Genre: Rock

Style: Indie Rock, Postpunkrevival, Dance-Punk

Member(s): Richard Archer (singer), Ross Phillips (guitar, back-vocals), Kai Stephens (bass guitar, back-vocals), Stev Kemp (drums)

Label(s): Necessary Records, Warner Music Group, Atlantic Records

Country: UK

Hard-Fi is a British rock-band from Staines, Londen. They became famous by the release of their first album 'Stars of CCTV' with their famous songs 'Living for the Weekend', 'Hard to Beat' and 'Cash Machine'. The rock band was formed in 2002 and is still active.


Hard-Fi - Best Of 2004 - 2014

Hard-Fi - CCTVersions

Hard-Fi - Killer Sounds (Deluxe Version)

Hard-Fi - Killer Sounds

Hard-Fi - Once Upon A Time In The West

Hard-Fi - Stars Of CCTV


Hard-Fi - Recorded Live at The Bowery Ballroom NYC (iTUNES)

Hard-Fi - Remixes (Digital EP exlcuding iTUNES but inc Beatport, Juno, Xpress Beats, DJ Download, Audio Je


Hard-Fi - Better Do Better [Better Dub Better Version]

Hard-Fi - Better Do Better [Live from NYC Bowery Ballroom Version]

Hard-FI - Better Do Better

Hard-FI - Better Dub Better (Wolsey White Dub)

Hard-FI - Can't Get Along (Without You)

Hard-FI - Cash Converter (Dub Machine Part 2)

Hard-Fi - Cash Machine (Radio Edit - Digital)

Hard-Fi - Cash Machine (UK 7')

Hard-Fi - Cash Machine

Hard-FI - Cash Machine

Hard-FI - Dub of CCTV (Wolsey White Dub)

Hard-Fi - Dub of CCTV

Hard-FI - Feltham Is Singing Out

Hard-Fi - Fire In The House (Tiesto Remix)

Hard-Fi - Good For Nothing

Hard-FI - Gotta Reason

Hard-Fi - Hard To Beat (Minotaur Shock Mix) (Digital Release)

Hard-FI - Hard To Beat

Hard-FI - Hard To Beatmix

Hard-FI - Help Me Please

Hard-FI - I Shall Overcome

Hard-FI - Little Angel

Hard-Fi - Living For The Weekend (CD1)

Hard-Fi - Living For The Weekend (Maxi-CD)

Hard-FI - Living For the Weekend (Wolsey White & Fred Dub)

Hard-FI - Middle Eastern Holiday (Wrongtom meets the Rockers East of Medina) Dub

Hard-FI - Middle Eastern Holiday

Hard-FI - Move On Dub

Hard-FI - Move On Now

Hard-Fi - Peaches

Hard-FI - Polish Love Song

Hard-FI - Seven Nation Army

Hard-FI - Stars of CCTV

Hard-FI - Stronger

Hard-Fi - Suburban Knight

Hard-FI - Suburban Knights (DJ Wrongtom's Delight)

Hard-FI - Suburban Knights (Steve Angello & Sebastian Ingrosso Mix) (Full Length Version)

Hard-FI - Suburban Knights

Hard-FI - Television

Hard-FI - The King

Hard-FI - These Four Walls and I

Hard-FI - Tied Up Too Tight (BBC Radio 1 Live Lounge)

Hard-FI - Tied Up Too Tight

Hard-FI - Tonight

Hard-FI - Unnecessary Trouble

Hard-FI - Watch Me Fall Apart

Hard-FI - We Need Love