Genre: Electronic

Style: Dance

Member(s): Real names: Tom Barman, Christian Jay Bolland (CJ Bolland)

Info: Magnus is a Belgian project between CJ Bolland and Tom Barman (from the Belgian rock band dEUS). From there debute album 'The Body Gave You Everything' in 2004 they released the tracks 'Summer's Here' and 'Jumpneedle' on single.


Magnus - Best Of

Magnus - The Body Gave You Everything

Magnus - Where Neon Goes to Die


Magnus - Acid Tarzvision

Magnus - Acid-Tanz-Vision

Magnus - Assault on Magnus

Magnus - Buttburner

Magnus - Catlike

Magnus - Dearth of Neon

Magnus - Earthjig

Magnus - Everybody Loves Repetition

Magnus - French Movies

Magnus - Future Postponed

Magnus - Getting Ready

Magnus - Hunter - Collector

Magnus - Hunter-Collector

Magnus - Jumpneedle

Magnus - Last Bend

Magnus - Look at Us Now

Magnus - Pistolero Savvy

Magnus - Puppy

Magnus - Regulate

Magnus - Rhythm Is Deified

Magnus - Rock Chick

Magnus - Singing Man

Magnus - Soft Foot Shuffle

Magnus - Summer's here (Buscemi's funky treatment)

Magnus - Summer's Here (From 'Anyway the Wind Blows')

Magnus - Summer's Here

Magnus - The Pick-Up

Magnus - Trouble on a Par

Magnus - What It Is