Cee-Lo Green

Genre: Hip-Hop, Funk, Soul, R&B

Member(s): Thomas DeCarlo Callaway

Label(s): Arista Records, Elektra Records

Country: US (Atlanta)

Cee-Lo Green discovered his passion for singing in the local church. After that Cee Lo Green was year active in the Hip Hop group 'Goodie Mob' for about 5 years. Than he had a solo career for 4 years. In 1999 he was the singer of the song 'Do You Like the Way' by 'Santana'. In 2006 Cee Loo Green came famous as the singer of the band 'Gnarls Barkley'. In 2010 Cee Loo Green scored worldwide with the hit 'F**k You!'. From than ons his solo career start to rock. In 2010 he released the album 'The Lady Killer'.
From 2011 to 2014, Cee Lo Green was judge and coach for the Amrican version of 'The Voice' a show for new singing talent.
He also worked as voice actor for the animation film 'Hotel Transylvania' in 2012.
Cee Lo has also his own television program 'The Good Life' on TBS. And he participated in commercials for 7up, Duracell, M&M's and TY KU.
He won already 5 Grammy Awards, a Billboard Award, a Brit Award and a BET Award.
Early Life
At the start of his career, together with Goodie Mob, he sank into a deep depression because his mother died on injuries 2 years after a car crash when he was 18. His father died 2 years after Cee Lo Green was born.


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