Member(s): Hadise Açikgöz

Country: Belgium, Turky

Hadise is a singer and song-writer. In was first seen on television in the Belgium program 'Idool 2003'. She got the 5th of 10 candidates. In 2009 she participate in the Eurovision song contest and represented the Turkish country. She ended 4th.


Hadise - Fast Life

Hadise - Hadise

Hadise - Sampiyon


Hadise - A Good Kiss

Hadise - A Song For My Mother

Hadise - Ain't Doing It Right

Hadise - All Together

Hadise - Askkolik

Hadise - Bad Boy

Hadise - Busy Bee

Hadise - Comfort Zone

Hadise - Creep

Hadise - Deli Oglan

Hadise - Don't Ask

Hadise - Double Life

Hadise - Düm Tek Tek

Hadise - Düm Tek Tek (Turkey)

Hadise - Dum Tek Tek

Hadise - Düm Tek Tek

Hadise - Fast Life

Hadise - First Steps

Hadise - Good Morning Baby

Hadise - Hero

Hadise - Hung Up

Hadise - I'll Try Not To Cry

Hadise - Intimate

Hadise - Intro Hadise

Hadise - Long Distance Relationships

Hadise - Married Man

Hadise - Men Chase Women Choose

Hadise - Milk Chocolate Girl

Hadise - My Body

Hadise - My Man And the Devil On His Shoulder

Hadise - Obsession

Hadise - On the Beach

Hadise - On Top

Hadise - Prisoner

Hadise - Sakin Gitme

Hadise - Stir Me Up

Hadise - Su Halimi

Hadise - Supernatural Love

Hadise - Sweat

Hadise - Upernatural Love

Hadise - Who Am I