Info: Relax, Take It Easy' was one of Mika's biggest hits. But his life didn't start easy at all. In 1983, Mika was born as Michael Holbrook Penniman in Beiroet. His Libaneense mother and American father left their homeland when Mika was at age of 1 year. They settled in Paris and eight years later they went to Londen.


Mika - Life In Cartoon Motion

Mika - No Place in Heaven

Mika - Sinfonia Pop

Mika - The Boy Who Knew Too Much


Mika - All She Wants

Mika - Angel

Mika - Any Other World

MIKA - Big Girl (You Are Beautiful)

Mika - Big Girl You Are Beautiful

Mika - Big Girl

Mika - Big Gril

Mika - Billy Brown

Mika - Blame It on the Girls

Mika - Boum Boum Boum

Mika - Dear Jealousy

MIKA - Elle me dit

Mika - Erase

Mika - Favoriet 1

Mika - Good Guys

Mika - Good Wife

MIKA - Grace Kelly

MIKA - Happy Ending

Mika - Heroes

Mika - Hurts

Mika - Last Party

MIKA - Lollipop

Mika - Love Today

Mika - Love You When I'm Drunk

Mika - Make You Happy

Mika - My Interpretation

Mika - Oh Girl, You're the Devil

Mika - Ordinary Man

Mika - Origin of Love

Mika - Over My Shoulder

Mika - Overrated

Mika - Overture

MIKA - Popular Song

Mika - Rain

Mika - Relax (Take It Easy)

MIKA - Relax, Take It Easy

Mika - Ring Ring

Mika - Rio

Mika - Sound of an Orchestra

Mika - Stardust

Mika - Staring at the Sun

Mika - Stuck in the Middle

Mika - Talk About You

Mika - Toy Boy

Mika - Underwater

Mika - We Are Golden