The Cats

Biggest hits by the Cats: Lea, Why, Marian, Magical Mystery Morning, Where Have I Been Wrong, Let's Dance and There Has Been a Time. Their most selled record was One Way Wind.

The Cats soled over more than 13 million records. 36 songs came in the Top 40, 5 of them where number 1 hits.

On stage
The band performed national and international. Their favorite country's were Indonesia, Suriname and the Antillen. Two albums were produced in the US by Al Capps. In 1974 they did a sabatical year. In this period 3 members of the band made their solo albums. In 1979 they performed again together but after the last performance they split. From 1982 till 1985 there was a comeback.


The Cats - Be My Day

The Cats - Come Sunday

The Cats - Lea

The Cats - Let's Dance

The Cats - Magical Mystery Morning

The Cats - Marian

The Cats - One Way Wind

The Cats - Remember the Good Times

The Cats - Rock 'n Roll

The Cats - Save The Last Dance

The Cats - Scarlet Ribbons

The Cats - Sure He's a Cat

The Cats - The End of the Show

The Cats - There Has Been a Time

The Cats - Times Were When

The Cats - Vaya Con Dios

The Cats - Where Have I Been Wrong

The Cats - White Christmas

The Cats - Why