Hidden Aspect

Genre: Electronic

Style: Drum & Bass

Member(s): Simon öggl

Country: Italy

Italian Drum & Bass DJ and producer. Music has always played a key role in the life of 1995 born Northern Italian sonic artist Simon öggl aka Hidden Aspect. His approach to electronic music production benefits from a bold musical education, both theoretical and practical. Over the years Simon deepened his knowledge in drum theory, orchestral performance and composing, which saw him assembling his first orchestral piece with the age of 15. At the very same age he developed a strong interest for electronic sound scapes, which made him start several project as producer, composer and performer of live electronic acts. Beside he is also engaged as a sound designer for the video and film industry.
Hidden Aspect is Simon's moniker for Drum & Bass driven concepts that are best described as very technical, glitchy, (sometimes) mechanorganic and hiphop-influenced. The main objective is to generate an unique sound within the Drum & Bass panorama and push the genre's boundaries by going beyond conventional structures: bassline-driven, punchy drums, crispy highs, hyperactive glitches, crackling scapes following a deep tribal flow, all tied up in a framework of orchestral knowledge, music theory and audio editing experiments.