Genre: Electronic

Style: House, Trance, Dance

Member(s): Hans Weekhout

Country: The Netherlands

Capricorn is the brainchild of Hans Weekhout, a Dutch experienced musician, engineer and electronic music producer.


Capricorn - All I Am (Capricorn Remix)

Capricorn - Allright (Capricorn Remix)


Capricorn - 20 Hz.

Capricorn - 20 Hz

Capricorn - 20Hz

Capricorn - All I Am

Capricorn - Allright

Capricorn - Are We Square (Capricorn's Diet)

Capricorn - Are We Square

Capricorn - Black Eyes

Capricorn - Didn't I

Capricorn - For the Soul, Body & Mind

Capricorn - Harakiri (Tribes 'n' Vibes)

Capricorn - Harakiri

Capricorn - I Love NY

Capricorn - Love in London

Capricorn - Osiris

Capricorn - Ray

Capricorn - Spanish Fly (Stripped)

Capricorn - Spanish Fly

Capricorn - Taste (Love in London)

Capricorn - Wake Up

Capricorn - Walking on the Moon (Who Goes for It)

Capricorn - Walking on the Moon