Genre: Electronic

Style: Hardcore

Member(s): Bart Kok

Label(s): ID&T, Thunderdome Records

Info: In the beginning days, Catscan made hardcore music on his Amiga with Protracker, he send a demo to ID&T but was told that he needed better equipment to produce songs. After doing that he send a new demo to ID&T and so he released his first 12" under Thunderdome records. Catscan collaborated with DJ Promo and togheter they founded The Third Movement lable. In 2004 he decided to left the


Catscan - The World is Mine


Ebe Company - Sub Seven (Catscan Remix)


Catscan - - How Much Can You Take?

Catscan - 1000 BPM

Catscan - 50 Seconds of Fame

Catscan - Absolute Confrontation

Catscan - Analogue Failure

Catscan - ARP

Catscan - Bad Beat

Catscan - Be Unforgettable

Catscan - Brave New Dance

Catscan - Bust Ya Brain

Catscan - Capture in Distress

Catscan - Clone 1

Catscan - Cr8tiv Counter

Catscan - Demonic Speed

Catscan - Design the Future

Catscan - Drive By

Catscan - End of Tomorrow

Catscan - Enemy on the Run

Catscan - Enough Chocolate

Catscan - Exhausted Emotions

Catscan - Finishing Profiles

Catscan - Fomp-p

Catscan - Fucking Night

Catscan - Future Is Now

Catscan - Groundfactor

Catscan - I Magnify

Catscan - In Between

Catscan - Laws of Combat

Catscan - Lord of Darkness

Catscan - Me and Mr. Tadao Kikumoto

Catscan - Mindfull Candy

Catscan - My Defragmentated Head

Catscan - My First Response

Catscan - My Region

Catscan - Nixon's Ball

Catscan - No Request

Catscan - Not Revolutionized

Catscan - On Fire

Catscan - Online Invasion

Catscan - Pallet of Distortion

Catscan - Perfect Illusion

Catscan - Philosopher Reading

Catscan - Restore Respect

Catscan - Return to My Own World

Catscan - Second Flow

Catscan - Secret Valley

Catscan - Something Wrong

Catscan - Still Dead

Catscan - Sucking Chestwound

Catscan - The Afterparty

Catscan - The Agency

Catscan - The Daylight Burn

Catscan - The Design (Official Masters of Hardcore Anthem)

Catscan - The Hannover Problem-Solver

Catscan - The Same Position

Catscan - The World Is Mine

Catscan - Tricky Railroad

Catscan - Universal

Catscan - Wauw

Catscan - When I'm Cooking

Catscan - WO III