M People

Genre: Electronic, Pop

Style: Dance, Pop, House, Soul

Member(s): Heather Small (vocals), Mike Pickering, Paul Heard, Shovell (Andrew Lovell)
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Label(s): Deconstruction (fromto 1997), M People Records (from 1997 to 1998)

Country: UK

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Official Website: mpeopleofficial.com
Info: This band, formed in 1990, was based in Manchester, England. They had many successes in the early 90's. The name M People is inspired by the initions of Mike Pickering, the former of this group who already produced dance music.

Begin years
Mike Pickering was known as one of the original DJ's at the Ha├žienda and as member of the dance group 'Quando Quango' under Factory Records. Paul Heard was a member of the acid jazz band 'Ace of Clubs'. Andrew Lovell known as 'Shovell' was a member of the collective 'Natural Life'. Heather Small did the vocals in an English soul band called 'Hot House'. The original plan was that every song would have another lead singer. But the members noticed that Heather brought the best vocals so they decided to have Heater as lead singer for every song they will produce.

First release
The first released song by the M People was 'Colour My Life' and came out on white
Moving on Up
By releasing 'One Night in Heaven' in 1991, that peaked on number 6 in the national charts, the group was recognized by the whole world. A moment later they where ready to release their biggest hit 'Moving on Up'. It became a world classic hit. A second album 'Elegant Slumming' was in the making. In the summer of 1991 the band got a Mercury Music Price for that album.

First World Tour: Come Again Tour and the US
In 1995 they did their first world tour called 'Come Agian Tour'. It gave their selling's a boost and they decided to re-issue the 'Bizarre Fruit II' album. Because of the world tour, they had success in the United States with 4 number one hits.

Greatest Hits compilations and last single
After releasing the album 'Fresco' in 1996 and 'Angel St' in 1998 it was time to make a 'Greatest Hits' compilation that was released in 1998 together with 3 new tracks 'Testify', 'Dreaming' and 'What a Fool Believes'. In 1999 they released their final single called 'Dreaming'.

Solo career
At the end of 1999 the band split and Heather Small recorded her first solo album called 'Proud'. In 2006 she released her second album 'Close to a Miracle'.

Reunion at the Forest Commission's 2007 Forest Tours
In 2007 the M People where reunited to support the Forestry Commission's social and environmental programs by touring in many Forrest.

Greatest Hits Tour
In April 2013 the band announced that it would undertake a fourteen date 'Greatest Hits' tour in the UK but without Pickering.

Awards and winning prizes
1991 - Mercury Music Price for their 'Elegant Slumming' album.
1994 - Brit Award for Best British Dance Act
1995 - Brit Award for Best British Dance Act.


Bizarre Fruit II

Bizarre Fruit

Elegant Slumming



Northern Soul

One Night In Heaven: The Very Best Of M People


The Best Of M People

Ultimate Collection The Remixes (feat. Heather Small)

Ultimate Collection The Remixes

Ultimate Collection


Itchycoo Park


ABC - Unlock The Secrets Of Your Heart (M People Mix)


Fantasy Island


...And Finally

Angel St.

Angel St

Colour My Life

Don't Look Any Further



Fantasy Island

How Can I Love You More?

How Can I Love You More?

How Can I Love You More

How Can I Love You More?/Renaissance

Itchycoo Park

It's Your World

Just For You

Landscape of Love


Love Rendezvous

Michaela Chiavarini

Movin' on Up

Moving on Up

One Night in Heaven

Open Your Heart



Rhythm And Blues

Search tor the Hero

Search For the Hero

Sexual Freedom

Sight for Sore Eyes



Tony Burns

Tumbling Down

Walk Away

What a Fool Believes