Genre: Electronic

Style: Jumpstyle, Techno, Hard Style, Hard Dance, Minimal

Member(s): Luc Byltiauw

Country: Belgium

Q-ic is a Belgian DJ and producer of Jumpstyle music. He was the force after Creation Technologiq, an organization that is famous by inventing a new techno-style in Antwerp. He made many new material in cooperation with Stephenson, Ghost, Ronald-V, Friends and Lethal MG. All artists know by there releases of early hard-style and jump music.


DJ Coone - The Bassleader Anthem (Q-Ic Remix)

DJ Ghost - My Sensation Is Black (Q-Ic Remix)

DJ Marcky - At Work (Q-Ic Remix)

Dr. Rude - Clean N Crunchy (Q-Ic Remix)

Marshall Masters - Stereo Murder (Q-Ic Remix )


Q-Ic - African Chant

Q-Ic - All Night

Q-Ic - Approaching vs The Beach Boys

Q-Ic - Be Free

Q-ic - Dancefloor Rules

Q-Ic - Devotion

Q-ic - Do It Like We Do

Q-Ic - Eat This

Q-ic - Fonky Ass Beatz

Q-Ic - Funky Muzik

Q-Ic - Got to Let You Know

Q-Ic - In Da Street

Q-Ic - Insane

Q-Ic - No Other

Q-ic - Pressure

Q-Ic - Ride Me Baby

Q-ic - Running Wild

Q-IC - Sound of the Beat

Q-Ic - What If