Genre: Pop, Rock

Style: Indiepop, Indierock, Aternative Rock, Sinthpop

Member(s): Dan Smith (singer, keyboard, percusion), Kyle Simmons (keyboard, guitar, synthesizer, percussion), Will Farquarson (bass, keyboard, guitar), Chris Wood (drums, percussion)

Label(s): Capitol Music, EMI Records, Virgin Records, Universal Music Group

Distributor(s): Universal Music

Country: UK

Bastille, also known as BΔSTILLE, is a British alternative rock-band from Londen. They came famous with their song 'Pompeii' from 2013.
The name of the band 'Bastille' is derived from the storming of the Bastille, which took place on July 14, the French national holiday, which is also Dan Smith's birthday.


Bastille - Bad Blood

Bastille - Doom Days (Target Exclusive)

Bastille - Doom Days (This Got Out Of Hand Edition)

Bastille - Doom Days

Bastille - Give Me The Future (Deluxe Edition)

Bastille - Give Me The Future

Bastille - Wild World (Complete Edition)

Bastille - Wild World


Bastille - ood Grief (Don Diablo Remix)


Bastille - Admit Defeat

Bastille - An Act of Kindness

Bastille - Another Place

Bastille - Bad Blood

Bastille - Blame (Claptone Extended)

Bastille - Blame

Bastille - Can’t Fight This Feeling

Bastille - Distorted Light Beam (CamelPhat Remix)

Bastille - Distorted Light Beam

Bastille - Doom Days

Bastille - DRINK.

Bastille - Fake It

Bastille - Flaws

Bastille - Four Walls (The Ballad of Perry Smith)

Bastille - Give Me The Future

Bastille - Glory

Bastille - Good Grief (MK Remix)

Bastille - Good Grief

Bastille - Goosebumps EP

Bastille - Happier

Bastille - Haunt

Bastille - Icarus

Bastille - Joy

Bastille - Laura Palmer

Bastille - Lethargy

Bastille - Merry Xmas Everybody (For Nest Audio Sessions)

Bastille - Merry Xmas Everybody

Bastille - No Angels

Bastille - No Bad Days (High Contrast Remix)

Bastille - No Bad Days (Piano Version)

Bastille - No Bad Days

Bastille - Oblivion

Bastille - Of the Night

Bastille - ompeii

Bastille - ood Grief

Bastille - Other People's Heartache Pt. II

Bastille - Other People's Heartache

Bastille - Overjoyed

Bastille - Pompeii

Bastille - Power

Bastille - Quarter Past Midnight

Bastille - Send Them Off!

Bastille - Shut Off The Lights

Bastille - Snakes

Bastille - Survivin'

Bastille - The Anchor

Bastille - The Currents

Bastille - Thelma + Louise

Bastille - These Streets

Bastille - Things We Lost in the Fire

Bastille - Those Nights

Bastille - Two Evils

Bastille - VS. (Other People's Heartache Pt. III)

Bastille - Warmth

Bastille - Weight of Living, Pt. I

Bastille - What Would You Do

Bastille - WHAT YOU GONNA DO???

Bastille - Winter of Our Youth

Bastille - World Gone Mad (King Arthur Remix)

Bastille - World Gone Mad World Gone Mad (From Bright: The Album)

Bastille - World Gone Mad