R. City

Genre: Musical, Hip-Hop, Pop, R&B, Reggae

Style: Musical, Rap

Member(s): Theron Thomas, Timothy Thomas

Info: R. City, also known as 'Rock City' is an American musical duo. Theron used the stage name A.I. and Timothy used 'Uptown AP' as stage name. They also write and produce there song for themselfs and other artists.


R. City - What Dreams Are Made Of


R. City - Again

R. City - Broadway

R. City - Checking for You

R. City - Don't You Worry

R. City - Like This

R. City - Locked Away

R. City - Our Story

R. City - Over

R. City - Save My Soul

R. City - Slave to the Dollar

R. City - Take You Down

R. City - The Preacher (Excerpt)