Gina G.

Genre: Electronic

Style: Euro Dance

Member(s): Gina Mary Gardiner

Label(s): Warner Bros, Stunt Girl Music, WEA, Discipline Music

Info: Gina G. (born as Gina Mary Gardiner, 3 August 1970) is an Australian singer who represented the United Kingdom at the Eurovision Song Contest in Oslo 1996, with the song 'Ooh Aah... Just a Little Bit', which reached No. 1 in the UK singles chart. The song remains (as of 2019) the last UK Eurovision entry to top the UK charts. The song also reached the US top 20 in 1997 and earned her a 1998 Grammy Award nomination for Best Dance Recording.


Gina G. - Fresh!


Gina G. - Every Time I Fall

Gina G. - Flashback

Gina G. - Follow the Light

Gina G. - Fresh!

Gina G. - Gimme Some Love

Gina G. - Higher than Love

Gina G. - I Belong to You

Gina G. - It Doesn't Mean Goodbye

Gina G. - Missin' You Like Crazy

Gina G. - Next 2 U

Gina G. - Ooh Aah... Just a Little Bit

Gina G. - Ooh Aah....Just a Little Bit

Gina G. - Rhythm of My Life

Gina G. - Ti Amo

Gina G. - Tonight's the Night (Kuta Mix 12'')

Gina G. - Tonight's the Night (Moto Blanco 12'')

Gina G. - Tonight's the Night