Micheal Jackson

Genre: Pop

Label(s): Motown, Epic

Country: US

Michael Jackson (also named as King of Pop and Wacko Jacko) is on of the most famous artists of the world with many succesfull pop songs. He was a singer, dancer and songwriter and was first active as a member of the The Jackson 5 as a young singer. Beside the success of the Jackson 5 he had a solo carreer until he died in 2009 because of a cardiac arrest.

NeverlandNeverland was Michael Jaskson's personal Theme park. It was not always profitable but it's still there today. There's security at the gate. You can't even see Michael's Neverland with a drone because the estate and ranch lies behind a moutain range.

Michael Jackson best top-earning dead celebrity.


Beat It

They Don't Care About Us (Rosh Mixes)

They Don't Care About Us