DJ Vitamin D

Genre: Electronic

Style: House, Techno

Member(s): Derrick Daisey

Country: US (Los Angeles)

DJ Vitamin D (also known as Derrick Daisey) started his career in 1991 in Los Angeles at the height of the rave scene and has been taking the music scene by storm ever since. He appeared on main stages all over the world including the United States, Canada, Mexico, UK and Asia. After moving to Denver in 1995, he has been gaining international attention as a producer. He teamed up DJ's Nique and Sean Biddle for the N.S.D. Project, his other records include The Floorfillerz, and with the Pound Boys as The Funk Asylum. This long-time veteran of the dance scene produced the successful and undeniably catchy 'That Latin Track' on IHR, and has recorded other catchy tracks under the moniker Floorfillerz (with producer and DJ Sean Biddle). In addition, he had various releases on over 40 record labels worldwide, including Loaded, Estereo, Nine Records, Pusher, Shaboom, Sureplayer, Look At You, Nocturnal, plus his own label, Colorecordings.
Derrick's sound has been refined and recognized as a banging and dirty perfection of house music. And now, for the first time, he's branching off and producing Techno tracks for the mysterious Infamous Player label in the UK. With more than 30 original tracks and remixes (several as the duo The Floorfillerz) due out in 2004, and the studio just getting warmed up, DJ Vitamin D is one artist who will be tough to keep up with. Releases on Colorecordings, Nine Records, Loaded, Essence, Mochico, Bosh, Shaboom, Estereo, Refor 3, Pusher, Player, Moonshine Music, IHR, Nocturnal, Peaches Music, Knee Deep, Terraform, Special Needs, Camouflage, Multiply, Jump, Edel, Solmatic, ZY 3, Hablando, Look at You, Daisey Age, Catalyst, Colorcopy, Electrik Soul, OM Records, Solea', Phunked up Records, Free the Funk, Vendetta, BugEyed and Babe.


Gramatik - Muy tranquilo (DJ Vitamin D re-edit)



That Latin Track