Genre: Soul

Member(s): K. Gold, M. Denne

Country: UK

Delegation is a British soul vocal group formed in Birmingham in 1976. They were active between 1976 and 1983.

Early days
The earlier group consisted by Ricky Bailey, Ray Patterson and Len Coley.
In 1979 Len was replaced by Bruce Dunbar, later they added Texas born vocalist Kathy Bryant, whom they delivered 'it's your turn' 1983.
Around that time Ricky and Ray Wrote 'Stand up reach for the sky' for Revelation 1982. They later re-emerged but with no big success.

Hit singles
Their career got a boost by the british mastermind Ken Gold. They had some great hit singles like 'Where Is the Love (We Used to Know)', 'Oh Honey', 'Put a Little Love on Me', 'You and I' and 'Heartache No. 9'.


Delegation - Delegation II

Delegation - Deuces High (plus bonus tracks)

Delegation - Eau De Vie


Delegation - Bad Luck

Delegation - Blue Girl - Re-Mix

Delegation - Blue Girl

Delegation - Bring The House Down - Original

Delegation - Bring the House Down

Delegation - Can't Let You Go

Delegation - Darlin' (I Think About You)

Delegation - Darlin'

Delegation - Heartache - Original

Delegation - Heartache No. 9

Delegation - Heartache

Delegation - I Want You Back - Original

Delegation - I Want You Back

Delegation - If You Were A Song

Delegation - In the Night

Delegation - It's Your Turn - Original

Delegation - It's Your Turn

Delegation - Love Is Like a Fire

Delegation - Oh Honey

Delegation - One More Step - Original

Delegation - One More Step To Take

Delegation - Put A Little Love On Me - Original

Delegation - Put a Little Love on Me

Delegation - Rainbow

Delegation - Rumours

Delegation - Sho Nuff Sold on You

Delegation - Sho' Nuff Sold On You

Delegation - Stand Up - Original

Delegation - Wanna Be the Winner

Delegation - Where Is the Love - We Used to Know

Delegation - Where Is The Love (We Used To Know) - Original

Delegation - Where Is the Love (We Used To Know)

Delegation - Where Is the Love

Delegation - You And I - Original

Delegation - You And I - Re-Mix

Delegation - You And I

Delegation - You and Me - Original

Delegation - You and Me