Genre: Electronic

Style: Ambient, Techno, Trance, Abstract

Country: Germany

Datacide began recording in 1993, after Tetsu Inoue met Uwe Schmidt at a vacation near Frankfurt. They recorded a pair of dance tracks for 12'' release, followed by a full-length which mixed uptempo trance-oriented techno and beatless ambient and experimental soundscapes. A second Datacide release in a similar, though more ambient vein (and titled, of course, Datacide II) appeared the following year before Tetsu Inoue and Uwe Schmidt switched gears for their first Rather Interesting release, Flowerhead, an album of laidback ambient-jazz. Ondas, released in 1996, upped Flowerhead's weirdness factor significantly, dwelling for most of the album in channel separation experiments which fused the rhythmic abstraction of Atom Heart's recent solo work with the fizzier, more left-field of Tetsu Inoue's electronic treatments, Tetsu Inoue's girlfriend, Ingrid, even made an extended cameo on 'mouth trumpet'.


Datacide - Flowerhead


Datacide - Deep Chair

Datacide - Flashback Signal

Datacide - Flowerhead

Datacide - Sixties Out of Tune

Datacide - So Much Light

Datacide - The Ecstasy of Communication