Genre: Rock

Style: General Rock, Blues Rock

Member(s): Gary Moore (Guitar), Ginger Baker (Drums), Jack Bruce (Bassist)

Label(s): Virgin, Capitol

Country: UK

BBM is the short name of 'Bruce-Baker-Moore'. A not long lived project form in 1993 by Gary Moore, Ginger Baker and Jack Bruce. They released only one album 'Around the Next Dream'. The band even did a short Tour in the UK afther the album was released, they played on a few rock festivals just before the group splitted.
Other artists who contributed:
Ian Taylor, co-producer.
Tommy Eyre, keyboard.
Arran Ahmun, did the drums for the song 'Where in the World'.
Morris Murphy, did the trumpet for the song 'Glory Days'.


Around the Next Dream


Can't Fool the Blues

City of Gold

Danger Zone

Glory Days

High Cost of Loving

I Wonder Why (Are You So Mean to Me)

I Wonder Why

Naked Flame

Sitting on Top of the World

Waiting in the Wings

Where in the World

Why Does Love (Have to Go Wrong)

World Keeps on Turning

Wrong Side of Town