Belgica Wave Party

Genre: Electronic

Style: House, Hard-House, Jumpstyle, Techno

Member(s): Karim Boux, Roel Reynders

Label(s): Bonzai Records

Country: Belgium

This Belgian duo Karim Boux and Roel Reynders made Hard-House and early Jump music under the Bonzai Records label. 'The Wave', releases in 1993 is the best proof of that.
They only made one vinyl under the name 'The Belgica Wave', but still the song 'The Wave' is present on many retro compilations. Because this set to start the trend for Jump Style, already in 1993, 10 years before the Jump Style hype grow out to a phenomenon.
The vinyls where only made in Belgium because it didn't break out as an international success. But in the Belgian clubs and discotheques it became a classic.
The duo had also an sort like project as 'Dream Your Dream' with the retro classic 'Souskin' another Jump song also released in 1993.


The Wave



I'll Be Your Guest

The Wave

The Wave