Casey Hogan

Genre: Electronic

Style: Techno, New Wave, Hip Hop

Member(s): Casey Hogan

Label(s): Plastic City, America, Immigrant, Intrinsic Design

Country: US (Miami)

Casey Hogan is a DJ and electronic music producer, born in Miami, Florida. He grew up in the radio business like his father. He was exposed to all kinds of music from Jazz and disco to electro, 80's electronic and everything else at that time. Although Casey appreciated many of the different styles he was exposed to, the newbeat and the industrial sound of the late 80's and early 90's. He likes the sound of Pink Floyd, Depeche Mode, Level 42, New Order and wanted to start Deejaying and produce his own songs in the style of these artists. Casey was also particularly interested in the scratching and hip-hop thing as well as the moody techno sounds coming out of Detroit.

Mixing tapes
At the start of 1991, Casey was making mix-tapes of his favorite tunes for his friends. At the same time Casey also began dabbling in production. He would go down to his father's radio station and work on the multitrack dubbing carts, splicing tape, and editing commercials after school. Not to long after in 1992 Casey began performing at both raves and clubs throughout the South and Southeast as a DJ. After building some experience in the studio, in 1994 Casey began to create his own music with songs like 'G4' and 'Victoria'. He initially started with drum machines. Then he began to build his studio up. At that point Casey decided it was time for even more changes. Although the scene down south was growing, it seemed it would never catch up with the big cities of the north like Detroit, Chicago or New York. So in the spring of 1996, Casey packed up and moved to New York City. Once he arrived, Casey began doing sound design and engineering for quite a few multimedia companies doing everything from original scores, remixes, edits, and everything else that takes place in a music production house. Not too long after this, Casey got a job at the world-renowned vinyl shop Sonic Groove.


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