Label(s): Decca

Distributor(s): Universal Music


Sheppard - Kaleidoscope Eyes

Sheppard - Watching The Sky


Sheppard - A Grade Playa

Sheppard - Brand New

Sheppard - Catalina

Sheppard - Christmas without You

Sheppard - Come Back (MOTi Remix)

Sheppard - Come Back

Sheppard - Coming Home (Oliver Nelson Remix)

Sheppard - Coming Home

Sheppard - Die Young (Oliver Nelson Remix)

Sheppard - Die Young

Sheppard - Don't Believe In Love

Sheppard - Find Someone

Sheppard - Flying Away

Sheppard - Geronimo

Sheppard - Halfway to Hell

Sheppard - I'm Not a W E

Sheppard - Keep Me Crazy

Sheppard - Kiss My Fat Ass

Sheppard - Lazy Love

Sheppard - Learning To Fly (Revolt Remix)

Sheppard - Learning to Fly

Sheppard - Let Me Down Easy

Sheppard - Lingering

Sheppard - M.I.A (End Of The World Remix)

Sheppard - On My Way

Sheppard - Pebble Road

Sheppard - Sheppard Ep

Sheppard - Smile

Sheppard - Somebody Like You

Sheppard - Something's Missing

Sheppard - Symphony

Sheppard - Thank You

Sheppard - The Best Is Yet to Come

Sheppard - The Reasons Why

Sheppard - These People

Sheppard - This Electric Feeling