Genre: Electronic

Style: Dance, Trance, Euro-Dance

Member(s): Jan Vervloet, Enzo Fumarola, Ann Loomans, Anja Maesen<

Label(s): Antler-Subway Records, EMI Music

Country: Belgium

Fiocco is a Belgium dance act from the nineties. Their first song 'Afflitto' was a big success around the globe. And more success followed with songs like 'The Spirit' and 'Spread the Word Around'.


Fiocco - Free


2 Unlimited - Edge of Heaven (Fiocco Remix)

Absolom - Secret (Fiocco Remix)

DJ Visage - Geil! (Fiocco Club Mix)

DJ Visage - Geil! (Fiocco Remix)

Kosmonova - Danse avec moi! (Fiocco Remix)

Lasgo - Something (Fiocco Remix)

O.R.G.A.N. - To the World (Fiocco Remix)

Peter Luts vs. G-Bric - Pacific Wish (Fiocco Remix)

Scoop - Drop It (Fiocco Remix)

Touch of Joy - I'm on Fire (Fiocco Fire Mix)

Viper - The Twister (Original Fiocco Remix)

Viper - Titty Twister (Fiocco Remix)

Zohra - I Hate 2 Love U (Fiocco Remix)


Fiocco - Afflitto (Jump Mix)

Fiocco - Afflitto 2003

Fiocco - Afflitto

Fiocco - At Night

Fiocco - Blue

Fiocco - Celebrate

Fiocco - Feel So Free

Fiocco - Going On

Fiocco - Miss You

Fiocco - Rough

Fiocco - Shuttle-Run

Fiocco - Spread the Word Around

Fiocco - Straight Till the End

Fiocco - The Crowd Is Moving

Fiocco - The Music

Fiocco - The Spirit 2K19

Fiocco - The Spirit

Fiocco - Travel