
Showtek & Noisecontrollers - Get Loose (Tiësto Remix)
Showtek - Get Loose (Tiesto Remix Radio Edit)
Showtek feat. Noisecontrollers - Get Loose (Tiesto Edit)
Signum feat. Scott Mac - Coming On Strong (Tiësto Remix)
Skin - Faithfullness (Tiësto Vocal Remix)
St. Etienne - Action (Tiësto Remix)
Subtle By Design - Sirius (Tiësto Remix)
System F. - Out of the Blue 2010 (Tiësto Remix Edit)
Klaus Badelt feat. Tiësto - He's a Pirate (Tiësto Remix)
The Mackenzie feat. Jessy - Innocence (Tiësto Remix)
The Roc Project - Never (Tiësto Remix)
Tiësto - In the Dark (Tiësto's Trance Mix)
Tiësto - Magik Journey (Tiësto's Old School Trance Mix)
Tiësto - The Force of Gravity (Tiësto Remix)
Tiësto feat. Alone in the Dark - Edward Carnby (Tiësto Vocal Mix)
Tiësto feat. Christian Burns - In the Dark (Tiësto 2010 Remix)
Tiësto feat. Christian Burns - In the Dark (Tiësto's Trance Remix)
Tiësto feat. Firebeatz - Sky High (Tiësto Edit)
Tiësto feat. Kirsty Hawkshaw - Just Be (Tiësto Remix)
Tiësto feat. Nicola Hitchcock - In My Memory (Tiësto Remix)
Twoloud - Traffic (Tiësto Remix Edit)
Umek - Gatex (Tiësto Remix)
York - The Reachers of Civilisation (Tiësto Remix)